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February 10, 2019

They Are Coming to Bargain Away Israel Again


Coming in late February will be White House Senior Adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner and President Trump’s Middle East envoy, Jason Greenblatt, on a one week tour hitting the best of the spots the Arabs offer. They will be visiting Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. They will be on a mission, but not one from the Most High. Their efforts are to sell the “Deal of a Century” while only revealing many of its financial rewards which will be available to those willing to assist reaching the deal for Trump. As is almost always the case, rumors have been flying. Some even extend to the Middle East conference being held next week in Warsaw where the men are expected to hold meetings with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. Israel’s Channel 13 News reported leaks claiming that Jared Kushner will be expected to share an update about the “Deal of a Century” during the Warsaw Conference. The White House claims that Kushner will be participating in a discussion hosted by former Norwegian foreign minister Borge Brende on efforts to end the Israeli-Palestinian Arab conflict. Does anybody remember the Norwegians? They were the go-betweens acting largely for the United States State Department and the rest of the let’s sell Israel down the river entities who worked with Israelis Simon Peres, Yossi Beilin, Yair Hirschfeld, Ron Pundak, Uri Savir and other leftists willing to go to any lengths for self-gratification, fame, and a shot at a Nobel Peace Prize all at the expense of their nation and her people. The Norwegians were the go-betweens who assisted in greasing the skids that produced the Oslo Accords and almost every mounting disaster since. While on the subject of leaks, another Channel 13 report back in January claimed that the “Deal of the Century” would include the establishment of a Palestinian state in about ninety percent of Judea and Samaria, with at least part of eastern Jerusalem as its capital. Jason Greenblatt rejected the report claiming it to be inaccurate. Either way, this coming “Deal of the Century” sounds an awful lot like the Ehud offers, what Ehud Barak and after him Ehud Olmert offered to Yasser Arafat and then Mahmoud Abbas the first under President Bill Clinton and the second under President George W. Bush, both rejected out of hand by the Palestinians. Whatever the “Deal of the Century” may hold, Mahmoud Abbas has already dismissed it as unacceptable sight unseen.


Of course, looking at their itinerary and seeing the absence of a stop to visit with Mahmoud Abbas or other Palestinian Authority official, one can only reason that the trip is a fishing expedition seeking anybody willing to replace the Palestinian Authority and accept the “Deal of the Century” in their stead. Perhaps we should save these busy Trump representatives by alerting them to the Khartoum Resolution issued September 1, 1967, as a reaction to the Six Day War where the crux of the agreement could be summed up with the “Three No’s”: “no peace with Israel, no recognition of Israel, no negotiations with Israel.” That is succinct and as straight forward as any rejection can be. There is also rumored to be an economic stimulus and large aid package included to assist Gaza in overcoming their economic woes. That would be a completely wasted effort and would only serve to empower Hamas and Islamic Jihad with the people of Gaza who need such aid never seeing a single red cent. Everything will result just as the numerous aid packages designed to assist in rebuilding the apartments and other structures which remain as mostly rubble since the first Gaza war with Hamas. The more rubble Hamas forces to remain, the more photo opportunities there are to blame Israel for the destruction. Repeatedly Israel has been threatened, cajoled and otherwise twisted until allowing building provisions to enter Gaza only to have them time after time become bunkers, command centers and infiltration tunnels reaching under the border as much as two or even three and more kilometers into Israel. Any aid to Gaza will build more and deeper tunnels as well as rockets and launchers while allowing for extending the tunnel network which crisscrosses Gaza already. But rebuilding Gaza is a Western dream and an Israeli nightmare. Actual rebuilding of Gaza will never occur until the terrorists who govern the region have been defeated. Even then, the probability is that the people of Gaza will simply form a new terror group which will immediately be elected and they will do the only thing they have been educated to perform, attempting to murder Israelis, or as they refer to Israelis, Jews.


