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February 14, 2014

The Real Story Behind the Offense at EU Parliament President Martin Schulz Speech

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European Union Parliament President Martin Schulz addressed the Knesset after having visited the Palestinian Authority leadership in Ramallah on Wednesday February 12, 2014 where he almost literally regurgitated word for word the absurd claims that the Israelis limit drastically the water Palestinian Arabs are permitted to use while providing unfettered access to abundant water to the Jews living beyond the Green Line often in neighborhoods adjacent to the thirsty water starved Palestinians. There were a number of Ministers of the Knesset that took such offense at these false claims berating their ears with insults that they walked out of the hall mid-speech. The majority of those walking out were members of Naftali Benet’s Jewish Home Party, a religious Zionist party. Later in the day the European Union released a statement to the press expressing their feelings of insult derived from the demonstration of Ministers walking out on Parliament President Schulz’s speech. Thus far, to the best of our knowledge, neither the European Union nor Mr. Schultz have apologized for their false accusations and speaking in such demeaning and harsh terms using slanted and erroneous information without vetting what they had been told simply accepting it as truth and beyond any suspicions that the Palestinians might have exaggerated or even, as in this case, spouted outright falsifications. We suspect that if the order of meetings had been reversed and Israeli leaders had told Mr. Schultz or any other European Union official a complaint depicting a situation where the Palestinians were favored and Israelis, especially Jews, were denied equality in treatment and privileges such as, for example, that Jews are often denied the right to visit the Temple Mount, are forbidden from praying or even appearing to pray, forbidden to carry religious or nationalist items, or are removed at the smallest complaint by any Palestinian while Palestinians are permitted completely unfettered access and often picnic, play soccer, attack Jews who visit which results in the Jews being removed and riot on an almost regular schedule as doing so leads the Temple Mount authorities banning Jews from visiting the Temple Mount for the rest of the day to as long as a week or even more. What are the odds that any European Union, Mr. Schultz included, would take this information and while addressing the Palestinian Parliament berate them for not allowing Jews equality and freedom of actions, access, and usage of the Temple Mount before they had checked and double checked the information? I would be surprised if they actually bothered to check the facts and even if they did and, as they would in this case, they were verified, they would likely just forget completely about it as soon as humanly possible as they are not the slightest interested in Israelis being treated unfairly, they only desire to berate and chastise Israelis for any perceived real or imagined evils, and mostly imagined.


There is an object lesson which gives some very deep insight to the whole situation which is making the negotiations between the Arab World and Israel thousands of degrees more difficult and probably makes peace impossible. Where many European Union and many of the European governments’ representatives will immediately believe virtually anything they hear which casts Israel in a bad light or depicts Israelis as evil, vindictive, viscous people who delight in making the lives of Palestinians as difficult as they are able. This is also true from the vast majority of European media and also can be said about virtually the entirety of the leftist politicians and many on the extreme right politically. With the vast spread of information which goes to any extreme to cast Israel in as poor a light as possible convicting them in the media without waiting for a verdict or the truth to be researched, it is not surprising that so many people hold extremely negative views of Israel and Israelis and when asked if they believe Israelis are guilty of being like the Nazis or are attempting to commit genocide against the Palestinians or are starving and denying medical aid from reaching the people in Gaza with their illegal embargo, they will immediately agree despite the truth being that none of those accusation holds one iota of validity.


Taking them in reverse order, the embargo Israel has imposed on Gaza prevents ships from docking in Gaza without being inspected for armaments, explosives and other tools and items usable in the commission of terrorist attacks only makes the ships unload at an Israeli port and after an inspection all the unsuspicious items are trucked across the border into Gaza often the next day. The United Nations has ruled on the Israeli blockade and found it to be lawful and being performed within all legal requirements. Further, the Egyptians not only also impose a similar embargo on their border with Gaza, they actually forbid more items than the Israelis and have often completely closed their border and in the past months the Egyptians have exploded hundreds of smuggling tunnels in order to deprive the Hamas and other terrorists from smuggling arms and terrorist personnel across the border. Egypt also has their own blockade against Gaza which mostly is applied in conjunction with the Israeli system as mostly the Egyptians prevent ships from sneaking in from the neighboring Egyptian controlled waters into Gaza underneath the Israeli patrolled areas. As far as the claim that the Israelis are carrying out genocide against the Palestinian population and have been doing so since the 1967 Six Day War runs into one small fact which throws the entire idea into disbelief; is it possible with Israel’s military capabilities that if they had been attempting to commit genocide and murder the entire Palestinian population in the disputed areas that there would be a single Palestinian still living in these areas, let alone their numbers more than tripling since the end of the Six Day War, if this were a valid claim? Needless to say one would have to believe that the Israeli military was the most inept in the world in order to believe that claim to be valid. Finally, to claim the Israelis are the new Nazis is the most insulting and vicious accusations and is usually claimed by people who are either horridly misinformed or are anti-Semites through and through. For a small dose of somebody who at first look would be considered to be antagonist towards Israel as she was raised in Lebanon falling victim as a child because of the horrific Lebanese Civil War, I would like to allow Bridgette Gabriel talk of her education that came as an indirect result of that Civil War which can be read here at Snopes which will save having to look for any verifications as Snopes is one of if not the best authorization fact-checkers on the internet.


