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October 27, 2017

Politics in America Laid Bare


Politics in America has become a naked beast beating its chest and snarling at the election of one of the people, and not one from the political class, to the highest post in the land. The entireties of the Democrat Party in both the House of Representatives and Senate along with the majority of the leftists who support them have been completely unified in their opposition to everything having to do with President Donald Trump. They are opposed to the legality of his being elected. They see conspiracies in everything which caused his winning the election. They believe that there was interference against Hillary Clinton caused and financed by the Russian government and Vladimir Putin resulting in the Trump election. They despise the fact that the Electoral Congress can be permitted to allow the person not receiving the majority of the popular vote to still win the election, let alone by a commanding amount. Equally laid bare is the opposition by many in the heart of the Republican Party other than simply the most liberal, this core of the Republicans led by Senator John McCain, former President George W. Bush, Mitt Romney and seemingly far too many more. What has become apparent to us is that those who believe that the political class is made up of people whom, by their very nature, education, breeding and innate abilities, are better than those over whom they rule. Yes, they believe they have been placed in the government to rule over the remainder of the population and not to represent those who voted for them.


There are reasons as to why they believe they are superior to the general population. Far too many politicians are the children of people who were in politics, worked in the party and whose children are being groomed to follow in their parents privileged footprints. Many politicians were educated in elite private schools and brought up with privilege and from this came away with a feeling of superiority. Others actually came into politics from other areas and occupations but when one gets to Washington D.C. the majority have spent their entire life in the political arena. Spending their entire lives in private schools and then politics never having any interaction with what most would refer to as normal people often referred to as “Joe Six Pack” and have led very sheltered and protected lives. This has led to some politicians believing that they were destined to lead and their positions are a result of their breeding, privileged lives and higher intelligence. Their lives of general comfort and once in Washington ability to be above many laws simply adds to their self-fed-worth. Once in Washington D.C. they are granted freedom from parking tickets and as long as they can claim they were heading to a vote in Congress or some meeting, they are free from traffic violations including speeding. Finally, the largest invulnerability, they cannot be arrested for insider trading which when combined with their inside knowledge of what companies will soon receive huge government contracts signaling them to buy stock or the opposite of a company about to lose a contract which they can sell that stock, the members of Congress often become multi-millionaires within a few short years in Washington D.C.


These not so small differences between the American political class and everyone else are also part of another divide, a social and financial divide. The very wealthy who make the majority of their earnings through investments are almost entirely free from paying income taxes as they earn no income, they receive dividends. These people rub elbows with the political class making the political class feel even further removed from the average Americans. These people share the power over the remainder through campaign contributions, insider trading information, inside information on coming legislations and excessive influence over that legislation shared between each other, and enjoying entertaining evenings with drinks and access, these two classes form seamlessly into the power structure which decide much of the laws and interventions into personal lives which both conspire as they run the government. There is an unspoken agreement between the political class and the elite mega-business with wealth classes in which in exchange for preferential legislation these people of wealth and influence promise not to interfere with politics beyond campaign contributions. These guarantees especially extend not to take the office of any politician by running against them plus leaving the top positions to the political class as they are the only who are trained for these spots in exchange for legislative input. This is the agreement which Donald Trump broke when he ran and won the Presidency.


Now we need to be careful and clear. Nowhere near all politicians have these moral deficiencies whereby they sell out to those with the influence and money to cause legislation to at the least seldom harm their interests. These politicians are often easily recognized as they receive little if any assistance in their reelection efforts by the central party operations. The ones who are completely honest and solely working for their constituents back home as they will very often be opposed in the primary races every reelection effort with the party supporting their challenger. Eventually these politicians will lose their office and everything can return to what the party would refer to as normal. The political class work so closely together that they hold their fellow politicians as cohorts who join them as the ruling elite as more important along with the financial elite who pay for their campaigns, will provide them nice well-paying positions after retirement and with whom they often socialize as the community whom they serve and the voters are simply the rabble they must deal with all too regularly just to retain their pampered positions and their gravy-train lifestyles.


