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August 16, 2014

Media Critical of Obama Over Iraq War Claims

There have been numerous editorials and commentary raking President Obama over the coals for his campaigning under the claim of having ended the war in Iraq only to apparently about to return to or at least renew bombing of Islamist forces in Iraq. There have been comparisons to President George W Bush giving his speech on the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln under a banner exclaiming “Mission Accomplished” or to President Jimmy Carter hamstrung and unable to extricate the nation from the clutches of the Iran hostage crisis. These and the many other cheap shots launched at President Obama are simply tackling a new and seriously very threatening situation and simplifying it for the purpose of shooting at a larger target and ignoring to aim for the bullseye settling for at least hitting the wall the target is mounted upon. These inanities do not do justice to the enormous threat facing the world and instead are setting up a scenario whereby the White House and all too many others are going to be able to claim that sufficient efforts have been expended and the threat conditions have been neutralized or at least the ISIS, I still refuse to grant them their preferred name if Islamic State (IS) as that infers to validate their claims of Caliphate, serpent has been defanged. ISIS has yet begun to flex their military capabilities granted them in somewhat dubious circumstances as Iraqi troops dropping their vastly superior wealth of weapons and fleeing the entirety of the battlefield. These troops fled to the last soldier across an entire front covering areas measured in hundreds of square miles, not just a smattering of units in various and separate frontal locations, but completely across entire provinces and even to include support troops fleeing motor pools on foot leaving perfectly functioning trucks, APCs and other vehicles behind.

The only item that any military actions taken to confront ISIS have in common with the Iraq War is in geographic location and ignores scope and potential of the enormity of the fight ahead. The world is sitting at the edge of the precipice and peering into a dark void frightened over what lies in store if nothing is done and the worst fears result. The full potential of the threats ISIS could rise to commit if allowed to gather recruits of seasoned combatants as well as newly committed extremists committed to cause answering the call of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the self-anointed Caliph, to join with him as the strong Islamic horse who will vanquish the weaker horses which comprise the impotent Western world whose own trained troops his ISIS Mujahedeen, his Islamic Holy Warriors, so easily defeated routing them like frightened girls and whose weapons and riches he now controls and will apply to the coming global Jihad are frightening. Reports have already come to light validating the effectiveness of the call has been in drawing combatants and supporters to the cause ISIS proclaimed when claiming itself the obvious incarnation of the new Caliphate and rebranding themselves as simply the Islamic State and newly crowned most powerful entity in Sunni Islam, the only true Islam of course being that purported by ISIS.

Their call to arms of all true Muslims to cleanse Islamic world of the false divisions of the Western imposed borders demarking separate false Western named states and led by Western imposed kings, secular dictators and all those infidels and imposters and then continue to spread Islam over the globe to its rightful place as the only religion and governance is being well received as new recruits and even other Islamist groups such as Boko Haram swear allegiance with ISIS and are answering their call. This will swell the ranks of ISIS and provide them with the manpower they currently lack to fully utilize the vast stores of weapons they gained through their victories thus far in Iraq. Just because ISIS has made its most reported gains in Iraq does not make any military response to them an extension of the Iraq War as ISIS is not just a threat in Iraq, or even adding Syria; ISIS is a threat to the entirety of the areas of the Middle East currently laid out before them and has made clear their intents to purify by fire and force Jordan, Saudi Arabia in the nearest terms and Iraq and Israel sometime after that but has reserved its greatest boasts and threats for the United States which it has claimed will feel their wrath sooner rather than later. ISIS is a threat to the globe in theory only because at their current strength they lack the manpower and armaments to fulfill those threats they have made. Their call for fighters and those with the other skills required to make their threats a reality has been heard well beyond the Islamic world and into the Western nations and is providing ISIS with many who are capable of living and working in the Western world without arousing suspicions as they have often lived in the West all their lives. As such they provide ISIS with a fifth column for the future and potentially can be used for some grand attack of a level similar in scope and consequence as were the 9-11 al-Qaeda attacks on New York and Washington DC. Such an assault on the United States would serve to gather untold numbers into the ranks of ISIS and should they not face near immediate response their gains would multiply and the world would no longer be on that ledge peering into the dark void beneath, they would soon be shoved from the ledge and beyond the cusp into that frightful darkness from which the climb back out to the light would be arduous and long.

