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August 10, 2015

The Cancelling of Israel

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The Leftists of the World have united with a fair number amongst their ranks and strewn widely within their leadership including well paid traitors in Israel itself. Their operations have led to the demolitions of Jewish residences across Judea and Samaria. Making matters worse, they have succeeded in removing any claims to Jerusalem by bending governments to make all babies born in any part of Jerusalem to be denied having the nation of their birth as Israel, even should they have been born in Western Jerusalem well inside the Green Line, the 1949 armistice line which it was Yasser Arafat’s wildest dream to alter that truce line and move it inexorably westward starting with Jerusalem and its surrounding area. Arafat knew that without Jerusalem, and particularly the Temple Mount, the Jews would have no claim to any of the lands known as Israel. This concept of a free zone in Israel within the Green Line a child can be born and if on their birth certificate it states legally and honestly that they were born in Jerusalem, Israel they cannot get passports from the United States or now from Brazil. This is presumably uncontested lands which have been a part of Israel since its founding and at all times after the Armistice Lines had been defined. But that is no longer sufficient and we can bet as sure as this has become the policy by the Brazilian government and the United States government thanks to some fancy footwork by none other than the Arabist, Islamist, Communist infested Department of State that it will soon sweep across Europe including the European Union as well as the individual national governments until the entirety of the West will no longer recognize Western Jerusalem or any part of Jerusalem to be used officially as part of Israel. Thus far there has not been any child born in Eastern Jerusalem to apply for a passport from either Brazil or the United States requesting their place of birth be Jerusalem, Palestine. I am even willing to bet they could have been born in West Jerusalem in the Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem and received passports stating place of birth as Jerusalem, Palestine; but not Israel.


The plan is very simply, if the property in question is east of the Green Line all any leftist NGO needs to do is find an Arab who is willing to claim that the lands in question were a part of his or her family’s lands and sign a petition claiming the lands belonged to their family and then the NGO need not show deeds or any other document beyond that claim and the land becomes contested. The Arab claimant need never appear in court, produce any further documentation for the court and the NGO only need to sue the court with the document recognized formally by the courts and the Jews on that land are forced from their residences and even should they produce actual deeds and receipt for payment of the lands they will still have an uphill battle and often the destruction order is carried out before they are able to churn the wheels of justice. Once the property had been razed of any buildings and the residents or businesses have been relocated, even if the relocation is to storage containers, the courts then consider the matter closed as they have carried out their legal standings in these fraudulent proceedings. This has been the procedure followed in Beit El where small sections are stolen through the courts and the structures on them torn down.


This is currently occurring in the community the Givat Ze’ev where their Synagogue is currently scheduled for destruction in just under a week on August 17 unless the court can be convinced that the deed and sale of the land was procured legally and from the person currently petitioning or their family or the actual legal owner. This is a Synagogue which has served the community of Givat Ze’ev for the past twenty years. The court order screams of scandal as the community has a deed and bill of sale and only after an intervention by Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu was the demolition put off for a week and prevented from being carried out before the community can produce their presumed legal bill of sale and other accompanying documents they may have showing legal ownership. Meanwhile, the current state of affairs can be viewed below depicting the preparations for the destruction of their Synagogue of twenty years. Such an act tears the heart from a community and renders a major bonding element torn asunder and destroyed. One can only pray for their petition to be honored by the court otherwise their removal of the Torah scrolls this week may be the sign that the community’s heart will be destroyed and finding a proper place at which to build its replacement will start immediately. The presumed owner for whom the petition was filed has refused a generous monetary offer to buy the lands from them as well as having bought the land from another presumed owner who actually possessed and produced the deed for the land over twenty years ago. This petition was not filed for the presumed Arab owner of the lands to use it for any purpose; the sole reason is to destroy the Synagogue and hopefully the community’s disintegration will follow. This is an act of wanton destruction and not of justice. {One need view the video in full-screen setting to see the entirety of events.}





