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October 17, 2017

The Storm Before the Calm


President Trump was quoted to have made mention that we were experiencing the calm before the storm, and at the very point one might say started the storm before the calm. The media went into a feeding frenzy making all forms of predictions of doom, World War III, nuclear Armageddon and the end of all sanity. Some predicted that, finally, President Trump had gone too far and this had to be impeachable material as if a President can be impeached because he said something that some, or many, or even most people found offensive. For all we know, President Trump could have been referring to the calm in the media who had found nothing he had said worthy of impeachment in the last twenty seconds, and now he had so the storm was sure to ensue. That would have been an accurate interpretation, as any, of the media eruption over the statement, “calm before the storm,” words which Trump had spoken. But let us assume that President Trump meant that things were starting to look quite dangerous in the world. Well, can anybody say that such a description of the current state of the world was exactly wrong? There is an upstart young and rather unstable fool firing rockets over the Islands of Japan and across areas of South Korea out into the oceans and seas surrounding these nations while exploding nuclear weapons and having restarted the plutonium producing reactor, making fuel for more such weapons ruling North Korea. There are some rather less than stable religious fanatics very likely making nuclear weapons and testing ever more capable missiles threatening to destroy the Great and Lesser Satans of the United States and Israel and then launch their troops to conquer the world. There is a war still raging in Syria where it appears that a murderous dictator backed by Iranian Mullahs and their IRGC troops and Hezballah terrorists will win the day backed with Russian air support. Libya is still in a state of chaos with intertribal fighting and Iraq is in a state of unrest with Iran and the Iraqi government about to go to war with the Kurds in the north just as Bashir al-Assad also may be fighting the Kurds in his north. As far as fighting Kurds, there is Turkish President Erdoğan, who has been at war with the Kurds of his nation as well; yet the world refuses to allow a state for the Kurds where they would live in peace if only permitted such a privilege.


Perhaps President Trump was being too kind referring to the present state of the world as calm. Anybody calling the present state of the world as calm might just be as daft as the media claims. Europe has an economy which has been steady in its inability to show much in the way of life. The new infiltrators and immigrants in much of Europe have brought with them crime and unrest and threats of revolution and jihad with an ending target of the imposition of sharia. China has been spreading tendrils building islands in the South China Sea which will lengthen a main trade route between the Indian and Pacific Oceans or potentially giving China complete control over this trade route while they also tend to solidify their claims over islands also claimed by Japan, Viet Nam or the Philippines. China apparently has decided to try their hand at hegemony themselves and is still spending like there is no tomorrow on their Navy and Air Force. Russia is continuing their agreement with Syrian dictator Assad in exchange for the use of Syria’s Mediterranean Sea Ports while Iran consolidates their Shiite Crescent across the Middle East (see map below). Turkey’s Erdoğan still sees himself as the next leader of the renewed Caliphate. President Sisi in Egypt has made all the right and noble statements of reforming Islam such that they learn to prefer their Mecca verses of coexistence and tolerance over the Medina verses of war and conquest until the entire world submits to Allah but has been dreadfully reticent about taking stronger actions than a speech or two at Al-Azhar University in Cairo while Coptic Christians remain targets for murderous jihad. India and China, the world’s two most populous nations and both nuclear powers are in a standoff over their border as the Chinese are constructing a road into the disputed province. Meanwhile, in Kashmir, India and Pakistan are still standing armed to the teeth and both with nuclear weapons in their standoff over who actually owns what once was an independent nation. While, what we presume, most probably accurately, is a nuclear power, Iran is rushing towards a war potentially with Egypt and more definitely Saudi Arabia, which could get nuclear weapons from Pakistan amongst other places, over who will have control over the Muslim Middle East and be the preeminent power of all Islam. Iran and Israel are in standoff mode as of the reality spoken of above where Iran has promised to wipe Israel from the map while Israel prefers to remain where she stands. And there is the growing threat globally of terrorism.


