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January 20, 2019

Israeli Electioneering Missing One Large Mark


Israeli electioneering is, well, what you would think, all about Israel. They speak of reaching peace with the Arab Palestinians, ending terrorism, growing the economy, assuring that nobody is ignored, feeding the poorest amongst us and the myriad of other claims and promises which are all almost worth the paper on which the speeches are written. The promises in Israel are slightly more accurate than are the promises in American elections or any other nation where there are basically two parties who vie for ruling. In Israel, as we are currently situated, one party is going to rule the roost as it has been for quite some time and the rest are competing in order to have sufficient value that they are included in the coalition and thus will either receive the money they crave or the powerful Ministerships which cover those things which matter most to their base. There are some of the parties who speak about reaching out and being attractive to the Jews in America and even Europe. This is often a play for the Anglo-sphere’s votes. What they are probably not aware of is that most of the Jews who make Aliyah did so in order to get away from many of the American Jews. Our Synagogue had fairly equal numbers of people who congratulated us when they learned of our plans to move to Israel while the other main group questioned our sanity and wanted to know why we were leaving what to them was the promised land to go to some terror filled third world backwater of a nation which had hopelessly disastrous political system with such a tyrannical wrong-headed Prime Minister gathering around him those settler supporters and other less desirable influences. It was the second group which made us glad to be leaving, and here in Israel we found people we considered to be relatively more sane. There was a third group which was too eclectic to describe easily but some of its parts included those who were simply curious, others who asked what is Israel like after we visited for a couple of weeks on our pilot trip, some who simply turned up their noses and ignored us (probably better that way), others who simply had no clue what to say and then our favorite group consisting of those who admired our decision and supported our conservative views but requested anonymity so they would not be closed out of the various Temple activities, clubs and numerous boards. Even in Oklahoma the Jews were definitively leftist liberals favoring the LBGQT rights, anti-Israel beyond the Green Line (settlers), anti-Netanyahu as they wanted Labor or Meretz making the coalition and some could not understand why they were not given the opportunity (probably a strong correlation with those who believe the Russians got Trump elected), save the whales, dolphins, tuna, polar bears, penguins and everything that is conceived except people, they favored abortion on demand, though, to their credit, not all of them as there were some liberals who were also pro-life plus all of the other pageant of intersectionality causes with one glaring exception, BDS. We have to give them credit for at least realizing the European driven Palestinian Liberation Organization, Arab League sponsored boycotting, divesting and sanctioning of Israel was purely anti-Semitic and had nothing to do with right or wrong but to do with the destruction of Israel and the end of the Jewish State. At least in Oklahoma they realized that once the world would be able to drive Israel into the ground that the next step would be to drive the Jews worldwide into the ground and then proudly claim they had performed a glorious and meritorious service to the world.


But, what, pray-tell, is this subject that the Israeli political class is ignoring? The answer is, Anti-Semitism. It is not just anti-Semitism, but where it will lead and the resultant demands which this will place upon Israel and the shock to every system and sector of Israeli governance and society. Across Europe, there are a great number of Jews considering leaving their home nation to seek safer and less hateful lands. Over half, somewhere around sixty-five percent, say they plan on moving to Israel with the rest split between the United States and Canada with the former receiving the lion’s share. In Britain, the Jews are particularly nervous and should Jeremy Corbin be elected as Prime Minister there will be a sort of exodus of Jews fleeing the British Isles. The Netherlands, Sweden and France are amongst the leading nations across Europe where Jews are frightened to wear anything identifying their religion. No necklaces with a Star of David pendent, same for lapel brooch, no kipot or anything else which would denote Judaism. Giulio Meotti regularly writes about the sad state of affairs for the Jews of Europe often specifically about Italy, his homelands, and secondarily about France, Britain, the Netherlands and Scandinavia. He has also often echoed some of our themes about the promises made to the Zionists specifically and Jews in general after World War I which the world has strongly attempted to sabotage, undermine and try to chip away taking Israel apart in pieces. He has not quite reached our conclusion that the powers that be in Europe wish to erase entirely the stain left by their moment of weakness in permitting the Jewish People to return home. We saw the real face of modern Europe as well as the United States State Department when the Kurds passed overwhelmingly a referendum and in near unanimity they roared that the Kurds must never seek independence ever as such is beyond acceptable belief. Israel was virtually alone in backing the Kurd’s dream for independence, something which was promised them after World War I but reneged in order for the British, read J Paul Getty, to get the Mosul oil fields. Israel even offered assistance to the Kurds should they have gone ahead and declared their independence. That dream has been viciously put down by Iraq with a great deal of assistance from Iran and the IRGC military units. We suspect that they would have also had some support, at a minimum logistical and supplies, from the United States despite the State Department’s protests. Israel is familiar with the State Department and its kowtowing to certain demands and almost always choosing the wrong side.


