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July 1, 2017

United Nations and the Kurdistan Independence Referendum


The United Nations has withdrawn any participation for monitoring or otherwise supervising any Kurdish resolution for establishing their own state in what would formerly have been Iraq. The Kurdish claim has many facets of which there are two that are most mentioned. The first has been their treatment under Saddam Hussein and his Baathists as well as the Sunnis who supported him whose joint actions included attempted ethnic cleansing, nerve agent attacks on civilian targets, military attacks upon civilians and refusal of representation in the government. The second of these is the current government made up predominantly of Shiites who have refused all attempts by the Kurds to receive promised recognition, suppressed any requests for addressing needs of the Kurdish population and further has refused to provide the promised share of government revenue. Further, the current Shiite government is closely allied with Iran who have proven problematic for the Kurdish population of Iran as well as harassed the Kurds residing in Iraq. Since both other major sects who would likely rule Iraq in any future have proven to mistreat the Kurds, their only recourse is to act to take leave of their former rulers and form their own governance. It is a pity they do not have a Thomas Jefferson to draft a formal document dissolving all ties the Kurdish community has with Iraq. But thus far, the greatest blow has been the refusal of the United Nations to address the Kurdish situation or to even grant them some supervision for their referendum.


The Kurds of Iraq and Syria could together form land sufficient for a nation and would permit the Kurdish populations of the areas to unite against their common enemies and establish their own borders and then be able to defend that border against the Islamic State and all other forces as required, which the Kurdish militias have already undertaken. About the only things currently lacking from the formations of lands forming the nation of Kurdistan, are the recognitions by other nations of their sovereignty. The Kurdish People are choosing a correct path for the formation of their state with the referendum, especially if all residing within their territorial area, which would include the Yazidis, and the intent to allow them participation in the new nations, especially the Yazidis as they are related closely to the Kurdish People by language and culture. As for nations who should recognize the referendum and its outcome, we will hit that further into the article.


There are other reasons why a nation for the Kurdish People is necessary and proper. The British had promised the Kurdish their own nation after World War I for their assistance in fighting the Ottoman Empire, something the Turkish People have never forgiven. The British broke their promise folding to Arab pressure to place these lands and the oil under them with Arab control of one of the sons of the Arab King Faisal who aided the British as well. This resulted in Iraq and Jordan being ruled by his sons before revolutionary coup removed the King in Iraq while the Hashemites still rule in Jordan. Jordan was cut from the British Mandate thus taken from the Jewish Zionists who had no power to prevent such a move and Iraq was extended to include the Kurds who were unable to prevent their promised land being stolen. It appears the British had a weakness for seeing all things through the eyes of the Arabs and had little cause to promote their other promises as the Arabs opposed these other deals, the formation of the Jewish state of Israel and the formation of a Kurdish state of Kurdistan. The Kurds, like the Jews, are rejected by the Arabs despite the vast majority of Kurds being Muslims (the Christian Kurds are the Yazidis) as they are not Arab and have pretty much been a closed society with little intermarriage with the Arabs which so many other peoples did to their detriment. So, we have probably just touched on the reason the United Nations had backed away from overseeing anything to do with Kurdish independence, the Arabs plus Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and particularly Syria’s Bashir al-Assad, which probably places Russia and Vladimir Putin against any Kurdish independence.


Of course, President Erdoğan has designs on the Kurdish lands as he has stated he will fight the Islamic State but he has a price for his fighting them and that is to expand Turkey to include Aleppo, Syria and Mosul, Iraq. President Erdoğan is not satisfied with his current position nor the borders of Turkey and has designs on a Greater Turkey, which includes all of the Kurdish lands and beyond (see map below). President Erdoğan seeks to destroy, completely wipe out, or at least significantly diminish any Kurdish influence or presence in these lands upon which he has set his sights. He seeks this Greater Turkey as his first step towards the reestablished start of the Ottoman Empire with himself as the next Caliph. This is part of the reason much of the Turkish troop movements and air engagements have been against the Kurdish areas which he claims are his brave fighters taking on the Islamic State. President Erdoğan’s troops would likely fare better if they were fighting the Islamic State as the Kurds have proven to be a powerful enemy; but Erdoğan has his close ties with the Muslim Brotherhood and has sent troops to assist in the defense of Qatar, as he opposes Saudi Arabia, seeing them as the major challenge to his aspirations.


