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March 13, 2016

J-Street Exemplifies Jewish Self-Hatred Still Alive in America and the World


The history of Jews who stand over the death of their fellow Jews while claiming that they are the noble Jews is long and horribly consistent throughout the ages and J-Street is just the most visible form today. It is appropriate that they are funded largely out of Europe and a fair amount of money came from the definition of Jewish self-hatred and renowned Kapò, George Soros. These types existed in Egypt who often held the whips as they were the taskmasters who did their Egyptian masters bidding, while others were spies turning in any Jew mentioned in rumors. They allied with the Babylonians and on and on throughout history. So, J-Street is nothing new, they just have the advantage of modern media, a polished public relations system and are liberally funded by Palestinian supporters, European governments, George Soros, and the many Jews who are taken in by their claims to be messengers who only wish to bring peace to Israel and bring an end to the conflict with the Palestinians. They do not tell their Jewish audiences their true motives and goals instead glossing over such by claiming simply they are pro-Israel, pro-Zionist and pro-Peace when they get an invitation to speak before a Synagogue or any Jewish organization. They do not bother to inform their Jewish audiences that their idea of peace in the Middle East is to make the Jews suffer the same fate as did the Yazidis who found themselves on a mountain top surrounded by the Islamic State who were bent on their eradication, a complete and genocidal eradication. J-Street believes that if only Israel invited every Arab who desired to reside in Israel and claims to have any “Palestinian” blood, which is virtually any Arab as the Arabs claiming to be displaced Palestinians were less than a century ago Syrians, Jordanians, Egyptians, Iraqis, Saudis as well as some Arabs from Iran, Turkey, Sudan, and beyond. The vast majority were not indigenous to the area between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea a century ago as recorded in the writings of almost every visitor to the Holy Lands from the 1800s and earlier of which Mark Twain’s Travels Abroad section on the Holy Lands and Jerusalem.


The proof of J-Street desire to make their peace with the Arab demand that Jews be stateless and left to the fates of whatever their minders, those who allow them to reside in their lands, those tender mercies and if they decide to be merciless, then the Jews should simply go where they are less hated and permitted a brief period of normalcy. They believe that because they have had what they believe to have been two centuries in the United States being largely accepted that such tender treatment will never end. They likely are not familiar with some episodes in American history, but first the videos from J-Street conventions and commentary and their supporters acceptance in the first video where an accepting and eager applause is heard.


J-Street speaker and representative Marcia Freedman
speaker from March 27, 2015 says Israel should be destroyed
to applause at a J-street conference speakerMarcia Freedman
suggested that there should not be a Jewish state,but a
“Jewish homeland” where Jews are a “protected minority”
within an Arab “Palestinian” state.




J-Street co-founder Daniel Levy from the 2011 J-Street Conference
recording of his claim that if Arab states continue to object or
denounce the existence of Israel may have been a bad idea.
He really means should be removed so that the
Arabs will stop being angry as such makes him uncomfortable.
Arabs being anti-Semitic should upset him but he is more apt to blame Israel
for his discomfort and believes if he stands for Israeli sacrifice
to the Arab anger then they may decide not to bother him.


There was a brief period where Jews were dispossessed of their holdings and, in the time it took for the order to be overturned, many Jews found themselves forced from their homes and businesses and treated as foreign interlopers in the recently reunited United States after the Civil War. Generals Grant and Sherman both had definite Jew hatreds which resulted in the forced removal of Jews “as a class” from the areas under the command of General Grant within twenty-four hours under General Grant’s “General Order # 11” issued on December 17, 1862. General William Tecumseh Sherman had warned, “The country will swarm with dishonest Jews” because of the cotton trade and described Jews as “without pity, soul, heart, or bowels of compassion.” General Grant had also issued previous orders numbered #9 and #10 which included the statements that, “the Israelites especially should be kept out… no Jews are to be permitted to travel on the railroad southward from any point. They may go north and be encouraged in it; but they are such an intolerable nuisance, that the department must be purged of them.” Jewish families were forced out of their homes in Paducah, Kentucky, Holly Springs and Oxford, Mississippi, and a few were sent to prison. When some Jewish victims protested to President Lincoln, the Attorney General Edward Bates advised the President that he was indifferent to such objections, “myself feeling no particular interest in the subject.” Against Attorney General Edward Bates objections, Lincoln had Grant’s odious order rescinded finally on January 4, 1863, but by then, some Jewish families had lost everything and been sent barely able to pack their belongings. But such could never have happened in the United States, could it?


