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July 5, 2019

Racial Disruptions in Israel


You may have, or even probably have, heard about the racial protests currently occurring in Israel. You will hear how this is exactly the same as the Ferguson, Missouri, United States, where the chant “Hands up, Don’t shoot,” slogan was born. The similarity is that an officer shot a teen and in Israel it was supposedly a ricochet as he fired into the pavement. The investigation will reveal the truth and any mistakes will have their consequences. But there are some parts of these protests which do not survive closer scrutiny. It appears that there exist two separate protests, one completely peaceful and the other violent with rioting and burning of vehicles, particularly police and other government vehicles. The peaceful protests are virtually totally populated by Ethiopian Jews while the more violent rioting has some Africans and numerous, if not a majority, white European protesters. There exists a far-left organization funded by the New Israel Fund which has been actively aiding the recent wave of protests, particularly the more violent protests. It is the joint Arab-Jewish ‘Standing Together’ organization which the NIF is funneling the necessary funds and still remain one step removed such that they can later deny their financing of the violent protests. All of this begs the question, does the Ethiopian community have valid reasons for their protests.


They certainly have every right to protest and demand answers after a second of their tiny community being shot by law enforcement personnel demands a closer look and explanations. The violent riots are not a valid protest and we believe that the vast majority of the Ethiopian protesters are taking part in the peaceful protests while the far-left instigators are the ones behind the violent protests. Where they might find people which could be said to represent the Ethiopians is an easy answer; they could hire any number of African migrants who are in Israel illegally. But the idea that there are racial problems in Israel is errant accusations. The reality is that the Ethiopian community is one of the most successful integrating into Israeli society and performing with exceptional efforts and accomplishments. We wish to quote this informative article relaying the following:

Turning to the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics in 2011/12 and in the transition to 2012/13, we can select a few examples of the real and complex reality that portrays the Ethiopian community in Israel.
The percentage of pupils of Ethiopian origin who dropped out was slightly lower than that of the general population of pupils in Hebrew education: Approximately 1.6% of approximately 35,000 pupils of Ethiopian origin who began to study in grades 1-12 in schools under Ministry of Education supervision in the school year of 2011/12 dropped out during that year or in transition to 2012/13, compared with 1.88% among the general Hebrew education.
The percentage of women among students of Ethiopian origin who are studying for a first degree was higher than the percentage of women among the general population of students for a first degree – 66.8% versus 56.5%, respectively.
The average monthly household expenditure in households of Ethiopian origin was NIS 9,539 compared with NIS 14,272 among the general population households.
As for the I.D.F.; 90% of Ethiopian-Israeli combat soldiers complete their service, as opposed to 70% of other combat soldiers. 30% of Ethiopian-Israeli soldiers serve in combat positions, and are likely to complete their full military service

These are the statistics of an ethnic group which is integrating with effort and success out-performing the median norms for the general society. This was often one of the reasons Jews were hated wherever they were free to become thinkers as they regularly outshone the non-Jewish population. The difference is that in Israel they are out-performing other Jews and this is welcomed as it shows a desire to become a vibrant member in our society. The Ethiopians have been quite a success story but also an adventure tale of many rescues and the saving of a remote tribe of Jews. The Ethiopians came to Israel in two waves of mass immigration assisted by the Israeli government: Operation Moses (1984) rescue for six-to-eight-thousand Jews, and Operation Solomon (1991) rescuing from 1990 through 1999, of over 39,000 Ethiopian Jews were transported to Israel. Never have so many African people been taken in by a developed nation and treated as equals and given all the assistance required to bring them into the society and allowed to flourish. Almost every other importation of Africans resulted in their being sold as slaves. This was not such, this was the rescue of our brothers and sisters whom we embrace and give all the kindness we have. Israel is the least racial country one could imagine. In Israel there is virtually no form of hatred outside of a strong distaste for terrorism and other forms of violence. That is also part of why we are so assured that the violent rioting is not representative of the Ethiopians who are largely taking part in the peaceful demonstrations.


