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September 9, 2018

A World Turned Upside-Down


Vladimir Lenin stated a truth which should frighten every intelligent mind in the free world when he stated, “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” The seed of which Lenin spoke was Marxist Communism which he was to impose upon all of Russia. This “Evil Empire,” thank you Ronald Reagan for that title, lasted almost until 1990 before they, as Margaret Thatcher stated, “ran out of other people’s money.” This was recorded as the sudden and unanticipated fall of the USSR and the empire they built in Eastern Europe under the Warsaw Pact. We remember telling a friend that we would believe that it was really failing when Romanian fell, as we understood that Nicolae Ceaușescu was not going to leave power willingly. We proved correct, as Nicolae Ceaușescu did not go without causing the bloodiest of the revolutions ending Communism for which he and his wife were hung on Christmas Day of 1989. But that was then and we are going to talk about now. So, what in this sweet world were we alluding to in out introduction?


This article was chosen as a result of an article titled “Violent threats to Jewish students at Stanford U.” The article was simply the page that broke the subject loose into the forefront of our minds. It is not all that unusual of an article, editorial to be more accurate, and that fact that it is not all that unusual, which drove the need to address this subject. The colleges many of us are aware have become hotbeds of radicalized mobs attacking any and all people who oppose their chosen agenda, thanks to the concept of “intersectionality,” when you support one leftist cause, you are in for all the leftist causes and only their causes. Heavens forbid that you will stand with them arm in arm for twenty or thirty different causes, but there is one cause with which you strongly disagree, or are even suspected of disagreement at any level; then you are out of the club and have become a target of the piety police. And do not think it is anything less than a religion with its own cannons and bylaws which if you step out of stride on any single element, you are basically excommunicated. You believe in marriage is for one man and one women, you are a hater, how can you hate so much. You are against abortion on demand at any stage of a pregnancy up to and even including at delivery, how can you hate so much. But there is one cause that you cannot even be ambivalent and can be guilty of opposition simply because of your religion. That cause is that of Islam, of the Palestinians to be more specific. If you are a Zionist, then you should be executed; if you support Israel’s right to exist, you should be executed; and if you are Jewish, then you are suspect and must prove how much you hate Israel or face excommunication from the leftist cause of the day group. Being a Jew is cause enough for you to be hated and it is not considered racism or actually really a hate crime despite the legal fact that anti-Semitism is included as a form of hate crime. The reason is they are not holding you guilty as a Jew but as one who supports Israel which is assumed of all Jews who did not exclaim publically their hatred of the Jewish State on your first few seconds on campus. Only Jews need be so definitive about the pro-Palestinian cause. Jews cannot claim they are undecided or have never given it any thought because you were so interconnected in the leftist cause of your choice and had assumed that qualified you under intersectionality and nothing more was necessary. But no, this is because Jews are automatically guilty until proven completely engrossed in the pro-Palestinian cause.


Now some are going to claim that being anti-Zionist or anti-Israel is not the same as being anti-Semitic. That is such a poor and weak argument that it hardly deserves proof of its lack of validity. The very first question we would like to ask is, are you anti-China? You’re not anti-China but you are anti-Zionist or anti-Israel. Oh, you have a reason to be anti-Zionist and/or anti-Israel and it is because the Israelis have stolen the Palestinians’ land and destroyed Palestine. Well, don’t you feel for the people of Tibet? China has committed actual Crimes Against Humanity after violently conquering Tibet by forcibly relocating Tibetans all across rural China to destroy their nationality and religious beliefs and forced Chinese to move into Tibet and stole lands and farms giving them to Chinese who were relocated to Tibet. China has co-opted Buddhism by appointing their own Dali Lama in an attempt to subvert Tibetan Buddhism. None of this apparently bothers all these people who worry about the Palestinian Arabs who came from Palestine, which is an invented people, and an invented country, which never existed. Palestine is a reference to a Roman Province called Syria Palaestina (see map of Roman Provinces below). The myth was furthered when the British, never known for their pro-Jewish stance with the one notable exception when they issued the Balfour Declaration (which started quite a stir in Britain), when they referred to the area west of the Jordan River as Palestine. Of course, at that time, they called the Jews Palestinians and they referenced the Arabs as Arab or Syrian, Egyptian, Lebanese, Iraqi, Turk, Yemenite, Saudi or according to whatever Arab nation they originated. The fact that the Jews were referred to as the Palestinians was one of the reasons the Arabs chose that denotation such that they could then literally steal the entire history of the Jews since the mid 1800’s when the first Zionists started to arrive. Before the mid 1800’s the area was often referred to as the Holy Lands just as frequently as anything else but the Roman name stood largely for the European usage. The reality is China swallowed and entire nation with thousands of years of culture and independence and the Free Tibet movement does not even qualify one for inclusion through intersectionality but Israel reestablishing their proper boundaries in the Six Day War when they liberated regions occupied by Jordan, the Shomron (West Bank), and Egypt, Gaza, while also occupying the Golan Heights from Syria and the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt. Israel returned the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt when they reached a peace agreement and Egypt released any claim to the previously occupied areas of Gaza. When Israel made their peace with Jordan, Jordan released their claim to the Shomron only to retract that later and claim they actually gave it to the Palestinians for their new nation. The truth is as we have posted in endless maps but we will include one with the British and French Mandates below and the border between Arab Jordan and Jewish Israel could not be made any more clear that it is the Jordan River and that was the intent from day one. Our apologies to our regular readers who have memorized these maps by now, thank you for your patience.


