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October 5, 2015

Epiphany on Coming Crisis


The Death of a Culture


I was discussing yesterday’s article with our grammar and check the spell-check editor when we each added one comment after the other and realized something which did not rest well but just might be the near future. With the introduction of Russian troops loosed in Syria and their targeting those opposing Syrian dictator (but not so strong-man) Bashir al-Assad though not restricting these attacks to the Islamic State, actually aiming for every Assad foe other than the Islamic State starting with those backed by President Obama, the coming result will be another two or three million refugees as many anti-Assad forces lay down their arms and flee. These additional refugees will be exclusively young males who had taken up arms and are combat hardened and not exactly the kind of refugee who will resettle calmly into a suburban home and tend his vegetable garden. These are members of al-Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorist entities who will be seeking some place to set up their version of Sharia and start imposing Islam and turning areas into little terror states wherever they end up settling. These will be the kind of Islamic refugees who are more like the blind sheik or Imam Abu Hamza currently on trial in Britain for instigating terrorist activities. The question which is sure to arise is who will take in these refugees as well as the thus far obvious overly represented young, unattached, childless, apparently single male refugees who have been overrunning Europe and are entering Germany, France and Britain as quickly as they are able to purchase train rickets which has worked well to breach the British borders using mass transit through the Chunnel.


The solution, which will be proposed behind closed doors, executed as an executive privilege rather than executive order, to be yet another executive agreement similar to the Iranian Nuclear Deal, which will exempt this action from Congressional oversight, and will permit the funding to come from any executive level budget, which in this case will be shared by Immigrations and the Military, will bring the lion’s share of these new class of warrior refugees into the United States. This will be coordinated as a military mission with United States Army, Air Force and Navy logistical commands coordinating the transport of these refugee warriors from Syria and possibly Afghanistan as well, while President Obama is in the import Islamic Warrior mode, bringing very likely anywhere from two to fifty million refugees when including the extended families of these former allied warriors to be followed by an equal share of refugees from the general refugee population swarming Europe such that approximately half to two-thirds of the tens of millions of refugees will be resettled around the United States. The majority of these refugees will more than likely be placed in the reddest of states as possible and given full citizenship and afforded every possible assistance the Federal Government has to offer. What could possibly go wrong with such a perfect plan? Does it include all the refugees from the Syria and Islamic State war zones? What about the Yazidis who left the Sinjar Mountain and made the journey to Iraq Kurdish areas. Where Are these refugees now? Does anybody really care? Why are these refugees ignored? Wrong War? Wrong Religion? Wrong Race? Wrong Location? Or Just Wrong Peoples?



Yazidis who left the Sinjar Made the Journey to Iraq Where Are These Refugees Now Does Anybody Really Care


The influx of Islamic refugees will be handled with all the care and attention to potential threats these refugees may pose as has been the refugee admittance program which has been run on the Mexican border for the past hundred years where if they are caught they are held until the next morning, processed, given a court date and then released after promising to appear on that day in court. Unbelievably a full almost ten percent actually make their court date and the others have simply disappeared and are nowhere to be found. What could possibly go wrong? These orders will be kept close to their chests and from the prying eyes of Congress, the media and the people of the United States until it has become a fait accompli and it is too late to undo that which will have been done. There will be a resulting series of denunciations, threats to take action and all kinds of noise just as long as nothing is done to prevent the completion of importing potentially an additional quarter of the United States population changing the face of the United States permanently with an Islamic takeover all but guaranteed. There is the sole advantage that the jihadists once they have sufficient numbers and have exercised control over much of the United States, they will close the southern border to assure they are not challenged in their control. The expected clash of civilizations which had been predicted in the 1990s will never even throw up even the flimsiest of resistance as the Islamic takeover is planned and about to be executed by simple mass exodus of refugees and then using democracy to destroy every democracy and replace them with a façade of a vote where the results can be published a week ahead of the elections. About the only thing one can advise is that those who believe the Judeo-Christian world deserves preservation, it is time that you follow the words of the poet Dylan Thomas, “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night.*” For those who decide that their plight in life is best served by simply complying blindly we can only advise what Samuel Adams told his fellow colonists who chose not to oppose British tyranny,


“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”


And the remainder of you face the worst threat to your freedom a free people have ever seen, I am afraid that all too many of your countrymen and women are simply going to shrug and ignore the coming travesty until it is too late and with you will be facing what Winston Churchill lamented was the worst of all possible situations when he warned his countrymen and women in the late 1930s and they had chosen to ignore his warnings of the coming apocalypse, an apocalypse dwarfed by what the Western World is about to face and likely die as slaves before it is over. Quoting the Honourable Sir Winston Churchill:


“If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may
come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”