Perhaps we should clarify the Arab League’s official position on peace with Israel. There is no such position unless Israel agrees to be placed under Arab rule with Islamic Sharia as the only law. This is actually the mildest position one will find officially across the Arab and extending into much of the Muslim worlds. The Palestinians are even less caring as their idea of an acceptable peace is every Israeli Jews they can catch being murdered in as slow and torturous a means as humanly possible. We had an example of what happens when a group of everyday Palestinians, the ones who actually make up the majority, do when they find a couple of Jews. The case we are referring to came about when two reservists made a wrong turn and as a result ended up in the Palestinian Authority areas. The Palestinian police initially arrested them and placed them in a cell for their own protection. A crowd rioted outside the jail demanding to be permitted to slaughter the Jews. The police abandoned their station leaving the reservists locked in the cell and left the keys on the desk. The result is evidenced by the picture below. They were mauled and torn apart and disemboweled and mutilated with one teen displaying his trophy blood-soaked hands and the crowd outside reacted with brutish and primal screams of ecstasy. These are the people the world treasures and demand that Israel make nice with them.


Teenaged Terrorists Displays Bloodied Hands Sending Crowd Gathered to Witness or Take Part in Sacrificing IDF Reservists Tearing Them Apart with Their Bare Hands

Teenaged Terrorists Displays Bloodied Hands Sending Crowd
Gathered to Witness or Take Part in Sacrificing IDF Reservists
Tearing Them Apart with Their Bare Hands


The above example is far from the only sign which reveal what the nature of those who the world wishes to adopt and favor over Israel. There is another place where the actions speak so much louder than words. This place is Joseph’s Tomb in Hevron. It is in the area of Hevron controlled by the Palestinian Authority and outside the reach of the Jewish community at the edge of the city. The Arab revels and celebrates, as if in carnal ecstasy, as they destroy the Jewish shrine time and time again. Each time Jews under protection of the IDF steal their way in armored buses and rebuild the entire sight in a few hours only to have the Arabs make it into an unholy sacrifice to their unbridled hatred. We have a montage of pictures below where the top displays the Arab brutality to a Jew who has been dead over two thousand years and the bottom the devotion of setting things right as we Jews cannot permit his soul’s resting to be so disturbed. Joseph’s bones were carried back from Egypt by Moses personally in order to keep a by then centuries’ promise made by our early ancestors. If this and the above are typical examples, and as the desecration of Joseph’s tomb is a regular event we can expect such are exactly that, then what peace could ever be reached with such people. We will not even begin to go into any description of what had been done to synagogues and Jewish cemeteries by Jordan in the nineteen years they held parts of Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria, today referred to as the Shomron. The typical example was the tombstones which had been used to build latrines. When Israel restored one of the destroyed synagogues, the Palestinians and other Arab spokespeople referred to Israel rebuilding the synagogue as a mission of hate and spite and an offense to Islam and threatening the peace process. Perhaps some will remember the disaster which resulted when thirteen Palestinian terrorists barricaded themselves in the Church of the Nativity knowing that either the Israelis would be stymied and unable to reach them or be forced to destroy this Christian holy place, a holy place which to them had no special value except as a cloak to hide behind from the Israelis. These monsters tore up priceless ancient books and used the pages as toilet-paper and burned relics to cook their meals. They harassed and threatened the priests, used priceless chalices, when not drinking straight from the bottle rummaging through the Church wine cellar laughingly breaking bottles and drinking numerous others. They left the Christian holy site a shambles and the world either laid all the blame on Israel or said nothing.


Six frames depicting the destructions, discovery of damage, finishing rebuilding, prayers and an endearing good-bye, or perhaps with luck til next time


