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September 7, 2015

Uncomforting Thoughts


Some days the Good L0rd does not provide with an article, just deep feelings which, more often than not, feel more like admonitions. The current events must also be troubling my soul and the deep emotions which greeted me this day were anything but comforting as I was made further aware of a permeating evil which is enveloping our world. It is not so much of a threat as a foreboding of times of turmoil. I realize that many are rolling their eyes and going, “Tell me something I don’t already know.” What makes this more troubling is the general nature of the deep rumblings that does not point to any people, person, area, government or any other subject which would focus the ill-will so as not to see it touching every place on the globe with a few exceptions, small exceptions with one being New Zealand but not necessarily Australia. The losses or damages seem to be an amalgam of lost technical ability and with that many items which make modern life easier and allowing for more leisure as well as a large loss of order with in many places the governance collapsing and instead being replaced by a pre-feudal governance around much of the globe where travel from city to city becomes a project best done with numbers or great stealth. Beyond the feelings, a jumble which also leaves for a different transformation where government became unnecessary as humanity was supplanted by another enforcement of order and against the chaos which while not malevolent, not exactly benign as it appeared too often to lack human touches such as empathy, understanding or the need for bending rules in extreme instances such as special accommodation for the very young or those of limited abilities who may not understand the full ramifications of their actions.


Such feelings, such undesirable feelings flooding through clouding thought. I try and blame them on my supper or a rich desert such as a tart cherry cobbler which unfortunately cannot be the case today. I would have enjoyed a tart cherry cobbler but instead I had the usual fare, an apple and a roast beef and salami sandwich with Dejon mustard on thinly sliced bread (doctor’s orders are to avoid bread so we compromised on thin slices which I fortunately get to define for myself). The good news is this emotional mayhem will work itself out through the day today and the actual reason might even come into focus as something dire on my personal life, like a disagreement with a physician which almost exclusively results in horrific result for the patient. Perhaps it was a more immediate need for that first cup of coffee which I am now enjoying, but somehow I doubt it. The last time I felt a foreboding this deep the American election results for the 2008 elections were announced that morning. I make it a habit to go to sleep with the results still in the air with a path existing that will not result in a calamitous end which in this case the following morning announced. That was the day when a dear friend called me frantic for some reassurance and all I could predict for him was that it was going to be far worse than he had thought. He was expecting something approaching the disaster of Jimmy Carter and I had to modify that idea by adding a single couple of words, just like Jimmy Carter ‘on steroids,’ a description he immediately claimed was impossible. He has realized the truth in that description while I have come to realize the fallacy. It has proven to be far worse than Jimmy Carter could ever have been capable of being as President Carter at least loved America and respected the Constitution even if he did believe it was a ‘living’ document. President Obama has no love lost on America and has all but shredded and burned the Constitution and no longer recognizes any oppositions as a balance or limitation to his imperial presidency. The rest of his last term, please make it his last term and end it as scheduled even if it is a ticket of Trump with Clinton a VEEP as even that would be a welcome relief.


The United States will not be the steadying force in the world until she recovers herself which will take some time and great efforts. She may recover but will never again be considered trustworthy. The future America will need to act to prove every promise in front of asking others to follow. No longer will a treaty or a promise with America be considered as cast in stone or polished marble. The President’s word will be read as for the time they are in office and no further. Even the Congress will be compromised by what has already transpired. The American trustworthiness has been mortally wounded and I am afraid somebody is about to enter the Emergency Ward’s Operating Room and finish off the patient over the remaining year plus a few months. We are about to face an America that not only has destroyed her relations with her friends but has also destroyed any concept of fairness and truth which she had been seen as representing. Now we are about to witness the death of a concept, a concept which held the hopes and prayers of the world, of the free world.


