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June 13, 2018

The Consequence of the View from Hamas


The initial requirement to discuss this subject is to establish why Hamas matters and what their view is. Hamas matters because in an election held in Gaza they received over three-quarters of the votes. Many polls of the Gazan population have shown over eighty percent of Gazan support firing rockets into Israel. The leadership recently was passed on and the new person who is responsible for day-to-day activities and reality in Gaza was passed to Yahya Sinwar. We recently were provided with statements made by Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar who stated, “eat the livers of those besieging” as well as “tear out their hearts from their bodies.” Such statements do not leave much room for doubt. Additionally, Yahya Sinwar has declared, The March of Return will continue,” Sinwar said. “It will not stop until we remove this transient border.” On the violent riots and attempts at the border that Hamas refers to as the “March of Return,” he additionally stated, (The) “March of Return affirms that our people can’t give up one inch of the land of Palestine. The protests will continue until the Palestinians return to the lands they were expelled from 70 years ago.” What must be noted of great importance is his reference to seventy years ago. Seventy years ago was the year 1948, the year when Israel came into existence. He is simply declaring that the violence in one form or another, mass rioting on the border, tunneling into Israel to attack Israeli civilians, firing rockets over the border targeting Israeli communities, flying kites with incendiary explosive devices over the border intending to burn crops or peoples homes or businesses or other properties, and new forms of violence we have yet to witness as well as military action should they receive sufficient provisions to be a potent enough threat to invade Israel, all until Israel is completely destroyed and the Jews eradicated. This is the view from Hamas and thus the generally accepted view of the vast majority of Gazans.


To reach an agreement with Hamas and the denizens of Gaza, the Jews in Israel would need to flee, commit suicide or allow Hamas and the Gazans to slaughter them while the remainder of the Israeli population would have to decide to live under Sharia with Hamas as their permanent governance or fleeing. Hamas will not stop violent resistance and insurrection until they erase Israel or something very much dramatic should occur. Even if Hamas were forced from Gaza along with their supporters into the Sinai Peninsula, they would carve out an area on the Israeli border where they would fight any Egyptian forces while continuing to attack Israel. Read that again, Hamas pushed from Israel would remain on the Israeli border and fight Israel while also removing any remnant of Egyptian authority even if such would require Hamas to fight a war with Egypt. This would end up placing Hamas backed by Iran and potentially reinforced by IRGC troops sent by Iran fighting against Egypt unless Egypt simply surrendered their border area with Israel to Hamas and Iran. This would provide Iran with another border where they could place their troops along the border with Israel in addition to the Lebanese and Syrian borders. So, if Israel were to push Hamas and their supporters out of Gaza into the Sinai Peninsula, that would very definitely make Egyptian leaders very upset as they have enough problems with the terrorist and criminal entities currently populating much of the vast Sinai Peninsula, and to Israel it is very large, almost three times the size of Israel. Pushing Hamas from Gaza thus would not only not resolve the problem; it would also make problems for Egypt who would rightfully blame Israel for this added distress. But that would be but a small part of the added problems such would cause.


Additionally, pushing Hamas into the Sinai Peninsula would make the problem a factor of over four from fifty-one kilometers to two-hundred-sixty-six kilometers. What would make things exponentially worse is the fact that once established on the Egyptian side of the Israel-Egypt border, Hamas would gain access for importing heavy weaponry and whatever provisions they might desire by simply using the Red Sea or Mediterranean Sea as well as the smuggling routes already existent within the Sinai Peninsula. Where Israel might be capable of patrolling the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea where they border the eastern leg of the Red Sea and the northern Sinai Peninsula along the Mediterranean Sea, the western leg of the Red Sea is largely within Egypt and thus Israel would need to rely on Egypt to patrol this region. As this is also the route taken by shipping using the Suez Canal, patrolling this region would be next to impossible. The result of these conditions would result in a far more dangerous and heavily armed Hamas with provisions of any nature which Iran might decide to provide. This could include tanks, heavy mobile artillery, far larger missiles with advanced guidance systems, anti-armor weaponry far more advanced than the current level, more advanced anti-aircraft weapons including MANPADS and if they establish a region of sufficient size, they could be provided with aircraft and pilots. The simple point is that with Hamas in Gaza, Israel is capable of enforcing a blockade permitting all non-military use goods to pass including all humanitarian provisions while preventing military and other weaponry. Egypt also has a similar blockade on Gaza which permits in negligible aid when compared to the amounts which pass through Israel into Gaza. The problems of losing control prevents Israel simply pushing Hamas out of Gaza into the Sinai Peninsula as this would, with time, make Hamas into another Hezballah with over one-hundred-fifty-thousand missiles and rockets all aimed at Israel now along the southern Egyptian-Israeli border just as Hezballah has along the Lebanon-Israeli border and now the Syrian-Israeli border. Pushing Hamas from Gaza would actually be counter-productive.


