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June 2, 2019

Unraveling Gaza and What it Means to Israel and Beyond

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Hamas and Islamic Jihad, whether on orders from Iran or their own volition, will continue to escalate the situation making life, potentially existence, near impossible. Israel must not permit paralysis over what the world will think, we already have seen that answer countless times, and protect her people and her land. They will not stop escalating the situation because every Israeli response which permits their continuation is their victory. There is now and always will be only one answer to this conflict, either we get the lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea or they get the lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. There can and will be no other end result, and that is by choice as this is between two people who claim the same land, only one can persist and the other be caused or enticed to depart. The world is fully aware that under legal treaties, with numerous nations, namely the United Nations under Article 80 of their own Charter, signatories to provide for a Jewish State between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. The ruling Arabs of the time signed this treaty at the League of Nations which is what is held as still legal through the United Nations. This is why it has never been contested at any of the various World Courts, because Israel would win. Israel must be forced into signing away her claims for the land to belong to any other. That is why the pressure for Israel to recognize Palestine with defined borders. The problem here is the Arabs do not want borders as that would make Israel a real nation. Israel must not have defined borders, so the Palestinians can never make peace.


Should the Palestinian conundrum ever be solved, that would only serve to transfer the problem to the north of the country. Should, by some unseen way, the Palestinian problem reached a definitive solution, then Hezballah would claim the Galilee as their ancestral lands stolen by Israel. This, once recognized by the world media and then governments and the General Assembly, without a doubt, it will simply have shifted the focal point for the challenge that Israel must not exist. Nothing Israel can offer, no amount of compromise, nothing is sufficient and thus there is only the shifting of the claims which will follow one another. The Khartoum Conference stated it clearly, “No peace with Israel, No recognition of Israel, No negotiations with Israel.” What part of this declaration is unclear to anyone? There is a huge difference between friends and allies. Allies are nations with a similar view of the world and face the same threats but all is fluid as things change. The one constant is change. The ultimate change is harmony, but things will change. Even harmony cannot last, things will continue to change leading to cacophonic accusations as to who spoiled the harmony when it was merely time and always inevitable. That has played very large in the case of Israel for which much discredit must be thrust at Great Britain and their Judeophobic activities while presumably keeping the Mandate. Since then, the open Arab Judeophobia has been sufficient to force countless altercations for well over the last century.


Eventually, the question comes, do you mean that there can be no Arabs in Israel? To that we have to ask if you are blind as well as insulting. There are Arabs throughout Israel. Maybe not in every community, and there are communities where one would not find Jews. Arabs will be serving in the next Knesset, whenever that occurs. There are Arab judges, doctors, nurses, teachers, police and every other occupation one could imagine. The best way to put the entire situation is simply follow the traditional ways. If they wish to reside with us in peace and with mutual respect as defined under the Noahic Code, then we have no problem. If this is too much or something you refuse to permit, then there is a problem. This problem has two solutions, you may leave with your belongings and a fair price for your properties and we will not pursue you or you may choose war, it is your choice. Back to Hamas, they have chosen war and there will be no appeasing them nor any pathway to peaceful existence, they demand war. Perhaps the sane act would be to warn the population that soon there will be a final war between Israel and Hamas and Islamic Jihad, so please leave for your continued safety. But no Israeli leader in modern, or possibly post-modern, day Israel would say that as we are too refined for such a solution no matter the provocation. There is that word, the crucial and critical word, “provocation.” As stated early-on, Hamas and Islamic Jihad will continue to ramp up the violence, havoc and destruction of the lands they claim they love just so the Jews cannot use it.


Initially, the Palestinians would shoot, bomb and suicide bomb Israel into submission. Now Israelis likely go through four to seven checkpoints each day and more if they ride the trains. This was the price for safety which we still pay. Then came rockets which led to the Iron Dome which still makes for a financial burden. Often, for each rocket intercepted, they launched two interceptors. Each interceptor costs approximately fifty-thousand-dollars while the Hamas rocket costs mere hundreds or even less. Then came the kites and balloons with incendiary devices setting fire to the countryside and destroying croplands, wildlife preserves, forests, and associated buildings. Meanwhile, the recent rocket launch was complimented by mortars. This is important as mortars are an indirect fire aimed device where a ground target is chosen rather than random fire of the rockets. When mortar rounds which misfired are found in kindergartens, playgrounds and similar targets, there becomes little doubt who their intended target happen to be. The aim is to maximize the terror, but the Jews have the toughest of people who are determined to keep the lands and fulfill a destiny Islam cannot even begin to imagine. They claim they are desert people. We are the original desert people who were tested for forty years in the harshest of deserts, one the Arabs avoid.


