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February 7, 2019

The Same Tired Old Accusations Against Israel


These overly-worn accusarial slurs still echo throughout much of the world’s leftist media and taints their politics just as deeply. One cannot be a Zionist, a supporter of Israel or one who is proud that Israel is the home of the Jewish People without also being labeled a fascist, racist and a supporter of Jewish supremacism. Such labels are reserved, as it seems, for any and all those who believe that the Jewish State, that Israel has every right to exist and the names become even more shrill if you believe that the world should live up to the promises made to the Zionist Congress and the Jewish People at the end of World War I when the map of the world, or at least of central and eastern Europe, the Middle East and northern Africa were being redrawn. Where these names go astray of the realities is a matter of deep division. Those who demand that Israel be torn down and returned to the Arabs as the Jews have become a threat to their peaceful neighbors is such a falsehood that if it was not so vile and such a threat would be laughable. Supporting Israel does not make one a fascist any more than a Frenchman supporting France, the British supporting Britain, a Chinese person supporting China, an India person supporting India or an American supporting the United States. But at least when it comes to the United States, Europe and Israel, if one is even the slightest to the right politically than the far left, they are considered to be first and foremost a racist and next they are accused of being fascistic. In this current political climate, anyone who displays the slightest passion for their homeland and avers their patriotism are no longer nationalistic, that is too soft, gentile and moderate a designation; these people must be referred to such that they are extremely dangerous and aberrant to be acceptable in decent company. Anyone who has such love for their nationality, religion or any other identifier is automatically a pariah and must be called out. They are to be deemed any and everything derogatory which one can label them and it always starts with racist and fascist.


The first things one need know are some facts. Israel is a multi-racial, multi-ethnic nation which is home to numerous religions including having one of the two shrines of the Baha’i faith (the other is in India) which includes a gorgeous landscape (see below). In the late 1970’s, Prime Minister Menachem Begin accepted for Israel to accept approximately three-hundred-sixty Vietnamese boat-people granting them full citizenship as Jewish memory includes the ordeal of the voyage of the damned, the voyage of the MS St. Louis, and as such felt a duty to do that which our little nation was able. Further, Judaism is a multi-racial religion. Jews are a people, a religion, a nation and a family. The family has accepted many who wished to join by converting to Judaism, but mostly we are the descendants of Abraham, Izaak, Jacob and his twelve sons who make up our tribal identities, though ten of the tribes were conquered and lost to us until quite recently when many of these tribes which had retained much of their original ties to Judaism started to return to us in Israel. Basically, referring to a person who identifies with the Jewish faith and is supportive of Israel as a racist is simply wrong and quite inaccurate. So, what about the accusation that supporters of Israel are fascist?


Bahá'í Gardens in Haifa

Bahá’í Gardens in Haifa


Accusing anyone who supports Israel as a fascist is as ridiculous as calling any person who identifies and is proud of their heritage and ties with a certain nation as a fascist. Fascists are a political persuasion which is completely independent of any national heritage. But then we read and hear all too regularly the accusation that President Trump is a fascist. Fascism, according to WikipediA is defined as “a form of radical authoritarian ultra-nationalism, characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and strong regimentation of society and of the economy, which came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe.” It is most often attributed to the Axis Powers of Germany, Italy and Japan though Japan was not fascist but was a monarchical system under the Emperor. The label fascist is used today as a derogatory reference to anyone who opposes internationalism, the erasure of borders, the breaking down of Western dominance and is supportive of Judeo-Christian ethics which has been the basis of Western Culture. The term is most often used to force those opposed to the ultra-liberal leftism into having to defend their beliefs where anything they might claim to support their nationalism is simply redefined as proof of their being a fascist. Loving one’s country, ethnic background, religion or history does not make one a fascist otherwise the vast majority of the world would consist of tiny little fascist running all over the face of the planet. This accusation is used largely and almost solely by people to degrade the Ethno-European world plus Israel. This was the label leveled against Marine Le Pen and her National Front Party. Where she and her party are nationalist, the correct political term for their views is populist, but populist sounds friendly, thus the retagging of any populist party or politician as fascist. This was also the case with Donald Trump whose platform, while not exactly a typical Republican platform, was a populist platform, but that, of course, makes him a fascist to those who opposed his candidacy and has continued as they oppose his Presidency and everything he has done. Right wing and nationalist politicians cannot escape the tagging as fascist and even should they support some policies which their opposition would normally approve or even tout as their own, they will be opposed and labeled fascist simply because they are not being performed by the right people.


