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March 10, 2019

Omar and the Dithering Delegates of the House


The recent dithering by the Democrats in the House of Representatives over the overt anti-Semitism spouting almost incessantly from the mouth of Ilhan Omar, Representative from Minnesota’s 5th congressional district, as well as pouring from her fingertips onto Twitter and heaven knows where else was nothing short of disgusting. Their claim that they would denounce such unequivocally turned into a gigantic lie. The resulting statement was a pathetic denunciation of all forms of racism thus taking her statements of anti-Semitism as just a small matter and as such could be swept under the carpet with their great rebuke of all forms of hate as a generic bromide. The weak attempt at an apology rankled Congressman Lee Zeldin, Republican from New York first district, ranking member of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, co-chair of the House Republican Israel Caucus, who rose to give a scathing explanation as to why he was forced to vote against their poor excuse of denouncing the invectives against Jews and Israel by Ms. Omar (video below). The resolution was so watered down that it did not even bother to mention Representative Ilhan Omar while many Democrats went to the mat making reasons and excuses for her diatribes and epithets against one people and a single nation in the most derogatory and hurtful means possible. Her comments have been lauded by David Duke with his claiming that Ms. Omar is one of “the most important members” of Congress. Were she a Republican member of Congress, the knives and pitchforks would have been out with the tar brought to an uncomfortably hot temperature and the feathers ready with a car on the rails to send them out of town and off of any position they held. Instead, the Democrats equivocated, hemmed and hawed with the result that Ilhan Omar retains her position on one of the most coveted committees in the Congress, the House Foreign Affairs Committee. That is probably the deepest cut of them all.





Leaving her on a committee where the foreign policies of the United States are discussed and either approved or rejected with her hatred against a solid and faithful American ally is revolting. But this is not the worst of things. The Foreign Affairs Committee is often briefed by elite and high ranking members of the military and others from intelligence agencies where top secret and sensitive information is revealed. Ms. Omar has shown little allegiance or love for the United States and there have been mention that she may have had connections with groups diametrically opposed to the foreign allegiances of the United States. Her past made her appointment to this committee as a freshman congressperson questionable from the start. With her actions and statements since, her remaining on this committee is simply an abomination as well as a risk to the security of the nation. Ms. Pelosi’s explanations that Ms. Omar does not understand the implications of her statements and the other excuses put forward claiming her ignorance or coming from a different culture would be better made arguments for her removal from the Foreign Affairs Committee than means of pardoning her spewed hatreds. The weakness and complete lack of proper leadership only goes to reveal that Ms. Pelosi no longer, if she ever did, has the spinal fortitude to be Speaker of the House and is no longer up to making the leadership decisions as well as being too weak to stand behind what necessarily needs to be done to retain the proper respect of the rest of the House of Representatives. As Speaker, Ms. Pelosi is not just the person who leads the Democrats, that would be the next in line, the whip, but she is supposed to be the leader of the entire House of Representatives and as such, she has left that position sorely lacking. As far as we can tell, Representative Lee Zeldin was extremely gentle and kind in his remarks which could have been for more pointed and accusarial. What is telling is that not a single Democrat found anything questionable about the equivocation presented as a rebuke for Ms. Omar’s slights and downright slurs against Jews and Israel. Leaving her on the Foreign Affairs Committee is simply adding insult to injury.


