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January 15, 2013

United Nations Secretary General Displays Double Standard for Jews and Palestinians

The United Nations General Assembly this past November 29, 2012, granted statehood to the representatives of the Palestinians, the PLO, without any requirement for them to negotiate or recognize Israel or perform even the smallest of conditional acts. The very same United Nations General Assembly regularly demands for Israel to enter negotiations with the Palestinians or face denunciations and challenges to their right to be considered an actual country. This double standard appears to present no trouble or difficulty for the United Nations General Assembly as well as numerous of the various United Nations agencies. Now we find that the same double standard by the denouncing of Israel while praising and defending the same activities when committed by the Palestinians by the head of the United Nations, Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

The office of the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon released a statement which stated that the Palestinians have “the right to stage peaceful protests that must be fully respected.” The statement further asserted that Ban is “following with concern developments around the E1 area.” The release further noted fallaciously that Israeli construction in the area is “Illegal under international law,” and that “any such settlement plans for E1 must be rescinded.”

It must be noted that the area in question is completely within Area C which is completely under Israeli legal jurisdiction and the security is completely Israeli. Where the Palestinians have similar rights to Area A and Area B is also under Palestinian civilian control, it is also under joint Israeli and Palestinian security jurisdiction. Under previously signed agreements between the Palestinian authority and Israel, new establishment of any form of residence or structures in Area C, permanent or temporary, which includes the E1 area in question, are required to have Israeli permission while Palestinian permission is required in Areas A and B. Apparently this agreement is only to be applied to the areas under any type of control by the Palestinian authority and the areas under Israeli jurisdiction are not recognized by the Secretary General of the United Nations. It is always nice to know that such an august body which is supposedly renowned for being an impartial arbiter of international conflicts and negotiations holds such a double standard from top to bottom. This fully explains the appointment of Richard Falk as the United Nations special rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian territories with the mission statement to detail and report all transgressions and crimes committed by Israel in their occupation. Richard Falk described his duties as,   “One is evaluating whether the conditions of occupation are such as to give the Palestinians some kind of right of resistance. And if they have that right, then what are the limits to that right? The other issue at stake in this current inquiry is to evaluate how Israel as the occupying power is carrying out its responsibility to protect the society that is subject to its control.” It definitely appears that Ban Ki-Moon agrees with Mr. Falk’s attitude towards all things pertaining to the situations concerning Israel and the Palestinians.

It is always nice to know the base attitudes of those who hold power and may have influence in adjudicating and influencing the conditions or actions pertaining to your very survival. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has made his view pertaining to the Israeli Palestinian situation perfectly clear. Focusing on his statements regarding actions by Israeli Jews and Palestinians who choose to make political statements through setting up temporary tent settlements as a way of building “facts on the ground” where he posits that the Palestinians are fully within their rights and have his blessings to commit such actions wherever they choose while the Israeli Jews are denied this right in any locations, especially if that location might be claimed by the Palestinians. What is even more interesting about Ban Ki-Moon’s released statement is that it denies the right of Israel to make claims while granting the validity of any claims made by the Palestinians. With such a view from the one person who, by his office, is presumed to be unbiased and neutral on all disputes favoring only that they be resolved through passive, nonviolent negotiations of the parties involved, it is astonishing that such a biased statement could be issued in his name out of his office. Of course the majority of the member countries of the United Nations will have no problem and see no bias and will accept Mr. Moon’s statement as a fair and honest assessment of acceptable parameters regarding actions of both Israeli Jews and Palestinians. It is always good to know where your friends are, and even more vital to locate thy enemies. The Secretary General of the United Nations has made his choice most evident.

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