Israeli Borders Map showing current border with Hamas and Gaza and Israeli border with Hezballah in Lebanon and Syria and Egyptian border with Gaza and Israeli blockade of Gaza

Israeli Borders Map showing current border with Hamas and Gaza
and Israeli border with Hezballah in Lebanon and Syria
and Egyptian border with Gaza and Israeli blockade of Gaza


That leads us to the big question, what option does Israel have concerning Gaza as continuing with the threat growing constantly more dangerous is completely unacceptable. Israel would be foolish to push Hamas along with Islamic Jihad into the Sinai Peninsula for the reasons above. This would mean that the reconquest of Gaza allowing the leadership and other members of Hamas and Islamic Jihad to escape is not a viable solution. Any point at which an Israeli intervention into Gaza would begin to give the hint that this was not going to be another smash and leave operation but a complete reconquest, the leadership of Hamas and Islamic Jihad would do everything in their power to escape to the Sinai Peninsula, something which must be prevented. This would require more than simply taking the Gaza side of the Gaza-Egypt border as it is assured that there exists more than one escape tunnel leading from their network surrounding their command bunker in the sublevels of the Shifa Hospital into the Sinai Peninsula crossing either under the Egypt-Gaza border or even passing under the Mediterranean Sea and back into the Sinai Peninsula. Israel would need to take all these separate tunnels and do so before the leadership under the Shifa Hospital could discern what Israel was planning. The simple and only means of reaching peace on the Gaza border would be to destroy the entire leadership of both Hamas and Islamic Jihad and completely cleanse Gaza of all weaponry and weapons manufacturing facilities. The factories can be left intact but the forms and molds for making rocket engines and as much other dedicated weapons machinery would need be destroyed or confiscated. It is understandable that not all such machinery can be removed as some equipment is dual use and thus legal, but taking the vast amount and the dies for making the rocket and mortar components would set back production to such a point as to remove much of the threats. Further, those who manufacture these weapons would be amongst the Hamas officials who would be on the Israeli lists of wanted personnel, which would start with Yahya Sinwar. Lastly, any Hamas officials who might escape would need to be placed on international arrest warrants by Israel and any other nations who would also desire to remove these terrorist leaders from becoming a threat.


One item of interest is that despite his brave words, Yahya Sinwar has not been an active member in the border rioting. He has not joined those slinging rocks across the border, those flying kites with incendiary kites over the border, those cutting the border fence attempting to cut holes through which to pass, those crawling to the fence with weapons to shoot at IDF positions nor those burning thousands of tires to produce smokescreens. Yahya Sinwar has appeared one morning at the aid station over half a kilometer behind the active rioting where he delivered his great speech declaring, “The protests will continue until the Palestinians return to the lands they were expelled from 70 years ago.” This has been his contribution, the man who used to be the commander of the militant arm of Hamas and now its absolute leader within Gaza, shouting where the media could cover his brave outbursts demanding the followers risk their lives committing acts of violence and war against Israel. It is an act of war to hurl incendiary devices onto fields of crops causing close to twenty-million dollars in damage and soon to surpass even that number. It is an act of war to attempt to force a mass border transgression with the intent of murdering the civilians of another nation. It is an act of war to fire upon border agents of a neighboring nation. It is an act of war to purposely destroy border-monitoring equipment with the intent of allowing for an invasion or the incursion of a small group to conduct terrorist attacks. It is an environmental act of war to pollute the air across a border through the burning of tens of thousands of tires causing noxious smoke to cover acts of aggression and attempted breaching of the border to conduct acts of terror. It is an act of war to have leaders demand people riot on the border with the intent of their actions leading to the destruction of another nation. The actions which Hamas and Islamic Jihad have been taking on the border with Israel are sufficient provocation which any other nation would have used troops to bring such actions to an end removing any threat posed. Such actions would be legal under international law as explained in this article, “Anticipatory Self-Defence Under International Law” (PDF File).


