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January 24, 2013

What should We Learn from the Benghazi Investigations?

I don’t know about you but I have absolutely no sympathy for Ms. Clinton and she can simply hold her crocodile tears as such antics only serve to make me more angry. I do not want to know who is willing to fall on their sword by taking responsibility. I do not want to hear about the difficulties the situation presented or why executing a rescue was near impossible. The information I am looking for out of these hearings with the grandstanding by some and honest questions from others can be found with one simple question and one honest truth, “Who initiated the order to stand down?” That is all I need to know and once I know where the stand down order originated and who decided that these Americans were expendable and not worth even an attempt of rescuing, then I want to be there for their execution. Anything less would be an injustice and would leave a very wrong message for the world.

If it is allowed that we never are told who turned a cold heart and left those Americans to die in a dark corner of the world calling for help and wondering why they had been abandoned, then we will have sent a message to the world that there is little consequence for murdering Americans even those who hold the highest office in any foreign country which is what an ambassador holds. Not making the heartless scoundrel who watched these Americans die without lifting a finger get off without paying a price and having their name stand to only be whispered scornfully in conjunction with the likes of Benedict Arnold will encourage all other traitors of similar ilk free to perform their unpatriotic smears without fear of paying a price. It is paramount that we find the honest truth about who knew what and who refused to send rescue forces and as much support as could have been mustered and what reason they possibly could give for such dastardly traitorous act of abandonment. And once we have been given the truth and the miscreant has been identified, then we must tear every morsel of  reason for their refusal to provide any assistance, especially as we have since been informed that there were two special swift response units manned up and ready to be on station within two hours, an AC-130 Spectre Gunship ready and warm on a taxiway ninety minutes from Benghazi, and we had two unarmed drones on station watching a six hour plus firefight which included two separate locations and a transit between them and somehow someone deemed it impossible to send any assistance. Criminal is a word lacking in the treasonous and dastardly components necessary to describe the lowlife responsible for allowing four Americans including two highly trained military assets hung out facing superior armed forces yet managing to hold them off and offer heroic defense of the lives they were protecting until their lives had been extinguished.

The information that has been released about the actual siege makes the choice to refuse aid to be beyond questionable and into the realm of was this a set up that had gone wrong. I am loath to chase after rumor mill explanations and conspiracy theories, but the whole situation around the events from the Americans who, for all intents and purposes, appeared to have been sacrificed in order to assure their silence. When it is shown on the FLIR images from observation drones show laser painting of the mortar position which was the principle threat to the position at the safe house, one has to question why knowing that even the smallest of efforts was not permitted. Having a laser painted target only requires one round of smart munitions be it an artillery round, missile or cruise missile fired from a wide variety of platforms such as ships off shore, drones, fighter or other aircraft, or land fired variety missiles or artillery. The questions as to why no support reinforcements were deployed once one is provided with the entire range of actions taken on the ground in Benghazi from the Consulate and at the Safe House and that there was a transit between the two locations which covered approximately two miles along with the fact that there was intelligence from observation assets on location available to those tasked for support lasting for an extended period that there had to be a point where it became obvious even to the most uninformed individual that there was the time, opportunity, and availability of a number of various means of support which would have made a crucial difference and would have possibly saved lives.

Unfortunately, all these hearings will produce is the opportunity for Congressmen and Senators to make grand speeches and ask poignant and piercing questions only to receive deceptive sidestepping of the truth. There will be the admissions of culpability and reasons for inaction explained as the confusion and chaos during the heat of the situation and lack of certain and actionable intelligence which will sound as if much has been disclosed yet nothing new will be said or released. The reasons for Ambassador Stevens being in Benghazi on September 11th without heavy military escort of all days will remain clouded and uncertain. The suspicions of the Ambassador being in some clandestine operation for the stealthy movement of military assets provided by NATO for rebel use against Gadhafi in order to provide these weapons systems and arms to the Syrian rebels will remain unverified. That will leave the suspicion that the al-Qaeda and other terrorist forces which were a vital part of the Libyan resistance had different ideas and destinations in mind for these weapons and other military assets, namely to go to Hamas in Gaza. There will even be those who will claim that this was a conspiracy gone horribly wrong and that the reason for the stand down order was to allow for the kidnapping of Ambassador Stevens in order to allow for his release to be gained by releasing the Blind Sheik, Omar Abdel-Rahman who was the mastermind behind the first World Trade Center bombing, in a prearranged prisoner exchange. There are always the outstanding, unbelievable and extreme conspiracies behind anything that is either tragic or left with even a smidgen of unexplained actions or lack thereof. All we are going to receive from these investigations in the House of Representatives and the Senate is sound bites for future campaigns, grandstanding representatives, evasions, excuses, prevarications and apparently a sobbing Secretary of State. Well, at least Secretary of State Clinton sobbing on the stand will prepare us for any hearing when the Secretary of State in the hot seat is John Kerry.

