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October 31, 2018

Netanyahu and Threats Facing Israel


There is a consensus in the Prime Minister’s Cabinet that when he proposes some meek solution reeking of timidity their response resembles the bobble head dolls in the rear window of a car hitting speed bumps. That is the problem, as it appears that none are willing or able to bring forth solutions which could actually end any one of the threats facing Israel. So, perhaps our first explanation would be to give an idea of the threats facing Israel of a military type. The most obvious and potentially devastating is that of the Iranian armed Hezballah which has defeated the Christians as most of them fled to Israel, Europe, Canada or the United States allowing Lebanon to go from 80% Christian to likely over 80% Islamic with the majority of those supporting the Hezballah terrorist army. Adding to this threat is the fact that Hezballah would be armed by the Lebanese Army’s weaponry should they face Israel once more and that would include such weapons as Apache helicopters and Abrams Main Battle Tanks as well as a plethora of other American and Russian weapons and anti-tank grenades. Fortunately, Lebanon does not have much in the way of an air force outside the helicopters, which alone are a formidable weapon system in the right hands. Additionally, Hezballah has over 150,000 rockets and missiles of varying sizes, ranges and capabilities. Iran has been providing them with targeting systems to make their rockets into guided missiles making for an even greater threat as they would be capable of targeting within fifty-meter accuracy or possibly better (see image below). Additionally, Hezballah has an extensive bunker and tunnel system allowing their fighters to appear and disappear after ambushing IDF troops. Any advance into Lebanon by ground forces would run high risk of casualties in excess numbers such that it has been considered overly risky.


Hezballah Rocket & Missile Threat

Hezballah Rocket & Missile Threat


In the south, Israel faces a problem of her own making. We are referring to Gaza and the Hamas and Islamic Jihad threat, of course. This was facilitated by the presumably great idea originating from the State Department and Condoleezza Rice who was the Secretary of State under George W. Bush. The concept was to have Israel completely pull everything from Israeli established communities and all IDF from Gaza gifting them with fully functioning greenhouses and an established trade in the hundreds of thousands allowing the Palestinian Authority (PA) to make a grand showing of how they would function as an independent state. This was accomplished by the middle of September of 2005 and within two years the PA had lost control as Hamas took over in a bloody coup. Since then the means of controlling the threat from Gaza has been to periodically, when rockets and other attacks became sufficiently severe a threat, to have the IDF enter Gaza and destroy much of Hamas weapons systems. This was, as intended, always a temporary solution just as the IDF operations in southern Lebanon were but a short term fix. In both cases, Hezballah to the north and Hamas and friends to the south, these resulted in an ever-escalating threat potential and now both are becoming existential threats to Israel. The solution of simply mowing the grass has reached the point that simply continuing with this strategy has reached a point where it has become problematic due to the growing threat each poses. The General Staff now advises that they are incapable of reacting to the threat from Gaza without leaving the north vulnerable to an attack by Hezballah. The northern threat has been further complicated by the presence of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and the Quds Force in Syria as a further menace which could join any Hezballah offensive.


The big question is why did this situation come to pass when even the most casual of observers could have predicted this eventual outcome. The explanation has an expected reason driving this line of reasoning, and it is purely political. The current leadership starting with Prime Minister Netanyahu has long realized that as long as these threats are present, then elections will have the expected outcome of placing the same people in the positions of power, specifically the office of the Prime Minister. Bibi Netanyahu has established that he alone is capable of managing these threats and as such has held an iron grip as the leader who has the plan. Well, that plan has officially failed, and even his Cabinet has reached this conclusion. Still, in the public eye, he is still viewed as the best available choice of those who could be Prime Minister and it is still likely that Prime Minister Netanyahu will be forming the next coalition after the elections coming within the next year. This is likely despite the current escalation by Hamas in the south with the incendiary kites and balloons torching much of the southern farming region into burned stubble ruining an entire year’s harvest. This has the population residing in the cities, towns and kibbutzim extremely upset that their lives have been sacrificed to the inability of the powers that be to find a solution to this threat. In the past Hamas initiated with suicide bombers which were prevented by fencing the entirety of the Gaza border. That led to rocket attacks which were countered with the expensive but extremely efficient Iron Dome systems. This led to the tunneling into Israel to ambush or kidnap civilians and military alike which was countered by extending the barriers deep into the ground, something still being installed. Further, Israel developed technology for detecting these tunnels allowing for them to be destroyed before they could be used. But the simplicity of kites and balloons carrying incendiary devices has stymied the experts thusfar. Still, any threat from Gaza cannot and should not be ignored as allowing it to continue to develop new and more deadly forms of attacking Israelis is unacceptable. Obviously, a new approach is required.


