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June 7, 2016

The Coming Internationalized Pressure in Israel Again!


We have all the signs one might need to realize that the fix is in and the demands will all fall on Israel. The understanding of those in Paris and those “experts” Makovsky and Ross at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) as well as an unsigned editorial on June 1, 2016 in the Washington Post all making the supposition that the first step towards a settlement requires concessions from Israel to make evident that Israel is serious about reaching an equitable peace with the Palestinians and allow Mahmoud Abbas to feel comfortable with even discussing the necessary requirements for a lasting peace. Never mind that Abbas has made evidently clear that no matter what the settlement and peace even to include Israel pulling completely back to the 1949 Armistice Lines (the Green Line) and redividing Jerusalem while also bringing every Jew from the vacated lands into Israel, the Arabs would retain the right to protest the continued occupation, code words for terrorism and assaults on Israelis. This demand to retain their right to violent confrontation is demanded despite Israelis leaving their homes, businesses and complete cities behind for the Palestinian who would still destroy everything in an orgy of obliteration as nothing touched by a Jew can be allowed to remain standing. This was exactly what happened in Gaza and why the quarter of a million dollars’ worth of greenhouses were destroyed and all their tubing and equipment used to make rockets which were returned to Israel in explosive volleys. But the demands are always for Israel to sacrifice and concessions and give in to any and all demands just to have Abbas laugh and spit in their faces and once again claim, “Not nearly enough.” What would be enough? Abbas has answered that in Arabic. Enough is the founding of Palestine from the (Jordan) River to the (Mediterranean) Sea where the land must be made Jew free. If that means a second Holocaust, then all the better as that would be a great start at quenching their bloodlust which Hamas defines as the murdering of every Jew anywhere on Earth they are found. But Israel must satisfy this vampiric lust that is the Arab Palestinian craving.


Never mind the history of the Jews living in Arab lands, a history every bit as bloodied and evil in its intents and rocky coexistence where Jews lived at the whim of every local potentate following the conquest by Islam of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) including the holy lands, which had been the Jewish homelands for over two-thousand-years by the time of their conquest, which were plagued with near constant violence as the Christian Crusaders attempted to liberate Jerusalem from Islamic colonization replacing it with Christian colonization which had been free of challenge as the Byzantine Empire for almost a millennia before the Muslims conquered the Jewish homelands. The lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea was the Israelite homelands from the time of Joshua and the Israelites who left Egypt approximately forty-years earlier in the Exodus and now conquered the lands the Torah stated was theirs by the decree of the Creator, Hashem. The Torah demanded that they expel the idolaters from the lands, smash and destroy their idols and high places and cleanse the lands of the abominations. There was no demand to murder or exterminate the Canaanites unless they came to fight and destroy the Israelites. They were only to be sent packing into other lands, something which three-thousand plus years ago there was more than enough for the Canaanites to resettle elsewhere and continue there idolatry and live happily ever after. There are claims that the Palestinians are the descendants of the Canaanites which is as ridiculous as their claim to have been descendants of the Philistines. The only problem is the Arabs of three-thousand-years ago were still worshipping their idols in the Arabian Peninsula largely in Mecca and Medina. There was no Islam and today there are no remnants or descendants of either the Canaanites or the Philistines. Now back to the insanity that is the unexplainable fixation the Western World appears to suffer from when it comes to Israel and their multitude of misconceptions.