Ilhan Omar

Ilhan Omar


But the problem with the Democrats and their relationships with Jews and Israel go far deeper than simply the outspoken and obvious anti-Semitism of Ilhan Omar, and that was what came to the fore with the lack of proper censuring of Ms. Omar. We must also add the fact that Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) sent a fundraising email recently suggesting that AIPAC was coming after her and that the U.S.-Israeli relationship should be severed. This paranoia that the “Jews” are coming after her with animosity and abuse of their power is simply alluding to another anti-Semitic trope claiming the Jews have inordinate power over the government. The fundraising e-mail stated, “It’s official — AIPAC is coming after Alexandria, Ilhan, and Rashida. Rashida, Ilhan, and Alexandria have times dated to questions out foreign policy, and the influence of money in our political system. And now, lobbying groups across the board are working to punish them.” It then went on to ask for funding to “keep up the fight against lobbying and special interests of all forms in Washington.” One would beg to ask why was the only singled out lobby the one which is most closely allied with Israel and Jewish causes and none of the others were mentioned. There was no mention of the lobbying by Saudi Arabia which outspends AIPAC almost, if not more, than ten to one. Perhaps that is acceptable and supporting only Israel is the evil which must be fought. We chose Saudi Arabia as they are the most obvious lobbying force in Washington but we could have chosen any number of other nations even to include the European Union, Britain, Mexico, Canada or any of a host of other lobbyists. There are also the NRA, Exxon Mobil, AARP and a whole slew of companies and specific interest groups with a list of the top fifty which AIPAC is most obvious by their absence. I guess Ms. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has her work cut out for her if she is interested in ridding Washington on moneyed interest and desires reaching all the way down on the list to wherever it is that AIPAC is found in order to protect herself, Ilhan, and Rashida from the clutch of the Jewish claws of AIPAC. And just to make this short and all-inclusive, remember one vital thing history teaches and oft repeated by the former Chief Rabbi of Britain, Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks would state, “We have learned that the hate that begins with Jews never ends with Jews.” For this reason alone, the people of the United States need to wake up and rout out the anti-Semitism in their midst before it has sufficient time to metastasize permeating throughout the society because anti-Semitism has a way of becoming something viral, to use familiar language, and once it does, it is near impossible to stop as its speed outpaces any efforts to restrain it and the spillover always takes many other innocents with it. This disease must be curbed before it has an opportunity to break past any ability to prevent the spread of the contagion. Take that as a warning of the fate which waits should America fail to fight this while it can be fought and before it takes over the power of the government. Already there is a blatant and hateful anti-Semite on one of the most sensitive and important committees of the House of Representatives, how much more of a warning is necessary?


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December 21, 2018

The United States Will Distance From Israel

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There are a number of falsehoods believed about the relations between Israel and the United States. The first belief is that Israel and the United States have been close allies from the beginning of Israel. That is not a valid belief and is easily contradicted. The United States had an arms embargo against Israel until the mid 1960’s and only started providing military and other aid from the early 1970’s. We discussed this in more detail in our article “I Worry for Israel and Her Future” which also shows that Israel could do without further United States aid providing she prepares for this immediately. This is a reality which we believe that Israel is staring right into and very few within Israel realize what is staring them in the face. Most Israelis took little from the time when relations were frosty under President Obama and believe that things are all just wonderful with President Trump. Well, they are correct about President Trump but so very wrong about President Obama whose parting shot at Israel was very damaging when he refused to veto United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334 which claimed that Israel has no rights to the lands beyond the Green Line despite this being in violation of United Nations Charter Article 80 which forces the United Nations to complete and enforce the Mandate Systems from the League of Nations. What many, if not most, Israelis have yet to realize, Israel has become a partisan issue with the Republicans, and older Democrats, favoring Israel and the newer generation of Democrats largely despising Israel. This was obvious by the reactions to President Trump moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem and recognizing Jerusalem as the historic, enduring and perpetual capital city. Yes, he did couch it as not being any indication about final borders, but that was a minor point compared to the recognition and moving the embassy.


Further proof will be demanded to prove that the up and coming Democrats will no longer desire to support Israel. Well, allow us to provide the darling of the new Democrats, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (video below), a newly elected Representative from New York in the Congress. OK, she is a bit ignorant and was completely unprepared for any interview on any subject, but her other comments have not fared any better. Ms. Cortez will likely follow whatever the leading people of the Democrats tell her when it comes to voting on most issues which makes the leadership all the more important. We will get to the future leadership a little bit later after another example.



Another Representative newly elected from Michigan Rashida Tlaib celebrated her election draped in a Palestinian flag (see beginning of video below). That might have been something unplanned, but there is more. She has announced plans to wear a “traditional Palestinian gown” for her inauguration. We checked with Google and found some images which claimed to be traditional gowns for the region which are pictured below. We live amongst Jews and Arabs in Israel and except for the women wearing the burka or obvious hijab, the Arabs dress is indistinguishable from that of the Jews, or likely any American. But, it will be of minor interest to see exactly what she will interpret as being a “traditional Palestinian gown” when she is sworn in. The problem is they usually swear the incoming freshmen Representatives as a group and if they desire to have individual pictures, they take them separately and assign it as the picture of their swearing in ceremony. Ms. Tlaib has stated she believes that Israel is an “Apartheid regime” and stated that she opposes United States military aid to Israel and that any aid to Israel should be used as a leverage to force Israeli policy to favor relenting to Arab demands. These views are different than what she had told Jewish groups she had appeared before. Suffice it to say, we have serious doubts that she will be in any way, shape or form a friend to Israel.