Roman Provinces 210 A.D.

Roman Provinces 210 A.D.



Mandate of San Remo for French and British including actual treaty demarcations for each nation

Mandate of San Remo for French and British including actual treaty demarcations for each nation



We recently talked about a disturbance with a pro-Israel students meeting where pro-Palestinian activists and other leftists invaded the small room and shouted down the meeting bringing it to an untimely end in our article “Truth is Often Completely Different and Unfortunate,” which includes a video of the event. The students who were actual attendees at this meeting needed police escorts to leave the building as the protesters had blocked the exits to the building. Whether they intended to use violence at that point against the pro-Israel students is uncertain but many felt threatened. Anti-Israel events at colleges and universities across Europe, the United States and Canada are well known and have become yearly events and common. Pro-Israel events are far more rare mostly due to threats of violence causing cancellation of speakers or even scheduled events. Further, when a pro-Israel event is held, there will almost always be a large, threatening protest using multiple bullhorns and whistles. Often violence is actually threatened and almost without exception, the police close the scheduled pro-Israel event and escort the pro-Israel attendees away while an anti-Israel event then replaces it unbothered by authorities. This result on all too many college and university campuses is far too predictable and common and virtually all end with the Pro-Israel side being silenced, just as the pro-Islam, pro-Palestinian side with the floor to broadcast about their recent victory over the Zionist agents. I have attended “Free Tibet” protests and they have been remarkably well behaved and no pro-China people come to try and destroy the protest. In the same vein, we all desire for the “Free Israel” as the true occupation is by largely Jordanian, Egyptian and Syrian Arabs who are in realty occupying lands which legally belong to Israel. That apparently is not the point.


This problem has spread further and is now invading High Schools and Middle (Junior High) Schools. The problem has even reached the publishers of textbooks. Allow us to quote from this article Erasing Israel, “Publishing giant HarperCollins began 2015 by publicly apologizing for selling maps of the Middle East that omit Israel. The company insisted that erasing Israel from maps were necessary since displaying the reality of Israel’s existence would be ‘highly offensive’ to their customers in the Middle East region. The Israel-scrubbed maps were simply reflecting ‘local preferences’.” We just loved the excuse and have to wonder whether or not they labeled Tibet as existing or has it fallen into history, we can only hope not. This problem is not restricted to the United States as reported here, Britain was actually using a textbook where Israel was replaced and labeled “Occupied Palestine.” It doesn’t stop there at all. You are doing some research on a term paper on trade routs in the Mediterranean Sea and you look up the region on maps in a recent HarperCollins Atlas reported on here and you look to the eastern edge of the Mediterranean Sea and find Syria, Lebanon and Jordan all labeled and included and then an area between Jordan and the Sea and south of Lebanon which is nameless. We wonder, what country’s name was omitted from this atlas, oh, right, Israel (see map below). Quoting from another article Scholastic’s Map without Israel, “Scholastic Books, publisher of the Harry Potter series, and the world’s largest publisher of children’s titles, is stopping all shipments of its book Thea Stilton and the Blue Scarab Hunt. This will give them time to reprint the books, they’ve explained, which omitted Israel from a map of the modern Middle East.” What is interesting is this is the map the PLO desired originally as they claimed once they destroyed Israel from their bases inside Jordanian West Bank (Shomron) they were going to have it be adjoined to Jordan making Jordan complete. McGraw-Hill Education was forced, as reported here, to recall and destroy a textbook following criticism that four maps in the book are inaccurate and anti-Israel. The maps they utilized are a common propaganda map used by the pro-Palestinian activists and Arab nations to claim that before 1947 the area where Israel exists was the nation of Palestine. The historical problem is that it was part of the British Mandate and the region called Palestine was reserved for the Palestinians of that era which, as we stated above, were the Jews. At that time the Arabs were simply, once again, the Arabs. The Arabs did not become to be called by the name Palestinian until the founding of the PLO in 1964 which if you would like further information, simply place “PLO 1964 Beyond the Cusp” into any search engine and hopefully it will show the Palestinian Charter itself as well as a few of our articles. The maps they used show a dwindling Palestine being replaced by Israel (maps shown below), which is a false narrative as the area was never a nation with the name Palestine. There is no language of Palestine, no currency for Palestine, no President or Prime Minister before Yasser Arafat in 1964 in the PLO Charter instituted the idea of a nation called Palestine and no reference to a nation of Palestine on a valid map.



