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August 29, 2016

The Hard Left and the New Anti-Israel Filter


The Boycott, Divestment and Sanction Israel Movement (BDS) is the core principle which the new hard left groups demand everyone support or they cannot support any of the other hard leftist movements. Think you believe in racial equality and support those who are fighting against perceived mistreatment of Blacks by the police, justice system and all of life and politics and desire to join the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, well, what are your views on Israel. Support Palestinian Arabs as people of color and actively support BDS or you will be found to be unacceptable to the BLM leadership and their constituents. If you are Jewish you will almost constantly be suspect and will have to be more anti-Israel than anyone else to the point that you will need to become obsessively anti-Israel and super active pro-Palestinian Arab. You will need to find out if any of your friends or members of your synagogue support Israel and avoid them to the point of rudeness. Yes, we agree, the two should have nothing to do with each other but still hating Israel and everything about Israel and those who are lost to supporting the genocidal Israeli policies or obviously you cannot be a true supporter of the BLM groups. Support for Israel automatically makes you unacceptable to support BLM because they demand you hate Israel and support the BDS movement. But wait, there’s more.


What if you believe you support women’s rights and equal pay for equal work and decide you want to be a supporter and join National Women’s Studies Association (NWSA)? Again it will come down to your support for BDS and being anti-Zionist to the point of being anti-Israel. Of course the NWSA does not demand you hate Israel, just Zionism. Of course as one cannot tell which Israeli products are from the “West Bank” (Judea and Samaria) or whether anything used in their production came from there so to be safe just boycott all Israeli products to be safe. What does supporting BDS have to do with women’s rights and smashing the glass ceiling and making equal pay for equal work the law? Everything, obviously as how can you be sensitive to women’s rights while not being equally sensitive to the Palestinian Arabs plight?


The same question can be asked about BLM demands that one support BDS and stand against Israel politically. The same goes for an endless number of other leftist causes, especially the most adamant activists. It is the leftist law that if one is in for one cause, they are then in for all causes. This all for one mentality forces on all the acceptance of many presumed facts. The Palestinians are also being suppressed by Israel which can be proven through simple facts. The Palestinians have not had an election in years and are not allowed to vote in Israeli elections. Never mind they are ruled by the Palestinian Authority in Areas A and B in Judea and Samaria and that Gaza is ruled by Hamas and Israel pulled every Jew, Israeli, and IDF troops completely out of Gaza in August of 2005 in a gut wrenching and societal upheaval where over half the country was either up in arms against, crying in sympathy and generally supporting the people of Gush Katif and the other communities torn apart and having their lives completely dumped on its head. Some of these people remain as refugees all but ignored by their government who promised at the time to make things right, they most certainly did not and many of these communities found themselves fighting alone to put a life of any measure together. Many took over five years for the government recompensing them for their losses, but how do you put a price on life of an entire community. They lost their synagogue and were scattered with lives shattered. But you are a leftist, these Zionists have no relevance to your causes but supporting BDS is the right thing to do, everybody you protest with agrees that supporting BDS, the Palestinians and the Arab cause against Israel is just.


Why should the Jews have their own nation? It’s not like the Jews are like the Japanese, Chinese, French, Russians, Germans, Italians, Iranians, Syrians, who definitely deserve a new nation probably somewhere in Europe; the Jews are different and simply live in all kinds of nations and that has worked, right? Well, there was that problem during World War II, but that cannot happen again, the Jews are accepted now. Yes, there is some anti-Semitism but that’s not our problem, is it, after all we like Jews; it is the Israelis who are the problem.


Yes, that is it, you know there is a difference as you are not against Israel; you are just against Jews living in Israel and ruling over Arabs. Instead Israel should become an Arab state with Arabs leading it and of course the Jews can remain once they permit the five million, or is it eight million, hard to tell as the numbers change regularly, but allow these millions of Arab Muslims to settle where their homes used to be or wherever they claim their homes used to be. Even if some of the new Syrian refugees might remember their long lost relatives who lived in Israel and that should qualify you to also move to Israel. Why go all the way to Germany when you can simply cross the Golan Heights and settle in Israel, the United Nations will vote to allow that in the General Assembly and the world will send forces to assist even without a Security Council Chapter Seven motion though if the world acts while President Obama is still in the White House it is possible that the United States will support this solution for the Syrian refugee problem so neatly.


The Jews will be safe with the Arabs ruling Israel as Israel is a democratic nation with freedom of religion. That will keep them safe. That is one of the Basic Laws which serve like the Israeli constitution, and constitutions are permanent. Well, yes, technically any Basic Law can be repealed by a simple majority vote of the Knesset. The Arab would never repeal such a basic and fundamental law, would they? And anyway, even if the Arabs changed the laws, the Jews could return to the nations in Europe and the United States where they came from. What is that? Half the Jews in Israel came from nations in the Middle East and North Africa when the laws made remaining impossible and in some cases were thrown from their homes with everything they owned stolen leaving them one or two suitcases per person. Well, they could all move to the United States and live somewhere where there are many Jews already, like New York or Boston.