Back to the claims that the Israelis are rationing water such that the Palestinians are going thirsty while Israelis are filling their swimming pools. There is not an iota of fact in the Palestinian claims in the story of depravity they wove for European Union Parliament President Martin Schulz claiming Palestinian Authority Arabs receives seventeen liters of water per day, as opposed to seventy liters consumed by the average Israeli. Truth is that the Palestinians have access to all of the same water availability as their Israeli neighbors. They are all part of the same water system in most of the disputed territories and where the Palestinians are on a different system, that system is controlled, managed, maintained and the complete responsibility of the Palestinian Authority and exists solely in Area A which is under total Palestinian Authority control. Citing reports from Israel water provider Mekorot and the Water Authority, Palestinian Authority cities consumed sixty cubic meters on average consumption by private residents annually, or 165 liters per day, while the average Israeli’s consumption is 183 liters per day. This is a far cry from the lies told to Mr. Schultz. But perhaps Mr. Schultz might be granted some leeway in hoping that the lesson he might have learned can be used to inform others that all the claims of either side need be verified before acting or speaking with untruths as one’s foundation.


Information and accusations can take the form of a five pound lump of clay on a potter’s wheel. Depending on the inspiration of the potter those five pounds of clay could become a tall eloquently curved vase, a wide and broad based bowl, a deep planter for a favorite plant or possibly the mold for a warrior’s helmet from which an army will be outfitted for battle, it all depends on the turns of the wheel and the motions of the guiding hands. That is the same with statistics and facts which can be massaged and slanted in order to make one’s point and prove their argument. Then when confronting the other side of the equation one will hear a whole new slant and massaging of the same numbers and facts leading to the opposite conclusion. What any presentation received, especially by those who report news and facts to the public or make policies and decisions which determine the actions of governments and other molders of the future, the information should be vetted and researched and inspected in order to draw one’s own conclusion. Even then one may make errors in judgment or miscalculate drawing erroneous conclusions even after doing their own research and checking the validity of what they have heard, but at least those are errors of the individual, not blindly repeating the slant allowing one side to decide your mind and set you then as their agent owned and completely compromised. Does anybody really feel more confident going through life allowing other people’s facts be their own or is it better to get your own facts and draw your own conclusions which makes your mind your own. Five pounds of clay being used to make one item over another is not as vital for the future than is five pounds of conclusions driven forward by unthinking drones who talk influenced by the last group to tweak their ear and fill their mouths with their lies, their view which becomes his whether it is true or not. You decide what you wish for your mind and reputation going forward and please check any facts given here as I would want nothing less.


