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January 31, 2015

An Article Reflecting on Anti-Semitism and Isolationism


This past week much of the world memorialized the Shoah, the Holocaust, by recognizing the seventieth anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, the dual slavish labor camp and industrial scale murder camp which combined murdered approximately ten percent of the estimated twelve to fourteen million souls exterminated in all of the Concentration Camps. People often hear only about the Jewish lives lost in the Concentration Camps and the others are often glossed over, an unfortunate side-effect of the Jews having great cause as two-thirds of European Jewry and approaching half of the world’s Jews (many set the number around forty percent) perished in the Concentration Camps thus giving the Jews a heavier burden through affect and such they have been the guarantors of preventing such from happening again; thus their cry of ‘Never Again!’ Also targeted for extermination by the Nazi death machines, the Nazi Concentration Camps, were the Roma (Gypsies), homosexuals, mentally challenged, the insane, people with other birth defect, the unemployed, physically handicapped, Serbians in the Balkan regions, Polish leadership, Christian leadership who opposed their plans, many of the Russian prisoners of war and anyone considered a threat or problem to Nazi rule. Another reason the Jewish deaths matter in the present is the rising once again of anti-Semitism throughout Europe partially due to Islamic immigrations and partially due to economic and fiscal difficulties which have caused some to demand austerity which has even further angered many Europeans who turned again to their oldest target for all that ails their society, anti-Semitism. There has also been Islamic anti-Semitism which many contend comes with the following of the teachings and sermons of radical leaders who use quotations from the Quran mixed with plain old anti-Semitism. Still there are those who will assure the Jews that another Holocaust will happen where they are rounded up and murdered systematically with industrialized efficiency.


The blight which is anti-Semitism returning to Europe has many familiar scents and attributes with one major difference, the Jews have an escape valve, if they choose to utilize it, named Israel waiting anxiously for their return, for the Jews in the West to return home. The Jewish state is also the target of much of this new virulent anti-Semitism which allows for those anti-Semites who desire to hide behind something in order to be capable of claiming that they are not anti-Semites, they just hate the policies, the overt force, the disproportional force, the collateral damage, the denial of statehood and/or the aggression by Israel against the Palestinians. Where their denials about their being anti-Semitic falls apart is in their accusations which if followed to their conclusive ends would deny Israel existing as the Jewish homeland. By denying Israel her right for existing, those who make claims that Israel should never have been formed and must now be dissolved are also making the case that the Jews amongst the peoples are to be denied keeping the state formed and subsequently founded by a number of international treaties and instituted under international law should now be denied them and instead gifted to their enemies simply because the world has decided that the Jews are unworthy of their own state. The most popular myth is that the peoples claiming to be Jews did not originate in the lands of Israel but instead the Ashkenazi or Eastern European Jews are the descendants of Khazars. A large percentage of Jews who settled in Israel came to the promised lands as the result of pogroms, oppressions and ethnic cleansing in their home nations which were intentionally attempting to force them from amongst them once and for all. These Jewish families were forced from their homes, many stripped of their possessions, robbed of their bank accounts, their homes and businesses simply taken from them without any reparations, their vehicles taken by their neighbors, often nations permitted these Jews one or two suitcases per person, all of this taking place in broad daylight during the middle of the Twentieth Century, largely between 1948 and 1960, and these Jews came to Israel to restart their lives and now their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are living in Israel and make up half the nation’s population. These Jews were not victims of the Holocaust and had not left their homes and businesses in Europe but came from the Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA) and are Sephardic Jews. Further, many of the Ashkenazi Jews have had their genomes researched by researchers and independently and in the vast majority of cases these people had so many identifiers which are also found in Sephardim. The facts that these Jews were banished from what had been their families’ homes and businesses for the last two centuries for both the European Jews and those living in North Africa and throughout the Middle East and all came to Israel because Israel meant their salvation and their return to their ancestral home.


