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August 26, 2018

Trump States, Israel to Pay a ‘High Price’ for Peace


President Trump addressed supporters at a rally in West Virginia making the following statement, “I also recognized the capital of Israel and opened the American embassy in Jerusalem. And I understand now what happened, because every president – many, many presidents, said ‘We’re going to do it. We’re going to move our embassy to Jerusalem. It’s going to be the capital of Israel. We’re going to do it – and then they don’t do it. Politicians – they don’t do it.’” Trump added that the Palestinian Authority (PA) will “get something very good” in return for the embassy move “because it’s their turn next.” President Trump said that since Jerusalem is now “off the table,” Israel will have to give something in return to the Palestinian Arabs. Additionally, “If there’s ever going to be peace with the Palestinians, then this was a good thing to have done,” Trump said in reference to the embassy move. “We took it off the table. In past negotiations, they never got past Jerusalem. Now Israel will have to pay a higher price, because it’s off the table. The Palestinians will get something very good, ’cause it’s their turn next.”


But the attention is, as it always ends up, in the details, which get described by those around the President whose job is to make even the worst position appear as the best of all the potential opportunities. So, here is a sampling of their messaging of the President’s speech in West Virginia. Who would ever have thought a speech in West Virginia would have international complications. Security Adviser John Bolton played down the statement, saying it did not indicate a change in US policy.


President Trump and National Security Advisor Bolton

President Trump and National Security Adviser Bolton


“I don’t think there’s any change in policy. I think the president looked at the recognition of Jerusalem as being Israel’s capital and the inevitable consequence of that – that the US embassy ought to be in the capital city of the country which its accredited as the right and natural thing to do, and it’s not an issue of quid pro quo. He’s made the point, I think, several times that this issue has been a hang up in negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. And as he said last night as well, he’s taken that issue off the table. As a deal-maker… he would expect that the Palestinians would say, ‘Okay, great – we didn’t get that one, now we want something else.’ We’ll see how it goes. But the fundamental point is that this is something that the parties are going to have to agree on.” Citing former Secretary of State James Baker, Bolton said the US “can’t want peace more than the parties themselves.” Additionally, the NSA added that a peace deal was not something “the US is prepared to force on anybody.”


Two weeks ago, a source said that the U.S. National Security Council has published a tender to hire experts for a steering committee to be established for the plan. The committee would allegedly be chaired by Middle East special envoy Jason Greenblatt, who is working on the peace plan along with Trump’s senior adviser, Jared Kushner. Responding to the above comment, State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert also rejected reports that the Trump administration’s peace plan has been delayed, saying that when it is ready to be unveiled, it will be unveiled by Kushner and Greenblatt. We still believe what we suspected may be coming true, that the “Deal of the Century” was not so much an actual agreement to be presented as a reason to keep hope rising while wasting as little resources as necessary. But the problems are in the particulars which divide the two sides which there are no halfway points which can be implemented to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict. That will be the rest of our commentary.


The reality is that the problem could have been resolved immediately after the Yom Kippur War when the Arab forces succeeded in a surprise attack which Israel was unprepared to repulse and they still lost and only the world demanding, in particular United States Secretary of State Henry Kissinger demanded that Israel cease their advances on Alexandria and Cairo in Egypt and Damascus in Syria and return to the original lines where the Six Day War was halted. Mr. Kissinger was not exactly Israel’s greatest friend, if he was a friend at all. Had at this point President Nixon agreed to call the borders of Israel to be the Golan Heights, the Jordan River and the Suez Canal and insisted that each of the nations who were the aggressors from the Six Day War take in the peoples who resided within the territories which now formed parts of Israel the conflict would have been over. This was the solution which International Law had enforced in every defensive war where the attacked nation gained territory as a result of their defensive efforts. But apparently, International Law only applies to every nation except Israel, where there are an entirely different set of concepts and demands always to the detriment of the Jewish State. The reason that declaring this conflict finalized with Israel in possession of these gained territories in 1973 is that it would have been more likely to have been accepted as the Arab forces realized that they were far weaker than Israel and feared the Israeli military abilities. But that opportunity passed and left us with the imbroglio we face today.


