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December 23, 2012

End the Election Madness by Asking a Single Question

Israel and her people will have another opportunity to mark a bold path going forward with guarantees of security with the election coming next month. Israelis need to make this election different than many of the recent elections where the Israeli people had no real alternatives with choices between various shades of the same political beasts. It appears that in many ways it will not make a huge difference whether Labor, Likud, or any of the other parties as almost every leader stands on the status quo of Oslo and its ruinous promises. The time has come to retire the old guard of the political elite who have shown an inability to lead Israel into the world standing alone if that is what is required to put an end to the deadly mirage built upon Oslo. Israelis have been mistreated by the politicians into battered people syndrome made to accept that they must allow the world to judge their right to exist instead of standing for Israel first against those who would compromise their future. For those who will decry such a stand as a dangerous and unwinnable road are simply not among those who deserve to lead Israel as the world will trample over the rights of Israel to exist as an equal among nations for as long as her leaders bow and scrape before the demands of jealous world. It is well past time that Israel makes decisions which serve Israel and her people and not have to first beg permission of a world turned heartless to her future.

The first question which must demand be answered by any person vying to lead the people of Israel is will you guarantee that Jews will never again be forced from their home or off their lands simply to appease the demands of a world full of hostile haters of Israel and the Jews. It is no coincidence that as Israel has become more despised and damned by the rest of the world that anti-Semitism has also blossomed and spread throughout this same damning world. The hatred of Israel goes hand in hand with the hatred of the Jewish people and ending such hatred begins with Israel standing fast and proud refusing to ask forgiveness and permission to take actions considered the normal right of any nation state. Jews must no longer yield to the recriminations and absurd demands that they not build homes and neighborhoods around her eternal capital, Jerusalem. The time is now to place as Prime Minister a new generation of politician who is not corrupted by the old views and old restrictions fearing the whispers of other leaders and the various world organizations. This is the challenge that the Israeli public needs to answer in the coming elections, if not this election, then may it not take long for this awakening to come to fruition.

Israel has wasted decades in the appeasement of Oslo, and through Oslo, she has bent before the pressures and denunciations of a world which, if permitted, will always side against Israel and will eventually rule her to perish from among the nations of the Earth. Israelis must no longer stand in the shadow of the edicts of her enemies, which are legion. Israel must stand tall and cast her shadow and defend her right to define her own destiny free of the nefarious denunciations which will forever be cast in her path as obstacles with intent of her eventual demise. Israelis need to elect leadership which will serve the needs and dreams of the Israeli people and serve their ends and daily demands. No longer need Israel ask permission as Jews have been forced to do for almost two-thousand years of exile living amongst often precarious conditions and uncertain futures. Israel is now the sole hope for the Jewish people and as such owes all Jews as well as her people to demand the respect and dignity as at a minimum an equal among the nations. So, ask of the leadership of the various parties if they will honor the right of Jews to live freely in their own lands. Ask if they will represent Israel even should it mean standing against an ill tide of repressions that the world surely will cast their way. Elect a leader who has the strength of David, the wisdom of Solomon, the dedication to Eretz Yisroel of Ze’ev Jabotinsky and the righteousness of Rabbi Akiva. Oh, what a blessing it would be to find such a leader in this, a time of great peril for Israel.

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