The anti has been upped by the recent advent of using drones. They even attempted to strike an Israeli tank (see video below). Actually, their targeting a military vehicle is far more in-line with the rules of modern warfare. When fighting a supposed occupier, you target their military. But that is where reasoning has gone astray, as this is not about occupation, it is about existence. Sure, the claim is that Hamas rewrote their charter, but they never gave up that charter and it is what drives them today, the complete eradication of the Jews worldwide. Were Hamas and Islamic Jihad ever get control of the land of Israel, they would systematically murder every Jewish man, woman and child. They would emulate the treatment dealt to the Banu Qurayza Tribe as described in the Quran. This would be the best that could be expected, and this is why Israel can never lose as that is the end, one loss and it is all over. The remainder of Judaism would evaporate except for a few small close-knit communities. Israel is also fighting for the continued existence of the Jewish people, religion and everything which goes with Judaism.



Read the Torah and it perfectly describes the lands which we were to inhabit, we ask no more and desire no less. One can trace our doing what every nation which desired to continue did four-thousand years ago, we conquered our homelands. This is where people again go wrong claiming that we must have taken the land from the Arab Palestinians. The Arab tribes of the time were warring with one another in the Arabian Peninsula with the tribe of Moab between them and the Israelites. The Arabs know this but are counting on the rest of the world not knowing or caring and simply doing what has been done for centuries, believing every accusation leveled at the Jews. The Arabs did not even reach the Levant (the region surrounding Israel and Lebanon) until the Seventh Century, and arrived then as conquerors. This is why the Arab world claims lands from the Iranian border to the Atlantic Sea in Morocco. These lands were fought over between the European Christians and the Arabian Muslims for centuries with Jerusalem changing hands more than once. Each time it changed hands, the Jews were accused of being spies for the other side, and that was because there were Jews residing in Jerusalem continuously since David made it the eternal capital city of Israel. Jerusalem has never been the capital city of any other peoples since David declared it for the Jewish People.


History of Jews from 2000BCE to 1CE


We are simply coming home after a prolonged vacation from sanity. The land has bloomed and far more since the onset of our returning back in the mid to late eighteen-hundreds. Swamps drained and cleared and boulders removed with water provided for crops and the lands tilled soon to be followed by more modern industrial base all the way into the digital age. Israel should be the model for the Arab nations to emulate, not destroy. In many ways, Israel is the golden goose who lays gold eggs. This ends once you kill the goose as the eggs stop being laid. Israel is the little marvel which was viewed as impossible for almost two-thousand years and she has been reborn more wonderous than ever. One can only wonder what things could come out of Israel in the future. Well, for such to ever come to fruition, first Israel needs to exist. The Arabs stated, when they first realized that the Jews really intended to return, that they would take their (the Jews) land and everything they ever build and destroy everything. They predicted a slaughter which would bring the memory of the Crusades and the Mongols, the two main adversaries the Arabs have faced, with the eradication of the Jews back in 1948 on the eve of the first Arab attempt to erase the Jewish state, often mistakenly called the Israeli War of Independence. They made two more such attempts in 1967 and 1973 and then resorted to using terror and propaganda employing the tool they had hatched in 1964 working closely with the KGB, the PLO where the idea of an Arab Palestinian nationalism using terrorism could liberate the lands from the Jews. Hamas was a later group which split from the PLO as they were not sufficiently Islamic. Islamic Jihad is the IRGC contingent in Gaza. Well, of course they chose a new name as Iran is not stupid enough to station IRGC in GAZA and call then IRGC, they simply adopted a name that trended well in some poll. That brings us to what the world faces now.