Whether the gentlemen from Washington succeed in finding any Arab to claim they will assist President Trump with his deal, they should not celebrate too quickly. It was claimed after an earlier trip by Trump officials that Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia were onboard with assisting in pressuring Abbas or acting as an agent for the Palestinians in place of Abbas. Those promises turned into wisps of smoke and dissipated faster than one takes to read their report once they got home. The initial glee and excitement quickly became disappointment. President Trump should prepare for more disappointment should reports come that there has been remarkable success with their flash-dance across the five Arab states as that will be what the success will become a flash, a little dance and when the music stops and the song is over, the promises will vanish just as before. The reality is this is not a real estate deal nor is it about land. This is about life and death; they desire death while we desire life. They are willing to have fifty million Muslims die if it would destroy Israel. We want to live and would like to live in peace, they want us dead and are willing to kill everything including themselves if it leads to our deaths. The only deal which the Arab World, and much of the Muslim World, will ever accept is Israel wiped from being the Jewish State and the Jews gone, and if nobody will take the Jews, that is fine as they already have an example on how to solve that dilemma, they can behead the men and they have a different use for the women as spoils of war. They always have their example by the way Muhammad would have handled the situation once he was ensconced in Medina. This is why the Medina Quran is so diametrically opposite to the Mecca Quran. We gave an introduction to the differences in our article, “Which Quran, Mecca or Medina?,” and numerous friends have added links to deeper discussions within the comments section. This is why President Trump will not fare any better than his predecessors at finding the middle ground, there is no middle ground, either all the ground is given to the Arabs or they will simply wait until Islam has conquered Europe and the Americas and then turn their attentions towards Israel, and then it will likely be three, four or more, billion Muslims against perhaps sixteen million Jews. This will be the foretold world against Israel, a war foretold by prophesies and it is said that it will be better to stand with Israel when this final war takes place. Personally, we would be even happier if President Trump does find a settlement which is real and effective and allows for all the people to have an opportunity for a positive and bright future. Unfortunately, this is a dance we have witnessed before and it almost never turns out well for Israel as the Arabs will demand Israel forfeit something to prove that Israel desires peace, and then they will pocket the concession and walk away until the next time, rinse, repeat…


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January 11, 2019

You Asking Trump Where is the Plan?


There have been articles, other than here, postulating what exactly will be contained in President Trump’s Middle East Peace Plan otherwise known as the Deal of the Century. They have mostly missed the mark. The secret was let out just a short while back as President Trump was speaking about what it meant that the United States was pulling out of Syria. To Russia, President Trump advised they contact Israel the next time they required some discreet assistance against Iran and its hegemonic plans to rule the Middle East and later the world. To Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq (those who qualified), the Kurds and the rest of the Sunni Arab States he informed them that the United States was removing herself from any and all Arab vs Arab as well as any and all Islam vs Islam wars, revolutions and other risky, no win, costly, and blood soaked conflagrations. His message to Europe has been ringing loud and clear since he took office, get your houses in order and find some means of improving those forces you laughingly call your militaries because the United States is not going to carry NATO on her back alone. But his most serious note was to Israel and we doubt that those who needed hearing it the most actually speak Trumpese, and it was a clear message which should have told them everything they needed to know about his already proposed and enacted peace plan, the Deal of the Century.


The Message he gave the Israelis this time read, it loses some in the translation from Trumpese to English (thankfully, we have not started a BTC Hebrew edition), We (read Trump) have given you (Israel) four-and-a-half Billion Dollars and you are completely capable to take care of yourselves. Their were some who claimed a secondary discreet message through the Ambassador explaining that Trump will not be the President forever as either in two years or at most six years and then eventually you will get a President who does not support you. We first had Nikki Haley take your back at the United Nations like has not been seen since Moynihan, we cut aid to the Palestinian Authority, we cut off UNRWA at the knees, we threw the PLO out of Washington DC, take the hint already and then we have had a deal, problems solved. We actually made up the second half of the message, but the first part is probably accurate. And even if that was not passed along, he is from New York and in New York; you expect equal efforts from all parties. When one person makes you an unspoken but obvious invitation t solve a problem, then you had best solve the problem while the invitation is valid, time changes things. He left Syria and wiped his hands on the Middle East and, he is looking at taking care of the United States, and the world is on its own. Life could get spooky when the sheriff up and quit monitoring your sandbox and now it is your sandbox in the middle of a bunch of basically homicidal crazies in every direction, and Russia need Israel?


