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November 20, 2017

United States Needs Reevaluate Middle East Priorities


The developed world is on the precipice of failure while ignoring the severity of the problem. Much of that reason is they have adopted the view of the Sunni Arabs who claim that until their problems with Israel are solved, they cannot think of anything else. The reality is they could not care less about the “Palestinian People” as they know that there really is no such thing. They know this because they helped to build that myth. Their blaming the situation in Israel for everything is the means by which they remain in power. If Israel is to blame and the United States keeps Israel alive, then they can play off the United States using Israel as well. This dangerous game keeps these nations screaming “Israel, Israel, Israel” all day long and also ignoring the tiger breaking out just beyond and now into their eastern edge. That tiger is Iran and they are set on conquest of the Sunni Arab world and converting them all to Shia Muslims making Shiite Islam supreme once more. They see these conquests over the Arabs as revenge for the Arabs defeating the Persian Empire back just before 640 A.D. Now the Persian Menace has returned and this time the world is simply slightly larger but still deserving of Persian rule. The Iranian Ayatollah is set on the Middle East followed by the easiest European nations that they can conquer. But they have a first objective on their plate, Mecca and Medina.


The United States need forget about Israel except as the front lines of this coming war, and it promises to be a big war getting larger every day it is permitted to grow. Iran just spent eight years sucking the blood from Russia in Syria using Russia to destroy the Sunni forces. This was aided by Sunni on Sunni warfare as ISIS battled with the Sunni rebels and both fought against the Kurds, with the Kurds winning those battles with American airpower assisting. This destroyed the Sunni forces which still refuse to unify and with only the Kurds having a cohesive force as the Syrian and Iraqi Kurds found their way to fight together when necessary and do so selflessly. That is why the Kurds are the sole Sunni power standing and why the Syrian and Iraqi Kurds need to be unified in a single new nation of Kurdistan as doing so would establish a solid Sunni Islamic force and another friend for the United States which would be free and democratic in nature. The United States needs to pressure Saudi Arabia to get on board along with Egypt as they represent the core strength of the Sunni Arabs. Currently the Saudis and Egypt are not together or even near being on the same page as each is using their own unique book. The Saudis are busy taking on the Iranian backed Houthis in Yemen who have again started hurling missiles at Riyadh and other provocations. This signals that Iran is ready to join forces in Yemen taking over Yemen as they did Lebanon and taking control of the Al Mandeb Straits granting Iran control over the Red Sea exit into the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean and on to greater Asia. This would permit Iran to completely isolate Europe by making the Suez Canal useless which would bring much of Europe to their knees within weeks as they depend on the oil and natural gas flowing as well as the trade routes.


Saudi Arabia was allied with Egypt in fighting Yemen but then Egypt started facing other problems and decided to throw in with Turkey half-heartedly. Now Turkey is discarding any concerns for pleasing Egypt and starting their turn to Iran despite Turkey presumably being Sunni. Turkish President Erdoğan is most concerned with following the strong horse and attempting to recreate at least a part of the old Ottoman Empire and declaring himself as the great new Caliph. He has likely promised to take the Kurdish areas as part of Turkey including Mosul while cooperating with the Iranians allowing them to control the remainder. The Iranians, after watching the Kurdish success against the Islamic State, probably see Erdoğan as a tool sent by Allah to remove any threat from their direction while allowing Iran to take what they require from Iraq and Syria. This has left Egypt alone and still fighting the Muslim Brotherhood which believes that Sisi stole their nation illegally and they might actually have an argument, but nobody is listening. Unlike his predecessor Obama, President Trump is not concerned in the slightest with the Muslim Brotherhood and their problems, he has sufficient problems at home in the Congress even with his own party members. Meanwhile, as President Trump butts his head against the Arab-Israeli problem and getting nothing, they will be busy preparing for their next phase and with creating as many nuclear weapons in secret as they are able. One can only assume that the Iranians have the exact same nuclear weapons schematics, as does North Korea, which means that Iran has a deliverable thermonuclear warhead which can be configured as an EMP device to destroy electrical grids and components or can be maximized for destructive power allowing for the destruction of most cities in the Middle East.


Iran already has signaled their next set of targets. They may permit Hezballah with some al-Quds forces, if the Palestinian Authority will permit them to set up a base in Judea and Samaria if not within Jerusalem, something which very well could already be in place, and IRGC forces to attack Israel from the Golan Heights border out of Syria attempting to leave their structures and tunnel systems in tact in Lebanon. Such a frontal war would grab the attention of the world, have the United Nations frantically attempting to be relevant, press the European Union into convulsive meetings after meetings while the United States pleaded with all involved to step back from the brink and try and prevent this from breaking beyond the cusp and into a full blown war across the Syrian and Lebanese borders. Israel would have to use such a conflict to destroy as many Iranian missiles and bases as they know exist. With the world engaged in stopping this blatant Israeli aggression while Israel defends herself from this assault, Iran will be able to press a front to take the majority of the Saudi Arabian oil fields while using a pincer movement from Iraq in the north and Yemen in the south to take Mecca and Medina and surround Saudi Arabia. Once the Iranians pull the pin on their Saudi Arabia attack, the only nations preventing their spread across all of Sunni Islam are Egypt and Israel. The Iranians are mostly descendants of the Persian Empire rather than Arabs thus they feel themselves superior to the Arabs as a people and see themselves as the true rulers for the world instead of the United States, China or anyone else, and are out to prove this.