After the world had spit out their Jews sending them to their ancestral homeland, much of the world sighed in relief as they had solved their Jewish problem. One might think that this would suffice, banning of Jews across much of MENA and many Jews repulsed from their homes when they returned from the death camps only to find their properties stolen and no future for them, only further hostilities. Now, after sixty-seven years living in their homeland the peoples of the world appear to be bent on the destruction of that nation and the slaughter of its people. The initial attempt to annihilate the nascent State of Israel came early on at the founding when over six armies collapsed on the newly founded state of Israel the morning of her founding rallying to the cry of drowning the Jews into the Mediterranean Sea. This genocidal assault failed as did the subsequent attempt in 1967 where Israel captured the Sinai Dessert and liberated Gaza, Judea, Samaria and the Golan Heights. Then there was the nearly successful attempt to take back the lost lands and potentially drive the Jews into the Sea but this assault was eventually halted and the gains reversed. After these attempts proved futile, their tactics altered and the terror warfare became the sole pry-bar. This led to the use of the word Palestinian Arab to describe an imaginary people fabricated with the aid of the KGB and organized around Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas as it top leaders. They formed the Palestinian Authority when they gained the backing from some early European journalists and editorialists. NGOs were formed and the lobbying began in parallel to the terrorism and the subverting Western Universities largely by purchasing their Middle Eastern Studies Departments simply by purchasing them through erecting an impressive building to house the staff, parts of which were provided by the foreign Arab nations using CAIR, MAS or other Muslim NGO. This led to the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement (BDS) which would malign Israel and the Jews which led to many college students coming from universities and hating the Israeli Jews but presumably not the Jews in general, or at least the Israelis.


These purchasing of inroads through academics gained many friends and turned more than a few other departments within many universities against Israel. Each year it becomes necessary to increase the list of universities and colleges which hold Israel Apartheid Week where Israel is vilified and often there are mock-ups of checkpoints which Israel is forced to utilize in order to guarantee the safety of her citizens but are cast as evil encroachments onto Arab lands. There are numerous terrorist groups which specialize in Israel and are thus granted protection within the university systems. Jewish students are often not safe on campus when these events are taking place as they are accosted and assaulted often injuring them requiring hospitalization. These demonstrations often broaden their targets from just Israel to all Jews whether they have ties to Israel or not. These efforts have gotten to the point where wearing any items which may be interpreted as Jewish can and often will result in your person being assaulted and when such an assault is reported the university often claims it does not have the resources to investigate and capture the culprit. The problem with protecting Jews in some places while not in others is that the authorities thus begin to denote certain places as ‘no go zones’ which are beyond the law enforcement as police officers have become so unwelcome that they no longer enter these regions. That does not mean that such places are beyond law, it simply means that these places do not follow the laws of their host country, the law within these places is Sharia which makes the value of a woman’s testimony count considerably less than a man’s testimony and a non-Muslim (Kafir) is next to worthless. Some places and even nations in Europe have gone so far as to enforce Sharia and adopt some of the particular statutes and sentences. These accommodations are dangerous as they aid in not requiring these MENA immigrants to assimilate and thus become a true member of the society. Making the area where certain people live into a place which resembles the laws and society which they presumably left behind can make their ability to adjust, reside and become gainfully employed that much more difficult.


Allowing the hatreds and societal stigmas to be maintained in Western civilizations should simply be unacceptable as the inclusion, not exclusion, of immigrants should be the end goal for any society. If a number of Westerners immigrated to a Middle Eastern or North African nation they would be required to learn the language, customs, and obey the laws the same as any native. There would not be agencies and NGOs whose sole purpose would be to gain for the immigrants the power and ability to flaunt the laws of their new land. They would face the challenge of learning the language and adjusting to the diet. There would not be special areas set aside for immigrants from the Western nations where they could live their entire lives feeling as if they never left their homelands. No matter how much they might see their culture and rule of law to be superior, it would not be permitted to replace the laws of the land in which they now resided. This begs the question as to why do these immigrants refuse to adjust to the nation which they willingly chose to reside. What was their motivation to make a long and possibly arduous trip to reside in their new land? Certainly their goal was not to refuse to assimilate and to simply live the exact same life, speak the exact same language, reside under the same laws and be deprived of the opportunities which would now exist right outside their neighborhood. Granted there is comfort in having the same traditions and same societal laws and the same customs when one has moved but that would not provide the advances in the society of which each immigrant came seeking to take the advantage of the potentially upward mobility thus improve their life or at least grant such for their children. Sitting in a no go zone under sharia and forced to live apart from endless possibilities sitting just out of reach, this is the situation in Paris and other cities with much of their Muslim population stuck in their island amidst lands of endless opportunity just an arm’s length away if one could only break from their comfort and grasp the golden ring.


Beyond the Cusp


April 23, 2014

Who Really Suffers from All Those Reputed Phobias?