There are two forces opposing President Trump, one Democrat and one Republican. Let us talk about the Republicans first as most of what we say about them also applies to the Democrats. There are a fair number of Republicans who are actually leftists, not simply left-leaning or liberal, but true leftists. They believe in government solutions to every problem they encounter and believe that the closer to the top, to Washington D.C., the more efficient and better planned any solution can be made. Despite theoretical and experimental proof that the best solutions are those devised as locally as possible are the most efficient and the higher any solution is imposed from, the less likely it is that their solutions will be easily or properly applied across the board. Leftists may have conservative or liberal views and still be a leftist as leftists support larger government independent of their political bend. These two separate varieties of leftists will often work together in an I’ll scratch your back and you scratch mine trading support for one another’s legislative efforts. With either one, the people lose as neither cares about political limitations legally placed on the Federal Government by the Constitution. They believe that more government means better governing and governing is good for the people. There is another name for these people other than leftist, it is called fascists. Donald Trump is attempting to reduce government by undoing regulations which he can do without Congress and then working with Congress to reduce government and lower taxes. The Republican leftists who believe that more regulations and more government is better governance are fighting for everything they believe to be holy by fighting against President Trump.


Then there are a number of Republicans who believe that Trump is an interloper, an impostor, somebody completely unfit to be President. Many Democrats and almost all leftists also believe these to be truths. But there is a special group who are particularly put out by the election of President Trump. These are the many people who believe they should have won the Presidency or should have been the candidate to run against Hillary Clinton instead of Donald Trump. Heading this list is Senator John McCain followed closely by Jeb Bush and family, Mitt Romney and a number of the other Republicans who lost in the primaries to Trump as well as other Republicans who simply believe they are far more qualified to hold the office and take President Trump to be a personal insult. Then there are the core Republican power structure who feel they have lost control of their party as President Trump is out of and beyond control. They feel they no longer make the policies and this threatens their lifestyles. Should they no longer be capable of delivering the goods legislatively, then they may find themselves no longer invited to all the right social events. President Trump has done something which we believe is almost fun to watch, he has erased all the rules as to how power and money influence legislation and the distribution of power in politics. For libertarians that just might result in their dreams realized, though somewhat limited extent and for some it will appear a waste as their pet ideas may not be improved by the Trump Presidency.


For the Democrats who have unfortunately sold out to the leftist interest, President Trump in a nightmare. When your party has based its future on government power empowering those who are willing to support their election, then a President devoted to deregulation and limited government is the worst nightmare imaginable. Make that President an in-your-face fool willing to be braggadocios and who makes his responses to your challenges farcical, then his entire existence becomes an offense. This is the source of an echo chamber which has reverberated throughout the terrain of our social media. This has led to people defriending one another and even to break-ups of relationships and even marriages. Remarkably, nobody from BTC has been defriended that we are aware of, but please don’t take that as a challenge, we like all our friends no matter their political bend. So, the Democrats have any of a number of reasons to unite against President Trump from his smaller government plans, his Tweets being particularly unrestrained, and he is not a Democrat. For many Democrats, when it comes to President Trump, there is absolutely nothing to like. As far as many are concerned, Donald Trump is so full of hot air he could be a hot air balloon, or was that hot air buffoon.


Trumps Vehicle to the White House was a Hot Air Balloon Filled With Hot Angry Rhetoric

Trumps Vehicle to the White House was a Hot Air Balloon Filled With Hot Angry Rhetoric


President Trump has revealed the truth; in the United States, there are simply two actual teams, those who are part of the political system and the rest of the American people. Those who wield the political power are in their own little world where they control the lives of the rest of the population and the rest of the population is supposed to simply say thank you for caring for us. The rest of the population, the political class hope, are so busy working and getting through their busy lives that they will hopefully never wake and see that they have been played. Well, thanks to President Trump, many in the American Public now realize what has been happening. The collusion between many in the media, the entertainment and sports enterprises, academia and the political class have worked with other elitists to misrepresent much of what has been the reality coming from their inglorious alliance and how the people have been played for fools much to the amusement of these members of the preferred classes. The worst fear is close to coming to fruition, the people might be awakening and when they do, they might remain alert and use the one thing they have at their disposal, their votes. But there is a salvation for the elites, they control the levers of power and how those who run for office are chosen. Unless people who are honest and desire to take the responsibility for change into their own hands are willing to run for office, then the only candidates will be those who the political parties choose which mean more of the same. Nothing will really change until perhaps the parties themselves are replaced. President Washington warned against political parties believing they would be the end of the republic. How correct he may have been.