There is a path which if pursued with vigor, purpose and full intent to enforce all conditions and limitations being placed that this refugee problem could avert becoming a disaster for all of Christianity and Judaism and other non-Muslim faiths in the not too distant future but it will take will power and spines of iron from the leaders of the Western world. With the Islamic nations closing their borders to these refugees and forcing them into camps where they have no real hope of a future or even of a guarantee of receiving food or medical treatments if and when necessary, pure frustration and desperations are driving this swarming mass of humanity into Europe seeking an improved set of conditions and possible return to a more normal life which promises to be better than the squalid refugee camps. The west must keep these refugees separate from their indigenous population but without restricting their movement or seeking to pursue a life which has hope and a better world for them in the future, especially for the children of the refugees. The problem comes when it is considered to grant the refugees citizenship or even a viable path to citizenship which requires only the filling in of forms and some menial efforts and the swearing of a loyalty oath or other ceremony. The refugees should be granted a nonvoting status such as resident foreigner leaving their citizenship tied to their nations of origin be it Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan or the Crimea or Georgia or Chechnya. This way once the strife in their home country has subsided and the rule of law been put back in place these refugees can then be persuaded to return to their nation of origin. This can only be successful if the Western nations are stringent in enforcing this and enforcing it even should they intermarry Western citizens, they still should be blocked with few exceptions made on an individual basis from becoming full citizens and possibly even the same for their children, again in an individual basis. Anything else and the Western world are playing with fire and they may as well close up shop and hand the keys to the kingdoms to the refugees and their children and their children’s children as they will become the majority within two generations as long as the demographics remain constant. To allow a virtually free transit into citizenship for the refugees would simply exchange problems with the indigenous population now being made into refugees.


This can be managed in such a manner that it works for all, but only if Islam itself is willing to perform some introspection of its own. Should Islam wish to be freely exercised throughout the world it needs to allow for others to worship as they please or expect any non-Islamic nation to refuse all future immigrants of Muslim extraction. The idea of supremacy of Islam and the conquest and domination over all in the world needs to be qualified and understood that there will always be differences of religious convictions no matter how much you attempt to purify the world of all heretics. Within Islam itself there are differing views which have had the Sunni and Shiites at each other’s throats for centuries with no end in sight. One might ask how pure does Islam need to be, all Sunni or all Shiite will leave a great number of dead Muslims and even then, which Sunni or Shiites? Are those Muslims whose forefathers were blocked from making the Haj to Mecca and instead made their Haj to Damascus not as worthy to be Muslims as their other brethren from the Arabian Peninsula? What about Wahabbists Islam? The divisions could result in the end of having every Imam declaring followers of other Imams as impure and the cleansing could eventually result in the last two Muslims screaming “Heretic!” at the other as they clash swords in hand making it as insane as the Highlander immortals where in the end there could be only one.



Worker shows a victory sign at Zaatri Refugee camp for Syrian refugees


If Islam wants to be accepted worldwide they also need be accepting of the rest of the world otherwise the rest of the world would be wise not to allow Muslims universally to access entrance to their countries if in the end the Muslims are going to insist in imposing their beliefs on the rest of the population. The Western world might choose the Saudi Arabia method for allowing people into their lands; namely, you follow Judeo-Christian society as the basis of the laws and that religion remains the universal acceptance even of those who choose to have no religion or else no admittance which would mean that no further immigration of anyone with a Quran and treating Mosques as Churches are treated in the most ardent Islamic nations where churches cannot be built, repaired or allowed to stand taller than the Mosques and there can be no proselytizing outside of Judeo-Christian religions. The rules must be equal in both the Islamic world accepting as equals those worshipping differently or not observing at all and allow equal rights to build houses of worship and all other pursuits equal to Muslims or expect the Western world to restrict Islam as Islam restricts non-Islamic faiths. As the old adage says, what is fair is fair and good for the goose, good for the gander.


Beyond the Cusp




* Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
Because their words had forked no lightning they
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
And learn, too late, they grieve it on its way,
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

And you, my father, there on the sad height,
Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.