Yahya Sinwar Bravely Declaring Support for Rioters from the Remote Safety of the Aid Tent

Yahya Sinwar Bravely Declaring Support for Rioters from the Remote Safety of the Aid Tent


The rioting and the entire coverage by the world media have been disgraceful. Their depiction of everything being an orderly, peaceful, benign, civil rights demonstration has been literally turning a blind eye. The stringers are providing the media with their stories as they sit calmly and safely on the Tel Aviv beach at their favorite coffee bistro, sleeping in their five-star hotel, and eating in the finest restaurants. These stringers are mostly Hamas propaganda operatives, better known as trusted sources within Gaza. These stringer know to stand exactly in the middle of the entirety of the action with the rioting and violence on one side and the peaceful scenes of families having picnics and kids playing soccer, of men kneeling in prayer and the aid tent treating the injured, and they know to face away from the rioting when aiming their cameras except to take a video of a group rushing by with a person on a stretcher. We showed one of their videos which showed a youth on crutches who suddenly was capable of fleeing with great alacrity despite his crutches which he held over his head waving them in the air, suddenly he was perfectly capable and no sign of a limp. (video can be watched in our article here) This has a name here calling it Pallywood. The media in Hamas has their stories and pictures checked by minders from Hamas and if they hope to continue covering things as they occur in Gaza, then they must keep to the dictated lines of propaganda. There is a limit to what is permitted to be shown through the Western Media to their viewers and break these rules and you no longer are provided with coverage. Lose your ability to report on the happenings in Gaza and you might also lose your position, your employment. This is why the major media companies’ reporters use the stringers which Hamas assigns them and choose to sit in Tel Aviv all comfortable and safe. What is also interesting is that reporters can freely report from inside Gaza knowing they are safe from injury but the same is not true from the Israeli side. Think about this for a minute, it is not because the Israelis are more dangerous, it is because the Israelis are in greater danger of being shot. In Gaza, you know that unless you are very unfortunate, you will only be targeted if you are performing an act of aggression. If you are with the IDF forces and poke your head up to take a picture or shoot a video, you are very likely to be shot by a sniper from within Gaza, a Hamas or Islamic Jihad sniper. The reality is very different from reported and the solution is definitely different from reported. As far as the Deal of the Century from President Trump, it will be dead on arrival, as Mahmoud Abbas will refuse anything which permits Israel to exist as the Jewish State; and Hamas, under Yahya Sinwar, will not even be read as long as Israel exists and it would not be necessary should Israel cease to exist. The simple truth is the Palestinian Arabs from both societies under their current leadership and any leadership in the foreseeable future have one stipulation for peace, no Israel and no Jews. It really is that simple, and Israel simply refuses to commit suicide, thank you.


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June 8, 2018

The Unvarnished Truth About the Palestinian Nation and the Six-Day War

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Fifty-one years ago on June 8, 1967, the Six-Day War was half way towards its definitive results with every Arab force in full retreat. That includes all of the belligerents. We wish to discuss the realities with timelines, lists, maps, cartoons and our commentary. The build-up to the Six-Day War reaches back almost four weeks where concrete acts were being taken. The upgraded hostility in the propaganda across many Arab states and particularly in Egypt, specifically with speeches given by Gamal Abdel Nasser built up from months earlier. We have a diagram which provides a timeline up through the Israeli Security Cabinet voting to respond to the numerous threats by striking the Egyptian Air Force the ensuing morning. Many people refer to this specific strike as proof that Israel started the Six Day War ignoring the numerous casus belli which included the bellicose threats, massing of troops on two borders (Egypt and Syria), recognizance flights of the Dimona Nuclear Reactor and the closing of the Straights of Tiran to Israeli shipping which had been set as equivalent to a declaration of war in the agreements from the 1956 Suez Canal crisis. Israel had more than sufficient cases for threats all along her borders and had been overflown with military aircraft deep into the center of the nation. The signs that an attack was imminent were multiplying by the day, thus Israel attacked in response to an imminent and overt threat of attack thus having legal cover making her attack to be legal under the 1949 Geneva Convention and its coverage of preemption when attack has become inevitable, obvious and imminent. Below is the chart of the acts leading up to and including that fateful vote which started the Six-Day War.


Build-up to the Six-Day War


The next item which is often misrepresented is the actual belligerents. This is where things get a bit peculiar as there are three sets of belligerents. One belligerent involved in the fighting is obviously Israel and another set are the nations Israel fought directly on Israeli or Arab soil which includes Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon. The often ignored set are those who provided some assistance without ever directly engaging troops in the actual ground fighting, and these include Algeria, Kuwait, Libya, Morocco, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tunisia and the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) which is placed as only being a supporting force as it represents no nation and came under no actual command and actually only provided assistance by attempts at destroying the regions as they surrendered ground in the retreat without engaging the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). The chart is below.