The unfortunate truth is that, though not as pronounced as in Europe, anti-Semitism has existed as a steady undertow sometimes rising more to the surface. The worst period in the United States corresponded with and was powered by the same exact cause of anti-Semitism which in Europe culminated in Nazi, Germany; the Progressive Movement and the eugenics where the Jew was often used as the prime example of a degenerative race, inbred often miserly, antisocial and a corrupting influence of genetic inferiority. These views were often propounded by people of repute and some which to the uninitiated would surprise if not astound. Such names include Charles Lindbergh, Madison Grant, Harry Laughlin, Irving Fischer, and Henry Fairfield Osborn, Margaret Sanger, Henry Ford who published a compendium of articles under the title “The International Jew,” Ezra Gosney, Paul Popenoe, Charles Davenport and others from the Eugenics Movement popularized during the early Twentieth Century Progressives movement.



Charles Lindbergh American Aviator and Anti-Semite

Charles Lindbergh American Aviator and Anti-Semite


Anti-Semitism has existed amongst the wealthy and the poor, the highly educated and least educated, the popular movements and relegated to the shadows, government initiated and government condemned. So, what can history tell us about anti-Semitism in the United States, everything and nothing as every time there is a groundswell it has had a different triggering mechanism, the Civil War, the eugenics movement, even religious purification in certain locations and what will trigger the next wave is anybody’s guess. Our guess is it will be triggered by a social upheaval likely connected with economic collapse, a problem which some economists are currently warning may be right ahead if measures and policies are not adjusted and the government minding debt before debt minds the government. Whatever triggers a rampant anti-Semitism may be, as in the current rise of anti-Semitism in Europe, easily spread to the United States. Don’t believe that; simply do some research into the anti-Israel and anti-Zionism along with the BDS movement, the pro-Palestinian movement, Israel Apartheid Week on many campuses, Apartheid Wall demonstrations, Faux Checkpoint (protests presumably imitating the checkpoints which prevent terrorism and are as prevalent within Israel when entering malls, sports arenas, parades, or any other location where people in numbers congregate), imitation Israeli eviction notices where eviction notices being placed in Jewish students’ mailboxes or on dorm doors, and numerous other anti-Israel or Zionist demonstrations which have more and more often resulted in victimizing Jewish students because, well, they deserve it, right?


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May 19, 2012

European Union After the Greek Inevitable Collapse

Whether Greece is going to crash and be unable to pay the interest on their debt, let alone pay down the debt itself, no longer needs debating. The only discussion is when it will crash and what happens next. The crash could arrive this weekend or next weekend or some weekend coming in the near future, but my bet is it will officially succumb on a weekend in order to minimize any attention at the point of economic Armageddon. The fall will bring troops in the streets to contain the breakdown of civil society which will rapidly follow. Within days the markets will run out of food and the petrol will cease to flow. Cash, even Euros, will likely no longer be accepted for trade and instead precious metals or other items of barter will replace money. Government will fail as the employees begin to realize that they are not going to be paid their salaries and even if they were, the money would be worthless. The run on the banks has already begun as when it all falls down the banks will be forced to close. The borders of Greece will close to people leaving taking anything of value out of the country. Precious metals, gems, jewelry and any other objects of worth will not be allowed to be taken out of the country. If I was currently living in Greece I would take what I could and flee the country now while it is allowed. The real problem will be the affect it will have on the European Union and the Euro.

The first thing one needs to realize is the current economic emergency in Europe is mostly traceable to the unified currency called the Euro. Because ever country which has joined the Euro currency exchange has a unified currency, the countries who are in financial trouble are unable to adjust their currency in order to make their debt easier to pay simply by deflating the currency. They are stuck with a Euro which has a set worth that is beyond their ability to control. If Greece was still using the Greek Drachma they could allow their economy to have had steady inflation which would have reduced the exchange rate of the Drachma against the other currencies in the world. This would have allowed Greece to stay on top of their debt as by allowing economic inflation they would be actually lowering their debt while also making Greek products less expensive thus more attractive on foreign markets and the lower cost of doing business would have attracted industries to Greece thus allowing them to recover and grow their economy. Being stuck with the Euro they had a currency that remained fixed by external factors thus Greece could not adjust their place within the world markets. This is what aggravated their problems to this point where everything will simply go bust. The Greek economy will no longer support the currency the country is forced to use. The fastest way to try to actually address the Greek crisis would be to allow them to immediately revert to their native currency and set the Greek Drachma at a favorable exchange level in order to stimulate their economy. It might be too late to have this avoid the default at this late date, but it might be something worth considering. The problem this would cause is it sets a precedent which other countries would use to get out of using the Euro thus making the Euro the currency of the elite European countries and pushing its relative value upwards which would weaken the stronger European Union member countries’, such as Germany, economies. Such a move would actually spell the end of the Euro and everybody would be rushing back to their individual currencies and Europe would be facing its old problems which the Euro was set to be the grand solution. I think with Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and soon France all being in need of an instrument for adjusting their debts and market place of trade in the world through currency manipulation that this will bring down the European dream of a unified currency. The Euro will be the initial casualty as the economic tsunami that is racing towards many of the European Union member states.