But in the lead of primaries for the parties which select their candidate lists democratically (most of the parties the leader or a small cabal choose the list of Ministers choosing their closest friends and major supporters for the top spots most likely to actually be seated in the Knesset after elections. Every party is required to provide a list before the elections so the people of Israel can know who the candidates are for each party and they can presumably choose the party whose list is most appealing. The first item which Israelis had best get their head around is that Israel is going to need all the land she can find. When the anti-Semitism boils over, the numbers of Jews who will be running scared to Israel will be in the thousands, then tens of thousands, and eventually they will be counted in the millions. It will be all but the most assimilated Jews initially but eventually the Jewish population, whether they see themselves as Jews or not, will be told that their presence is no longer welcome and they should go away. There are many amongst my Israeli born friends at my Synagogue who question all the building which is being performed where we live in Nahariya and I tell them that we will need every last one of these apartments and more and that we should be building at an even brisker pace putting up even more and taller buildings. The one thing in Israel is that if we plan on growing most of our own food, then we will have to either build upwards towards the clouds or downward or both. Currently they do a bit of both with many buildings meeting the demand that they provide at least one or two, depending on rules we have not bothered to check, parking spaces per apartment. They build the apartments going upward and the parking in the numerous basements amongst the other supporting machinery and structures required by their building. But from what we have seen, which is limited, the building is not at such a pace as to accommodate an influx which would increase the population by fifty percent, or three and a half million people. That is probably a fairly accurate appraisal as to the numbers of living quarters which will be required over the coming decade, and this is a conservative estimate, it could be even higher. The other item which need be remembered is that unlike the rest of the developed world, the population in Israel is increasing and doing so at a very respectable rate comfortably well above replacement rate. Another pleasing statistic is that while the reproductive rate amongst Israeli Arab women has been steadily decreasing, the reproductive rate of Israeli Jewish women has been greatly increasing and has surpassed the Arab rate. The ever-threatened demographic time-bomb is simply another deception used to bogusly argue against annexing eastern Jerusalem, which has already been done, annexing the Golan Heights, also completed, and definitely not any of Judea and Samaria, unavoidable and coming sooner or later one way or another. The retaking of almost every inch of land the Jews were promised by the Mandate System will be made an integral part of Israel with Gaza as the sole possible exception. The land will be necessary to hold the Israeli population by 2025, 2030 at the very latest. This is without addressing the possibility that there will be a large number of Jews coming to Israel out of the United States, an easily perceived necessity should things continue as they are already progressing.


Nobody with any sense would argue that anti-Semitism is rising and coming from the people on the far left and not from the right. Nationalists and even popularists are supportive of Israel and in the fight against anti-Semitism. This also includes many Evangelical Christians who are amongst the leading supporters of Israel outside of Jewish support. One problem is that many in the Jewish communities lead such insular lives that they are all but blind to the rising anti-Semitism around them. Many still believe that the only anti-Semitism comes from the right wing of the political spectrum, and that does still exist amongst what are often called paleo-conservatives, these are the likes of Pat Buchanan, the Nazis, White Supremacists and conservatives still stuck in what we like to call the way back when things were still orderly, they believe that orderly means they get to decide who sits at the table, and Jews are not amongst those permitted. Believe it or not, there are still a small number of country clubs with exclusionary rules which have never been challenged as nobody other than the crusty old paleo-conservatives and various other hate groups desire joining. Today’s anti-Semitism is coming from the left and the Muslims, the new Muslims more so than Muslims who have resided in the western world longer than fifteen or twenty years. The groups which have shown a proclivity for anti-Semitic views include the leadership of the Women’s March, BLM, CAIR and more as we discussed in greater depth in our articles “The Reality on the Universally Spreading of Anti-Semitism,” “Evident Worldwide Coordinated Anti-Semitism ,” “Methodology of Leftist NGO’s and Their Enablers” and to a lesser extent in “Jews Are no Different than We Have Ever Been” plus, a final pair, “Rebirth of an Ancient Hatred part 1 and Part 2.” The spread of anti-Semitism on the left is also taking its toll on the Democrat Party as a new breed of youth are entering the party with some previously alien ideas, one of which is the destruction of Israel or minimally the end to aid to Israel. These new younger group appear to generally have a proclivity for Louis Farrakhan and his Islamic Black separatist group Nation of Islam. The new left has molded their membership through a concept called “intersectionality,” which we also discussed in some of our articles above. Since they include a number of anti-Semitic groups such as Nation of Islam, CAIR, BLM, Muslim Students Association, Students for Justice in Palestine and numerous enough anti-Israel groups that no Jewish group is permitted into the leftist club of intersectionality unless they directly criticize Israel as being a Jewish colonial enterprise which conquered and stole the lands of the nation of Palestine either in 1948 or, if not then, definitely in 1967. As these children were not born yet, they have no context and are blithely unaware of the fact that in both of those wars, the Arabs had massed and attacked Israel with numerous Arab nations working together. The fact that Israel survived these two wars and the ensuing 1973 war and the terror wars Israel has been fighting continually since the Oslo Agreements has been a modern miracle. The little fact that there has never been any nation named Palestine and that Jerusalem has only been the capital city over Jewish or Israelite, another reference to modern Jews, is something they have never been taught in the ivory walls where the soft sciences are rather soft on facts when addressing the Middle East. The problem coming to take control of Nancy Pelosi’s and Chuck Schumer’s little group are young people with no sense of history and a slanted and definitively anti-Israel, anti-Zionist and often strongly anti-Semitic set of beliefs bringing forth that “The Democrat Party has a Religion.”


