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September 6, 2016

Coming Pressing Problems


Our world is in a state of flux with only one driving force determining the future and that future is a bleak one. The greatest force being exerted is one which demands of all they surrender their will and simply follow a strict set of rules enforced at the will of self-appointed learned ones. The definition in this future of a learned one is one versed in The Book which was compiled approximately twelve-hundred years ago and derived its base ideals and ideas from two centuries earlier. The most revered figure in this book was a man of conquest who eradicated his enemies, not simply vanquishing them and ruling over them. Those he fought were less than human simply because they fought against his armies and refused to accept him as the voice of the deity he imagined from visions in a cave. This conquest is being accomplished through infiltration and upon attaining a sizeable percent of any population demanding equal rights and the exalting of their law over any law in place. Their intention is the replacement of Judeo-Christian culture with Islam and the eradication of liberal societies replacing them with a retrograde society ruled under a political system which they pass off as a religion, it is nothing of the kind, it is a ruling ideology which suppresses human emotions, thoughts, will, imagination and freedoms. This is the future which is winning the day simply because those who should resist and demand their rights are too passive and have completely lost any respect for their founding principles and their former religious teachings which exalted mankind as a reasoning, rational thinking entity, not a slave surrendered to drudgery of an existence. Look wherever Islam rules and ask yourselves, do I desire to have my society mirror that of those nations? Do I want to live in New Saudi Arabia or New Egypt or New Turkey? These are actually the more ordered of the Islamic societies. Others include Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq or Iran. There is even the possibility that there might be a disagreement over which version of Islam that should be followed and then you end up with something resembling Yemen, Libya or Syria. There are alternatives but they require effort.


The first thing which must be stated is we have no problem with Islam as one religion amongst other religions and ideologies. Islam would be welcome as a coequal partner in our society with Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Shinto, Confucianism, and even Secular Humanism. We would welcome those who believe in Allah as long as also included in the society is freedom to believe in Hashem, Jesus, Confucius, Buddha or no deity at all and follow rationalism or other philosophies and religions all accepted on equal grounds. This is acceptable and as soon as Islam can agree to such an arrangement then they are welcome but as long as Islamics, Muslims that demand their rules be superior to all others and theirs be the preferred religion on the way to being the only religion enforced initially through coercion and in the end by the sword, then Islam must be fought as would any other fascist imperialist dominance seeking force. Should Islam continue to be determined on world conquest, just as is and was Communism and were Nazism and a multitude of others before including even Christianity at an earlier point before the Reformation, they will sooner or later run into opposition which will stiffen as their pressuring increases resulting in an unimaginable conflagration if they insist on world domination. Islam is capable of being pluralistic if only they would apply elements from the Mecca Quranic writings from earlier in the life and preaching of Muhammad and replace the later texts which were granted preeminence by a later interpretation so as to further the conquests across North Africa and into Western Europe as Islam conquered much of the Iberian Peninsula (see map below). Subsequent expansions by Islamic forces reached the Philippines, Indonesia, as far as Tours, France before being turned back by Charles “The Hammer” Martel and took Constantinople which fell in 1453 and continued on laying siege to Vienna which was relieved when Polish King Jan Sobieski III (Depicted Below) took command of his entire army aided by troops from the Holy Roman Empire and Hungarian forces in the year 1683.


Spread of Islam Across North Africa And Into the Iberian Peninsula

Spread of Islam Across North Africa
And Into the Iberian Peninsula


Polish King Jan Sobieski

Polish King Jan Sobieski III


These were the active conquests by the Arab Islamic Empire followed by the Ottoman Empire which was defeated finally during World War I. The Arab expansive colonialist conquests have colonized and all but eradicated through totalitarian subjugation and intermarriage similar to the Spanish influence in their colonial expansions. These conquests persisted even during and throughout outlasting the European colonialist holdings which began after World War I in 1918 to 1921 and almost all were released to local rule by the end of the 1950s while the Arab’s conquest and colonial empire still exists and has existed for anywhere from a thousand years to twelve-hundred-fifty years. Theirs is the longest colonial empire in history with the sole exceptions being Russia and China which some claim are empires due to the sheer size of the nation of Russia and the size and population of China despite neither actually conquered their peoples and lands as much as congealed rule. So, the claims by Arabs of suffering from their European conquest and colonialism, this is an empty accusation when one compares the Arab conquest and colonialist empire which spread from the Arabic Peninsula across an area greater in size than Russia and rivalling China in population. The Arab Islamic colonial expansionism is now once again surging in an attempt to complete the commands from the Quran to spread Islam over the entire globe converting every inhabitant to Islam by coercion or by the sword only coming to a conclusion once all follow Islam as commanded by the Quran. Here is a video showing Muslims in their own words defining their intentions.