Two recent announcements exemplify the lack of a determined strategy concerning Gaza. These are the statements.

On October 13, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman announced resolutely that Israel would not resume the supply of fuel to Gaza until the rioting on the fence stops.

On October 24, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman announced that Israel would resume the supply of fuel. This was despite the fact that rioting on the fence continued unabated.

The problem is that Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman probably had the beginnings of the right approach but after “careful consideration” by those who make these command decisions, Israel was going to appear to be too harsh and might come under threat from other nations and political pressures. The seemingly over-attention paid to what the Europeans and the United Nations or the United States or countless NGOs would think and how they would react has resulted in the lack of fortitude and determination in adopting a consistent strategy. Israel has come to a split in the road which might determine her future and ability to remain a viable nation. One road leads to taking a resolute stand against the threats on her borders and the other is the lackadaisical road of more of the same expecting better results. We can all see that the second road meets Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” The other path is one that would take determination, courage, bravado and a willingness to withstand withering criticism. That final requirement is something which also would risk the continued support of the weakest members of any coalition which may result in the dissolution of the coalition and the electing of a new group based on the left who would offer the serenity and quiet of the renewed old status quo. The difficulty is rallying the Israeli public to support measures which are designed to remove a threat which does not directly or immediately make the majority feel they are threatened. That is a hard and bitter mouthful for a leader to swallow but it is also what defines great leaders. Great leaders do not withstand and hold the evil at bay, they go forth and destroy the evil before it becomes a threat beyond what can be suffered.


There will only be one solution to the numerous threats which Israel faces and this starts with the menace to the south and then the menace to the north. Any solution will be met with howls and protestations from almost every direction with the loudest coming from the United Nations and European Union. The reason now is the time in which such a path might be recommended and laudable is due to the fact that the President of the United States would not be amongst those screeching from the sidelines. Waiting for Europe to face a problem even remotely mirroring that Israel faces such that they would be too busy with their threats to care about ours is not a luxury which Israel could survive. It is past time to make a final and decisive stand against Hamas and the mistake of surrendering Gaza by taking back the region while forcing the population which voted by over 80% to elect Hamas as their leadership out of the region. Where they end up should be the last of the concerns of Israel in such a situation. Further, this time Israel should act to minimize the casualties suffered by the IDF and less about preserving Gaza. Hamas has proven that they will never rebuild the apartments and other structures damaged because they used them as launching platforms and instead utilize the provided building materials supplied to build tunnels and bunkers. The first strike in Gaza should be the one area which Hamas has never risked by launching rockets from the area because it is where the leadership and ranking members reside. Start by eliminating their homes and work from there. Once done, Israel should force the population to relocate outside of Israel which would once more include Gaza. The reason Gaza is even in doubt is simply because Egypt occupied it after the 1948-8 War in which they intended to genocidally massacre the Jews as stated clearly by Azzam Pasha who said, it would be “a war of extermination and momentous massacre which will be spoken of like the Mongolian massacre and the Crusades.” Instead of completely annihilating the Jewish State in its infancy, all the Arab forces managed was to take Gaza by Egypt and the Shomron which is made up of parts of Judea and Samaria which Jordan occupied and renamed West Bank to make it sound less Jewish. These regions belong to Israel under International Law from the British Mandate and the San Remo Conference along with declarations by the League of Nations and joined by the United States in the Anglo-American Treaty and adopted by the United Nations under Article 80 of the Charter. We know, we have said this quite a lot, but apparently the wrong people have read it or they are all in denial as they are wont to grant Israel the slightest of favors.