Burning Israel Star of David


All of these facts add up to a rush for safety for the Jews of the world once again. The Muslim world already held their version of what is coming to the developed world back in the late 1940’s and through the 1950’s when they dispossessed their Jews dispatching them with great grievousness with much of the world demanding that a relative sign agreements to support these Jews who were left with nothing beyond one suitcase each in many cases, if that, making them to be considered neer-do-well delinquents. This left around eight-hundred-thousand or more who came to Israel. Israel was an agrarian economy in these times and anything but ready to take in such numbers of desperate and penniless refugees. Israel, to her credit, silently set up temporary quarters and worked to acclimate these people to their new homes and in time they were all incorporated into the economy and as time went along, they became very productive members of our family. Israelis now do not make any distinction as to where one’s parents or grandparents were originally from or by which route did they arrive in Israel basically one suitcase in hand, if lucky, and the clothes on their backs. Today it is common to see a young couple with one having sandy hair and the other raven dark hair happily walking hand-in-hand. Israel has integrated the many disparate Jews who have returned home, which also includes Ethiopian and Indian Jews. Soon Israel will be receiving another present sent by much of the remainder of the world’s Jews as Europe decides that the Jews are no longer welcome. Europe will at some point need to choose between Muslims or Jews, and we bet the Muslims will win that discussion as they already vastly outnumber the Jews in Europe and have reached near parity with the actively Jewish population of the United States. When the time cones and the United States elects a President who, as it would say of Pharos in the Bible, who did not know Joseph, then it will not matter if you are a practicing Jew or even if you no longer identify as a Jew, if you had even one Jewish parent, and for this it need not have been your mother as Judaism requires, just father will suffice, and the Jews will not have a pleasant choice. They will either leave while the leaving is unhurried and they can take their wealth and belongings with them, though those items they will be forced to sell will not get full value as investors and others will know the Jews have to sell now, or they will leave when it starts to become unavoidable obvious, though even then there will be those Jews who will tell themselves, they do not mean me, they mean those Jews who dress weird, or they can leave and barely escape leaving without the time to sell anything and having to abandon homes, vehicles and other things which could not be arranged in time or they might sneak out and eventually make their way to Israel facing threats the entire route taking next to nothing with them. There are going to be a number of people who are going to claim that this part of the prediction about the United States can never happen. Allow us to inform you that there was quite a fair amount of anti-Semitism in the open as late as the 1950’s in the United States. Jews were called Christ killers and worse. That anti-Semitism will be as a picnic compared to what is coming with the likes of Tamika Mallory, Linda Sarsour, Carmen Perez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Keith Ellison. These are all under forty politicians who are either at the forefront of groups, party leaders on a state level or higher or elected officials. But with much of the youth against Israel to the point that some university campuses have reached the point where Jewish students, just like their Jewish counterparts in much of Europe, are afraid to wear anything which identifies them as being Jewish and refuse to identify openly as being Jews. The day is rapidly approaching in Europe and not all that far behind in the United States that we will see, as is pictured above, the Star of David burning in the streets as a common expression of hate towards anything as the burning Star of David will be a generally used sign of contempt even when it has absolutely nothing to do with Jews or Israel. All of these events will send numbers of Jews fearing for their lives and safety into Israel and nobody hear is talking about this eventuality. We fear Israel will not be prepared and once again will face a serious challenge. Maybe after the initial wave from Britain, France, Sweden the Netherlands or wherever it may originate, maybe that will be sufficient dose as a wake-up call and Israel will smell what is coming.