The biggest misinformation portrayed as one of the victims of the Six-Day War is the imaginary entity of Palestine. There was no nation called Palestine engaged in the Six-Day War. Truth be told, there has never been a nation called Palestine and that name only has referred to the area which was the Roman Province of Syria Palaestina, which was the Roman renaming of the province of Judea after the Bar Kokhba Revolt, the third Jewish uprising against Rome, in an attempt to name it after the Jews most preeminent of enemies, the Philistines. The Philistines migrated and after their final defeat in the Middle East against King Solomon, they relocated to their farthest colony, Carthage. The Carthaginians, renamed from Philistines by Roman historians, fought three wars with the Romans known to any decent history major as the Punic Wars of which there were three. After the Third Punic War the Romans sacked Carthage, salted the earth around Carthage and, just as they had done with the Jews after their third uprising, dispersed the remaining Carthaginians throughout the Roman Empire to the far fringes and some even sent beyond Rome’s borders in order to assure that they would never rise again. This dispersion was the death knell for the Carthaginians and removed any chance for a return of the Philistines as well. So, there were no Philistines or any nation of Philistine or Palestine or Falestine, as the Arabs pronounce Palestine. Palestine has only ever been a region which included what is today Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel and possibly reaching into Iraq when the Romans named the area Syria Palaestina, and under Britain Palestine was simply what would become Jordan and Israel. This was what is known as the British Mandate of Palestine which is shown below with the resulting agreed upon division presumably backed by the League of Nations, the United Nations and the British Crown.


British Mandate as prescribed division between Arab State of Jordan and Jewish State of Israel

British Mandate as prescribed division between Arab State of Jordan and Jewish State of Israel


That brings us to the big question, if there was no country named Palestine, then what in the name of all that is holy did the map look like. We have been told that Israel defeated Palestine and had attacked Palestine, not Egypt or Jordan; and, of course, Syria, as Israel stole the Golan Heights. First let’s simply decode what the map appeared as and why. The area which is today Hamastan, formerly Gaza, was part of Egypt who controlled it and allowed their citizens to use the area freely but never formally annexed the area, and Judea and Samaria had been annexed by Jordan who gave everybody within that area Jordanian citizenship and renamed the area the West Bank so it would not sound so “Jewish” and that was the story. Egypt retained Gaza after the 1948 War to Annihilate the Jewish State, also known as the Israeli War of Independence so as not to refer honestly to who started it and what their intent had been. Jordan retained the areas of Judea and Samaria from the 1948 War to Annihilate the Jewish State. The Six Day War could just as easily be called the Second Attempt to Annihilate the Jewish State in 1967, but again we try not to run salt in the wounds of their failure. But they use these failures by naming them with the 1948 War to Annihilate the Jewish State referred to as the “Nakba” with the Second Attempt to Annihilate the Jewish State in 1967 referred to as the “Naksa” (“Day of Setback”), as they love to have original sounding names. Below is the actual map of June 4, 1967 on the eve of the Six Day War immediately before the morning in which the hostilities blew up.


Israel Before the Six Day War Showing Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and the Initiator of the Six Day War, Egypt

Israel Before the Six Day War Showing Israel,
Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and the
Initiator of the Six Day War, Egypt


Now all we need are maps showing the build-up of the Arab forces and the attack routes taken by the IDF which allowed Israel to take back Gaza, Judea, Samaria and to also conquer the areas of the Golan Heights and the Sinai Peninsula.


Pre-1967 War Arab Army Advances and Positions

Pre-1967 War Arab Army Advances and Positions



Six Day War Battle Assault Advances of Israelis in Sinai Peninsula

Six Day War Battle Assault Advances of Israelis in Sinai Peninsula


The battles for taking Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria fighting Jordan were basically initially dictated by the Jordanian assault the second day of the war after Israel pleaded for them not to engage and attempting to inform them that both Egypt and Syria were losing and that Lebanon had simply held their border and had not attacked but the Jordanian King believed the glowing reports coming out of Damascus and Cairo that they were advancing on Tel Aviv and the Jews had thrown down their weapons and run away. Jordan quickly found out that the Jews were not throwing down their weapons and were definitely not running away from a fight. When Jordan attacked, Israel diverted a division which was just setting out to relieve troops in the Sinai Peninsula and much like Patton when he relieved Bastogne, these troops simply made a left face and proceeded to make their new movement for engaging in a new direction. The Golan Heights were also a straight force on force fight with the Syrians initially holding the high ground. Their positions were camouflaged and presumably well hidden except for one small problem; the Israelis had an officer, Eliyahu Ben-Shaul Cohen (Hebrew: אֱלִיָּהוּ בֵּן שָׁאוּל כֹּהֵן‬‎, Arabic: إيلي كوهين‎‎) in the Syrian Army becoming the Chief Adviser to the Minister of Defense. Once, while visiting the positions of the Syrian military in the Golan Heights, Cohen feigned sympathy for the soldiers exposed to the sun suggesting that trees could be planted at every position to provide the soldiers with shade from the summer sun. Unbelievably, this is exactly what the Syrian military ordered and in the 1967, Six-Day War the Israelis targeted these very same trees making the conquest of the Golan Heights far less costly. Sometimes the truth is far more fantastic than anything one can invent.


