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May 17, 2018

How Does Israel Survive the Hatred?

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Oddly enough and contrary to what the media, experts, heads of such international organizations as the United Nations, European Union and all of their related agencies, and so many self-appointed know-it-alls, Israel has nothing to do with the hatred; it is not causing it nor curing it and definitely not bowing to those using it to make demands. The reason the hatred continues with such force and deep-throated volume is because there are so many who run with this hate using it as a weapon with which to destroy Israel. There are even those within Israel itself who fall sway of the demands of those who disguise their desire to destroy Israel behind their false concern for those whose hatreds are so obvious that Israel should properly ignore or even silence them. The ridiculousness of the collusion is that both sides prove their lack of good sense and we have the perfect example with a prediction. During the recent Gazan rioting, the one which the leftist mainstream media portrayed as “peaceful protests by hopeful youth of Gaza,” has created a small problem which the media, European Union, United Nations, related agencies, and the mainstream media will all describe as an Israeli problem which the Israelis must repair immediately and free of charge. You see, in their exuberance and determination to draw the attention of the world, these “peaceful protests by hopeful youth of Gaza” have made a slight mess when running around lighting tires on fire (see top image below), they managed to damage the gas pipe allowing the natural gas to spew forth and then they added to the display by setting it alight (see middle images below). They not only intentionally set the pipeline ablaze, they have burned down a number of offices and necessary structures through which humanitarian aid is delivered into Gaza. They also burned provisions and supplies which had been delivered through Israel as well as destroying the trucks and vehicles used to transport these items (see bottom image below). The rioters burned offices, buildings, and gas tanks, and damaged fences and gates at other crossings as well as faking injuries (see video below) and providing inflated numbers of injured. There is only one reason they have not attempted to provide hugely inflated numbers of dead is because deaths are registered and thus can be verified so in that count they inflate the numbers slightly as the differences can be attributed to errors or lost files but injuries only require the verification of the treating personnel who are paid by Hamas and live within the reach of Hamas with some even sympathizing with Hamas.


Arab Rioters Hurling Flaming Tires at Israeli Border Fence from Gaza

Arab Rioters Hurling Flaming Tires at Israeli Border Fence from Gaza



Gas Pipes Set Ablaze at the Kerem Shalom Gaza Crossing to Israel

Gas Pipes Set Ablaze at the Kerem Shalom Gaza Crossing to Israel



Rioters Ignite Provisions, Trailers, Electrical Infrastructure, Conveyor Belt used to Transferred Goods into Gaza

Rioters Ignite Provisions, Trailers, Electrical Infrastructure, Conveyor Belt used to Transferred Goods into Gaza




There have been planned riots on the Temple Mount because of the simple reality, that the Jordanian controlled Waqf, which was permitted permission to control the Islamic holy sites on the Temple Mount and have expanded their control to the entirety due to lack of push back by Israel, forces Israeli security to assist them in forcing the Jews from the Temple Mount instead of confronting the Muslim rioters. They use this to deny Israelis from ascending to the Temple Mount during major Jewish holidays by rioting which they start a week before the holidays and escalate the confrontation until the authorities simply ban Jews from ascending the Temple Mount at all. They continue these disruptions until days after the holiday assuring denying the Jews access to their own holy sites. They often use these riots for over a month around the Jewish High Holidays of Rosh HaShana (Jewish New Year), Yom Kippur (Jewish Day of Atonement) and through Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) as they run in close proximity (dates in 2018 are Sep 10, Sep 19 and Sep 24 through 30). This kind of reactions need be discarded as the preferred means of addressing these provocations. Israel is facing organized violence to deny Judaism and the Jews from observing simple rights which the rest of the world take for granted. Despite knowing what the objective the Arab violence targets, much of the world continues to demand that Israel bend to the will of the perpetrators of violence against her.