Greater Turkey

Greater Turkey


Finally, Erdoğan wishes to eliminate the Kurdish population much as his predecessor Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire Mehmed Talaat Pasha performed genocidal efforts against the Armenians from 1880 right up through 1915 into World War I. On 29 May 1915, the CUP Central Committee passed the Temporary Law of Deportation (“Tehcir Law”), which granted the Ottoman military authorization to deport anyone it believed to be a threat to national security. Using the Tehcir Law, mass property seizures of Armenian properties ensued and the Armenians were simply executed for resisting deportation and having been deemed a threat to the nation of the Ottoman Empire. We can see very similar claims coming from President Erdoğan against the Kurds both within and beyond his borders. President Erdoğan with his claims to a Greater Turkey has already annexed and confiscated in all manners the lands of the Kurds which is leading to his attempted genocidal removal of the Kurds. Erdoğan will find the Kurds far more difficult and troublesome to remove than the disarmed Armenians were to the Ottoman troops, an armed population always has greater rights which extend as far as they wish to defend them.


Our Idea for a Proposed Kurdistan

Our Idea for a Proposed Kurdistan


That brings us to the best reason for many nations, of which we will drop a few names, to monitor and validate the Kurdish referendum. Should they vote, an all but foregone conclusion, for independence, they should immediately recognize their nation of Kurdistan and grant this nation lands which include all the Kurdish lands in Iraq, Syria and Iran, as well as Turkey, should Turkey be so foolish as to declare the land for Turkey and ensue their referendum with an invasion, something which is very conceivable. The first two nations who should jump at the opportunity to recognize a proposed Kurdistan and even recognize at the least the lands in northern Iraq as well as the Kurdish areas in northeastern Syria are the United States and Israel, but for separate reasons.


The United States upon the declaration of the nation of Kurdistan should open relations so as to be able to arm the Kurdish Army, formerly the Peshmerga Kurdish Militias, for two-fold reasons. The first is so they can continue their efforts against the Islamic State, much of which is defensive in nature, and second that they will be capable of resisting any attacks by the Iraqi government and especially from the Turkish government. The United States might even go so far as to threaten Turkey’s President Erdoğan that any encroachment or attacks on independent Kurdish lands could result in the United States supporting a referendum amongst the Kurdish communities of south eastern Turkey to secede from Turkey and join the lands of Kurdistan and be ruled by the Kurdish government. This would be a large step towards disassembling the grievous error which was the Sykes-Picot Agreement (map at link) which divided the Ottoman Empire with complete disregard for tribal allegiances and borders thus splitting tribal lands between nations and placing rival tribes within the same borders leading to disruptions and inability for normal governance. This led to strong man dictatorial regimes which were unstable and a source of perpetual grief. The United States would be doing themselves and the world a favor by taking the first and a great and large step towards dissolving the arbitrary lines of the Sykes-Picot Agreement and allowing for normative lines and relations to be developed. This would be a step towards solving much of the strife found within the Arab and Muslim world which were part of the Ottoman Empire.


Israel should recognize the Kurdish nations, Kurdistan, simply because they would make natural allies. We realize that Kurdistan is Sunni Muslim but also recognize that they are not Arab and the Arabs have always given the Kurds the back of their hand against their cheeks, and that was when they were feeling sympathetic. They have attempted genocide on the other days, both Sunnis and Shiites. The Kurds and Israel have had secretive agreements over the years and it would simply be natural for the two to form an alliance of mutual support. Israel probably would not be expecting to sign any mutual defense treaty, at least not formally, but they could make for good trade partners and a way for Israel to reach into the Islamic world having a sympathetic inlet. There are just too many similarities as both were stolen from by the British, the Kurds somewhat more as they lost their entire promised nations. Israel recognizes such unfairness and the support for righting such wrongs, just as the United States does, well, more often than not. Lastly, Israel can always use one more friend from amongst the nations of the world.