These are becoming fundamental tenets of the hard left and are spreading to take control over the left completely. Take the Democrat Convention of 2012 where they voted down placing recognition of Jerusalem as the Capital City of Israel and the fundamental belief in G0d as part of America when this was brought to a vote on the floor of the convention (see video below). Further evidence came from the recent Democrat Convention which we covered with words, pictures and video here. The Left party in Britain, their Labor Party just had an investigation into sweeping anti-Semitism spreading through their ranks and within their ruling elites including Jeremy Corbyn, their leader as well as the Leader of the Opposition in the British Parliament. But British anti-Semitism is not new as this anti-Semitic cartoon from the 1233 Norwich tax record (see below). Study guide for the picture with explanation can be researched here.


Anti-Semitic cartoon from the 1233 Norwich tax record

Anti-Semitic cartoon from
the 1233 Norwich tax record


The anti-Semitism in France has reached levels where many Jews no longer feeling safe moved to the United States if they had relatives and to Israel. Anti-Semitism in Europe is growing at a pace even faster than the arrival of Arab refugees who bring their own anti-Semitism with them. It is proffered that the increase in anti-Semitism in Europe which has sufficient evidentiary proof which displays that it far outstrips the numbers of the new arrivals is likely due to the feeling that it is acceptable and even becoming welcome and acceptable and is heavily aligned with the progressive left. Such as this is why Israel is so vital as not so slowly but definitely and definitively and inexorably anti-Semitism is growing on the political left joining the radical extreme right where historic anti-Semitism was always claimed to be the unwelcome part of such political extremists, but the leftist anti-Semitism is spreading from the hard left progressivism into the mainstream liberal progressive left. Acceptable organizations including groups among those supporting racial equality such as BLM, women’s right such as NWSA and other left progressive groups in other causes favor and even demand that their members also support the BDS movement or at least boycott certain or all Israeli goods. Rejection of Israeli academics has swept across many campuses in Europe, the United States and other higher education institutes around the globe. Unions have lined up in active support of BDS.



The near universal and still growing support from the progressive forces and the Democrat Party as well as the animosity against Israel are troubling and it appears it is only a matter of time before the anti-Israel and pro-BDS support begins to morph into anti-Semitism. Initially the anti-Semitism will be against the obvious religious Jews which is actually weird as it is amongst these very groups where there are Jews who do not support Israel for religious reasons believing that the return to Israel, the Promised Land, will only come as a blessing from Hashem when the Messiah comes and leads the incoming as part of the initiation of a perfect world. They view Zionism as being against the will of Hashem and thus sinful. Still, they will be the first ones to feel the anti-Semitism as it becomes part of the mainstream. Then the next groups will be the religious Jews and then relatives of Israeli Jews and religious Jews. Eventually it will spread to be all Jews and even those Jews who have sworn off and left their religion will not be safe before the rising anti-Semitism is finished. The levels of anti-Semitism in Europe are rising, already permeate the Middle East and North Africa, are growing in many parts of Asia, have risen again in Russia and the Ukraine and are starting to grow in the United States.


What is most disturbing is the raising level of anti-Semitism is greatest on college and university campuses with regular anti-Israel demonstrations, the shouting down to physically attacking any pro-Israel speakers or even Jewish speakers in some instances. This fact makes the future highly doubtful and potentially unsafe for Jews throughout the Western World. Should these apparent threats come to fruition the existence of Israel will become a holy saving grace for the Jews of the world. What is equally if not more frightening is the potential for the United Nations Security Council revoking the resolutions which established the nation of Israel, evicting Israel from the United Nations and then passing a resolution calling for the military forces of the world to finish the destruction of Israel as an illegal entity and ridding the world of Israel. Should that come to pass, how much longer after such would the world then turn to rid itself of all Jews as a measure to assure that the world never establish a Jewish state in the future. The possible spread of anti-Israel accompanied by its close relative, anti-Semitism, takes hold throughout the governments of the world; what nations would refuse to comply with such bigotry?


The one we would predict would be a nation familiar with being the sacrificial lamb of the greater powers of their day, the Czech Republic, one of the two nations formed from Czechoslovakia which supported Israel in 1948 when most of the world placed an arms embargo against the nascent state of Israel fighting for her survival from day one of her existence. The British and the United States both embargoed Israel contrary to the mistaken ideas that both were allies and friends of Israel from the start, not so. Still, if it became Israel and the Czech Republic and maybe another fifteen smaller nations were to face the major powers for their allied survival, the outcome might surprise the world and that would prove a single truth, Hashem does care and still rules the Earth far more than those elites rule, much to their dismay, we are sure. We pray it never comes to that but the levels of anti-Semitism resulting in almost every Jew returning to Israel, their real home, that may very well be on its way and the end result will benefit the world if only it will allow Israel to fulfill her true mission, to be a light unto the nations and shine a light on Hashem and his truths.