So, how does Israel survive the hatred coming from so many directions? The answer is simple to see, easy to understand but difficult to enact when the world pressures Israel so universally and with such spitefulness. Israel must change directions by a full hundred-eighty-degrees turnabout. The time has come for Israel to become assertive and protective of the rights of the Jews despite the distress which will be expressed by many around the world. The world will need to realize that the Jews are no longer their property to order around and deny even the most basic rights generously provided all other religions and peoples. When Arabs riot on the Temple Mount intending to prevent Jews from exercising the basic right of visiting their holy sites, especially during the holiest of holidays and celebrations, Israel must insist that the rioters be removed and prevented from returning if their intent is to cause problems. Israel is a democratic nation recognizing the rights of every religion and people to live according to basic human rights. Whenever anyone attempts to disturb and disrupt such rights of any Israelis, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Druze, Bahá’í, Hindus and any other faiths or peoples, Israel must make protecting the exercising of these rights above the use of violence to prevent such. That is for every religion and that includes the Jewish people and their faith. We are not suggesting that Jews be granted special rights, just equal rights. The attempts by some Arabs to deny the Jews their basic rights cannot be accepted if anyone is to have such rights. The old saying, “What starts with the Jews never ends with the Jews,” is valid and will be the result for others should the Jews be denied the right to fully celebrate their faith.


The same must be done concerning the borders of Israel. The recent response to provocations from within Syria perpetrated by the Iranian Quds Force, a special part of the IRGC directed to destroy Israel and conquer Jerusalem, has shown some promise. The Israeli government forcefully stating and enforcing the concept that Israel can and will protect her people and borders from any confrontation which was made quite evident when the Quds force fired a series of rockets towards Israeli territory and Israel responded by targeting their armament stores and launching facilities, including many mobile rocket launchers (see video below), was the king of enforcement of the rights if an independent nation which need be applied uniformly within as well as outside of the borders. By making such strict abidance to the law and protection of everybody’s rights from Muslims to Christians to Jews and on to every group regardless of size as standard policy and procedure, Israel will establish order and remove a major cause and reason behind Muslims rioting. The idea is a simple concept, remove the desired result from an undesirable activity and that activity will wane and disappear.




Another problem which is hate-filled has been the activities by the Gazans under the leadership and guidance of both Hamas and Islamic Jihad plus the activities supported by the Palestinian Authority, Fatah and PLO out of areas of the Shomron. These hate-filled activities include rioting, firebombings, destruction of border crossing, damaging border enforcement equipment such as fencing and cameras, stabbings, shootings, vehicular rammings and other terror related actions and operations. Further is the Arab leadership continued payments of terrorists and their families proportional to the number of Israelis murdered and length of prison terms must be brought to an end by all means at the disposal of the Israeli government. This should include financial embargo taking all efforts to withhold all payments for which Israel has control and working to have foreign finances decreased by the amount of these payments in order to dissuade the Arab Palestinian governance from continuing such rewards. The “pay for slay” system must be brought down. Should the Arab Palestinian governance continue with such attempts to destroy Israel, then Israel need consider removing the leadership and returning them into exile as they were before the failed Oslo Accords brought their return. Such a move could permit elections for the first time since 2005 after which Abbas suspended elections blaming Israel every time the subject arose. Israel has no say in whether the Palestinian authority holds elections but Abbas does and he knows he would lose his position and he likes the corrupt system he heads as it rewards him financially. The kleptocracy run by Abbas in the Arab ruled areas of the Shomron and by Hamas in Gaza is what is causing so much suffering of the Arab people under their control. Israel should end this and the world should back such a move.