The United Nations should recognize the rights of the Kurdish People for self-rule. But as that would be the right and proper thing for the United Nations to do, it is unlikely that is what they would do. It is a given that with the Arab world against the establishment of Kurdistan that it would come down to how the Nonaligned Nations (NAM) voted, as normally they back the Arabs; but this is a nation shaking off the wrongs of colonial injustice, something the NAM nations usually support such as South Sudan. But Kurdistan would not be in Africa or Asia but rather in the Middle East; so they may simply figure it is none of their business or interest and thus split making the vote likely to be negative. Further, in the Security Council it can be depended upon Russia in support of Iran and Syria and thus also Iraq to use their veto if needed and China for similar reasons as well, so recognition of a Kurdish nation by the Security Council would most definitely delay any hope they would have for joining the United Nations, that is assuming they would desire such a badge of shame. Let’s face it, belonging to the United Nations has not exactly been a bed of roses for Israel as she has gotten only disrespect and dishonored by the institutions of the United Nations. Only the WHO has recognized Israeli achievements and their work with underdeveloped nations and any nation suffering a crisis. So, the United Nations and Kurdistan would be a big ‘if’ at best. Still, we here continue to support the Kurdish People and pray they get their state and it includes all the Kurdish People and Turkey allows their Kurds who desire to relocate without any impositions such as special taxations, fees, demands they surrender their property, denial of funds from financial institutions, military force to retain them or other unnecessary impositions. Allowing them to safely depart is far more preferable than your other idea, genocidal wiping the Kurds wherever you can find them to build your nightmare Caliphate on their dead bodies as that is an abomination.


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June 28, 2017

What Political Message Have Elections Taught?


What we need do is to seek out what politics or which politicians invigorated their electorate and the means and methods they used which proved more effective than the others did. To do this we need to look at elections of the Twenty-First Century starting with George W. Bush and ignoring third party candidates, as that has been the way of things. In the 2000 election, we saw George W. Bush running against Albert Gore. Both of these candidates are so exciting that we can refer to one as watching grass grow and the other as watching paint dry. When it all was over it came down to divining the desire of voters and hanging chads and a Supreme Court decision calling the circus to a close with the winner according to the final count before the bell rang being grass growing, George W. Bush. So, this was politics as it had been in the Twentieth Century, a form of politics which died in this century as it no longer plays in the climate of reality TV such as naked survival, alone in the worst climates on earth and we are waiting for the how long can you stay in a viper pit without being bit, losers are buried. How far is television from the Roman Colosseum?


The next election in 2004 we saw George W. Bush running for reelection against John F. Kerry. The most interesting item in this election also kind of explains who won and why. John Kerry’s middle name does not really start with an F, or it starts with an F, ends with an F, and is one letter long which is an F. John Kerry was running for the Senate in Massachusetts and decided that having the initials JFK would really help him sound more like John Fitzgerald Kennedy and gain some of the shine and famous recognition using the same initials as the most popular figure in Massachusetts politics. So, in his normal fashion of faking it, he faked three serious injuries for which he required Band-Aids to get three Purple Hearts within four months which he wrote up the recommendations himself and that got him sent home early, so adding the F to the middle of his name was child’s play for this faker. So, this was an election between grass growing and a liar and a fake who nobody believed or really trusted so grass growing won again, only bigger. Again, this election was old school and boring and nothing to see there either.


On we go to the 2008 elections and finally the start with the new age of American politics. Here we have a contest between Barack Hussein Obama and John Sidney McCain. John McCain was extremely competent in carrying on the Republican Party technique of being grass growing, and he did it extremely well, much to his detriment. The Democrat candidate, Barack Obama, was fireworks and all about the politics of you. This is where you are defined by policies which excite the younger voters as if they are excited with your policy positions, they will volunteer and climb the Himalayas if that is required to win. And unlike former generations where the young were not interested in politics, the latest couple of generations are all about policy and politics. They are idea driven and can be caught up in a good campaign if it makes them believe. Barack Obama had the idea of the first Black President which got the left wing all a titter and ready to make history, and for the older voters, it was the making history and proving they were not racist. But the youth, though exited by the mantra of first Black President, required much more. The youth needed to know what it was that Barack Obama was going to stand for and what drove him and were to be his policies. This was where he hit it out of the park. For the most part candidate Obama was whatever you wanted to believe, that was his love too. President Obama was the master manipulator of the thoughts of others. His eloquent and smooth delivery and the wording left everyone painting their own picture onto a blank canvas. Barack Obama masterfully would talk both sides of every issue he talked about leaving the listener to decide what they believed and then it appeared that so did Barack Obama. He was noncommittal talking in double circular ovals and squiggly lines leaving everyone assured that yes was maybe while no was why not and all of it was but wisps of smoke which when one finally emerged dizzied and befuddled they would soon decide that what they heard had to be what they wanted to hear and thus Barack Obama was all things to all people. There were those who realized that he was not standing for anything and they tried to call attention to the con-game being played by Barack Obama and you will never guess what they were called by the mainstream media. You might think they were called, “Racist,” but that would be exactly correct. Any discontent or criticism of Barack Obama was labeled as racist and bigoted thus being able to simply deflect any criticism and parry truthful accusations not allowing anything negative to be applied thus we witnessed the initial settling of the whole of the media with the smallest of exceptions aligned as the supportive propaganda arm for the Democrat Party. So, in the end we had a contrast between watching grass grow against a three-ring circus advertised as the greatest show on Earth. Guess which won. Nope, no watching grass grow, this time that lost and lost big. But do not let that shake the Republican Party because in 2012, they gave us watching grass grow once again in the form of Mitt Romney and got a repeat performance of 2008, they lost. So we had Barack Obama two in a row using excitement and selling political positions or the appearance thereof.