One more forceful faction calls for terrorism as a form of intimidation also following the command in the Quran to terrorize the enemy which in this case is all of the infidel living in the decadent Western World. There is another driving force behind terrorism which is money. Yes, there is a lot of money to be made conducting terrorism providing you terrorize the correct target and for an approved cause. One of the apparently favored causes is the replacement of the State of Israel and the home of the Jews into a terror state ruled most likely by Hamas called Palestine where a second Holocaust would be perpetrated by Muslims who do not believe there was a first Holocaust but are prepared to commit a second. Their conquest of Israel would be complete once they have murdered every Jews residing in Israel and according to the Hamas charter going on to conquer the world for Hamas and its leadership and finish killing the Jews the world over. As far as the monies, well, that comes from the United Nations, the European Union, the United States, and many of the European nations. Many of the nations sending millions of dollars and Euros to the “Palestinian cause” are seriously in debt and actually have no real funds to send, but send they do. Think terrorism does not pay? Then explain this video which covers much of the perfidy committed by those purporting to care for the Palestinian refugees and the downtrodden poor under their rule. Ever wonder why the plight never appears to be relieved despite the monies given to relieve their plight? Watch this and see.



For those seeking links to facts and information about the terror hoax and how Western Nations pay others whose intentions is their downfall and to commit terrorist acts until they succeed in destroying all around them while pocketing millions and billions of dollars, money beyond what they could ever spend in their entire lifetime, here is an article with many links and much information within which says much of what we wish to convey and feel is a good reference.


Some of the more prescient commentaries included in the article are truisms which have historic proof that they have held true throughout history and can be counted upon to make predictions in the world today. One of the most frightening has been whatever starts with the Jews never ends with the Jews, it will spread and potentially have effect throughout the world and as far as we know, potentially beyond the Earth itself on out into the cosmos. Slavery may have predated the Jews but the greatest historical work tells the story of the Jews being saved from their torment of slavery in Mizraim (Egypt, Hebrew Spelling: מצרים). Slavery has slowly but inexorably been erased from the world of civilized man much as Hashem freed the Jews from slavery. Yes, when the Jews receive favor, that favor will also bless the remainder of the world, perhaps beyond, even if it takes thousands of years. Unfortunately for the world, when evils are visited upon the Jews, it spreads to the rest of those in the affected area with an undeniable and certain and immediate future. The Holocaust murdered six-million Jews and at least nine-million additional who were Roma, mentally challenged, physically deficient, unwanted, Polish poor, Russian soldiers and more (see graph below). Then there were the military and civilian deaths from the war itself which spanned the entirety of the globe (see graph below). This was the ultimate in carnage by mankind thusfar, but the coming apocalypse will dwarf World War II civilian deaths just as World War II surpassed World War I civilian deaths when compared against military deaths (see graph below). This is what the world is facing if a new force does not emerge to stabilize and resist the coming Islamic rewriting of the history and future of the world allowing only the definition of the world which allows only for Islam and must erase all else. The claims of world conquest and the remaking of the world in the image of how Muhammad remade the Mecca-Medina area and the areas conquered by him and those following related in our above video are a real and valid threat. This coming push intends to finish what was started in our first map first conquering the Western World as once they have conquered the West, the Muslim leaders rightfully believe that the remainder of the world will succumb or be destroyed in a cleansing fire brought on by the use of nuclear weapons as the Islamic leaders have no fear or hesitation of implementing whatever weapon is available as they have proven throughout their history. It is necessary that there be a force which forces the Muslim leadership to understand that the West will not just lie down and allow them to cut our throats as they intend.


Holocaust Murdered Six Million Jews And Approximately Nine Million Roma, Mentally Challenged, Physically Deficient, Unwanted, Polish Poor, Russian Soldiers and More

Holocaust Murdered Six Million Jews
And Approximately Nine Million Roma,
Mentally Challenged, Physically Deficient,
Unwanted, Polish Poor, Russian Soldiers and More