HarperCollins Atlas sans Israel

HarperCollins Atlas sans Israel



Shrinking Palestine Propaganda anti-Israel set of Four Maps

Shrinking Palestine Propaganda anti-Israel set of Four Maps


The entirety of their claims falls short of reality and is based on assuming Jewish history and claiming it as their own. They have claimed at one time or another to be the descendants of the Canaanites, Philistines, and other even more curious inventions. Quoting from Palestinian history fabricated, “Rewriting the history of the Land of Israel in order to deny Israel’s right to exist is central to Palestinian Authority (PA) policy. Long before it started the PA terror campaign (the “Intifada,” 2000-2005), the PA was fighting a history war – erasing Jewish history and replacing it with a fabricated Palestinian history. This rewriting has two central goals: 1- Erase the Jewish nation’s 3,000 year history in the Land of Israel; 2- Invent ancient Palestinian, Muslim and Arab histories in the land. Inventing thousands of years of history when none existed is accomplished through numerous distortions and lies, including changing the Biblical Canaanites into Arabs, changing Biblical Israelis, Judeans and Hebrews into Arabs and Muslims, changing the religion preached by Moses from Judaism into Islam, and changing Jesus into a Palestinian who preached Islam and not Christianity.” Quoting the PMW quoting Mahmoud Al-Habbash who said, “Today, here, we remember 6,000 years of Palestinianness of this land. Six thousand years since the Arab Canaanites built the city of Jerusalem (the Canaanites were not Arabs), even before our forefather Abraham reached this land. We were here not only before the settlements, we were here before Israel, and we were even here before the Jewish religion, before Judaism, before Christianity, and before Islam. The Palestinians were here and will remain here, and the foreigners will leave.” There are more examples here with videos here, here, here, here, and the video below as the cherry on top. We could continue to give these links as this is a common theme that the Jews were never here, went extinct and modern Jews are actually Europeans, ignoring that approximately half of the Israeli Jewish population came from Arab countries when they forced out 850,000 Jews between 1948 and 1959 plus the Jewish presence which has never left the land which Mark Twain commented on his visit to the Holy Land and Europe in his book “Innocents Abroad” where he described both on the Arabs there and the Jews residing there.