Since then Egypt made a cold peace with Israel and received back every last millimeter of lands they desired. They refused to resume authority over Gaza, as they were unable to rule the area and establish order. Then a cold peace was achieved with Jordan who also refused to regain control over the area they had illegally occupied since 1948 until the Six Day War which was all part of an Arab League plan to use the Arabs left in Gaza and the Shomron, called West Bank by Jordan as that sounds less Jewish, as a hammer with which to destroy Israel. In the ensuing years, there has been great improvements to the military abilities of Egypt, Jordan, Iraq and Saudi Arabia where each has attained a relative parity to the armaments of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). This has led them to feel impervious to any Israeli military might and thus have become more aggressive in their demands. Further, Islam in general is feeling the surge of power over a sleeping and degenerating European society which is ill equipped to resist an Islamic takeover. There are those such as Iran who feel little if any fear of the United States power. A recent threat made by an Iranian Imam Ayatollah Seyed Ahmad Khatami, a member of the Islamic Republic’s religious governing body known as the Assembly of Experts, told worshippers at an Eid al-Ahda event in Tehran Wednesday morning, “Americans say you should accept what we say in the talks. So this is not negotiation, but dictatorship. The Islamic Republic and the Iranian nation would stand up against dictatorship.” That is nice to know, coming from one of the most repressive dictatorships on the planet. The Imam further warned, “The price of a war with Iran is very high for America. They know if they harm this country and this state in the slightest way, the United States and its main ally in the region, the Zionist regime would be targeted.” Just lovely, Israel is to be their target if the United States does even the slightest of perceived aggressions against Iran, an already hypersensitive and easily perturbed group of overly delicate, nettlesome and hyper-aggrieved group if ever there was one. But Israel’s problem is with the Arab League and its member states, particularly Saudi Arabia and Egypt, through their petulant protagonists, the Palestinian Arabs.


President Trump made a huge (Yuge in Trumpese) mistake claiming that he was the one who could bring peace between the Palestinian Arabs and the Israelis. His “Deal of the Century” will be refused out of hand because it does not satisfy the single most important demand of the Arab world, the removal of Israel from the map. Iran has stated this as their goal, Turkey has alluded to this desire, Syria and Egypt tried thrice to bring it about, the first time in 1948-9 along with at least four other nations, again in 1967 with assists from Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Iraq and again going as a solo pair in 1973. The Arab world met in Khartoum in September 1967, and released a resolution which included the “Three No’s” which were, “no peace with Israel, no recognition of Israel, no negotiations with Israel.” The entire resolution is available at the above link. The first and sole demand which the Palestinians, the Jordanians, the Egyptians, the Saudi Arabian Royals, the Arab League and all too many other nations around the world potentially including some of the people in leadership positions throughout Europe is that for there to be peace, Arab Israeli peace or, as some put it, world peace is that Israel must be abolished, destroyed, eradicated and a host of other items which leaves no middle ground. There can be only one of two ends to the Arab Israeli conflict, and to realize what they are, we need to start calling this what it is in reality, the Islamic-Judaic war for ultimate superiority. When it is viewed under the true lamp of the reality at the root of the conflict, the answer becomes far clearer, one side must win absolutely and completely and the other lose absolutely and completely.


There are more truths behind this conflict because it is really just a small part of a much larger conflict, the conflict for Islamic superiority and absolute rule over the entirety of Earth. This is a conflict which when viewed with full knowledge of the Quran and the rules of abrogation, which we scratched the surface in explaining in an article from all the way back near the start of Beyond the Cusp, from August 10, 2007, titled “Which Quran, Mecca or Medina?.” This has been a war with a very long history dating back to the year 622 when Muhammad set out after destroying the Jewish communities around Medina to take his revenge against the people of Mecca who had rejected his claim to be a prophet. From that conquest, Muhammad continued to conquer the rest of the Arabian Peninsula with following conquests under the next Caliphates (see map below). These conquests were finally halted at the Battle of Tours where the forces of Charles, the Hammer, Martel defeated the Moorish Islamic forces forcing their retreat back to Andalusia (Spain) and saving France. Islamic campaigns into India were spread over a long period and took numerous forms which are covered by this Wikipedia article. The opposition to the Islamic advance into Eastern Europe was stymied by the massive walls of Constantinople until Sultan Mehmed II finally brought down those walls with massive siege cannons in 1453. Subsequent attempts to conquer Eastern Europe were halted twice at the city gates to Vienna though a strong Islamic influence did reach well into the Balkans. There is also the history and many legends about the Islamic wars in Romania and Vlad the Impaler who won by being even more brutal than the Muslims.