When it is concerning Israel, they are also called oppressors of the Arabs. This is false on virtually every level. The Arabs who are citizens of Israel enjoy every right as any other Israeli including Jews, Druze, Bedouins, Muslims, Christians and many others as are listed here by WikipediA. The immediate response to anyone arguing with this reply to the charge of being the evil oppressor is that they mean the Palestinian Arabs. This argument is even more ludicrous as even the NYT admitted recently and we covered in our article from earlier this week, namely that the Palestinian Arabs are not under Israeli rule but are governed by their own governance. They are hardly occupied as no Israelis are permitted to even go shopping in the Palestinian ruled areas and there are warning signs informing Israelis, specifically Jews, that entering these regions could be very hazardous to their health (see image below). By law, Israelis are forbidden from entering the regions under Palestinian rule. That includes Area A within the Shomron and especially Gaza. Area A is administered by the Palestinian Authority under the seeming dictatorial rule of Mahmoud Abbas and Gaza is ruled by Hamas and is completely independent from Israel as of August of 2005 and the disastrous Gaza Disengagement when Israel removed every vestige of an Israeli presence right down to reinterring the deceased buried within Gaza. The occupation is part of the Big Lie being propped up through multi-billion dollar Arab League propaganda, nothing else.


Sign Warning Israelis it is Illegal to Enter Arab Region for Safety Reasons

Sign Warning Israelis it is Illegal to Enter Arab Region for Safety Reasons


Claiming that Israel is a fascist entity is as ridiculous as claiming that the United States is fascist, Britain is fascist, Poland is fascist and we could continue listing democratic nations but perhaps you get the idea. Israel is a parliamentary democratic nation where on Tuesday, April 9, 2019 Israelis, all Israelis who wish to vote, will go to the polls and choose the card of the party which they wish to lead the nation, or at least gain sufficient mandates (Ministerships in the Knesset) that the ruling coalition will seek to include them so as to form a coalition with sixty-one or greater mandates of the one-hundred-twenty seats of the Knesset. That is hardly fascist, especially when one considers the plethora of parties from which to choose. Some parties will group themselves so they are assured of breaking the threshold for seating Ministers with negotiations as which party gets to have which number in the submitted list. It gets complicated and sometimes very messy. There are Arabs serving in the Knesset, Arabs serving on the bench, even the Supreme Court, and Arabs working in virtually every field within Israel. Hardly oppressing them as the accusation goes.


Concerning the Palestinian Arabs in particular, there are things which would shock the average person protesting the Israeli occupation. The most prized jobs for Palestinian Arabs who live under the Palestinian Authority are those in Israeli companies, most of these in the areas which the Oslo Accords left under complete Israeli control, Area C of the Shomron. Two of these have made the news in the past year and perhaps their stories would provide a little insight. The more recent one was the shooting terrorist act in the Barkan Industrial Park committed by one of the Palestinian Arabs with the necessary pass to enter and work in Israeli territories who entered his workplace and tied up and murdered two employees and severely injured a third before fleeing back into the Palestinian areas. As soon as the area reopened, the Palestinian Arab employees returned to work as did the Jewish employees with many exchanging condolences and expressing their loss at the hands of this individual. The other is a lesson for all of those supporting the BDS Movement against Israel. The BDS Campaign targeted SodaStream as well as their spokeswoman, Scarlett Johansson, over the fact that their main production facility was located in Area C which are mislabeled as occupied territories, a more accurate label might be contested territories but the reality is the Oslo Accords awarded this region to be Israeli. When SodaStream required a new and larger facility, they took the BDS pressure into their consideration and built their new plant inside the Green Line, or within recognized Israel, another misnomer because the Arabs do not recognize anything as being Israel and they demand all of Israel be given to them. This has been their demand and their reason for rejecting every bid to establish peace, as they believe that the world will eventually force the Jews to surrender Israel to them and then the Jews will be forced to flee. They have an idea for a solution for any Jews who are unable to find another nation to take them in, let us just say that it very closely matches the Nazi solution to the Jews except the Arabs plan on completing their solution in under a day. When SodaStream built the new factory, five-hundred Palestinian Arabs lost their jobs as they could not attain permanent passes for entering across the Green Line. Such passes are usually temporary and granted for medical treatments. SodaStream executives attempted to get at least three-hundred-fifty passes for the majority of their Palestinian Arab employees, but only seventy-four met the stringent security standards.


