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December 12, 2017

Investment in Higher Educations Hath Wrought


College and University faculty and administrators were dominated by conservative and largely religious members in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Starting in the late 1960’s a far more liberal and leftist influence was given the initial entry. The reasoning was that they added a diversity of thought and there was little desire to use intellectual viewpoints as an exclusionary criterion. These new faculty, and soon also administrators, initially showed some degree of openness but often they would make arguments that their positions were in the minority. This argument held sufficient weight that within a short period of time, these leftists and their petitioning established themselves as a slight majority. Once they had established majorities in a goodly number of universities and colleges, they began a purge of the conservatives, often offering early retirement with sizeable severance bonus as an incentive, one might say bribe, to depart early allowing for more of their own numbers. This quickly led to the situation these institutions are in today with rare exceptions. This was the beginning of the purging of the institutions which seek college and university graduates to fill their positions, particularly the upper management and high-skilled positions. They were able to infiltrate and then control the greater part of the media, educators of the public schools systems as well as many private systems, entertainment, information technology positions, the main internet corporations and virtually all the major metropolitan government and the deep state of the Federal Government. These are the sources of the recent upheavals in American and European societies where much of traditions have been turned on their heads. Today society has been fragmented into thousands of identity first groups which can be pitted one against the other.


The new normal is if you belong to any group which is perceived to have had any kind of advantage in the past, then you must pay for that history and be denigrated and denied a fair opportunity for positions, advancement or preference of any kind. For example, white males must pay for the entire history of the industrialized west and their positions of power within. Remarkably, the sole measure is who held the positions of power in the industrialized western world. For example, there are no impediments placed on Muslims who actually are considered to be disadvantaged despite their historic period of empire which remains today as the Arab Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and has shown signs of becoming resurgent. Somehow, Arabs have been determined to be a minority people of color needing assistance against the former dominant white males. Never mind that there have been numerous different groups who were the dominant culture all over the globe. The Mongols had one of the largest empires in all of history. The Chinese have had several periods of empire and may be on the verge of another period of greater influence and power. Thailand was formerly known as Siam when they held power over much of Southeast Asia. Russia has been referred to as Empire throughout history. The French, British, Spanish, Dutch, Portugal and others have all had periods of Empire. There were empires in the Americas such as the Toltec, Olmec, Maya and Aztec. There have been empires from early history such as the Egyptian, Hittite, Babylon, Assyrian, Carthaginian, Pandyan, Macedonian, Seleucid, Ptolemaic, Armenian and others before Rome, talking about empires. A rather comprehensive list of empires over the years and around the globe can be found here. The point is virtually every race and peoples held empire of some measure somewhere in history. Despite history showing that all peoples were at some time rulers of their area and the most advanced in their regions, only Caucasians, and mostly males, are being targeted by the new, leftist political establishment. Truthfully, the targeting seems to actually get even more specific, it attempts to target conservative and religious when possible.





This is the result of identity politics. The problem is once you claim you resent identity politics or even use the terminology identity politics, that makes you a target as anyone complaining about identity politics is obviously a racist individual who probably uses racial identity as part of your determination of who is to be trusted and who is a danger. The leftists who practice identity politics though, are serving to equalize past discrepancies which caused inequalities favoring one group over others. The other thing necessary to know is that there are a few rules which are the truths which have presumably given certain groups advantages over other groups and these have been true over all of history, according to the authorities of identity politics. One of these rules is that men have had advantages over women, whites over other races and these have been the two main standards. There is one set of rules which holds for nations and they have been defined as those who have been the industrialized militarily successful nations. That and have had White privilege. That restricts this to Europeans, the United States and the rest of the British Empire nation. There have been some exceptions such as Japan which was one of the nations which fits the description but misses one main contingent, white privilege. There is one nation and its people who, despite not having any empire for the last three-thousand years, being of many different racial makeups and having been the victim of one of the greatest acts of hatred in history who have still been placed as the one nation alongside the United States as the greatest example of privilege, Israel and the Jews. Evidence of this can be seen in the example pictured below. This image has been used by Black Lives Matter (BLM) as well as far right White Supremacist groups with both claiming that Jews were manipulating and stealing positions which should have been given to them. The Jews hold the unique position of being targeted as the cause of people’s problems by the extremes on the left and the right. The way the Jewish people are described one would not be blamed for believing there is no such thing as a Jew who is not wealthy, or at the very worst, not poor. This is not entirely true, which I can honestly attest to as a former day laborer who was often not the first chosen for jobs being of slight build when younger and will wish I could get back to that weight again. What is interesting is that in many instances it would be all but impossible to differentiate between Jews and Muslims in a line-up.