We are not calling for carpet-bombing all of Gaza, just the areas where Hamas, Islamic Jihad and their main support is stationed. We would desire destroying most of their ability to resist and then use IDF to remove the remainder of the terrorist base in Gaza. Then, perhaps their main beneficiary, Qatar, the nation paying for the fuel being sent into Gaza, would not mind taking in a few Gazans as they would require a new home as they cannot remain within Israel as their history of belligerence and love of Hamas and other terror groups would make them an instant fifth column. One does not remove the hive and then allow the wasps to take up residence in their living room. Getting somebody to take the refugees which would result from Israel retaking Gaza and refusing to accept the population, as they would be thousands upon thousands of inadmissible and loathsome deplorables, and unlike Hillary’s use of the word deplorables, this time it is quite accurate. No other nation would ever accept thousands and thousands of potential terrorists into their national bosom despite the fact that many of them would demand so of Israel. The time is well past due for Israel to take care of business and stand up against those whose secret desire is to erase the Jewish State from the map. Many do not even make a secret of this desire but they are easily identified as they line up every time Israel actually acts like any of these other nations would act in similar circumstances. One does not even need go that far back to see how other nations responded to what they regarded as a threat to their continued existence or even a threat to their well-being. The United States and numerous allies invaded two nations as a response to the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. The King of Jordan killed tens of thousands of PLO and other Palestinian Arabs in response to the Black September attempted coup. President Assad in Syria, both the present one and his father, used chemical weapons and other means to destroy thousands of their own countrymen claiming that they were a threat and that civil war continues unabated today. Iran has initiated wars in Yemen, Iraq and Syria just in order to extend their reach and control of the Middle East on their way to what they see as their eventual righteous victory in the conquest of the globe. In Egypt the military reestablished their control after the dethroning of Mubarak and the placement of a Muslim Brotherhood puppet, Morsi, as President placing Sisi in to replace him. There have been other incidences around the globe such as the occupation of Tibet by China, the consistent threat to South Korea from North Korea, the so-called unification of Viet Nam and the killing fields in Cambodia just to name a few.


We realize that Israel does not desire to be viewed as being a vicious country but there must be limits to the level of threat a nation can abide. One cannot allow a threat to fester to the point where it becomes a near impossibility to defeat, and Hamas is well on their way to becoming such a threat and Hezballah is on that threshold. This is the definitive reason why Israel can no longer simply twiddle her thumbs and hope for the best. The leadership must consider what would happen should Iran decide, at the end of the Syrian civil war for example, strike at Israel across the Golan Heights and potentially through Jordan and along the eastern border facilitated by initially infiltrating into the PA controlled regions on the Israeli side of the Jordan River while also commanding that their three main puppets, Hezballah in Lebanon and Hamas with Islamic Jihad from Gaza in a coordinated assault meant to overwhelm Israeli forces before reserves could be fielded. Such an attack would make the surprise attack in 1973 which initiated the Yom Kippur War be a minor skirmish, and that came uncomfortably close to Israel failing to prevent defeat. The main reason Israel survived that war was because the Egyptians had to cross the Sinai Peninsula to reach Israel as it was still held by Israel as a result of the Six Day War in 1967. Israel does not have a similar depth today and thus time and being prepared before such an attack would be virtually a necessity. If such an attack came as a surprise, then it would be a race between Israel calling up reserves and organizing and these forces reaching Tel Aviv. Further, should Hezballah launch her rockets and missiles, that could further hamper any Israeli response. Then there is the problem that should Israel be required to strike at Syrian forces there would be the question of how the Russians would respond and whether they would deploy their advanced anti-aircraft missiles to assist the assault. This is the scenario which must be avoided and the initial step would be removing the threat from within Gaza and restoring Israeli control of that region. The area could be developed with possibly casinos along the shoreline making it a rival to Monte Carlo and the Riviera with family friendly theme parks, miniature golf, concerts outside and develop it into a premier vacation resort. This would be possible as the border with Egypt is relatively secured and should Egypt add their own area on their side of the border, then the two nations could coordinate security making it an ideal venture for both nations. Nothing makes friendlier neighbors than a mutually fruitful venture which produces revenue. The first step is removing Hamas, Islamic Jihad and all other threats from Gaza.