But none of this matters as the world has decided that Islam is to be respected and placed as superior to the outdated Judeo-Christian ethic. Islam is good because Islam also opposes Judaism and Christianity making it a friend to the leftists who also wish to free the world from Judeo-Christianity in any and all its forms. You cannot rid the world of such if Israel actually exists to remind the world about such unmodern and inconsequential things as the Ten Commandments and Hashem. After all, the Bible and the Constitution are old documents which could not have any relevance to this modern society. The self, the individual is the new creator of the world and the universe and all that is within it. Science is the new religion but science alone cannot defeat the old ways, so we need the new ways. Have any of these leftists read the Quran? Of course they have, it was in the booklet from the nice young man from the Mosque. It explains with quotes from the Quran that it is all about peace and acceptance and love and freedom and all those great things, anyway, it doesn’t matter because we will just rewrite it once we are in power. Yea, of course you will; how does one say this, a snowball’s chance in H***. They know nothing of the Quran or the fact that there are two Qurans, the one from the early days which has your quotes from Mecca, and one from the later days which replaces the first from Medina, so we need to as, Which Quran, Mecca or Medina? Perhaps you need a small lesson in a rule invoked many years after Muhammad had died where these Quranic verses were used to initiate the principles of Naskh (نسخ) which translates to mean Abrogation. “And when We substitute a verse in place of a verse – and Allah is most knowing of what He sends down – they say, ‘You, [O Muhammad], are but an inventor [of lies].’ But most of them do not know.” (Quran (16:101)) “Allah eliminates what He wills or confirms, and with Him is the Mother of the Book.” (Quran (13/39)) “And if We willed, We could surely do away with that which We revealed to you. Then you would not find for yourself concerning it an advocate against Us. (Quran (17/86)) And lastly “Then do they not reflect upon the Qur’an? If it had been from [any] other than Allah, they would have found within it much contradiction.” (Quran (4/82))


Muslims are instructed that when they are few in number and make up but a small minority, then they quote the Meccan verses of peace, inclusiveness and tranquility. Once they have a decent foothold and have collected converts, then they begin introducing the Medina verses. Eventually, this leads to their using intimidation, infiltration of specific areas such as education and law enforcement and then on to politics. For a more specific layout of the strategy and how percentage of population fits their actions, read our article “Islam from First Muslim to Total Control, Five Stages of Islamic Conquest” and then look around you carefully. What you will see may shock you or it may just send you straight to panic.


Beyond the Cusp

May 30, 2017

Jews Who Are Counter-Productive on Israel


The extreme leftist Jews love to protest their self-proclaimed Israeli occupation of Judea and Samaria. You talk to any of them and they will proudly claim that Israel has no desire to pursue peace. They will tell you all about how Israel is illegally occupying Judea and Samaria under International Law. They will go on about how the area of Judea and Samaria are the Palestinians homeland and that Israel must return the lands immediately and stop stalling. They will claim that it is Netanyahu who refuses to meet with Mahmoud Abbas despite any and all evidence to the contrary. And their favorite pastime is protesting Israel loudly and proudly claiming that their Jewishness safeguards them from any charges of anti-Semitism. With their sanctimoniousness, it is difficult to have to deflate their confidence in the complete faultlessness of their arguments. The one thing that is even better is most of the claims in the rest of this article could mostly be applied to virtually all the students protesting Israel with the exception of those instigators and inciters used by NGO’s to lead so many students to protest Israel using pseudo-information that they know are pure propaganda mixed with unadulterated lies with an occasional statistic or fact mixed in for the sake of making everything else credible.


One of their points is that Israel took the land in the 1967 war. This they actually have correct. They claim they stole it from the Palestinians who were not even combatants in the war. This is tricky because if there were actually any people by the name of Palestinians at that time, they were not combatants. The problem is there were no Palestinians and the closest thing was the PLO which had no claims to Judea and Samaria but did claim all of Israel within the Green Line and was sworn to defeat the Jews driving them into the Sea to drown or killing them where they stood. The area of Judea and Samaria at the time between 1948 and the Six Day War was occupied; let us get this straight, that is occupied illegally, by Jordan. Jordan took control of this land during the War to Annihilate the Jews fought by over a half dozen Arab Armies against Israel starting on the morning of her birth. Jordan held half of Jerusalem and the areas of Judea and Samaria which was part of the guaranteed areas west of the Jordan River which were to be the State of Israel after an agreement reached with the British upon allowing the formation of the Arab State of Jordan. Jordan illegally annexed the land and their action was recognized by only two nations, Britain and Pakistan. After the attempt at destroying Israel by the judgement of the Peel Commission, Britain trying to help destroy Israel at every turn is quite believable (see map below). Fortunately, the Peel Commission was rejected, as was the annexation by Jordan. Even the Arab and Muslim world outside of Pakistan rejected their annexation. Also, in the War to Annihilate Israel which raged on and off through 1948-9, Egypt gained control over Gaza though they never attempted to annex the land. Jordan and Egypt both threw all the Jews from their homes and lands and Jordan went further and gifted land to many Jordanians of presumed merit though most never utilized these lands. This was a means of removing all Jewish claims to the lands. The Jordanians also illegally forced numerous Jordanian citizens to relocate onto the lands they illegally held against International Law and gave Jordanian citizenship to all Arabs living in the area. These are truths that these protesters ignore likely because they were never educated in history and were never curious enough to seek the truth themselves.