This has been the modus operandi used by NGOs which either are rooted in Europe to operate as the agent of the government in many instances or as the legal arm of a European NGO. Even the registered Israeli NGOs which are engaged in filing such petitions receive the majority, even the vast majority or complete funding, from European and North American donors almost exclusively. Many of these NGOs attempting to operate in any other nation would be required to register as what they truly are, foreign agents, and thus be limited in their legal ability to use the courts as has been done in too many instances in Israel. The aim of this legal offensive is not to restore land to rightful owners and not even to destroy Jewish ownership of these lands as some times Jewish ownership was restored after long struggles in the courts where actual deeds are required to prove ownership. But what actual good does it do if your Synagogue, your home, your place of business even if it is your entire business is destroyed. Who had the ready monies to rebuild their lost structures that the courts, particularly the Supreme Court which, unlike nearly all other nations, can hear any complaint and there is no requirement that the petitioner go through the lower courts to be heard before the Supreme Court which can and often will issue destruction orders without any evidence of actual ownership as that is only required in the lower courts where the actual ownership will subsequently be determined.


The battle to erase the Jewish presence centimeter by centimeter continues apace with no defense being provided by the government to require these cases be heard in a lower court where deeds and other ‘insignificant’ ideas such as actual ownership and holder of a legal deed and bill of sale which names the price and from whom the lands were purchased. The reason the Supreme Court intervenes in this manner is based on the fact that should a bill of sale be produced that whomever sold the lands might be tried for such a blasphemous act against the people and imagined state of Palestine and once found guilty, that takes about two minutes, hung from a crane in the middle of town for all to witness and heed the warning, The Supreme Court hearing the case removes the potential possibility that the person selling the lands originally does not have their name appear on the order for destruction and remains anonymous and unstated in the destruction order thus protected from the courts in Ramallah. For the presumed safety of a person who would face trial and capital punishment for selling their lands legally to another who was Jewish allows the very left leaning Supreme Court to adjudicate the matters directly and order the destruction without naming any names of who may have originally legally or as a scam sold the lands to Jews.


An entire community will have their Synagogue of twenty years torn asunder will need to find a place and the funding to build for them a new Synagogue and restore the heart of their community and like any transplant surgeon will attest, the new organ, the new Synagogue will never quite have the same feel as their old Synagogue even though they will soon learn to love the new one once it gets built. All of this destruction may only be the beginning as very possibly the rest of their community, including their residences of twenty years and more in many cases, in groups or twos and threes or even entire sections as once a single piece of the community’s lands, or any community’s lands, have been used to set the precedent, the procedure is repeated with new or the same petitioner making the claims and the Supreme Court following their precedent set in place which, if attempted to be struck down by the Knesset, the Supreme Court simply ignores the pronouncement declaring the Knesset irrelevant in changing this procedure as the Supreme Court is operating under the presumption that whichever Arab originally sold lands to Jews are threatened by their semi-autonomous government’s own laws and courts which will provide them with a very quick trial before hanging them from a crane, ala Iran, and let them serve as a proper cautionary threat as the personification of the threat for selling lands to the Jews.


Such disasters have almost become commonplace and often smaller destructions of a single home or two or possibly as many as four or five appears to make a tripping point where the news travels outside the community and makes its way into the Zionist, Nationalist and some of the balanced media. The reason likely has to do more with the numbers of protesters any such destruction draws. An example which we covered of a destruction ordered by the courts in Beit El even before the structures were even completed was in an article titled Beit El a Case of Promises Against Facts contains much information with pictures, a video and a link to further coverage by Arutz Sheva. Those buildings were to be apartments for Israelis, potentially Jews or Arabs, bordering on frantic and desperate to locate an affordable residence within half hour to hour commute into Tel Aviv and its expanded work environment. Despite the facts detailing Beit El as a sufficiently large metropolis where there are ample jobs within the community, though not sufficient to employ everybody, the loss of these buildings will impact the community and leave many living under the roof of the family leaving everything cramped and uncomfortable and which was intended to be temporary. This misfortune has played out over and over most significantly after the Disengagement from Gaza and Northern Samaria ordered by the government under Prime Minister Sharon which included amongst other demolitions the destructions of Gush Katif. This was a bloc of twenty-one Israeli settlements in the southern Gaza Strip which also served as the prevention and defense from rockets being fired into Israel and the development of larger and more destructive rockets being designed and built as these communities permitted the IDF a base for operations within Gaza which also ended with the disengagement.