There is one thing that the world should realize and awaken to. The powers of Islam are not going to be satisfied with just Israel and they are not going to wait for the defeat of Israel before they begin to infiltrate other lands. Europe has been amongst the latest as are the United States, Canada, Australia and the rest of the western world. As time continues and more and more “refugees” from the Arab and Muslim world, there will be an increase in terrorist attacks, first against Jewish targets and then Christian targets and then taking over the government and forcing Shariah replacing their democratic form of governance. That will be the death cry in the western world if their leaders do not awaken to the threat they have imported with their foolishness. Nations are not to be used as social experimentation if you cherish the society you currently possess. In any repair business, there is a maxim which goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” The western society was not broken and it had systems in place to sustain it and the people believed they found a better way. This better way was not just under the standards of Judeo-Christianity, this brave new world was not even under the standards of the Noahic Code. These social experimenters are going to wake up one morning, hopefully before it is too late but that is in question currently, and realize that everything which they took for granted has become forbidden or severely restricted. There is a new religion coming to town and it does not play well with others, especially with those who have forsaken Hashem. The best hope which Israel wishes is for the world to realize that we need to live with understanding, sympathy and respect for all such that all may have respect for us. But respect does not mean surrender or allow one’s entire civilization be pulled crashing down around them. That is what is at risk and Israel was simply the initial front line and the diversion which will be used to distract as the western world is slowly digested and conquered. For another view on this discussion, please do read this article by Giulio Meotti as it is well written and quite interesting.


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March 24, 2019

Temple Mount War Between Israel and Jordan


If there is one thing that can be said for Israel, they often do the wrong thing for the right reason and then face a myriad of consequences. At the close to the June 1967 Six Day War, after Israel had liberated the entirety of the Shomron, Judea and Samaria, and all of Jerusalem, then Defense Minister Moshe Dayan convinced the center-left government of Golda Meir to allow the Jordanian Waqf to control the Islamic buildings constructed on the Temple Mount. This has proven to be yet another instance of the Israelis attempting to do the compassionate thing and receiving nothing but spite and hatred in return. By now most everyone has heard of the term referring to the Temple Mount of the “status quo” and how not permitting anything to change so as not to disturb the balance between the major religions and their interest in the Temple Mount. Here is some advice for understanding the concept of the “status quo” in reference to the Temple Mount. Whenever the term “status quo” is trotted out, you can bet that the Waqf and its Jordanian masters have just made an explicit change to the current rules through which they are denying Jewish and Christian, mostly Jewish, claims and attachments to the Temple Mount attempting to make the Temple Mount a purely Islamic holy site. The latest change to the “status quo” was initiated by the King of Jordan. It came about as the Waqf attempted to establish yet another Mosque on the Temple Mount which would have taken possession of a Jewish holy site and removed another entrance to the Temple Mount. The Islamic creep on the Temple Mount is reminiscent of the Arab tale of the Camel and the Tent.


IDF Rabbi with Celebratory Cigar and Torah Scroll Entering Old City

IDF Rabbi with Celebratory Cigar and Torah Scroll Entering Old City


Initially, immediately after the Six Day War, the Temple Mount was open for people to visit and to enter the Church of the Holy Sepulchre while the al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock remained limited access. The Waqf initially was cautious about making changes but with time, they restricted which entrances were available for non-Muslims to use until they restricted such to a single entrance accessed by a pedestrian bridge in need of replacement. When Israel attempted to rebuild this entryway the Waqf claimed that the Israelis were undermining the Dome of the Rock and riots ensued. These riots were used by the Palestinian Authority to claim that they were responsible for all the Muslim sites, the Dome of the Rock, the al Aqsa Mosque and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. These claims coincided with the concept that Jesus was the first Muslim Palestinian who was persecuted by the Jews. The Palestinian Authority also claimed that the churches within Bethlehem were Islamic holy sites and they began to de-Christianize Bethlehem through intimidation, confiscation and outright violence against the Christian population of Bethlehem and the rest of the territories under the Palestinian Authority. Soon thereafter, the Christian population of Bethlehem had dropped precipitously. Quoting an article by Giulio Meotti from Christmas of 2018, “Under the control of Israel (1967-1995), the Christian population of Bethlehem grew by 57 percent. When Israel delivered the city of Jesus to the Palestinian Authority in 1995, Bethlehem had an 80 percent Christian population. Now it is just 20 percent.” Since the 1960’s and the end of the Arab world across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) expulsion of over 95% of their Jews, this has been the plight of the Coptic Christians in Egypt, the Maronite Christians of Lebanon and Syria and other Christian minorities across the region as they attempt to attain 100% pure Islamic populations by the destruction of all else. This has also been the tale of the Temple Mount and the Jordanian Waqf. The most audacious move by the Waqf was their claim that the entirety of the Temple Mount and the Western Wall and plaza were part of the al-Aqsa Mosque complex. There have also been numerous cases of weeks of rioting when Mahmoud Abbas, Waqf officials and others have claimed that the Jews were defiling the al-Aqsa Mosque (see video below) or attempting to tunnel under the Dome of the Rock in order to collapse the structure. Such provocations are nothing more than a call to arms for rioting in, on and around the Temple Mount Jews and other non-Muslims. These riots often use the al-Aqsa Mosque as their command station and the place they store rocks, bottles for Molotov cocktails and other items for use in the violence.