Let us review a few basic facts, facts which are often just thrown out the window when it comes to appeasing any who wish to destroy Israel. The League of Nations and by Article 80 of their Charter, the United Nations, and the British Crown, and the Christian world at the end of World War I, a far more religious and knowledgeable of history, particularly Biblical history, and who realized that since the fall of Israel and subsequently Judea, both Israelite Jewish nations, there had been numerous empires whose land included ancient Israelite lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea including but not limited to the Babylonian Empire, Persian Empire, Greek Empire of Alexander, Ptolemaic Greek Empire, Seleucid Greek Empire, Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Caliphate, Napoleonic Empire, the Crusaders, and Ottoman Empire but none of which ever placed even a provincial capital within these lands with them most often ruled from Damascus as the weather was milder and far more comfortable than the hot and dry lands which was the homeland of the Israelites, the Jews. The only peoples to make their kingdom centered on these lands with Jerusalem or Shechem as their capital city were the Israelites either as the tribes which formed a loose federation not united until the rule of King David and King Solomon. There were brief kingdoms when the yoke of either the Greek Empire or Roman Empire was briefly thrown off with the most famous being the Hasmonean Dynasty the product of the Maccabean Revolt which was the rising of pious Jews against the Seleucid king who had tried to eradicate their religious practices and force Greek idolatry onto the Jews and who placed idols in the Second Temple desecrating it further with the sacrifice of pigs in an effort to completely extinguish any religious attachment of the Temple with Judaism. Even that effort by the Seleucid king was initiated from Damascus as he did not care to reside with the Jews who he found particularly troublesome and stubborn as they refused to be Hellenized, well, a core of them refused and the ones that had become Hellenized were also murdered during the Maccabean Revolt. The Romans tried to stamp out Judaism as a religion as well and initially this resulted in the Bar Kokhba revolt which resulted in the overthrow of Roman rule ever so briefly. This was the Third Jewish–Roman War or the Third Jewish Revolt as if nothing else we were stubborn to the end. The Romans even used their ultimate weapon for destroying a peoples and their culture by erasing them from history through dispersing them to the far corners of their empire removing the majority from their native lands. This was done with the survivors of the Carthaginians after the Third Punic War and has anyone met a Carthaginian lately? This was the Roman’s most dire weapon as it robbed a people of any coalescing or binding legacy or even a core group but the Jews had their own secret weapon, Torah. With the Torah and the laws and recorded history there was a binding agent which was portable and went wherever the Jews went and no matter how scattered each Jew had the Torah, the same laws, the same legacies, the same promise of redemption and a return to Eretz Yisroel no matter how long it might take. As it turns out it took almost two-thousand-years but in May 15, 1948 (Iyar 6, 5708) the British left and from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea the modern state of Israel was born.


I know what some are saying, wait BTC people, what about Gaza and the West Bank, they were not Israel and they are between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea and they were Palestine. Well, actually no. What did happen was from November 29, 1947 after the United Nations General Assembly voted to allow the partition of the lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea between the Jews and Arabs, in the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181 when the trouble began. This was a non-binding resolution, as every General Assembly resolution, as only the Security Council is empowered to pass binding enforceable resolutions and then only if they do so under Chapter Seven as a Security Council Chapter Six Resolution is the same as the General Assembly, a non-binding resolution. With a non-binding resolution from the United Nations, as soon as any of the affected institutions, nations or individuals rejects the resolution it is immediately voided and can no longer be considered as having any validity. The British were leaving on the following May 15, 1948 divide or not. What happened was the Zionist Congress immediately accepted the partition as they were willing to take anything as that was better than the British being made to remain. The Arab League rejected it out of hand and made a call for Arab nations to gather and destroy the abomination to Islam which a Jewish State would pose. Seven Arab nations, a number of militias and an Arab Force under the Mufti of Jerusalem, the infamous Mohammed Amin al-Husseini who spent World War II in Berlin and demanded that the Nazis assist in the liquidation of the Jews in the Arab world after they conquered the world, a fait accompli in his mind as in Hitler’s. Things went in a different direction as history relates with the defeat of Nazi Germany and the Axis Powers. The Mufti commanded two Balkan Muslim regiments which were involved in numerous war crimes and the Mufti was initially listed as one to be tried in the Nuremberg Trials but the British removed his name and flew him to Jerusalem to take command of the Arabs who were fighting the Jews in a low-grade war as the British were preparing to depart. These were the forces he commanded and were within the Jewish lines causing difficulties and were one of the reasons that some Arab villages were forced beyond the front lines as they had armed and were preparing to assault the Jewish forces from the rear if left behind the front lines where the Arab armies were fighting the newly formed and not entirely regimented Jewish forces. When the fighting was finally halted the front lines divided Jerusalem and Jordan had occupied parts of Judea and Samaria which they renamed West Bank as Judea sounded a little too Jewish, the Egyptians held Gaza and the Syrians the Golan Heights. These Arab areas held by Jordan, Egypt and Syria were occupied Jewish lands as per the League of Nations, the United Nations, the San Remo Conference, and numerous other treaties and conferences which were held after the defeat of Germany and the Austria-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires after World War I. All of these and especially the British and French Mandates were recognized by the United Nations which is how Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Israel were brought into being and recognized by the world bodies.


