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March 22, 2012

The Two Things the Next President Must Believe

When I look at the different Republican contenders from among who President Obama’s opponent will come I am unsure if any of them have what will be necessary to renew the United States back into America, the hope for the world. I have my idea which one comes closest, but this article is not about whom I think is the man but about what whoever becomes the next President of the United States must understand, believe, and use as their driving force in implementing any plan. The next President must be fully aware of the world and the threats posed by the various situations. The next President must have a complete understanding of the coming threat Islam poses as they are on the cusp of initiating Islam’s third great push to conquer the world for Allah. The next President must also be fully aware that Government cannot repair what is wrong in America because it is the government which ails America. The next President must have a plan to take many of the current functions performed by government and push them off the government table back into the private sectors where they formerly resided. Government needs to release the death-grip it has on what used to be addressed through religious institutions and charities and return these to those institutions where it relies upon the people to sacrifice of their own accord and not through forced taxation. The next President must make divorcing the Federal Government from as many avenues of interference in the lives of the average citizen and return the government to the simple responsibilities which were granted it in the Constitution.


The next President will be facing a two headed threat from Islam with one head being led by Shiite Iran and the other head by the Salafists and Muslim Brotherhood which will control either through direct election or alliance much of Sunni Islamic nations. Europe will be so deeply looking inward due to their looming financial crises that they will either be of little assistance or very possibly fall under the influence of an allied Islamic and International Socialist movement. Both China and Russia will take a stand off position while arming the Islamic nations fueling their attempts to become the new dominant force in the World Politic. We are already witnessing the slow alignment taking place between Iran and numerous nations in South America, Central America, and even North America in Mexico. They will use these alliances and any bases of operation for either their elite forces or their terror proxies to infiltrate and attack the United States. The next President is going to have to forge an alliance which can address these threats both directly where possible and in covert manners in a new theater of warfare which terrorism will allow to be implemented. This will require more military spending, not less and will also require a goodly portion of such spending to be placed into covert operations not all of which will be allowed to be budgeted in the open as their ability to operate in stealth will be an absolute necessity. The onslaught against our capitalistic system and freedoms are about to face a threat every bit as dangerous as the Cold War and, if my fears are correct, much more intense and mostly waged by small operations teams committing high impact and causality terror attacks which may not appear to be coordinated mainly due to the fact that not all of them will be coordinated, they will be the lone wolf type attack, completely unpredictable. This next challenge to the United States and freedom will be a trying and intense conflict.


This leads to one of the reasons that the government absolutely must begin to divorce itself from the social support programs and turn these back over to the religious and civic organizations which handles such for the majority of American history. These religious and private sector groups are more efficient and adaptable to the different situations that may be found in the neighborhoods throughout the country because they are locally directed rather than centrally controlled as the overseeing regulatory agencies the Federal Government is fond of setting in place. As more of the charge for caring for those in need is passed back to the people, taxes can be reduced and with such the tax code will be able to be simplified. Many other systems which over the years have been confiscated from the local control and usurped into the Washington bureaucracy will be able to be returned to the control of the people most affected by these systems. The largest and most urgent should be the education of our children. Nobody can make a case that our educational system has improved since the formation of the Department of Education but, I bet a good case could be made proving the opposite. It is time to decentralize much of our governance and return to having the vast number of concerns taken care of and tailored at the local level. This will allow the people to have input and will allow for each area to try what they think is best, and should some areas find the magic bullet to any problem, then everybody can decide if it would help their situation and utilize those things found to work best. We cannot continue with this one size fits all dictates from on high in Washington DC because Big Brother does not always, or even usually, know best. The next President could very well end up on Mount Rushmore should he be able to decentralize much of the current Federal Government minimizing Washington’s oversight and control and in turn shrink the Federal Government into something we all can live with and actually afford. We all know by now that the monster growing inside the beltway, which has actually spread outside of the beltway and now reaches all the way to West Virginia, is out of control and can no longer accomplish the tasks it was originally supposed to accomplish because it has way too many distractions and frivolous programs, not to mention that most programs are duplicated at least once and some exist across numerous agencies all repeating the same steps and simply getting in each other’s way. Simplify, shrink, and send the powers home should be the campaign theme for the next President and we had better hope they mean that.


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