Another reality which Israel in general and Jews proud of their history in particular have had to put up with has been the intentional destruction by the Waqf using heavy construction equipment such as bulldozers to destroy any trace of the First or Second Temples by excavating large areas atop the Temple Mount claiming to lay new water lines. Just for the record, there have been no improvements or upgrades performed to the plumbing on the Temple Mount, no surprise there. Further complaints have been made by the Waqf and echoed by the Palestinian Authority have claimed that the Jews were attempting to destroy the Islamic centers on the Temple Mount, preparing to build the Third Temple on the ruins of the al-Aqsa Mosque and various other insanities which immediately spurred days of rioting. These claims and others almost always come the week before major Jewish holidays in order to close the Temple Mount to the Jews when there is an increased desire to walk upon the Temple Mount. What has always amazed us when the Muslims riot on the Temple Mount; they close the area to Jews who are not rioting. That is simply rewarding offensive behavior, thus it should be no surprise that this tactic is still being used. There is another falsehood perpetrated by media portraying the Dome of the Rock as being the less impressive al-Aqsa Mosque. For clarity, we have included a small guide to the difference below. Further down, we will include some pictures of the al-Aqsa Mosque being used to store rocks and weaponry as an armory for the rioting on the Temple Mount. After watching news shots and other reporting which has depicted the Muslims desecration of their own Mosque for use as a weapons platform and station from which to launch attacks knowing that when they retreat inside the Mosque they are more often than not safe from any law enforcement or other forces used to quell the rioting, it is hard to take their claims seriously any more.


Left side images Right side images al-Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock Top Pictures Outsides of the Two Islamic Holy Sites Center Picture their placement on the Temple Mount Bottom Pictures are an Inside of Each Structure

Left side images Right side images
al-Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock
Top Pictures Outsides of the Two Islamic Holy Sites
Center Picture their placement on the Temple Mount
Bottom Pictures are an Inside of Each Structure



al-Aqsa Mosque Set for Use as Armory for Rioting

al-Aqsa Mosque Set for Use as Armory for Rioting


Now comes the latest outrage, which is hard to top the past where Jews are not permitted to pray on the Temple Mount, no Jewish, Christian or other religious material or jewelry including religious clothing is permitted on the Temple Mount or whatever can in any means be perceived as a challenge to the supremacy of Islam can be permitted on the Temple Mount. That is the current “Status Quo” which is a far cry from the original status quo when Israel was largely responsible, where all were permitted through any entrance and prayers and religious clothing and materials were freely permitted, and the Waqf only took care of the Islamic structures. Slowly but inexorably the Waqf has taken control of the Temple Mount and made it a completely Islamic place where all others are treated as the Dhimmi the Quran claims they are. What has always amazed us is how whatever the Waqf, the King of Jordan or the Palestinian Authority claim concerning the Temple Mount is repeated around the world to be the “Status Quo” despite the researchable fact that the “Status Quo” has been quite liquid and always becoming more restrictive of Jews and Christians. It is as if the world is frozen and afraid to even counter anything which comes from Islam, as they must be treated with kid gloves, as they are so easily offended. Guess what, as long as they get their way by acting offended, they will be the terminally offended. Despite the attempts of the Waqf, the Jordanian King, the Palestinian Authority and whatever other Islamic body, especially including the government of Iran, to remove the Temple Mount from Judaism, Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount has gone from 2,000 visitors a short seven years ago in 2004 to 30,000 in 2018. This number is a mere shimmering shadow when compared to Jews visiting the Western Wall where they ceased attempting to record the actual numbers. These two sites are the holiest in Judaism while Jerusalem has largely been an ignored backwater for Islam until the Jews returned and began to rebuild their precious Jerusalem. For the record, former third holiest sites in Islam include but are not limited to Damascus, Constantinople, Rome, Paris, Vienna and whatever city was the next one to be targeted by Islamic forces. What do you know, Jerusalem fits that role perfectly as the Islamic forces wish to destroy Israel and know were they able to deny the Jews Jerusalem, of simply the Temple Mount, then they would have a far easier fight. This is why the Palestinian Authority demands that east Jerusalem including the entirety of the Temple Mount and Western Wall plaza be ceded as their capital city.