Then, lastly, there are the innumerable terror attacks by Palestinian Arabs and the incessant demands that Israel return the land they stole and allow the reestablishment of Palestine. Israel never fought a war with any nation called Palestine. Israel has fought Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and militias from the Arab League, the Mufti of Jerusalem and the Muslim Brotherhood. These were the Arab militaries which invaded Israel on the morning she was born with the genocidal intent to murder every Jew in Israel. This was stated well by Azzam Pasha, Secretary-General of the Arab League at that time who stated, “It will be a war of annihilation. It will be a momentous massacre in history that will be talked about like the massacres of the Mongols or the Crusades.” Since then Israel has fought wars with the nations of Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon which at times were supported by units from other Arab League nations but none were called Palestine. The truth is that there has never been a nation called Palestine in all of history. Further, there has never been anyone other than Israel who has used Jerusalem as their capital city. Jerusalem is not even mentioned in the Quran, and that includes Mohammad’s nighttime trip on flying horses. That trip was described as his initially going to the furthest Mosque, that is where the popular name for Mosques as al-Aqsa originates, and there are many including one in Philadelphia. When Mohammad died there still was yet to be a Mosque in Jerusalem or anywhere in what today is Israel including Gaza and the Shomron. There never has been a Palestine and, Hashem willing, there never will be a nation called Palestine or if one must exist, it will not be within the lands promised Israel. Israel has agreed to allow for a nation of Palestine and the first time they ended up calling it Transjordan which later became Jordan, the next was in November of 1947 when Israel agreed to the United Nations partition plan, the Arab League refused that outright, again in 2000 in conjunction with President Clinton’s efforts, Yasser Arafat refused that time, and in 2008 in the closing months in office by President George W. Bush which Mahmoud Abbas immediately rejected. Israel has not been the problem, the Arab demand that Israel be erased from the map has been the problem, is the problem and will continue to be the problem as President Trump likely already realized and is why if he ever produces the Plan of the Century, it will be rejected by the Arabs and Israel will be blamed. We have been to this dance before and we know the music and the steps and we are tiring of the deceit. If only the world would awaken and realize that it is not always the Jews fault, and we are not racist or fascist.


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February 16, 2018

Sovereignty Over the Shomron


Recently we wrote about the postponement again of the Sovereignty Bill where Prime Minister Netanyahu claimed the postponement was due to the need to work with the Administration of President Trump. Well, it turns out that President Trump and his administration does not know about any such need to work with Netanyahu. Perhaps we should be understanding as Prime Minister Netanyahu has so many troubles at the moment that he gets confused about with whom he has discussed what and when or how. The Israeli police have finally completed their multi-year investigations, the latest of their investigations, and have advised that charges be filed against Prime Minister Netanyahu. This has become an event every couple of years where the police recommend charges be brought and when all is said and done more was said than done as the Attorney General and his prosecutors end up giving the police a pat on the head and told they made a great effort but what they found not only does not rise to the need for any accusations, they really should have relied upon a far less partial main witness. One has to wonder what they were thinking when they needed to find some evidence which was worthy of calling for accusations that they turned to the one man who most desires to replace Netanyahu himself, Yair Lapid. For those who don’t know Yair Lapid, he is the most recent replacement for Tzipi Livni as largest desire with the least chance of ever becoming Prime Minister. His self-serving use of the party he founded, Yesh Atid, is merely the necessary invention which will permit him to make claims on being the next greatest savior who can finally make peace and having the intelligence which was evidenced by his astute ability to actually read the teleprompter on the news every night. His entire claim to fame is his being a newscaster who almost never mispronounced a single syllable. The real problem with Mr. Lapid’s plans is he is stuck in the two state solution and believes that leaving the communities beyond the Green Line and even sharing Jerusalem would bring peace, a folly if nothing else.