Temple Institute concept for what building the Third Temple in modern day Jerusalem would appear like from a distance with modern buildings of Jerusalem in the background. May their vision and this concept figure become fact and fulfill our desires for unity and a single Temple and House for Hashem in our midst. May this dream be fulfilled before the next Ninth of Av so our lament will be lessened.

Temple Institute concept for what building the Third Temple in modern day Jerusalem would appear like from a distance with modern buildings of Jerusalem in the background. May their vision and this concept figure become fact and fulfill our desires for unity and a single Temple and House for Hashem in our midst. May this dream be fulfilled before the next Ninth of Av so our lament will be lessened.



These orders are made by Judges and brought before them by NGOs all of which have the same interpretation of the situation where they agree with the Europeans’ and leftist Israelis’ view that if only Israel would return to within the Green Line and gave into the demands of Mahmoud Abbas and the Arabs then peace would break out and the lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea would be greeted the very next morning after the signing ceremony on the White House lawn with flowers and rose pedals falling from the sky and soothing and joyous music on the soft and warm winds. If such were possible every last Israeli would be engaged in providing the refugees from beyond the Green Line into our homes in the name of peace, but that is not what will occur and we know this from history and from the words which come from Abbas and the rest of the Fatah leadership’s mouths. The reality is the Israelis could expect within a few weeks, months at the most, that Mahmoud Abbas would be begging Israel to grant him asylum as Hamas or ISIS will have taken control of Judea and Samaria (West Bank) and were planning on putting him on trial for treason for signing the agreement and thus basically selling land to the Jews. The United Nations, the European Union, the Vatican, the United States (especially the State Department) and countless others from NGOs to human rights groups to University Professors and celebrities when approached to give him a place to settle down where he might feel safe, all these entities would suddenly go mum. At the same moment any Jew found at the Western Wall (Wailing Wall) would be shot and the entirety of the lands beyond the line in Jerusalem would be a no man’s land for Jews. Within days anybody living with windows facing any hill in East Jerusalem would need to relocate, as snipers with .50 caliber heavy-machineguns would be placing bullets through the rooms and hallway almost making it out the far wall, placing anybody living in the house endangered. How can we predict this? This was exactly the case up until June 8th or 9th 1967 as the Jordanians insisted on sharing the spoils of war as the radio reported the Egyptian and Syrian troops were swarming across Israel and for two days were at most three hours from taking Tel Aviv. The Israelis begged Jordan to heed the warning that the Egyptian and Syrian communications were false and they were being readily defeated. The rest will make the history but as of yet it is still being written. May it be written that the foolish and the brave both found peace with each other as well as with Hashem for without Hashem Israel has no heart.


Beyond the Cusp

June 3, 2012

Knesset, Netanyahu Fleeing as Leaves Before the Wind

Both nationalist and post-Zionist Ministers of the Knesset and Prime Minister Netanyahu are chasing solutions to the problem of the challenged communities in Judea and Samaria appearing much like leaves fleeing before a gale. Ever since the post-Zionist leftists found that they had an ally in the form of the Supreme Court in Israel with which to attack the Jewish residents in Judea and Samaria, who they blame for the lack of peace, the rest of the government has been harried and frantic in trying to find a middle ground which is nonexistent. The fanatical secular leftists who believe that the religious and settler Jews are pretty much one and the same, have found by challenging the ownership of the lands those communities are built upon will cause the ordered destruction by the Supreme Court, and does so without ever demanding proof of actual ownership. Much of this vile arrangement stems from the refusal to admit that the main reason no peace has been reached between the Israelis and the Palestinians is the rejection by the Palestinian leadership in their refusal to admit Israel even exists. Instead, these anti-settlement Jews blame the lack of peace and the existence of attacks from the Arabs in Gaza, the West Bank or wherever such violence may originate, on the fact that Jews live on lands that the Palestinians claim for their own homeland. Included in this denial is the reality that any violence or terrorism existed before the Six Day War in 1967 when Israel defeated a combined Arab attack and took possession of the Sinai Peninsula and liberated the lands of Judea, Samaria and the Golan Heights from Egyptian, Jordanian and Syrian ownership or occupation. So, what can be done to correct this situation short of demolishing the residences and communities of three-quarters of a million Jewish residents?