Tale of Two Protests both Peaceful and Violent

Tale of Two Protests both Peaceful and Violent


The real problem is the media, specifically the world media which loves to produce news which depicts Israel and Jews in the worst light possible. This is what much of the media are specifically covering, the violence, while their story line depicts the Ethiopian complaint represented by the peaceful protests nearby. But a peaceful protest does not reflect their preconceived notions that Israel is full of racist haters. This is best represented by the violence which is probably partially peopled with non-Israelis consisting of both African illegal migrants and European instigators. The fact that the coverage is centered on the violence which is very possibly not merely flushed out with Europeans but organized and instigated by these Europeans with few if any Ethiopians involved in the rioting. Will they also show the respectful peaceful protests, the kind of popular protest which is capable of getting results and answers from the government and an honest investigation. The peaceful protests are exactly what would be expected of the Ethiopian Jews as they were often victims to brutal treatment while in Ethiopia. They were very appreciative for the efforts Israel went to, to bring them from camps in the Sudan where they were placed in camps when they were caught attempting to walk to Israel. These were the Ethiopian Jews rescued by Operation Moses where unfortunately as news of these rescues became known, the Sudan quickly shut the operation under the insistence of their neighboring and other Arab countries. Ethiopian Jews rescued in Operation Solomon were being held in camps presumably for their protection in Ethiopia. The difficulty these Jews faced was blatant anti-Semitism as they were seen as the reason for every problem and many people wanted to kill their Jews. Israel took them from this situation and brought them directly to Israel using El Al aircraft. The Ethiopians who came from these rescues often were illiterate and required training in order to gain employ. On the plus side, they were so enthused to have been rescued and brought to Eretz Yisroel and their enthusiasm was applied to finding a means for support and fitting into their new society. This was the and has continued to be the ethical code for their society such that they desire to excel and be the best they are able. Any country would have been blessed to have such new citizens as these. The reality the mainstream media desires to hide from the world is that there exists no hatred within Israel. There is no racial hatred, no cultural hatred, no religious hatred, only an extreme discomfort with violence and hatred. That is the Israel we know and love.


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September 2, 2018

Solution to Arab-Israeli Conflict is 3000 Years Old


The real initial step to a proper and equitable solution of the Arab-Israeli Conflict is to first admit that, and let us be honest, the Arab world focused their intent for destruction of Israel to this invented group of Arabs they agreed to call Palestinians. Even their name was stolen from the term used by empires to name the Jews in the Holy Lands from the Roman Empire straight through to the British Empire, when they were given the Mandate. The British even solved the Arab-Israeli problem by giving 78% of the Mandate to the Arab nation we now call Jordan and promised the remaining 22%, the lands west of the Jordan River, were guaranteed as indivisible for the Jewish nation (see map below). Did anyone catch the important words ‘guaranteed as indivisible’ just as the British backed their word presumably with the British Crown? So, we will work from there and then seek a plausible and equitable solution. This decision was justified as conforming to the lands promised the Israelites in the Bible which were the lands west of the Jordan River.


British Mandate with its division between an Arab State of Jordan and Palestine denoted to be the Jewish State later named Israel

British Mandate with its division between an Arab State of Jordan and
Palestine denoted to be the Jewish State later named Israel


Israel should simply inform the leadership and security forces in the Shomron and Gaza that in exactly number of days, let us start with one week, to gather their moveable property and bankbooks and leave going to whatever nation which will accept them. Should they find that time limit is impossible to meet, they should be informed that the IDF will be tasked with assisting them in whatever means they choose. Should their choice be that they are not going without a fight, the IDF should be instructed to use whatever amount of force leaves their soldiers at the least risk. Should resistance be attempted, the rest of the world should be informed that such resistance could lead to casualties. The freeing of the Arabs residing currently under vindictive dictatorships in both Gaza and the PA regions of the Shomron should be something cheered throughout the world. We realize that because Israel will be involved, the world will grow a huge chip on their shoulders and gather all their rage into stern stares before claiming that Israel is destroying Palestinian democracy. We have a little secret for people who wish to know the reality; the only Arabs living under a free democracy between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea reside as citizens of Israel and are not part of the Palestinian Arab population. Once the regions have been cleared of those whose interests are based on continued and permanent conflict with Israel thusly pacified, we can proceed to find that equitable solution.


