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November 3, 2021

Expected Biden Reaction to Republican Wins

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The news, no matter where you watch, agree that the results in Virginia are somewhat surprising and the New Jersey gubernatorial close race making the day a political earthquake. The big question appears to be will President Biden alter his plans and pare down his Build Back Better legislation. Then there are the lists explaining the shift to the right including but not limited to, inflation, inability to pass the Biden plan, gas prices, supply problems, Trump and so on. Simply changing the network and the mood can change but in the end they all appear to be saying the same explanations. We can tell you; they are all also quite tedious.

President Biden

Our expectations are that President Biden, plus whomever are behind him, will press even harder to force his legacy legislation at any and all costs. The Administration will give up any remaining pretext of moderation and instead demand total party unity for the Biden legacy. Manchin and other Democrat holdouts will be guaranteed to not be reelected. Almost all of these maneuvers will be performed in back rooms by word of mouth leaving no record, ruling out an open microphone. The Democrat logic is that these handouts guarantee numerous voting blocks and many of the voters opposed will have forgotten by the 2022 elections. The arguments, discussions, explanations and bargaining are about to conclude, and pure political force will be the currency in the Democrat Party. The Democrat left holds the Administration and strongly affects the House of Representatives while the Senate Democrats may break into open combat. It matters not, but if absolutely necessary, the Democrats can count on at least two or three Republicans to vote with them in the dead of the night, or we could be totally wrong; so, we apologize if such an instance should be required.

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