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January 3, 2019

The Reality on the Universally Spreading of Anti-Semitism


We hear the tales of how anti-Semitism was historically completely found only on the right politically. The claims were that the left, the progressives were enlightened and incapable of hatred of such as it was disdainful. Why has this trope being peddled? Simple, to attempt and cleanse any guilt historically of hatred on the political left and build a structure from within which they could reflect any accusations by claiming that anyone amongst the progressive left who is caught making anti-Semitic commentary is merely an aberration, an outlier who is the exception and as such can be ignored. These will be the types of commentary made to excuse Jeremy Corbyn and his anti-Semitism. While he may lead the British Labor Party, his anti-Semitism is not really a part of the British Labor Party and thus his statements cannot be attributed to their party. The left has also forged an alliance with the new Islamic power base which is ascendant across the Middle East. This is why there have been no Islamic terrorist attacks, merely lone wolves who are insane and are not representative of true Islam. Anyone who claims that such acts are called for by the Quran are quickly attacked and told they do not understand the real Islam. They will quote the Mecca verses of the Quran while ignoring the Quranic verses written in Medina which replaced the peaceful verses they are quoting through abrogation. We wrote about this in our article Which Quran, Mecca or Medina?


But since the left is aligning with the emerging Islam, which is being allowed to flow pretty much unchecked into Europe and was increased in their immigration into the United States under the Hart–Celler Act which was heavily pushed by Senator Ted Kennedy in 1965, the increasing anti-Semitism cannot be a surprise to any cognizant person paying the slightest attention. All of this and the recent problems which has plagued the California Women’s March Rally Canceled over Concerns that it Would be ‘Overwhelmingly White’.” Then there is the claim that the ‘1%’ has its own ‘1%’ which was displayed on the Campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago which included the message “ENDING WHITE PRIVILEGE … STARTS WITH ENDING JEWISH PRIVILEGE” with the flyer pictured below. This was a program on the campus which was presented by an unknown individual or group but the form of the fliers resembles the concept from the anti-Wall Street protests and other leftist group agitprop. We wish such were isolated incidents but, as we have covered, and here are three examples with a multitude on following pages of numerous times, but it is spreading and appears to be swelling mostly on the far left.


Anti-Semitic Flier used on Campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago

Anti-Semitic Flier used on Campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago


There is still the reactionary right anti-Semitism which is so extreme and overt that it does not hide its hatred. Further, those on the paleo-conservative factions of the right are so universally hateful of any and all who are outside their preferred white and religiously acceptable group that they are easily identifiable which makes them less of a threat. Another truth is their numbers have been increasing but at such a slow rate that their threat is actually becoming a smaller percentage of the general population. The more active and far faster growing hatreds are on the far left, often simply referred to as leftists, and they have been becoming more and more acceptable amongst the left in general. What is the most troubling has been the Jews who are progressive supporting the left are ignoring the new democrats and leaders of groups on the left who have expressed anti-Semitic statements or shown great respect and loyalty toward Nations of Islam Louis Farrakhan. There are the pro-Palestinian anti-Israel individuals such as Jeremy Corbyn, Linda Sarsour, Carmen Perez, Tamika Mallory, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and the numerous anti-Israel NGO’s whose supporters are practicing the modern version of anti-Semitism, protesting only that the Jews are permitted to have a nation of their own and ignoring the numerous wrongs elsewhere around our world. The fact that CAIR and the BDS movement are included in the leftist intersectionality while any groups supporting Israel is excluded as we reported within our article Truth is Often Completely Different and Unfortunate where women who desired to march in the Chicago Dyke March were refused participation because they desired marching with a rainbow flag which bore a Star of David which was too Jewish, too Israeli (see image below under next paragraph).