Traditional Palestinian Gown

Traditional Palestinian Gown




For a glimpse of where the left and the Democrat Party right along with it is heading, one need look no further than the leadership of the Women’s’ March against Trump. The new leadership of Bob Bland, Linda Sarsour, Carmen Perez and Tamika Mallory was vehemently opposed by the originator of the Women’s March, Teresa Shook. We talked of this and other signals of the direction the left is headed in our article “Methodology of Leftist NGO’s and Their Enablers” which obviously looked mostly at hard left NGO’s. We were given another straight-forward view of the direction of the Democrat Party with the campaign of Bernie Sanders for President in his unsuccessful run against Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders, born to Jewish parents but having since renounced any religious attachment, which means he follows the church of Secular Humanism and, in his case, pure socialism, also was proud to announce that he believed that the United States needed to reassess the relationship with Israel making conditional on Israel surrendering to the Arabs.


The concept of United States being permanently allied with Israel has already shown some serious cracks. The initial reason that the United States decided to provide Israel with military aid has to do with the interests of the United States to remain the preeminent provider of fighter aircraft to the free world, something we discussed in greater detail in our article “America Can be a Fickle Friend,” where they made a commitment which apparently no longer exists. The United States has provided potential enemies of Israel with the exact same aircraft as Israel but, when combined, in far greater total numbers. The United States currently under President Trump must be seen as an aberration from any smooth timeline and when his Presidency reaches its end, then the United States will snap back to its slow and inevitable slide leftward with what has been revealed as the Deep State returning to expropriating more and more power and control over the society and the rules under which it operates. We have covered the problems posed by the extensive “Deep State” probably too much but here are two such articles, “Trump Should Let the People Decide” and “The Man Who Can Do No Wrong,” for your perusing.


What Israelis need to research is their own history where they will see that the United States has not, as often claimed, always been Israel’s best friend. They need to look and realize at one point even France provided her with weapons, under some amount of duress. The one standing friend for Israel is one which most people would never guess, Czechoslovakia, which was close until Soviet Union clamped down forbidding her to continue to be friendly with Israel but once the Velvet Revolution threw off Soviet rule and the nation split, the Czech Republic returned to their close relations with Israel. Israel needs to develop relations away from Western Europe which is moving away from Israel and descending back into anti-Semitism. Israel should move closer to those Eastern European nations which are showing signs of being nationalist and resistant to the influx of immigrants from Asia (Middle East) and northern Africa. Israel should also continue to turn towards Asia and South America and find friends where they can be found. Israel should not turn away from any nation presenting an open hand though if it is one of the Arab nations, Israel should expect any relations to be cold and fickle. On the other hand, Israel should remain on friendly relations with those nations who have not opposed her within the United Nations but that should not be the only barometer. The other reality is between nations there is no such thing as permanent friends, merely temporary coinciding interests. One must realize this as reality and if they require proof, look to the triparty wars where England, France and Spain allied for years with different pairs allying against the other with many historians claiming England simply allied with the weaker nations to weaken the other and thus kept switching sides making them a fickle friend who was seeking merely her best interests. The United States will move ever so glacially away from Israel until reaching a critical point, after which the United States will return to her largely lack of any relations one way or the other with Israel and no longer protect her in the Security Council. When this point is reached, unless one of the other permanent members of the Security Council, probably Russia or China, is willing to take up that role, Israel should also consider leaving the United Nations as they have proven not to be a friend. Things are changing and Israel need become self-sufficient militarily and do so as close to immediately as possible as relations are fluid in the current world and everything is in flux with little if anything being predictable with any confidence. The newly elected Democrats should be sending Israeli leadership a wake-up call, a loud wake-up call.


