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August 3, 2021

It Is All Socialism by Another Name

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There will be numerous terms used to teach, inculcate, indoctrinate and radicalize our children and grandchildren (plus for the very fortunate-great=grandchildren) all used to disguise, hide and simply lie about the actual agenda. Some of the new terms sound very similar to terms we believe are good ideas but the new terms twist the concept beyond recognition. Many of us remember being taught about equality and judging everybody by their abilities and character. Equality has been replaced with equity which sounds so close it must be similar, but it is anything but that. Equality grants everyone the same starting point and everyone succeeds to the best as they are able. Yes, we are aware that some people have an advantageous start coming from wealth yet ability will often outperform those with what socialists claim is an unfair advantage. Equity requires that everyone cross the finish line together with all with any ‘advantage’ being impaired as for equity the entire class is required to learn at the pace of the least talented person. Equity requires that anyone with the brilliance of an Einstein, Tesla or Riemann, a great mathematician whose special remaking of Euclidean geometry such that his formulae are usable on any defined surface thus enabling Einstein to redefine Newtonian physics) be inhibited from outperforming even the least capable in their classes.

Bernhard Riemann surface

Another innocuous friendly-sounding term is ‘intersectionality’ which is actually a list of which groups are acceptable and those which must be shunned and shamed. We have already noted in a previous article how virtually any group which uses a six-pointed-star, even if it has the rainbow flag colors (shown below), will be banned as the Palestinian groups demanded that anything remotely linked to Israel, intending to also apply to most Jewish groups, must be discriminated against and disallowed from all left-liberal protests and parades, such as gay pride parade in Chicago. Other terminology used in this socialist planned society mostly revolve around ‘critical theories’ used in various areas in order to break society apart forcing exclusionary individual groups. Such policies include but are not limited to critical race theory, critical gender theory which pushes almost uncountable genders and critical theory can be applied to any subject with which the population can be divided causing an us against the them. All this aside, it must be noted that historically almost every socialist government has persecuted the Jews and we expect no less from the future should the Democrat left get their policies enacted.

Multi-Colored Flags with a Star of David

Multi-Colored Flags with a Star of David

Rainbow Flag with Star of David

People need to realize that the system which the Democrats hope to establish is not based on Marxism, Soviet style Communism or any other type of international socialist system. Their desired end result is best recognized by simply looking to President Xi and China. What many have failed to realize is that China has left traditional socialism and has melded limited free-market with centralized planning. The problems will begin once their economy takes a downturn leading to their restricting the freedoms permitted the limited free-market, blaming their mistaken decisions which permitted such freedoms. This will only worsen the problems as centralized planning has never outperformed the invisible hand of true capitalism. When this inevitability strikes, we believe that such a downturn is already well on its way, President Xi will look to Taiwan as the next great Chinese crackdown and bank robbery on what they consider a breakaway province. Xi has already given hints and threats concerning Taiwan which sound ominously similar to their run-up to the subjugation of any freedom movement, its leaders and numerous followers known to the CCCP in Hong Kong. Additionally, Chinese leadership has been pressing harder as time passes threatening Taiwan while including threats of using a first strike nuclear attack on Japan and the United States should they interfere in Chinese internal matters such as Taiwan.

The far-left leadership of the Democrats are hoping to find a balanced socialist nation. The United States will have single party rule should the Democrats get their wish list through Congress completely federalizing all election law. Their intent is to apply the leniency from the 2020 elections due to COVID, or that was the excuse, to every state using the power of the federal government. They do not intend to completely destroy capitalism as that is necessary to pay for the socialist programs. There will be a guaranteed minimum wage of around twelve to fifteen dollars an hour for forty hours even should one choose not to bother with working. Even the least productive still has needs and requirements in order to survive. As such, they intend to retain the United States and use heavy taxes combined with European style supplements granted citizens for food, shelter, transportation, clothing and even entertainment. This is a mutated form of state socialism which has traditionally been labelled fascism where government, media, social media elites and major corporations cooperate in making policies and projecting the needs of the society in order to meet the demands of the populace, which never quite works well if at all. What it ends up being labelled does not matter as it is still socialist-induced-equity imposed on society which punishes exceptionalism, as that is a form lacking equity and reeking of capitalist-exceptionalism.

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