Shiite Crescent including Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Iran

Shiite Crescent including Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Iran


Then there is the threat of a civil war in the United States. The media is fanning the flames and leftists worldwide are willing to pay any price to be rid of President Trump. There is presumably a plan for a full-blown nationwide uprising in protest for November 4th hoping that it will grow in proportions until President Trump has little choice but to resign in order to save the nation. Somewhere in this plan, there may be a small problem though we would be hard pressed to point it out. Such a demonstration could be seen as an attempt to overthrow the government which would permit the President using any and all power at his disposal to end the uprising, but other than that, what could go wrong? Meanwhile the media is fanning these flames for all the ratings they are worth even to the point of Jimmy Kimmel crying over spilt milk. What else could go wrong other than perhaps a flu pandemic if they got the flu shot formula wrong?


There is a coming water shortage in many places on the planet and despite clean water technologies being available, little is being done to distribute it where needed as the cost would be rather daunting challenge. Funny how people are willing to spend billions to pursue political ends but they find it difficult to spend even thousands to benefit all mankind. There are also threats of famine from crop failures from poor land use and so little is being done to teach the farmers of the world better techniques let alone getting them the equipment necessary to increase yields. Israel is working in Africa and elsewhere with assisting in such efforts but cannot reach everywhere and the United States also has taken up efforts worldwide but they could use others to help more with these efforts than in starting revolutions. There will be weather and other natural disasters which the world will need to give their assistance. And there are so many other areas in which the world could be improved such as providing medical assistance to the world including such things as Saving a Child’s Heart which not only saves children with heart defects from around the world but trains surgeons and sets up hospital departments to treat children around the world. Yes, we thought ending with hope would make more noise than another story over a Trump gaff.


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October 11, 2017

If Only America Stopped Polluting


Every Global Climate Change model depicts the obvious cause and danger to the future of human existence, the addition of pollutants to the atmosphere. The polluting of the water and land apparently are of less importance though nuclear power appears to be problematic. There are those environmentalists who insist that nuclear power is the future and the solution to many of the environmental situations while other environmental activists believe that nuclear power is one of the most dangerous power sources possible. But the numbers of environmental protests which blame the United States for Anthropomorphic Global Climate Change are almost unbelievable. It must be that the United States is amongst the main producers of carbon pollutants from combustion of fossil fuels and producing immeasurable carbon footprint. This must be corralled before the planet’s fever gets any worse. Forget the coal fired plants sprouting up in China and much of the third world like crabgrass on a golf course. Those are of no consequence, the United States must be forced to live a more austere life. We know this because so many like Albert Gore constantly address protests for the addressing of Global Climate Change as they jet from one city to the next. All of the small people must stop driving, stop using so much electricity, stop living such pretentious and ostentatious lifestyles making austerity the order of the day. Imagine if the United States simply cut its carbon footprint in half, or even by ninety percent to satisfy the true fanatics, how much of that would serve to alter Global Climate Change.


The United States would, of course, no longer be the world leader in innovation or progress in power generation and carbon emissions reduction. The United States would be required to reduce its military to such an extent that border defense would be the limit of American might. The aircraft carriers would be required to be decommissioned, even the nuclear powered vessels, as would the submarine fleets. The Air Force and Marines would need to ground the vast majority of their aircraft. Made in America would become a brand of the past as manufacturing would be all but extinct. The Internet would need to be powered elsewhere as electricity would need to be rationed and cars outlawed. Yes, all cars even including electric cars as they get their power from electrical generation plants which use far too much fossil fuels if the United States were to meet what many are demanding be required reduction of her carbon footprint. After almost everything has been shuttered just to make environmental lunatic fringe happy and still Global Climate Change would run rampant. The problem is that United States may be the second leading nation in CO2 emissions behind China; their carbon footprint is far smaller when measured against GDP or population than much of the developed and especially developing world (see chart below). What the ecology fanatics and their abettors are not telling you is that of all the nations in the world, the only nation which would have met their supposed targets from the 1992 Kyoto Protocol Summit was the United States. What they will tell you is that the United States was never a signatory to the Kyoto Protocol but the other nations, especially the Europeans, did not meet the demands of the agreement which they signed. The other little truth they refuse to note is that such nations as China, India, Brazil, Russia as well as the entirety of the rest of Asia, Africa, South and Central America, Middle East and the world are not assigned any pollution, CO2 or other pollution targets and are permitted a free pass completely without limits or expectations. This is how the United Nations views the importance of controlling pollution limitations, that only the developed world has to meet any requirements and if they refuse to accept such limitations to their growth and economies then they are pilloried in the media.