Islamic Conquests Under the Caliphs

Islamic Conquests Under the Caliphs


The United States has not been immune to fighting wars against the Muslims long before the current events in the Balkans, Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. The United States Navy and Marines were involved in two wars with the Islamic forces out of northern Africa, specifically Algiers, Tunis and Tripoli in the First Barbary War and later fought Algiers once again in the Second Barbary War. These wars were ended in what the United States likes to call a peace treaty, which Islam does not recognize as an existing concept as the best they offer is a Hudna. A Hudna allows there to be peace for at most one decade, after which hostilities can be resumed. The Islamic forces are also free to reengage in hostilities as soon as they believe they have sufficient strength to defeat their enemy. Taqiyya is another Islamic principle by which a Muslim may even lie about their faith or assume a different faith or any lie which will work to further Islamic goals of conquest. Expect much of this if comments are posted quoting Quranic verses about peace, love, acceptance and so forth as those would be Meccan verses which were very likely abrogated by the subsequent more militant Medina Quranic verses. Using the Meccan verses to portray Islam as a passive and normative religion and to silence those who recognize that Islam is a political doctrine of conquest and submission of all populations under their rule disguised as a religion is one of the foremost used of Taqiyya and is often employed.


Islam is not currently at peace with the United States or any of the Western World or any other part of the world such as South America, much of Asia and Africa as well as possibly Antarctica simply for the reason that Islam and Sharia are not the ruling forces in these places. The Islamic concept of the world is that it is divided into two spheres, Dar al-Islam and Dar al-Harab, the world of Islam which lives in peace as it has been perfected and the world of war which has yet to have been forced to submit to the superiority of Islam and requires being conquered and thus perfected and having peace. If you are not subject to Sharia and are living under any other legal system, then your nation is at war with Islam by definition. The sole reason that you are not living under Sharia is because Islam has yet to conquer your region and that is merely because they do not have the military might to do so. The Arab-Israeli conflict is but one small part of a far greater war which the Arabs insist can only be concluded by the total destruction and subjugation not only of Israel, but of every Jew. In Islam, Jews are considered to be lesser beings and not quite human and thus the mere fact that Israel exists as the Jewish State is an anathema to all followers of Islam who adhere to the Quran. The remainder of the world is not faring much better in this reality under Islam. Christians are considered Dhimmi who may be required to pay a special fee called the Jizya which is a tax which may be imposed on all Dhimmi. For the remainder of the world, atheists, Hindus, Buddhists, Shinto followers, Taoists and any other religious or ethnic belief other than the descendants of Abraham, you are considered apostates who are to be slaughtered should they refuse to submit to Islam and surrender their beliefs and accept only Allah. The Quran tells the believers that they will gain the spoils of those they conquer and that they will be the rulers of all the lands of the world with every person submitting to Islam and surrendering to Allah. This is a holy promise and many, the vast majority of Muslims believe that this is the destiny of the planet and all of its inhabitants.