White Privilege Starts with Jewish Privilege

White Privilege Starts with Jewish Privilege


The whole idea of pretending that racial or religious preferences exist or that discrimination is a huge problem and very probably the largest challenge society faces. What is sad is that the same people who are claiming that racial, religious, gender and other such qualifiers are still used as the main and decisive reasons for hiring personnel actually get audience in the United States or much of the developed world. Those battles were fought and pretty much settled in the last century and using it for political purposes and to infuriate and activate to the verge of violence or beyond is one of the saddest truths today. There are other sad truths which revolve around these purely political claims and forced divisiveness. Society in the United States was in many ways less divided forty and fifty years ago than it is today. This sad reality is very much being forced intentionally in order to divide society and wield an unbeatable political alliance. A large part of what makes the problems being faced by many in our society are not as much racial and financial. Those living in the heart of most large metropolises are stuck in broken schools where the atmosphere for learning is completely stifled by a combination of policies demanding that the public schools must take even the most disruptive students requiring much effort be invested in security along with the least experienced teachers being assigned makes these schools often substandard. Charter Schools often can make a difference, as they are not restrained by many of the worst inhibitions and limitations placed on the regular public schools. They choose their own teachers and are permitted to hire, fire, promote and demote without interference by teachers’ unions or school boards. These special schools also can choose to expel students who are disruptive while the public school has no such power any longer. The Charter Schools are opposed by the teachers’ unions and the politicians who support these unions. Were the entirety of schools were permitted to operate under the same rules the level of education in the inner cities would improve drastically, and the union would cease to have any power. That union power and the politics behind it has sentenced the poor, the financially disabled, to continue to have little hope of climbing out from the hole in which they were born. There was a time when all schools ran with similar rules as the Charter Schools and provided and superior product to the inner cities than they are now capable of providing, rules as they are.


There once were special schools for the most problematic student called Reform Schools. There once were asylums for the mentally challenged or disabled. Some social scientists decided that these institutions were counterproductive and that such individuals would be better served if they were integrated into the mainstream rather than treated separately. The theory was that by mixing these differently challenged individuals with the normative individuals they would be better off and would, in time, be normalized. There was no concern what effect such changes would have on the so-called normative individuals. For the mentally disadvantages this became numerous mentally ill individuals no longer making their appointments with supervising physicians, getting or taking their medicines or having their counselling sessions. Many of these individuals were not better for their experience and became fair numbers of the homeless. Without medical attention, they simply were incapable of functioning within society, and some believe those who decided this was a wise experiment knew this would be the result. Some believe that they actually hoped for this as it provided yet another political football to put in play at election time. For students in schools in what some refer to as troubled areas, others call inner cities, the level of education completely fell apart. This too was part of the plan so that more political power would come from the problem caused. They have decided that people are less important than political power and funds which brings more influence and thus more power. The entire game is being played with human capital and the society of the United States is losing the longer this game is played. The problem grows and very few ever desire to take on the battle because the deck is stacked, the game rigged and the field tilted against you. As soon as you begin to point to the problems, you run into the name-calling. When you claim that there is a problem with the inner city schools, you are labeled a racist. When you address the mental problems plaguing many of the homeless, you are labeled unfeeling. When you step onto this field, the leftist and liberal media will tear you to pieces, the left wing politicians will denounce you, teachers from the union will cast you as the devil incarnate, and every derogatory name in the book will become attached to your name, and very few are willing to take that risk. All we can say is we have nothing to lose in such a theater because if people are helped, then it was worth the risks.


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April 12, 2017

Are You Truly Pro-Choice?


