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April 24, 2012

Prosor’s Absurd Justifications for Israeli Avoidance

Israeli United Nations Ambassador Ron Prosor excused Israel’s planned Israeli avoidance of the upcoming United Nations conference on nuclear weapons in the Middle East by claiming the talks would be “absolutely not relevant.” These remarks will be used to vilify Israel, Ambassador Prosor, Prime Minister Netanyahu, the Likud governing coalition and whoever else the usual suspects have in their sites at this time. There will be claims that this action by Israel is being executed as a tactical avoidance of rightful condemnation of Israeli hegemony over the Middle East by means of their presumably possessing nuclear weapons. There will be assertions questioning how it is that Israel can be allowed to have such weapons yet those powers controlled by Israeli political influences are victimizing Iran about their peaceful nuclear programs which have yet to be proven to be anything beyond what Iran claims, namely that they are solely for peaceful power and medical uses and Iran has absolutely no intentions of seeking nuclear weapons nor has or does Iran pose a threat to any other nation, unlike the expansionist and militaristic Israeli occupiers of Palestine. Israel will be condemned for not cooperating with the hopes for a future free of nuclear weapons in the Middle East and unfairly avoiding being the whipping boy for the rest of the world and denying all the pleasure of flaying the Israeli representatives to such an important venue before the cheers of most of the world.

There will be caterwauling over the missed opportunities for making the Middle East and the world safe for all those who are potentially under threat of the Israeli nuclear menace. It is entirely possible that even some of the Israeli press will echo these absurdities, utilizing them as simply more proof of how out of touch Benyamin Netanyahu and his Likudnics are to the rest of polite society and the rest of the world. There will be the predictable feeding frenzy castigating Israel in every conceivable manner with all manner of condemnations leading up to this summit. After all, no one can blame the world for rebuking actions taken by Israel to avoid the barbs and invectives which seem to flow readily from the rest of the world. Surely everybody must realize the validity and righteousness of treating every Israeli act of defense as an Israeli act of defiance. These claims become all the more shrill on the subject of nuclear weapons as they provide Israel with an iron-clad guarantee against actual and overwhelming attacks by her neighbors both near and far.

Israel possessing such deterrence must be portrayed as paramount to actual Israeli use of such weapons because obviously the existence of nuclear weapons solely by Israel gives them a distinct overwhelming advantage which they will be using against their defenseless neighbors any minute now. This has been the primary fear, which is claimed with absolute certainty, that Israel is on the verge of unleashing nuclear Armageddon on the world as the paramount threat of our age and this threat has to be neutralized. This is probably the most grievous representation of national projection psychosis ever displayed on the world stage yet those making the claim of the inevitable coming use of nuclear weapons by Israel is perpetrated by countries who also will claim in the same breath that Iran could be trusted to maintain the peace as could the rest of the Middle East if they possessed nuclear weapons and Israel was stripped of theirs. The even more confounding item is that so many throughout the world simply nod their heads and agree with these absurdities. Some days I am forced to wonder how the world continues to simply rotate on its axis and not go spinning wildly through the universe propelled merely by the sheer audacious absurdities that make up the fabric of what stands as the understood truths of international relations, especially as how they are measured by the proclamations emanating from the various appendages of the monstrosity we know as the United Nations. Never in the history of man has there existed such an unbalanced and twisted lack of veracity passed off as the hope of humankind.

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