Bet all that history and the fact that it was the Arab nations who occupied Israeli Lands never enters into their equations. There is a simple reason for this and it is best described by disposing another myth we have seen repeatedly of late, the myth that the United States has been the bestest of friends with Israel from the start and never even did anything that might have caused Israel distress or possibly led to its destruction. Granted President Harry Truman voted for and recognized Israel both in the November United Nations vote and gave recognition on the morning of May 15, 1948. What everyone ignores was that immediately after that the United States imposed an arms embargo against Israel. That’s right, as the Jews needed arms, any arms as they had very few and virtually no air forces or armored vehicles. The initial Israeli armored vehicle was a 50cal machine gun atop a 1930s car or truck. Israel turned to one nation for most of the arms they received, Czechoslovakia. Fortunately there were quite a few World War II tanks and some airplanes sitting in Czechoslovakia and they were willing to sell them at a budget rate as they knew exactly how it felt to be tossed to the wolves as an appeasement. Eventually the French and, believe it or not, the Soviet Union also sold Israel some equipment. Somehow, though out-gunned, out-manned and greatly out-numbered, Israel fought her heart out and while not winning, they survived with some lost territories to Jordan, Egypt and Syria. These lands remained occupied and without even a peep of demanding their “State of Palestine” while these Arab nations held these lands.


Then in 1964 the KGB assisted the formation of the PLO placing their well-trained duo of Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas, both trained in Moscow, in charge of their PLO anti-Jewish terror organization. You will never believe what their slogan was. They claimed that Israel was occupying their Arab homeland of Palestine. This is in 1964 and a full three years before the 1967 Six Day War where Israel liberated her occupied lands as well as conquering the Sinai Peninsula. Israel, the nation unwilling to sacrifice for peace returned the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt when the two nations made peace and ended their belligerency. Israel, in August of 2005 pulled every Jewish citizen from the Gaza and removed their IDF forces and even reinterred their dead to cemeteries within Israel and left the entire greenhouse industries intact for the Gazans to have some form of agriculture and production. The greenhouses were torn apart and used to make rockets. The Palestinian Authority lost the Gaza to Hamas which had won the elections and controlled the Palestinian Parliament. Mahmoud Abbas assumed office and his term presumably ran out in 2009 and the world awaits the elections for President, hint, don’t hold your breath as he knows in a fair election he will lose, and losing that election may cause him to lose more than just an election. So, Israel surrendered Gaza for peace and received Hamas and rockets and invasion tunnels. Now Makovsky and Ross are some of the people behind the international demands that Israel provide cement so that Gaza can be rebuilt. Small problem, Israel has been providing the cement but nothing is being rebuilt. Reports state that Hamas is appropriating over ninety-percent of the cement for the rebuilding of their tunnels including new tunnels supposedly reaching miles under the border into Israel. Thanks to the European and American wunderkind Israel is providing cement to Hamas to use to destroy Israel. This actually should be of little surprise as since 1948 much of the Western World governments in some form or another have adopted positions and policies which could not be any more injurious to Israel than if they were intentionally attempting to destroy the Jewish State. But we all know that the Western World could not be working to hurt Israel because Israel dictates policy to the Western World, right?


Left side map depicts the division of the Promised Land amongst the tribes and right side map compares the modern promised land from the Jordan west to the Mediterranean Sea compared to the maximum of area during King David’s and King Solomon’s reigns.


