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January 15, 2013

United Nations Secretary General Displays Double Standard for Jews and Palestinians

The United Nations General Assembly this past November 29, 2012, granted statehood to the representatives of the Palestinians, the PLO, without any requirement for them to negotiate or recognize Israel or perform even the smallest of conditional acts. The very same United Nations General Assembly regularly demands for Israel to enter negotiations with the Palestinians or face denunciations and challenges to their right to be considered an actual country. This double standard appears to present no trouble or difficulty for the United Nations General Assembly as well as numerous of the various United Nations agencies. Now we find that the same double standard by the denouncing of Israel while praising and defending the same activities when committed by the Palestinians by the head of the United Nations, Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

The office of the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon released a statement which stated that the Palestinians have “the right to stage peaceful protests that must be fully respected.” The statement further asserted that Ban is “following with concern developments around the E1 area.” The release further noted fallaciously that Israeli construction in the area is “Illegal under international law,” and that “any such settlement plans for E1 must be rescinded.”

It must be noted that the area in question is completely within Area C which is completely under Israeli legal jurisdiction and the security is completely Israeli. Where the Palestinians have similar rights to Area A and Area B is also under Palestinian civilian control, it is also under joint Israeli and Palestinian security jurisdiction. Under previously signed agreements between the Palestinian authority and Israel, new establishment of any form of residence or structures in Area C, permanent or temporary, which includes the E1 area in question, are required to have Israeli permission while Palestinian permission is required in Areas A and B. Apparently this agreement is only to be applied to the areas under any type of control by the Palestinian authority and the areas under Israeli jurisdiction are not recognized by the Secretary General of the United Nations. It is always nice to know that such an august body which is supposedly renowned for being an impartial arbiter of international conflicts and negotiations holds such a double standard from top to bottom. This fully explains the appointment of Richard Falk as the United Nations special rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian territories with the mission statement to detail and report all transgressions and crimes committed by Israel in their occupation. Richard Falk described his duties as,   “One is evaluating whether the conditions of occupation are such as to give the Palestinians some kind of right of resistance. And if they have that right, then what are the limits to that right? The other issue at stake in this current inquiry is to evaluate how Israel as the occupying power is carrying out its responsibility to protect the society that is subject to its control.” It definitely appears that Ban Ki-Moon agrees with Mr. Falk’s attitude towards all things pertaining to the situations concerning Israel and the Palestinians.

It is always nice to know the base attitudes of those who hold power and may have influence in adjudicating and influencing the conditions or actions pertaining to your very survival. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has made his view pertaining to the Israeli Palestinian situation perfectly clear. Focusing on his statements regarding actions by Israeli Jews and Palestinians who choose to make political statements through setting up temporary tent settlements as a way of building “facts on the ground” where he posits that the Palestinians are fully within their rights and have his blessings to commit such actions wherever they choose while the Israeli Jews are denied this right in any locations, especially if that location might be claimed by the Palestinians. What is even more interesting about Ban Ki-Moon’s released statement is that it denies the right of Israel to make claims while granting the validity of any claims made by the Palestinians. With such a view from the one person who, by his office, is presumed to be unbiased and neutral on all disputes favoring only that they be resolved through passive, nonviolent negotiations of the parties involved, it is astonishing that such a biased statement could be issued in his name out of his office. Of course the majority of the member countries of the United Nations will have no problem and see no bias and will accept Mr. Moon’s statement as a fair and honest assessment of acceptable parameters regarding actions of both Israeli Jews and Palestinians. It is always good to know where your friends are, and even more vital to locate thy enemies. The Secretary General of the United Nations has made his choice most evident.

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October 24, 2012

Rocket Barrage Continues Four Wounded Two Seriously

More than fifty rockets have been fired across the border wounding four, two of them critically. Some of the wounded were found to be foreign agricultural workers who are simply helping with the harvest to support their families. What would your reaction be if this were the beginning of an article in your local news media outlets, print, radio, and television? Instead of this report being about rockets fired into southern Israel from the Gaza Strip, what if it were about southern Florida and the rockets originated in Cuba, or if this had been eastern Pakistan with the rockets fired by India or if the rockets were fired from Chechnya into Russia? We could go on listing such possible places and combinations for pages but these will suffice. Would we not expect in each case there to be some response by the nation made victim by the rocket fire and whose citizens live with fear of just such events being commonplace in their lives. This has to be put in perspective of these fifty rockets are just one day’s strike in a chain of such strikes totalling in excess of 10,000 rockets to date. Would not the United States acting on Florida’s behalf, Pakistan, or Russia be within their rights to respond and respond harshly to such a provocation, such that is tantamount to an act of war? Surely such retribution would be accepted by the majority of the rest of the world and might even find aid arriving from other sympathetic nations as well as much noise made against the aggressors in the United Nations, through many NGOs and in the general discourse coming from governments throughout the world. I predict we will see a similar level of scorn and denunciations of actions coming from all entities, governments and of course the United Nations with all its disparate agencies. But what we will hear will be different from what we could expect in each of the alternate situations described above.