King Abdullah II of Jordan said on Wednesday that his position on Jerusalem is “unwavering” and all the Jordanian people are with him. He was quoted by the Xinhua news agency stating, “To me, Jerusalem is a red line, and all my people are with me.” King Abdullah added, “No one can pressure Jordan on this matter, and the answer will be no. All Jordanians stand with me on Jerusalem. At the end of the day, Arabs and Muslims will stand with us as well.” Well, he sure knows how to draw a line, but one must wonder where he draws his line. These comments came following an Israeli court ordered the closure of the Golden Gate, also known as the Gate of Mercy, where the Waqf recently erected a mosque illegally. Even the Waqf requires building permits and approval of the designs for any new structure, but they believe they are above such petty things as laws. Additionally, Jordanian lawmakers are insisting that the Israeli ambassador be expelled from Jordan in protest to the Jewish presence preventing their complete mastery over the Temple Mount and by inference, Jerusalem. Should this latest temper tantrum be acquiesced to by Israeli authorities, then whatever comes next will be that much more difficult to stand against. The Islamic attempts at encroachment and territorial expansion go beyond the Temple Mount to include illegal building in Area C in the Shomron, illegal outposts and settlements in the Negev and illegal structures erected in the Galilee. We know that the only illegal structures and settlements which have been reported in your news are the Jews who are residing in Area C which is completely legal under the Oslo Accords as Area C was placed under Israeli control, not Palestinian Arab control, and legal under International Law which recognized the treaties from post World War I which assign all lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea to be used for the Jewish State and they remain Israeli lands until Israel formally signs a new treaty forfeiting the Israeli claims and ownership over such lands. All we will add to this is research the San Remo Conference and related material and all will become clear and you will realize that you have been spoon fed lies by the media, surprise, surprise.


Should King Abdullah II of Jordan actually stand behind every implication of his threats, then perhaps he should be warned that Israelis are losing their patience with the entirety of the offensive and disrespectful attitudes and treatment they have put up with for the past seventy-plus years. We and our governing representatives have bent over backwards in attempts to find some middle ground where the two sides could come to an agreement. All which has come from these attempts have been land grabs, demands, threats, rioting and an all out offensive through propaganda and use of international bodies all in attempts to chop Israel into little pieces which Islamic forces could then gobble up one after the other until all Israel and her Jews are gone. That is a dream of yours which will become a nightmare of Biblical proportions for the Islamic interests and may result in Israel cleansing the foreign entities from her legal lands. This would push the Palestinian Authority and all that entails across the Jordan River and into Jordan where Abdullah II can be their king which he apparently is so fixated on becoming. As for Gaza, as it is obvious that Egypt would resist allowing them to be pushed into the Sinai Peninsula, we could arrange for transport by ship to their benefactors lands in Iran as Israel turned the area into one of the world’s best vacation regions.


We are aware that the recent election madness going on in Israel gives the Arabs hope that the Jews will fight one another and make their task for erasing them all the easier, do not count on this as we may argue amongst ourselves, but when the time comes, we will be as one. We also advise that the forces which believe that Israel is weakening and about to elect a governance which will fall before their Islamic overlords and simply fold giving them everything they desire, wait until the results come in before believing what you read about polling in Israel. Polling has become more and more suspect throughout the Western world and this is another area in which Israel took the lead. Simon Peres won virtually every poll when running for Prime Minister yet he was only elected to the position once plus held it for a short period after the death of the sitting Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin. Israeli polling is almost universally slanted leftward, which may be due to methodology or the questions asked and their phrasing. Israelis almost always go through several phases of trauma while vacillating between which person and party they plan to support before finally, and more often than not, voting for the same party they did last elections. Still, there has been a noticeable shift towards nationalism, Zionism and an increase in the percentage of religious Israelis in the electorate. This will be depicted in full spectral color once the results of the election are known and the post election second guessing as to who President Rivlin will choose to try to form a coalition first as well as who, in the final measure, will actually succeed in forming a coalition and as to how strong and unshakeable that coalition will prove in being. The one thing we can guarantee is that the coalition after the elections cannot be any weaker than the last coalition which consisted of the smallest any coalition can be under Israeli law, sixty-one Ministers out of the one-hundred-twenty possible.


