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April 1, 2015

How Netanyahu Can Escape the Obama Trap

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It appears that all it takes whenever Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu stands up for Israel is a few spoken threats from the Petulant One in the White House to threaten to be mean and Netanyahu backs down, recants, pleads for mercy or rushes to fulfill or comply with whatever the Ditherer in Chief demands. The rush to please by the Prime Minister has so empowered the Impotent One that he now believes that he has power over at least one nation, Israel. Because of this realization, every time the Fainting Psyche feels wilted, crossed or vexed he immediately flies into a rage which almost always ends with some complaint or demand of Israel with the full expectation that it will cause acts of compliance or contrition, either of which empowers the Delicate Daisy. The time has come to take some lessons learned from the rest of the world and use them to call the White House’s bluff and simply stand against these insistent demands. There is no need to even speak to the Deaf Ear which is turned to Israel at every opportunity nor is there any reason to obey every haughty demand out of the Shouting Voice as his red lines readily turn pink and even then if not disappearing the next day then Israel can turn to our true friends in Washington D.C., the Congress and the wonderful American backers of Eretz Yisroel. If threats emanate from the White House, Netanyahu should hold fast against the empty threats from the Empty Suit knowing that any harm he may attempt to use by denial of goods, services or funds can in turn be empowered to come to fruition though it may take a month or two at the most. Netanyahu has to understand that he could politely through silent channels request that any necessary Israeli needs which had been rightfully promised and then recanted and denied in a snit or a peaked moment can be legislated and passed by the Congress with such a show of support that if the Angered One desired to use Israel to show his Feigned Friendship to dazzle those who still believe, he could make a huge affair of the signing ceremony and smile through gritted teeth knowing that Israel has a magic set of friends who know his ugly true side when it comes to all things Israel.


The acts that the President has shown Israel for the first six years have steadily grown more abrasive showing the true extents of his willingness to turn ugly and vindictive but seemingly only to Israel above all other nations. This vile treatment will only now accelerate and break all previous sins committed by this White House which is filled with vipers and true haters of all things Israel. At least one top advisor has expressed her opinion that United States Armed Forces should be applied to force Israel to comply with whatever vision the White House desires to enforce as borders even to the point of starting a war. Congress, believe it or not, could prevent them from extending such an order by refusing to fund the transporting of the troops, the ammunition for the troops and even define such actions as proof of a President who has completely lost his mind, an impeachable offense oddly enough. The United States Constitution empowers three coequal branches of government, though many founders feared that the Judiciary might have been granted powers that if abused would lead to a tyranny of the long robed judges, a fear not yet realized. The Congress was granted one particular power which they can use to prevent either of the remaining two arms of the government from going around the bend and having lost their way simply by refusing the funds to carry through with any decision or order. Thus the Congress could legally pass a piece of legislation stating that any action concerning Israel would require their appropriating funds specifically for said actions before any steps are taken towards implementation and after the President vetoes the legislation, which any self-respecting President would be wont to do, the Congress can then override the veto and the legislation becomes law which would limit the President’s potions towards Israel making most negative acts nullified as they would entail high crimes for which a President can be impeached. Congress really does have the last say over anything truly damaging.


Of course the President would still be empowered to make speeches which would be of a hurtful nature but hopefully the Israeli leadership is above worrying about nasty references and accusatorial pontifications thus the old adage that “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never harm me.” The President would also be capable of attempting to do damage at the United Nations, a threat already on the table, and that could create some problematic situations. The only real item from the United Nations which might become an actual incident would be if the Security Council passed a Chapter Seven Resolution instituting a solution and final determining of boundaries for the so-called two-state solution and then form a United Nations task force to enforce their edict. Once again Congress could make it impossible for United States military personnel to be part of such a force which would leave manning such a mission to the other nations, none of which would be overly anxious with a few exceptions such as Iran and friends. Still, with the proper explanations that such a resolution would be nullifying a standing treaty which is written into the United Nations Charter as enforceable by the United Nations and to be protected by the United Nations, one would hope that would suffice in presenting the sane and lawful Israeli rights to exist. Armed with International Law on the side of Israel, it is unlikely that nations sitting in the Security Council would vote to break a treaty once they had been made aware of the extent their actions would transgress already made and validated treaties. But this is the most worrisome theater and one Israel has managed well when items have come before the Security Council and were raised to a level of a Chapter Seven Resolution as a Chapter Six Resolution is but a strong and easily ignored suggestion, something some of our neighbors have proven so well in the past and will likely give more examples in the future.


