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April 19, 2012

Will Rising Anti-Semitism Affect You?

I have known some Jewish people who walk through life with blinders on and holding tightly to some dangerous misconceptions. Their blinders narrow their view of the world such that they do not see any evidence of anti-Semitism anywhere in Europe, Canada, the United States or anywhere they might ever consider taking a vacation. To them anti-Semitism was completely eradicated from Western Society after the repulsive horrors of the Holocaust were revealed. They have a simple definition that anywhere which society is modern, developed and they consider civilized, the existence of any form of anti-Semitism is completely impossible. Even should they happen to catch a report in the news, be it from a television report, radio news or in print, their minds simply edit out the distasteful events and it becomes a nonevent which never actually occurred. Even when confronted they dismiss it as an aberrant act which is irrelevant in their world and should you add any emphasis attempting to make a point and enlighten them, they react with borderline violent intent as if you are destroying everything they hold dear. That is the actual problem, their world does not really exist, they actually know they are living a lie, but they are very comfortable living that lie. Yet, should anti-Semitism rise up as it has regularly throughout the many thousands of years of Jewish and Hebrew history, these are the people who will be the first to express shock and horror and demand to have somebody explain how this could have happened without their seeing it coming. These people belong to a group I refer to as the, “It cannot happen here,” population.

Those who live by the motto of “It cannot happen here” react the same way when the troubles and inconveniences that accompany rising anti-Semitism impose on their lives disrupting their blissful existence and blame the rise of anti-Semitism on those religious Jews who insist on wearing those funny clothes, always praying even in public, talk funny, and are unable to give up their ancient manners accepting modernity. It is obvious that they had lived in an acceptable manner and if only those other Jews had tried to fit in, to assimilate, then there would have been no problem. They have several good Christian friends and are respected members in the society who contribute important services that the whole of the people count on them to provide. This cannot be happening to them, there must be some mistake. What will come as a bigger shock to them is that many of the other Jews who they had socialized with and who tried to warn them and impinging on their calm about the rising specter of anti-Semitism are not included when the Jewish community is rounded up and placed into the ghetto. They then sort of remember that maybe a few months or maybe over a year ago these friends had moved and moved to some place probably far away even as far as to another continent, or today have left on Aliyah back home to Israel. They may even remember their friend telling them on their departure, “You come join us in Israel whenever you want. We will have room for you and your family, just do not wait too long.” The “It cannot happen here” Jews never leave in time.

The specter of anti-Semitism has been rising within Europe for the last four to five decades starting off with very slow barely perceptible steps to what now has become an alarming rate of increase. As is usually the case the United States is suffering the same maladies as Europe just beginning a decade later. The growth of anti-Semitism in the United States has reached palpable levels and it has begun to grow at noticeable rates of increase. Unfortunately, the vast majority of Jews in the United States and many, if not a large majority, of the Jews remaining in Europe are also refusing to admit the changes in their situation. Should the Occupy Movement rise once again and despoil our cities through this spring and summer, we will very likely see a strong and defined strain of anti-Semitism running through the protesters. The leadership will deny their complicity and claim to discourage the expression of any form of hatred, but they will also not do anything to deter the undertone of anti-Semitism from amongst their ranks. It will be even more demonstrative and prevalent in the demonstrations in Europe. The anti-Semitism throughout the Arab and Muslim World will become a defining component of the new governances being formed as result of the uprisings the mainstream press calls the Arab Spring and we named the Arab Winter. Those who paid fairly close attention to the reports that came out of the different Occupy Protests this past summer saw the seeds of the anti-Semitism which will grow as we progress through the Occupy Protests, possibly more aptly called the Occupy Uprisings as there are definite indicators that these protests will turn ugly and violent by mid-summer at the latest and be fully out of control by the time of the conventions. Yet, many who have the blinders in place will still manage to ignore every ounce of evidence and will continue to live blissfully ignorant of the growing threat.

There will be those who will claim that I am an alarmist and tilting at windmills. They will point out all the same arguments that have been expressed in the past. They will simply deny all evidence and point to the numbers of Jewish people integrated within all sectors of the society and throughout the government at all levels. They will make the same tired claim that we live in the most egalitarian society which has made achievements beyond any previous age and have levels of enlightenment placing us beyond such base emotional hatreds. These are almost word for word the claims made by the Jews who lived in the leading society of their time, the Weimer Republic, and where that led is well documented. It gives me great sorrow when I see what I believe is coming and it makes me full of sorrow that most of my warnings fall on deaf ears and will go unheeded. The problem is I look down and see the footsteps which we are stepping in and I have read enough history to know where they are leading our society. Once again this revolution which will lead us to a dictatorship which will divide the people setting the majority against selected minorities and those who pose problems by their opposition and raising the alarm warning of the coming tragedies. When they decide on the first groups who are the reason for social and financial hardships that have befallen society, one of the groups will most certainly be the Jews, and this time I fear also included will be certain groups of Christians, namely those which support Israel and will not deny the humanity of the Jews with the rest of society. Probably most reading this will claim I am disillusioned and seeing demons where none exist. Well, maybe it cannot happen here.

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