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October 29, 2013

Israel Enters the United Nations Lion’s Den Today

Thanks largely to Germany’s Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle, who sent an urgent letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu threatening serious and “severe diplomatic damage” should Israel once again not attend their United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) Periodic Review, Israeli UN Ambassador Ron Prosser will be attending this dressing down from a body which has singled out Israel for special sessions and issued numerous critiques of presumed Israeli crimes against Palestinians and demanded that Israel withdraw from the entirety of Judea and Samaria returning them to what the UNHRC considers the rightful legal owners of these lands, the Palestinians, and the Israelis are to return the lands without any concern or expectations of any recognition or other concessions from the Palestinians. Ambassador Prosser will likely be demanded to take a message back to Tel Aviv, they do not recognize Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel though they do recognize al-Quds as the Palestinian Capital City, demanding that the Israeli government immediately remove every Israeli from the occupied territories beyond Israel’s UNHRC recognized borders, which just happen to be the 1948 Armistice Lines also called the Green Line, and turn everything over to Mahmoud Abbas and his band of terrorist enablers without any guarantee of peace or a ceasing of attacks, bombings, kidnapping, or any other assurance for the safety of the Israelis from Palestinian aggressions. What is interesting is that the UNHRC would be more likely to demand that Israel be turned into a non-military state and be made to turn their security over to the Palestinian Authority than they would to make the Palestinian State a non-military state and allow the Israelis to provide security over their territories. The result is likely that the UNHRC will simply allow both sides to be armed to the teeth but will demand that Israel show restraint should any attacks originate from the Palestinian areas and every year the UNHRC will still find reasons to condemn Israel while turning a blind eye to any provocations or transgressions committed by the Palestinians.


The United Nation Human Rights Council, which replaced the previously flawed United Nations Human Rights Committee which was denounced for years over its singling out of Israel as seemingly the sole oppressor, has somehow managed to escape most of the criticisms for also accusing Israel as being the most violent abuser of human rights while seeing no such violations elsewhere. There really has been little change and much of the difficulty is built into the makeup of the membership. The UNHRC has forty-seven member states distributed with African States receiving 13 seats, Asia-Pacific States receiving 13 seats, Latin American and Caribbean States receiving 8 seats, Western European and other States receiving 7 seats, and Eastern European States receiving 6 seats which go through a rotating replacement system with each member state serving a term of three years and are not eligible for immediate re-election after serving two consecutive terms. Due to this membership definition there is almost always guaranteed to be heavily weighted with nations from the Arab and Muslim States combined with members of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) along with a mix of European states of which usually half will vote in favor of any denunciation of Israel concerning the Palestinians, occupied lands, or aggressions against neighboring states or terror groups such as Hamas, Hezballah and Fatah’s al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades. There are usually only about eight to a dozen nations at best which will back Israel against spurious charges which is nowhere near sufficient to prevent the Muslims states and their allies from constantly proposing and voting approvingly for motions condemning Israel for having the audacity to exist.


For those who have doubts as to validity of these claims, please research the denunciations by United Nations High Commissioner of Human Rights Navi Pillai over her time in that position and note how few were against any nation other than Israel and then you can go one step further and research the denunciation of the UNHRC and realize how they are weighted beyond belief towards only Israel. In their defense, Syria has been receiving some attention lately but there are others such as China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Venezuela, Miramar, Viet Nam and numerous others who barely if ever get denounced despite horrific violations of human rights. The reason has some basis on the fact that Israel is an open society where reporters and inspectors may go about their business without any government interference or the providing of a minder to follow and monitor their every move which causes Israel, like the United States, to receive more attention than some place where a bad report could result in being imprisoned or even murdered. Also, Israel has a pleasant climate and is a great place to holiday while presumably inspecting for human rights violations.


So, while you go through your day today, if you find you are having some difficulty or just need a little pick-me-up, just think about Israeli United Nation Ambassador Prosser and remember the grief he will face today and be glad that you have whatever difficulty you are facing, unless you are Ambassador Prosser’s assistant and are attending the review with him. You might even wish to say a prayer asking that Ambassador Prosser be granted super-human patience and a form of serene understanding allowing insults and false accusations to roll off him like water off a duck’s back. Today is one of the many reasons that Ambassador Prosser is paid the big bucks, or big Shekels, though I doubt he was paid sufficiently for this particular day. So, Ambassador Prosser, thank you for all you do and may you be calm under fire and able to resist giving the members of the UNHRC a piece of your or even many of our minds. May your evening find you having a peaceful meal of your favorite dish with a scrumptious dessert. We honor your representing Israel and appreciate your efforts and would stand with you given the chance and are standing with you in spirit and once again, thank you sir.