Back to Israel and the Arabs beliefs. Ask almost any Egyptian, Jordanian, Syrian or Arab generally and they will tell you that they defeated Israel in every war between them and Israel. They defeated Israel in 1948-9 in their declared genocidal war in which the Arab intentions were declared by Azzam Pasha, Secretary-General of the Arab League, who stated, “It will be a war of annihilation. It will be a momentous massacre in history that will be talked about like the massacres of the Mongols or the Crusades.” They actually teach in their schools that in this war they had a glorious victory over the inferior Jews. They teach they won the Six Day War and the Yom Kippur War which were wars where the Jews were to be driven into the sea. It boggles the mind that they can teach that they have defeated Israel three times and each of those wars were to end with Israel obliterated, let alone wiped from the map, and still there is the Jewish State of Israel. Somehow, these two facts do not appear to cause any dysfunction in their logic. Their religion makes it that should they make any “peace” with Israel, the Arabs will retain their right to make war at the first opportunity where they believe they can win and finally eradicate Israel. The only true peace the Arabs can accept has to include either the destruction or the subjugation of Israel to Arab rule, nothing less is acceptable. This is the reason that there will not be any peace between the Arabs and Israel, yet the world will continue to claim that Israel is the problem. Partly they are correct, Israel insists on its right to remain the Jewish State and not submit themselves to whatever the Islamic Arabs decide is best for the Jews, which we know full well what they have in mind. The final thought we wish to impart is simple, what starts with the Jews never ends with the Jews, and this has never been more true in all of human history.


Beyond the Cusp


June 12, 2018

The Real Reasons Behind Hamas Gaza Violence


Ask almost any “expert” on politics, social structures, human sciences and almost any other academic specialty, especially the social sciences, and you will very likely hear a long and sad tale about the deprivations in Gaza and how the unfortunate Arabs are deprived of basics such as clean water, sufficient electricity, sewage treatment and many of the other things people in the Western World take for granted as well as economic difficulties and they will often lay the responsibility on the Israeli blockade. They never blame Hamas, Islamic Jihad or the people of Gaza themselves. The next question is always what can be done to alleviate the distress in Gaza and the answer is always to lift the blockade, permit free access, build them an international trade capable dock, renovate their international airport and free their economy to operate unrestrained. They claim that Israel is simply too paranoid and if they would only trust the Gazan people, the ones who elected Hamas with eighty percent of their vote, they would operate as any normative society and work towards betterment of their society and building a future for their children and their children. But is that what would happen or would the result be diametrically different?


The first item which all these experts appear to ignore is that Gaza receives more aid and has many societal specifics which prove that neither Israel nor lack of world largess are responsible for the reported societal breakdown. Education is not the problem either as this article on Gaza Strip and West Bank – Higher Education which is a study listing the various opportunities available. After the recent confrontations on the Israel-Gaza border were initiated by Hamas and Islamic Jihad, likely on the insistence of Iran, Israel delivered medical provisions provided by the IDF and Hamas refused the provisions. Hamas operatives have destroyed the aid crossing points into Gaza as well as blowing up the gas line feeds (see image below) through which Israel provides Gazans with natural gas. Israel also provides approaching half of the electricity and much of the potable water, whose feed pipes were also destroyed, for Gaza. While Hamas and Islamic Jihad are working to destroy the means by which Israel provides aid to Gazans, their representatives throughout the developed world are laying blame for the worsening conditions on Israel, as usual. The reality is that it is the fact that the terror governance of Hamas and Islamic Jihad stealing most of the previsions for reconstruction of the apartments and for building hospitals, schools, health clinics and other public structures diverting them to their terror tunnels for infiltrating Israel and underground network of bunkers and rocket firing position all interconnected. Further, Hamas taxes aid and all commerce investing the funds not into infrastructure to repair breaking systems, such as sewage treatment facility which has spilled onto the Streets of Gaza City, but into building rockets and mortars and other devices for their war to destroy Israel and murder the Jews, all Jews the world over if they were ever able. These are the reasons behind the deprivations in Gaza.


Gas Pipes Set Ablaze at the Kerem Shalom Gaza Crossing to Israel

Gas Pipes Set Ablaze at the Kerem Shalom Gaza Crossing to Israel


All the discussions currently being bandied about are all temporary fixes and do nothing to end the long-term and running disasters which are not only Gaza but the Palestinian Authority as well. Many in the Palestinian Authority (PA) are very well off as are many in Gaza. A recent article went deep into the fact that much of the reported deprivations inflicted on the Palestinian Arabs under the PA are largely relatively well off financially. Even in Gaza there are people doing very well compared to the Gazans at the other end of the financial spectrum. The well off are the Hamas and Islamic Jihad leadership and officers plus their cronies who are mostly criminal families who run the smuggling tunnels thus are controlling most of the wealth. Examples of the two ends of the financial status can be seen in the images below.