All of this aside, the likelihood that the President would stand strong against a determined Israel standing for her rights and demanding the respect given any nation and taking whatever steps were necessary in one’s defense would only gain Israel respect. Unfortunately the one item that Israel has had most tarnished has been the respect she once had. Much of this has been a direct result of the hostile treatment of Israel and her high officials, especially her Prime Minister. It was saddening enough when learned that the Prime Minister of Israel was made to enter the White House through a back entrance and leave by the same entrance with the President refusing to hold a press conference during their meeting or pose for even a photo op together. This was one mistreatment which was used to slight Israeli leadership more than once. Another injustice has been the often refused meetings with high White House and Cabinet level leadership, often without explanation or other reason. These type insults reached a crescendo for the recent address before Congress by Prime Minister Netanyahu. The shrillness of the screeching and screaming from 1600 Pennsylvanian Avenue was beyond mere nails on a chalkboard but demeaning and insulting of the office of the President of the United States, Bibi held his head above such petty grievances earning respect and standing as the Candid Clown down the street a ways made a buffoonery of himself thus disrespecting the United States and the Presidency by his actions. The disrespect intended for the Israeli leader never got even close to its target but it did completely coat the accusers in shame and disrepute. Israel must now take to performing actions which strengthen Israel, increase Israeli claims to the lands promised her through treaty and promise of every nation voting in the League of Nations as they passed these binding resolutions unanimously and the United States entered itself as a ratifying member despite their not belonging to the League of Nations but did so in an act by Congress.


Israel can still meet the requirements of the so-called two-state solution and also retain her claims to the lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea because of the rules set down in the San Remo Conference, the treaty which set up the currently accepted rules by which Israel was established nearly thirty years later in 1948. The treaty demands that Israel, the Jewish State, must respect the religious observances, cultural observances, civil rights, property rights, commercial rights, and all other general rights of a person with the singular exception of granting political rights. The governance of the state may set its own rules concerning who is permitted to vote or run for national or local offices. Thus an Arab entity can be set up having complete autonomy within its designated area and over its defined populations but these residents and citizens will not be permitted voting or political rights generally in the nations of Israel as understood in the treaties setting up these lands. Israel may set up a path to full citizenship if and when she chooses, though such is not mandatory. By this method the Arabs receive autonomy though are refused their second demand of the continued ability to instigate violent acts against the people of Israel as doing so could result in any punishment warranted potentially including being exiled from the lands of Israel including the autonomous zones. Any other solution except the removal of the Arab Palestinian population or replacing it leadership by force and installing a new and terror free governance being the only other rational and acceptable applications of the laws and treaties pertaining to these lands in question. The sooner Israel stand for themselves and places these laws and treaties on the table plain and simple to remind the world of their legal obligations to which we intend to hold them. This is the perfect time to stand and insist on our rights as without the backing of the President of the United States and with the animosity and aggressions shown against Israel from his office, we can see exactly who will stand with the laws and treaties made and who will be allowing hatreds and anti-Zionism to taint their actions and force them into denial and antagonism against Israel and her existence. Those who will refuse to stand with Israel on the side of the rule of law will be revealed for their singling out Israel as the one nation for whom the law is forbidden from working and for whom treaties and promises are made to be broken, to whom no man-made obligation is sacred. This will be of no matter as Israel will have a number of things on her side, and these are the law, ratified and signed treaties, promises of protections of their rights, International Laws, the obligations for courts to rule by the written documents and not the wishes that might contradict and call for their justice and denying Israel hers, and lastly and the sole support Israel could even desire or want, the L0rd our G0d.


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