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March 28, 2012

What Constitutes an Invasion?

According to this <a href= target=blank>Dictionary</a> the word invasion is defined as follows:

1. An act or instance of invading or entering as an enemy, especially by an army.

2. The entrance or advent of anything troublesome or harmful, as disease.

3. Entrance as if to take possession or overrun: the annual invasion of the resort by tourists.

4. Infringement by intrusion.

When using the word invasion in relation to a sovereign country, the first of the definitions would be the most applicable. Any situation where a sufficient number of individuals gather with an intent to cross into a chosen country as an organized mob or set of mobs at one or more locations against the will or desire and without permission or required documents, that constitutes an invasions of that country. When those choosing to illegally rush the border of a sovereign country with the intent to occupy areas of the country and demand they be allowed to assume the sovereign power over parts or all of the victim country, that constitutes an invasion.

The planned mass protest of people trespassing across the Israeli borders from all sides with the intent to remain and occupy Jerusalem and other areas of Israel until Israel surrenders control over any areas these trespassers are able to occupy, that is an invasion with malicious intents. Should a similar provocation be perpetrated against any other country on Earth they would respond using any and all levels of resistance up to and including violently repelling the invaders and shooting them where passive or nonlethal means prove inadequate. But I am willing to bet that such rights to defend their border against violation by mass waves of people with nefarious and possibly violent intent will be denied Israel. Then should Israel find it necessary to use even nonlethal force to prevent the violations of their border and it leads to even the slightest of injuries to the invaders, Israel will be roundly condemned by the United Nations, many of the European Governments, European Union Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton, Russia, the Arab League, and an almost endless list of other notables. In the end much of the world will demand of Israel with a unified voice that Israel surrenders Eastern Jerusalem including all of the Old City, the Temple Mount, the Western Wall and entire Kotel areas, while also removing every single Jew living in these areas in order to make the areas acceptable and meeting the demands of the Arab Muslims.

Knowing what the reaction of the world will likely be in response to the infiltration of the Israeli borders by the “Global March on Jerusalem”, the IDF has invested time and training in crowd control methods and nonlethal methods for denial of passage or entry at the border specifically to handle the worst case scenario while hoping that the numbers will be sufficiently small making overt use of force unnecessary. The Israeli government has already notified all the countries with which she shares a border of their intent to defend their border against breaching by any and all means that may become necessitated by the condition and size of the threat. Israel has requested for her neighbors to supply assistance and offering to coordinate efforts should any neighboring country wish to avail themselves of the offer. Somehow I have severe reservations when it comes to expecting any assistance, let alone coordination, from any of the neighboring countries. I fully expect that along the Israel Gaza and Egyptian borders to have assistance supplied by Hamas and other terror groups to facilitate breaches of the Israeli border by any numbers who arrive with the intent of entering Israel. The same can be expected on the Israeli northern border where the Hezballah controlled Lebanese government and military to also assist those hoping to invade Israel providing their numbers are sufficient to make serious problems for the Israeli defensive forces. The Israeli border with Syria is most likely to have no forces to either prevent or assist with the intents to make a mass crossing of the border as much of the military in Syria is busy murdering the Syrian citizenry. The one border which will likely be the quietest will be the Israeli border with Jordan. With the Jordan River forming this border, all crossings will, by necessity, be attempted at one of the bridges. This will allow for an effective defense for the border.

All things considered, my hope is that the numbers who attempt to actually breach the Israeli border are insufficient to make things overly difficult. The chatter around the Global March on Jerusalem has claimed to have as many as two million people who have made their intention known to play their part in this invasion of a sovereign country. We heard of numbers approaching a half a million protesters who were going to cross into Israel for Naqba Day last year and only hundreds, if that many, actually were found at the border attempting to cross the border. If the percentage between predicted and actual remains similar there could be as many as perhaps two thousand “activists” on hand at all border points combined this Friday. Such numbers would be a relief in many ways, especially if this renders the efforts muted and easily handled by the Israeli security forces. Minimal violence, injuries or casualties resulting from the Global March on Jerusalem would be preferable as it would remove any situation where Israel could be vilified and be accused of using nonproportional force against simple unarmed protesters. There would be no mention of the challenge to breach the border of a sovereign nation, just the use of nonproportional force by Israeli defenders. Some things in this world are so predictable, yet time and again the news anchors’ reports of the damning accusations against Israeli defensive efforts replete with gasping breathlessness in order to transmit the seriousness and extent of their complete and total shock and astonishment at the actually very predictable events.

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