August 27, 2015

Will Europeans Answer Call to Salvation


Western culture, science, development, priorities and history are on the line and that line is in danger of breaking. Once the last line breaks there will be little possibility of rebirth in not only our time but the times of our children and their children as visited onto four generations are the sins of the father. That is the punishment described in the Bible, in Torah, for bowing to false gods and forsaking Hashem. Whether that sentence upon the generations that follow a civilization which lost their faith and believe that there is no entity that is Hashem or simply is the result due to the morals and the reason for preservation and child rearing falls upon tin ears and being rejected simply lends to the collapse of the civilization due to influx of peoples with completely different beliefs or an invasion by same. It is the reality currently infecting European culture which has led to a destructive form of hedonism which had forsaken religion and replaced it with the cold truths of science. The problem with basing your entire existence solely upon science is this gives no moral conviction for life and the continuation of life through having children. Science alone will lead many, as we have witnessed, to believe that mankind is a blight upon the earth and thus should be sacrificed in all things for Ghia, their new god, replacing Hashem who had preserved their societies in some form for the past five thousand years since the birth of Abraham and the first in the line of peoples following Hashem as described by Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and Whose laws were transcribed by Moses. These laws guided the greatness which brought society to this point and their protection died just assuredly as the people chased false gods rejecting Hashem because of the commandment of “Be fruitful and multiple.” This was the commandment that gave purpose of each generation to reproduce such that their societies would have the necessary youth to care for the aged and the society would remain viable.



The Lord's Stare

The Lord’s Stare



Alexander Hamilton was quoted as having said, “He who stands for nothing will fall for anything.” That could just as easily be the condemnation on modern Western society and culture. All one need do is to study the news cycles and there in plain sight is the result of modern Western public’s rejection of Hashem and any religion which claims to believe in Hashem. Never mind that it provided Europe with the faith in their fellow man to persevere through some of the most tumultuous times the world has ever known, but such is often what drives invention and development. Many will claim that it was just those faithful who almost brought civilization to its knees and the answer is that perhaps one bending one’s knees and returning to Hashem and belief that mankind has a higher purpose than selfish pleasures at the sake of the society. One more reason the Bible may teach us to be fruitful and multiply is so as to have the youths necessary to defend one’s way of life even if it has been corrupted by the sins of the flesh, and trust I know of what I speak. No matter how great and fulfilling one believes living in the moment and only for the moment will give them lasting satisfaction, the proof this is a false belief is in those moments between fulfillment of the moment what feelings are left, what fills the vacuous times between pleasures? The problem is that there is nothing which carries one into the far future, the living beyond one’s self and propagating a legacy which lasts beyond one’s life. The only thing which is capable of doing such is renewal of life. But if we refuse to believe in a higher and better source and implementer of a grander theme in which we are but the functionaries to fulfill a greater destiny, then all is for naught and the self becomes all-important and the serving on oneself becomes a goal in and of itself. Any society which emphasizes the self above all else is a society stricken with a fatal disease similar to the worship of idols. Idolatry does not require a stone or metal figure for one to believe upon as it can just as easily be a false ethic formed around the immediate and holding no finer goal than self-satisfaction above all else.


One of the worst nightmares which follow the loss of belief in Hashem is the sacrifice of children. This was something Hashem made clear in the most primitive and brutal of ways bringing His most faithful of servants, Abraham, to the very brink of committing such a sacrifice and only then intervening and forbidding such sacrifice unto forever for those following Hashem and His ways. Modern times have great difficulty understanding this passage because they can only see it through their modern precepts which they claim they do not sacrifice children or other humans to false gods and have not done so for centuries. If only such were the truth. But first to understanding Abraham and the testing and altering of the way life was in the times of Abraham. In those days one of the most prevalent of gods was Ba’al, a vengeful god which often required the sacrifice of children to appease his anger. Ba’al was not the sole god making such demands of their worshipers. We know through the study of anthropology that the Aztecs had human sacrifice and even in modern times there are those who proactive the ritual sacrifices of the wife when her husband dies by her throwing herself upon his burning corps and being consumed in his funeral pyre. This practice was most likely adopted in dire times of scarcity of resources, particularly food and water such that a woman with no man to provide would likely have been too great a strain on her tribe so this was a manner of dealing with this inconvenient person. When Abraham was commanded to sacrifice Isaac, Abraham would have thought such could very well simply be a test of faith and that this was going to continue as a form of acceptable sacrifice. Making such an offering was not all that unusual in those dark days of idolatry and Abraham had no actual proof that such was not to continue on forever into the future and such would be the requirement of any god, even Hashem. After the redemption and prevented from such a sacrifice, Abraham came to learn that Hashem loved life above death and it is this belief and concept which is vital in any society which follows Hashem.