The signs are ominous as they portend a future where anti-Semitism will become acceptable on the left being referred to as an anomaly when in actuality it had taken over the mainstream leftist positions. The denial will be that the anti-Semites on the left are merely critical of Israeli policies and not the Jews. They will claim they have friends who are Jewish and will point to Jewish groups which support the Democrat Party and leftist causes and the select few who have passed the purity test of being overly critical of Israel, particularly the Israeli government, especially if the government is right wing, nationalistic or Zionist in nature, which pretty much includes almost ever Israeli political party outside Balad Party and a few others which will never win sufficient mandates to be tasked with forming a coalition. The real misfortune is many Jews adopt an ambivalent attitude if not a distasteful one because the Israeli government does not do as they demand. For some reason they look at Israel as something which is supposed to listen to the leftist Jews in the United States and ignore the demands of the people who live in Israel. We simply shrug this off as leftist arrogance rotting their minds and blurring the fact that they could always make Aliyah and become Israelis and have a vote in the future of Israel. It is not like Israel does not have a left wing as we have even a Communist party, the Maki Party and also a left wing, social-democratic and green political party named the Meretz Party. So, should Jews on the left, be they Green, Communist, internationalist or whatever stripe, either Israel has a party they would love or they could always start their own party, that appears to be a favorite pastime here in Israel, personalities and wanna-be personalities starting their own political parties, usually around times like now, immediately before elections by about three to four months.


Multi-Colored Flags with a Star of David

Multi-Colored Flags with a Star of David


But the problem is not so much the fading anti-Semitism on the right; it is the growing anti-Semitism on the left. What is interesting is that if one believes that socialism is the defining principle which is the left end of the political spectrum and Zionism in Israel and capitalism defines the right, then most anti-Semitism has been from the left in much of history. In the more distant history when the monarchies were the right and the religious institutions would be the left, then it was the Church and Islamic institutions which defined anti-Semitism. More recently, the main anti-Semitic politics were the national socialists, Nazis, and the internationalist socialists, Communists, which were the anti-Semitic institutions. Yes, we realize that many like to claim the Nazis were right wing mainly because they opposed Communists, but they were a socialist institution which is simply a different form of leftist ideology of socialism. Where after World War II the anti-Semitism in the United States was part of the right who were the anti-integration politics, the reality which is mostly distorted and ignored is that it was the Republican Party which sponsored and pushed both the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act and it was the southern Democrats who fought against these programs with every bit of power they held. Examples of such politicians included George Wallace, Robert Byrd and Lester Maddox, amongst others, who all fought these initiatives vigorously. The first person to fight slavery, Abraham Lincoln, was the first Republican President, another little fact which has been blurred by political propaganda which has placed the Democrats as the initiators of everything which was pro-equality in the United States. We understand that there was a long period where anti-Semitism was rampant across the entirety of the political spectrum which caused a period when the Jews were often forced to flee from their homes and flee to another nation where they would be more welcome. There are some who desire the world to return to such a period and see Israel as the main obstacle to realizing such a result, and thus another reason behind anti-Israel feelings which are obviously steeped in anti-Semitism. During the period immediately before and during World War II, the Germans believed everything was the fault of the Jew, to the Proletariat all problems could stem from the Jewish bourgeoisie, to the Arab Middle East anything can be attributed to a Zionist plot.


It is this growing anti-Semitism in Europe and the United States combined with the anti-Semitism of the Middle East and how that has been spread into much of the third-world and developing world, especially in places where socialism and dictatorial regimes have the political power that makes the existence of Israel all the more important. The apparent movement of so much of the world in their hate for Israel, and the way that also leads to growing anti-Semitism, makes Israel all that more important. Even the United States may soon start to distance from Israel after which there will be no check of a veto protecting Israel in the Security Council which will also lead to very serious resolutions minimally under Chapter 6 which does not demand sanctions or possibly military interventions brought against Israel and even Chapter 7 which puts all such actions in play which could have the United Nations becoming another central institution attempting to destroy Israel. We have already seen how the General Assembly along with the Human Right Council, UNESCO, UNICEF and other United Nations agencies have adopted excessively critical approach to Israel to the point of it becoming an obsession. Once the United States ends using its veto, as President Obama did with UNSC Res 2334, Israel would become vulnerable to any and every condemnation brought by those holding true animosity towards the Jewish State passing the Security Council would potentially bring the world against Israel. This is the reality Israel faces going forward and when such becomes commonplace, then the world will also find themselves free to bring the same condemnation leading to persecution leaving Israel as an island on the earth where Jews could find solace and protection. Such a situation in the world as we see her currently is not as far fetched as many like to believe, including numerous Jews.


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September 4, 2018

Truth is Often Completely Different and Unfortunate

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We just finished reading this article by Alan Bergstein and felt this needs to explain things somewhat further. His theme is a valid one in that many within the Democrat Party, and we will give him Kudos for not calling it incorrectly the ‘Democratic’ Party, are defiantly anti-Israel and a vocal minority are fully anti-Semitic. He was correct in pointing out that the Democrat Party has their own enforcers who will protect the public from views which do not fit the extreme leftist agenda, and they are known as anti-FA, and whose tactics are closer to fascism than many of those they attempt to intimidate and otherwise silence. No, we do not support the alt-right, Nazis or any other extremist be they right or left wing extremes. We are pro-Israel and believe that the United States is a remarkable nation and a true experiment in the ability of humankind to rule themselves instead of depending upon a chosen elite. So, what can we add to the statements and accusation from Alan Bergstein’s article? Well, we know immediately what the objections would be coming, in particular from the Jewish tried and true Democrats, to everything Alan Bergstein pointed out, and that is ‘not my Representative’ and possibly Senators.