Peel Commission Truncated Jewish State of Israel and Expanded Transjordan

Peel Commission Truncated Jewish State of Israel and Expanded Transjordan


These wonderful and wide-eyed leftists right out or still incubated in college or university take on complete faith their professors tales of the crimes committed by Israeli Defense Force (IDF) soldiers which are just as big of lies as was Mahmoud Abbas trying to pass the Palestinian incitement of which he personally has taken the lead as educating their children in peace to President Trump, a lie which has been revealed using Abbas and his own words. What their professors never taught their young charges was Jewish history and the Twelve Tribes of Israel and that Israel held both sides of the Jordan River and for her northern border she had the Litani River which is inside Lebanon today and holds the Hezballah terrorist army between the Litany River and the Blue Line, the Israeli northern border with Lebanon (see map below). The Tribes of Israel included the best snow skiing in the Middle East on Mount Hermon and the medicinal waters of the Dead Sea. The Golan Heights and the Kinneret were all within her borders. What do these snowflakes from University know of this history? Probably little or nothing.


Eretz Yisroel from back in the time immediately after Exodus and before the additional conquest by King David and King Solomon with the original division of the lands between the Tribes covering both sides of the Jordan River. The Israelis and Jews in general could attempt to demand that Eretz Yisroel, the Land of Israel be made whole as was First Apportioned by Hashem.


Israel is not reluctant to make peace. Israel offered to give Judea and Samaria back to their illegal occupiers, Jordan, when the two nations reached their peace just as she had offered to return Gaza to Egypt and both refused, as there was an Arab plan to hatch. That plan was to invent a new Arab people called the Palestinians who were going to claim that they had a history in the lands. Inspect their claims and then read the Jewish history and you do not have to take modern Israelis view, read the Old Testament, the Torah (Five Books of Moses) as well as the rest of the Bible which includes Kings and Prophets and Judges. Read the entirety of the Jewish history written in the time in which it was made by those who lived and saw it in real time. The Israelite, the Jews, beginning in these lands came when Joshua crossed the Jordan and sacked Jericho, defeated five armies at Ai and then conquered the south and began the conquest of the north which had to be left for those who followed to complete, but the promise was kept and Hashem laid the land open before the Jewish People and they swelled within. Saul was anointed King and then David ruled and then Solomon who built the First Temple and the lands flourished. But it all started when they crossed the Jordan River and Joshua led the Army into the lands and began the defeat of the Canaanites, not the Arabs by any name and especially not any Palestinian Arabs who Abbas or another official once claimed lived in the lands nine thousand years ago. Well, then the Canaanites must have driven them out as they were not present for Joshua to conquer when he entered the lands just over three-thousand-five-hundred years ago, that is around 1489 BCE, in case you were wondering. (His route to the conquest of the holy Lands and the start of the nation in the Promised Lands can be seen in the map below.) The history is quite remarkable and probably a far easier and more interesting read than your chemistry books and mathematics books, at least as I remember them from my days back in the stone age.


Cities Conquered by Joshua as Recounted in Kings In the Hebrew Bible the Old Testament

Cities Conquered by Joshua as Recounted in Kings
In the Hebrew Bible the Old Testament