Beyond the Cusp

October 27, 2012

One Last Undocumented Theory on Ambassador Stevens, Benghazi and Fellow Patriots

Some believe that we are called Beyond the Cusp because they think everything we write or support is a bit insane. Others think we simply make the points and ideas that populate the places others fear to tread. Today I am going to put forth my own deep feelings on exactly why the events that took the lives of four Americans played out the way that they did. I have no documentation or facts or any backing for what I believe, it is simply my opinion for why what happened, happened. To be completely honest, I pray that I am completely wrong and that the real reasons behind the events on September 11, 2012 in Benghazi, Libya are something mundane, understandable, acceptable and rational than what I am about to explain here.

There has been a slow procession of revelation revealing the actual string of events that took the lives of four Americans in the service of their country in a now apparently hostile environment, including the first murder of an American ambassador in over thirty years. We learned some extremely damning revelations this week with the disclosure that three separate times during the seven hours of fighting between this highly trained, heavily armed terrorist unit the orders to our assets both close and within effective range were ordered to stand down. Where it has not been made entirely and precisely clear, we know for sure that the resources and people manning the safe-house were ordered not to attempt any rescue or other maneuvers. Despite these orders, the two former Navy Seals (former, not ex-Navy Seals for once a man attains such high levels of training and such physical and mental disciplines, extreme training and abilities they will never again be the same as any normal human beings, they are forever transformed and just a notch better) disregarded what they must have believed was an advisory precaution that did not apply to them as their presence could very well make all the difference. If I have my fact correct, they did manage to prevent further casualties for which they paid with their lives, a sacrifice they likely understood was likely when they decided to act.

What one must find is the reason behind why no assets from within reasonable striking distance were deployed. This becomes even more perplexing when one is informed that among the unused assets were a Delta Force Team and a specialty unit trained for the exact scenario of meeting a terror threat. Taking the additional information that the entire armed exchange lasted for seven hours, enough time to deploy units from Germany, let alone Italy and other closer locations in Europe, one almost has to conclude that the lack of action against this attack was intentional and that these people who were in harm’s way were to be sacrificed for some reason. If this is accepted as a viable scenario explaining these events, it leads to some extremely troubling conclusions. This implies that the terror forces behind this horrendous attack has value which was of sufficient importance that sacrificing our Ambassador and whoever else might be unfortunate enough to be in the same location was acceptable to either somebody in Washington or in the military closest to the events who could control the information being relayed to Washington. We likely will never find out the truth and be privileged to learn exactly where the decision was made, but someone in the chain of command made the call to sacrifice our people. There is only one reason that such a decision would make sense, and that is the terrorists had more value to those making these decisions than did our consulate personnel and our Ambassador. Since Ambassador Stevens was deeply involved in arranging the arming of the Libyan rebels and some have claimed was now doing the same for the rebels in Syria, his being sacrificed might have been thought necessary in order to remove a potential threat to the Administration and the President’s reelection. My impression and fear is that the President and those in his inner cabal actually knew this attack was to occur and it was arranged that Ambassador Stevens was put in harm’s way intentionally. The terror Libyan rebel assets who executed this attack were sufficiently important to those who now control Libya and are high in the rebel leadership that this attack was allowed by President Obama and his inner circle. We can expect that any investigation into these events will either produce some officially sanctioned and sterilized report and will serve absolutely no purpose towards revealing any truth. We will very likely have to wait for decades if not longer before the truth will ever see the light of day, let alone be put into print.

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