Palestinian Society The Face of Two Worlds Poverty vs Opulence

Palestinian Society
The Face of Two Worlds
Poverty vs Opulence


So, how can the situation be solved, that is what need be addressed. The answer is so much easier than anybody is willing to admit. The reason is because the obvious solution does something which too many people oppose, it allows Israel to remain the Jewish State and largely live in peace. A poll conducted by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research (PCPSR) shows that most Palestinians are unhappy with their lives, wish to immigrate to another country, mistrust their leadership and believe they have no freedom. The unfortunate parts of the poll also showed support for the firing of rockets on Israelis. The Palestinian Arabs have little desire for democracy which for them is a foreign, alien concept as the only governance they have known has been totalitarian which is supported by Islamic belief. They blame Israel and their leadership for their problems though not equally. Their desire to emigrate is probably the brightest hope for solving the problems and put an end to the world’s attempt to force another Arab nation into the British Mandate beyond Jordan and make it situated such that it would pose a direct threat to Tel Aviv and the entirety of the heart of Israel where over three-quarters of Israeli economic production and population reside. The attempts by the world to force such a nation into the heart of Israel is simply a blatant attempt to make Israel untenable breaking her into two virtually separate nations, similar to the history when the Jewish Nations split after the death of King Solomon into the northern kingdom of Israel and southern kingdom of Judea, note the name of the southern kingdom, Judea.


Back on a solution, Israel would probably be glad to assist those Palestinian Arabs (and even Israelis who are not Jewish should they so desire) financially with a program which would buy their properties and provide an additional relocation stipend with the understanding that by partaking of this program they would be forever barred from reentering the area under Israeli control. Israel would require some Arab nation to step up and provide passports for those Palestinian Arabs who decide to emigrate if their destination is an Arab country as an Israeli passport would deny them entrance. It would be a new concept for any Arab nation to incorporate these new refugees into their population as Israel had with the over three-quarters of a million Jewish refugees deported or forced from the Arab World in the decade and a half after the founding of Israel. The Arab nations would have the incentive that these potential new citizens would be arriving with a fair amount of wealth, not penniless as the Jews from the Arab World arrived. Israel would also bring an end to the Palestinian Authority and for the now former Palestinian Arabs who decided to remain and agree to living under Israeli law, they would be provided with identity cards granting them resident alien status. It would be up to Jordan and Egypt if they would provide the respective Arabs who chose to remain from Gaza, Judea and Samaria with passports. The additional monetary incentive would have a time limit of six months or maybe one year before it would expire. Further, the Palestinian Arabs who remain would be under one law which would have no exceptions; anyone caught performing, aiding, planning or in any way attached to acts of terror will be exiled immediately after they complete whatever imprisonment to which they might be sentenced. Hamas, Islamic Jihad, PLO and any other terror group would no longer be tolerated planning any activity within the Israeli borders. Israel would complete her annexation of Judea and Samaria making the Jordan River her eastern border. The remaining Arab communities would be permitted self-governance as semi-autonomous entities in those areas where they are a sizable majority. This would be the balance for governing; the Palestinian Arabs would have democratic governance or whatever form of governance they find appropriate. These areas would be left to their populations to administer in whatever way they see fit.