The realty is quite a bit different, as the area known as Judea and Samaria belonged to Israel under International Law and was illegally occupied by Jordan from 1948 up until the Six Day War; Israel did not conquer the area as Israel liberated lands that belong to Israel from Jordanian occupation. The Arabs residing in the area were holding Jordanian passports and identifications and were citizens of Jordan which meant that by International Law Israel could have made them relocate back into their country which had forced many to move into these lands; they legally could, and maybe should, have sent them back into Jordan. Having sent them all into Jordan immediately and reclaiming what was legally Israel would have saved Israel all the headaches they have faced ever since. The reason that Israel did not relocate the Arabs was simple; Israel is not a normal nation but a nation of people who are supposed to lead by showing the world a better face for humanity, a better way of treating one another, simply to be a light unto the nations. Unfortunately, Israel is located in an area where civility is seen as weakness and mercy as a form of surrender. Israel’s enemies know that the Jews are not a cruel people and use this against Israel. The professors in the universities know the youngsters in their charge are neophytes as far as historical knowledge and that their words are unquestioned by their students and thus they use them as their personal weapon against what they believe is the greatest evil in the world today, their own nation. As leftists, they cannot help but find that religious people are inherently evil and unthinking and all the things they despise most. This is why they tell lies about Israel and the Jewish People, their own people. Their little charges will grow as they enter the world and meet people with different perspectives and more knowledge which was not provided back in all their years of schooling, which is why it is known as the College of Hard Knocks in which I am working on my doctorate and that takes a lifetime. Learn whose land it was under International Law before you decide that someone is breaking International Law because when it comes to Israel, the world is attempting to coop and break International Law day in and day out, and they are doing so against their favorite people to blame for all their own ills, the Jewish People. Again, read history throughout the ages and remember the admonition we received from the All Knowing, in every generation there will be one to rise up against you. The one was not a person as much as an enemy, and this time the one is everyone and they have used you. Learn history, learn International Law, learn from the sages through the ages, and learn about the Jewish People and when you have learned a lifetime of learning, then we can talk. Learn, most important of all, on your own and trust very few, just the few who have proven that they will not lie to you and are not going to candy coat the truth even if that truth is difficult to swallow and goes against everything you think you know. First, test what everyone says by seeking out those who hold the opposite opinion and then check each one’s sources. The first we would recommend is the Bible as it holds a few thousand years of knowledge in a single book with some tremendous stories which will amaze you.


Beyond the Cusp


March 10, 2016

Think None Can Protect You but Yourself, Think Again



The fact is that only each of us can protect ourselves and any around us in a time of crisis. No government, no police, no politician, no political party, no teacher, no Rabbi, only Hashem and the empowerment we receive from on High can protect us when that fateful moment where for being a Jew we are assailed. In that moment we are as alone as we can ever be yet we will pray that there be other Jews around who once we show that fighting is the answer will respond and fight alongside us. This is why a Jew is safer with other Jews rather than on their own alone. Even alone one is far safer if they fight back as such will be unexpected and such surprise will likely startle the attacker and then the assailant will become the assailed. Also, if you are in a group of people, Jews or gentile, the fact you are fighting back against your assailant will embolden those around you and potentially bring others to your aid. Even if the assailant runs, those around you will be more likely to accost and detain the terrorist if you have actively shown them unprepared to fight back if they are attacked. Lastly, if you fight back, others are more likely to come forward and offer immediate first aid in those critical initial few minutes where stopping any bleeding is vital. The reasons behind attacking one’s attacker in their own defense will be to their advantage even against the most aggressive assailant as even they will be set back and in that moment the advantage is yours. Should you not fight back then they are likely to finish their attack killing you and attacking another; so if nothing else, one can save additional lives at the very least by tying up their attacker preventing further victims. Thus your resistance answers all of Rabbi Hillel’s famous quotation from “Ethics of the Fathers, 1:14”


If I am not for myself, who will be for me?
But if I am only for myself, who am I?
If not now, when?”


By reacting to such an attack with active resistance and engaging the attacker making them vulnerable to being prevented from further attacks and potentially subdued or eliminated; you will most definitely be acting for oneself, the first line of Rabbi Hillel’s directive, “If I am not for myself, who will be for me?” Further, you have made it more advantageous for others to assist your efforts thus negating the threat to others availing the answer to the second query, “But if I am only for myself, who am I?” Lastly we will have heeded Rabbi Hillel’s final challenge of “If not now, when?”


Rabbi Hillel was far from the only Rabbi who believed in a strong Jewish response to those who would harm us. Rabbi Meir Kahane also made arguments for our own defense against those who would do us harm. He also warned us of those evils which would befall Israel if we did not excise those who were not part of the body who desired a healthy and strong Jewish body for Israel. He was far from the first to press for an Israel free of foreign invaders or interests. Jewish history is full of such including but far from limited to the Maccabees or Bar Kokhba. Both rose to defend the Jewishness and independence of Israel, even if it was then known as Judea as that was the predominant remaining tribe. The fact that the Jewish state was named Judea and that the term Jew is derived from Judea and was a shortened form of Judean, should tell us a lot about where we should stand today when the world is demanding that we surrender an area of Israel known throughout history as Judea as well as Samaria to a foreign, hostile and cancerous body who call Judea the West Bank and are not interested in just Judea but in the end of all Israel and the eradication of the entire world’s Jewry.