The promise we will provide is that each Arab currently residing in these areas will be given the same choices with those living in the refugee camps and will be treated with some degree of equality with those not in the camps. More on this as we proceed. There is an equitable means for giving the Arabs in question freedom. First, they will be granted a choice, and they will be required to choose one of these choices within a set period, likely four months. The first choice is to remain living where they are and being treated as an alien resident just as many workers from around the world who take jobs within Israel. These Arabs will be required to sign a nonaggression pledge which if violated will result in deportation. Anyone remaining with the design of committing some terrorist action, they should know that any conviction of attempted or acted terrorism will result in deportation with no right to ever return. Once someone had been so deported, should they reenter Israel, it will be on pain of life in prison. Those remaining will be allowed to work where they find employment and will pay the same taxes as other resident aliens. As far as their ever being permitted to become citizens of Israel will be something which would be determined in the future. The second choice is to leave Israel permanently only permitted to return for visits with a Visa stating the length of such a visit. Those leaving will not be sent away without compensations. First, they will be given high market value for their property for which they can produce a deed. Further, each person leaving will be granted a relocation bonus. The bonus will be a one-time offer which will end at the end of the stated period. The people in the refugee camps will receive compensation equal to the average property value if they decide to leave Israel. For those who remain there may be a set amount they will be permitted towards purchasing a residence. The camps will be leveled at the end of the period and new apartments or other housing built in their place.


When the world explodes claiming that Israel is being inhumane, they will be justly ignored. One reason is that these Arabs will be permitted to elect their own leadership locally but will not be permitted to vote in national elections. These regions where they will be granted this added right will only apply to the region where they currently reside. Those outside of these locations will be given a set period in which to relocate to one of the named areas receiving a fair price for their present deeded property. The main part of this solution is that the Arabs may have a choice for how they desire to spend their future. All Israel desires is to be at peace and that is the result of this plan. Any Arab choosing to commit violence against Israel, they should understand that such will be met with whatever violence is required to permanently end such attacks. The IDF will be told to act in whatever manner places their soldiers in the least amount of threat. They should take a direct and immediate response to any violence seeking to remove the source of the violence. This would include targeting those who were responsible for the violence including the planners, the ones who produced or provided the weaponry such as rockets, bombs, mortars and launchers, and those who ordered the violence no matter where they may be located. Israel will no longer accept any forms of violence to be used targeting her citizens and will consider the Arab-Israeli conflict ended. Israel will also be open to exchanging ambassadors with any Arab nation desiring such plus this exchange will be a sign of peace ending any belligerence between Israel and that nation. This would be a face saving method of ending the state of war still existing between Israel and numerous nations of the Arab League. Israel will also open trade with these nations which will hopefully enhance relations.


Once the lives of those Arabs who remain within Israel improves, and their happiness becomes obvious and terrorism is no longer a problem, a situation which will become evident within a year or possibly as long as two years, then perhaps the world will finally calm down and realize that Israel is not going away and had made peace with the Arabs, even if the Arabs have not all made peace with Israel. This is a formula for peace, permanent and steady peace in which all will benefit. Will it cost Israel a lot of money to enact such a solution? Probably, but that cost will be returned in the properties and people saved by the ending of terrorism and having peace. Once this plan has been enacted and the time has passed for the Arabs to choose, after that peace will be all but around the corner. The final problem will be those Arabs who refuse to take either choice is the final problem. These Arabs will be deported with no remuneration and their method of removal will have the identical form as was the initial removal of the leadership and known people who were participating in terror in any form. The IDF will be instructed to take all measures to keep their soldiers as safe as possible. Then the Arabs who remain will have signed a nonaggression pledge which will mean that peace will finally be possible and even likely. Those who refuse to accept this peace will be addressed with sufficient force to terminate such threats if from outside of Israel and by deportation to any from within Israel. The world will need to understand that Israel will no longer tolerate any violence perpetrated against any of her citizens and all violence will be addressed without regard to borders if the neighboring nations are unwilling to prevent the violence against Israeli citizens and property.