Israel might begin to work quietly through back channels, possibly using President Trump and trusted cabinet officials and ambassadors to Jordan and Egypt and possibly Saudi Arabia to arrange this solution. Should either Jordan or Egypt agree to take a number of the Palestinian Arabs who might decide they wish to return to these nations as they have family, friends or other reasons for desiring to relocate to them, Israel might find it advantageous to offer them a stipend in a per-capita basis for say a decade to facilitate their relocation. This is a dangerous path to start and the nations would need to sign agreements stipulating their responsibilities in these instances with possibly the United States and other nations as cosignatories making this an international agreement. This is very likely the only form of an arrangement which would serve to end the Arab-Israeli conflict. The only other means of ending this intractable conflict would be for one side to win and the other to lose. This means a conflict of open warfare where the winner takes all and the loser is driven from the region and not permitted to return. This is the least desirable but without a breakthrough such as the one described above, the all or nothing result from an open and all-out conflict is the only result which would become inevitable. When might such an end come? Should there ever be another Arab-Israeli war or should an Iran-Israel war take place, that would force the issue and once such a war is won, that will be the end of any and all claims on lands. It would be the most unfortunate in the cost of lives and economic disruption but it would provide for finality, period. So, the ball is out there for somebody to pick it up and run with it before the inevitable conflict strikes bring all to a head and solving the problem by force of arms.


Beyond the Cusp


May 28, 2018

Time to Allow Two-State Solution to Mercifully Die

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The Two-State Solution to the Arab-Israel Conflict has run its course just as the invade Israel and kill all the Jews ran its course and died as the means of erasing the Jewish People. Let us refresh the fist attempts to solve the Arab-Israeli Conflict. The initial attempt was the genocidally driven attack on the nascent Jewish State at her inception. No sooner had Israel announced her establishment than six Arab armies, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon plus Syria along with, Yemeni volunteers, Sudanese and Algerian brigades, former Nazi officers advising and the brigades of militias under the Nazi allied Mufti of Jerusalem Hajj Amin al-Husayni, who spent World War II in Berlin and Albania working with the Nazis while engineering Muslim brigades to persecute people throughout the Balkans while also being invited to attend the Wannsee Conference. The Mufti of Jerusalem called for the Arabs living within the Jewish State to flee to safety such that when the attacking Arab forces destroyed the Jewish State they could simply murder every human being within. The majority of Arabs heeded his call while the Israeli forces were forced to expel some Arab villages who had housed clandestine forces who attacked the Israelis behind the lines and a few others which attempted to interfere with supply lines. Were some Arab forced out who were innocent? Perhaps, as probably some were against hiding what would be classified as spies and commandos were expelled along with the rest of their village, but this is one of the calamities which occur during warfare. The majorities of those expelled were collaborating with the forces attempting to destroy the Jewish state and were not pure innocents as portrayed.


This was attempt one. Then there are the better-known Six Day War in June of 1967 and the Yom Kippur War of October of 1973. In both cases, in the end the IDF prevailed over its adversaries who had attacked Israel initiating the wars. Between these wars there were numerous attacks by terrorists and even before the May 1948 declaration of independence by the State of Israel there were individual attacks plus organized pogroms with the Hevron and Jerusalem pogroms of the 1920’s and 1930’s which attempted to drive the Jews from the lands. These were the outright attempts using war and overt violence to drive out the Jews and destroy Israel as a Jewish state. These all failed and led to the decision to change the game. The Arab world realized that with numerous far larger Arab states attacking Israel they had set up a David and Goliath situation with Israel as David and the Arabs as the Goliath. This led to the formation of the newly formed people, the Arab Palestinians who would be the Arab David against the Israeli Goliath. Now the poor and unfortunate beleaguered Arabs who had been robbed of their homes by the overly militarized and oppressive Israeli aggressors who were occupying stolen Arab lands had legitimate grievance against Israel and could play for pity in the international arena. They played the non-democratic world against the democratic West and garnered a huge advantage within the United Nations and all of its agencies leading to a constant string of condemnations against Israel.