The Real Truth About Israel in Stark Relief Graphically Displayed Compared Indefensible Mid-Section vs. Annexed Judea Samaria and Gaza

The Real Truth About Israel in
Stark Relief Graphically Displayed
Compared Indefensible Mid-Section
vs. Annexed Judea Samaria and Gaza


Immediately after the Israeli elections, no matter who becomes Prime Minister, they had best be ready for the Middle East without America. The rules just changed and we are all going to have to learn to play nice together, really play nice, or be prepared for serious troubles. There must be an end to the Arab occupation which began with Jordan taking parts of Judea and Samaria, they renamed it West Bank as Judea and Samaria was too Jewish. When Israel “took the West Bank” from Jordan in 1967, was actually, Israel liberated their lands of Judea and Samaria which was left with what is now several million former Jordanians. As many were forced into the region by Jordan illegally in order to erase any former presence which was Jewish owned, they are still considered Jordanians under International Law and can be forced to return to Jordan, after receiving some incentive, yes, a bribe, but a nice bribe, and leave town quietly and we will never chase you. Return requests will be considered for visit with relatives and for a determined length of time. Rules of War from treaties so old, some predate Mohammad. There legally is no problem over the West Bank; the world knows that the entire Palestine was a production of the Arab world with KGB assistance as Moscow trained both Arafat and Abbas. Abbas’s doctoral degree came from Moscow Univ. His dissertation was on the valid arguments that the Holocaust is a Jewish construct to steal European’s guilt money. That is old history, and the new people, who are becoming the new leaders in the world, this new generation, have been steeped in anti-Israel reporting all their lives. Those who know the truth and realities are passing from amongst us and Eisenhower was right when he ordered the reporters traveling with him and the military to photograph and document every last camp that they found. The American Army have the photographs and they tell the grim story about the mass murder of twelve million noncombatants who were deemed unsatisfactory humans unworthy of living with the new race they were building. Most of them would not qualify for the nightmare they were hatching. So, Israel has been told she can defend herself adequately and take care of her own difficulties, that is the Deal of the Century, and if it works, he will not be credited, and that might make many happy. Trump dies not care if he gets recognition, just as long as the job gets done.


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December 9, 2018

Peace Buzz Promises Even Louder Response

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Once again, we are hearing renewed buzzing that President Trump and his team are almost ready to unveil their “Deal of the Century.” When we hear the term “Deal of the Century,” it is intended to have reverberation with an echo and dramatic music playing as if it were the opening of a Cecil B DeMille movie theme promising entertainment and excitement of what is about to play out throughout not just the Middle East, but worldwide. If only all the drama and expectation was actually worth the buildup it is being given. There are actually two scenarios which may play out once the deal is actually announced and the world gets to see about what all the buzzing has been. There has been the mention that because the Palestinian Authority has already stated irrevocably that they will reject anything the Zionist controlled administration managing President Trump will produce as his “Deal of the Century,” that the deal will be drafted as an adjustment which will finalize the Jordan-Israel peace agreement with Jordan accepting the Arabs currently under the rule of the Palestinian Authority as Jordanian citizens while Israel will likely provide them with security. The new Jordanian citizens will be tempted with housing and jobs within an area in Jordan where the United States will provide factories and those who wish to remain where they currently reside will become resident aliens under Israeli sovereignty but with the rights and privileges of being citizens of Jordan. Be that as it may, what the “Deal of the Century” provides to resolve this century plus year old problem, it will be difficult to seeing the King of Jordan risking the internal peace of his nation by accepting anything President Trump might offer. But let us assume for discussion that President Trump has the magical negotiating abilities he has claimed to posses and actually has persuaded the King of Jordan to accept some deal. What happens in the ensuing days, weeks and months is the question.