There has been a confab in Paris in order to find a new plan to restart the Palestinian-Israel peace talks. The good news is there were a number of nations participating and the Israelis would not be present to muck things up. The sad news is even with this perfect set of conditions it does not appear they will succeed. The Paris peace parley ended with a call for another conference by the end of the year. The Palestinians are unhappy because all they got was a lousy communique and a “non-binding” one at that. They had anticipated a supposed binding demand that Israel surrender at least Jerusalem and back to the Green Line pulling all Jews back with their retreat. All they got was a lousy T-shirt. Even the Foreign Ministers at the Paris Conference knew that there is no chance for peace and Israel is not the problem. When meeting in quiet rooms behind closed doors without the media and other outside interference they all know that the problem is that Mahmoud Abbas will only accept a complete demolition of Israel replacing it with an Arab State. The PLO had a similar plan but with one difference, they claimed that as soon as they finish cleansing the land of all things Jewish they were going to give the land to Jordan. They did not pretend they desired to have a nation to run; they just wanted the Jewish State dead and gone, all traces gone. The PA is the PLO with international recognition. That is the reality but in order to be able to claim that progress is being made and an intransigent Mahmoud Abbas and Arab World there is only one other hope, pressure Israel, threaten Israel, do what it takes to make Israel make moves knowing that no matter what Israel does it will not make a single iota of difference, Abbas will just say “No.” That is the reality, plain and simple, Israel pressed to make useless and empty moves because everybody knows that Abbas is the obstruction and it makes no difference who replaces him as the leadership of the Palestinian Authority are all hardened terrorists who desire only one thing, dead Jews and no more Israel. That is their minimum acceptable result and nothing short of that will change anything. Well, except if Israel does what she should have done on June 11, 1967 and reestablished rule over every inch of the previously occupied Jewish and Israeli lands from 1948 and end the ridiculous charade of attempting to mollify the unappeasable. It is and always has been a fool’s game and it is simply foolish to continue the charade not to mention dangerous. Give Abbas one last proposal where he gets areas A and B and when he refuses then simply push the Palestinian Authority leaders and fighters out into Syria and then offer to buy out anyone who prefers leaving otherwise they can either remain as resident aliens or they may choose to follow a procedure which will result in citizenship after a reasonable time and passing a background check. Any known terrorists will be invited to depart, an invitation which cannot be refused. That is the best and least injurious path to peace and with time this would lead to a lasting peace as Egypt and Jordan do not desire another costly war with Israel which leaves Syria and Lebanon. Syria barely exists as a nation and who knows who will be the next leader, if any, in Syria. In Lebanon the problem is with a terrorist entity backed by Iran, Hezballah, and they are currently engaged in Syria up to their proverbial necks. Once that war is finally resolved, perhaps Iran will not be able to continue to provide Hezballah with any further rockets and missiles and they will decide that threatening Israel is better than warring with Israel. If Hezballah instead decides war is preferable then Israel needs to end that problem once and for all even if that requires retaining lands to the southern shore of the Litany River, the Biblical northern border of Israel as can be seen in the map of the Tribes of the Israelites after their conquest of the lands. Israel has no desire to reach to the Euphrates River as was acquired by King David and King Solomon at the greatest extent Israelites had ever ruled. The Litani River would be defendable should Hezballah insist that they too will not rest until Israel is no more. Iran, you ask? The world will decide that problem as they are positioning to be a threat to places far beyond Israel and that is where the world had best start to pay closer attention, honest.


Beyond the Cusp


May 17, 2016

Where Again Are Six-Million Jews to Go?


The anti-Semites, anti-Zionists and anti-Israel forces are still at it claiming that the Jewish State must be dissolved and the Jews of Israel, well; they never really quite say what they are supposed to do. Often we hear that false adage that they can simply go back where they came from. That ignores the nearly four-million born right here in Israel as they came from here. Ah, right, they are supposed to return to where their parents or grandparent or back as far as necessary to find a forefather who came from elsewhere. For some that would be Babylonia, a place somewhat difficult to find in the modern world. How about the approaching half whose lineage came from the Arab world, they are supposed to return where again? Their former home nation if followed back is in the Middle East or North Africa, not exactly the garden spot for Jews these days. Even those who came here from Europe are not exactly going to be permitted back into those nations; they are too busy finding homes for displaced Syrian refugees. The ones who can from the former Soviet Union and others from Russia cannot return to a nation which does not even have sufficient economy to support its dwindling population. The United States made their position on where does one place six-million Jews whose lives would otherwise be forfeit quite clear with the SS St. Louis which they not only had forbidden landing in any American port even to take on fuel lest a single Jew escape over the side and instead sent the ship and its nine-hundred plus Jews back to Germany. Canada, same story. Then there was that other nation suggested by some Muslim spokesperson, Alaska, which apart from not being a nation would have the nativists in the United States claiming the native Inuit People were being displaced and we do not need to start all over with a real native population this time as the false claims of a Palestinian Peoples is bad enough. And what of the small but still related to tens of thousands of native Jews whose parents can trace their lineage back to the tribes arriving from out of Egypt, an Egypt which is nonexistent today? The problem is nowhere near as simple as they can go back where they came from. Nowhere from which they came from wants them either. So, once again, where do we place over six-million Jews?