The war which is coming will not be avoided by half measures. One would think the world would have learned that lesson by now but apparently not. Many in the halls of power, the media and in the populace seek a desired quick fix, an end to the immediate threat on the cheap and are only going to guarantee that the eventual price the world will pay will be catastrophic and destructive beyond our abilities to imagine. What happens should ISIS succeed in taking the rest of Iraq and follow that up with Kuwait and as soon as they finish Syria they continue on into Lebanon which leads to their being actually given the recognition of being the long awaited new Caliphate and the hope for the Future of Sunni Islam. This in turn leads to the Muslim Brotherhood actively merging with ISIS which also brings Turkey and their NATO provided weapons systems and air power joining with Erdogan being given a position of high respect and the Emir of Qatar also joining conditional on his being given a position representative of his stature and the largess of funds that he can contribute. This would now make ISIS the largest single entity in the Middle East and might lead to their easily vanquishing the Royal Family and taking Saudi Arabia as well as the Emirates and Bahrain and spreading throughout the Saudi Peninsula and absorbing the al-Qaeda forces headquartered in Yemen.

Such a set of conditions would be reminiscent of the Nazi spread across Europe which began with their placing troops in the demilitarized Rhineland, followed by annexation of Austria, followed by the Sudetenland of northern Czechoslovakia, soon followed by the seizure of the remainder of Czechoslovakia, continuing with the cession of the Memel Territory to Germany, and finally invading Poland in 1939, the straw that broke the camel’s back starting World War II. Likewise, ISIS has gained large areas of central Iraq almost by default and is now slowly advancing northward against the Kurdish areas probably expecting them to be an easier target and less likely to force anybody in the West to get overly worked up over and actually take measures to oppose them. With the current lack of commitment of troops beyond bombing a few targets in order to provide some tantalizing YouTube videos of targeted smart munitions and the dropping of food and water to the Yazidis surrounded on Mount Sinjar without weapons, food, water or hope; the United States and the rest of the Western powers appear uninterested or simply lacking any serious concerns beyond plaintiff reports of their dire situation and the striking and horrible situation which threatens the Yazidi peoples with a genocidal end to their existence which stems from ancient times only to end on a mountaintop in Iraq, so tragic. Obviously not tragic enough to warrant any actual actions by the Western powers making them the new Czechoslovakians of our times.

Should there be any actions taken by the Western world or is this simply a tempest in a teapot full of sound and fury, signifying nothing or is this the initial rumblings of the next inevitable force spawned by the evil intents and inexhaustible manifestations resultant from the ancient and still not realized lust to conquer the world which will eventually suck the armies from the far corners to battle one another in the next universally destructive conflagration resulting from the inability of the men of peace to realize that even they must occasionally do battle in order to preserve that peace. It is that exact reluctance and the never quenched desire that peace will persevere without the need for actions of even the least amount of violence to put down those crazies when first they announce their intents to vanquish peace in order to establish peace on their terms and in their image over all that they can aspire and view. Elie Wiesel, holocaust survivor and man of peace probably said it best when he stated, “When someone says they want to kill you, believe them.” Well, ISIS has announced their intent to kill you nations of the world, are you going to believe them or plug your ears and run around screaming, “No,no, no, never can this be happening again!” From all appearances there are a lot of powerful fools running in circles with their fingers in their ears while the capabilities of ISIS start their inexorable growth to that critical point where, if left unopposed, they actually do pose a serious threat to challenge even the combined forces of sanity. But then, which group is sane, the one building the irresistible force or those who refuse to put an end to the quest for irresistible force before they become even the most minor of threats?


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