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April 20, 2013

Mainstream Media vs. New Media

Many in the new media tend to spurn the mainstream media claiming their intent to replace them as the main source for news. I would like to step forward and claim honestly that I could not report on news without the assistance I get from the mainstream media. I see my place as adding commentary which is different from most of the mainstream editorialists and, on the occasions of great luck, report news that large portions of the mainstream media either missed or are intentionally omitting. We recently witnessed a number of such subjects one of which we covered here at BTC. The biggest news item that took the new media to bring to the fore thus forcing the mainstream media to finally address it was the Dr. Kermit Gosnell, the abortionist now on trial in Philadelphia on multiple counts of infanticide and one count of murder. The mainstream media is still in denial and has made much of their reporting on their failure to initially report this story while avoiding the real and ugly side of this gruesome criminal enterprise. Many point out that if this trial and the crimes leading to it were to be made publically well known that it would likely change the public view of abortion, a possibility the mainstream press is loath to test. Another we covered here with yesterday’s article Hamas Destroys Roman Temple for New Training Base which reported the destruction by the Hamas terror government of Gaza of the Anthedon Harbor which includes on the site a Roman Temple and ruins dating back through the Persian, Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine eras. But even in this case we read about the destruction in a secondary news-source which is definitely part of the mainstream media and among one of the faster growing sources named Arutz Sheva which is out of Israel. Another service the new media provides is that many bloggers have their favorite news outlets and these are often lesser read or even relatively unknown sources. Some in the new media have gone the length of incorporating syndicated columnists on their sites or built up a number of reporters thus actually being the vanguard of where news is heading with everything online. We will soon see the death of print news media just as print books are also beginning to disappear. Even libraries have adapted to offer classes and various specialty areas with many adapted for children.

Will the new media replace the mainstream media? More likely mainstream media will adapt and directly challenge new media for preeminence of the on-line audience. The new media will have the advantage of being mostly free while many, if not all, of the old mainstream media will probably continue to be for fee sites. There will always be some segments of the mainstream media which will remain free as well and it may eventually come that all media will be free access and rely completely on ads to generate revenue. Another change I can see coming in the future would be news sites which present a group of known and respected news reporters who will syndicate their news charging a fee for using their material, much like today’s print syndicated editorialists. The main thing the future will bring is an erasure of much of the difference between new media and the old mainstream media. Much of the difference is likely to become simply what is in a name. The New York Times, Washington Post, New Republic and other stalwarts will always be viewed as the foundations of the old media, the mainstream media. The new media will always have its bloggers who will present viewpoints which will be somewhat quirky compared with the established, not that such is a bad quality as it is their differences that make them worth reading. There will always be the trust factor for the majority of the minor sectors of the new media which can only be overcome by presenting factual and verifiable facts consistently over time and presenting views though unique still respectable enough to make the content worth reading. Most of the bloggers will each gain their own following with some gaining sufficient fame to almost become equal to the old standards and the most popular and best known will actually challenge the mainstream media and actually come to resemble and maybe even join the mainstream media. After all, is this not the dream of many bloggers, to become accepted by as many as possible. In that vein, please spread our existence such that BTC might grow its readership, especially if you like our hopefully distinct and often oblique views.

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