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August 22, 2017

Trump Bordering Clueless on the Middle East


President Donald Trump is bordering on clueless regarding much of the Middle East and who are the best and who are troublesome. He has occasional bursts of insight and then appears to slide back into oblivion. One of his problems is his advisors are all over the map on their advice and no two are coming from the same objective point. There is one advisor who, while being amongst the loudest, acts as if he were paid by George Soros which, according to his resume, he once was paid by George Soros as have so many as Soros has his fingers in virtually every dark corner in this world, and you don’t get to the positions Tillerson has held without some contacts with undesirables. Still, Tillerson is at the State Department likely because he was the sole friend or acquaintance who was at all willing to enter that snake-pit and war with the vipers and constrictors who squeezed and poisoned the minds of previous Secretaries of State such as John Bolton, Condoleezza Rice, Collin Powell, and probably others all the way back to Timothy Pickering. Tillerson has some contrary views on the Middle East as he is an oil soaked Arabist. As such, he is opposed to Israel, the Kurds an oddly every true friend the United States has in the Middle East. Trust that Israel and the Kurds are more than simply friends for the United States but also barometers of whether she is steering a true path or sailing towards the craggy cliffs of futile endeavors which will steal from her life, blood and treasure and return nothing but rude awakenings when the truth be known.


We will leave the Israel part for background and look largely at the coming binding resolution the Kurdish People will be taking in their regions on September 25, 2017, on whether they should secede from Iraq. Their nonbinding resolution on this subject taken a little over a decade ago passed with 99.8% supporting secession declaring their own nation of Kurdistan. We are equally supportive of the establishing of a greater Kurdistan which would be carved almost exclusively from Iraq and Syria (see map below). We would favor this nation having a Right of Return law similar to the Israeli Right of Return for the Jewish People except for Kurdish People to return to their homelands. This would actually be something which honestly is owed the Kurdish People as they were initially promised by the British that they were to be given their homelands after World War I. When oil was found near Kirkuk and King Feisal offered the British rights to the oil fields, the offers made to the Kurds were found to be inconvenient. The British were good at altering their deals with indigenous peoples in order to suit the Arab demands. The Arabs claimed all of the Ottoman lands claiming, as per their Quran, that all lands which were part of the Caliphates and thus also the Ottomans were to remain as Arab lands and were not to be permitted to be allowed for any others. This was also the deal with Israel and in order to prevent the founding of Israel as the Jewish State the British kept paying Arabs to move from Iraq, Jordan, and even Syria and especially Egypt into the areas west of the Jordan River in order to maintain the Arab majority and thus permit refusing to allow the Jews sovereignty. The Jews eventually, after the agreement passed by the General Assembly accepted any deal while the Arabs refused the deal demanding they have all the lands and promising to destroy the Jews by war if necessary. That was the reason for the War of Annihilation against the Jews by at least a half dozen Arab armies and numerous militias starting at dawn of May 15, 1948, the same date when the Jews declared their state. The Kurds were not as fortunate as the Arabs overran their area and they did not have the organizations to resist, something the Jews managed despite losing the areas of Gaza, Judea and Samaria.


