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December 21, 2021

Oh My Crom – Omicron

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Fortunately, Conan never had to fight the Omicron virus or any other Covid variant past, present or future. Unfortunately, the real world where we all reside has had to face, are facing and will likely continue to face some form of illness resulting from the initial Covid virus. The reports that Omicron is more virulent are absolutely true but the reports of Omicron threatening to overwhelm hospitals and morgues are completely false and the absolute opposite of the science as reported from South Africa where they have tracked this variant for over a month. One interview with an immunologist got quite a response to the query about how we should view the upcoming Omicron variant where he responded that if at the start of the Covid epidemic he had produced an efficient vaccine, it would have resembled Omicron. In defense of his answer, as of this writing, there have been zero Covid deaths and a single hospitalization. We wish that the scare tactics, which are frightening fewer and fewer people, was the end of twisting, bending and mutilating the science to fit their narrative of expected horrors just around the next variant.

Covid-19 Virus

We keep watching as numerous cities, counties and states threaten mask mandates and/or lockdowns despite their proven complete ineffectiveness. President Biden is continuing to claim that Omicron is a “Pandemic of the unvaccinated,” despite studies showing the majority of people testing positive for Omicron are fully vaccinated with a sizeable number having also received a booster jab. We believe that the rate of infection per capita between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated are probably statistically equal. Biden also stated “We are looking at a winter of severe illness and death for the unvaccinated.” Were this a valid statement, it would portend an almost equally bleak outlook for the vaccinated, but that would be ridiculous. Apparently, Omicron is an equal opportunity infector where it could be slightly worse few days for the unvaccinated but limited to at worst similar to the flu or even the common cold. The reality is, agreeing with numerous physicians and viral researches, not dependent on NIAID subsidizing their research, Covid is over, done, exiting stage right; simply stated, Kaput!

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November 28, 2021

New Covid Variant FREAK OUT!!

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The news of the South African COVID variant leads every hourly update, if not completely eclipsing all other news, demanding we all FREAK OUT!!! It is probably obvious that we have completely had it with the Coronavirus and all the associated insanity. Allow us to restate a simple truth about the Coronavirus and the vast majority of the past and future variants;
There is a simple and all too obvious result from following the reporting on the COVID-19 virus, its variants and the variants’ variants. Each variant has been reported to be more easily transmitted yet we are not witnessing the same serious physical responses to these variants as fewer people require hospitalization and virtually no one has expired from the variants. This is known in medicine is Muller’s Ratchet.”

Despite everyone reporting the news knowing about Muller’s Ratchet, they insist on presenting each new variant as if it will be as bad or worse than the Spanish Flu epidemic and stoking fear, instead of deescalating the public fear levels. Inspection of the actual reasons for these scare tactics is not to lower the anxiety level, but is being falsely driven ever higher with predictions that each new variant will initiate the end of the world. FREAK OUT!

COVID Freak Out!!!

Virtually all the reasons driving the scare campaigns being waged by the Biden administration and the mainstream media stem from testing the levels of control producing the meek reaction displayed by our silent compliance. Another reality about viruses is they are able to go into a dormant form and wait until conditions are more viable at which time they reemerge and continue infecting the rest of the population. Viruses are very well adapted to survive almost all means to fight them where their ability to rapidly mutate into new variant after variant and variants of the variants. Thankfully, according to Muller’s Ratchet, each variant though likely more transmittable will be a less severe threat to people’s health until eventually the Coronavirus will simply be one more virus which causes the common cold. But there are signs here in Israel that people have completely had it with mask mandates and all the other insanity connected with Covid. This will be short, we promise. Yes, we have a select group of friends who have taken every word from the authorities (Fauci) seriously and wear their compliance masks, but most of our group never listened to any of the fear and wore our masks only when demanded by authorities such as when entering a government building. When giving blood the other morning at our health center, I did not feel at all put upon as the vast majority of the people waiting were as maskless as I. The only hope for being done with the Coronavirus is for we the people to decide it is over and we will no longer blindly obey. Slowly, steadily and ever accelerating, the people are coming to the realization that all the world’s governance are conspiring to keep the populace under their thumb for as long as possible. Our hope is that this experience will make for a wiser public in the future, but we fear such hope is not well founded. Compliance was the watchword for almost two years with only the slightest squeals of complaint from the world. At least people are getting their mojo back and protesting the closures in much of the world; even violent protests in Europe and Australia. We pray people wake before governments’ Coming Unvaccinated Covid Leper Camps. >. Maybe governments will start fighting the virus and leave the people alone to care for themselves.

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November 21, 2021

How Inflation is Good for Government and Special Interests

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Reasonings favoring inflation are directly tied to the debt reaching unprecedented levels during the COVID overreactions, especially the useless shutdowns. We are not intending to comment on the necessity or what might have been a more crafted response to the imposed economic shuttering raising debts beyond any previous levels. This debt is mediated by devaluing the dollar, specifically against other world currency. Just for argument’s sake, let us presume by January 2025 the dollar will be worth two-thirds the January 2020 dollar, basically the value the dollar promised when these loans were incurred, including the current spending. All foreign holders of United Stated debt or those paid in American dollars, be they in retirement or receiving paycheck such as for the military and State Department; these entities will all have lost one-third in holdings or in salary through no fault of their own. But there are reasons for optimism, reasons directly tied to trade balances.


Another aspect of inflation, beyond reducing the real-world debt owed by the United States, is it makes foreign imports more expensive while reducing the actual price of exports. This would appear to be one enormous incentive to become energy independent once again; otherwise, fuel prices from electricity to the petroleum for your vehicle will skyrocket potentially to over $10.00/gal at the pump. Inadvertently, as it is obvious, it is their intent to kill all use of fossil fuel. After another year of inflation easily exceeding ten-percent, the United States labor market, the workforce, will become competitive and potentially become even more competitive over time. These gains will not be evenly distributed should current regulatory policies be achieved. The fossil fuel industries are being targeted with an obvious intent to drive them from providing fuel for automobiles while giving monetary incentives for the purchase of an electric vehicle. In conclusion, massive deficit spending leads directly to high inflation thus reducing the actual cost of government debt while reducing the actual purchasing power of her citizens. And yes, it does hit minimum wage earners, the elderly, the disabled (not even able-bodied), those on pensions and those living on fixed incomes the worst, especially those residing outside the United States (yes, that includes me).

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