We could go from nation to nation and give the logistics as to why an influx of six-million people, let alone six-million of the world’s most notoriously unwanted people, would be an imposition making such a transfer impossible. To be entirely honest, the transfer of the Arabs residing in Judea and Samaria would be less problematic as for them as refugees, if it were not for the desire to abuse them as a bludgeon to destroy Israel and murder her Jews, would be readily accepted throughout the Western World with open arms as are the Syrian refugees, or at least the Syrian refugees were being accepted until some legal difficulties arose. Now accepting even the Syrian refugees is proving to be quite difficult. The one continent which would not have a voice from its native population would be Antarctica as the penguins are a fairly affable lot. Still, does the world really want to risk turning Antarctica into the next Garden of Eden when the Jews turn it into a garden like environment? Oh, wait, the nativists’ ecological wing of the world would really be upset and would start screaming climate change. And the world’s oceans might be upset with all that melting ice but I presume the Jews might be persuaded to keep a frozen ring around their new Garden of Eden and store the water within just as long as they did not permit it to spill into the oceans. Face it, wherever the Jews would be placed would become the next garden spot on the planet and somebody would immediately claim it was their peoples’ native land and demand the Jews be sent elsewhere. That is what happened here in Israel.


Early American and European Zionists Returned and Rebuilding the Holy Lands

Early American and European Zionists
Returned and Rebuilding the Holy Lands


Early Zionists Working the Land, Digging Irrigation Channels, Removing Tree Stumps and Other Structures Needed by the Community

Early Zionists Working the Land,
Digging Irrigation Channels, Removing Tree Stumps
and Other Structures Needed by the Community


Perhaps we should refresh everybody’s memories, and for some inform them for the first time. Before 1850 the lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea was where people were sent as a punishment all the way back to before the Roman Empire. When Pontius Pilate was sent to Judea, yes, Judea as it was not named Syria Palaestina a Roman province around 135 AD; he was sent off into oblivion hoped never to be heard from again as Judea was where the romans sent people as a punishment. The same with the Greeks and the sole people ever to want to come to this region were the Jews and whenever they did they were sent gleefully as those remaining behind snickered. The strange thing is the heat and lack of rain for much of the year and flooding the other three months and some fetid swamps and rocky terrain were viewed as a curse. Even the British sent their unkind here to perish in the heat and swamplands. Yet, as soon as the Jews have returned to these lands they would blossom and some empire would sweep in and conquer them, remove the Jews and then puzzle as to what it was they ever saw in this forbidding land. After a while when the Jews screaming and kicking up a fuss to return to their homeland became too much of a headache, the Jews (originally called Hebrews) were sent packing with the blessings of whichever empire wished to be rid of them. The Jews would return, refurbish and rebuild as the busy little beavers they appear to emulate and rebuild the land. The newest empire, not knowing the heartache that awaited them, would sweep in, remove the Jews and the land would spit them out and cry for the Jews to return. Yes, the land wanted the Jews and the Jews wanted the land and they too were always happy with one another. Read the Bible, the Old Testament.


This cycle is still true to this day. Ask yourselves exactly what do you think the Arabs, there are no real people called Palestinians and were none before 1964 when Yasser Arafat and the KGB invented them and before that was a phrase used to describe the Jews. What do you think the Arabs will do once they are given Israel? Yes, that’s right, kill the Jews and take the land for themselves. And exactly what do you expect to happen then? Right, the land will grow wild and inhospitable and the Arabs will flee back from whence they came and the land will be empty again just as Mark Twain, almost every British historian and so many others including the leader of the Muslims who ruled from Damascus found even Jerusalem to be inhospitable and gave up attempting to make it into a fun park for vacations and ran back to nice, civilized and temperate Damascus. When one compares Damascus favorably to a land, that land is not a nice place to live, but we Jews love it here and the land loves our being here, so why not save everybody a real load of difficulty and trouble, leave the Jews alone here for a change and allow everyone else to go on their merry way. Those Arabs who really want to remain here and live in peace with the Jews, wonderful, they can sign a loyalty oath and we will design some path to full citizenship and the rest can return where their ancestors came from as the vast majority arrived after 1900 anyways, and that is documentable by simply reading the British census information going back to just after World War I and the Ottoman census information for centuries before that. Can we try that for a change instead of allowing everything the Jews have built to go into ruin again and eventually sending the Jews back and the next “indigenous peoples” to claim it was all their land before the Jews came despite everyone knowing it was a lie but stealing Israel from the Jews only to have it turn to rubble within fifty to one-hundred years as this cycle will need to be broken eventually, why not now?