Beyond the Cusp



October 26, 2017

Radioactive Russia Scandal


What if a person with political power and connections arranged the sale of twenty percent of America’s uranium supply to a foreign interest? What if they did this for monetary remuneration of millions of dollars? Would this person and their accomplices be guilty of some criminal prosecution? What if this person committed and arranged this deal while serving in a position of the Cabinet of a President who approved of the deal as he preferred that the Russians have the nuclear fuel than the United States. What if this deal was payback for favors being delivered to the person and their interests in the United States? How far and deep does such a connection need to be before it becomes treasonous? And what if this person gained financially from these dealings and would be able to use these dealings to further their efforts to become President of the United States? Exactly how far does one’s ambition and greed need go before their perfidy becomes criminal? These are the real questions which need be asked about dealing with Russia and directly with Vladimir Putin. But fear not, the mainstream American media and European media will not dare touch these acts, which done by anyone else, would get them tried for treason and potentially have them facing twelve men with bolt action rifles and only two with real bullets and the remainder with blanks so that none would know which one fired the fatal shots. Every man in the firing squad could claim that they fired the blank as the report of the rifle was less than normal and that would be every man’s actual feelings as none desire being the executioner. But worry not as no firing squad will ever be called for, even for such blatantly criminal acts as these, as some people of power are above such laws as committing treason; they simply could murder somebody during a press conference covered live in the East Garden of the White House and they would never face any charges.


We decided to start by inundating our readers with articles covering the Russia Uranium transfer, supposed possibly criminal activity. We were nice and gracious and did the search for you and here is a sampling of what we found, not necessarily read, but found. There is The Hill, Washington Times, Investor’s Business Daily , New York Post, U.K. Daily Mail, National Review, Fox News, POLITICO, Newsweek, and lastly Boston Herald. If you read all or even most of these articles, then you probably know more than virtually every Television news personality and most others who are chiming in on this controversy.


Now, perhaps we can get to our commentary on the entire fiasco. Were Bill and Hillary complicit, probably, but who cares and what does it matter? Vladimir Putin used one Clinton Foundation bribe in order to get approval for the UraniumOne purchase of twenty percent of American mined uranium as well as having all involved with the kickbacks remaining silent, clearing the way for Congressional ratification of the New START Treaty. Oh, if they are guilty of illegal behavior then they should be prosecuted. Right. Really? Why would this time be any different than all the misdealing and illegal quid-pro-quo dealings of hundreds upon hundreds of previous political scams and insider trading which they made perfectly legal for them but not for the rest of us? By now we should all be aware that politicians rarely indict or otherwise prosecute one another which is why the swamp never gets cleared no matter who makes the promise. This will be great fun for the media with many enjoying making great noise and making claims that they have the morsel of incriminating evidence which will seal the deal. Others will go to any extreme to prove that nothing untoward has occurred and if it did, then how about President Trump and Putin, you have not forgotten the stealing the election scandal now, have you? Every news source will cover the Clintons and Obamas dealings with the Russians and the uranium deal as well as the Trump-Putin election stealing exactly as you would expect, with their own slant politically. Where can one turn for accurate and unbiased reporting on this? When you find out, please let us know as they might also give such coverage to things about which we actually care.