CO2 Emissions by Nation


Carbon footprint and CO2 emissions are far from the only pollution despite it being the favorite discussion at these United Nations and other ecological summits. There is also water pollution, land erosion and land pollution. Landfills need to be refurbished and have been in many of the developed nations. One particularly fun use for reconstituted landfill is to transform them into five golf courses. The United States has also done wonders with their waterways, as has much of Europe. One particular pair of connected waterways which have been altered from their worst case scenarios in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s are in Ohio and have Cleveland in common. These waterways are the Cuyahoga River and Lake Erie. Lake Erie was so filled with nitrates and phosphates that it suffered from runaway plant growth which produced over-oxidized water where no fish or living beings of size could survive. The Cuyahoga River was devoid of fish and regularly caught fire, as many as thirteen were reported, due to chemicals, oil, sludge, industrial waste, sewage and debris from steel manufacturing, die casting, paint and dye plant and untreated water runoff. Both waterways were cleaned up and currently are two of the cleanest waterways in North America, if not the world, and are filled with a natural balance of fish and water plants and have become a fisherman’s paradise.


Cuyahoga River on Fire

Cuyahoga River on Fire


The developed world has made great strides in cleaning rivers, the air and reconditioned landfills into golf courses and found the means of using what was once trash used to pollute land water under landfills to now make electricity with clean burning plants in what the world would have thought impossible a mere half century ago. Yet the ecological ruminators would weave you a yarn about the world in which air pollution, water pollution and land pollution all are getting to the point where the end is nigh. Their story is rewarding in its colorfulness as they paint a developed world which requires to be brought to heel before their development ruins the world. They hold ecological summits where plans are drawn to force the developed world to reduce their carbon footprint until they would eventually demand zero carbon footprint and their return to their predeveloped stage while the rest of the world surpasses their might and claims their rightful place as the overlords. Unfortunately, the developed world has often failed to meet their projected targets which makes setting these targets a form of useless endeavor. Even though, the developed world already can produce additional power requirements with less carbon output than their previous technology. The same cannot be said about the rest of the world. The developing world continues to utilize the old technology of coal-fired plants which billow smoke and pollute the waterways. But this is but the smallest effect as there is one thing that China is currently performing which will cause far more damage to the ecology of the entire Mekong River complex. Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam all stand to suffer as China builds a series of dams with which to establish waterways over which to move goods with large ships to the sea and produce power for the entirety of the Mekong River length. The only cost will be the local fishing economy plus change the banks and depths along the river possibly leading to damaging the farming across the entirety of Southeast Asia. The particulars can be read at the source linked above.


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September 15, 2017

How to Kill Two with One Stone


If your aim is to cripple the United States and destroy its healthcare system with one idea, the left-wing of the Democrat Party is your place to be. If a Single-Payer Government Healthcare System is your desire, then the government will become almost exclusively a health care organization and abrogate all its other responsibilities. We are going to hear one lie repeated over and over during this debate quite often with a different nation place at the closure of the statement. Backers of the plan will claim, “Government run healthcare is used in every major Western nations and it works so well; just look at how well it works in (place your European nation of choice here). The problem is it has not worked in any nation without consequences, and the world cannot afford for the United States to fall for this trap and become just another collapsing European country. Inspecting each nation which has adopted Government Healthcare and some specifics become apparent to those wishing to see the truth.


The first and probably most important item of note is none of these nations has a decent military which could respond to any external threat. This has worked for Europe simply because they have NATO and NATO means the United States. Should the United States become just like Europe, then the entirety of the Western World becomes defenseless. That would leave Europe completely open to invasion by any of a number of enemies who do not care about their citizens but do care about their military forces. This brings to mind Russia, China and Iran right off the top of our heads. And as Iran has stated their desire to bring Europe to its knees bowing before Shia Islam, why not just invite them in and start the mass conversions and beheadings now. Why wait for the inevitable should there be no United States Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines? Allow the United States to fall for the Succubus of National Healthcare and she will become as weak as (place your European nation of choice here).


The main reason within the United States is the amount that taxes will need to be raised in order to have what will amount to Medicare for all. The first hurdle will be to get all the individual hospitals, physicians, clinics, HMO’s, PPO’s, EPO’s, POS’s and other various health plans to take Medicare style lowest cost for procedure payments. There will need at some point to pass a law which will make providing, receiving or paying for any form of healthcare outside the system to be heavily taxed. This will prevent the Middle Class from opting out of making the necessary payment into Medicare to belong and in its stead buying private healthcare at a private, government independent health providing system. This will never be made completely illegal, as the wealthiest five percent will still require their own competent best possible healthcare without traveling to Israel, India, Brazil or Mexico to receive their healthcare.