The results of the Six Day War are well known but a few items have been muddled into disinformation. The United Nations did not order Israel to return all of the lands gained but only to return land. They did not specify further other than to posit that Israel should have secure borders which were recognized and defensible. Most leaders, politicians, Ambassadors to the United Nations and even the United States State Department believed that this intended for Israel to retain a small distance on the Syrian side of the downslope beyond the ridgeline of the Golan Heights and all of Judea and Samaria making the Jordan River as the eastern border for Israel. Many believed that Israel would have been justified in retaining half of the Sinai Peninsula and using the mountainous central region as the new Israeli border with Egypt thus restraining any attack routes that would be available to Egypt if there were ever a future confrontation. Israel returned the Sinai and Egypt conceded all of Gaza which Israel then ceded to the Palestinian Authority in August of 2005, and who lost it in a bloodied coup to Hamas in June of 2007 which then forced Israel to engage in a blockade to prevent the arming of the Hamas terror regime with heavy weapons. That blockade has prevented much from entering Gaza but they still have received sufficient military technologies from Iran to now threaten almost all of Israel with their rockets and missiles with relatively accurate targeting ability and some very destructive payloads, sufficient to topple almost any skyscraper in Tel Aviv with a direct hit, as displayed in the following image below.


Hamas Rockets and Missiles with Ranges and Warhead Capabilities

Hamas Rockets and Missiles with Ranges and Warhead Capabilities


Israel has annexed the Golan Heights and signed a ceasefire with Syria signed on May 31, 1974. Despite this, attacks have originated out of Syria launched either by Hezballah, the IRGC or the Iranian Quds Force. All three of these agencies work either under direct order of the Iranian regime and the Mullahs or indirectly in the case of Hezballah who can initiate attacks on their own volition should something present itself but largely they operate under the orders from Tehran. These attacks are sufficient to prove that Israel can never return or give away the Golan Heights and must retain their military presence on the ridgeline. This brings us to the final and most pressing difficulty Israel faces currently, and it has been internationalized just as Mahmoud Abbas intended. That is the problem of who will own what parts of the areas of Judea and Samaria which Mahmoud Abbas and Arab propaganda has defined as the nation of Palestine that Israel invaded and destroyed in the Six-Day War. The new narrative is that Israel invaded Palestine in June of 1967, and responding to that Egypt, Syria and the rest all came to the aid of Palestine and Israel then stole land from the rest of them in a stunning and unbelievable defeat, an impossibility as they were mighty and Israel is Jewish. This was the message they portrayed in their media with cartoons during the Six-Day War (see images below). If you remember the map, we requested you check showing the map as it was the eve before the Six-Day War, there was nothing even called Palestine for Israel to attack. Check again if you are in doubt. Both that map and the one which depicted the massings of troops on the Israeli border show the countries as they were and the only nations bordering Israel were Egypt in the south, Lebanon in the north, Syria in the Golan Heights, Jordan along the east and Saudi Arabia at the southern most tip sharing the border with Jordan and Israel (perhaps a couple of millimeters).


Iraqi daily Al Manaar, 8th June 1967 and the Lebanese Al Farida on the 7th June 1967

Iraqi daily Al Manaar, 8th June 1967 and the Lebanese Al Farida on the 7th June 1967