Should the world hold true to its normative form, we can expect calls for Israel to show restraint and to not strike at the assets of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the other known terror groups which populate Gaza and were responsible for this attack. The warnings to Israel will inevitable include reasoning that should Israel strike back it will simply cause the terrorists to be motivated to strike back as retaliation. Israel will be instructed to simply absorb this strike in the hopes that by not striking back, the terrorists will respond with quiet and peace and everyone will live happily ever after. Needless to point out that should such terror strikes have been perpetrated against any other country that the world would accept their retaliation and many might even go so far as to applaud such. But not Israel. Israel is supposed to sit there and allow its citizens to be murdered and traumatized, its properties and infrastructure to be blown to pieces without so much as a murmur of indignation. When Israel does strike in retaliation for this grievous act of war we will likely hear from numerous Muslim countries, the European Union along with many of its member nations, the United States, Russia, China, international NGOs, the alphabet soup of United Nations agencies and especially the United Nations General Assembly to all roundly condemn this overt, harsh and unilateral, unjustified attack on innocent Palestinians. The entirety of Hamas rocket, mortar, IED, and other attacks will be neatly placed out of sight and the world will act as if Israel was the initiator of any and all violence in the Middle East. There will even likely be motions for sanctions against Israel brought before the United Nations Security Council which will hopefully be vetoed and placed rightfully into the waste basket. But there will be one cry which will pierce through the cacophony of denunciations and declarations of unity with the people of Gaza which will ask, “But Israel deserved this as a result of the blockade and their starving of the oppressed Palestinians and what about the occupation.”

Once more let us clear up the misinformation about events and the order in which they occurred which will make those willing to listen to gasp in disbelief and then run to check our facts; we welcome such scrutiny. We all probably will agree that Israel gained possession of the Gaza Strip as the result of the June 1967 Arab Israeli War. Israeli actions in this war has been adjudicated and was found to have been a defensive war as Egypt had initiated the war with their closing of the Straights of Tiran (a casus belli in and of itself), Egypt and Syria in coordinated actions massed troops on Israel’s northern and southern borders, both Egypt and Syria had announced their intent to push the Jews into the Sea, and Jordan was not brought under attack until after they rejected the Israeli calls for Jordan not to attack and they struck anyway. It is also hard to argue against that fact that Israel removed every Israeli and all IDF troops from Gaza in 2005 leaving it completely under Palestinian authority rule and control. There was no embargo or blockade of Gaza at this time. By the end of 2007, Hamas had assumed full control of Gaza after a coup which removed the ruling Palestinian Authority from the enclave. Even after Hamas had taken control of all of Gaza through its violent purge of all things Fatah, Israel still had not put in place the embargo and naval blockade. It was after rockets were fired into Israel by Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other terror interests which have found safe haven in Gaza that Israel acted and put in place the embargo and naval blockade. After the incident with the flotilla and the violent attack on the IDF units enforcing the blockade that the United Nations held an investigation and hearings on the Israeli blockade which was found to be legal and within the applicable demands for legitimacy in international law. The only interaction that Israel has with Hamas and the Gaza governing entities is the transfer of humanitarian aid, supplying some of the water and electricity to Gaza, and offering and supplying Gazans with medical treatments in Israeli hospitals very often at no cost. This is considered by some as a form of occupation but one can only imagine the howling and tragedy that would be noted should Israel cease these “occupation motivated assistances”. Now all we can do is wait and see if Israel retaliates in equal measure or if they instead target a number of leaders of the terror groups operating within Gaza and the resultant highly charged insanities that will follow whichever action Israel should employ. Even if Israel were to not retaliate, something that has occurred in the past, history has shown that this only serves to engender even larger and bolder attacks as not acting is perceived as weakness and an inability to act. This is one truth in the Middle East that the Western nations have yet to figure out or understand. They appear to be unable to see the world through anything beyond their rose colored glasses which filter out any and all truths which they will to wish away.