One of the most misleading labels in all of American politics is the “Pro-Choice” label. These people are often the least in favor of you making any choice in your life ever. They are the people, especially the politicians, who demand to make almost every decision facing an individual in their life, and especially the most important decisions. Broadly defined, they believe that you and everybody like you without an Ivy League education and a doctorate in an “approved major field” which again is another example of taking away your choice of colleges down to less than two dozen and your choice of majors to the social and other soft sciences, are far too stupid and unaware of the world and how everything works to be permitted the right to decide for yourself. Heavens forbid you get to make any rational choice from your view point; you would most definitely damage yourself and society and upset their ability to sculpt that perfect world they are constantly attempting to carve out of our society.


Oh, you would like some examples. First, we define these Pro-Choice politicians and people as the supporters of Planned Parenthood and abortions on demand any-time, any-place, any-where, and for any-reason or even no reason and that is their big claim to being Pro-Choice. Well, here it comes as you asked for it. Let us look at the choice of how to best protect your home, family and everything you hold dear. Can you, according to the Pro-Choice politicians purchase a firearm, a rifle or handgun or even a scary-looking semi-automatic rifle which resembles some military styled weapon? Of course not and that is why all the red tape, forms and everything else including waiting periods and the occasional threat of being outed as owning a firearm in a public posting often by one of those from the Pro-Choice groups of people. So we now know you may not purchase a firearm to protect your house though it is legal thanks to the Constitution but don’t mention at the weekend services in many congregations that you own firearms as that could make you into some kind of pariah. The professed Pro-Choice class which is all knowing will inform you that you should buy a good alarm system and if it should sound that your house had been breached, then you should dial 911 and hide in a closet until a nice officer finds you to tell you all is clear or the intruder finds you and ends all that ails you after possible tortures such as, well, we will let you imagine the what, just realize it would be cruel, unusual and designed to be physically or mentally hurtful or both. The Pro-Choice will add that for an additional fee you can have the alarm system hooked up to a monitoring service who will call you and if you do not answer or use a code-word they will call the police presumably cutting down on your wait time. The Pro-Choice might even inform you of a service which hooks your alarm directly up to the police and this gets the fastest response but places the onus on you to prove there was a trespass or you can be charged a heavy fine for the false alarm response making this a less than perfect system. Hey, they are wealthy recipients of a doctoral degree from an Ivy League college which you should have found some way of achieving so you could be like them. You see they have a monitoring service with all the most high tech alarm systems and other means of detecting and even spotlighting, literal spotlights, the intruder as soon as they step across their property line. Also, their service includes anywhere from one to a platoon of well-trained and highly-armed professionals who will torture the intruder until you arrive to identify if this was a real trespass or just the neighbor kid trying to toss a few pebbles at your daughter’s window. Wait, to the Pro-Choice group that would be a trespass. They will point out incessantly how it is they see no need for guns in the house except in the hands of trained professionals and even if you are one of these trained professionals you may not have your firearm from your work kept in your house as there is safety in the fact that at their house you are monitored while at home you might go crazy because in unsupervised areas guns cause forms of insanity. If I ever get desperate and hold-up a convenience store, I will plea to the judge that the gun dragged me from bed to pull-off the heist which was why I was dressed in my pajamas.


The Ivy League


Moving on to the next choice you might think of taking. Let us say your industrious pre-teen child decides to do simple gardening and lawn mowing and charges rates which come to less than the minimum hourly wage. As this is not a professional and recognized area such as waitpersons in restaurants, then the minimum wage laws apply without exceptions. This would mean that your child would be required to raise the charges for his services despite their selling them for a fair price and exactly what they believe their efforts are worth. You are not permitted to estimate for yourself what your efforts are worth nor may you charge less than your competition who is charging the minimum wage set and thus gain additional business. Even more important, your pre-teen is not permitted to even fathom such an enterprise as they are not even old enough to receive a work permit with your signature permitting them to work before reaching eighteen as they are not fifteen or sixteen depending on the location. There is an exception for family farms and other recognized family businesses where the child may be permitted to work at any age and may even not receive any wages if the parent does not desire to pay the minor child, and that is more fair than them working on their own for less than the minimum wage, free choice and all that you know.