Israel will probably continue to see resolution after resolution from all parts of the United Nations, European Union and collective nations, the Arab League and collective nations, and others from all around the globe. For those nations, actively condemning Israel will find that Israel will return the favor by limiting trade with these nations. These limitations will not be in the form of limiting Israel goods being sold but in informing the Israeli people about who these nations are and the Israeli people will choose whether or not to buy products from that nations and Israeli companies can choose whether or not to deal with these nations. There will not be a need for actual trade wars or tariffs or any normative form of limit on trade, it will be simply the choices made by the Israeli people. Some will possibly decide to seek to buy the effected products while others will avoid buying these products. Israel will add one requirement to commercials for product that their nation of origin be included in a standard disclaimer at the end of the commercial. Informed consumers are happy consumers.


Lastly, there will be an adjustment period where there will be a near constant cacophonic din of chaotic disdain for what Israel will be doing. The main claim will be that Israel has no claim to these lands. We advise they check the entirety of conferences, conventions and treaties resulting from World War I and then settle down. What would actually be doing Israel a great favor would be to take Israel before any of the various World Courts or at The Hague, as this would settle the entire uproar rather quickly. Just so we can save the world’s time, International Law is on the side of Israel and that was plain to see in the map at the beginning of this article. Israel legally owns all the lands in question with the exception of Gaza. That would not be much of a problem as Hamas and Islamic Jihad are both terrorist organizations which means that Gaza is no longer a nation or recognized governance as terrorist groups are not actual governments and are to be addressed in any necessary action to end their occupation of lands. The Shomron belongs to Israel as the Palestinian Authority actually has run past its limited time within which it was to make a lasting peace. By refusing to make peace, they are no longer relevant and as such, they are no longer legal governance. This is a just settlement of the problem which will work to the benefit of the Arabs involved and free them from the oppressive whims of their dictatorial leadership which enforces its power through violent suppression of choice, freedom, and liberty and stifles free enterprise and strangles the regional economies. This would be a liberation process and those who feel they desire oppressive governance can choose to relocate virtually anywhere else in the region. Israel will take any complaints about her treatment of the Arabs who remain from the Palestinian Arabs for their actual worth and ignore them six months after this process has been applied. When Israel finds a terrorist which nations complain will be improperly deported, Israel will gladly offer to deport them to the complaining nations at random. We can hardly wait to see who wins the first raffling for the location for the first deportee. Who will be the lucky nation, France, Sweden, Canada, Venezuela or where?


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August 1, 2018

The Sorry State with Gaza

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The really great news is that there has been in effect for two weeks a peace agreement between Hamas and Islamic Jihad with the Israelis arranged by Egypt, a presumed trusted friend of Israel through whom the treaty of peace was arranged. There is further good news in that since the treaty there have been next to no rockets fired into Israel from Gaza. But there is an unfortunate side to our news. Not all is well on the border between Israel and Gaza. In the past few weeks there have been two soldiers shot by snipers and the IDF has reason to believe both were shot by the same sniper. As if this was not sufficient suffering in Israel as the nation mourns the loss of every soldier as we are both nation and family, the family of Jacob, son of Izsak, son of Avraham. This supposed peace treaty appears to have a hole in it, a rather large hole through which the incendiary kites and balloons have continued to be loosed into Israel continuing to set fires in the few fields which have survived them to date. The reasoning from Hamas is that they cannot control the youths who are committing these acts, and that it is simply harmless fun. Hamas makes these claims in order to establish their supposed innocence thus avoiding Israeli reprisals. The problem with this situation is that the pleas from Hamas has worked in preventing any further attacks by Israel targeting Hamas and Islamic Jihad weapons stores and training areas. One who is unversed in such things as international intrigues, nation to nation treaties, peace accords or dealings through go-betweens to arrange peace, or at least supposed end to hostilities, with Hamas or other terror entitles; but we have always believed that ceasefires or peace treaties, whichever name they carry, were meant to end all hostilities, stressing the word all, and not to allow the continued attempts to incinerate farmlands, forests, wildlife preserves, synagogues, communities and family homes. As such has continued, why does Israel keep this one-sided treaty?