Why does the world continue to support the dictatorial actions of Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas leadership? That is an easy question to answer, they promise to destroy Israel just as many European leaders desire. This is why the European Union and many European leaders exploded with anger to President Trump cutting aid money to the Palestinian Authority and to UNRWA exposing their violations of agreements and refusal to support peace efforts while educating their children with anti-Semitic educational material and training them to continue the war to destroy Israel. There has been some movement away from supporting the illicit governance which not only threatens Israel but steals funds and freedoms from their own people and has insisted that the only peace they will accept is the same demand made since 1948, the removal of any form of self-rule for the Jews and placing their lives in the hands of their Arab betters. The entire negotiations from Yasser Arafat through to today has been the continuation of the Arab League insistence since the San Remo conference set up the provisions for the establishment of a Jewish State in 1922, their demand has been that the Jews have no right to any land in the Middle East because there has never been a Jewish State in the Middle East since the beginning of time. What the world need understand is that time began when Mohammad received his visions in Mecca in 610 A.D. and nothing before that ever really existed. Further, there is but one truth in the world and that is the Quran, according to the Arab League and the Arab Palestinian leadership. To them the Jews all came from Europe, Russia and the United States, even the ones evicted from the Arab states across the Middle East and North Africa. It is interesting that Arab States evicted Jews who went to Israel and once there, according to the Arabs, became Europeans. Now that is some interesting magic. The other concept the Arabs believe will allow them victory is that they are a desert people with patience to out-wait the Jews. There is a problem with their premise, the Jews are also a desert people and one which waited over two-thousand years to return and rule their homelands once again. So they will outwait the Jews, very interesting, as the Jews have proven to be the most stubborn and patient of people who have ever existed. Israel does need to lose a little of our desert patience and begin to use forces at her disposal and end the farce that is the Arab war on Israel.


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May 8, 2018

Hamas Expands their Border War


By now, if you believe much of the media, you have come to believe that the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) has been using water cannons, tear gas, rubber bullets and even live ammunition on innocent children protesting on the Gaza side of the fence. They have also told you that these youths are protesting the miserable conditions under which they live with the oppressive Israeli masters lording over Gaza. The sob story is an entire fiction and there is much which has been ignored by much of the world media, especially the European and American leftist media outlets. They have taken the usual adversarial approach to Israel and now they have an additional reason to do so, President Trump appears to be supporting Israel. The leftist media in Israel along with some outlets beyond Israeli shores have also been attempting to drive a wedge between the Israelis and President Trump which we will explain quickly and then tell you what you have not heard about Gaza and the demonstrations. The most recent rumor being spread is that President Trump is going to demand that Israel surrender half of Jerusalem to the Arab Palestinians and give much of the remainder of the city beyond the Green Line to the United Nations to care for as an international zone while having Israel also surrender much if not the remainder of lands beyond the Green Line for an Arab Palestinian State. They claim these are the rumors circling from aids off the record from within the White House. Fortunately, the reality is that none of this is even close to being truthful and is a smoke screen being put out to try to have Israelis react with defiance towards President Trump and possibly offend him to the point that he cancels the announced moving of the American Embassy to Jerusalem later this month. This is highly doubtful as there are also reports that President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner may be planning to attend the opening of the new American Embassy in Jerusalem. This definitely does not sound as if there is any possibility that President Trump would be making any plans other than what has been announced and expected concerning the moving of the embassy.


President Donald Trump’s Daughter Ivanka and Husband Jared Kushner

President Donald Trump’s Daughter Ivanka and Husband Jared Kushner


Now, let us return to Gaza and the presumably peaceful demonstrations. The one item they have gotten correct is that the Arabs residing in Gaza are largely facing a humanitarian crisis due to the complete mismanagement of their entire governance. What they have completely wrong is that Israel has anything to do with their problems or the deplorable conditions forced on all too many Gazan families. The supposed blockade is nothing more than an inspection of what is imported into Gaza in order to make certain that Hamas and the other terror organizations are not importing weapons making materials or actual weapons. All aid is sped through often being inspected and delivered the same day it is unloaded and the rest is delivered the next morning. The main problem is there are times when Hamas closes down the transfer point and then claims to a willing media that Israel has stopped the deliveries. Hamas has been known to simply leave the delivered material sitting until it is no longer usable which has deprived Gazans of much needed medical supplies and other perishable goods. Hamas and the other terror groups have been known to fire rockets and mortars at the trucks delivering the goods hoping to kill the drivers. Israel delivers the goods across the Kerem Crossing where it is then left for Hamas drivers to take the remainder of the way and to the distribution points. According to Xinhua, Gaza’s border authority has registered a decline in number of trucks since 2017, Gaza border official Raed Fattouh stated, “Roughly 1,000 trucks of goods destined for Gaza passed through Kerem Shalom crossing every day in the upper half of last year, but the figure has been declining for the past six months, to the lowest level now,” Part of the problem is that Israel can only provide the aid received at their port and aid has dwindled over the past eighteen months as the world has had their attention diverted to other more pressing problems and is tiring of attempting to fill the bottomless pit which is the demands of the Arab Palestinians who never appear to improve no matter the amount of aid they receive, they just demand more.


