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October 24, 2015

Palestinian Peace Demands Piling Up Already


The first change which will have to occur before any peace negotiations can even be considered is an end to what is being referred to as violence in response to incitement which, according to United States Secretary of State John Kerry, is ever-present emanating from both sides. There is a simple description given by Wesley Pruden in his article Lies, lies and whoppers in the Middle East where he wrote the following;

The knife has become the weapon of choice in the Palestinian war against Israeli civilians, brandished as if it were a holy scimitar of the avenging Allah. The dean of a university in Gaza characterizes this campaign of the short knives as “military operations,” and urges that it be aimed at women and children. “The Jews of Palestine are fair game today, even the women,” the dean, Subhi al-Yazji, a learned doctor of Koranic studies, told an interviewer on Hamas television. “Every single Jew in Palestine is a combatant — even the children, breastfed on hatred for the Palestinian people.”



Arab terrorist posing with his knife promising to threaten and take Jewish lives, and they claim Jews rather than simply Israelis

Arab terrorist posing with his knife promising
to threaten and take Jewish lives, and they
claim Jews rather than simply Israelis



But lest one forget the reason for the current flare-up and heightened violence, the talk of restarting peace negotiations were circulating in the West as a necessary step for progress in establishing any Palestinian State for the Arabs living west of the Jordan River in what were previously lands occupied by Jordan before the Six Day War. Now the demands are for an end to the incitement and the violence such that the world can work towards a lasting peace through resumption of negotiations. One had better get ready for yet more, grander scale, and more violent targeting schools targeting children, synagogues targeting the religious, and places of public gathering such as malls, cinemas, bus terminals and similar places where people congregate in vulnerable masses. The incitement in the Arab Palestinian media, schools, religious institutions, children’s programs, social media, and other venues to increase with emphasis on the rewards of martyrdom resulting in an increase of attacks including possibly suicidal-homicidal-bombings as demanded by Hamas of both their own members in Judea and Samaria as well as challenging the members of Fatah and the PA (Palestinian Authority) both of which are headed by Mahmoud Abbas. All signals evident here in Israel are actually worrisome as this is one of the first times we have heard of demands and expectations from a new source, something many will have to take my word for as there has been such little news coverage that we were able to locate; the Islamic State has claimed responsibility for attacks in Israel on Israeli women and children. These incitements will be completely ignored by much of the world media as translating Arabic is just far too difficult and bothersome to look into Arab incitement. Fortunately, should one desire to avail themselves of such translations then simply spend a weekend reviewing the plethora of translated news and other items including incitements, sermons and lessons plus their textbooks and maps where Palestine replaces all of Israel which is what is taught in their schools and madrassas including those within Israel can be viewed in part available online at CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America), MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute), and PalWatch (Palestinian Media Watch). One afternoon or slow morning spent sampling any of these sites and getting a flavor for things many have never suspected as it has been a closely guarded secret in much of the Western world.


What we really desire to discuss is the first salvo being fired demanding for Israel to meet the Arab demands in order to sit down with the Arab negotiators. This leads only to being insulted and slandered in the discussions and too much of the world media and then be blamed when the Arabs walk out of the negotiations calling Secretary Kerry and all others who actually thought these were honest talks fools and then claiming the Israelis forced the end which all too often is echoed in the Western media as factual. Actually this will have been just a ruse to get more sacrifices from the Israelis and pocketing a promise here and there for the future sources for demands to be made on Israel and forced on Israel with Western help. This initial demand was voiced this week by PA foreign minister Riad al-Malki who demanded when speaking to Kol Yisrael radio, “a return to the status quo that existed since 1778.” He further demanded for Israel to stop collective punishment and withdraw all its troops from “occupied areas.”



Arab Palestinian Authority foreign minister Riad al-Malki who demanded when speaking to Kol Yisrael radio demanded a return to the status quo that existed since 1778 just for starters as there will be more

Arab Palestinian Authority foreign minister Riad al-Malki
who demanded when speaking to Kol Yisrael radio
demanded a return to the status quo that existed since 1778
just for starters as there will be more



This all begs the question of why the PA Foreign Minister would demand a return to a time under Ottoman Rule unless the desire was to demand something completely out of the question such that it could then be claimed that Israelis are not interested in peace as they refuse to meet even the most basic and reasonable preconditions which are simply actual obligations of promises the Israelis made as we understand their positions. This is a blatant lie but as long as nobody bothers to ask exactly which demand is it that Israel promised which you claim they are refusing, then they can continue to claim with vague references that Israel has refused to meet their obligations and until the obligations as we have reported months ago are met there can be no peace. That they are calling for the complete withdrawal of all Israelis from everywhere beyond the Green Line as well as a return to Ottoman Rule of 1778, unless the report was mistaken but even if they got one number wrong, even 1978 or worse, 1878, make little difference as it has nothing to do with the date but with obstructionism by Mahmoud Abbas and his merry band of miscreants.


