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July 17, 2019

Democrat Hopefuls Finally United on Israel


There has been a single outlier when it came to Israel until recently, Joe Biden. Joe is now planning on touting his pressuring Israel when under President Obama. Mr. Biden answered a self-identified Jewish activist who inquired, “I’m an American Jew, who is very concerned about what Netanyahu’s government is doing to Palestinians currently.”


Biden curtly replied, “There’s no answer but a two-state solution.”


But the young man was not satisfied and further insisted of Biden, “”I am wondering if you think that the occupation is a human rights crisis, and if you’ll pressure Israel when you’re President.”


Biden expanded his answer claiming, “The answer is I think the settlements are unnecessary. The only answer is two-state solution, number one. Number two: the Palestinians have to step up to stop the hate. So, it’s a two-way street.”


Continuing to press Joe Biden, the man insisted to know if Biden believes, “the occupation is a human rights crisis.” Biden shot back stating, “I think occupation is a real problem, a significant problem.”


In yet another exchange, the young man insisted that Biden tell him whether, “And will you pressure Israel to end the occupation as president?” Biden answered simply, “You know I have.”


Further, there is this short recording explaining his positions here.



We found this in an Israeli news source which can be read here. We already discussed where Elizabeth Warren stands and her positions are very nearly identical to the Biden answers just reported. But this set of quotes from a recent confrontation at a campaign event and Joe Biden has crossed over to supporting the Palestinian Arabs and their efforts to destroy Israel. So, where do the remainder of the candidates stand on Israel? Here is a talk by Elizabeth Warren speaking on Israel and foreign policy.



Another candidate is South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg has stated that should Israel not withdraw from the “settlements,” he would cut all financial aid until Israel buckled. Sounds very similar to our warnings over the last year that after President Trump the United States could very easily elect a Democrat President and potentially also taking the Congress allowing the Democrats to do to Israel as they are promising they desire doing.


Pete Buttigieg Twitter Post About Israel

Pete Buttigieg Twitter Post About Israel


The rest of the Democrat field are covered here giving information about California Senator Kamala Harris, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio who is a staunchly pro-Israel politician, New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has also already launched her bid as a traditionally being supportive of Israel, yet she penned an op-ed in The Forward in August 2017 explaining her decision to oppose the Israel Anti-Boycott Act, plus Texan Beto O’Rourke, and New Jersey Senator Cory Booker. The one thing which becomes fairly obvious is that should the Democrats take the White House, they are likely to take a vastly different approach toward Israel than Trump.


As we have stated, support for Israel is becoming a partisan issue with the Republicans supportive of Israel, for now, and the Democrats are sliding away from supporting Israel and pressing that the United States apply pressure upon Israel to force them back to the pre Six Day War boundaries, simply put, the 1949 armistice lines which would be granting the Arab world a complete do-over of the Six Day War. They press for Israel to be cut back to having her center varying between nine to fifteen miles. This would also provide the Arabs with positions along the Judean Hills, how are Judean Hills not Jewish, such that they will be able to actually watch their rockets as they would launch on Tel Aviv, Netanya, Herzliya and a large amount of Israeli population, businesses, utilities, nuclear power plants, naval ports all within close range from the areas of Judea and Samaria which many of these candidates have stated they would allow them to be gifted to the Arabs. We have included a map which displays the range and capability of the Katusha rocket, the smallest of the rockets which the Palestinian Authority has in their inventories. This is the problem with forcing Israel to return to the Green Line and set the borders back to what existed before the Six Day War. Such a plan would gift the Arabs with a complete do over in initiating a new Six Day War, something which could allow much of Israel to face destruction from the Arab armies and terrorists.