The problem with the solutions of the past is their logic was from the past and belongs to the past. Realities have changes and the weaponry of the terrorists have changed. The previous weapons were handguns, assault rifles, suicide bombs and weapons which could be applied directly to an area. The current weapon of choice still includes all the old weapons plus rockets, missiles, mortars and artillery. This has altered every reality concerning ceding lands to the Arabs as now they have weapons which have vastly increased their range and lethality. Granting the Arabs in the Shomron complete autonomy would open the central regions of Israel and soon after the entirety from the northernmost points to Eilat at the southern tip to rockets and artillery and other lethal weaponry. As everything has changed and progressed, Israel will be required for the safety of her people to retain sovereignty over the entirety of the Shomron if the country is to remain secure. The changed factors makes retaining the Shomron so critical that it matters not if the Europeans, the United Nations, the United States, the Russian or anybody anywhere on the planet might object, Israel must retain all the lands west of the Jordan River, period. Anyone and everyone who wishes to demand otherwise must be ignored and if they should become overly loud, then they will require straight truth about reality and be silenced or ignored, no other option should be considered. International Law, Treaties, the Mandate and every legal document grants Israel total and complete authority and rule over these lands and that is what must be impressed on everyone opposing the Israeli claims. That is the simple reality of the modern situation in the Middle East.


Looking at the area, we find wars in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, and including Turkey and Afghanistan and even Pakistan. Currently, except for the provocations from Hamas, Hezballah and Iran, Israel is one of the sole places where peace exists. Israel is one of the most stable governances in the entire Middle East where there is a democracy, another uniqueness, where the people are represented in the government. Allowing the Arabs another state would simply create another unstable area which would initially be a dictatorship with Mahmoud Abbas at its head. The problem is as soon as the IDF would be required to retreat from the area; Abbas would initially be overthrown by members of the Palestinian Authority which would in turn be overthrown by Hamas under the direction and with assistance from Iran. This would grant Iran a launching-off point on the western shores of the Jordan River and on the heights overlooking Tel Aviv and the central region of Israel. Without the Shomron, Israel is a mere nine miles wide at its center thus the Shomron is absolutely necessary for Israel to be capable of self-defense. The Shomron (West Bank on the image below) is absolutely required if Israel is to survive if for no other reason than weapons and tactics of war have been irrevocably altered since 1967 when Jordan held the area and declared war along with Egypt and Syria in the Six Day War. The United Nations demanded that Israel return lands, not all lands, and by returning the Sinai Peninsula and giving up all claims to Gaza, Israel has returned lands and fulfilled any and all requirements placed upon her.


Nine Mile Wide Israeli Waist

Nine Mile Wide Israeli Waist


Israel faces other challenges well beyond the Jordan River. There is Iran which has promised to destroy the Zionist Entity, and Turkey which despite having official relations still acts more as an enemy than a reliable partner in peace. Additionally, Israel faces Hamas in Gaza, Iran in Syria, Hezballah in Syria and Lebanon and much if not most of Europe and the United Nations all working to destroy the singular Jewish State. What many do not realize is that Israel is the single entity standing between chaos and an invasion of Europe by the hungry forces of Islam which include Turkey, Iran, Hezballah and near countless terrorist groups. The Europeans should realize from the recent increases in terrorism, many which imitate things which have been perpetrated against Israel in the past, that without the plug in the well-shaken bottle which is Israel the violence in the Middle East would explode across Europe pouring into the streets and across city after city. Europe is probably rightfully frightened by what it has witnessed closer to their borders than such violence has been in ages and take their frustrations and trepidations out on the only target which actually might care, Israel. The Europeans know if they were to launch the kind of accusations they throw at Israel at Iran, Syria, Lebanon or others that they would be inviting waves of terrorism to flow across their borders, so out of frustration they target Israel as Israel is not about to take anything out on them. The truth is the land is rightfully Israeli and the Palestinian Arabs were invented in 1964 by Yasser Arafat, Mahmoud Abbas and much assistance of the KGB. We had a recent article with a video halfway down the page where a member of Hamas, in a pique of anger with Egypt, lets loose a barrage revealing the falsity of the Arab narrative against Israel identifying the vast majority of the Arabs as Egyptians, Saudis, Syrians, Iraqis and other Arab and Muslim nations and not native to the area. The reality is that for most of its three-thousand-year history, Jerusalem has had a Jewish majority. No other nation has ever held Jerusalem as its capital city and only the Jews have had an actual freestanding state on the lands west of the Jordan River in the entire history since King David. Israel needs and must retain these lands, as they are all part of her ancestral homeland and have always been vital to her defense.