Perhaps we are thinking on a level nowhere near as sophisticated as our leaders who know that Israel must face the world and the opinions of the many leaders of the nations within. Apparently, at least from where we sit, the threat of having balloons with incendiary devices attached falling onto your home and possibly destroying the house and threatening anybody within at the time is a suffering which some Israelis must bear such that trade with Europe continues unabated and our leaders remain free to travel the world. They have seen how in past times generals, ministers and other people of import have been threatened with arrest should they arrive in some European nations. Special permissions and arrangements were necessary in order to permit Tzipi Livni to make an appearance upon invitation in London, as there is an arrest warrant for her for crimes against humanity. These charges were made once upon a time when her political persuasion was far more nationalistic and conservative which made her a pariah to the leftists of BDS and other anti-Israel, anti-Zionist and often anti-Semitic groups who wage warfare. These are such things that those who hold positions of importance and power must face, things people such as ourselves need not fear. Perhaps these threats of alienation by their peers in power in other nations prevent their acting to force Hamas to honor the ceasefire they agreed to make when negotiating through Egypt. Apparently, it was not enough that Hamas screamed peace, peace and there is no peace but those cries came almost immediately after close to two-hundred rockets had been launched into southern Israel. They succeeded in preventing any retaliatory strikes with their cries but still they complain of lacking the power to prevent youths from continuing the attempted incineration of southern Israel. Hamas, the totalitarian rulers who hold all the weapons and power claim they are incapable of preventing youths flying incendiary kites and balloons into Israel is as laughable as it is ridiculous. We all know these actions are being carried out at their behest and likely these youths are being paid to continue their assaults as well as being provided with the incendiary devices and the kites and balloons with which to launch them.


This is simply terrorism by a new method and it will not stop unless Israel insists it stop by providing the leaders of Hamas with some very good reasons to end this practice. If the Israeli leadership, Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defense Minister Lieberman, were questioned as to what they are planning to do about these arson attacks ongoing around the Gaza border against the residents of the south, they would most likely give some non-answer which would be wordy and cumbersome to the ear while saying absolutely nothing and dismissing these attacks as a minor annoyance. Be that as it may, can we suggest that we provide the leadership of Hamas and Islamic Jihad with a minor annoyance? Perhaps we could use one of those quadcopters which are deadly silent to drop a few incendiary devices on selected targets in Gaza. May we suggest as such a target the house of Hamas leaders and Islamic Jihad leaders? Let them taste what they are attempting to force on Israeli civilians in the south of our nation. Thus far, the leadership of Hamas and Islamic Jihad have not faced any real inconvenience despite the wars and endless terrorist attacks emanating from Gaza with people wrapped in bomb-belts attempting to blow up clinics and hospitals which had treated them as was attempted by a young female burn victim. Other bombings have drastically worse results as reported by Haaretz in their article titled, “4 Killed as Hamas Woman Blows Herself Up at Eretz Checkpoint.” Oddly enough, Gaza has not been as volatile when it comes to terror attacks, their actions are attacks over the border fence with rockets, mortars, missiles and not kites and balloons and even birds such as the falcon which died from the wounds it received as it flew with burning streamers tied to its feet as we reported here.


Collection of Hamas Incendiary Kites and Balloons

Collection of Hamas Incendiary Kites and Balloons


Israel does not occupy Gaza as all Israeli citizens, military posts, political representation and anything else which was not nailed down, and even a few items which were nailed down, left. Israel even exhumed every grave for reburial within Israel. The border between Gaza and Israel is in all reality an international border and as such, any act of aggression across that border is actually an act of war. There are no Israelis within Gaza and have not been since the August and September disengagement when Gaza was turned over to the Palestinian Authority such that they could exhibit their great and driving desire to make a real and functioning nation state given the opportunity. For almost two years, Gaza displayed little if any progress towards having a viable economy or functional governance. This was before there were any restrictions from Israel leaving Gaza open for trade with any nations they desired and nothing happened, nothing changed. There was no blockade yet the port remained relatively untended not being used for much if any commerce. The lack of effort was so great that the people actually backed the Hamas takeover of Gaza in 2007. This was when Israel initiated the blockade where goods were delivered through the Israeli port in Ashdod where the items are inspected and if they are not on the prohibit list are sent directly into Gaza by tractor-trailer. More often than not, the goods are delivered the same day or the next day providing Hamas is not launching attacks on the crossings, something they do at regular intervals (see image below). Israel has often allowed shipments of dual use items into Gaza to permit rebuilding of damaged apartments and other structures. Almost none of these repairs have been performed. Since 2007, despite being given sufficient building supplies, there has not been a school, hospital, water treatment, desalinization plant or other public works construction all the while near countless tunnels have been built all throughout Gaza and infiltration tunnels have been built under the border into Israel for the intended use of abductions or murders of Israelis, more often than not this would mean civilians. Israel has destroyed the majority of these tunnels and others have simply collapsed during construction. These tunnels could have built all the items listed above and even new Mosques, if such were desired over tunnels to kill Israeli civilians.