Katyusha Rocket Range by Mark Langfan Depicting the Near Complete Coverage of the Heart of Israel by Even the Smallest Home-made Rockets Both Hamas and Fatah Are Capable of Producing in Bulk

Katyusha Rocket Range by Mark Langfan
Depicting the Near Complete Coverage
of the Heart of Israel by Even the Smallest
Home-made Rockets Both Hamas and Fatah
Are Capable of Producing in Bulk


This will be something which will require Israel to start to take her own future into her own hands as the United States may be pulling her support whenever the Democrats take the White House. Should they also take the Congress, whether in 2020 or in 2024 after President Trump cannot run again, Israel could find herself deserted on the battlefield. Just as in Britain it is extremely probable that Jeremy Corbyn will become the next Prime Minister with a coalition which would probably oppose anything favorable for Israel. Add in the actions by the European Union which we reported here working to dismantle the Israeli settlements and granting the Arabs with all the lands which they had occupied between the 1948 attempted annihilation of Israel and her Jews in 1948 until 1967 when Israel liberated her stolen lands which the world has attempted to return to the Palestinian Arabs simply to deny the Jews the lands. The time has come to simply have Israel retain the lands which were promised her from the San Remo Conference, the Mandate System, Article 80 of the United Nations Charter which all referred to the Jordan River as the Israeli eastern border. These are the difficulties that Israel faces day after day as the world continues to try and strip Israel of any hope for her survival. In time, Israel needs to simply take the lands which she was promised and simply take all which she requires seeking the best results she is able to make such that Israel takes the measure of the situation and refreshes the demands such that she combines her necessities and follows the regular treaties which Israel has reached. The treaties and other agreements have brought much of the lands which are part of Israel back to the Jewish State with the European Union now working to relegate the lands to the Arabs leaving the Jews watching as they make claims which deny Israel any final lands. This is the situation that Israel finds herself as she starts to find a solution which allows her to reach space and settle down in a stretch of lands within the lands west of the Jordan River.


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April 3, 2019

Tropes Permitted and Truths Denied


There appears to be a small flap in the New York City Council while in Congress they are giving a pass and almost lauding the tropist. We will just mention this quickly now and allude to it when necessary as the Tropes. We have all heard, read and likely talked about the newly elected Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar and her spiteful and hateful messages concerning Israel and American Jews using anti-Semitic tropes from the Nazi era and what are now found in common speech throughout the MENA Arab nations. The Democrat elites, while shaking with severe trepidation have excused her remarks as simply something from her culture and from having lived much of her life in Somalia. Ms. Omar is not even close to being in jeopardy of losing her prestigious seat on the Foreign Affairs Committee, a committee which forms the United States foreign policy including Israel and where often classified and even top secret information from the military, CIA, FBI and NSA is entered into evidence during briefings. But all will be fine after Ms. Omar has had time to adjust to her new position and we probably will not hear any more such outbursts, or at least there will not be as many so quickly. We know we will probably hear less of such hateful messages from Ms. Omar likely due to the media refusing to report on it allowing her to get a pass. Sure, a few places will cover it from some on the extreme alt. right who, like David Duke, agree with her sentiments as well as her fellow travelers on the extreme left and within the Islamic community such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (left) and Rashida Tlaib (Islamic) who claims that she is in the Congress such that the Palestinian Arab voice will be heard. One can only wonder what their voters now think and it will be interesting to see the future if these three are representative of what to expect. But perhaps we should look at the other extreme which is in many ways more of the same as in Congress, just with a different twist.


New York City Councilman Kalman Yeger, who represents the Haredi Brooklyn neighborhood of Borough Park, has faced somewhat a bumpy road when he stated that the controversial Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar an anti-Semite. This actually just added to his problems as he had also Tweeted a geographical and historical truth, “Palestine does not exist.” Well, it is true, Palestine does not exist. There, now we’ve said it, again. Would you like to hear it again? OK, the person in the back yelling, go for it, you got it, Palestine does not exist. Councilman Yeger is losing his seat on the City Council’s Immigration Committee. New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson insisted, “I very vigorously condemn his comments in no uncertain terms. The best thing about our city is our diversity, and that includes our Jewish community and it includes our amazing Palestinian community as well who live here.” But then, according to the New York Post, Councilman Kalman Yeger doubled down likely for a third time telling them, “There is no state by that name; there is no place by that name. That’s a fact. I did not make it up.” Oh, but in our new age of intersectionality, stating this specific truth puts you on the wrong side, politically. Defending Israel is out and replacing Israel with Palestine is in. This was made all the more evident with a number of the responses Councilman Yeger received from a broad array of leftist Democrats and Islamists.