Beyond the Cusp


May 16, 2016

Anti-Semitism and America


When people speak of anti-Semitism they normally talk about the Middle East, Europe or the Islamic lands of North Africa. If you were to claim that the anti-Semitism in the United States is actually worse you would likely be laughed out of the conversation if not the room. The problem is that you would be right in many senses of the word. The anti-Semitism in the Arab and Islamic worlds is obvious and has so few Jews on which to load such hatreds they simply aim at Israel, the new anti-Semitism which is also known as anti-Zionism or anti-Israelism. In Europe you are speaking of a similar case as most European nations outside France and Britain have negligible Jewish population on which to target their hatred so they too place their hatreds on Israel. But in the United States there are almost six-million Jews, only Israel possesses more Jews. The truth is that the vast majority of these Jews live in the ten to twenty largest cities and thus in much of the United States Jew hatred is also fixated on Israel. Where there are Jews to target they have temporarily taken a back seat to hatred of Israel but that will not last forever. Ask any Jewish student who is pro-Israel and attends one of the main liberal bastions of higher education such as the Ivy Leagues Universities, the California University System, CUNY, and any university where the BDS groups have sway and are supported by a sizeable number of professors or entertain Israel Apartheid Week or Naqba Day celebrations (which would have taken place last week and the coming week as yesterday was Israeli Independence Day outside of Israel where the Gregorian calendar is used and thus also Naqba Day. Do not accept this falsehood as the real Naqba was when the French and British Mandates divided greater Syria and those Muslim Arabs in the British Mandate feared they would be prevented from visiting Damascus which was where they were to make their Haj instead of to Mecca, a leftover from times when Mecca was blocked from the Muslims who resided in what are today Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey and surrounding areas as they were ruled by the wrong type of Muslim, a Umayyad Dynasties before they conquered Medina and Mecca.


If you are a pro-Israel or religious Jew studying on an American university campus where they had Naqba Day un-celebrations, as how can one celebrate a catastrophe, then you likely already understand anti-Zionism and anti-Israelism are simply other faces of anti-Semitism as you have probably faced the fallout from these events and hate-fests. The sticking point in all of these organizations and groups who arrange these fiascos, where truth has no bearing and lies flow as truths, is their funding comes almost directly, if not directly, from the PLO or Hamas which both get the lion’s share of their monies from European nations and the United States as well as the United Nations which is largely funded by European nations and the United States. The main funnel through which these funds flow comes directly from the United States State Department which is almost always first in line in efforts to destroy the Jewish State. Such should not surprise anybody as the State Department took the lead in advising President Truman not to vote in favor of the partition plan in the General Assembly and then pressed harder along with the Pentagon to immediately invoke an arms embargo on the new Jewish State. It was fairly well known that the Arab League was going to refuse any partition plan as they were preparing for an all-out war to destroy the Jewish State and murder the Jews as soon as the British retreated from their remaining Mandate lands leaving them to the Jewish state and the Arabs to determine what would be what. The ensuing war which is often misnamed Israel’s War of Independence when in all truth it was Israel’s War of Survival which she won but in which she lost lands of Gaza, now in the hands of Hamas and its terrorist compadres, and Judea and Samaria which Jordan annexed illegally and renamed West Bank. These are the lands which in 1967 were liberated from Egypt and Jordan and in August 2005 Gaza was relented to the Arab Palestinian Authority (PA) which soon thereafter lost it to Hamas. The rest of the claims by the Arabs under the auspices of the PA which is the de-terrorized entity which replaced the PLO which was founded in 1964 by Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas with the assistance of the Soviet Union through the KGB which had as its charter the destruction of Israel as in 1964 there was no occupied lands other than Israel inside the pre-1967 borders, also called the Green Line. These are just a few of the lies portrayed as Israeli Apartheid and war crimes despite the fact that no criminal acts have ever been adjudicated in the appropriate world courts such as the International Criminal Court as those who claim that Israel has committed such crimes also know that they have no credible case to bring before an actual judicial board of international adjudicators. If any of these anti-Semites believed for even an instant that they had a valid case they would be before the world court system in a heartbeat and the fact they rely on propaganda rather than presenting factual charges is further proof they have no substance behind their claims.