Beyond the Cusp


August 9, 2016

Republicans More Zionist than Israeli Government, Honest


Ron Dermer, Israel’s Ambassador to the United States, on July 28, 2016, speaking at the Democrat National Convention and representing the government and its ruling coalition which includes the likes of Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, Minister of Education plus Minister of Diaspora Affairs Naftali Bennett, Minister of Defense Avigdor Lieberman, Minister of Culture and Sport Miri Regev, Minister of Finance Moshe Kahlon, Minister of Intelligence Yisrael Katz, Minister of Justice Ayelet Shaked, Assistant (and acting) Minister in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Tzipi Hotovely, and numerous other highly acclaimed Zionists when he stated to the world, “There is no reason, concretely and in principle, why Jews should not be able to live in a future Palestinian State.” How could such a statement be permitted to pass through the vetting of this historic and vitally important speech after Israel was gifted with an opportunity to finally, once and for all, and definitively bury the Oslo Accords and the two state paradigm. The opening came just a week or so earlier at an equally public and historic event, the Republican National Convention, where their platform expressly declared their support for Israel in all of the lands set aside by International Law, the San Remo Conference, the Mandate System, the League of Nations and numerous other treaties and accords including all of the lands west of the Jordan River all the way to the Mediterranean Sea. This was a colossal opportunity for Israel to endorse the Republican stand which is a pure Zionist and pro-Israel position voted into the party platform overwhelmingly and endorsed by their candidate for President, Donald Trump, not a perfect man, but who in politics can make such a claim other than the Clintons, and we all really believe that. After having the Republicans endorse the Israel first position and recognizing that Israel has acted in good faith only to be refused credit but instead always the blame for refusals which were coming from the Palestinians who were declaring Oslo dead and that instead they were to be the governing body over all the lands west of the Jordan River and that their first initiative would be the eradication of the Zionist menace. The Palestinians declared openly and brazenly numerous times their intention to commit a second Holocaust despite their not believing there ever was a first Holocaust and their position that they had held the lands for nine thousand years of history, invented language, invented government, invented writing and Allah only knows what else and that the Zionist entity was a colonial invasion and they declared all agreements dead and their genocidal intent and the Republicans responded in kind supporting the true historic claims to these lands, to Jerusalem, Hevron, Shechem and all the other Biblical locations well known to any Jew or Christian with even the slightest religious education. The Republicans opened the door for true Zionists to walk through and claim all that is truly theirs and Ron Dermer, Israel’s Ambassador to the United States, slammed that door shut and closed in the faces of the Republicans who truly love Israel just to curry favor with the Democrat Party which supports the Palestinian cause lock, stock and barrel.


This was nothing short of pandering to extreme leftist groups whose platform begrudgingly mentions support for Israel while haters of Israel such as Wendy Sherman, former State Department official and chief negotiator of the Iran Nuclear deal; Representative Keith Ellison from Minnesota who insisted he be sworn in on a Quran and has voted against every aid and legislation potentially beneficial for Israel and openly supportive of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, Fatah, the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions of Israel (BDS Movement) and with possible ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood; Cornel West, professor and social justice advocate and active supporter of the BDS Movement and numerous radical groups which oppose Israel claiming it to be an Apartheid state and committing genocide against people of color (Arab Palestinians); James Zobgy, president of the Arab American Institute, BDS Movement supporter, backed a number of flotillas to Gaza and proponent of many anti-Israel programs and groups. Compare this with the Republican platform committee having as one co-chairperson Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin, a supporter of Israel and as Oklahoma Governor who has pressed to establish trade between the state manufacturing and research groups with Israeli companies and researchers and met with Israeli Ambassador Shlomo in 2012 where Governor Fallin stated, “Israel is a friend to Oklahoma and to all of the United States, and as Ambassador Shlomo and I discussed today, we have many common interests. I am particularly excited by the opportunity for Oklahoma’s energy companies — which possess unique expertise and world class personnel — to aid the Israelis in developing their oil and gas resources.” Governor Fallin has travelled to Israel in hope for better relations and as a show of support for Israel. The difference is as obvious as it is divergent with the Democrat Party sliding distressingly towards some horrific stances and seeming to play with openly supporting terrorist groups over a nation, Israel, which has been a true and patient ally despite some vicious attacks from the White House and State Department over the recent past while the Republican Party has actually taken the lead on a pro-Israel stance which the Israeli political leadership had best support the idea even at the risk of no longer being impartial concerning the Presidential elections in this critical year.