Leading the Democrats is the card carrying Communist and Mayor of New York Bill de Blasio, who said on WNYC radio, “If you’re asking my personal opinion, yeah, I think someone who has the ability to say that about Palestinian people by definition should not be on the Immigration Committee.” He stated further, “Now, if he comes out and he apologizes, and says, ‘Look, I was wrong and I realize what I did was hurtful and I’ve got to change,’ different discussion. But if he’s not going to apologize, he shouldn’t be on that committee.” New York Mayor Bill de Blasio also took to Twitter to have his say recorded in digital eternity, otherwise known as the data files at NSA Nevada complex. We have included this post below to assure it makes it into the complex files.


New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Twitter Post

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Twitter Post


Linda Sarsour also insisted she be heard, issuing a statement which included remarks such as “this kind of hate” and “bigoted,” and demanding that Yeger “apologize publicly to Palestinian New Yorkers.” Hey, Linda, tell us how you really feel. But Councilman Yeger does have those supporting his position and giving him their full backing. One such supporter, and an impressive one at that, if we may add, was Rabbi Steven Pruzansky, Eastern Regional Vice President of the Coalition for Jewish Values (CJV), who injected this into the conversation stating, “There has never been a country called Palestine. Jews have been connected to the land of Israel continuously for 37 centuries. Find a ‘Palestinian’ writer from the 6th, 16th or 19th Century, and you will find a Jew. In 1948, the Palestine Post became the Jerusalem Post. ‘Palestinian Arabs’ are a late 20th-century creation, concocted for the sole purpose of thwarting the national state of the Jewish people.” We could not have put it any better ourselves. Additionally, Rabbi Dov Fischer, Rabbi Pruzansky’s Western Regional counterpart, chimed in with the following commentary, “when Ahmed Shukairy launched the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) in 1964, the ‘Palestine’ he sought to ‘liberate’ was Tel Aviv and Haifa. It was a ploy — they used the name Palestine because it was too ridiculous to call for the ‘liberation’ of Judea from Jews.” The Rabbi definitely has a point, it would have sounded exactly as it actually is had they decided to announce the truth, that their desire is to steal the two areas where the ancient kingdoms of Israel and Judea were located. Before the division over who the rightful heir was to the throne, the Kingdoms were originally the Hebrews often referred to by the Prophet or Judge who was the ranking person or the Cohen Gadol until they demanded to have Kings. Then the first King was Saul, followed by King David and finally by King Solomon. They formed what historians refer to as Greater Israel.


This term, Greater Israel, has been used also to attack the Israelis claiming that Israel desires conquering all the lands between the Euphrates River and the Nile River (see comparison below). The truth is Greater Israel was a historic period under Kings David and Solomon (see comparison below). They conquered a fair piece of land which stretched from the Euphrates River in where today is northern Syria and south to the Wadi of Egypt, sometimes called the River of Egypt as it marked the northeastern limit to the Egyptian Empire and the border of the Sinai Peninsula. There are no plans, desires, ulterior motives or any other nefarious plans to expand the borders of Israel beyond those promised by the League of Nations and agreements with the British over the Mandate lands which defined the eastern border of Israel and the Jordan River. Under International Law and every legal definition, the eastern border of Israel is the Jordan River unless Israel were to legally sign away all rights to these lands, which is why the European Union, United Nations and the remainder of the hordes attempting to destroy Israel piece by piece if required insist that Israel recognize an Arab state called Palestine and define its borders such that Israel relinquishes all claims to the Jordan River as her eastern border. No such agreement has been reached despite numerous offers by Israel to grant actual borders to an entity named Palestine but the Arabs have always refused any compromise. The Arabs, and this includes the Palestinian leadership, insist on only one solution, the dissolution of the Jewish State, all the land being placed under Arab rule and the Jews removed by whatever means are required. As history has proven to the Jewish People, Israeli Jews can pretty much expect every last nation on the globe to refuse to permit any Jews across their borders should Israel ever be defeated which will lead to the wholesale slaughter of the Jews of Israel by whatever conquering Islamic Arab armies might ever succeed with the destruction of Israel as the Jewish State. The entirety of the refugee “Right of Return” being claimed by the Arabs, this taken from the Jewish Right of Return Law, is designed to place many tens of millions of Arabs into Israel such that they become the majority and vote the Jews out of their homelands. Everything that the Arabs design and attempt to execute are simply new means of destroying the Jewish State which was the purpose behind the Khartoum Resolution and the “Three No’s,” “no peace with Israel, no recognition of Israel, no negotiations with Israel.” Facing this as the basis for all dealings with the Palestinian Arabs and one quickly sees that they are not negotiating, not recognizing, and through terror not permitting peace to exist for Israel.