The other thing is that Israel does not oppress the Gazans and has little to no influence over their governance as Hamas ruled the entirety of Gaza with the Israelis having completely pulled out from Gaza in August of 2005. The economic problems and lack of rebuilding of apartment buildings and other structures is completely on their own governance which is under the steely grip of Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Hamas has taken repeatedly building provisions which have been provided by the United Nations once, the European Union twice and others have also arranged to send cement, concrete, rebar, lumber and electrical wire and fixtures and the main thing that Gazans have to show for this are the Hamas bunker and tunneling network which includes infiltration tunnels built under the border into Israel, most of which have been destroyed upon discovery by Israel as any government would do to tunnels built by terrorists from across their border in order to attack their people. This has not been a surprise to any in the world except those turning a blind eye. The proof is below in the image of Ban ki-Moon, United Nations Secretary-General inspecting the new Hamas Tunnels on one of his visits to Gaza and in this video. The world knows what has happened, what is happening and who needs to have the blame laid at their feet but prefer to try to complain that Israel needs to do more. The truth is they desire to do less as their efforts of aiding Hamas have not produced the results at a level they find adequate and are less and less interested as time passes. They have witnessed their aid being diverted and not being utilized as intended to aid the people of Gaza but instead gone to attempt and destroy Israel, something which Hamas will never succeed in doing. These failures by Hamas are part of why there has not been the huge deal with meetings at the United Nations and European Union over these Gaza riots on the border outside of the breathless media reporting, and even this has been at a less fevered pace than past times.


Close Up Ban Kimoon viewing Hamas infiltration tunnel into southern Israel

Close Up Ban Ki-Moon viewing Hamas infiltration tunnel into southern Israel


We have already reported about the Hamas demonstrations being driven by Hamas partially to distract from the horrid economic situation their stealing of resources and heavy taxation have produced. This is the reason that there have been reports of near economic collapse in Gaza and not because of any actions by Israel. There will still be those who will insist that it must be Israel for reasons which are easily realized by any reasonably astute observer. But the latest actions go well beyond their burning of tens of thousands of tires ruining air quality over a wide area just to provide their terrorist with a smoke screen to attempt to breach the border fence. They have caused more damage and losses of productivity for the Israeli farmers near the Gaza border than had the sniper fire across the border. Their throwing Molotov cocktails and slinging rocks were mostly a problem for the IDF troops manning the border, but they have berms behind which they stay fairly safe. The IDF has utilized mostly crowd control measures with some use of rubber bullets when there were actions to storm the fences. They have restricted live fire to people damaging monitoring equipment along the border, attempting to breach the border fence or shooting at IDF position and Israeli civilians working their fields near the border with approaching 80% of the 32 Palestinians killed by the IDF during the ongoing Gaza border crisis as of April 11, 2018, were terrorist operatives or identified with terrorist organizations according to an intelligence report. The reports of IDF having shot at journalists has been refuted as half of those shot have been confirmed as actually belonging to Hamas and Islamic Jihad as terror operatives or having been members of Hamas media outlets.