The end result of the challenges of the Temple Mount will eventually result in the Waqf being deported back to Amman where they can explain to King Abdullah II exactly what happened and why they are appearing before him. We would not wish to be in their shoes and have to find some excuse. The same will eventually be the result with the Palestinian Arabs. The ones under the Palestinian Authority will probably be the more fortunate as they will be offered payment for their properties and receive an additional relocation allotment, likely a generous one, and be required to sign a pledge that neither they nor their families will return to the regions within the Israeli border and that they had received suitable recompense for their relocation. As for those in Gaza, should they remain tied to Hamas and Islamic Jihad, then they will be considered terrorists and as such simply be deported when the rockets and other destructive efforts originating from Gaza exceed Israeli tolerances. Name another nation which would have tolerated the threats, terrorism, murders and destruction caused by the Islamic war against Israel being waged by the Arab Palestinians (and some allies from within Israel) for anywhere near as long as Israel has already, and we have yet to remove them. With far less provocation, the Chinese sent tanks to Tiananmen Square. With just the liberalizing of laws and reducing communist restrictions by a new government in Czechoslovakia brought on the Soviet Invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968 by Leonid Brezhnev and the USSR. All it took from Tibet was a few monks were chanting too loudly and far too freely, which brought on a massive conquest throughout 1949 and 1950 by China. We could continue with other relatively recent historical and numerous ancient historical military conquests and other forms of suppression which were in response to far less of a provocation than what Israel has faced, yet Israel has always attempted to find a settlement and peace, which will be denied as Islam does not share the Israeli love of peace, they love conquest and subjugation of all that stands as part of Dar al-Harb, which simply denotes that which is outside of Dar al-Islam. It would serve the Arab Palestinians, the Waqf and Jordanian King Abdullah II far better to find an agreeable compromise with Israel before Israel figures out that they do not desire an agreeable compromise, merely complete surrender and acceptance of Islamic subjugation eventually followed by convert or die options. When a sufficient and sizable number of Israelis accept this reality and realize the implication of the only solution which will permit their safety and continued ability to worship as they please, that will begin the end of this entire farce and the establishing of Israel on all of her land with a finality that ends any idea of continued conflict. Such a day may not be as far into the future as most people believe. The one thing we can guarantee is that the United Nations, European Union and very likely the United States will all stand demanding that Israel return to her previous state of constant threat and apologize for choosing life and rejecting threats of their death which currently are common fare from the Palestinian Arabs and many in the Muslim world with Iran as a perfect example.


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January 27, 2019

When Did Aggression Become the Catch-all Phrase?


What sent us over the edge, you might say it was an aggression, was an article titled, “Hamas Threatens Israel as IDF Prepares for new Clashes,” where Israel not automatically transferring Qatari aid money to the terror enclave was called an “aggression” by Hamas. Egypt also has not leaped forward and transferred the money, but that does not rise to the level of an aggression, as Hamas hates Egypt measurably less than they do Israel and the Jews in general. But we are not concerned about Hamas in this article as there will be plenty of time and reasons along the way, it is the over-application of the word “Aggression” to virtually any situation where somebody decides that they are displeased with a statement, position, action or virtually anything in their lives. Aggression no longer requires a physical act or even direct verbal abuse intended for the aggrieved person. Ireland is thinking of passing legislation codifying the BDS Movement’s actions of singling out Israel for economic sanctions because, we figure, the Irish have suffered Israeli aggressions because of the Arab-Israeli Conflict. Interestingly, none of the Arabs, terrorists included, seems to have raised the Irish ire to the level of aggression. But let us move from the Middle East to Europe and the United States.