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May 15, 2012

Reputation in the World not Israel’s Problem

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Israel’s reputation in the world is considered by many Jews and Israelis as a major problem if not the singular most pressing problem. They find it abhorrent that Israeli is compared to the Nazis in their treatment of the Palestinians and non-Jewish Israelis. They regret Israel being portrayed as being an oppressive occupying colonialist presence in their ancient homeland. Many friends of Israel feel great pain every time that she is denounced by the United Nations in either the Security Council or by any of the numerous rights groups and other governments. Many take the offenses personally when unions, organizations, city, municipal, and other levels even including national governments when they condemn Israel and take punishing moves such as boycotts and sanctions. Article after article in the minority of media outlets which are supportive of Israel bemoan the bile, hatreds and invectives constantly used to denounce Israel and the Israeli peoples. These reactions to the opinions of the rest of the world towards Israel have left many who love Israel close to paralyzed. They fear making a wrong move, an objectionable comment, a law found to be hateful, or performing, expressing, reacting in ways that might end up causing condemnations to fall upon Israel. Such trepidations are the result of probably the first ever case of an entire country and people being inflicted by Helsinki Syndrome.

In many ways the fears, timidity and second guessing by many of those in positions of leadership of Israel and the Jewish people are reminiscent of the first generations misgivings after leaving Egypt and crossing the desert on the way to the Promised Land. This might be explainable by looking at the similarities between these two returns to the lands of Abraham that were the conventional promise to be the lands his offspring nation would inherit. The Jewish people left Egypt after supposedly 400 years of slavery and having forgotten the lands of their forefathers and possessing a dependence personality resultant of their years of forced labor and oppression. Meanwhile, today’s Jews have a similar depressive set of personality outlooks resultant of the nearly two millennia which was consistent of prolonged periods of oppressions, deprivations, forced conversions, pogroms, exiles, ghettoizations, and restrictive treatment under the law which limited Jews in workplaces, occupations, residences, and numerous other restraints all of which culminated in the Holocaust. In many ways the modern return of the Jews to their ancient homeland of Israel is similarly identical to their Exodus out of Egypt and their return under Persian rule after the Babylonian Exile. They have to remember what it is to be the one who controls their own governance and being those who are truly the controlling force of the society of which they are not only a part, but the majority. After years of being the smallest of segments of most states under whose rule they had lived while also being always considered as the others, the peculiar others upon whom all evils and pestilence was blamed. After centuries upon centuries where whenever calamity struck their neighborhood the cry arose that the Jew caused this or that deprivation and it was necessary to force the Jew from their midst, when they were fortunate, and burn, kill, or other form of annihilating the Jew to set the world right.

The Jews need to realize that they cannot control, or even influence in most instances, the opinions of those who despise them. They have to come to the understanding that these countries which had held their fathers of former generations in contempt and inflicted upon them vile hatreds are not going to treat the Jewish State with any better regard than they had the Jews who lived in their midst throughout much of history. The leadership in Israel has to come to the awakening that they need to rule and commit themselves to what is best for Israel and her people and let the world scream and protest all they wish. The more attention and the more Israeli actions are molded and fall to foreign persuasions, the more and the longer the world will continue to protest and demand of Israel that they heed and satisfy their enemies. The Jewish people as a whole and Israeli Jews in particular need to realize that by modifying their behavior in an effort to assuage their protestations only serves to positively support such complaints and insistence leading to even more demands that they go further and allow for even more demands until the demands reach where they have gone, to a level of complete absurdity. The Israeli tendency to moderate their policies and actions in order to ameliorate their actions and gain the approval of the rest of the world is completely counterproductive. Wake up and start to serve the people of Israel first and ignore the screaming crazies who would rather Israel cease to exist. The world does not care about Israel and especially the Jews of Israel and should hold as much sway over the actions of the State of Israel commensurate to their affections of the Jewish people throughout their history and their support offered today. Those who wish Israel harm should be ignored and seek the company of those who wish friendship. You will never satisfy a world which has decided that Israel has no right to exist and the Jew has no right to a country or even to life when push comes to shove, so stop trying and instead satisfy and serve yourselves. The world will get along just fine even should you decide to do as you need and ignore what they say, especially their complaints and demands for your surrender. That is the only way to gain the respect in place of their scorn. How can you expect the rest of the world to respect you if you do not respect yourselves sufficiently to serve yourselves primarily and the rest of the world secondarily.

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