The particulars of the deal are inconsequential as it will be up to Jordan and Israel to enforce the enactment of any deal. By accepting the deal, the King of Jordan is taking a huge risk that the eighty-percent of the Jordanian population who are Palestinian Arabs rising up in protest and attempting to overthrow King Abdullah II and then demand that they be granted rule over the entirety of the British Mandate lands as they claim to be entitled. If that were not sufficient problem there will also be the reaction of the Arabs currently ruled by Mahmoud Abbas who have been steeped in hatred of Israel to the point that anything short of the destruction of Israel and the slaughter of her Jews will cause them to rise up with terrorist attacks whenever they are capable of doing so. Israel will need to be prepared for knifing attacks, vehicular rammings, shootings, terrorist suicide bombers and anything else that especially the Arabs under forty can find with which to try and destroy the peace and kill Israelis. Even Arabs who have befriended Israelis with whom they work will very well become a threat to their coworkers as was the case recently at the Alon Group factory in the Barkan Industrial Zone. The terrorist of the attack on the Barkan Industrial Zone factory is still a fugitive with family and friends suspected of aiding his escaping arrest. Now imagine the majority of the Arab population in the Palestinian Authority areas joined by the majority of the population of Jordan and this could become a very serious and destabilizing revolt in response to any accepted peace deal. Mahmoud Abbas will not make peace as should he do so he would not likely live to go to sleep the ensuing evening. If the Jordanian King were to make peace, it would be unlikely he would be in Jordan when such was announced and probably would never be able to return without living in fear for his life. If any uprising proved sufficiently destabilizing then Jordan might come under control of Hamas or even the IRGC directed to take the nation by Iran. Further, if Israel were to face a serious number of terrorist attacks resulting from any deal, then it is possible and even likely that Iran would use the fact that the IDF had to face one security problem to attack with Hezballah from Lebanon and possibly IRGC from within Syria stretching Israeli security forces and potentially causing a massive call-up of reservist to bolster the IDF presence. This could turn into the next Arab Israeli war in which the nation with the most to lose would not be Israel; actually, it would be Jordan.


We are fairly sure that such is not the desired result President Trump is seeking though it is difficult to see what form of an offer which could be imposed which would result in calm. We know that Israel would refuse to request any United States troops be deployed within Israel, as the last thing Israelis would ever desire would be for soldiers from any foreign nation to be put at risk defending Israel. Israelis insist that Israelis defend Israel and the only things we might request would be resupply and replacement for armaments depleted during any conflict. Israel will resist having peacekeepers placed within the regions under Israeli control as a precaution against being to blame should they become casualties due to any aggression regardless of who is to blame. This lesson was driven home early on when in 1967 the peacekeeping force installed after the Suez Crisis resulted in Israel gaining control temporarily of the Sinai Peninsula. Part of the agreement arranged by the United Nations, after the Israeli withdrawal, the United Nations placed peacekeepers in the Sinai to prevent Egyptian forces from gathering in strength anywhere near the Israeli border. That plan fell apart in May of 1967 as Egypt placed heavy military in the Sinai approaching the Israeli border and ordered the peacekeepers to leave, as they were no longer appreciated. The withdrawal had to await orders from New York and the Secretary General, which was delayed as Secretary General U Thant was not informed officially by Egypt for over a week which left these forces vulnerable when the war began in early June of 1967 leading to fifteen peacekeepers’ deaths and a score injured before they could be removed to safety. Hopefully, peacekeepers are not an integral part of President Trump’s “Deal of the Century.”


President Trump’s Deal of the Century

President Trump’s
Deal of the Century


We really wish we could be more positive that such a deal actually could exist which would bring peace to the region. If something could be arranged which ended the Arab desire for the eradication of Israel and also end the carnage in Syria and against the Kurds by Turkey in northern Syria and Iraq with IRGC provided by Iran in northern Iraq, then much of the world’s problems would be resolved immediately. The basic problem is the insistence by Islamic interpretations of the Quran which have been taken to mean that any lands which were ever conquered by the forces of Islam must remain under Islamic rule or never be allowed to know peace; that creates the main stumbling block to peace. This interpretation should, and probably will, threaten Spain and potentially Portugal and southwestern France, as these regions were under Moorish Muslims control before being defeated by Charles “the Hammer” Martel and then pushed from the Iberian Peninsula by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella during the Spanish Inquisition. This was also the reason that Islamic powers demanded Kosovo be granted to them as claimed by Albania which claimed it had once been a province within their rule. We can expect eventually to face claims up to the gates of Vienna, if our knowledge of history serves us well. But this is also the bedrock of the Islamic claim to Israel being that they have ruled it and in that entire time it was never ruled by Jews. When your idea of history is that it begins whenever you come into control of a region, that then removes any claims former peoples who ruled are able to make because they never existed once Islam conquered the region. As far as the Holy Land is concerned, Islam refuses to recognize the history of the Jews ruling the lands. They take this one-step further by claiming that Abraham, Isaak, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, King David, King Solomon were all Muslims. The little problem that they preceded the writing of the Quran is of little bother as they also claim Noah was a Muslim while the Jews recognize that Noah was not Jewish or a Hebrew and that something predates Jewish history. Just in case you were wondering, the Muslims also claim that Adam and Eve were followers of Islam and that every person upon birth is Islamic and then mistakenly go astray to follow other religions and philosophies. You have probably heard the claims that Jesus was a Muslim and the first Palestinian who was tortured and killed by the Jews, something even the Christians have finally recognized was the doings of the Romans. You can probably see that the problem we are attempting to solve between the Arabs and Israel is actually a lot larger than just Israel.