Our Idea for a Proposed Kurdistan

Our Idea for a Proposed Kurdistan


Things have changed and the Kurds now have one of the more proficient military forces in the conflict-savaged areas of Iraq and Syria. The Kurds have proven to have the most effective military forces which stopped the spread of ISIS when they were spreading into Iraq and again as they advanced on northern Syria. What is confusing is, despite the Kurds providing the most reliable fighting force assisting the United States efforts against the Islamic State, President Trump has opposed their intentions for independence. It is known that the State Department also opposes Kurdish independence, as does Secretary of State Tillerson, unsurprisingly. Both the State Department and their boss, Secretary Tillerson, are strongly influenced by their ties and deference to Arab influences. Tillerson is reflexively influenced by Arab desires and influences due to his deep experiences with the oil companies and Exxon-Mobile in particular. The State Department went from being supportive of Arab influences in correlation with their subversion to the Soviet Union and their interests. During this period, there were a number of Arab supporters hired into the State Department and the atmosphere turned against Israel and now against the Kurdish hopes. These influences remain and are continuing to serve interest not of the United States. President Trump claimed he would drain the swamp but thus far, it appears more as if the swamp has begun to drain him as it has others before him.


It would be a sad thing should the swamp, which has spread into the areas of Washington D.C. which were originally drained from swamp to make room for the buildings, which comprise the governing conglomerate, should eek its way and permeate the government deeper than Trump is able to drain the morass and its accompanying miasma. Perhaps this was ordained from the start when the decision was made to use reclaimed swamplands for the mall and seat of the Federal Government. Perhaps a little foresight and a better selection of lands, as it might be difficult to build a shining city on a hill if you start in lowlands formerly the habitat of rodents and other creatures of the tidal wetlands of the Potomac River. Just because you name a place Capital Hill, that does not make it into an automatically high place. Perhaps such is the challenge put before the elected officials to take the former swamp and clear it of the current affliction which President Elect Donald Trump claimed was the swamp he would drain. By all current appearance, President Trump may have chosen a task for which he does not posses the requisite skills to accomplish. Perhaps time will prove him capable, but for now, he has yet to get his own Cabinet in order. President Trump has appointed a former military man, a retired Four Star Marine General named John F. Kelly, as his new Chief of Staff who will hopefully find some order and get the members of the Trump team to follow the same script. His first job will be to find a common chord upon which they can all find agreement and work from there to fill out an entire program. Eventually, General Kelly will have to find some means of untangling the Middle East, the area where there appears to be most disagreement and confusion. Within the Cabinet and advisors there are those who support a united Jerusalem under Israeli rule and those who believe that the two state solution will but need the division once again of Jerusalem. Oddly enough, that might be the area of least disagreement. The seeming discordance of views may be the biggest disappointment for Trump supporters and should this not be rectified and set to right with the greatest of urgency, President Trump may find his support vanishing. Already there have appeared cracks in the foundation of the Trump White House and the need for order could not be more obvious. President Trump should Tweet less and instead get his songbirds all tweeting the same tune, or at least from the same operetta.


Beyond the Cusp


January 21, 2017

Hating From the Word Go!