So, here we come to 2016 and all kinds of insanity. The Republicans came out with seventeen candidates. One was Jeb Bush who had more campaign funds than all the rest of the candidates combined. He was such a great example of watching grass grow that he never got past the first couple of primaries. The remaining candidates were various types of grass growing, some latex paint drying along with enamel paint and some good old oil paint drying, one serious former CEO, one world famous neurosurgeon and a circus barker. The nice thing was all of these candidates talked their best on policies and were pretty much all the same; well, except the circus barker who had policies mixed with ridiculous statements and tone of controversies. Guess who won? You got it, the circus barker won.


Meanwhile, over at the Democrat Party there were only two candidates, one was a traditional candidate and the other a wild eyed, far left, older politician who often screamed out policy positions and really wound up the young supporters and he was excited right along with his youthful supporters. This was an interesting primary where the wild, screaming policy-wonk started off really slow but caught fire about one-third the way into the primaries and with plenty of time to close. The standard and favored candidate started fine but bogged down in malaise and lack of feelings and absolutely little to no policy positions. Actually, this candidate spent much of the time fighting accusations of mishandling e-mails or misconduct of different varieties which questioned their character and trustworthiness. The wild leftist was closing and the supporters were getting wildly excited thinking they just might have a chance to win it all when the word came down, there were even more super delegates which consists of Senators and Representatives from Congress, members of the Democratic National Committee and notable Democrats, including such as former presidents and vice presidents and Democrats of note. This came to contain sufficient, apparently, numbers to assure that the conventional candidate wins because the Democrats already had their rallying cry, elect the first woman President.


The Democrats had zeroed in on one of the things which had won for President Obama, the theme of being the first Black President, thus Hillary would win as the first Woman President. They ignored the excitement the youth had for what they believed was a candidate who understood their concerns and knew the policies they desired. The Republican candidate who was cast as a clown and a carnival barker by the media, virtually all media uniformly could but laugh at candidate Donald Trump. So the scene is set, the stage lights on and the show begins. The campaign was one which was more incongruous, bizarre and incoherent as any we have ever witnessed, including the one in which we were participants as third party candidate for the District Eight in Maryland’s Seat in the United States Congress.


In this one, we had Hillary doing her best possible job of character assassination against Trump while he left the candidate assassination to the media and the realities of her history. Trump also relied on the media to carry his talking points as he mixed them with outrageous statements. The barker did do one thing different, and that was he talked purely message and positions on the economy, immigrations, terrorism and rebuilding the country to lead the free world again and he stuck with that message at every campaign rally which he did almost constantly. The other spent their time accusing the other of being unserious as a candidate who did not deserve to be President while she was due the office as the first Woman President plus she had done all the right things to be owed the Presidency. There was one report which nailed the reality and why Donald Trump won and this theory was, those who supported him ignored his Tweets and listened to his positions while the media ignored his positions and believed his Tweets.