The leftist solution is obvious, simply destroy these accursed communities and all will be sunshine and lollipops in the Middle East (be that it should be that easy). Many of the nationalist Ministers believe that by merely passing a piece of legislation declaring these communities legal and directing compensation for claims of ownership in any case where such claim is presented more than four years after the buildings and communities were constructed. Prime Minister Netanyahu fears that such legislation would be rejected by the Supreme Court and such a finding could possibly lead to the requirement to demolish all of the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria. There have been a small number of Ministers of the Knesset who have also proposed clipping the robes of the judges such that they no longer have jurisdiction over such cases and forcing the claims into the lower courts where ownership claims would have to be validated before actions can be initiated. This arrangement between the secular far leftists and the judicial activist Supreme Court which operates on the premise first put forth by previous President of the Supreme Court Aharon Barak who postulated that all matters upon which the court decides that there is a need for the court to adjudicate, then that becomes an area which is within the jurisdiction of the court and may then be adjudicated. This has led to the most judicially activist judiciary at the level of the Supreme Court found anywhere in the free world and has, in actuality, made the Supreme Court of Israel literally a second government which is above and superior to the elected government. It is the overreaching power which the Supreme Court has bequeathed to itself that is at the root of this and numerous other problems. When this is combined with the fact that the manner in which judges are chosen virtually allows for the Supreme Court to appoint them free of outside influences and input, one can see how this enables the judges of the Supreme Court to have near unchallengeable power. This has been used to perpetuate an excessively liberal court system with the Supreme Court leading the leftward charge. It is this definition of what lies within the purview and is judicable by the Supreme Court which has empowered this power play against those Jews residing in Judea and Samaria simply by finding anyone from the Palestinian population to claim that the Jews have built upon their land and with the assistance of leftist NGOs such as B’Tselem that suit is taken directly to the Israeli Supreme Court where the claim is rubber stamped and the demolitions are ordered. This is the question which is driving before it the Ministers of the Knesset and the Prime Minister as a strong wind drives the leaves of autumn.

So, what can be done to change this seemingly impossible situation? Obviously, any attempt to curtail the power of the Supreme Court will be immediately declared null and void by the Supreme Court, and there lies the rub. The one method in which this situation can be alleviated is to make sure it cannot be adjudicated. This would require a change to the Basic Laws which define Israeli governance. Such a piece of legislation would, be necessity, need to be defined as an amendment to the Basic Laws and crafted with care such that once passed it would clearly delineate and define the powers of the courts including but not limited to the Supreme Court. The one advantage Israel has is because they have no actual Constitution, they can modify the Basic Laws by simple majority vote. The one problem it may face is that it also would require the full backing of the Prime Minister where he would need to come out in full support while still allowing for the members of the coalition to vote their consciences. Then the Knesset could take up legalizing the settlements which they deem are intended to remain as part of Israel even after an agreement is achieved in some manner with the Palestinian Authority. What the nature and the mechanisms of attaining such an arrangement between Israel and the Palestinians is another matter for another article. The truth is that as long as the Supreme Court is allowed to operate without any limitations on the scope of their purview, then there is actually no elected government in Israel and the truth of Israeli governance is that the Knesset and Prime Minister and all other public officials are only allowed to rule as long as the Supreme Court does not oppose their decisions and actions. The real government under the current arrangement is the Supreme Court who, under the guidance from Aharon Barak, is allowed to overturn any legislation, reverse any judicial decision, void any regulation, remove or assign any responsibility, adjudicate absolutely anything performed by the entirety of the rest of the government and enact any law their little hearts feel is necessary without the need to consult or include any other member of all branches of the Israeli government. So, in order to repair the damages to the fabric of Israeli society, first the Supreme Court must have their robes cut back as you would trim a bird’s wings to prevent it from flight. Once such has been adjusted to return some semblance of balance in the Israeli governance, then the matter of how to address the communities and decide validity of claims of ownership can be done through a process which requires proof of ownership claims and allows for solutions other than the destruction of people’s homes and lives. Hopefully, such adjustments and alterations would lead to a more harmonious and balanced system within the bounds of sanity. The current system has to be attributed to the power grabbing of a power hungry, out of control madman.