Right off the top, we will grant that your Representative to Congress, especially if your district is one of those which is predominantly Jewish, personally is pro-Israel, loves the Jewish People and shares your views as much as 90% and is right with you on every major topic. All of that matters not one iota once they get to Washington D.C. and this is one of those secrets they will not tell you about. But before we get to the conclusive results of how Washington works, allow us a chance to familiarize you with the nuts and bolts as we grew up inside the Beltway before there was a Beltway. We watched as Washington D.C. transformed from a sleepy little town with little real power to the center of power in the world itself all within twenty short and frenetic years. The first item you need know is that each bill which is brought before the Congress, and this goes for both the House and the Senate, reach the floor with three to five versions. Only one of these versions is slated to ever pass and proceed towards becoming law. The rest are written such that the majority of House and Senate members can vote for the bill which will have a poison pill in it making it unacceptable to the other Party, more often than not, the Republicans though they also do this slight of hand. Your Representative will vote for the version which has all the wonderful language and ideas which their constituents expect and adore. That bill will never really see the light of day beyond the one vote in which it is guaranteed not to pass. Then there is the golden bill which the powers that be in the party, be it Democrat or Republican, and on this bill, there is pressure put in place to have every legislator support the party position. Truth of the matter is the Republicans are really bad at party discipline but the Democrats have it down to a science. Very simply, if you do not desire facing a primary opponent backed by the National Committee, then you will do what the leader of the party instructs you to do, and if that means supporting the actual bill which your voters are against, well, then you vote against your supporters wishes in order to survive.


There was a Republican member of the House, Representative Jim Bridenstine, who was completely untamable and voted as his conscience and supporters desired. He came from Oklahoma District 1 which surrounds areas around Tulsa. The Republican Party ran their man against him when the former Representative, John Sullivan, retired and despite great efforts, Jim Bridenstine won the primary and then the election. The next few elections the Republicans put up candidate after candidate to destroy him and they lost one after another and Jim Bridenstine remained in Congress. Well, they just recently rid themselves of this honest man by appointing him to head NASA, a move the Democrats fought claiming he was not qualified to head NASA. They claimed that he was not a scientist with a PhD and was merely a Navy Pilot. So, apparently being a fair possibility to be an astronaut is not sufficient to head NASA, how interesting. Jim Bridenstine has college degrees, Rice University (BA) with majors in Economics, Psychology, and Business and Cornell University (MBA) and flew the E-2C Hawkeye aircraft as part of a carrier air wing (see image below). We thought that a Navy pilot, in particular a carrier pilot, with MBA degree and a BA in economics and psychology would make a great head for NASA and could be just the can-do attitude they could use to get them back into space and beyond Earth low-orbit, where they were concentrated with the Shuttle program and without even that ability when he was handed the keys. We will see how that turns out. The idea here to remember is that he was a Representative of his district who voted his conscience and not simply the party line, so they found something which they knew would appeal to him just to be able to place their own man in his place. Having lived in that district, we doubt they will succeed and will probably get another independent thinker in his place should one be made available. But that is how both parties operate, vote the party line when told to and forget all else or we will target you and be done with you one way or another.


E-2C Hawkeye

E-2C Hawkeye


Proof of this thinking can be found by simply going through the House or Senate voting on bills and the first thing you will note is that the Republicans have problems forcing the party to vote as one while the Democrats appear to have that down to a science. This was how Obamacare was passed and how the Trump agenda has been fought by the Democrats. An example was the vote taken on the Gorsuch nomination to the Supreme Court where all but three Democrats voted against his nomination and the three who voted in favor did so as it was a guaranteed affirmation and they reside in states which Trump won by double digits and desired some hope of surviving the next election. The reason for using the confirmation of Gorsuch was because most Supreme Court and other Presidential nominations are more often than not passed with both parties supporting the nominee as a form of respect for the President, something which went out the window after George W. Bush was elected and the Democrats started being a block in opposition no matter the nominee. There have been many votes where the Democrat Party basically cast there votes as if a single entity. This simply means that it does not matter what your elected Representative or Senate may state is their position, all that will matter in Washington D.C. is what the party desires. If you are in a conservative region such as fly-over country, yes, we resided there, and your Democrat is against abortion on demand paid for by the government or against partial birth abortion, as a Democrat they will vote in favor of such if their vote is required to pass legislation and their beliefs and your hopes become completely inconsequential. The Republicans have their demands such as support for individual ownership of firearms under the Second Amendment. But what about something we should all support?