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January 5, 2018

President Trump has Changed the Game


President Trump may have some appearance to playing the same old-same old game in the Middle East, but the past few months have displayed a large difference. President Trump has taken a large step towards allowing a peace to become fathomable one way or the other between the Arabs through the Palestinians with Israel. When Mahmoud Abbas lied blatantly in President Trump’s face during a joint White House press opportunity, he spoiled the milk of kindness which had been the central pillar of the American assistance to the Arab Palestinians (see video below). This and continued intransigence to any proffering for returning to the peace table led to the taking of Jerusalem off the table and handing it to the Israelis. This move put Palestinian Authority (PA) on notice that if they desired playing hardball and demanding everything while offering nothing, then they were going to lose the greatest allies for opportunity for peace, the United States and Israeli public desire to have continued dialogue with Mahmoud Abbas and the entire PA gang of unrepentant terrorists. That was the message from the Jerusalem recognition as the capital of Israel, though President Trump still left an opening for anything from no PA presence to returning to a divided city but President Trump left that offer in the hands of the Israelis and not to any outside nations or organization.



President Trump has completely reevaluated his and thus the United States’ vision of the Middle East as a whole and the Arab Israeli conflict which has been falsely placed as the central and most pivotal problem. President Trump laid down the new law at his Riyadh Summit as he met with leaders and representatives of fifty-five Arab and Muslim countries. The specifics about their talks and what President Trump had defined as the position of the United States going forward in his administration were never released, only broad statements which left enough wiggle room for a fair sized planet such as the Earth to pass through comfortably. That wiggle room is narrowing as President Trump moves to apply the definitions of his programs laid out at the Summit. The first has been that the Arab-Israeli conflict is important but the PA may no longer be the representatives of the Arab side and may have forfeit all rights to represent anybody. It was immediately after the Riyadh Summit that Mahmoud Abbas was called to meet in Saudi Arabia where there were rumors that he was instructed to accept the peace plan that President Trump was going to deliver or step down and allow somebody able to take orders to replace Abbas. So, how was it that Mahmoud Abbas understood and acted accordingly after being read the riot act?


Mahmoud Abbas changed nothing in his behavior and acted so churlishly that President Trump saw a need to remove one of the larger stumbling blocks often used by Mahmoud Abbas to destroy any hopes for a compromise and remove it from the table. So, with Jerusalem conveniently and ceremoniously placed within the Israeli’s pocket with it being named as the rightful and historic Capital City of the Jewish State as it has always been for the past three-thousand plus years. One might have thought Mahmoud Abbas might take that announcement as a wake-up call that his actions and intransigence was destroying the Arab Palestinian’s position and costing them dearly and try to talk peace as soon as Israel was ready and willing. The fact that Israel is in a constant state of willing when it comes to a true, honest and lasting peace, the other vision widening truth President Trump has noticed. Abbas responded stating that the United States “has essentially announced its withdrawal from its role as a sponsor of peace negotiations” One could argue that such a response was calm and neutral, but only compared to what Hamas said claiming that President Trump’s announcement “opened the gates of hell,” calling on Arabs and Muslims to “undermine the US interests in the region”’ and to “shun Israel.” Mind you, Abbas did declare that this Jerusalem decision “will lead to wars without end,” adding that Jerusalem was the “eternal capital of the State of Palestine.” Abbas just does not get it and as long as he sees his position is rejecting everything until the world destroys Israel for him, he and the PA will no longer be considered acceptable in Washington D.C., and that Trump is the only person who matters at this juncture. “With this announcement, the American administration has chosen to violate all international and bilateral agreements and resolutions and it has chosen to violate international consensus,” Abbas announced continuing on saying, “the extremist groups which try to turn the conflict in our region into a religious war that will drag the region… into international conflicts and endless wars.” And such would be different exactly how?