Military and Civilian Deaths from World War II

Military and Civilian Deaths from World War II


World War II Surpassed World War I Civilian Deaths Against Military Deaths

World War II Surpassed World War I
Civilian Deaths Against Military Deaths


Much of this is ominous to say the least, but nothing is set in stone thus the reality can always be altered providing the right moves are made. The Nazis appeared unstoppable but between errors in judgment and tactics and the stubborn resolution of one Winston Churchill and the bombing of Pearl Harbor bringing the United States and its manufacturing power into the war on the side of Churchill, Russia and the allies, the end of Nazi and Japanese imperialism was doomed. Napoléon was another who appeared unstoppable but he was stuck fighting in Russia during the winter and the battle of Waterloo and that was all for Napoléon. The Soviet Union ran aground when the United States under Ronald Reagan instigated a project known as Star Wars but was simply the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) which literally spent the Soviet Union into bankruptcy. Ronald Reagan believed that the Soviet Union was on shaky foundations financially and vulnerable due to that weakness and he twisted that wound until they broke. He was not in office when the end came, but he was definitely the causal effect and his Vice President George H. W. Bush was elected and continued Reagan’s initiatives bringing the end to the Cold War. Similar walls have been struck by every empire which attempted to conquer the world. What remains to be seen is whether a force will arise which will force, or enable, the alteration of Islamic Quranic interpretation such that the Mecca moderation becomes preeminent over the more violent and imperial Medina verses. This is what is necessary for the world to continue to live in peace and with progress and freedom and human rights. The cries from Muslims that they are demanding their human rights are deceit with which they are applying their initial push and foothold from which they will usurp the entirety of the Western World through subversion. In a free society it is the public who are ultimately responsible and the votes in coming elections and the reporting by the media will tell what the future will hold and not necessarily what is desired. If these forces refuse to address the immediacy of the situation it is up to the people to demand a change in priorities. The coming United States and European elections will be telling and all we can do is vote, wait and pray.


Beyond the Cusp


July 11, 2014

Unsubstantiated, Deranged, Hysterical, Accusations Abound on Israel

When it comes to hyperventilating while spitting out preposterous accusations over Israeli actions, nobody can quite measure up to the absurdities which emanate from the mouth of Palestinian Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. Abbas has not let us down with his latest tirade describing the Israel defense against the escalated rocket fire by Hamas and other terrorists out of Gaza striking a number of civilian targets while the majority have either been intercepted by the Iron Dome anti-missile system developed and deployed by Israel. Perhaps the easiest way to critique his words is to simply quote the applicable accusations and then point out the complete lack of sanity or sense his hysteria contains. Chairman Abbas stated during a crisis meeting of the PA leadership in Ramallah claiming, “It’s genocide – the killing of entire families is genocide by Israel against our Palestinian people. What’s happening now is a war against the Palestinian people as a whole and not against the factions. We know that Israel is not defending itself, it is defending settlements, its main project.”


Taking Mahmoud Abbas’s inanities in order, his referring to the Israeli defensive responses to a general increase in terrorist operations by Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Fatah, Palestinian Authority and likely other terror entities including the abduction and murder of three Israeli students; increasingly perilous condition traveling the roads due to the hurling of rocks from sling fired stones to blocks the size of cinderblocks and beyond severely damaging cars and causing injuries which have put two infant girls under age two in hospitals in comas, both released with one making slow and steady improvement and the other needing constant care as she has just barely regained consciousness, causing the death of Asher Palmer and his one year old son, Yonathan, and numerous close calls which have left many with related nervous disorders such as nightmares and panic attacks; knifings even included at the entrances to the Old City of Jerusalem and even near the Western Wall, carjacking and the ramping of the numbers of rockets out of Gaza aimed at civilian Israeli targets as being an attempt by Israel to commit genocide should be seen as ridiculous by even a casual observer. The fact that Abbas is making the accusation of genocide by the Israelis against the Palestinians from his office in Ramallah should be sufficient to cast doubt into the claim as he would be among the first that Israel might target if genocide were the Israeli intent. Additionally, the only actions Israelis have taken in Judea and Samaria has been the all-out three week search for the abducted youths who were kidnapped by Hamas operatives from within the Palestinian Authority areas of Hevron which did not result in thousands upon thousands of dead Palestinians and a virtual depopulating of the city of Hevron as any decently planned and executed genocidal attack would have produced. Even the death toll in Gaza, where Israel has escalated their response to the barrages of rockets proportionally to the rocket fire, has remained very low and not been the tens of thousands any genocidal assault would have caused. Some might even point to the fact that the Israeli attacks have mostly been targeting empty buildings and that when there might have been a chance that civilians were present at any of the targets that Israeli forces have warned the Palestinians in Gaza of the imminent attack so as to permit them to leave the area and move to safety. The worst toll of life from a single Israeli strike came when Hamas called for their own citizens to immediately flock to the location which Israel had just warned the members of the Hamas leader whose house was being targeted. This still resulted in fewer than ten fatalities despite Israelis calling the family members and having a drone drop a flare on the target indicating it was to be struck. As was pointed out by a British retired commander, the Israelis giving warnings to the Palestinians even to include members of terrorist groups who may be present at the location to be struck, providing the terrorist is not the target, is the worst method of executing a surprise attack.