That began the next series of warfare using terrorist attacks; and when Israel responded and killed the terrorist, the terrorist was always portrayed as an innocent civilian which was almost always portrayed as such in the mainstream media. Whenever the Arab Palestinians riot and endanger Israeli lives, lives which has included Arab Israelis such as these two Druze Police Officers, when Israeli enforcement is applied, the world responds screaming for Israel to be careful and not use disproportional force. Disproportional force has been the accepted means by which every victorious military has won their wars, and Israel is in a war for her survival. The recent rioting on the Gaza border, the rioting which was likely reported in your media as peaceful protests for equal rights and to be permitted to inhabit their ancestral homes which had been stolen, was some of the best proof of the media and their slanted and biased coverage of the Arab-Israeli conflict. What many need understand is that there are many who wish to return the Jewish People to wandering the face of the earth facing the periodic culling of their numbers as if they were a flock of sheep unable to retaliate. The idea of armed Jews willing to fight for their rights and to fight for their lives is so foreign to many in the world that such a concept frightens them into what would be considered a form of insanity putting them so far removed from what is happening that they start to believe the old tropes about the Jews wanting to conquer and control the world. The old and proven fakery in the form of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion (The Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion ) has become the second highest selling book across the Arab world behind Mein Kampf. These facts alone should tell one all they need know about the Arab-Israeli Conflict, it is not a simple war but a genocidal struggle where the Jews of the world as a people face the real threat of extinction should the Arab side prove victorious.


Quran and Mein Kampf

Quran and Mein Kampf


Let us repeat that, should the Arab world prove victorious, this includes the non-Arab Persians of Iran, in what is developing into a world war despite the refusal of so many who laughingly believe, just as the Europeans believed after the War to End All Wars (World War I) had brought warfare to an end because war had become too calamitous and caused far too much destruction to ever be used to solve international differences or actual severe antagonisms, World War III would follow. They were wrong and those today who believe that another all-out world war has been ruled out due to the arrival of an ultimate weapon, the atomic bomb and now the Hydrogen Thermonuclear Warhead and the EMP devices, are wrong. The problem with this thinking is that the Islamic world was largely uninvolved in either World War, during World War I, despite the involvement of their ruling Ottoman Empire, saw only the elite and largely Turkish guards were involved in fighting in Europe while the remainder fought largely in the deserts of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) where the weaponry was second rate compared to the warfare using large artillery, poisons gas, heavy machineguns and aerial bombing as was utilized in large numbers within the European theater. The nations of MENA saw little of the carpet-bombing of cities which took place across Europe and in Japan and were completely unengaged when United States President Truman loosed the use of two Nuclear Bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The Arab world and Iran have no compunction against the use of nuclear weapons as a first strike weapon. Iran has promised to use exactly these weapons on Israel in order to remove the country from the Map. To quote what has been referred to as a moderate Palestinian Arab spokesperson, Jibril Rajoub stated during an interview on Palestinian Authority television (see video below), “If We Had a Nuke, We’d Have Used It This Very Morning.” Remember, Jibril Rajoub is presumed to be a moderate from the presumed moderate Palestinian Authority which should make him about as reasonable and agreeable as one can be towards Israel and reaching an agreement through honest negotiations. Imagine what the Hamas extremists believe and would do and the Iranians after that who now border Israel with Hezballah in Lebanon and their own IRGC and Quds forces in Syria and along the Golan Heights. There have already been numerous attacks across the Golan Heights by Iranian forces and their proxies and Israel has responded respectively. The violence on this border is unfortunately probably far from over. Imagine if Iranian forces launched a poisonous Sarin Gas attack across the Israeli border. How would Israel respond and with what weaponry as such an attack is an attack with WMD’s, weapons of mass destruction. Israel does not have poisonous gas or biological weapons, thus a massive conventional attack would be the least response, and the world would condemn Israel when all was done.