Burning Israel Star of David



But this has not prevented their subverting young minds with the willing assistance from professors of Middle Eastern Affairs which are almost universally funded by Saudi Arabia and the Gulf oil states placing their own chosen professor in these departments. These departments support every other liberal cause even if they are revolted by these acts. They support women’s rights despite the misogyny practiced in their homelands. They support same sex marriage and the rest of the LGBT agenda despite the fact that such practices are punished by death in their home nations. They support every leftist cause for the same reason others support every leftist cause, if you support me we will support you. Through such actions they are perceived as being tolerant and open minded thus making Israel the enemy of all these groups. Never mind that Israel is the only nation in the Middle East which has an open LGBT community, is the only nation where women have equal rights, are allowed to drive, go out on their own, vote and every other right enjoyed by men and the only truly open and equal society under the law and in practice. Still, the leftist true to their operations manual support those who support them thus support the Arabists. But these concepts rise and run far deeper than simply protesting Israel or condemning Zionism. These actions lead where they must lead if logically followed to their conclusive end, the result of hating Jews.


By hating or opposing the rights of Israel to exist or for there to be a Jewish State and holding Israel to a separate and equally impossible standard of actions while expecting nothing from those who wish to destroy Israel, one is attempting to deny the Jews their right to self-determination and to having their own state. When one claims that Israel must use methods of fighting against Hamas, a declared terrorist organization by the European Union and the United States as well as many individual governments throughout the world even in some Arab and Muslim nations, and that Israel must suffer equal numbers of casualties and deaths otherwise they are fighting unfairly are acting from a base of anti-Semitism. They are demanding of Israel what has never been demanded of any military or nation previously in the history of the world, namely suffering equal casualties and deaths in a war. By this standard the British and Americans are just as bad or worse with their treatment of the Nazis and the Japanese. The entire object in the use of a nation’s military is to maximize casualties on their enemy while suffering as few casualties as possible. The leftist and anti-Israel groups are demanding that Israel be punished for taking care and spending resources to defend their people while Hamas does everything in their effort to maximize the numbers of their own citizens suffer and become casualties as they possibly are capable. Israel works to minimize Arab Gazan’s casualties and deaths while Hamas uses civilians as human shields while targeting civilians, a double war crime.


Still there is a trending amongst the college educated youths to loathe Israel, Zionism and whether they will admit it or not, loathe Jews as well. These are the next leaders of the United States. President Obama is just the tip of the spear, and the first spear at that. Should Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders win the election this fall, there are two things we can guarantee will prove true, Israel will be vilified and reviled while Jewish students and those who support Israel will be treated as pariahs. Even Jews supporting the BDS groups will find themselves treated with suspicion and wild accusations. If the youth attend a college which supports BDS, especially if it is supported by professors, then they are going to be bludgeoned and set upon as murderers and baby killers. Eventually these individuals are to be our new leaders who will have taken the positions of power and control the ballot box electing those who are like-minded. There will be the temptation to use the same canards taught them during their years in university protesting Israel and sloganeering about the evil Israelis and use this to apply the same labels to the Jews in their midst. Their hatreds learned protesting the presumed evils of an Apartheid Israel which victimized Arabs and Muslims will become societal truths and when they turn on Israel in foreign policies their will be the temptation to victimize the Jews found in their nation making them equally responsible for any perceived hatreds and inequalities in their lands. The term Israel will become synonymous with the Jew and Israeli with Jewish and by this equality which was part and parcel of their BDS schooling and their hate for Israel will bring a society which holds the Jews responsible for all that is wrong in their lives. Should the economy hurt, the Jews are to blame. This story has been played out before in our history. As soon as we appear to assimilate there comes a hatred to remind us that we are different somehow. It will matter not that the Jews were contributing members who gave great advances to their society; the Jew must be separated from the society. Jews were amongst the leaders of the Civil Rights movement and are today blamed for much of the economic inequality in much between the races. How much worse will it become throughout the society when the aim will be to separate the Jew from the society as the Jew will have become the ills that are present in that same society. Any act will become the next reason that the Jews were to blame and just as in university where they desired to destroy Israel this will translate for most to destroy the Jews as doing so will equate to destroying Israel herself.


When the United States does turn on her Jews, it will be built quietly and befall them suddenly with a ferocity and immediacy far beyond that which is witnessed today in Europe and this will seem to the Jews to have happened in an instant as they still believed they were accepted as in their circles they were treated well. The sword will fall seemingly from outside their cocooned lives but it will have built up even in those close who were simply keeping their suspicions and eventual hated silently inside as their resentment mirrored the greater societal disdain and even hate for the Jew. Perhaps not their Jew but they will still turn on them along with the rest of the Jews as some eggs must break when making this omelet.


Beyond the Cusp


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