The Clintons, Bushes, Obamas and virtually every other political family are safely beyond reach of legal officials as long as their deals are made under clouded conditions with paybacks made through third parties and in untraceable routes. They will find cover with the other politicians including even those of the other party as their mutual protection is part and parcel of their comradery. Their motto could be “In Each Other We Trust.” The Congressional leadership has been as crooked as one can imagine. Has anyone ever wondered how members of Congress, and senior staff who are covered by similar rules and lack of restrictions, hold positions which have salaries starting at $174,000 and going as high as possibly $250,000 manage to leave Congress after ten to twelve years as multi-millionaires? They manage such things through currency manipulation such as putting thousands of dollars into the currency of some little known nation where they are about to build a new military base or send hundreds of millions in an aid package and then transferring the currency back to the United States after it has gained in health compared to the U.S. dollars.


They invest buying the stocks of companies they are about to give a huge contract thus benefitting from the investment made by themselves and the government in which they are employed. If we tried to do this, we would face charges of insider trading and face criminal behavior, but these people are completely immune to such charges thus are permitted to trade with such foreknowledge of where the government largess will be placed. Perhaps this is why so many college graduates are so interested in gaining a position in the staff of a member of Congress as though the initial payments in the form of salaries is poor, once they make it to a certain level, then they can also invest using their knowledge as their guiding tool knowing all the coming investments which Congress may be about to approve. Sure seems to be a quick and easy route to the millionaires club and even higher for those who can mange to make a career on Capital Hill. No financially rewarding deal will ever be a prosecutorial under the rules which the government higher employers play by though accusations will be thrown hither and nigh between the two major parties one at the other in the name of throwing dirt to see what might stick. By stick they mean what the media will blow all out of proportion making into one giant scandal of the moment before the news cycle moves on to the next disaster. That is the reality of life in the swamp and almost nobody ever spends even just a short five years there without becoming infected by the scandalous behavior of the government and all the money and sleaze that inundates the city.


The Clintons had the advantage of having committed acts for which a normal person would have faced long prison terms and walked away free as they were politicians who could get away with murder (not that we would claim they ever actually murdered anyone though others have). They had their fair share of scandalous behavior and concerns while in Arkansas and coming to Washington D.C. simply provided them with a far larger swimming pool from which to commit their pandering. Willian Jefferson Clinton chose women in which to invest his pandering and criminal escapades while for Hillary there were only two things which mattered, power and wealth. She married Bill for the knowledge that he would rise politically and was driven and she could tag along for the ride and possibly take off on her own at some point. That point came once Bill had served two terms with her covering for his escapades and running interference. She then expected that he would give her the support required for her to rise and be President, exactly as he had been, she desired to become. His assistance was rather tepid and her efforts have thusfar failed but she has reaped in the monetary half of her desires. The problem is that Senator from New York and even Secretary of State has not satisfied her lusts for the ultimate power, President of the United States. The Russia uranium deal was just another monetary arrangement, in which she gave Vladimir Putin and his power structure and financial friends what they desired, was repaid handsomely and likely promised that Putin will support her next bid for the White House just as he had presumably supported Donald Trump. President Obama desired this deal for the reason that it served his ideals of leveling the world and bringing the United States down from the position as the most powerful nation in the world and transferred some of that power to the Russians, and this served to weaken the United States and empower the Russians, what could have been better?


Clinton vs Trump

Clinton vs Trump


This was the big event which was never supposed to become an issue as Hillary was all but guaranteed to become the first woman President of the United States starting January 20, 2017, Inauguration Day. As something went wrong and now perhaps the Russian uranium deal would be exposed while still potentially relevant, there had to be some competing Russian scandal. Now enters that Russia and President Vladimir Putin stole the election through dirty tricks for Donald Trump as there can be no other explanation for why Hillary Clinton lost a sure fire election. The Russians were helping Republicans and were against Hillary, thus how could anybody expect us to believe that the Russians and Hillary Clinton had worked together in a cash for uranium deal if they worked to elect Trump. There you have the competing Russian evil manipulation of the United States elections and nothing, not even twenty percent of the mined uranium in America could compete with stealing the Presidency. And the media, in their collusion, ate it up and ran and are still running with it but some stories refuse to be outdone and just scream to be investigated. That is the problem Hillary Clinton and potentially others are facing as this was a deal beyond the pale if it proves true.