Another claim by Mahmoud Abbas is, “war against the Palestinian people as a whole and not against the factions,” where by factions he means to indicate terrorist groups, an admission he refuses to ever concede. Abbas defines every form of attack, bombing, murder, arson, even hurling firebombs at checkpoints manned by civilians in an effort to protect their village from terrorist attacks as rightful attacks to cast off the yoke of Israeli occupation while should Israel actually defend themselves from an assault on their person Abbas defines such as a crime against humanity and a war crime and demands the world bring charges and prevent the Israelis, or as he sometimes slips up and says, the Jews, from defending themselves and impeding the Palestinian efforts to liberate the entirety of their ancient homeland, which means all of Israel from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. Thus far the entirety of the Israeli efforts since the massive and rapid increase in rockets fired at Israeli civilians living almost anywhere in the entirety of Israel, as Hamas rockets have reached the southern confines of Haifa which is well into the north of the country and close to as far as one can be from Gaza where Hamas is firing from, has been the areas from which the rockets are launched and related targets including the homes of the leadership of the terrorist groups responsible for the barrages which all lie within Gaza. The rockets have easily reached Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Bathsheva, and the central hub where the majority of Israelis and Israeli industry and infrastructure lie, and threaten the agricultural northern plains and there is a definite chance that Hamas or Islamic Jihad may have a limited numbers of rockets, or possibly missiles, which could reach the entirety of Israel to include the Golan Heights in the northeast corner and farthest points from Gaza. Another truth which will likely remain unmentioned, or at least not receiving the proper emphasis it deserves, is that Israel pulled up everything including the communities, IDF bases, checkpoints and training facilities, and even reburied the Jews from every cemetery which was within the environs of Gaza and turned the entirety over to the Palestinian Authority in August of 2005 and there has not been a single Jew residing within Gaza since then. Gaza is not an occupied or even contested area as Israel surrendered all claims and interests in those lands. The Palestinian Authority subsequently lost control of Gaza to Hamas in a short but bloody coup and as soon as terrorist strikes erupted from the Hamas controlled Gaza, Israel then place an embargo on the entirety of Gaza. The Israeli embargo is recognized and has been granted the blessings as completely legal by the United Nations and virtually every required review. There has not been even one single, lonely, errant, stray, or any other definition for a bombing falling within Judea or Samaria which make up what Jordan invented the name West Bank to blur the historic claims of the Jewish People to the lands Jordan occupied between 1948 and June of 1967. That puts an end to the claims that Israel is targeting the entirety of the Palestinian areas.


The final part quoted from the myriad of falsities being expressed by Mahmoud Abbas, among others, was, “We know that Israel is not defending itself, it is defending settlements, its main project.” With all the Israeli strikes falling within Gaza and the above offered proof that there exist no Israeli settlements or even a single Israeli, Jew or otherwise, residing or even strolling accidentally within the confines of Gaza, that the Israeli retaliation is purely a response to the barrages of rockets and accompanying mortar fire and has absolutely no correlation or other attachment or link to what are erroneously called the Israeli settlements. These statements and the others which have already been quoted by mainstream media worldwide attributed to Mahmoud Abbas with the intentions of purporting that his statements must be true as he is a man of peace and one who only speaks truth. Nothing could be further from the truth and this is something the world must realize and recognize if they desire to hold any valid position when they make demands of Israel. The impetus behind these outrageous claims and accusations against Israel by Mahmoud Abbas is committed in order to give blanket validity to any and every wild and erroneous accusation emanating from all points on the globe against Israel which will continue until Israel has been berated and belittled into ceasing their offensive before they have completed the destruction of Hamas and the other terrorists operating in Gaza. These efforts are being done in support of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and any other groups which are allied in the efforts to destroy Israel as the State for the Jewish People.