But the one most under-reported set of incidents has been the “kite-bomb terror” which consists of Gazan youths, always youths so if they are harmed they have a great camera op for the reporters and stringers to give to the media waiting for just such evidence while comfortably in five star Tel Aviv hotels and coffee bars, flying kites with incendiary materials and allowing the kites to fall onto Israeli farmer’s fields in order to set them ablaze. They have wiped out a number of wheat fields and set a forested area on fire which took ten fire companies several hours to extinguish. The Israeli Air Force struck one of the Hamas positions near the border fence which was used by Palestinians to send firebombs tied to kites into Israel. Below find an Al-Jazeera produced video showing Gazan who had successfully breached the border fence and entered Israel. Their efforts appear to be more of a joyful run allowing them to later brag how they made their assault into Israel, with some flourishes. These were obviously taken by one of the youths with their cell phone.



The Gaza demonstrations have had two separate complexions, one which has gotten the most coverage has been families having picnics over five hundred meters from the border and many teens using slings to hurl rocks across the border from a fair distance from the fence and then the other side where terrorists have crawled to the fence with AK47 in hand and engaged the IDF in live fire, much to the terrorists being shot dead (see video below which has several tactical video showing damaging of border fence and shooting attack at border fence). These have been the individuals which have drawn live fire from IDF forces as they are guarding the border. Another item not being told is that it is well known that as long as Gazans allow a respectful distance between them and the fence and are otherwise not posing a threat, then they will be perfectly safe. These riots have been anything but passive events and Hamas has been behind the entire series of events.



The events can be and are summed up by the video below and show some of the tactics being used by Hamas and the disinformation being spread by much of the media. It depicts why some innocents end up caught in the deadly crossfire and how Hamas has intentionally used smoke to screen events which leads to innocents being placed in danger, as they are encouraged to accompany the terrorists in attacking the fence and as shields for Hamas shooters.



Israel may next have to consider how to react to those flying the firebomb-kites. These are an attack on the fields and property across a border. They are as, if not more, destructive as artillery would be and are doing just as much damage as Hamas rockets have done in the past. How long would France stand still while somebody was setting French farmers’ grape orchards on fire? How long would the United States stand down if a foreign party were flying incendiary balloons and setting corn and wheat fields ablaze along with national forests? How long does any nation stand for their borders being breached with the intent of causing damage to their fields, homes, businesses, properties and murdering their citizens? How much is too much? Obviously, according to many around the world, Israel is supposed to simply absorb everything thrown at her simply because we are supposed to be the nice ones. Well, nice ones eventually get upset beyond reckoning and then really bad things happen. Perhaps if the Gazans would demand that their rulers, Hamas and Islamic Jihad, would spend the time and effort they put into harming Israel into helping their people and working towards having a healthy economy rather than syphoning off as much as they are able to spend on a fruitless war against Israel, then perhaps their would be jobs and even possibly have peace and prosperity. The same problem exists with the Palestinian Authority to a slightly lesser degree, but both sides have actually worn out their one good will with the world with only the media carrying their water any longer. It is sad to see governance so preoccupied with destroying their neighbor that they are willing to sacrifice their youth in the name of hatred. What is happening in Gaza is so cruel to the Gazans and it will not gain them anything beyond a shortage of tires. It is almost predictable, but there will be a complaint that many Gazans vehicles are no longer serviceable because there is a lack of tires in Gaza, and the media will claim Israel burned their tires. When that report ever reaches the news, please just laugh at the report as it will be just as ridiculous as is much of the reporting on the Gaza peaceful demonstrations, or should we be truthful and call them riots.


Beyond the Cusp


March 15, 2017

Save Me Your Holier than Thou, We Paid Our Dues; so You Cannot Demand Our Obedience


First we would like to thank those American Jews and Christians who donated to Israeli funds and other interests. We appreciate your visiting and spending your tourist dollars here. We do appreciate the fact that your advice is well-intended and that you only mean for Israel to be the best that is possible. We understand that your desires are for Israel to be the moral example for the world and for us to act in such a manner that everybody will love us. We also understand when you complain that our actions reflect upon you and often appear to make your lives difficult. We understand that sometimes you cannot find any way of defending some of the actions Israel uses and the methods by which we seek to preserve Israel’s existence. We are aware of why you are so furious over Israel’s new travel ban on those who view Israel as an “apartheid” state; oppose the Israeli “settlement” of the Jewish homeland; and fight to isolate and de-legitimize Israel by boycotting Israeli academics, speakers, leaders, and products. We understand that you view this in the same light as Trump’s temporary immigration ban on merely seven Arab states where vetting those arriving from these places is next to impossible.