So, armed with the knowledge that the problem with Israel according to the Muslim Arabs is not how big or small an area it holds, it is that it is ruled by Jews who should be a people without a homeland left to wander the world subjected to the whims of good and evil fortune as befalls them in each location. Anywhere where Islam rules, the Jews are to be considered Dhimmi and permitted to live protected by their Islamic betters for as long as they pay the Jiyza (protection taxes) and remain in favor, for should they become difficult, then they may be slaughtered. This is the Islamic views of the Jews which for much of history was shared by much of the Christian world as well except for the additional tax, the Christians would simply force the Jews to flee their area and would just take all their wealth when it suited them. Neither of these views ever foresaw the Jews ever returning to their ancient homelands, though it had been prophesized by Isaiah in Chapter 66:8 where it states, “Who has heard of a thing like this? Who has seen things like these? Will a land be brought forth with labor pains in one day? Or will a nation be born at one time? For Zion has come into labor pains as well as given birth to her sons.” There is more to the prophesy of the return of the Jews to Israel which we spoke of here. But as far as Islam is concerned, it really does not matter because all those prophets from the history of the Jewish People were really pre-Quranic Muslims and thus all of their prophesies were Islamic. Once you get the idea how this works, it all still does not make any sense. This is the conundrum which President Trump, also probably a closet Muslims by their rationale, or if not currently, then some point in the future or something like that, has to try and undo if he is going to make peace.


The basic demand made by Islamic Imams and others who get to interpret the Quran is that Israel cannot exist today because it never existed since around 750 AD. The only others to have ever controlled Jerusalem were the Crusaders who did so against the will of Allah and were only permitted their temporary victories in order to test the Islamic faithful by allowing them to reconquer the region. You see, all Israel is to the Islamic faithful is a test to see how long it will take for them to be rid of this evil placed in the heart of their lands. They have no doubt that they will destroy Israel; it is just a matter of when and by whom. Yes, we realize that this clashes with the Jewish prophesy that this time we have returned to our ancestral homeland finally and will build the Third and final Temple and ne a beacon to the world providing all of mankind with discoveries and innovations and becoming the beloved of the world. Unfortunately, of all the prophesies we are aware, and we admit we lack much in this area, there is nothing to inform us about how long this will take and whether we are required to have all or ninety-percent or exactly how many of our people are going to return before all these other wonders are to begin. We kind of hope they are not already started as then we are looking at a strange means of being the beloved of the world. Anyway one looks at this, we have competing prophesies, but we are not alone in this. The Quran, according to modern interpretation being taught today, states that Allah will give rule of the world to Islam and its followers and that then every person will bow before Allah and follow his Quran. Then there are the Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Shinto, Baha’I and who knows how many other religious faiths whose prophesy says nothing about bending knees to Allah or following the Quran. Even the concepts of the Secular Humanists disagree with this as they do not even believe that their system of beliefs is a religion or that any religion is real and only that which science can prove is real, that and the platform of the Green Party, Democrat Party, Socialist Party or the Socialist Democrat Party is real. We have always wondered what will happen to the Secular Humanists if science were to prove that our universe actually did have a creator. There would be a crisis in faith for sure. Meanwhile, President Trump, we hope that your “Deal of the Century” actually does bring lasting peace to our region even if it is not particularly loved by all involved.


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