Conspiracy Greater Israel and Kings David and Solomon Historic Greater Israel

Conspiracy Greater Israel and Kings David and Solomon Historic Greater Israel


With lies such as the above pictured, one can see how people can be led to believing the Jews are attempting to conquer the world. This was the basis behind the forgery printed by the Tsarist government titled “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” which has been used by virtually every anti-Semitic group to prove the nefarious desires of the Jews and their plan to rule the world. Anyone believing that the Jews, all 0.2% of the world’s population, could ever dominate the world is so far beyond ludicrous that it is hardly worth countering our accusers. Yet we have sitting in the United States House of Representatives at least one Representative, Ilhan Omar, who is openly anti-Israel and very likely anti-Semitic and this bigotry and hatred is excused while she sits on one of the most important and powerful committees in the land but a New York City Councilman, Kalman Yeger, is unsuited and removed from the New York City Council Immigration Committee because he stated a geographic fact which hurt a few select powerful people’s slanted and biased anti-Israel, anti-Zionist and by being these two they qualify as anti-Semitic beliefs which they wish were true so deeply that they are unable to even abide a completely true and honest statement which contradicts their worldview. Because these people have the power, they have decided that the truth must be buried, contradicted, ravaged and eradicated before it has any possibility of correcting the party line that Palestine must be real otherwise we cannot continue the terror war against Israel and the Jews. Ultimately, this is what the reaction to Councilman Yeger and his daring to speak the truth, “Palestine does not exist.” Once there was the concept of speaking truth to power, now we have the power making up the truth we are supposed to believe and live by. Sorry, we prefer reality and what actually is to your made up world where everything is sugarplums and whipped cream and things are what they claim they are and countering their reality results in ostracization and rejection. If you find what happened in New York was a disgusting affair, wait until the Democrat Party takes over both houses of Congress and the White House very likely in 2024, then the world will be required to awaken to a whole new reality, their fantasy world will become the foreign policies and domestic policies of the United States. We can only hope that by then Israel has realized what is coming and prepared to do everything for herself by herself because the world will be against her.


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March 10, 2019

Omar and the Dithering Delegates of the House


The recent dithering by the Democrats in the House of Representatives over the overt anti-Semitism spouting almost incessantly from the mouth of Ilhan Omar, Representative from Minnesota’s 5th congressional district, as well as pouring from her fingertips onto Twitter and heaven knows where else was nothing short of disgusting. Their claim that they would denounce such unequivocally turned into a gigantic lie. The resulting statement was a pathetic denunciation of all forms of racism thus taking her statements of anti-Semitism as just a small matter and as such could be swept under the carpet with their great rebuke of all forms of hate as a generic bromide. The weak attempt at an apology rankled Congressman Lee Zeldin, Republican from New York first district, ranking member of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, co-chair of the House Republican Israel Caucus, who rose to give a scathing explanation as to why he was forced to vote against their poor excuse of denouncing the invectives against Jews and Israel by Ms. Omar (video below). The resolution was so watered down that it did not even bother to mention Representative Ilhan Omar while many Democrats went to the mat making reasons and excuses for her diatribes and epithets against one people and a single nation in the most derogatory and hurtful means possible. Her comments have been lauded by David Duke with his claiming that Ms. Omar is one of “the most important members” of Congress. Were she a Republican member of Congress, the knives and pitchforks would have been out with the tar brought to an uncomfortably hot temperature and the feathers ready with a car on the rails to send them out of town and off of any position they held. Instead, the Democrats equivocated, hemmed and hawed with the result that Ilhan Omar retains her position on one of the most coveted committees in the Congress, the House Foreign Affairs Committee. That is probably the deepest cut of them all.