Crescent of Arms

Crescent of Arms



Modern Western society has strayed from Hashem. Even many who believe they follow Hashem and go to services every week, be those services on Sunday or Saturday, Saturday is called Shabbat in places in this world and in certain languages that the day of rest is so important that it became the name of the day so as none could ever forget. Still, there are those today who deal in and accept child sacrifice. We have had a recent series of videos laying out for all to see where the sacrifice of our children leads us to committing, the dividing the portions and selling these portions for silver and gold and other trinkets of trade. Of course we are not so heartless as to call such a child sacrifice; we call it the right to choose. Whatever one names it and how much we sanitize it, an abortion is still the taking of a life and the proof is in our laws. If one murders a pregnant women and by doing so the child she was carrying also dies the murderer is charged with two counts of murder, one receiving special additional punishment as it is listed as committing infanticide, a worse form of murder than murdering a grown person as it is the murder of the most innocent and helpless. But we in a modern society have reached a point where the life and convenience of the young woman takes precedent over the child she carries. The infant under the consideration of the law in almost every other legal definition becomes merely a choice, a lump of cells causing an inconvenience, a threat to the mental health of the adult person, or at least sufficiently adult to have conceived most likely in a consensual engagement. Many will claim that any conception should be brought full term and if still rejected by the mother then given up for adoption and that adoption is always preferable to any form of child sacrifice, of infanticide, abortion, choice. We give it so many different terms and names because we are not completely united on the issue and there still is some amount of stigma on abortion that such was not even discussed in anything approaching polite conversation. With the ‘Planned Parenthood’ videos we have been introduced to the industry that begins with such a choice, with an abortion, a murder, the termination of a precious gift. The abortion has become the safe extraction of the organs for sale to the highest bidder. For this reason there need to be a fetus which has developed to the point that there exist the organs which science wishes to study more closely. That is our new idolatry, science, and all that serves science had benefits for us.


Hashem Creating Adam Filling him with Breath and a Soul

Hashem Creating Adam Filling him with Breath and a Soul


But who are the ‘us’ that science serves if our small piece of science results in reproductive rates falling below replacement levels, below the level for a healthy society. Europe from the westernmost tip of Ireland and Portugal to the eastern tip of Europe be it in Russia, Finland, Norway, the Ukraine or Georgia; is experiencing the result of being celibate, or at least childless. The result of lower than healthy reproductive rates makes one’s entire society vulnerable to fight off societal threats, today we just yell, scream, stomp our feet and hold our breathe until we turn blue and it still does us no good. Europe is slowly being conquered by Islamic transfer of sufficient youth to be able to take demographic control unless Europeans waken real soon. But far too many in Europe have decided to live their lives to the maximizing of their own personal pleasure whether such pleasures require their climbing the ladder to success like any man does or whether pleasure requires living largely for carnal pleasures or, as was once a popular phrase which sums this all up nicely, whatever floats your boat. This self-centric societal outlook will soon find itself challenged by the followers of Islam which are infiltrating in ever growing numbers and they bring a separate culture and foreign religious beliefs, but beliefs they do bring and those self-same beliefs will be imposed. The only solution which might work, if it is already not too late, would be to return to Hashem; be it Catholic or Protestant or Judaism and through that choice one must from that point onward choose life as life is precious before Hashem.



Direction Defined

Direction Defined



There are those who will claim that there can be no Hashem, there is only science and in time science will reveal the reason behind everything. Even was this remotely possible, there are always going to be questions we have not yet answered; there will always be the next star, solar system, galaxy or even alternate universes and alternate realities. Simply put, we will always have unknowns and questions and we may even have such a question astrophysicists are asking today, what came before the ‘Big Bang?’ Hashem was before the ‘Big Bang’ and will remain after the cold silence of an emptiness is all that remains of what we once were which has ceased its existence. Meanwhile, those who once used to fight over such things as how was one to best serve Hashem, they now face a greater foe than ever as this foe has its own religious beliefs and claims they supercede Judaism and Christianity and believes it is tasked in converting the entirety of the world to their faith. Their belief in something which defines them will defeat a Europe and an America if both remain guided by faithless people.



Sistine Chapel Ceiling attempting to give inspirational guidance we would hope entering the White House fills the next President

Sistine Chapel Ceiling attempting to give inspirational guidance we would hope entering the White House fills the next President



Entering the White House has been transformational to many presidents turning or returning them to Hashem and the religion they had lost or forsaken. These types of leaders are needed in Europe and America and real soon. Hopefully the United States will elect one who knows Hashem and believes His prayer which conveys the concept that all things have their proper times and places where they need be to continue testing his believers and them needing to turn to Hashem when the times are tough and that extra strength is needed and I cannot think of any time when such was needed more.


The fate of the world may depend on the next American elections though things may proceed such that we may not have the sixteen months left to act. Then we will need to pray that much more fervently for an America to return and play their role as the world’s police. If they fail, then who? Should America fail then the weight falls to the final hope for at the least a quarter of a century, that is the reasoning behind the Bible verse from Exodus 20:5 which reads in part, Hashem will “visit(ing) the iniquity of the fathers upon their sons and their daughters unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate (forsake, forget, depart completely from the teachings and commandments) Me. The generation which diverts near completely from the path of righteousness will bring the end of those peoples as they will fall, as ancient Israel fell when she strayed from the path, and it takes a minimum of three or four generations before they can throw off the yoke of oppressions and reestablish Hashem’s place and order on the world.


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