Perhaps this might be a good time to review the actual demands made ever since Yasser Arafat founded the PLO with the assistance of the KGB training and assistance and Mahmoud Abbas at his side from Moscow to Ramallah. This was in 1964; a full three years before there were any “disputed territories” as the 1967 Six Day War was nowhere to be seen even in the early planning stages. So, what was it that the PLO claimed to desire to liberate to form their Palestinian State? Israel, every last inch of Israel at which point they had claimed they would merge it with Jordan as Jordan was the true Palestinian Arab homelands and all of Israel must be incorporated into Jordan and the Jews removed from the lands. That desire has only altered slightly in that there is no longer any mention of joining with Jordan as to admit such would defeat their entire complaint that the Jews have stolen their lands. Their demands for all of Israel have not changed and is the reason why they cannot allow any agreement to be signed as doing so would defeat their entire raison d’être which is the founding of their Arab supremacist state on the graves of the Israelis and their homelands. The real reason is that they believe that all lands which have ever been part of the Arab or Muslim kingdoms must never be permitted to fall into the hands of the kafir, especially the kafir Jew. This is the basis for why there can never be peace as long as the State of Israel exists. That is the reason behind the insane demands and the reason for the walking out on every peace talks as they close in on an agreement and that is why this conflict can only end when one side has been eliminated or so beaten and driven from the lands that they no longer exist to demand anything. Simply put, in the end there can be only one nation between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. For who do we bet will persevere? Well, as there are already twenty-two Arab nations whose origins exactly match the PA Arabs origins and there is only one Jewish State and should it fail the Jewish religion will almost assuredly all but disappear from the face of the Earth, our bet has been placed on Israel which is amongst the reasons for many Jews to be living here leaving often much comfort and assured easy life and future to fulfill the dream and predictions made over three-thousand-years ago to both Abraham and Moses, and why they performed their miracles and we must now make our own miracles and realize that all things come through Hashem.


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April 30, 2013

Rockets Lighting Code Red Sirens Again

When the Americans think of rockets they think of their red glare lighting up the darkness. In Israel rockets sound off the Code Red warning sirens breaking the silence of the night sending everyone from great-grandmothers to infants carried in their parent’s arms running for shelters in the darkness. The memory of the Israeli Pillar of Smoke (improperly translated as Pillar of Defense by the Western press) offensive launched against Gaza has faded and the rockets have began to be fired daily, often even multiple times a day, into southern Israel once again. People’s lives had come to a stop, stores were shutting down on some of the worst periods, schools classes cancelled and some workers simply refused to leave their homes and go to their jobs as they feared to leave their children alone when the next rocket attack could come at any moment. The world ignored the incessant rocket fire into southern Israel as most of the rockets missed striking anything of vital importance and casualties were considered acceptable to all except those under attack. The only time the news reports covered these attacks were on the occasion where somebody was killed or hospitalized. The fact that many people were suffering various levels of shock and trauma necessitating treatment and children were having their chances for a normal childhood destroyed never seemed to bother the rest of the world, after all these were only poor Israelis. Much of the world was of the opinion that if things were that bad they should simply move somewhere safe, like maybe as Iranian President Ahmadinejad had suggested to the rest of the world, “Give a piece of your ground in Europe, in the United States, in Canada or in Alaska so that they can create their state.”


But once Israel took steps to end the constant barrages of rockets the world suddenly became extremely interested and took to acting. The world with the United Nations, European Union and led by the United States immediately called for restraint and calm and insisted that Israel not send any troops into Gaza as to do so would inflame the Palestinians who would then retaliate and that would simply continue the cycle of violence. Really now, would just continue the cycle of violence? What were the daily barrages of rockets if not the initiator of the cycle of violence? Just because the world only chooses to act when the target of any attack is the Palestinians but completely ignore the month upon month of Israelis being attacked with rockets day and night, unable to sleep comfortably just waiting for the Code Red signal to grab the children from their beds and hustle off to the shelter praying all the time that the siren gave them the full fifteen seconds warning and not less as that increases the chance of being caught out in the open, not the choice place in a rocket or mortar attack. Months of such terrorizing and the world says nothing but as soon as Israel actually does more than bomb an empty building or weapon storage shed the world get all up in a fuss. The only mention of the rocket attacks on Israelis might actually get a mention at the very end of an article describing in great detail the IDF bomb which caused what the world media loves to call overt damage beyond acceptable retaliation for the nuisance rocket attacks. Somewhere the world keeps a scorecard and it is apparently not allowed for Israeli responses to the terrorist rocket attacks upon Israeli civilian populations to do more damage than the rocket fire inflicts as decided by the most wise world appointed keeper of the score. Well, somebody had better awaken the scorekeeper as the rockets are flying out of Gaza and onto Israeli farms, kibbutzim, towns, and cities once again and the IDF will be responding.


The rockets have begun to fall more regularly these past two weeks. There had been a lull since the end of the air attacks by Israel during their last offensive which both sides were spared a ground offensive solely because Israel accepted the promises from United States President Obama, the Egyptians all with the added nodding heads of the European Union, United Nations, the world media and whomever else felt their approval was necessary. The media even promised once again to give coverage and monitor to assure the rockets would not go unnoticed again this time forward. Well, the rockets are flying and nobody is reporting once again and just as every former promise, this one too falls shattered by the silence. The rockets will continue to fly and nobody outside of those waking stricken with terror and fear sleeping with an ear out for the Code Red to sound. Nobody cares that Israelis are once again running for shelters at all hours of the day and night or that often the rockets are fired around 8:00AM and 3:30PM to coincide with the times the children are going to and from school. The silenced screams of young babies who not knowing why they have been grabbed from their crib, torn from under the security of a nice warm blanket and now whisked into the night where everyone is running and panicked yells are piercing the night giving them fright and worry that again the world is making no sense will remain silence as the world media does not see their screams are worth their noble mention as these are not the correct screams, the screams they wait are those for which awards are given reporters brave enough to report them. So the nights have their slumbers shattered and frantic parents herd their children out into the night whether under the light of a moon watching overhead or in the clouded night darkness they run and the world remains silent for there are no great recognitions for reporting these peoples plight. The wrong people, the wrong targets, the wrong plight, no, no reporting for yours are not the sympathy the media wishes to cultivate. Only when your government, the all-powerful IDF is called to stop your terrors will the real and special targets face harm and then the reporters will write of misery and broken lives. So, the silent rockets which receive no media mention are once again exploding within southern Israel and the world sleeps softly not bothered with these difficult facts, difficult as they endear no sympathy and thus are unworthy of being told.


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