So, if the two state solution is so severely broken as to be unrestorable, what is the solution? The problem is the entire idea of the two state solution. The Arab side, this includes the entirety of the Arab side, uses the Quranic idea of Islamic supremacism, will only accept the entire destruction and replacement of the Jewish state replacing it with an Islamic Arab state. If any Jews are permitted to remain, the Jews are to be Dhimmis, second-class citizens presumably protected by their Islamic masters. To put this in basic language anybody can understand, there can be only one winner in this war, and it is a war, period. Either Israel and the Jews are completely vanquished or the Arabs who refuse to live within a Jewish state under the laws of a democratic, Jewish majority nation are sent beyond the Jordan River. The false idea that in any such state the Jews would become a minority as the Arab population is growing more rapidly than the Jewish population. The truth is the Arab population is being outpaced by the growing Jewish population even not including Jewish Peoples returning to their ancient home. The population bomb is a misrepresentation of reality; the Jews would remain a majority. The only end to this conflict would be Israel ruling all the lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. This would make the Jewish state of Israel defendable with borders which would be defined by that which was promised from the San Remo Conference through the British Mandate where an Arab state was formed called Jordan east of the Jordan River and Israel would be the remaining twenty-two percent of the British Mandate lands. This still would not end the Arab-Israeli Conflict; it would only simplify the situation, as any further dispute would result in a declared war with an easily defined aggressor and defender. Granted this would still be misrepresented by much of the media, something proven from past performance of the media. Israel, in this finality, would be bordered by Egypt and Jordan with whom they have peace treaties along with Lebanon and Syria which are still technically at war with Israel which the Arabs initiated in 1948. In this situation, any resumption of violence would have an obvious nation making the first strike or causing a situation where one side was facing an unarguably imminent destruction such as when Syria was building an atomic production facility to produce plutonium for nuclear weaponry. Israel destroyed the facility before it was fueled in order to prevent widespread contamination (see image below). The building was an exact replica of North Korean nuclear facilities and the attack, according to North Korea, killed a number of North Korean technicians in the strike. This was the final proof for the intentions for this structure which corroborated Israeli claims of this being a reactor for the production of nuclear weapons grade materials.


Before and after photographs of Syrian nuclear site, located in the Deir ez-Zor region bombed by Israel on September 6, 2007, preventing the remote location of nuclear facilities for weapons manufacturing by use of Iranian proxy Syria. Raid was initiated by the Israelis after United States refused cooperation or action claiming the site was not a nuclear weapons site. North Korean observer scientists and technicians were apparently killed as per North Korean complaints against Israel for the raid.

Before and after photographs of Syrian nuclear site, located in the Deir ez-Zor region bombed by Israel on September 6, 2007, preventing the remote location of nuclear facilities for weapons manufacturing by use of Iranian proxy Syria. Raid was initiated by the Israelis after United States refused cooperation or action claiming the site was not a nuclear weapons site. North Korean observer scientists and technicians were apparently killed as per North Korean complaints against Israel for the raid.


The entirety of the existence of a Palestinian Arab population actually was manufactured in 1964 with the launch of the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization). The initial PLO charter stated that they desired no claim to the Shomron (West Bank) as this area belonged to Jordan. Their target was to liberate the remaining Arab Palestinian lands which included only the lands which were Israel. After the Arab loss in the Six Day War where Israel liberated Gaza from Egypt and the Shomron from Jordan, the PLO altered their claim to now form a Palestinian Arab state in the areas Israel liberated. Their slogan internationally now became the formation of the state of Palestine from the River to the Sea. This still meant their goal was the complete replacement of Israel with an Arab state. They would officially claim they only wanted a State in the liberated regions but stated such was only their first step and would not end terrorism or violence to destroy the remainder of Israel. This is the proof that this is a war which only one side can be the victor. Should the Arabs win, Israel would cease to exist and her Jews would most likely be genocidally slaughtered, all over six and a half million, a second Holocaust, a second Shoah. According to the Hamas charter, this would still not end the conflict, as their desire is to murder every Jew in the world. Hamas quotes in Article Seven of the Charter towards the end, “The Day of Judgement will not come about until Moslems fight the Jews, when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Moslems, O Abdulla, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him. Only the Gharkad tree would not do that because it is one of the trees of the Jews.” (related by al-Bukhari). This is further proof that this Arab-Israeli Conflict is more than an Israeli problem; it will eventually become an international problem. As the old saying states, as quoted in the Irish Examiner, “It starts with the Jews. It never ends with the Jews.” Perhaps time has come to forget the pipedream which was started as a smoke screen of propaganda to hide the actual desire for the destruction of Israel, the Two State Solution.


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