We understand that you feel you would be a hypocrite should you so oppose Trumps actions and simply allow with a wink and a nod Israel to act similarly. We even understand those who have threatened to stop contributing to Israeli funds unless we act properly. Well, allow us to reply, thanks, but no thanks. Keep your monies if that is your desire and please end your endless preaching and demanding that Israel act such that you are comfortable with our actions. Contrary to your opinion, Israel is not around for you to wear on your bracelet as if it were a charm which you can display to your friends and say see how nicely they act always forgiving every slight and never ever taking a hard line against those who would kill every Israeli if only they had the weapons with which to do so. See how they try so hard to diplomatically resolve their problems with those who are launching rockets at their children’s kindergarten and fire rockets timed with the start and end of the school day. Aren’t the Israelis just the most liberal and caring people always taking in whatever refugees appear on their border even when many of them only come to commit heinous acts of terror and act belligerently, especially to the Israeli women and the elderly.


This is not going to happen and you are going to have to just settle for the fact that Israel is a nation like every other nation in that sometimes it will need to act in ways which possibly the majority of the world, especially when it is Israel acting so, will go into an uproar denouncing Israel and those doing so might include you or those you know. Sometimes you are not going to be able to defend Israeli actions to your leftist friends who love to point out how Israel is just as bad as every other nation. We know that such is a lie and those making those claims would demand Israel commit suicide and still would complain we were not giving enough. That is just too bad because Israel does act and plan to remain a viable nation able to defend her borders. This requires that these borders are defendable in the first place. That means that we are not going to surrender everything the world would demand of us. We gave away Gaza and that resulted in a disaster yet the world immediately pocketed that generous act of faith and immediately demanded we surrender Judea and Samaria to the same people whose last gift resulted in Hamastan on our southern border and a menace for Egypt in the Sinai Peninsula. Were we to repeat that mistake and the same happen in Judea and Samaria these very same people from the United Nations, European Union and nations around the world would demand we give away the Negev next as proof we wish to get along with the rest of the world. Well, if suicide is what is required to get along with the rest of the world, guess we will not be getting along and you will have to live with these facts such that we can live period.


There appears to be a growing existence particularly in the United States believing that Israel must run every decision past a select group of important people who are far more knowledgeable when it comes to policies and what would best serve their desires which Israel should be required to commit to such that they will feel proud to be considered supporters. Should Israel disappoint them, then the Israeli government should be replaced and these same self-serving people should be the final arbiters as to who should run the nation. Those with whom they disagree should be relegated into the minority and only those who are amongst the approved group of left leaning, two-state supporting, anti-settlement, secular, anti-orthodox politicians who would feel comfortable and are acceptable to the leftist wing of the Democrat Party should be permitted to run Israel. Well, that is not about to happen. Israel is rapidly becoming more religious and more Zionist than any of the average Democrat Party leadership could ever be if their recent convention and choices for leadership are any indication of their leanings. Any political groups which find leadership such as Democrat Party National Committee Chair Tom Perez and Deputy Chair Keith Ellison, both of whom have a record of anti-Israel activity and advocacy, are not possible allies of Israel and should not have any influence over Israeli political or military decisions. Those who would support allowing a Women’s March to be coordinated by pro-Palestinian, anti-Israeli Linda Sarsour and convicted Palestinian terrorist Rasmea Odeh are not capable of also claiming to be supportive of Israel. Support of Rasmea Odeh and believing her story that she was innocent of the terror attack bombing of a supermarket which murdered two young Israelis, twenty-one year old Leon Kanner and twenty-two year old Eddie Joffe, and injured nine others because her confession was given while in the custody of the Israeli authorities disqualifies them as being a supporter of Israel. Those who believe her claims of innocence and that she was sexually tortured as was her father for forty-five days before she confessed to her part in the terror attack has beliefs about Israelis which belie their claims of support for Israel. Yet these are often the people who scream the loudest accusing Israel of improper activities and then plead that Israel should be required to seek their approval before taking any actions political, military or other security actions. They are also the most shocked and astounded that Israel would take precautions without conferring first with their betters in the United States, particularly their betters in the leftist organizations such as Jews for Peace, Rabbis for Peace, B’Tselem, J Street and numerous other leftist, post-Zionist radical groups.