Already, echoing the emotion if not the literal words of Abbas, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon was quoted claiming, “I am alarmed by the new wave of violence that has engulfed Gaza, southern Israel and the West Bank — including East Jerusalem.  This is one of the most critical tests the region has faced in recent years.” Additionally he added, “Gaza is on a knife edge. The deteriorating situation is leading to a downward spiral which could quickly get beyond anyone’s control. The risk of violence expanding further still is real. Gaza, and the region as a whole, cannot afford another full-blown war.” All respect Secretary General, but give us a break. Syria for the past years was no threat to the region as a whole. ISIS marauding their way across Iraq crucifying and beheading opposition forces and innocent civilians as they go are posing no general threat to the region. The Iranian nuclear weapons program and demand that they be permitted as much as ten times the numbers of centrifuges in order to produce highly enriched uranium in massive quantities also could never pose as a threat to the region. Hezballah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda and Boko Haram all are of little if any threat to the region. But, of course, Israel responding to provocations of barrages of rockets and mortars at Israeli civilian populations and infrastructure is the only direct threat to the region. Well, excuse me!


Beyond the Cusp


August 25, 2013

Lebanon Jordan and Turkey Suffering from Creeping Syrian Violence

The civil war in Syria is horrendous in so many ways. The effects are measured in more than the casualties of the over one-hundred-thousand murdered, almost countless injured with many having horrific injuries, equally uncountable refugees having fled over the borders to Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey, all of the major cities suffering damage that has erased or threaten to erase entire neighborhoods, severely damaged infrastructure, and now the looming threat of continued use of nerve agent and other chemical weapons by the Syrian military at the orders of dictatorial President Bashir al-Assad. As damning as all of this is, there is another distressing side to this conflict, it is spreading across borders into Lebanon predominantly as well as into Jordan and Turkey to a lesser extent. This past week the effects of the Syrian civil war next door exploded in Lebanon with car bombs striking a southern neighborhood of Beirut in the heart of Hezballah held areas and two huge car bombs severely damaging two Mosques in Tripoli during Friday prayers murdering around fifty worshipers and injuring numerous others. Additionally, a terrorist front claiming alignment with al-Qaeda launched six rockets towards Israel over the weekend with one being intercepted by an Iron dome unit, one landing within a residential area between Acre and Nahariya, two falling in open areas and two never quite making out of Lebanon falling within the border. The Israelis responded with an airstrike which targeted the launch location reported to have struck an actionable target. These attacks all are directly traceable to the Syrian civil war.


There have been attempts by terrorists to strike in both Jordan and Turkey but have fortunately been prevented from executing their plans thus far. Still, the threat that the violence from Syria could spread must be very troubling for both the people in the neighboring areas as well as the authorities responsible for preventing these attacks. There have also been the first intentional attacks launched at the Israeli troops manning the Golan Heights by Syrian military forces that launched artillery or mortars across the armistice lines. The Israeli response reportedly destroyed the Syrian position. Responding to these recent attacks from Syria and Lebanon government spokespeople as well as Prime Minister Netanyahu stated unequivocally that Israel will not stand silent and will respond forcefully to any threat posed to the Israeli population. In addition to this ratcheting up of the Syrian war into the neighboring countries there have also been reports that the Syrian military under orders from Bashir al-Assad released chemical weapons upon civilian targets. Preliminary inspections have confirmed this and there are United Nations inspectors in Syria who are hoping to be allowed to inspect the area under suspicion to confirm whether or not actual chemical weapons have been deployed. United States Secretary of Defense Hagel sounded determined when he stated to the media that should it be proven that al-Assad has deployed chemical weapons on civilians that would require an immediate and decisive response from the United States. French Foreign Minister also called for action to prevent any further use by al-Assad of chemical weapons especially against civilians.


All of this posturing possess a serious question, even if al-Assad had used chemical weapons, who can the Americans and their allies work through in theater in order to avoid placing troops inside Syria, even if all that is required would be pilots as any possibility which might place service members of the United States or their allies to be captured by either side in Syria would present serious difficulties. Such a possibility would probably make any intervention by the United States to be restricted to missile attacks or other stand-off munitions. Perhaps this is behind the orders to retain the USS Mahan, a cruise-missile armed warship, in the Mediterranean Sea along with her relief ship, the USS Ramage. This should provide an area of interest which there should be kept a close watch as once the reports confirm chemical weapons use, President Obama will have little alternative but to finally act. Thus far President Obama has clung to the fact that there has been no definitive proof, which for Obama means a report from the sole authority as far as he is concerned, the United Nations, to avoid acting on his promise of severe consequences against al-Assad for any such transgression. With United Nations observers presumably scheduled to confirm the chemical weapons use allegations early this week President Obama will no longer be able to equivocate any further and he will have to either step up and act or become even more irrelevant and inconsequential, if such is even possible. This could be the week where President Obama becomes completely invisible on the world stage and no longer will be credible outside Washington D.C.


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