Leaving her on a committee where the foreign policies of the United States are discussed and either approved or rejected with her hatred against a solid and faithful American ally is revolting. But this is not the worst of things. The Foreign Affairs Committee is often briefed by elite and high ranking members of the military and others from intelligence agencies where top secret and sensitive information is revealed. Ms. Omar has shown little allegiance or love for the United States and there have been mention that she may have had connections with groups diametrically opposed to the foreign allegiances of the United States. Her past made her appointment to this committee as a freshman congressperson questionable from the start. With her actions and statements since, her remaining on this committee is simply an abomination as well as a risk to the security of the nation. Ms. Pelosi’s explanations that Ms. Omar does not understand the implications of her statements and the other excuses put forward claiming her ignorance or coming from a different culture would be better made arguments for her removal from the Foreign Affairs Committee than means of pardoning her spewed hatreds. The weakness and complete lack of proper leadership only goes to reveal that Ms. Pelosi no longer, if she ever did, has the spinal fortitude to be Speaker of the House and is no longer up to making the leadership decisions as well as being too weak to stand behind what necessarily needs to be done to retain the proper respect of the rest of the House of Representatives. As Speaker, Ms. Pelosi is not just the person who leads the Democrats, that would be the next in line, the whip, but she is supposed to be the leader of the entire House of Representatives and as such, she has left that position sorely lacking. As far as we can tell, Representative Lee Zeldin was extremely gentle and kind in his remarks which could have been for more pointed and accusarial. What is telling is that not a single Democrat found anything questionable about the equivocation presented as a rebuke for Ms. Omar’s slights and downright slurs against Jews and Israel. Leaving her on the Foreign Affairs Committee is simply adding insult to injury.


Ilhan Omar

Ilhan Omar


But the problem with the Democrats and their relationships with Jews and Israel go far deeper than simply the outspoken and obvious anti-Semitism of Ilhan Omar, and that was what came to the fore with the lack of proper censuring of Ms. Omar. We must also add the fact that Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) sent a fundraising email recently suggesting that AIPAC was coming after her and that the U.S.-Israeli relationship should be severed. This paranoia that the “Jews” are coming after her with animosity and abuse of their power is simply alluding to another anti-Semitic trope claiming the Jews have inordinate power over the government. The fundraising e-mail stated, “It’s official — AIPAC is coming after Alexandria, Ilhan, and Rashida. Rashida, Ilhan, and Alexandria have times dated to questions out foreign policy, and the influence of money in our political system. And now, lobbying groups across the board are working to punish them.” It then went on to ask for funding to “keep up the fight against lobbying and special interests of all forms in Washington.” One would beg to ask why was the only singled out lobby the one which is most closely allied with Israel and Jewish causes and none of the others were mentioned. There was no mention of the lobbying by Saudi Arabia which outspends AIPAC almost, if not more, than ten to one. Perhaps that is acceptable and supporting only Israel is the evil which must be fought. We chose Saudi Arabia as they are the most obvious lobbying force in Washington but we could have chosen any number of other nations even to include the European Union, Britain, Mexico, Canada or any of a host of other lobbyists. There are also the NRA, Exxon Mobil, AARP and a whole slew of companies and specific interest groups with a list of the top fifty which AIPAC is most obvious by their absence. I guess Ms. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has her work cut out for her if she is interested in ridding Washington on moneyed interest and desires reaching all the way down on the list to wherever it is that AIPAC is found in order to protect herself, Ilhan, and Rashida from the clutch of the Jewish claws of AIPAC. And just to make this short and all-inclusive, remember one vital thing history teaches and oft repeated by the former Chief Rabbi of Britain, Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks would state, “We have learned that the hate that begins with Jews never ends with Jews.” For this reason alone, the people of the United States need to wake up and rout out the anti-Semitism in their midst before it has sufficient time to metastasize permeating throughout the society because anti-Semitism has a way of becoming something viral, to use familiar language, and once it does, it is near impossible to stop as its speed outpaces any efforts to restrain it and the spillover always takes many other innocents with it. This disease must be curbed before it has an opportunity to break past any ability to prevent the spread of the contagion. Take that as a warning of the fate which waits should America fail to fight this while it can be fought and before it takes over the power of the government. Already there is a blatant and hateful anti-Semite on one of the most sensitive and important committees of the House of Representatives, how much more of a warning is necessary?


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