The concept of Palestine and a Palestinian People was cooked up in Moscow with the KGB working to find a means of inserting their operatives and KGB trained agents of Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas into the Middle East to destroy Israel and defeat the United States ally. It really is that simple. The KGB with its two little friends in tow met with the Arab League who allowed this with a fair amount of trepidation and many reservations. This was in the summer of 1964 and the Arab World still had visions of their great coming victory when they erased the embarrassment from 1948 when the impossible happened, the Jews won. After the Six-Day War of June 1967, and its sequel, the Yom Kippur War of October 1973, the concept of an Arab state named Palestine which Israel attacked and the Arabs responded in 1967 and again in 1973 in order to salvage and restore their Palestinian Arab state and using what was then thousands and now millions of refugees to inundate and destroy Israel became more and more appealing. The concept was as simple as it was brilliant. Before September 1964 when Palestine or Palestinian was used, it referred to Israel and the Jews respectively. The Arabs were called Arabs or Syrian or Egyptians and wherever else they originated. But as soon as the KGB propaganda machine got going, the entire history of the Middle East was reinterpreted. Now Palestine meant the Arab state which existed before Israel was imposed as a colony of the British to destroy the Arab nation of Palestine. Palestinian throughout history now meant Arabs. There was no problem that the Palestinian Brigades who fought with the British in the two World Wars was comprised of virtually all Jewish fighters or that the Palestinian Post became the Jerusalem Post, an Israeli Jewish paper, or that the Palestinian Symphony Orchestra became the Israeli Symphony Orchestra, or any of a million other references, all history was to be reinterpreted and the KGB Ministry of Information (Orwellian reference) rewrote all the history books, edited all the films, reframed all maps and presto-chango the Jews were written out of Middle Eastern history. Moses was now a Muslim, Kings David and Solomon were now Muslims (we suspect Goliath might have become a Jew), Samson was a Muslim (Delilah probably now a Jewess), Joshua, Daniel, Ezekiel and the rest of the prophets, judges and Kings were now all Muslims. Ancient Israel and Judea were renamed Palestine and who can guess how far they intended to go. The simple end result was that all of Israel was on land belonging to Palestine and the Palestinians and the Jews were now interlopers. This is what they are still selling and much of the world had bought into hook, line and sinker. The demand is a return to the pre-Six-Day War lines, the Green Line. We can show you the reason for this demand with a simple picture, the top is the day before returning to those lines and the bottom the morning after, the rest is self-explanatory.


Tel Aviv Now Before Green Line Peace and Tel Aviv the Day After Green Line Peace

Tel Aviv Now Before Green Line Peace
Tel Aviv the Day After Green Line Peace


That should make it obvious, especially after the recent over one-hundred rockets fired from Gaza onto the relatively sparsely populated region of southern Israel and they still struck at least one home and a kindergarten. What they would strike shooting from the Judean Hills is frightening, even if you do not reside in Tel Aviv. They would have a relatively similar viewpoint for striking Haifa, Netanya, Petah Tikva, Hadera, Jaffa, Bene Barak, Ramat Gan, Lod, Rehovot, Ra’anana as well as Ben Gurion Airport and countless other communities in and around the Tel Aviv metro area. The one truth which makes almost any Zionist crazy is that the world promised that after Jordan, then called Transjordan, was cut from the British Mandate as a home for the Arab population using the Jordan River as the boundary and granting the Arab state seventy-eight percent of the Mandate lands, the world promised that would be the final division and that the Jewish State would be built in the remaining twenty-two percent, allow us to repeat, the remaining twenty-two percent, and the Jordan River would be the eastern border. This is all we honestly ask the world to do, keep their promise. Israel would probably be glad to offer any Arab desiring to leave and relocate elsewhere a monetary incentive to assist with relocating their lives on top of paying them a generous amount for their properties. Those steeped in terrorism and attempting to destroy the Jews, well, they had best just leave should the world ever make good on their words. Why Israel did not simply wipe Gaza clean after the latest rocket barrage is unknown. Any other nation in the world after suffering through the wars with Gaza, the terror tunnels from Gaza, the recent and continuing rioting from Gaza, their now allying with Iran to destroy Israel and murder every Jew on the planet whenever they explode out from Gaza and the incessant rocket threat from Gaza. Recheck the map about the rocket and missile threat from Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza and then add that Hezballah has missiles which can strike Cairo and Saudi Arabia as well as all of Israel in numbers approaching or surpassing one-hundred-fifty-thousand, allow us to repeat that number, sitting just north of Israel in southern Lebanon and now eastern Lebanon in the Bekaa Valley and across the border in south western Syria Hezballah has one-hundred-fifty-thousand plus rockets and missiles. These are existential threats to the existence of Israel and why these threats have not been removed after the wars, terrorism, threats and everything with Iran is beyond reason. And the world blames Israel for living under such threats and claims that the threats against Israel are of no concern or consequence and why are we so worried; we should just give the Arabs what they demand and they will leave us alone. The world knows full well what they demand is us, all of us, dead, and the world is mostly fine with that. Think what your country would do if first you were as small as New Jersey (for the Americans), Albania (for Europeans), or twice the size of Yorkshire (for our friends in Britain), and second your neighboring areas were armed as are ours and desired everyone in your area dead, all eight and a half million of you, or at least the six and a half million who have a certain item in common, religion, hair color or any arbiter. We are willing to bet that should you posses the power, they would be gone at the first sign of belligerence. The world demands we be more sensitive and gentle with our potential murderers.