Meanwhile, the fee for receiving Medicare will start creeping upward leaving many elderly it was supposed to care for out in the cold without even basic care outside of Emergency Rooms. Taxes will also increase lowering the standard of living with every increase. The final stages will require the government to cut other programs in order to pay for healthcare costs which will continue to rise. The first cuts will endanger the military of the United States until the Navy becomes a shore patrol venture, the Air Force will fly only coverage of the United States skies, the Army and Marines an internal security force, the National Guard and Coast Guard will be absorbed into the Marines and Navy respectively and the Border Patrol absorbed into the Army. With time, even these will be drawn down to the point that the United States will barely be capable of guarding her borders.



After eviscerating the military and public Federal Protective Services, the government will begin to look elsewhere for funds. The Park Service, other social programs, anywhere and everywhere will become vulnerable and all the while, the quality of healthcare will fall. The physician pay will slowly be eaten away until nobody desires to become a physician, especially a surgeon or other specialist while nursing schools will become empty of students and healthcare will bleed and the number of places providing care will be eroded. Hospitals will be the first to close their emergency services and then their doors entirely. That will be the slow death of even the lowest denominator of decent care and the price will continue to skyrocket. Eventually the government will be forced to restrict service allowing only the most life threatening surgeries and other special services. Diagnostics will revert to the least expensive procedures and many actual diseases such as cancers will go undetected until far too late. Mortality figures will steadily climb and life expectancy steadily decline.


All of this will come at an ever-increasing cost with rising deductibles used as a way to discourage the use of the services which remain. When something is presumably provided for free, then it will be used to the point of abuse and beyond. This has been proven beyond debate using many government programs as the proof. Once the Federal Government ruled that all hospitals that receive government funds, that included Medicare and Medicaid and Veterans programs, were required to provide health services, particularly emergency room services, regardless of ability to pay for services, emergency rooms were swamped and hospitals who provided clinical services to the public found these clinics were used to replace normal physician visits costing hospitals from tens of thousands to tens of millions annually. Much of these care billings were passed by the Federal Government to the individual states who often were well behind or simply defaulted. What became basically free health care is what drove the hospital crisis threatening many hospital closings. This is one example of government health care and the inability to cover such costs. Another pair of prime examples are Veterans Hospitals and health care as well as Native American health care systems. Does anybody honestly believe that within a decade the same problems will not permeate any single payer government health care system?


Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren

Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren


Former Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (Democrat from Montana) told NBC News “I just think the time has come. Back in ’09, we were not ready to address it. It would never have passed. Here we are nine years later; I think it’s time to hopefully have a very serious good faith look at it.” He subsequently added, “I started out by saying everything is on the table. But I did make an exception and that was single-payer. I said, nope, we’re not going to put single-payer on the table. Why? In my judgement, America was just not there … It’s branded as socialistic by too many people.” Baucus was the main centrist Democrat around which the Democrat opposition to Single Payer Government Health Care had been anchored. With his new position, these few remaining centrist Democrats no longer have anyone to take their position and hold the line. This would likely mean that the entirety of the Democrats in both houses of Congress will support the plan which Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren plan on submitting in the Senate this fall as the way of saving the nation from Obamacare. This is just one more prime example of the Congress creating a problem just to take more power and completely ruin what they first damaged beyond repair. How turning all of health care over to the same people who destroyed the best system for coming up with new drugs, treatments and cures the world has known for the past two centuries will improve it rather than bring its destruction is beyond us. The Democrats by voting as if they were a single block represented by their most-extreme leadership probably in history will only need approximately twenty-five Republicans in the House of Representatives and three in the Senate. With John McCain and his cohorts of “Never Trump” Senators consisting of about a half dozen, the Senate passing such a measure is assured, the House might be a little closer but as it appears that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan seeming to be colluding with the Democrats, the House would also likely pass such and that is the story if the people of America do not wake up fast and scream until the mountains crash. Without a popular uprising, single payer government health care, just like in Europe, will destroy the United States and leave the Western World all but defenseless.


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