We are not fighting over land; as if that were the case, there would have been an agreement long ago. We are fighting over who had a right to live. The terror groups we are entertaining, or at least our governments be they left wing, right wing, nationalist, internationalist or whatever have all had one thing in common, they believe we can compromise with how much of the body of Israel, the body of Judaism, we can sacrifice today to have a short period of calm before the next demand for a sacrifice will be made. The enemy does not desire their own state; they demand the end of our state and then the end of us, all Jews. They declare this loudly and with pride knowing that every other nation supports their end goal of a world without those Jews. There are some who refuse to say that they desire the Jews gone, but they will be willing to say they think that the Jewish State should surrender a piece of its body to a mortal foe today to buy some quiet, some form of peace with a ravenous beast. Even their own kind refuse to allow them to enter their soil and those on their soil are barricaded and refused any rights as they apparently must never be allowed to roam freely as that would only end in disaster. We have seen this when Yasser Arafat and his merry band of cutthroats roamed in Jordan and attempted to overthrow the government and then was pushed into Lebanon where they again attempted to overthrow the government as the result was them banned and the head of the snake was cut from its body and ensconced in a gilded prison in Tunisia. That could have been the end of the story and Israel left to live in peace and even the Arab population would have rested and lived peaceably; but no, the viper had to be resurrected as its job was not completed.


You ask Israelis who our greatest friend and benefactor is in the world and invariably the answer is ‘America’ virtually every time. You walk around Israel and their love for the United States is broadcast far and wide. Manufactured goods are packaged in fancy emblems in red, white and blue, not simply the blue and white which would indicate Israel. They often have a blue field with five and occasionally six pointed stars. Many packages are emblazoned with red and white stripes and all too many have both and claim American made parts inside. Many an Israeli talks about America as would have a European of fifty to a hundred or more years ago as if the United States too was a promised land. What they never speak of is the fact that there was a definite United States hand along with European hands so encouraging and helpful Israeli hands of Shimon Peres, Dr. Yossi Beilin, Professor Yair Hirschfeld and Dr. Ron Pundak with Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin brought in to the picture in the final stages forming the monstrosity which still haunts and threatens Israel’s existence to this day. The final status was forged through United States Secretary of State Warren Christopher’s Middle East negotiator, Daniel Kurtzer, who shuttled tirelessly between Tunis and Arafat to Jerusalem with Beilin and Peres, seeking to narrow and then close any final gaps between the PLO and the Israelis closing those parts of the deal not settled in Oslo under the tutelage of Director of the Fafo institute Terje Rod Larson, a Norwegian diplomat. Without the agreement and actual aiding of the clandestine secretive negotiations at the pivotal and vital final stages there would have been no Oslo Accord, no triumphant return of Yasser Arafat from his lavish Tunisian cell and most unfortunate and important item, no Nobel Peace Prize for Simon Peres along with Yasser Arafat, the worst Peace Prizes ever awarded in the Twentieth Century. Perhaps Terje Rod Larson, Secretary of State Warren Christopher and Daniel Kurtzer should have also been so honored for without all their efforts none of this would have been possible.



Nobel Peace Prize 1994 was awarded jointly to Yasser Arafat, Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin for their Heroic Efforts in Resurrection of the PLO Terror Menace and Threatening Israel Which are Known as the Oslo Accords

Nobel Peace Prize 1994 was awarded jointly to
Yasser Arafat, Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin
for their Heroic Efforts in Resurrection of the
PLO Terror Menace and Threatening Israel
Which are Known as the Oslo Accords