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June 1, 2018

The Whole and Ugly Reality Surrounding Israel


We all know that there are extreme levels of threats surrounding Israel. Many of these fronts can be traced back to Iran, but more on that after we give measure to some of the realities. Through polls, random samplings and quotes given by people in Gaza we know that they are amongst the most anti-Zionist, anti-Israel and anti-Semitic of populations on the planet. They are even more hateful than the population of Jordan, the nation which usually outpolls all other Arab and Muslim nations in all three areas. This would make Gaza the world leader if it were to be considered a nation. And there is the other truth the world likes to ignore, Gaza, for all intents and purposes, is a nation run by Hamas and should simply be called Hamasistan. The next most anti-Israel-Zionist-Semitic region on the planet is Southern Lebanon which no longer has much of a Christian population and is largely Hezballah families and rabid supporters of the terrorist groups. Hezballah has, as of the last election held recently; taken complete control of the entire nation as their actions and intimidations has emptied Lebanon of a majority of its former Christian population as any who could move very likely left. Lebanon also needs a name change to Hezballaland. Their solid area in southern Lebanon would fall in right behind Gaza and all of Lebanon would be close behind Gaza and closing on the Palestinian Authority areas.


The Palestinian Authority (PA) area is only less anti-Israel-Zionist-Semitic because many of the people work alongside Israeli Jews in the factories and other Israeli Jewish businesses. This allows some PA residents to find out the awful truth, Jews, even Israeli Jews from beyond the Green Line, “Settler” Jews; they do not have horns, drink blood of children or any of the other wonderful lies, myths and deceits most often told about Jews and Israelis and especially Zionists, which defines the majority of the “Settlers” are false and they are simply people just like the Arabs are people providing they have not swallowed the hatred pill and become ravaging vengeance machines. Still, if elections were to be held in the PA ruled regions, Hamas would win holding at least two-thirds if not four-fifths of the legislative body and would easily defeat Mahmoud Abbas and any other Fatah candidate for President. This would still leave Abbas as Chairman of the PLO and leader of Fatah, the latter just barely. There is one Fatah candidate with any chance of winning the Presidency of the PA and that is Marwan Barghouti who is imprisoned in Israeli prison serving five-years plus for the murder by terrorism of five of the many his plans and executions have murdered. It is exactly his being one of their most celebrated terror masterminds which makes Marwan Barghouti such a favorite.


Marwan Barghouti Wall Painting Demanding His Freedom from Israeli Incarceration

Marwan Barghouti Wall Painting Demanding
His Freedom from Israeli Incarceration


As we have seen, Gaza, Jordan, Hezballaland (Lebanon) and slightly more civil PA really take the cake when it comes to hatred and seething, molten iron hot, murderous hatred of Israel and every Jew and any other non-Muslim within almost completely envelops Israel leaving the southern border with Egypt and the Golan Heights area with Syria actually bordering Israel though one might make a case that maybe six or seven inches of Israel at the southern tip shares a border with Saudi Arabia snuggly nestled between Jordan and Egypt. Let us take Syria first as it is the far more simple border as well as smaller. This is another border along with Gaza and Hezballaland where Israel faces terrorists allied with and provided for by Iran. In Syria Israel faces, on top of Hezballah, the IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) forces, as well as the fanatical Quds Force which is manned by nearly rabid fanaticism with the explicit focus on the destruction of Israel, murder of all Jews and we are told the conquest of al-Quds, which is the Islamic name for Jerusalem. From this front Israel faces a determined enemy which will use any form of weaponry, it is just a matter of time. Sooner or later Iran will fire a barrage of rockets all topped with Sarin Gas warheads such that if a single rocket evades the Iron Dome or is considered to be falling in a harmless open area and any Israel breathes in even a minute amount, providing they get appropriate medical attention almost immediately, will face a life where they will be challenged performing simple daily routines and at least twenty years less life. Without immediate treatment or if a stronger amount is inhaled, the result is certain death after convulsions and searing pain. What would be the Israeli response to a Sarin Gas attack, the use of a WMD on her population, I would not want to even hazard a guess. Whatever the chosen response, it would be definitive and near absolute in nature, carefully planned and decided and executed with a firm resolve beyond imagination. The people most likely to execute the response, providing the response is not simply nuclear missiles as responding in kind, would be the same people who removed over a ton of classified information from a secured and secret location in Tehran replete with pictures of the building, the inside of the building, a map of its location in Tehran and the complete documentation of the Iranian nuclear program from before the year 2000 to the present in the form of folders of documents, compact disks; to be exact it was reportedly 55,000 pages of evidence and a further 55,000 files on 183 CDs relating to Project Amad.