Beyond the Cusp

April 4, 2012

Time for Ehud Barak to Go!

It is past time Mr. Prime Minister for you to send your dear friend on his way if he is unable or unwilling to fulfill the coalition position on Jews being bestowed with the necessary permits, allowances, and other legal requisites in order to keep their homes and even to purchase or build homes within Israel, all of Israel, both sides of the false border, the 1949 Armistice Line, the Green Line. If you are unwilling to dismiss Ehud Barak from the position of Defense Minister and also refuse to allow somebody else to be charged with handling these matters of ownership and residence for Jews in Judea and Samaria or anywhere else where Ehud Barak poses as the sole ruler of a fiefdom he intends to keep free from Jewish homes, then we must assume that you must agree with his obstructive actions. Is this the real problem that the leader of Likud is actually just another elitist who holds fast to the false belief that if Jews are just kept out of Judea and Samaria in order to gift the lands east of the Green Line for the Palestinian statehood and terror marshaling area. If that is the case, then perhaps it is time to choose a new leader before the next election. I would bet that the voters in the Likud primaries just held were under the impression that you supported Jews settling in Judea and Samaria. You say the words and put forth a pretense that you are fully behind the Likud Party position supporting those intrepid settlers who brave the perils in order to live in our ancestral lands, the heartland of the Israel of King David and King Solomon, the lands promised through Abraham through the ages to us today. Perhaps you have lost your faith and with it your Zionist mindset.

This latest kerfuffle is over whether fifteen Jewish families will be allowed to reside in the little apartment building they purchased legally right outside the Machpelah where Abraham already paid a premium price for the land and the cave itself. If Jews are forbidden by the government of Israel from living near the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hevron, then what gives Jews any right to Tel Aviv? Hevron was the first capital city under King David before he moved his seat to Jerusalem. Has the leadership of the Israeli government already decided to forfeit our Jewish heritage to the lands of Judea and Samaria and joined with those whose only real desire is the complete and total destruction of the Jewish State and then the Jewish People? If we are ever forced to choose between Jerusalem and Judea or Tel Aviv, may we have the presence of mind and faith to choose Judea and Jerusalem as they are the heart of our true ancestral home of Israel. The time is now to finally end this charade invented by the KGB known as the Palestinian people and their modern invention of a Palestinian homeland.

We need look no further back than to World War II and who served with the British in North Africa in what was named the Jerusalem Brigade. That was not the name of all Arab units; they were what were then called Palestinians, the Jews living within the Mandate Lands. When historical references are made to Palestinians living in the British Mandate or even under the Ottoman Empire, they were referencing the Jews living in the Levant. The Arabs were referred to as Syrian, Egyptian or by whatever country they had arrived from or just simply Arabs. They were not even referred to as Palestinian Arabs; Palestinian was solely used to describe the Jews living in the area. It is time to end this pretend farce and claim that which was our promised, no matter which treaty or conference you wish to refer. Be it the Balfour Declaration, the San Remo Conference, Article 22 of the League of Nations covenant drafted by Jan Smuts, the Council of Ten put it into Part I of the Treaty of Versailles; it became the Covenant or charter of the League of Nations; the cession of Ottoman sovereignty in the Article 95 of the Treaty of Sevres (as amended by the Treaty of Lausanne); and accepted as treaty by the United Nations in its Charter which denotes the full applicable intents of all agreements which had been made under the League of Nations would be transferred intact and accepted and enforced by the United Nations. Or we could simply ask anyone to explain exactly how it came to pass that Judea was to be considered as having nothing to do with the Jewish people and exactly where they believe the word Jew originated. But why should we ruin such worldly fun accusing the Jews of stealing Judea and Samaria from some country called Palestine. Exactly when did Israel take land from a country named Palestine anyways?

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