Beyond the Cusp


October 2, 2017

Donald Trump Has a Tax Plan


Yep, you have heard it right, President Donald Trump has a tax plan and it consists of one main point; simplify the tax code and lower taxes. Of course, if you are going to listen to the media or the Democrats, often, if not always, the same thing, then you are running around screaming how it is a tax cut for the rich and leaves the bottom half of the people with nothing. That is dumb on one level and completely wrong on another. It is dumb because any income tax reduction has absolutely no way of helping the bottom forty-eight percent of wage earners because they do not pay income taxes, only Social Security tax or FICA. Tax cuts will never assist them unless your idea of a tax cut is everybody gets an extra thousand dollar tax return whether they pay taxes or not, which is the same as handing everybody a thousand dollars and is not much of a plan about taxes, it is welfare. So, why not just forget everything you have heard and thus allow us instead of refuting stupid comments aimed at the uninformed to actually talk about something substantive, the heart and soul of Trump’s tax plans.


First, President Trump hopes to get rid of most of the deductions which plague the system. I hear squealing about, but I want my child credit which may join the mortgage credit in extinction. Fine, keep those and a higher tax rate plus hundreds of other special tax credits and deductions and even higher tax rates because for every deduction the tax rate stays higher to cover those costs. It really is simple, if you want tax attorneys and accountants raking in money every year around tax time, keep a thousand different ways to cheat on your taxes in the system and have a high tax rate and that will help make taxes a headache. The other choice is to leave the tax attorneys and accountants quietly on the sidelines and get rid of those complications and drop the taxes accordingly as everybody now pays a lower rate and nobody is squirreling away money in the Cayman Island accounts. The main place where these different and complicated deductions exist are actually in the taxes paid by companies and corporations who have successfully bought the seat of a Congress critter and had them slip a deduction which works in their favor into the corporate tax code allowing their industry in general or their company in particular to not have all of their profits taxable or many of their costs deductible multiple times reducing their tax payment while leaving the rate high, very high. The United States has the highest corporate tax rate in the world by a comfortable margin, much, much higher than anybody else. This cripples industry and companies who have found their way around this rate by hiding their profits, getting ridiculous tax breaks or simply moving their entire company to a foreign country. Many of the people lobbying to not change the system are lobbying for these foreign interests who like having American companies move to their little corner of the world. (Below is President Trump’s actual speech to the National Association of Manufacturers 9/29/17 on his tax plan.)



President Trump wants to get rid of the complicated, five to fifty page tax filing which all but the first page are about deductions and tax write offs and other items which most of us do not understand nor do we make enough to worry about and we just file the short form which allows a few deductions and we pay our taxes. The super wealthy have all these tax avoidance laws placed into the tax codes and their lawyers and accountants use them such that they pay fewer taxes than do you. The simplification of getting rid of the two or three deductions, maybe you are lucky and found five or six deductions, while ridding the system of hundreds of tailored deductions and credits by which the super wealthy get around income taxes, one big one is as long as they keep their profits placed nicely in investments, then they do not count them as income and pay no taxes on them. So you only take a small amount of your investments out each year which neatly come out of your principle and thus are not interest. The next year all the interest you had the previous year are not principle and thus you now can use that money while you leave all the equivalent of the new interests as invested. That is an oversimplification and not totally accurate, but their exemptions allow them to live off of some amount of their wealth tax free while making a huge profit which remains untaxable until they spend it, which is never. They also place their wealth they pass to their children in trust funds which pay the children a small fortune annually tax free and thus no death taxes are ever paid. Are you starting to see how this system works yet? The little guy pays taxes because they are the suckers who cannot tailor the code to their benefit sufficiently to hide their profits from all taxes.