Much to the horror of these leftist detractors of Israel, the majority of the Israeli population does not agree with their demands that Israel sacrifice even further because peace is just one more sacrifice away, just as they claimed before Israel made the last sacrifice which they claimed that this time it would be the last sacrifice, not like the sacrifice before that which was also to be the last sacrifice as was the one before and the one before and that has been the story for the past twenty-plus years of Israeli final sacrifices for peace. After the Gaza debacle, the Israeli public completely has decided that they see real willingness and a different attitude from those with whom Israel is presumably supposed to be making peace. Mahmoud Abbas has refused to even meet with the Israelis; yet the world demands that Israel continue making sacrifices though the last two sacrifices, if not more, have not been returned and instead have been rebuked and met with claims that whatever sacrifice Israel made was insufficient and until and unless Israel is ready to fall on their sword, then nothing less than suicidal retreats will suffice. Those who claim that such sacrifices are not out of the reasonable sphere are not friends of Israel and are simply seeking to make points as being the greater leftist making the greater demands for Israeli sacrifice than the next leftist. Israel cannot meet the demands from every corner as doing so would be the end of the Jewish State. Israel is not going to commit to being suicidal and will act in the way best suited for continued health and existence of the Jewish State and will refuse those ridiculous demands of the United Nations, European Union, and others whose demands are of a similar nature.


Now to get down to the reality and truth of the matter which may be painful for some but, for the most honest, these revelations will come as no surprise as they have known that their views have drifted further and further left and with that drift so have their demands of Israel in the face of the Islamic escalating animosity and belligerence towards the Western World in general and Israel in particular, even more so than the United States. Israel sacrificed in making the Oslo Accords after Yasser Arafat duped the world into believing he had reformed from his terrorist days which included the attempted overthrow of the government in Jordan, the eventual weakening and Islamification of Lebanon and the start of the Lebanon Civil War and formation of Hezballah through his actions. Even after the Second Intifada about which came proof that it had been planned even before Arafat went to hold talks with Israel with President Clinton at Camp David and then in Paris where he already planned the violence such that he could blame it on Israel for not surrendering completely at the negotiations. What Arafat had not planned on was that after he gave President Clinton his word that he would accept a set of terms he deemed beyond Israeli comfort levels that Prime Minister Ehud Barak would agree to his demands for close to ninety-five percent of the West Bank, land swaps, and half of Jerusalem in order to make peace. The next morning when President Clinton planned on finalizing the deal and collecting signatures, Yasser Arafat stormed from the meeting with Secretary of State Madeline Albright chasing him down the hall to no avail.


Camp David Talks on a Break as President Bill Clinton, Yasser Arafat and Prime Minister Ehud Barak Stroll the Grounds of the Complex Located Ten Miles North of Frederick, Maryland

Camp David Talks on a Break as President Bill Clinton, Yasser Arafat and Prime Minister Ehud Barak Stroll the Grounds of the Complex Located Ten Miles North of Frederick, Maryland


