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November 10, 2015

Obama and Netanyahu Agree on More than Many Think


Reports out of Washington D.C. were that President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, who held talks yesterday, were both rather pleased with their progress. The Prime Minister even claimed to be looking forward to his meeting today with Secretary of State Kerry. This assessment was a far cry from previous meetings which were referred to as contentious. But then there is so little light between the actions of the Prime Minister and the desires of the American President. We could go down a checklist but only a few points have any real merit. The President wants the two state solution to be facilitated by Israel, check, even to the point of ridiculous Prime Minister Netanyahu has fallen head over heels to the point of begging Mahmoud Abbas to all but name his terms of surrender. The building freeze, check, we will cover more about this later. Military aid to Israel, check, Israel will get aid and there cannot be any disagreement when there have yet to be meetings between the two sides and Israeli expressed requirements and the aid willing to be sent under the remaining year of the Obama administration. The likelihood of receiving aid to replenish provisions after last year’s war with Hamas and Islamic Jihad may be at a level far lower than what had previously been kept as this would serve President Obama’s desire to shorten the leash and pull Israel into compliance of not resisting attacks from Fatah or Hamas. So, as expressed, what was there which could trip up their meeting as Prime Minister Netanyahu has all but acquiesced to the limitation on Israeli actions even to defending herself and imposing a building freeze on Israeli building and providing open building and support on Arab construction in Judea and Samaria and increasing their facts on the ground so as to maximize their claims to all of the lands beyond the Green Line.



Left Side Depicts World's View of Two States While Right Side Depicts Abbas' and Arabs' view of Two State Where Jewish State is Dispersed Throughout Europe America and Western Nations

Left Side Depicts World’s View of Two States
While Right Side Depicts Abbas’ and Arabs’ view
of Two State Where Jewish State is Dispersed
Throughout Europe America and Western Nations



The building freeze is the height of President Obama’s arrogance and imposition of his will upon Israel and his most stringent of conditions have all but become Israeli policy which is bad for the citizens and their cities and towns which have grown beyond the Green Line. The interesting item is that the Israeli population beyond the Green Line has steadily been on the rise while the building freeze has been enforced religiously as to Israeli construction. The proof is in the pudding, so to speak. Netanyahu refuses to allow building of homes for Jews in Judea and Samaria; yet he is secretly advancing plans to build a new Arab Palestinian Authority (PA) city in Samaria to create thousands of new jobs for Palestinian Arabs. The stated reasoning is that such building will improve their economy by providing hundreds if not thousands of jobs strictly for Arabs. Prime Minister Netanyahu has decided to support the approval of the PA frequent demands that an additional city be built for it aside from Rawabi, which is located between Shechem (Nablus) and Ramallah as Rawabi which is almost finished. Building another entire city would be providing homes for thousands more Arabs to be placed within Judea and Samaria which will most likely be utilized to house new soldiers for the war against Israel and will only serve to feed the next intifada.


President Obama is most likely very pleased that in the end he cowed the Israeli Prime Minister who is building new homes for increased Arab housing thus providing more room for terrorists to be imported from around the area, and there is likely a great demand to become classified as Arab Palestinian as even when their resistance is at its highest, the Israelis continue to bend over backwards to facilitate their side by allowing for their every demand, some even before they are requested. What is it that the Arab Palestinians have done that they deserve another entire city’s worth of homes while the Israelis are living with married children being unable to set up their own homes as none are being built? There have even been a fair number of homes built for Israelis that have been destroyed making the demand for new housing increased to the breaking point. Many families who have had weddings are continuing to provide house and home for their children’s families and these families are growing but due to the strict building freeze may be putting off having more children until conditions improve. However one looks at the Obama building freeze which Prime Minister Netanyahu has been imposing and enforcing to the letter to please the implacable demands to the point of deterrence of the needs and desires of Israelis.


The building freeze has indeed hurt Israelis while the Arab Authorities in Judea and Samaria are being fed and facilitated in building and providing entire metropolitan areas to provide new homes for their growing population. It is fascinating that the Prime Minister that was elected this past election, and supported to the detriment of an even more Zionist Jewish Home as the electorate had been convinced by the head of the Jewish Home party that he was unprepared to be given the mandate to be Prime Minister. With that announcement it was a simple choice for voters to slide their votes to Likud in order to assure the Prime Minister and government would at least not be antagonistic to those Jews bravely sitting on the front lines holding back the storm raging from all the incitement by Abbas and friends. Netanyahu made a promise to build more homes, communities and all that goes with them in Judea and Samaria but nobody expected that he would be providing new homes and building another complete city in Judea and Samaria, but not for Jews, but instead for Arabs. This was not the promise we were told by Netanyahu during the campaign where he made a point that building would resume. Now we see he will never allow Jewish building beyond the Green Line as once he started the building freeze then he was sworn to continue such a freeze beyond the Green Line. Mahmoud Abbas has made it abundantly clear that he wished to deny Jewish building even in area C such that with another year or so there will be a majority Islamist presence throughout the areas beyond the Green Line. It will be interesting to see how the demand for housing will be met with building forbidden in the one place where the demand is highest.



Obama and Abbas together again and plotting on what to hatch on Netanyahu who is necessarily wary



The building of this Arab only city in the areas already under Arab control simply to provide employment for Arabs as per sait does little to alleviate any of the problems facing the Israeli side of the argument; the side that President Obama represents is the primary sentiment upon which all of Netanyahu’s policies and implementations came on the first day of streamining incitements for which the Arabs are being rewarded with more construction. This is how Netanyahu keeps his promises to his constituents. His performance on the Jews has been noteworthy in that he has frustrated and cancelled their every effort just as President Obama had instructed him to promise and apparently high forces are at work in all their splendor towards presenting the Arabs in Judea with a reward of additional houses while Jews have been denied even the construction of a shed, let alone housing. The time is now to begin to find a replacement for Netanyahu who can be relied upon to carry out policies which actually are designed to place the Zionist cause (not to be mistakenly construed to imply Zionist Union Party) and actually cares about what the people who elected him are demanding. Netanyahu has been Prime Minister for far too long and there has been no changing of the guard, let alone a new and fresh face to bravely lead the State of Israel forward and in realizing that the only solution that Abbas works for is not in the best interests of the average Israeli. We require a Prime Minister who delivers and not one who is best known as running the overly-bloated. A Prime Minister who ignores what his constituents desire is an unhealthy mix of misleading the people as to their intents and an “I know what is best for the people in the long run” attitude.


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