There is an ever lengthening list of professions one may not freely choose. Presumably, in a totally free society anybody may choose any profession they desire and if they perform well people will pay them accordingly and if they fail they are free to try something more their style and fitting their ability or fail until they luck into such a profession. Nobody would pay a hairstylist whose only style is a crewcut unless that is what they desired and they were inexpensive. But to be a hairstylist today one must take courses and then apprentice and finally get a license. The claim is to protect the public from health hazards. Truth be told, individual demands of decent ability in their choice of hairstylists would take care of such a problem just as well. The problem is by allowing the public to control such through the demand of the market would take away thousands of bureaucratic jobs, put an end to most of the beauty schools which are more diploma mills teaching the average student all stuff they probably already knew simple by styling their hair and their friends’ hair growing up. It would also take away the licensing fees for running a beauty salon and that is additional yearly funds for the government and another level of government control taking away your free choice. This also applies to cab drivers only to a much higher degree as this has become a protection racket between government and the existing cab companies and thus the big furor over Uber and other Internet ride-share apps. There are quite a number of ways around the government using apps and the Internet which is one of the reasons that government desires control over the Internet and thus these types of free enterprises which circumvents the government assisting with your free choice. Government licensing is but one limitation of your free choice but is supported heavily by the Pro-Choice people, especially the Pro-Choice politicians.


Taxes are another idea which the Pro-Choice politicians and, as long as they are heavily progressive and only on salaries. Many Pro-Choice individuals think taxes are a necessity and often require taxes to be raised on some and lowered on others or eliminated altogether on a select group who are determined not to earn sufficient amounts to contribute to the functioning of the government. These Pro-Choice individuals also support giving refunds to people who did not actually pay any taxes and refunds of more than what was paid in for select others. These are done all in the name of equality and altruism. Altruism used to be voluntary as was charity of giving of your funds to the less fortunate. Taxes doing this for you are another stolen choice from your long list of choices. Further, the government chooses which charitable organizations it will support and which ones it will not and the amount for each. Chalk up another stolen free choice. But the government was just getting started; there are so many more choices the government has removed from the public square in the name of your own safety. Some argue that it also weakens the gene pool as it allows idiots to proliferate. Such limits would require motorcycle riders wear helmets, car passengers wear seat-belts, natural gas include a chemical giving it its odor, toilets to flush exact or less amounts of water per flush and many other things even one which does help, it enforces the standardized measures and sizes in tools and fasteners and of course money.


Children’s education is probably the most regimented and least Pro-Choice industry in the United States. This is sad as education would appear to be one industry which could benefit most from competition and a great variety in opportunities and different paths leading to different results. The current public schools system is dictated from Washington D.C. with requirements such as multi-cultural sensitivity, sexual education and a plethora of the latest educational theories including but not limited to new math, whole word recognition (a theory which was first proposed as a means of limiting the words included in people’s vocabularies by removing phonics making new words impossible to “sound out” as had been taught for the last centuries to great success), racially sensitive history, and dropped little things such as civics requirement, spelling as a requirement claiming that each student be permitted the freedom to use alternate spelling (whatever that is), and math such that attempts are more important than the correct answer (no wonder many students require remedial writing, reading and mathematics when entering college with some wasting their first semester and others their entire first year learning what should have been taught adequately in the public school system). While most of the Pro-Choice use private schools and claim that if you are unsatisfied with the public school system you can also send your child to a private school. Of course these same Pro-Choice people and politicians work to limit or exclude charter schools despite their having proven often to produce superior children with a far better and broader educational experience and they are working to strangle home-schooling with regulations and requirements making the home-schooled children and their families under greater stresses and heavy burdens forcing them in some locations into using the public school curriculum including the educational requirements often from Washington D.C. and also the exact reasons the families demand their right to educate their own child as they see fit. Apparently the one size fits all education of the public school system despite it failing in every testable means simply now is claiming that testing produces stresses which rob the child of self-esteem and thus should be limited or eradicated completely.


These are but a select few of the limitations the Pro-Choice elite have placed upon your lives, often without anybody realizing this as they are too busy attempting to survive and make a living while not going out of their minds every April filing forms which make no sense even to the IRS as if you call for assistance and do not like the result, wait and call ten hours later and get a different person who will likely give you an entirely different set of directions and then choose which one you like the best. Well, maybe there is some Pro-Choice in the government after all and in the least suspected place possible. Imagine that.


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