Right from the start let us set the record straight, the Republicans who refused publically to attend the Inauguration of Barack Obama were wrong to make it public, especially if they made a big show of such in the mainstream media, social media, alternative media and elsewhere. The current identical actions by those boycotting the Inauguration of Donald Trump are equally wrong. The big difference is the mainstream media and their joyous celebration of the boycotts being performed as a grand show now and the critical coverage they gave such in 2008. I will grant everybody a miniscule but infinitely important morsel of credit; at least nobody tried to make a mockery of the President elect and Vice President elect laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, well, except the most petty. Such mockery would have been so below the belt and uncouth beyond measure and as unacceptable as anything possible. Do not get me wrong, I respect these people’s right to do exactly what they are committing to do. My admonition goes to those from his party, the Republicans, the “Never Trump” Republicans, the Republicans who used every piece of rumor, dirt, suspicion of evil deeds and anything found against Trump even to repeating charges made by the Democrats amplifying their voices, the Republicans who used everything in the Republican National Committee computers such that the Russians found nothing new there to throw at Trump as they found with Hillary Clinton. News to everybody, News Flash, important news; Donald Trump is President and the United States is really in crisis with a government far too huge and cumbersome which is the exact swamp which needs draining. The problem which Trump will run up against first is that he cannot under the law just tell people in government, “You’re Fired,” and make it stick because the rules forbid exactly that. That is the reality, the swamp is protected by law and Trump and his administration will need to find some way of removing the dead wood sitting smug and comfortable pretending nothing can touch them. Well, there are other means of forcing one to depart the government such as making their working conditions too demanding and uncomforting. Force them to perform acts under their definition of office which are against their very principles and finally simply transfer them somewhere that does not permit family to also be allowed and repeat transfers until they decide it really is not worth the aggravation just to oppose the President. Should the President require somebody with experience and knowledge on how to make a workplace support only that which is the President’s promises, we are available.


One ideal example is Columbia Professor of Modern Arab Studies Rashid Khalidi who fears that these people supporting Israel, “And unfortunately, these people infest the Trump transition team, these people are going to infest our government as of January 20.” Professor Khalidi is an Islamic Arab who believes that all of Israel is occupied and that Jews are not entitled to any “Arab lands” and the Zionists are colonizers. Needless to understand is that Professor Khalidi is an atypical Arab spokesperson, American born, pro-Palestinian, reputed but denied being a PLO spokesperson in Beirut in the 1970’s and 1980’s, when Israel and the US considered the group a terrorist organization (see photo below). Obviously Professor Khalidi is among those who are less than exuberant about the new day with President Trump in the White House. Professor Khalidi was welcome at the White House during President Obama’s administration. He was hopeful that President Obama would hinder and possibly lead to the destruction of the Jewish State. The end of Israel and the imposition of Islam on the world making the world safe for the Arab people throughout all the continents, well, possibly except Antarctica as it might be just slightly too chilly during the winter that close to the South Pole. If one has surveyed the lands which were conquered by the Arabs between 620 and 750 and the indigenous peoples in these areas which remain under Arab rule, they would notice they have become an almost unnoticeable minority. The area of Egypt had a large population of Coptic Christians and a very active Jewish society before 625 and by the year 1700 the Jewish population was disappearing and the Christians were relegated to small enclaves and today there is no Jewish community and the Coptic Christians are a threatened group who, if we had lists of endangered human societies, the Coptic Christians would be amongst those on the list.