Gas Pipes Set Ablaze at the Kerem Shalom Gaza Crossing to Israel

Gas Pipes Set Ablaze at the Kerem Shalom Gaza Crossing to Israel


There exists one last inconsistency in Gaza. Gaza could easily be considered that Palestinian State free of all Israeli influence if the Palestinian Authority had made any effort. Had the disengagement proven that the Palestinian leaders desired peace and normalcy, then they would have their state both in Gaza and the Shomron and might have gained that peace with favorable borders they tell the world they honestly seek. Yet, when given the opportunity they simply use the area to attack Israel and make war and launch terrorist attacks, missiles, mortars, stabbing attacks and suicide bombers. But the most perplexing item is that within Gaza there are eight or nine refugee camps. Palestinians whose only difference from the population of Gaza is they sit within a barbed wire enclosure and are not permitted to live a normal life, work a normal job and the children are fed hatred of Israel and Jews instead of an education thanks to the United Nations UNWRA agency. Some of those unfortunates kept in squalor of these refugee camps have relatives who visit them through the fencing bringing them decent food. Why are those with family residing within the society left stranded within these camps? The reason is that the hope is still there to have the world force Israel to accept five to eight million fanatically educated Arabs and grant them immediate citizenship, thus sacrificing Israel to Arab demands. There would be no Jewish Homeland the next morning should such ever be realized. In Syria, some of the very first targets of Bashir al-Assad’s barrel-bombs were the Palestinian refugee camps. Assad saw an opportunity to rid his nation of this blight and did so with malicious and murderous intent. There is apparently little Arab sympathy or unity with Palestinians in these camps being the treasured and respected victims garnering so much sympathy from their Arab brothers, well, at least not from their Alawite brother as Assad’s actions have proven.


There are some within Israel who have reached the point where they desire their government to simply tell the United Nations that under Article 80 of the U.N. Charter, the Mandate Acts, the Treaty of Sèvres, the Anglo-American Convention and the San Remo Conference, the recognized borders for Israel is from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea and all of these acts are upheld under international law. As this is reality and has nothing to do with the hatred spewed decisions from the General Assembly, we will grant the United Nations two weeks to arrive at a plan for resettling the Arabs, who due to their unceasing hostility have no place in our lands, elsewhere. Israel is even willing to assist those who will willing depart within the next six weeks with compensation for property and a thousand Euro bonus. The United Nations will have six months to remove these people and resettle them elsewhere and if this is not completed by a given date, then Israel will simply push them out of our lands. This is becoming something Israelis are very willing to accept as it has become obvious that the only settlement the Arabs will accept is no Israel as the home of the Jewish People and as they refuse to allow us even a square millimeter of land, we will gladly accept that which the League of Nations and the world promised and have an end to this nonsense. The Jews are permitted their ancient homeland, as should be every indigenous people. The Arabs are indigenous to the Arabian Peninsula and were conquerors who came and threw out or murdered many Jews who were residing here. Jews have resided in the area of Israel, later called Judea from which the word Jew is derived, and it was a Roman name alluding to the Philistines that gave the region the name of Syria Palaestina. We have survived Hittite, Egyptian, Assyrian, Babylonian, Persian, Greek, Roman, Arab Caliphate, Ottoman Turks and British invaders. We have reestablished our homeland under Jewish rule and that should and will be the end of it, period. Eventually, you will see, this will be the solution as it is the only solution which will allow the Jewish People to continue to exist as anything less will leave the Jews still vulnerable to the exigencies and uncertainties of foreign rulers, something we have suffered beneath for over two and a half millennia and refuse to do so ever again. This is our lands which we have lived in and when away desired our return for over three millennia. So, work out that plan and make haste or we shall.


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