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November 20, 2018

Out Come the Pitchforks and Long Knives


Former and assumed next Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was all sugarplums and sweet herbal teas in her little performance for the media the other day promising on working with President Trump to accomplish those things the American people are demanding. Then in behind the scenes discussion which so many of the soon to be majority Democrat House of Representatives members were so bubbling over that too much reached the ears of some media and then the public. Well, Ms. Pelosi was correct on their working with President Trump if that means working him over. Every potential Committee Chair has announced at least one and usually multiple probes into the business, campaign, Russia, medical records, tax returns, business practices, real estate holdings, graft of government funds to his business partners during time in office and a plethora which would be way too long to even begin to list. Basically, we can expect investigations in multitudes, subpoenas in even greater numbers, calling of witnesses, testimonies, grandstanding, accusations and probably at least one attempt at Impeachment. Then there will be the other side of giving it to the people in the style the Democrats insist is for the people’s own good. There will be Medicare for all, free college tuition, gun control, firearms confiscation and buy-backs, $15.00/hour minimum wage called a living wage, abolishing ICE (Immigrations and Customs Enforcement), end all financing of border wall, open borders, amnesty for illegal immigrants, restoring anchor baby policies, and a slew of Internet controls with many based on user information such as location, real name, federalizing those functions which are deemed vital or requiring government supervision along with other proposals all really intending to remove any anonymity, make all posts traceable to the author, and they will claim this will prevent hacking of user accounts or at least make it easier to trace such hacks and arrest those engaged in such activities. We are not sure how this would work with at least half, if not sizably more, of Internet users outside the United States thus beyond the reach of such laws. This will simply be the way for the United States agency, which will obviously need to be formed, simply growing year after year gaining power and instituting regulations which have but the mere slightest attachment to laws passed for completely other reasons which they will use to slowly but ever so surely lead to the government of the United States being able to prosecute those who “unfairly” attack Congress or Presidents or anything which they can regulate as illegal. This will very quickly lead to censorship of Internet posts even which are written in foreign countries on the basis that they pass through servers based in the United States. This will mean that it will become impossible to question the news reported by the mainstream media as doing so will be considered a breach of civility on the Internet media. Should they ever get these powers, we would soon be banned from posting which would leave us with far too much time on our hands.


The question is not will the Democrats in the House of Representatives overplay their hand, it will be by how much will they overplay their hand and will it reach what we suspect it will, becoming a fiasco. None of the items they are pushing, which start with repealing all the Trump tax breaks and possibly raising taxes beyond where they previously were. This, they will claim, will be necessary in order to pay for their plans of Medicare for all and free tuition for all. We hope they will at least propose a limit to the amount of tuition they will reimburse, or pay outright, and require that in order to receive such funding that the students at least pass their courses. Then there is the Social-Democrat wing of the party which goes one-step further than the $15.00/hour minimum wage by also having the government guarantee a job for every person. Basically, all this proposition accomplishes is setting $15.00/hour as the minimum; everybody will receive this minimum wage even if they have no job because employment is a right for everyone thus you must be employed even if you are employed to sit at home. Of course, this will immediately drive up the minimum wage if people can stay home and make the same amount of salary as they could flipping burgers, sweeping floors, cleaning bathrooms or any of the thousands of menial jobs which are considered minimum wage. Of course, if the government did what I would propose if guaranteed work by the government became the law, then we would have street sweepers once again and there would be a number of literally shovel ready jobs picking up trash along the highways and byways or even clearing another Appalachian Trail for hikers from Maine to Georgia and an equally nice trail along the continental divide over two miles up on average in the Rocky Mountains. My bet is the menial labor described above would suddenly become very attractive. That would be fought tooth and nail by the Social-Democrats and most of the just plain Democrats because their proposed guaranteed employment has nothing to do with actual jobs. We just thought of another one which the Chinese used to employ their burgeoning population under Mao, they gave hundreds of people nail scissors and a ruler and started them on a lawn similar to the Mall in Washington D.C. and had them work from one end to the other cutting each blade one-by-one making sure all of them were exactly two inches long. When they reached the far end, approximately two miles in length and a quarter of a mile wide, they would be returned to the starting point to do it over and over. Another group could be set at cleaning the reflecting pool. Pictures below are courtesy of Wikipedia. We are sure that our leaders in the Congress and the department providing these guaranteed employments could have some great and challenging position to add to our suggestions.


