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May 3, 2013

End Human Sacrifices to Palestinian Peace Chimera

The recent terror murder by knifing of Evyatar Borovsky at a bus stop in Samaria was committed by not just a terrorist, but a terrorist Salam Al-Zaghal who was just granted an early release from Israeli prisons less than six months ago as part of a confidence building effort. This murderous insult to humane sensibilities is not the first nor will it be the last such horror committed by released terrorists given their freedom as a confidence building measure. Each injury, property destruction, religious site desecration and murder is another wound to the heart of the people of Israel. There exists no reason for which paying such a price which can be made or ever accepted. These are the same nature of act as the Prophets had warned against referring to them as sacrifices to Ba’al. Such a reference is even more accurate in those instances when Palestinian terror masters send a youth wearing a suicide vest to their death in order to worship the martyr and their martyrdom murder of the innocent who are simply going about their daily lives as such an act is in reality nothing other than a child sacrifice, the exact sacrifice the ancient idolaters had committed to Ba’al that made them so vile in the eyes of G0d. Quite often the parallels between the modern iniquities and the ancient abomination are so strong that one is simply amazed how much past admonitions from the Prophets of old could be taken measure for measure as warnings and enlightenment just as much now in modern times as they were appropriate when uttered in antiquity. And just as the Biblical Hebrews, our forefathers were admonished not to allow ourselves or those within our lands to worship idols or foreign false gods and the special admonitions against human sacrifice with an even greater emphasis placed upon child sacrifice. It is past time that we heed the warnings, both past and present, which beseech the government to stop partaking of foolishnesses which all our experiences point to the negative ramifications which are as guaranteed to result when releasing convicted terror murderers and not expecting them to further commit themselves to sacrifice more innocents before the altar of appeasement. Continuing to bend before the demands from those whose interests are not for the safety but simply desire to be seen as the anointed peacemaker who will receive the adoration and peace medals should they manage to sacrifice the future of Israel and the Jewish people on the altars of an Islamic peace would be a fatal flaw completely devoid of reason.


As sure as the sun will rise in the East and set in the West there will be a messenger who is selling death cloaked in a veil of a false peace. The false peace is easy to recognize as it will be without the one item a real peace would possess, borders which guarantee security for the Children of Israel. A true peace will honor the guarantees given long ago but seemingly forgotten even by those who we elect to care for our futures. The guarantees backed by the Mandate, by the White Papers, by the United Nations Charter in Article 80, the promises which all know provide for a complete and proper Jewish State with strong, natural borders providing for her defense. Should the Palestinians who currently reside within these areas choose to remain in their homes, then offer the same opportunity as was offered by David ben Gurion, that they join with us and build a better home for both us and them. Offer that they can have a measured and ordered manner by which they may gain full citizenship after they have met reasonable standards and proven their desire to live together in peace in Israel, a democracy that is also the home for the Jewish people. Then once they have made the promise to live with us in peace and security for all we must take the steps to include them in the economy and give them ownership of hopes for a future which will be better and brighter. We must present an option for a life that is worthy and fulfilling such that the desire to live is greater than the desire for death, a life that has hope and abundance that allows appreciation which negates the desire for destruction, a life that is filled with love that has overcome any residuals of hatreds, and a life filled with endless opportunities complete with an education preparing one for life not teaching one towards a martyr’s death. But before we can get to such a future of inclusion we must first remove the opportunity to sacrifice lives needlessly simply to feed hatreds. That was always the message from our Prophets that we needed to love each other and care for all but not blinded from seeing those who have surrendered to evil and serve Ba’al. Those who serve Ba’al must not and may not be compromised with and are to be driven from G0d’s lands, for this is our land to tend and make honorable and worthy of the L0rd as He gave it to us for the purpose that we serve Him in righteousness and with life, not death.


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