Mahmoud Abbas, now serving his thirteenth and about to enter his fourteenth year of a four-year term which began in 2004, will still claim that the PA is a democratically elected government representing the will of the Arab Palestinians. Apparently their desire is for endless violence, unending terrorism, constant flaring disputes, rejectionist ideology, religious tensions and the demand that the sole acceptable solution to the problems in the area is the complete and total destruction of the Jewish State and the removal of any self-rule for Jews who must be subjected to Muslim superiority and accepting of their lower position in any society simply because the Jews are not permitted any country of their own, especially in these Arab lands where the Jews, according to the Abbas narrative, have never lived because the Arab Palestinians have resided here for five to nine thousand years, depending on which PA statements you choose. Somebody need tell Abbas that Islam is merely fourteen-hundred years old while Judaism ruled the Holy Lands for almost two thousand years before Islam ever existed and have resided in the land for over three thousand years. The Arabs arrived according to historical facts around May-June of 634 A.D., almost two-thousand years after the Jews arrived in their exodus from Egypt. Should we take Mahmoud Abbas seriously about the Arab Palestinians having resided in the Holy Lands for five to nine thousand years, then they should not exist. Of all the pre-history people who resided in the Holy Lands, the two which lasted beyond the year 0 A.D. were the Israelites (Jews) and the Phoenicians. By that time, the Phoenicians had moved, having been a sea faring nation of Greek origins and had centered on Carthage. Carthage was later defeated by the Roman Empire and dispersed much like the Romans did with the Jews. The difference was the dispersion forced the Phoenicians into extinction while the Jews managed to retain their civilization because Torah united the people ignoring the distances over which they were dispersed. The Phoenicians assimilated while the Jews remain a separate people.


Initial Islamic Conquest of Levant and Israel

Initial Islamic Conquest of Levant and Israel


The world has chosen the Arab Palestinian side and the destruction of Israel and in order to do this, they have intentionally ignored history and the founding principles of Western Civilization. There is one dissenter in the Western developed world, President Trump. He has chosen to live in the world with the real history and the truth and with any luck; it will set the world free. President Trump recognizing Jerusalem as the Capital City of Israel and naming it as the central point of Judaism and a focal point of Christianity and Islam was a strong statement putting reality and relative importance of Jerusalem front and center. Since President Trump announced the United States intention for moving their embassy to Jerusalem, rumors or actual news has speculated that Honduras, Guatemala, Togo, Paraguay, Romania, Slovakia, Philippines, and South Sudan as being amongst the potentially more than ten nations currently in talks. What has been interesting has been almost every report about the potential embassy moves has included one or more pieces of bad news detracting from the announcement as Heavens forbid reputable news services reporting something purely good resulting from an act by President Trump and even more so if the act was good for Israel in any ways or means. They would list at least one of the following, the United Nations General Assembly overwhelming denouncement of President Trump recognizing Jerusalem, the United States resorting to their veto to prevent an enforceable enactment by the Security Council, the continuing protests by the Palestinian Arabs, the denunciation by United States Arab allies, the announcement by some nations of plans to open an embassy to the Palestinian Arabs in eastern Jerusalem (more about that later in this article) and a litany of other detractions. But detractions aside, there are at least ten nations including more than one European nation who are currently initiating moving their embassies to Jerusalem, even if they only plan on moving them to the western half of the city. What will be interesting is which Europeans are actually planning. The Czech Republic initially announced plans and then retracted their announcement after receiving protests and even threats according to some reports.


Now, as promised, our commentary on those Muslim nations who announced that in response to President Trump moving the United States embassy to Jerusalem, they plan to build embassies to the Palestinians in eastern Jerusalem. Jerusalem is a united city, a single, unified city with one government elected by the entire population as the Arabs were provided the opportunity to vote in the Jerusalem elections as citizens of the city, though they have not been granted voting in national elections. The granting of political power can be regulated or even denied the Arab Palestinians under the definitions under International Law. While they are provided by those same International Laws social, economic, religious and virtually all freedoms and rights with the sole exception of political rights which are left for the Israeli government to decide whether to grant them such rights and if so, then under what conditions and limitations. The importance here is if a nation actually desires to build an embassy to the Palestinian Arabs in eastern half of Jerusalem, they are going to require building permits, hook-ups to utilities such as water, electricity, sewage, gas and other connections and numerous other official documents and permissions. These will need to come from Jerusalem governing bodies and Israel which are highly unlikely to be granted. They could attempt to found embassies in existing buildings but would still require their utilities to be turned on and that requires the city to know who are the residents requesting service. There is the possibility of there being embassies founded for the Palestinian Arabs through concealment of their real identity when requesting utilities, but eventually they will need to announce their existence otherwise their being established would have no meaning as nobody other than possibly the Arab League or the OIC, which would still defeat their purpose. When you are founding an embassy to make facts on the ground, you need to be very public about that move which would make any actual embassy within the city of Jerusalem for the Palestinian Arabs completely dependent upon the Israeli government. That makes such unlikely but we can probably count on some attempt being made by some nation just because it would be a counter to President Trump and Israel, an irresistible twofer.


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