So, President Trump wants to greatly, if not entirely, rid the tax code of these tax loopholes and deductions and simply have people pay a straight lesser rate through write-offs (as for who benefits from write-offs, see chart below). There will still be a general deduction so if you currently are considered too poor to pay taxes, you will continue to be too poor to pay taxes or very little in taxes. But the wealthy and the very rich, and trust they are not the same, will both be paying taxes but at a lower rate. The media and those who love the code as is, will claim this is a tax cut for the rich, those in the top half of the pay scale. They are correct, as those are who pay the vast majority of the taxes, some ninety-five percent of the taxes, will continue to pay that majority but they will pay taxes on all their income and hide less of their money in loopholes and off shore. In the end the tax payment will be more fairly distributed and the forms shorter with less ways to get around paying taxes. The extremely wealthy will not find it less expensive to pay taxes than to pay tax attorneys and accountants. They will still pay these people, they will simply pay them less and the government part of what they will be saving. But the genius of President Trump’s tax reform is not about personal income tax, though that does improve, it is about corporate and business taxes. Here he desires to do something truly radical and unheard of. President Trump wants to rid the code of nearly all deductions other than investment in new equipment, which he desires giving a direct tax cut for the full amount as that permits expansion of business and improved production methods which increase profits, and a one time credit for moving your production back into the United States which has what we would hope is an obvious advantage. He also will retain some of the R&D (research and development) write-offs as that pays for advances and improvements which also creates new industries and streamlines existing industries leading to higher profits which are taxed. Everything else he will try to have stripped away leaving just the tax rate itself.


Who Receives the Benefits From Tax Write-offs?


President Trump desired to lower the tax rate from thirty-five percent or something almost as ludicrous to fifteen percent but the Congress balked at that and they have agreed to twenty percent. To be honest, fifteen would work better but twenty will suffice for now. This has been claimed by investment bankers and others as a move that will incentivize development like nobody has seen in decades if ever. But what this also does is give a tax cut to those people whose salaries place them in the bottom forty-eight percent who do not pay taxes. This lower tax rate will mean that prices of products made in the United States will be lowered. Made in the USA will cost less both for export and for sales within the United States. This means housing and cars will cost less and all of this while the companies get to have higher profits while paying taxes rather than investing in getting around taxes. What has been proven time and again is that lower taxes lead to more taxes being paid and higher revenues for the government within the first decade. The first year or two taxes paid goes down and then start to rise as the investment pays dividends and thus salaries become higher, prices drop and profits increase all of which lead to more tax income for the government and more money for the people themselves. By drastically lowering the corporate tax rate, President Trump is granting everybody a tax credit which will come in the form of lower priced goods and higher salaries for workers. It will also create jobs and employ more people as we move forward.


President Trump hopes to sweep the system of taxes free of the cobwebs and maze of different tax breaks and ways of hiding profit and other items which actually rob the companies of profit over time and reduce wages and numbers of people employed as well as costing the government and further makes American goods more expensive and thus American companies far less competitive in the international markets. This will allow made in America to be exported at a more competitive price and thus competitive in the world markets, as the tax code has hampered the “Made in the USA” products will be smashed and replaced with a streamlined code which is transparent and a lower rate which means less money moved overseas to hide it from taxes. Sure, some moneys will remain placed overseas and presumably beyond taxation, but there will be less incentive to take such steps and with deductions disappearing, more profits will become visible to taxation but at such a rate as not to be punitive. So, more taxes paid despite lower rate and lower prices, higher salaries and more jobs yet the media will attack the plan with the same tired routine of tax breaks for the wealthy. Answer yourself a simple question and it will reveal the lie of their campaign of calling it tax breaks for the wealthy. The companies which have hired you and given you a job from that first job sweeping out a Mom and Pop store and doing stocking and other simple chores after school and in the summer to your job as different as a high priced lawyer or skilled worker or whatever job you have today, was the person who employed you more or less wealthy or were they dirt poor. They obviously have enough money to pay your salary and have enough for themselves, so they had more cash to spend than did you. The corporation you work for or the firm make far more money than they pay you, their employee unless you are on the Board of Directors or the CEO or other officer but then you are doing the hiring, or overseeing the hiring as you even pay people to do your hiring which is definitely a sign you have made it and will enjoy the President’s tax plan. But your whole life has mostly been being paid by those who make more money and not from those who pay no taxes, so giving them more money will help everyone, and that is giving you a piece of their tax beak.


Beyond the Cusp


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