Conclusion time for what does it take to be successful as a Presidential candidate in the Twenty First Century. The simple way to put it, you need to concentrate on message, message, message. The youth vote is the secret as they are also the volunteers which can carry a campaign. The youth in this generation realize that leadership of the nations, and possibly the world, is important and that it is your beliefs and positions on critical themes such as the economy, foreign policies and interactions which includes immigration, foreign interventions and the wisdom and what reasons it would take to cause the United States to send troops, what one would do in any situation which required an American response such as if a foreign nations crossed a “red line” or threatened an ally. These are questions they want to hear about but they also have some dangerous ideas themselves. Many youth still are in the grips of the socialist, anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist, rejectionist theories they were pumped with by their professors in university.


Many have not experienced sufficient situations in life to understand the long-term effects of some of their favorite pet policies. The most dangerous of these is fighting income inequity which they were told is a great evil. There is an easy way to point out the destructive effect of this idea, and that is to compare a ditch digger (which will soon be a robotic position along with almost all minimum wage positions) with a surgeon, we like to use brain surgeon. These positions would never be considered to be worthy of receiving equal pay thus are two positions which contain a huge income inequality. Much of income inequality is driven by knowledge, experience and responsibilities. These students have been told of CEO’s who make millions of dollars a year for making obvious decisions, or at least that is the way it is presented and their professors love to point out how the students themselves could make these same decisions given the opportunity. That is a lie as these professors have little if any idea what decisions managers make and there is a simple and necessary policy about managers. Managers need to earn close to or preferably more than those they manage and a CEO manages people who make six and seven figure incomes, make decisions which concern billions of dollars, make decisions which effect thousands of employees and with one swipe of the pen can cause ten thousand people to be fired or two thousand to be hired, all this also decides the health of their company. Often you will hear of a CEO who comes to a company, fires one third of the employees, closes three of the seven manufacturing plants, ends all but four of the company’s products and loses one-billion dollars the first year and only makes three-hundred million the next year and was lauded as a genius. This CEO was brought back to his company and where we may have a few points slightly wrong, the losses and gains in profits are accurate and the man saved the company, his name was Steve Jobs and the company was Apple.


What sounds like a failure may be an intelligent realignment as the slimming of a company to make it more competitive. Another person may have added employees and appeared to grow a company by making twice as many numbers of the same products but as sales collapsed that year he was a disaster. Another myth is that companies are in business to employ people. Wrong, the company is in business to make profits for their stockholders and that might require automation and reduction in workforce as McDonalds is in the process of trying to do. This idea of a $15.00/hr. minimum wage sounds wonderful unless you are seeking a starting position job because compared to current jobs, almost half of minimum wage jobs might disappear should the minimum wage be jumped by so much. Raising the minimum wage simply prices any number of jobs right out of the job market. How does that happen, don’t the companies have to keep somebody doing that job. Well, yes, and let me give you a great example. We will assume we own a shoe store which has a decent business and we have four full time sales people and five part time sales people and a stock person who also sweeps the stock room, vacuums after the store closes and keeps the stock room straight. Now some goody-goody decides to up the minimum wage by fifty percent. Well, now one of the full time sales people, the one closing the store which will often be the owner who will run the vacuum and clean the bathroom and runs the stock and there is no longer a stock person. We would also let at least one part time sales person go, the one with the lowest sales average and possibly one full time sales person and the owner would work opening to closing and might have their wife or one of their children work some hours when business peaked around Christmas. Now how did the raising of the minimum wage help the stock person? Are they making more money or are they making less.


What will almost doubling minimum wage do? Things have consequences and many of these consequences are not taught in university, they are learned in life and life is a very demanding instructor. Those of us who are fortunate never have life teaching them many lessons; those are truly blessed people who need to be thankful for their life. Automation and robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems are going to alter the job market drastically and the higher the minimum wage is placed the faster many jobs will disappear. For a good example one need look no further than auto manufacturing. There used to be near to if not over one hundred people on an assembly line which made maybe twenty cars a day way back when. Now there are less than twenty people on an entire assembly line including sub-assemblies which we did not count in the above description and these lines can put out twenty cars an hour and within the next twenty years the number will drop to under ten and even five while even more cars will be produced. This is reality and as we know the ATM machines led to less tellers at the bank and the ones there are usually bored stiff and many banks have management level people who are also assigned to do teller position work when volume required such. Also, ditch diggers have been replaced by a backhoe, twenty diggers, gone. This will become true for every job even to lawyers and auditors as AI takes ever-greater powers.