There are many purists who claim that Israel must always tread carefully and take the middle ground never striking out in a definitive direction or challenge the status quo as doing so could upset the delicate balance and nuance which the Israeli political class has worked so seemingly hard and with a singular purpose to build the framework and remain trapped as if in amber to the two states for two people paradigm which has so obviously failed and failed horrifically that it has become threateningly dangerous for Israel not to do everything to rid itself of the two state curse. It is no secret that back toward the end of 1999 the Clinton White House sent Stanley Greenberg, James Carville and Robert Shrum to coordinate the publicity and get the vote out in the Israeli election in an all-out effort to defeat the sitting Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu and many claim that Hillary was the one pressing for Bill to rid himself of a man she hated simply because he was acting too Jewish, the same Bibi Netanyahu that she, as President Obama’s Secretary of State cursed and berated in a forty-minute call where she lost all sense of decorum and dropped any pretense of respect or cooperation demanding that the Prime Minister of Israel toe the American President’s and Secretary of State’s line of reasoning and positions or else face dire consequences. We know what those consequences were as the very next Israeli election President Obama and likely Hillary Clinton directed the identical effort to rid the Democrat leadership of the same elected leader of Israel, Netanyahu, with a group known formerly as “V15” now became “One Voice,” a group reportedly being led by Obama’s 2012 field director Jeremy Bird. With such blatant and obvious meddling in Israeli elections, would it be so horrible to support the Republican Platform position that there is no possibility for the two state Oslo Accords direction to ever produce fruit despite Israel giving it every opportunity for a two state solution and being rebuked at every opportunity followed by more terrorism and propaganda campaigns often aided by European government and the European Union itself and the United States State Department demonizing Israel for refusing to surrender totally and allow a second holocaust to be the result should Arafat and then Abbas or any of the other Arab Palestinian leadership from Fatah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the PLO and now also Islamic State all agreeing on one issue, every Israeli Jew must be cleansed to make the land whole and Islamic. Abbas has declared that every grain of sand is an Islamic Waqf meaning that all of the land is a holy imperative to be cleansed of all that is not pure and Islamic in a purging orgy of blood. Where is the neutral and fair partner for peace that Israel is supposed to deal fairly with? The answer is there never was one, there is none now and there will never be one because the Arab Palestinians and now even some of the Arab Israelis are being fed a constant diet of hatred and promise of rewards for their murdering of the Zionist enemy, the Jews of Israel. Not the settlers but every Israeli Jew and any Israeli Arab who does not join this Jihadic revolution. The Republican Party can plainly see reality and it is time for Israel to speak truth to power and end the farce and pay any Islamist to leave and start their life where Sharia already exists as it will never be permitted to take hold within Israel. Israel gave Gaza to Abbas and he promptly lost it to Hamas who immediately started a war of rockets onto Israeli towns, Kibbutzim and cities often timing their barrage to coincide with school opening or end of school day in the hopes of murdering the children. There was the Kornet guided anti-tank missile fired directly at a school bus murdering one teen remaining in the bus to reach his grandmother and injuring the driver. A greater calamity was narrowly avoided as the bus had just discharged the majority of the students less than a minute before the strike.



Volunteer Picking Up Pieces of the Remains of School Bus Struck by Guided Anti-Tank Weapon

Volunteer Picking Up Pieces of the Remains of
School Bus Struck by Guided Anti-Tank Weapon


School Bus which was struck by a Russian made Kornet anti-tank missile murdering one teen remaining in the bus to reach his grandmother visit

School Bus which was struck by a Russian made Kornet
anti-tank missile murdering one teen remaining
in the bus to reach his grandmother visit


The Republican Party can assist in ending the farcical but deadly game of catch as catch can where lies and deceit are prized over truth and a real desire for peace. The Oslo Accord fiasco has turned a promise of cooperation and mutual assistance forging a prosperous and free life for both Arab and Jew into a death dance where children are offered up in an effort to murder other children or any Jew who can be murdered. There was a recent young lady, a thirteen year old girl, Hallel-Yaffa Ariel, sleeping in her bed in her bedroom in her house in her community who was stabbed seventeen times in the back. When security responders arrived the terrorist injured one of them and continued attacking until neutralized. Many European and Arab news sources referred to this incident as Israel summarily executing Palestinian youth without trial. Then they note that a young woman was stabbed and leave the story at that until forced to report the reality, but by that time the damage was done, the Palestinian propaganda was reported half way around the world before the truth got its pants on. Israel must awaken from this death trance and grab ahold of the opportunity granted by the republican platform and end the dance of death and begin the life of light and the fulfillment of the promise of Zionism as Jabotinsky envisioned it, and his vision was crystal clear and glorious. Wake up, we have friends and they have come around, we must do our part as well and immediately, not when we feel the time is right as now the time is right and every moment wasted is a moment lost and let us hope it is not also another life lost.


Beyond the Cusp


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