Freedom of speech is presumably one of the five guarantees under the First Amendment along with Freedom of Religion (not freedom from religion), Freedom of the Press (media), Freedom to Petition the Government for Redress of Grievances, and Freedom of Assembly Peaceably. Freedom of speech is probably the one right guaranteed by the bill of Rights which virtually, if not, everybody would agree is basic to freedom and democracy as well as the American Republic. Yet this right is not an absolute on many a college and university campus. On numerous campuses, should a conservative speaker, or even a speaker whose politics is not known to be far left, is invited by the college Republicans, the Hillel, or even some group has rented to use a campus venue for their speaker whose politics are not perfectly in line with leftist ideology, there is almost a guarantee that the event will be protested so violently as to cause its cancellation. Other times even an approved college group will be disrupted and people even threatened and banners or flags destroyed by disrupters who prevent the meeting from continuing to do their business. Below is a video of the disruption and intimidation of the members of an SSI (Student Supporting Israel) event which it took close to eight months and the intervention of a legal aid group to get the university and the Irvine police to act against these lawbreakers. The aid from a legal group was also required in order to have any action taken against the leadership, which was provided from off campus, to be charged with disruption of a legal assembly. Their actions prevented freedom of speech and freedom to peaceably assemble, both First Amendment rights.



Here we have included a report of an individual’s encounter at such an event and a video where part of the chant claims they have absolute, and in the most stringent and vile terms, no use for police as they demand complete freedom, anarchy, mob rule, and that is how they operate, as mob rule with those willing to be the most violent are the ones who decide what is permitted. This article relates experiences and the required precautions necessitated one year later when they attempted to hold another pro-Israel event. The report tells of some of the taunts hurled at the pro-Israel supporters including, “You murdered Jesus” which is a common anti-Semitic blood libel. For a complete day or more of reading, all one need do is punch, ‘pro Israel event crashed by Palestinian activists’ into your browser and read away or go to watch the videos. Many of the videos are posted by the Palestinian protesters who are proud of their shutting down other people’s free speech but should somebody attempt to just hold a sign supporting Israel near one of their events, they should be prepared for intense intimidation. Below we are going to include a video from 2010 and an anti-Israel protest where sixteen-year-old ‘Daniel’ confronts lion’s den of haters to stand for the honor of Israel completely by himself. His staunch stand is unbelievable. The demonstration was over the Mavi Marmara incident with the Pro-Palestinian demonstrators claiming that the Israelis were murderers and when they interviewed the anti-Israel protesters you learned their ignorance on the issue.



These anti-Israel and pro-Islamic forces have united with the anti-FA and other violent groups working to destroy the United States and turn it in much the same fashion and using the same tactics as were used to destroy the nascent German Weimar Republic and the Russian February Bourgeois Democratic Revolution produced Russian Provisional Government, which was in the process of setting up a democratic state, when the October Revolution brought to power the Communists placing Vladimir Lenin in power; and the rest is, how do they say it, is history. These tactics are identical to the mob tactics of the SA and the Red Guard. The anti-FA claims that they are anti-fascists while claiming that the right and the conservatives are the fascists and these are who they are preventing from taking over the nation. Many claim they are wrong, but we give them partial-credit, as we are a kind bunch. They are correct in that they are against fascists in principle as their political beliefs fall into two categories, the international socialists, i.e. Communists, and the anarchists. Where they are wrong is the conservatives are not fascists which are usually interpreted as national-socialists. The conservatives are also forming two main groups plus a myriad of smaller factions. These groups are the Free-Capitalist, which include free-traders, fair-traders, entrepreneurs and Laissez-faire small government supporters, and the Corporatist-Capitalists who place the large corporations as their main concern believing that when those are healthy; the nation will be healthy (also supporting the idea of trickle-down economics).