Free World, remember that phrase as it will be seeking a new champion as her former champion had turned to the darkness and is now subverting everything which was once great in her. She will be protecting the greatest evils on the planet through ineptness as a policy. She will claim to be supporting the forces appearing to constrain the many Evils such as ISIS, Terrorists, criminal cartels and any other evil which can be deciphered. Police will be traumatized as they are cast as the usurpers of power and simply thugs with a badge as every act will be twisted into an act of pure hatred until the people turn against all authority. This may lead to the governments most afflicted to place their militaries or a militarized and oppressive police into their streets and the people will quake until they revolt and then the carnage. Lucky will be the nations which can shrink back within their own borders shutting out the world and waiting until the madness retreats into a past, a horrific past. Everything which was up will be down, right will be left, forwards will be retreat and change will be undoing all that is sacred. Hold on to the rails as the rise is about to go to the limit and only through miracles great and small will we all avoid crashing.


Beyond the Cusp


March 26, 2015

Middle East Obama Conundrum

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We have been treated since the Israeli elections a serious case of pass the blame hot potato between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu. This has been no different than the game which began with the proven mistake of all time, the Oslo Accords. The Oslo Accords were proven to be a complete façade when Ehud Olmert had his arm twisted to offer Arafat a deal which met all the expectations as Arafat had confidently requested from President Clinton and acquiesced offering ninety-five percent of the west Bank with East Jerusalem as their capital but to everyone’s’ surprise, Yasser Arafat bolted from the hearings without ever offering a counter offer or explanation. After returning to Ramallah he started the second Intifada which we eventually learned had been planned to follow the unsuccessful negotiations and had been in the plans for months. Ever since this teachable moment it should have become clear that no offer Israel could ever make would satisfy the Palestinian Arab desire for the destruction of Israel and nothing less. Still the only solution the world seems to believe is possible to end the eternal standoff is to demand that Israel offer to surrender more lands. This systemic inability to be capable to see beyond blaming Israel does not matter whether the President in the White House is Democrat or Republican, supposed friend or not, progressive or conservative; the resulting approach never changes and the demands for Israel to offer more remains the same, give and give even more and if that fails, then give even more.


Added to the difficulty, President Obama has bought the idea that it is Israel which stands in the way of peace, apparently the universal idea, but there are also the personality difficulties between the United States President and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. Nothing could have brought this more into the spotlight and given off the most ominous of warnings than the efforts to derail the possibility that Netanyahu would be chosen to lead the new government seemingly directed from the White House, financed initially by the State Department and coordinated on the ground in Israel by Jeremy Bird who had recently run President Obama’s reelection grassroots campaign. With the reelection of Netanyahu the crisis has simply multiplied with the results for Israel becoming more dire with seemingly every news cycle. Initially there were reports that the United States may find it necessary to reevaluate their protection of Israel before the United Nations. The initial action in this direction was the announcement that the United States Ambassador to the United Nations Human Rights Council would be in Washington D.C. and unable to speak against the usual motions against Israel at the opening of the meetings. As it became known that the European governments were also not attending in protest the move by the United States simply appeared to be in line with the rest of the western world. The latest move has gone by relatively unnoticed but promises to explode once it is found out by Iran and other nations across the Middle East and North Africa.


Within the last month or so the Pentagon unclassified the entire documents from the Defense Department’s top-secret document detailing the Israeli nuclear program assessment from 1987. The release of these documents violates the longstanding agreement between the Israelis and the Pentagon is highly suspect given that it coincided with the timing of tensions spiraling out of control. This begs the question that if things have reached such a point, exactly where might the revenge against the Israeli public reach simply because they chose the strongest leadership being offered in their elections which is what one should expect from any nations, especially one facing the challenges and threats faced by Israel. Should Israel now expect that at least until the next administration is sworn into office that they no longer have even the remotest of hopes that they can rely on the United States? The Iran nuclear negotiations are even frightening the French who may be the last best hope of forcing a better deal, though it would be more likely that President Obama would sign an agreement without the French should they protest. Perhaps the best path forward for Israel is to broaden their reliance and strategic ties thus never again relying on one nation too deeply, especially any nation which might not only elect a leader who could potentially damage Israel critically but also reelect such a leader. Maybe it will take such mistreatment as appears to be the policies from the White House to realize that leaving all your eggs in one basket is simply betting too heavily that any nation can be so trusted.


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