Beyond the Cusp


October 13, 2013

Why Obama Will Continue to Ignore Alarms by Netanyahu

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There are a number of reasons working together, any one of which is sufficient to turn President Obama’s hearing off when Netanyahu gives any warnings about the Middle East or even the greater world. The major impetus behind the wall President Obama has placed to block Netanyahu out derives from the belief in President Obama’s mind that he knows more about what is happening in the Middle East and who can be trusted and which leaders he needs to woo and that his being raised in Indonesia gives him experiences and an innate knowledge which he believes will prove him correct in the end. Part of this insider knowledge that President Obama relies on is his familiarity with Islamic beliefs and society of Indonesia of his youth. No matter how many experts make claims that the form of Islam practiced in Indonesia at the time that President Obama resided there was completely different than the forms of Islam being practiced today in the Middle East and North Africa as well as the Islamist Madrassas around the Western World, President Obama is determined to prove that he knows best. President Obama’s pridefulness and inability to admit to his own mistakes, especially in matters concerning the Middle East and the Islamic World make for a combination where changing his perceptions on such subjects is simply impossible. The best examples of the President’s inability to adapt or incorporate new information if it does not fit his carefully crafted view of how he believes things to be can be found in Egypt and Turkey as well as the obvious, Israel.


In Egypt President Obama still holds to the policy which dictates that the Muslim Brotherhood is, as then Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said at a House Intelligence Committee hearing, “The Muslim Brotherhood is a very heterogeneous group, largely secular.” Group that “has eschewed violence and has decried Al Qaeda as a perversion of Islam” and “have pursued social ends, a betterment of the political order in Egypt.” He added that the Muslim Brotherhood, which has branches in many Muslim countries, has “no overarching agenda, particularly in pursuit of violence, at least internationally.” President Obama also believes that the Freedom and Justice Party’s President Morsi won the first elections after the removal of former strong man and American longtime ally President Mubarak in a totally free election in which there were no improprieties despite evidence to the contrary and that the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood was the most organized and the only group in a position to organize and conduct a coherent campaign and thus guaranteed to win the election. President Obama has also chosen to ignore the fact that Egyptian people in the tens of millions protested, signed petitions and carried out the most massive popular revolution calling for the removal of President Morsi. The protests to remove President Morsi were actually larger and more invigorated than those a little over a year earlier which dethroned Mubarak. President Obama prefers to believe and act as if the Egyptian Military acted solely on their own without any mandate from the people and has even gone so far as to blame all of the violence on the Egyptian Military totally absolving the Muslim Brotherhood of any guilt. Any casual observer of the violence being perpetrated against the Egyptian people, especially the Coptic Christians and any non-Sunni Muslims would easily see the evidence that the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda are behind much of the violence evidenced by the black flag and the Muslim Brotherhood banner being carried by the gangs violently attacking the people and intentionally attempting to destroy Egypt if they are not returned to power.


Then there is Turkey and President Obama’s declared bestest friend in the Middle East, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. As we noted close to a decade ago and has been commented upon by numerous Middle Eastern experts, Prime Minister Erdogan has been slowly but surely moving the Turkish governance from a secular governance into a Sharia governance. Prime Minister Erdogan had warned Egyptian President Morsi very early in his time in office that he should emulate the example that Prime Minister Erdogan had used in Turkey of small increments and taking one’s time and not rushing or pushing the people too quickly so that they did not revolt to the sudden changes and the potentially unpopular proponents of Sharia. Morsi did not listen and if the violent protests which have gripped Turkey of late are any evidence, even taking the slow but steady change from secular to Sharia did not prove successful either. Add to this that the reaction from the Turkish government was just announced by the Justice and Interior ministries that people can now be jailed if they think about protesting against the government. Meanwhile, as the Egyptian Military is backing the temporary government by destroying the majority of smuggling tunnels from the Sinai into the Hamas stronghold of Gaza in order to prevent Hamas, an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood formed to attack Israel, from smuggling terrorists back into the Sinai to attack Egyptian villages and military outposts, Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan has invited and met for the third time this past year Hamas chief Khaled Mashaal. Of course this does not appear to cause President Obama any concern as he just announced a $200 million program under which Turkey and Qatar will develop materials aimed at promoting the Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamist agenda while cutting off military aid to Egypt until they reinstate Muslim Brotherhood representative Morsi to the Presidency. Also, do not expect any apology any time in the foreseeable future to come from President Obama to Prime Minister Netanyahu for forcing him to apologize to Prime Minister Erdogan over the actions on the blockade runner Mavi Marmara where nine terrorists died after they posed a fatal threat as they attacked Israeli Special Forces who boarded the ship to enforce the blockade with paintball guns loaded with pepper-balls and were attacked with knives, steel rods, and other small arms. The closest that Turkey has come to making any return gesture to Israel has been complete and rudely given refusals to accept the apology and the obvious warming gestures with Hamas which may soon result with Hamas moving their headquarters from Qatar to Turkey.