Remember BREXIT? Well, there were articles who referred to the British even voting on whether they wished to remain in the European Union as an aggression. But the few references to the taking of a vote as an aggression were nothing after BREXIT passed. Now, as Britain actually follows through and pulls from the European Union, every step they take along the tediously long and drawn-out procedure for actually exiting the European Union will most certainly have some commentator referring to each step as an aggression against the brotherhood of nations which make up the European Union. But it gets worse when we look at many of the furthest left-leaning universities and colleges in the developed world, especially the United States. Freshmen are assaulted by the aggression police as soon as they arrive on campus. In many of these schools the freshmen are given a booklet about the do’s and don’ts about campus life and included are several pages listing the most common micro-aggressions. A micro-aggression is, according to Merriam Webster, “a comment or action that subtly and often unconsciously or unintentionally expresses a prejudiced attitude toward a member of a marginalized group (such as a racial minority).” There are further definitions and a whole page of related subjects which we are sure are absolutely fascinating. Wait a minute, I bet belittling a whole page of related subjects has to have passed somebody’s threshold as a micro-aggression. From our experience, a micro-aggression can be anything that any minority can claim they felt insulted, ignored, generalized, misidentified, threatened, hurt, felt a twinge of anger, or just about anything they desire to define as a micro-aggression.


Since the person committing the micro-aggression does not even have to realize that they may have misspoke, until the aggrieved party informs them of their faux pas, their societal egregiously poor manners and complete lack of sensitivity will continue. Just for clarification, if one is a straight, white, religious, male who has no gender identity disorders, does not suffer PTSD and is healthy in body and mind (in theory), then there is absolutely no means of committing a micro-aggression or other forms of aggression against them because of straight-white-religious-healthy-male dominated world which has provided them with every advantage and made their lives simple, easy and facing few barriers to success which impede all of those others who have been victimized for thousands of years by this horrible straight-white-religious-healthy-male dominated social order better known as the established order. Just in case you had any doubts, the established order is evil, racist, sexist, gender critical and simply through and through rotted and must be torn asunder and replaced with a nice, all-inclusive, reordered and equalizing social order where those who have been deprived are now the ones receiving all the benefits of established order and the straight-white-religious-healthy-male is punished for the millennia of oppressions and all the horrific aggressions their species has committed. This new ordered world will be defined by the most easily offended such that nobody ever will need to feel overlooked, unimportant or in any way made to feel different, well, except for those contemptible-straight-white-religious-healthy-males.


Then there are these trigger words. These are the new swear words which must never be spoken even in hushed tones. The least sarcastic article about “micro-aggressions,” “trigger words” and “trigger warnings” (these are the warnings which need be placed with descriptions of course material which may be found to be threatening or harmful or when a professor has been found to use language somewhat carelessly and thus garnered their share of complaints from students that they were threatened or harmed by their lectures) was in Psychology Today titled, “Microaggressions and Trigger-Warnings.” I have taught mathematics and electronics and am so very glad that this was back when things were a little less sensitive and students listened carefully to lectures to learn and not to pick out and choose certain otherwise innocuous phrases from the lecture to rush and report to the school sensitivity director. When I taught there were neither sensitivity officers nor many of the specialists which are required in schools now. There needs to be an advisor for every possible nationality or combination there of. There need be counselors specializing in just about every area where current society has apparently diverged with someone taking care of gender identification difficulties such as the boy who thinks he might be happier if only he were a girl and of course the school must have an advisor, counselor to help with the problematic and sensitive period while he finds his way to becoming she and everyone who has made fun or said anything considered to be less than uplifting and helpful has been properly reprimanded and these bumps smoothed out. The gender identification is one problem which is so prone to humor, but that would be a severe micro-Aggression, but we decided to use the picture below anyway.


Inclusive Bathrooms Boys Girls and Genderless

Inclusive Bathrooms Boys Girls and Genderless


New York City has decided to make the bathroom on the far right necessary as they are permitting a new gender for birth certificates, “X” and we are not joking. You can read about it from CNN coverage. From what we have gleaned between the girlish giggling and snickering was that this will permit the child, as they are neither boy or girl, to decided when they are older which gender is most applicable and to their liking, or would comfort be a softer and more welcoming denotation. This leads to what will, in the future, make for some interesting court cases. First thing is that there will necessarily need to be an age at which, if they have yet to do so, choose their gender, a decision which will hopefully last a lifetime, but even that is not assured. With the rules about gender, which we are told we are forbidden to scoff and poke fun as gender is serious and far more than the simple boy or girl classifications we were limited to back in the day, apparently one can awaken feeling so refreshed and decide their female mind wants to tackle the day but then the boss is in a bad temper and your reaction is to instantly access your male mind in order to handle that situation. Then, after work, one may decide that they wish to return to their female influence. It really can get confusing with gender now something to be chosen in the same way one picks their clothes out in the morning; you can decide whether you need a dress shirt or a blouse. The real victims will be those children who are given a birth gender of “X” and have to try at an early age to make a decision over what their gender will be with parents who are likely telling the confused child that their birth organs do not delineate their real gender. Thinking about this gender confusion, Facebook offers, at a minimum, seventy-plus genders from which one can choose. Over seventy genders to choose from, that is over twice as many genders as Baskin-Robbins offers in flavor of ice cream and might even be more flavors of gender than brews of coffee at Starbucks. Who knew anything in life offered more choices than Starbucks.