Top is the view of the building storing the information Bottom are the folders and CD’s brought to Israel from Iran

Top is the view of the building storing the information
Bottom are the folders and CD’s brought to Israel from Iran


Now we face Egypt, a place with probably one of the greatest disconnects concerning Israel. Where we have no actual idea of what President Sisi or any of the rest of the ruling elite in Egypt feel towards Israel, but we do know that they really would prefer not to engage in a war or exchange of hostilities and rather work on their national economy. The Egyptian government does, at times, coordinate with Israel on their two mutual problems, Hamas in Gaza and terrorists in the Sinai Peninsula. Egypt has even requested Israeli assistance in the Sinai Peninsula and given Israel permission at times to operate in the Sinai to remove terror threats as these threats are against both nations. These times of cooperation are always of benefit to Egypt and usually also Israel though there have been some times where the benefit of an Israeli action was likely more beneficial to Egypt. Then there are the people of which the vast majority believes that Egypt should engage Israel militarily and wipe Israel from the map. This is their thoughts as they also have been taught that Egypt has won every engagement with Israel and is the vastly more powerful nation. Without any evidence to corroborate or contravene what they have been told, they take the information provided by their government at face value. Eventually, the Muslim Brotherhood will regain rule in Egypt and then the cooperation will end and the countdown to a new war to push the Jews into the Sea, to quote Nasser, will commence with who knows allied with Egypt this time, Iran, Syria, Hezballaland, all of the above, who knows.


This is pretty much the situation here in paradise. Surrounded by entities almost wholly dedicated to our extinction, Israelis live an absurdly normal lives. Yes, ever few years, somewhere in Israel her citizens head into shelters at varying speeds from frantic urgency to a brisk walk when they hear the sirens scream their warning of incoming rockets or other projectiles. Despite the unrivaled efficiency of the Iron Dome systems in intercepting projectiles, Israelis still head into shelters as well as we celebrate life. Actually, this is one of the taunts we receive by which we are presumed to be the less powerful and guaranteed to lose the conflict with the Arab World simply because, as Hamas spokespersons have stated, “Hamas loves death like Israelis love life.” This is often quoted around the entirety of the Islamic war zones which ring the borders of the Islamic world where their presumed strength is their willingness to die for the cause. The real problem is that they are not only willing to die but they insist on taking as many innocents as possible, either Israelis or their own people as the terror leaders believe that their own dead civilians are an asset which can be utilized through the pictures they will make available for the media to spread for them with subtitles of their being killed by Israel. There will be no mention of their serving as human shields simply so they would be killed. Still, mostly our lives are very similar to anywhere else in the developed world. Traffic jams, rush hour, grocery shopping and all the other chores and pleasures of life. We are all living driving distance from the Mediterranean Sea, some of us just a few blocks walking distance from the same Mediterranean Sea as makes up the coasts of France and Italy and all those famous beaches and communities of film and literary fame. There is always the chance of a scare, a threat or some unsettling news which you soon learn to ignore as these horrible things seldom develop. Israel has found the secret to remaining peaceful, make the price for breaching the peace too terrible to contemplate and complete enough to make prolonged continuation nearly impossible. Eventually there will be another attempt on each of these fronts, most likely one or two at any given time. Should the Arab forces be foolish enough to all make a move against Israel in total accordance with one another, then Israel would be pressed to end the confrontation as rapidly and completely as humanly possible. This would mean that Israel would be forced to blunt every force and cause the greatest possible numbers of casualties so as to end the attacks as immediately as possible. It would be the order no Prime Minister would feel good giving, but then watching the country of Israel die is not an alternative which would be acceptable to any elected leader.


Israel lives on what could easily be called a knife’s edge, but our balance is good and we make do with the hand we have chosen. We realize this and accept it as part of the package of reclaiming our homelands. That is all we wish to have, our ancient homelands where the twelve tribes were originally mapped out, nothing more and even an amount less. There are groups of Israelis who desire for the Temple to be rebuilt and believe it will occur within their lifetimes. The Arab, Christian, Muslim, Bahia, Buddhist and other religions all live here with complete equality and enjoy all the freedoms and privileges which all Israeli citizens enjoy. One need understand that the Palestinians have their own governances, in Gaza, it is Hamas and in the PA regions, it is Mahmoud Abbas and Fatah. They are responsible for their own laws and when to hold elections, which by all measures is never. Israel relented on such control long ago and the presumed occupation by Israel has nothing to do with the lives of the Palestinian Arabs, it has to do with everyone else. The occupation is the sheer existence of Israel and her people. When the surrounding Arabs and Muslims claim they want to end the occupation, they mean Israel, not their own miserable governance. When you hear the word occupation, hear Israel and then you will understand exactly for what they are screaming. They are screaming for the end of Israel as that is the only land we “occupy” and that is what causes them so much anger. The reality of the situation is that easy to interpret, replace “occupation” with “Israel” and it all becomes clear and makes sense. It really is that simple.


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