The problem on the left of center is that currently there is this huge gap between the center and the current political power over the Democrat Party. There is this code; one could call it a law set upon the leftists where they must be in the form of the Musketeers, all for one and one for all. They call this ‘intersectionality’ which means if you are in any one leftist cause, Women’s rights, pro-Palestinian, anti-FA, anarchist, communist, Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter or any of the other approved leftist thought patterns, then you are honor bound to support every other leftist group and they will in turn support you and this guarantees that every protest will be well attended, and of late well armed and guarded by the masked and hooded hoodlums in black. That is the positive side of the meaning of intersectionality, but it has a less positive and exclusionary and thought control side. You can be a supporter of gay rights and the entire LGBTQ agenda, women’s rights, socialist, and a slew of other left wing and leftist thoughts, but you have this small imperfection, apparently the one which can never be forgiven, you are not pro-Palestinian and actually support Israel. Supporting Israel is the one cause which will have you removed from the leftist track faster than any other breach of their protocol. For example, three people carrying Jewish Pride flags were asked to leave the Chicago Dyke March on Saturday in part because they “repeatedly expressed support for Zionism,” according to the organizers. From the same article, “They were telling me to leave because my flag was a trigger to people that they found offensive,” Laurel Grauer said. “Prior to this [march], I had never been harassed or asked to leave and I had always carried the flag with me.” Another person who was asked to leave told the Windy City Times that she was made to feel that “as a Jew, I am not welcome here.” Here is where intersectionality is splitting people from certain causes because they are the wrong kind of people, the wrong kind of people who are all too familiar with such a designation and know that once this split starts, it will lead down the same road it has led down for three thousand plus years. Where Linda Sarsour is not alone in this application of intersectionality, she was for a while, until things got a little too warm and close to the truth, the most outspoken of the women’s march against President Trump on Inauguration Day where Zionist women were turned away as unwanted at a number of the separate cities’ events around the nation. We did some coverage of her views while covering other acts of anti-Semitism such as the attack on a Kippah wearer in Berlin.


The reality is that the Democrat Party has lost their control over the little problems they tempted which have now become looming monsters controlling much of the Democrat agenda. These are some of the groups listed above which simply refuse to accept Trump as their President. Still, if you were to take a group of leftists and a group of Jewish opposition to Trump who wanted to wear Israeli flags as part of their attire, the two groups would not be capable of marching together. The extreme left is turning against Israel and will, in time, turn against the Jews and all the while there will be Jews supporting these movements and voting their representatives into office. What is amazing is that quite often the beginning of these movements for greater individual rights and guarantees that everyone receive equitable treatment are started by or originally supported by the majority of Jews. The Civil Rights movement worked with the Jews and Dr. Martin Luther King even stated the view that anti-Zionism is a form of anti-Semitism, and we know this is disputed and would like to present our research and the work of a researcher we trust. The following comes from Martin Kramer in Sandbox on March 12, 2012.

Shortly before he was assassinated, Martin Luther King, Jr. was in Boston on a fund-raising mission, and I had the good fortune to attend a dinner which was given for him in Cambridge. This was an experience which was at once fascinating and moving: one witnessed Dr. King in action in a way one never got to see in public. He wanted to find what the Negro students at Harvard and other parts of the Boston area were thinking about various issues, and he very subtly cross-examined them for well over an hour and a half. He asked questions, and said very little himself. One of the young men present happened to make some remark against the Zionists. Dr. King snapped at him and said, “Don’t talk like that! When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You’re talking anti-Semitism!”


The Jews were amongst some of the leadership in the early and through much of the civil rights movement but in the same areas today, we find Black Lives Matter who are closely tied to the BDS movement against Israel and stridently Caucasian phobic shouting down any white speaker at a combined event last year. Louis Farrakhan and his Nation of Islam have also become more prominent in the leftist and black communities having connections to three of the organizers for the Women’s Day March in Washington D.C. Even Valerie Jarret, Barack Obama, and the Congressional Black Caucus have had their close ties to Louis Farrakhan without having to show the slightest remorse and in some cases an even ‘what you going to do about it’ attitude. The following outtake is from the June 12, 2018 American Thinker article titled “Democrats Need Anti-Semites to Win.”

Politically progressive Jews are also being ostracized by like-minded peers “because of their support, or even just presumed support, for Israel,” the report says: “Jewish students report being rejected from progressive social justice activities such as pro-choice rallies, anti-rape demonstrations, Black Lives Matter events and racial justice conferences.”


We could continue to quote parts from articles from all too many sources including The Federalist, Frontpage Mag, The Seattle Times and possibly the most damning piece for Leftist and Left Wing Jews Accuracy in Media. The sad truth is the Democrat Party is now completely subjoined to the far left and pure leftists and these groups hate Israel and only will tolerate those Jews they can use to be elected and have campaigns funded, after that, at some point, they will have no need even for those Jews and they will find themselves where the Jews have found themselves too many times before. What is remarkable is it is exactly this anti-Semitism which is the final argument for the necessity of Israel.


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