ATM vs. Bank Teller

ATM vs. Bank Teller


Some jobs have been altered drastically by modern technology. Auto mechanics now must be trained on diagnostic equipment and specialized tools and how to handle electronic ignitions and make adjustments through programming the modules in the engine and elsewhere. Wrenches, well they are still required as are screw drivers but hammers are a thing of the past, well, not completely, just do not get caught adjusting anything with a hammer if you like your job. Trains no longer need anyone to drive them as they are becoming automated, even the subways as they modernize. There will soon be automated trucks driving the roads and there will be automated cab drivers and in our lifetimes, we should live the necessary twenty to thirty years, all cars will be automated and selecting human driver will have your car emit a signal and do not be surprised if you get additional scrutiny by police just waiting for you to make a human mistake. Eventually driving a car will be illegal which will make life interesting. Your windows will be computer screens which can show you anything except where your car is going, as they do not wish to scare you to death. Fully automated roads will have no traffic signals and the cars will speak to one another and miss each other by millimeters and it will presumably be safer than it is now. Things are going to start becoming unrecognizable and for many our age it already has. When the AI gets to the point that it can design the next generation AI and can design the manufacture of the next generation AI we had best practice our best puppy dog begging eyes and being really cute as our place will be as the robot’s pet. Hopefully somewhere they will place in the robotic basic program along with the twenty (the original were three) Isaac Asimov Laws (but I-robot showed the problem with his laws so we are guessing it will take a few more) includes one which requires every robot to have at least one human pet it cares for and that the number of human pets is a status symbol. The changes are coming and humans are soon to be as obsolete as dogs presumably are to the running of any city, we may require a few but those will be replaced with robot dogs real soon.


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June 24, 2017

Forget Calls by Left to Meet Halfway


All too often, there is this game played by the leftists and the media against the right and the people. This game follows the same old route every time but somehow it almost always claims it has worked. The affair starts with calls by leftist leaders calling for peace and an end to the bitter atmosphere between the Left and the Right. The media jumps on this olive branch being offered all but demanding understanding and a meeting in the middle by the political rivals. The invitation continues to hang and the media pounds the message home at every opportunity. Eventually, the leadership from the right weakens and it starts to look as if there will be a meeting in the middle. That is when the slide begins where the left ever so faster move their positions further left and further left until meeting in the middle becomes meeting in the left rather than the middle, as advertised. Currently, there is no call from the left in the United States for a meeting between the left and the right but if the left can ever calm down and accept their loss by Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump, then possibly the two sides can talk. What is interesting, the left in the United States is increasingly moving to the left without having requested or even hinted at any hope of working together with their rivals on the right. Instead, the left is demanding that they be permitted to call the agenda because it is their fair and proper place in the way of things. They claim it is their right and that despite losing the election, they have the moral right and responsibility to continue the programs and initiatives which are the only proper and true path which the nation must go. They are convinced along with the legions who claim that Hillary Clinton did win the elections except for interference from the Russians, James Comey, the FBI, Wikileaks, sexism, working class refuse to believe a woman can be President and lack of support from the Democrat Party itself, that all the power rightfully should lie with them. So, because she won except for cheating by the world and everyone being against her, it gives the leftists the right to dictate policy as if they held both houses of Congress and the White House because if the world was the way it should be, that would be the reality.


Hillary Clinton miserable

I Lost? Impossible! Trump won? Impossible! He won what states? Impossible!
You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.


Oh, so you doubt that. Have you read my Facebook page and all the leftists telling me how the world demands that they be granted the right to rule everything? I see it every day and it is truly amazing. Now there are rumors that those behind the demonstrations and racket about Hillary winning the election are arranging for grand demonstrations across the nation in every major city. One has to wonder what they believe all their racket and screaming and protesting and just plain noise, the same type interference one used to see when they fell asleep watching television and the station had gone off the air and you just had white noise meaning nothing, will accomplish. I actually know what some of them believe they will be capable of actually accomplishing, they believe they will end up driving President Trump from office and also drive Pence, Ryan and the rest of the Republicans from office and take over permanently and control the United States without any opposition. They believe they can override the Constitution and rewrite the rules declaring themselves as permanent rulers. They honestly believe that the Republicans are fascists and thus must be driven from all the halls of power allowing themselves to be running the show with absolute power forever. They believe they should be permitted to send anyone who opposes their rule and what they wish to install to places where they can be educated to believe the correct ideas and join the program and get onboard. They see themselves as the real heart of the people and the proper ways of the world as it should be and, by gosh golly, it will be. They will not be happy until they are placed in charge and everybody is brought to understand how their ways and ideas are the only true and proper way and the United States will be brought to understand this no matter what it takes. Oh, and they are most definitely not fascists or dictatorial in any way, they are the popular and rightful leaders of the nation because Hillary Clinton received the popular vote, and that ends it.