All of these things and much more are the result of a society in which everything is relative and nothing can remain as that stuffy traditional definitions that our parents lived with. No, everything has to be completely upended just to make everybody comfortable with whatever their idiosyncrasies may happen to include. Nothing can be considered beyond the pale and there must never be borders which limit activities or the growing plethora of definitions replacing every tradition. The worst possible crime in modern day America and Europe is that if it originated in any fashion from the Judeo-Christian ethic, then it must be torn apart, restructured, defined to include all deviancies, and dash any resemblance to what is considered white, male and Christian. Another item which must be told is that with throwing out Christian, they also desire to rid themselves of Judaism, particularly Orthodox Judaism. Reform, Reconstructionist and even Conservative Judaism can be accepted providing the people are willing to denounce Israel as one of the worst and most cruel nations on Earth who are oppressive of the Palestinian Arabs and even the entire Arab world. Fortunately, Jay Leno recently was posted on Facebook making a comment about that exact situation, and we just could not resist posting it here, and will probably use it as often as we are able.


Jay Leno Speaks Out


Here is the back-breaker of this entire leftist, progressive insanity where up is down and sideways can be forward or backward and it all does not matter. Well, for us normals, “normal,” that has come to have a denotation of evil about it in much of our crazed society, but for us normals, these new rules sound more like a game of make it all up as you go along. If you can give it a name, then it must be included as long as it goes against all traditions. The Bible is now considered to be some old book written by and for rich white people and thus to be discarded and replaced with anything which opposes those traditions. The United States Constitution, the British Magna Carta and just about every set of national founding documents, especially if they are written on parchment, are simply old stupid rules made up by rich white Christian (or Jewish) men and thus have no value. Shakespeare, Dumas, Chaucer, Dickens, Mark Twain, Edgar Allen Poe and every traditional writer which used to be the core of the English language have all been banned as they were written by white males who were probably Christian. We are waiting for them to decide they can teach math and physics without the input of white males such as Descartes, Newton, Euclid, Hawking, Plato, Riemann and a great number of white males. Our world is being thrown into a blender and nothing which was normative is permitted to escape the indelible rewrite of all that is good and decent by the far left. They have taken society, chopped everything up, flung every barrier away, renamed everything in sight and made standards a thing of the past, even decided, in some cases of select colleges, to permit the students to choose their own grades. The world many of us knew has disappeared and been replaced with what seems more like a cartoon world where nothing is fixed and the standards are what each individual chooses for themselves. The fact that this cannot and will not work does not matter to the leftist leadership, just as long as they despair those who they decided required dispairment, frustrating everyone who was dependent upon the former rules which defined society and our lives. Not any longer, as there is a whole new game in town and it has only one ruleset, anything goes as long as it is counter to all Judeo-Christian traditions and will destroy the white males. This is part of the great love affair the extreme left has with Islam, they share a disdain for the Judeo-Christian ethic and swear they will drive Christianity from their regions which they believe will soon include most if not all of Europe and the United States along with Canada. These delusional leftists firmly believe that when the right moment comes, they will be capable of switching the Democrat Party or the Social Democrat Party platform for the Quran and reestablish a new Islam which holds to their New World Order. If they refuse to awaken and read the Quran and understand how it is believed and known by Muslims, they will find themselves facing a very poor ending. Islam has turned itself inward to such an extent that it cannot be altered in any way. It will remain determined to conquer the world and replace Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Hindu and every other religion, and that most definitely includes Secular Humanism. Those on the left who are sworn to Secular Humanism need to understand how Islam defines their belief system. To Islam they are idolaters or apostates, and to be honest, we are unsure which would make for the worse choice. The one thing we do know, both are cured in Islam by very similar means and both result in death. When the far left finally discovers the reality about Islam, we can only pray for the sake of the developed world that there will be sufficient time and resources for the developed world to rebound and find its way back to its founding roots and do away with all this new age lunacy. If they do not, then they will very likely learn the real definition of aggression, Seventh Century style.


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