We hear the accusations all the time. This one is Homophobic, that one is Islamophobic, etcetera etcetera. The latest headlines was about the forced resignation of Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich because of his insensitivity towards homosexuals as donating to the efforts to pass California Proposition 8 referendum which, according to the dating website OkCupid which initiated and led the witch hunt against, as they accused, the unacceptable presence of this Homophobic CEO. Then there was the cancelled honoring by Brandeis University of Ayaan Hirsi Ali with an honorary degree and her giving the commencement speech after CAIR accused Ayaan Hirsi Ali of being an Islamophobic. She is a leading advocate for the human rights for women and girls within Islamic society who suffer many of the same horrors such as female genital mutilation, arranged marriage and other horrific incidents which she had experienced before escaping to the Netherlands while supposedly traveling to Canada to be married to an older man whom her family had sold her into marriage. These events have become sufficiently common that perhaps a little look into the aspersions cast and the actual ones who suffer from some phobia.


For the sake of convenience, we will use the Eich resignation as the example which will likely serve to make me also a victim and sufferer of Homophobia, but what is life without taking small risks. The accusation against Mr. Eich was that he was obviously Homophobic due to the evidence that he had contributed to the efforts to pass Proposition 8 in California which would have made the legal definition of marriage to be between one man and one woman. This automatically made Mr. Eich guilty of hating same sex relations and the people who were in same sex relationships. It could not have been about retaining a traditional definition of the institution of marriage which has been one of the underpinning definitions of Judeo-Christian society. But according to website OkCupid and others this meant that obviously Mr. Eich hated all homosexuals and was an evil and terrible person who obviously was incapable of being a CEO and running a software company. Never mind that the homosexuals employed by Mozilla who were interviewed had never had any problem and there existed no examples of Mr. Eich mistreating anyone over their sexual orientations. Actually, Mr. Eich was generally lauded as being fair and without any noticeable preferential treatment or any disparaging treatment when it came to his interactions in all his years working in various positions, including supervisory positions, from the very founding of Mozilla. Still, he crossed the line of actually performing a political act expressing his First Amendment rights and he was made to pay by those who simply disagreed with his opinion. This, according to every article I have read, made Mr. Eich guilty of being a Homophobe. Somehow I do not think so.


The definition of a phobia, according to, is: “a persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that leads to a compelling desire to avoid it.” Had Mr. Eich actually suffered a phobia towards homosexuals he would probably have had great difficulty functioning in any large size company or even being in any unscripted area as such a fear would likely have paralyzed him over the worry that someone near him might be a homosexual. Obviously Mr. Eich had no such problems operating in a normal situation where he probably was fully aware that there were people who were homosexuals present and according to some of those very homosexuals, he was fair and treated them with no malice or preference giving them exact and identical treatment as he did heterosexuals. If any group suffered from Homophobia, it was the board of Mozilla and OkCupid, both of which reacted in a panic when they were informed of Mr. Eich’s political contribution to California Proposition 8. It was initially OkCupid that went apoplectic over Mr. Eich’s contribution and subsequently the Board at Mozilla which by pressuring Mr. Eich to step down also displayed Homophobia. Both of these groups acted in a seemingly uncontrollable panic going to the extreme of destroying a well-qualified individual’s career and placed his future into the ash heap of history ending any possibility of Mr. Eich ever again holding a senior position in any other corporation.


This is because so many in society today suffer from numerous phobias. The fear of having some special interest group accuse you or your corporation or officer of your corporation of some form of phobia, be it Homophobia, Islamophobia, Ecophobia (also called anthropomorphic global warming denial) or fill in your own subject-phobia, then the panic sets in followed by contortions to supplicate the accusers on exactly what and who needs to be sacrificed in order to satisfy and serve as ample penitence for the great offense that had obviously been unfeelingly committed. This reaction is the real and actual phobic response and not the presumed sinner who was pointed out and became the subject of societal scorn. Those who agree with the removal by Mozilla of Mr. Eich or the retracting of the honorary degree by Brandeis University for Ayaan Hirsi Ali are the true people suffering from an acute case of Politicaphobia, defined as any politically correct reaction demanding the humiliation or shaming of any person in order to satisfy some special interest group which expresses usually imagined and manufactured indignance to some event or person because they crossed their accepted definition of what is necessary for society to be properly sensitive and advocating the politically correct attitudes demanded in our societies. We could even exchange the term Politicaphobia for all the multitude of the current phobias that exist today as having one term would make it that much easier for the excommunication of every insensitive person who transgressed thus causing the calls for some form of Politicaphobia to be satisfied and the offender properly chastised.


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