Further proof of President Obama’s affections for the Muslim Brotherhood has been obvious in Syria where the only thing preventing full United States support of the Rebel forces has been the warnings and threats from Russia and China. The only times that President Obama has taken steps which may have proven advantageous for Syrian dictator President Bashir al-Assad has been the leaking of information proving the suspicions that Israel had been behind attacks that prevented the transfer of chemical weapons, advanced anti-air and anti-ship missiles presumably supplied by Russia, and other advanced weapons systems or game changing weapons that provided significant upgrades to Hezballah’s abilities. The sole threat of American intervention came in a threat to Syrian President al-Assad primarily when President Obama said, “We have been very clear to the Assad regime, but also to other players on the ground, that a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. That would change my calculus. That would change my equation.” This brought about the now infamous backpedaling and stalling until Russian President Putin supplied President Obama a get untangled from your tongue alternative which he, of course, took immediately. Of course, many have pointed out that Syria is a no win proposition and what would probably serve the future best would be a prolonged conflict where the civilians who remain were permitted to leave or be provided safe-zones and eventually have, strangely enough, President al-Assad remain in power even if he ruled a small area while the rest of Syria was divided between the Kurds and the other forces. The one result we would like to have from all the turmoil and violence, especially in Syria and Iraq, would be a Kurdish state combining the Kurdish controlled areas in northern Iraq and north-east Syria, but that may simply be a dream as the Kurds have historically been treated poorly and denied their promised homeland simply because J. P. Getty wanted the central Iraqi oil fields which was within the areas promised the Kurds after World War I, and one thing anybody familiar with the broken promises to the Jews after World War I knows is just how unfairly the British were with the Kurds.


The final country which President Obama has taken as far back a seat as possible allowing even the Europeans to show definitively more leadership than he, is Iran. Yes, after years of wrestling with the Europeans President Obama has been dragged to a point where the sanctions on Iran are having their intended effect. The Iranians, masters in chess and the art of deception, have played their hand masterly with their choice of Hasan Rouhani as their new President and face before the world. He contrasts with former President Ahmadinejad nearly perfectly and has been hailed by an overanxious West as the revelation of a new and open Iran. He has been hailed as approachable and having shown an honest intention to make changes and reveal the entirety of the Iranian nuclear program with an honesty that will be unquestionable. This is all well and good except that it is a complete and total fabrication. President Hasan Rouhani was formerly the lead negotiator for the Iranians in their nuclear talks and as such he glad-handed and smiled his way adroitly avoiding revealing anything about the Iranian nuclear program as he also oversaw the installation of thousands of centrifuges. He was proven to be a masterful deceiver who was well spoken and had a full understanding of the West and the weaknesses of each person with whom he would need to deal. Adding to this is the fact that absolutely nothing has changed in the actual power structure in Iran. They have the same Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei who is the real power and very likely the person most responsible for Hasan Rouhani’s election. The twelve on the Council of Guardians, six of whom are appointed by the Supreme Leader, have not changed and were responsible for choosing who would be permitted on the ballot in the elections. Since virtually all of the real power rests with the Council of Guardians and the Supreme Leader, nothing in Iran has changed except they have a new puppet to place on the world stage and apparently that is sufficient for a Western World who wish to find any reason to avoid having to face the facts that Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons and is very likely to either use them or threaten their use in order to have a nuclear umbrella that guards their terrorist attacks across the globe. President Obama sees in Iran his chance to receive another Nobel Peace Prize and honestly believes his oratory abilities will sway the Iranians from their pursuit of nuclear weapons. The only times that President Obama might decide to take any real actions against Iran would be in order to force concessions from Prime Minister Netanyahu to the Palestinian. Even then his promise will more likely be broken and in the end if the negotiations do not produce the result he envisions as equitable and fair final peace treaty, which is the complete capitulation by Israel of all lands and every one of the Palestinian demands even including some form of Right of Return for millions of Palestinian refugees, President Obama is considering forcing a peace of his liking on the Israelis even if it requires a Chapter VII Security Council Resolution granting the Palestinians the entire enchilada with the threat of military enforcement by the nations willing to enforce the United Nation edict. President Obama is going to be the first man in history to win the Nobel Peace Prize before he did anything to earn it and then his efforts to prove he deserved it resulting in starting World War III. What a legacy.


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