The real problem behind this tragic set of circumstances is the European Union attempted something that is impossible even when studied in simple economic theory. Countries which have independent governments with differing economic policies cannot share a unified currency. I realize the theory was that the European Union would become sufficiently powerful as to dictate economic policies to its member states. Even if the European Union did not possess universal power, as long as they could set limits or, at the very least, have strong influence over the interest rates, levels of indebtedness, amount of social spending as percentage of GDP and other fiscal policies in order to have a more unified economic set of policies, then the Euro might have succeeded as a universal currency. But as each country had different interest rates, different retirement ages, differing benefit packages for workers, and similar disparities on almost every economic function, a universal currency was marked to fail from the start. Now the European Union is facing its inevitable predicament of what to do when the limited common governance leads to sufficient economic disparities that the common currency of the union can no longer be universally sustained. The countries and governors of the European Union must now decide exactly which precedent it finds least contemptible, allowing Greece to return to its native currency the Drachma or force Greece from the European Union cutting it adrift to fend for itself. At least if they only allow Greece to adopt their former currency then Greece can allow the Drachma to adjust in value until they reach an equilibrium where their economy begins to reemerge and strengthen sufficiently that Greece rebounds from its plunge and begins a real recovery. The option of pumping more funds into Greece cannot be the solution because unless the Greek economy is rejuvenated such funds would simply be absorbed without relieving the problem which can only be accomplished by devaluing the Greek currency which is impossible as long as they use the Euro.

This is where everything gets interesting. Should the European Union take the easiest route and simply cut Greece from being a member of the European Union and wish them a fond, or not so fond, farewell they will be sending signal to the other countries facing economic troubles the message that should you get into dire straits we will not be there till the end. The European Union would then have to live with the reputation of a fair weather club which casts out anyone who upsets their happy economic cart. Such a move would very likely be the death knell for the European Union which would likely find itself losing numerous other nations, both those who are having problems and those who fear remaining within the European Union would eventually lead them to have problems. Very quickly we would likely see Spain, Portugal, and Italy following Greece out of the European Union and back to their own currencies and happily enjoying renewed economic freedom to do what they must to retain their current socialist oases while adjusting their currencies thus repairing their sick economies, something not possible from inside the European Union while depending on the Euro. The European Union might find itself reduced to a union that included Germany, France, Great Britain and possibly some of the emerging nations from Eastern Europe who are still coming into their own after decades of Soviet domination and repression.

The other route would be to allow Greece to return to using their own currency for a set period, say eighteen months or until their economy stabilized. Then allow them to return to using the Euro which would now be adjusted to the new level of the Greek Drachma. This would allow for Greece to revalue their currency and then return and have a Euro that was actually matched to their real economic dynamic. The problem is once Greece returns to using the Euro, the same problem would begin to build up unless Greece made some radical changes to their economic and social systems, something which they have proven they are adverse to. Should the permanent change be allowed where Greece returned to the Drachma and was never to return to using the Euro, this would then force other countries to take whatever steps were necessary to take themselves out of the Euro and return to their national currency. Once the dominoes start falling this would bring the end of the Euro as a viable currency. Then the question becomes exactly how long the European Union remains viable once almost everyone, if not everyone, returns to their native currencies. The odds are this would bring on the slow but natural death of the European Union as it can only survive as long as it ties the economies of the different nations to each other. Once everyone has returned to their native currencies, then each nation would have economic independence which is the exact opposite of what the European Union was supposed to accomplish. So, whichever way the European Union turns, if it does not both give Greece a path to repair their economy through devaluing their currency relative to the rest of the nations in the European Union, a neat trick, and eventually return Greece to full implementation of the European Union and the Euro as their currency, then it will only be a matter of time before the European Union collapses in on itself. Then we will once again have a volatile Europe which who knows where that will lead. If Europe’s past is any indicator then it may be that Europe is in for a rough future. Then again, most of the European countries have surrendered any military might for socialistic blight, thus they may no longer be quite as rambunctious as their previous histories indicated.

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