Columbia Professor of Modern Arab Studies Rashid Khalidi

Columbia Professor of Modern Arab Studies Rashid Khalidi


Let us return back to the new American President, Donald Trump. If one were to simply search here at BTC entering with quotes “Trump” “failure” one would find this has been a repeated subject as it is rampant and amplified by the mainstream media making it appear to be a pandemic when actually it is only three to four times the size from the people equally infuriated with President Obama being elected and being also equally boisterous. One of our favorites and we think almost amusing was It’s In, Trump’s Failed Presidency. Now that the inauguration is history and we are officially in the start of what will be those fateful first one-hundred days of the Trump Presidency, it is going to be interesting to see what the mainstream media makes of his successes and failures. It can be bet that what they term as a disaster or really terrible for the nation and the world will be the exact items where President Trump delivers upon his campaign promises. One item which will be interesting to read will be how as President Trump, providing the Republican congress actually work with him and not join those opposing everything he does, actually delivers on lowering taxes for the majority of people, deregulates businesses following through on what small businesses and others have noted are worthless busywork regulations and other things which would be approved by many people providing they were presented with these actions as theoretical and not attached to any political party or special interests. What many people do not understand and something I found out about as my Mother ended up working at home filling in forms and checking everything at least twice as errors on these forms were criminally punishable by long prison terms. Imagine having dozens of regulations each month with each averaging two pages of forms all requiring a grasp of basic math, some accounting, understanding poorly and distressfully worded instructions with vague meanings (yes, potentially double meanings) and deadlines for filing and this was way back in ancient history, the 1960’s to the 1980’s just to keep my Father’s tailor shop which employed himself, assistance from my mother and more often than not one tailor as an employee. Now imagine a plumber who has a small one city plumbing service and contracting company with twenty or thirty plumbers and fifteen trucks. Such a small company would require at least one person if not more to handle the required paperwork spawned by regulations. Ever wonder what happened to the neighborhood doctor’s office? When I was a kid, yes, I know I still act like one, we had a lady doctor who we could get treatment and she would assist in cover stories on how we injured ourselves, even when she saw you break your arm car surfing. She closed up the office in her house and joined three other doctors in a clinic which had a receptionist and two people who handled billing and regulation forms and they were considering hiring another. Take a look at the local school and remember back to your school days and there is little comparison if you are over thirty. There are three times the councilors, more than one principal, numerous vice principles (my high school of almost 4500 students had two), and an EEOC advisor (at least one), and a near uncountable number of secretaries spread around the various offices, and positions we never even heard of back in the day all because there are numerous requirements that the schools must fulfill, many having to do with sex education, equal opportunity for students, special education programs, physical education requirements and more and more federally imposed programs which the schools must document that every last one of these additional educational requirements are provided for the students or covered by teachers even to the point of students having to document receiving some required courses. None of these courses have anything to do with reading, writing, arithmetic, math, history, civics or any other educational subject but are usually more along the line of indoctrination.


So as Trump gets rid of regulations we will hear how Trump is releasing the polluters to destroy the air and water, killing endangered animals, allowing for price gouging, releasing restraints on bad things, vague bad things which will be left undefined other than they were bad things being loosed on the people. Imagine the productivity that could be increased if the numbers of regulations and required documentations by businesses. What could be wrong with that? Well, it will allow the people who own these businesses to enjoy larger profits, you know, allowing the rich to get richer. Further, the screams of his making certain jobs no longer necessary are simply outlandish. I doubt Donald Trump could ever get rid of so many regulations and other demands from government to cause widespread unemployment. Honestly, if President Trump can force the revocation of sufficient regulations and required documentation which would require also reducing state regulatory agencies which were initially brought into being by the Federal Government and many even financed initially by the Federal Government and later were just unloaded onto the states. Such a present to the American people would be unprecedented and unbelievably liberating freeing businesses and beyond but the media and special interests would howl and declare foul because they depend on these regulations to enforce their will on the hapless public. So what might result in the most voluminous in quantity and levels of sound could also be the greatest favor President Trump could give the people, regulation depletion allowing people to act with less tethers and restrictions or unnecessary paperwork all because the simple presumed fact that if Trump does something, then it must necessarily be an evil thing and must be denounced. I can hardly wait to hear the squealing from the mainstream media at every turn as President Trump and his administration move forward. The first circus we are already witnessing, the Senate hearings and approval of his Cabinet and other appointments requiring Senate affirmation. Allow us to give you a simple and different way of viewing Trump’s appointments, the Cabinet appointees are not supposed to necessarily be experts in whatever field of their administration, they are to be managers who know how to listen to experts, have an ability to understand even complicated explanations, manage people and use their skills, know how to balance those who work with them and setting up the administrative structure to best advantage to produce the most efficient results. Imagine an efficient government department, any one of them, just imagine. The problem is it would be difficult because doing so would make so many government employees superfluous and imagine how the media would howl if, by fiat, the government let one third of their employees go and have to find real jobs. The screaming would be that President Trump was causing massive unemployment because where would these government employees find work with their skills? We would be led to believe that government employees are unacceptable as employees in the real world, imagine that. Could that be true or is that simply fear mongering, but then again, we are talking about people screaming whose deepest skill is warning of catastrophic disasters should their warnings not be heeded. Oh, by the way, they are, more often than not, simply wrong. So, let the games begin.


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