Israel has made concession and sacrifice one after another with nothing to show for it other than the world expecting more from Israel to the point of demanding Israel make sacrifices simply for the sake of having Israel sacrifice with nothing offered in return. This led to the Gaza giveaway where all of Gaza was surrendered by Israel, over eight-thousand Jewish lives turned upside-down being ripped from their homes, their livelihoods often destroyed, their greenhouses turned over to the Arabs who tore them apart to make rockets and launchers, and then soon thereafter the Palestinian Authority surrendered the Gaza Strip over to Hamas, Islamic Jihad and giving a beachhead potentially to Iran on the Israeli southern border. Since signing onto the Oslo Accords where Israel was promised to retain Area C and all of Jerusalem and the Palestinian Authority was granted semi-autonomy over Area A which would lead to their being given Area A as the central lands for their state while Area B would be mutually governed and deliberations would decide where the eventual border would stand to the current situation where the world is demanding that the Arabs be given all of Judea and Samaria, half of Jerusalem and that Israel accept many hundreds of thousand Arab refugees and there are those who demand Israel accept millions of Arab refugees and that all of Jerusalem resulting in not just a single new Arab state but two new Arab states and the death of Israel and likely the extermination of another six-million Jews as the world would again refuse to permit them to emigrate to their shores and to relative safety. This is why Israel can no longer simply bow to every demand and whim which passes for the newest idea which will bring peace and instead decide what will allow Israel to keep peace through sufficient strength and control of strategically significant positions. These vital points include potentially all of Judea and Samaria as the Palestinian Arab population becomes virulently anti-Semitic and more militarized to the point they are becoming a threat to Israel’s continued existence.


This is the reality and as things worsen it will become even more of a necessity that Israel reestablish complete control over all of Judea and Samaria; and if that should also require the removal of the Arabs which are known to be militantly anti-Israel and anti-Semitic, then that is what will have to be. The current government would never likely permit such an eventuality, but that does not mean that such would not become necessary and that a future government would remain so intimidated by the world’s leftist largely in Europe and the United States. The threat that Israel will be hated if it does not comply with the next round of demands no longer frightens the Israeli population as they have learned that being hated is not necessarily the worst of all things, ceasing to have a defendable border and a safe place in which to live is far worse and if being hated becomes the price for survival, we will take survival, thank you so very much. We understand and have learned how easy it is for others, even Jews who claim to be our fiercest supporters, to demand that Israel surrender to her enemies and how doing so can make these people feel so superior and good about themselves and how it allows them to claim they are such great supporters of a peaceful solution to the Palestinian situation and how they are the most compassionate. We also are learning how to simply say, “No!” And when “No!” does not suffice, then how about we say, well, let us say we say, “No!” even louder and possibly with a few superlatives added to the mix. And when that fails, as our saying “No” always has, then we will just have to let our actions be our statement, and that we are sure will suffice when that hard day arrives. The problem is the more the world demands the indefensible of Israel the more they make peace impossible because the Arab world stands assured that the rest of the world will hand them the Jews and not even blink when they slaughter the Jews by the millions. They observed the world’s lack of concern during World War II and learned that the world does not care if there are those who wish to murder Jews. They also learned that the world does not much care who is being murdered as long as the murdered are a minority who is not one of them and that includes Yazidi, Kurds, Roma and close to any other group which is too small to defend themselves or cause the rest of the world to care.


Even nations do not always get a response when they are gobbled up; just ask Czechoslovakia, currently Slovakia and the Czech Republic which probably means there are two nations which can be swallowed without the world getting even the slightest indigestion as they have not learned from history. One last warning should go out to all the Balkan nations, the smaller nations at the eastern end of Europe closest to the Russian border and the countries of Southeast Asia near China (which is all except India); the world will not care when larger entities swallow you whole or even wholesale because their only concern is are they still feeling safe. It is only when the major nations, which the world has fewer of these every year as now nations such as Spain, Romania, Syria, Yemen and by now even Kuwait are no longer worth going to war over. Should Iran be the nation taking one or more of these nations, not to include Saudi Arabia, and already have tested large nuclear weapons proven to be deliverable by their displayed ICBM capability, then many might complain and call on the United Nations, but none would do much if anything. Thus, any idea that one could expect others to come to the aid of Israel is ludicrous and thus Israel would be left hanging to fend for herself? The world is not getting safer by the hour but far more volatile and dangerous, so please do not fault us for noticing and acting accordingly. You want to hate us, and we would rather you have us to hate than you to have once loved us and now hate our having passed and fallen.


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