Mall in Washington D.C. with Reflecting Pool

Mall in Washington D.C. with Reflecting Pool


Thankfully, none of these harebrained ideas will ever make it out of the Senate unless somebody spikes their water-cooler. Even should they get past the dignified realm of the Senate, there is still President Trump who we can be relatively assured would use his mean, red veto pen. What are coming are claims by the mainstream media that the Senate is blocking some of the greatest ideas ever put to paper and passed as legislation in the history of human history. We can also all but guarantee that everything which might be written and passed in the Senate will be greeted by equal lack of enthusiasm and not be passed by the house. These items the media will congratulate the great minds in the house who prevented these bills from the Senate from going any further. We hope, for the sake of all Americans, that when the House led by the Democrats demand that any further tax cuts only be passed in conjunction of sizable increases in social spending or include the ideas posed above, that the Senate, or at last resort, the President, refuse to allow spending frivolously and instead hold their ground and use these demands in the 2020 elections. There should be numerous excellent quotes which the average voter would realize the foolishness and potential dangers of such legislation ever becoming law and when President Trump is reelected that the people of America see fit to provide him with large majorities in both houses of Congress. It would not be any tragedy if President Trump received a second term with sixty-three Senators he could count on to assists him in accomplishing his agendas along with over two-hundred-fifty members of the House. This would give him a near identical Congress to work with as President Obama had when he passed Obamacare without a single Republican vote. As far as we can tell, that was the first time in modern history that the Republicans actually held their vote in a unanimous manner. Often, it seems like uniting the Republican in a block for a vote is much like herding cats.


We can pretty much sit back for two years where little if anything gets accomplished largely because the Democrats in the House will insist on attaching spending programs to every piece of legislation they send to the Senate and continue to demand their often useless spending programs holding needed items such as repair of infrastructure, defense programs, foreign aid and their favorite weapon, passing a budget. President Trump needs to have advisors who will assist him in holding the line and vetoing budgets which contain profligate spending even if doing so will shut down the government. The truth is, that when they shut down the government, they threaten the citizens with closing the parks, closing schools (which they do not directly fund), closing libraries (which means the Library of Congress as the others are locally funded the same a schools) holding military paychecks hostage, holding Social Security hostage, refusing to fund anything the people would feel the hurt the most and taking away anything which will appear to be cruel-hearted and cold just to threaten the President with being blamed for these impositions. President Trump could Tweet the reality of Congress, meaning the House Democrats, are spiking the budget with unnecessary spending increases and he can point out that when they scream that the Republicans are demanding a cut to some spending they prefer, they really mean that the Republicans are not increasing spending as much as they demand, and that is true even when the Republicans are actually allowing for a reasonable increase. Often Democrats will demand a 20% or more increase to their beloved social spending and when the Republicans try to hold the increase to 5%, they scream how they are cutting spending by 15%, the amount the Republicans refuse to grant them, not a cut to the real spending. This is a means of trickery the Democrats have used for close to if not over half of a century. If it works and the media parrots everything they say, why mess with success. What is different now is there is a President who will call them on their misuse of statistics and making bogus claims. We just hope he can see clear to allowing the closing of the government, a misused term if ever there was one, and not cave to their pressure which is mostly driven by the media. The average person does not see any difference in their day-to-day lives when the Federal Government is closed or the nation would collapse every time there is a three day holiday. The other little truth they never tell anyone is that when the Federal Government workers who were laid off return to work, they receive their full pay for the time they were “laid off” and many will collect unemployment or take a temporary position and thus actually make more money than if they had remained at work. At worst, they get some paid holiday time without spending any of their time off. They really do not suffer from the government shutdowns.


We are simply waiting for the circus to begin around January 20, 2019 when the new Congress gets down to the Senate remaining as it was and the House starting frivolous investigations just to try to tie the President into knots. They are going to go so far overboard and what will make it all the better is their supporters will be trumpeting all the insane and crazy antics they get up to. There have been a number of Democrats who as being formerly the senior member of the Democrats in numerous committees, they will now be the chairperson and they have announced that their first piece of business will be to start investigations into President Trump with many having multiple investigations they wish to perform. There are at least three who have announced their intention to bring Impeachment charges as soon as they discover the most minute act which can be seen as misuse of power, unlawful actions, abuse of the Presidency, unconstitutional behavior or anything else which even approaches the line to be classified as high crimes and misdemeanors. It is going to be a wild ride and we suspect that President Trump is not only prepared for these shenanigans but probably looking forward to skewering the Democrats with their own swords. The term we expect which will be placed on any number of the promised coming attractions will be close to the infamous, “hoist on their own petard.” So, let the games begin.


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