Still, nothing the United States could ever do to harm Israeli interests and survival could ever sway all too many Israelis from their idealistic views of the United States, or more accurately America as the Israelis are capable of something even Americans are incapable of managing, realizing that the ideal and shining principles which make up the ideal America can be viewed in their original and perceived perfect beginnings and the ideals of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution with its Bill of Rights from the United States which is mired in the two plus centuries removed from that America; or perhaps there is some other reason for so many Israelis starry-eyed view of America, as more often than not they use the term America and not the United States as that may provide the clue. Perhaps this view is upheld by the average heartland American to even some suburban and urban city-dwellers whose view of Israel and the Jewish State have their loving idealized view of Israel as the logical and perfect restoration of the lands of the Tribes of Israel and the Kingdoms of David and Solomon and the perfect revival and the symbol of Jewish survival which if only Israel was. Instead there are the realities and limitations of men and the governments they form and that leaves us with the problems and confusions which cloud what should be crystal clear to even the slightly idealized dreamers. Israel is the land of, by, for and forged by the Jewish People and it is their home to which the remnants of a decimated Jewish European Jewish population first tread and then was invigorated with near to a million more Jewish refugees who were disinvited and spat out the remnants of years of purges and forced conversions from the Arab and Muslim lands from the Middle East across Northern Africa to the Atlantic Ocean. Then the State of Israel sought to discern and find those remains of the Ten Lost Tribes which brought in far flung Jews from places such as Ethiopia and the Menashe from India and others from places equally as surprising and made all into a nation that shines as a light unto the nations of the world. This tiny nation whose representatives and the best of their best are found amongst if not the first to virtually every disaster scene across the globe no matter how far from Haiti to Nepal to Japan and the Philippines, no place is too remote nor person is considered insignificant as a dancer named George (see video below and marvel at miracles) can attest. Israel is amongst the sole nations who have offered to provide and actually provided aid to the citizens of the United States when she was struck by nature’s furies.




Additional CNN reporting from Haiti six days after the earthquake largely from one of the Haitian Hospitals where they are desperate for better facilities to save so many that they are unable to treat with their facilities and the one place they could turn.



But all the altruistic aid to foreign countries and all the taking in of Jews in distress no matter how lengthy their travels from ancient Israel to the modern day may have stretched, the world will never now, as in ancient times, accept and permit a Jewish State to stand unchallenged. In the past those who designed to eradicate the world from the Jew were Ancient Egypt, Philistines, Amalek, Amorites, Midian, Canaanites, Assyrians, Persians, Greek, Roman, Nazis, much of the Arab world in 1948, Egypt, Syria and Jordan in 1967, Syria and Egypt almost succeeded in 1973 and ever since the Arab Palestinians (with the support of the Arab League member states, Iran and the Soviet Union over the years). Yet somehow Israel still stands. Our peace agreements with Jordan and Egypt stand shivering in their stark coldness of an icy cooperation which can never change the hearts of beating hatred within their populace, but stand they do. Syria is no longer, but new threats are born on her still quivering, if prematurely stated, grave. Lebanon leaves stand with the nurturing assistance of a United Nations blind eye the menace of Hezballah currently slightly distracted but soon to leave the Syrian debacle freshly hunting a victory to declare despite any realities, and they will engage Israel to provide said claim. Israel will survive them all as it is not those threats which are aimed menacingly at her heart. Those threats come from the European Union, the United States Department of State, campuses of colleges and universities across the Western World where the future leaders of massive armies and nuclear arms stacked to the skies that are the biggest threats on the future horizons, not so much the Iranian nuclear threat which was loosed by an American President who challenges the reasons he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace. Perhaps he will challenge the winners of hypocrisy from the Twentieth Century.


But Israel remains and will through it all and the reason why is doubted despite the Jew surviving the perils of centuries past and doing so in the century of the present age. Hashem has many other names to reference and define but as Israel and the Guardian of the Jews will remain to define Hashem as miracles are performed though seldom recognized outside of Israel. There are those amongst our enemies who have recognized the Hand of Hashem deflecting rockets, defusing explosives, giving a guard that second sense which saves he and his unit by halting them just for that instant. Hashem works his miracles large and small both perceived and to be revealed later when a soul steps to the throne and asks, remember when and before another word is spoken Hashem looks to the soul and says I remember them all both large and small and yours was one of a million that instant and smiles returning to the million miracles Hashem will perform that day. You ask why Israel survives and there are a million reasons, a million personal stories, thousands are those who beat the odds, hundreds who recognize their miracle and the select few whose miracles astound, amaze and inspire us all, but there is only one answer, Hashem. The day will arrive when that is made so evident that none shall doubt Hashem’s hand working in the world and that will be the day when the Jews will finally face threats and foes no more. Until then we work hard in a world that is often cold and cruel pretending we depend on ourselves which we do only as far as needed and Hashem takes care of the rest. We may not even know or recognize as they occur but in that quiet moment when a whisper utters within our brains, then we know we are not alone and Hashem stands astride all and cares for His creations one and all, large and small. And that is why Israel stands and will continue to stand, for she is a miracle herself.


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