Then there are those who believe that the Constitution was written the way it was for some very good and real reasons and the Electoral College is what actually chooses the President, not the popular vote. Most understand that the Electoral College was designed so that every state had a more equal representation no matter its size or population. Without this, the United States would become represented by the major cities and the rural vote and states would never have much of a say except for in the Senate. Imagine the nation if it was run completely from the top cities by population listed below.

1) New York
2) Los Angeles
3) Chicago
4) Houston
5) Phoenix
6) Philadelphia
7) San Antonio
8) San Diego
9) Dallas
10) San Jose
11) Austin
12) Jacksonville
13) San Francisco
14) Columbus
15) Indianapolis


Bridging the Right-Left gap is folly in the extreme. The left does not desire any compromises any longer. They simply desire one thing, complete control and nothing less. This game has been played before and those who know history understand what has started. It starts with claims of stolen elections or crimes against the state by government agents and other claims of unfair treatment or being cheated from their rightful positions of power, as long as the eventual end result is their having unrestricted and uncontested power. They use protests leading to riots and unrest and eventually the government will try and establish order which will fail. The more the government attempts to establish order the more the leftists will raise a ruckus. Eventually, there will be a savior who offers to end the unrest. They may come disguised as somebody from the right or perhaps honestly from the left but always promising to reestablish order. Once the left retakes power it is over and the leaders of the protests and violence call off their attacks. There will be those who have learned to love the violence and will continue, feel very sorry for those few remaining rioters and disruptors, as they cannot be tolerated once the left takes their presumed rightful place. They were given a name by Joseph Stalin, useful idiots. They are more of a bunch of sacrificial lambs who must be offered up for the sake of power. Power is the only thing what matters, always has been and always will be.


The one thing people need remember, liberals and left-wingers are not leftists. Leftists are the fanatical fringe whose ideology is less important than having and holding power. Once they have power, then things can progress peaceably. They thought they had gained power permanently after President Obama was reelected. They ignored their losing election after election in state after state. They believed that Hillary Clinton had to win simply because they had the winning idea, the first woman President. This had to work just as they used the idea of the first black President and President Obama rode that to two elections. They just knew that Hillary would win the next two elections and after eight more years, there would be nothing left of the Republican Party and the leftists would rule forever. Hillary would implement the remainder of their programs just as President Obama had done regardless of the Congress. President Hillary Clinton would simply issue Executive Orders to establish things and they would have the many separate government bureaucracies simply enact new regulations to complete their coup and that would be the end of the republic and end the need for elections. This was going to be their swan-song which was going to establish their Utopian and eternal governance. Something went wrong with the plan. The people of the United States had to have made an unforgivable mistake. They could not have elected somebody as abhorrent and detestable as Donald Trump. They had gotten their perfect Republican candidate, a non-politician who was not liked and immoral. The religious right would not be able to vote for such a person and without them, then Hillary would waltz into the White House. Now that this has happened and the plan is unraveling with President Trump ready to undo everything they had accomplished, the leftists cannot let this stand. This was it and now it has all gone awry. This was it and they are willing to destroy it all if that is what it takes to win and establish their utopia. Of course, their utopia is for the select few, but don’t tell the useful idiots that they are not included, they will not believe you. They are the true believers and will believe that even their sacrifice will have been for the cause and that is just as it should be. They might wake up some day, but not today or any day too soon. If they wake up it will be too late for them but maybe they can teach those who follow what freedom was and that it is worth fighting to regain. But the reality is, should freedom be lost now it will not come back ever for this generation and is unlikely for the next generation but if the generation after that can make it, that would be the start of the cycle again.


Beyond the Cusp


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