The Iranian Probable Saudi Arabia Attack Plans

The Iranian Probable Saudi Arabia Attack Plans


Once Iran has taken the Saudi Arabia oil fields, Saudi Arabia is finished, as all they will possess would be an ocean of sand and Mecca and Medina, the two Holy Cities of Islam. Iran intends to rob them of these at the same time. While this assault is underway, Iran will be vulnerable along the remainder of her borders. That is when Iran itself must be threatened forcing them to call off this attack and respond to their home-front. That would also bring them to the bargaining table once again where President Trump, if he had played his cards correctly, could completely renegotiate the Obama Iran treaty by formulating a new and realistic treaty where Iran was fully opened to inspections, report and release any nuclear weapons she has stored, reduced her missile capacities, remove her forces from Lebanon, Syria, Gaza, Judea and Samaria, stop supporting terrorism both by supply of arms and by providing money and training. The new Iran peace deal would grant Iran her actual borders and leave her well informed that crossing these borders again would bring a world of hurt down upon them by Israel if not the United States. Also, this time Israel is also be a signatory to the treaty and be granted a direct say in its implementation and enforcement. The Saudis would also join in the settlement as part of the deal would reestablish the borders of Saudi Arabia and the assigning their keeping of the Holy Cities of Mecca and Medina, providing they were not made into international zones run by the world as a whole, like is often suggested for Jerusalem. This treaty should include the United States as its main guarantor.


The only way that peace can be maintained, or restored should violence grow worse, will require the United States to simply pass on any Arab-Israel peace deal right now and start to prepare for facing down Iran before they declare nuclear breakout or do so by using a nuclear weapon using a nuclear warhead on Riyadh, Cairo or Tel Aviv at the very start of their assault on Saudi Arabia, their next large target. The Iranians could very well send multiple nuclear warheads at the above cities as their intent for hostilities as once they acquire the Saudi oil fields along with Mecca and Medina, they become the leaders of Islam and Shia Islam will be empowered while the Sunnis will be in even further disarray. Yes, we realize such is difficult to picture, but the Sunni Arabs could actually become more fractured and at one another’s throat. But with a fractured Sunni Arab world and useless Arab League or with a truly unified Arab League under a strong leader, either way and with such as an ally or with Israel as their only ally, that is the choice, the entirety of the Sunni world or Israel, not both, the United States must address Iran even before Kim Jong un in North Korea as Iran is the true threat to world peace and the only nation capable and currently willing to attempt world conquest. Should they be permitted a running start before anybody responds, Iran will own the oil fields, have three-quarters of a billion new Shiite converts as Sunni tribe and country after Sunni tribe and country seek to ally with the strong horse and leave the all but dead horse of Sunni Muslim Brotherhood or Wahabbist Islam for the Ayatollahs of Iran. That would be a Persian dream revenge come to fruition and full success. Already Qatar has joined with Iran and turned traitor to Saudi Arabia and refused to return basically telling the Saudis that they believe Iran to be their replacement and to be such soon. Additionally, Russia has allied with Iran for years and Iran already has full control of Lebanon, Iraq, and pretty much Yemen and Syria. Turkey keeps flirting and coming closer to Iran and away from their Sunni friends. Egypt and Saudi Arabia, the two powerful nations of the Sunni realm, have had a falling out over fighting the Iranian proxies in Yemen, the Houthis. This left Saudi Arabia all but alone in the fight against Iran in Yemen while the United States remains staying above the war as long as their naval base remains open for refueling ships after long trips from the United States and elsewhere. The pins have obviously been weakened and all lined up and Iran is choosing their bowling ball and will be shooting for a strike very soon, and the United States can sit safely theoretically beyond the ability of Iran to strike, but what if those claiming the United States is vulnerable are correct after all, then what? This is the reality in the world and nobody apparently cares to do anything but demand that Israel do nothing to upset Iran. Really?


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August 26, 2017

Now the Saudi Peace Initiative Springs Back to Life


Every four to eight years, whenever the United Stated changed the occupant in the White House, we hear the Sirens’ call from Jeddah, ‘Come hither and hear our magical plan to end the strife throughout the world.’ Of course the Saudis are selling their peace initiative for Israel to return to the borders from before the Six Day War, the Green Line and for Israel to permit a fraction of the Arab refugees to settle within Israel, only the ones who can prove their original residence was within Israel plus the dividing of Jerusalem making two-thirds of the Capital City no longer inhabitable or even useable by Israel as snipers will sit upon the high spots and shoot Israelis who enter their field of fire. What is left untold is the danger to Jerusalem of being cut off by Arab forces from the remainder of Israel. Further, Tel Aviv and Ben Gurion International Airport will become direct fire zones for rockets and aircraft will be unsafe flying into or out of Israel. Lastly, those few Arab refugees will number at least three million and Israel will face reintegrating the one million Jews who will be uprooted from their homes and sent packing back to Israel. You have to understand, while Israel must be forced to accept Muslim Arabs in the millions, not a single Jew can be permitted to reside on the Arab lands. That has always struck us as a tad bit like what the United States would call a hate crime and people would be in courts facing charges of discrimination, hey, but these are only Jews, it doesn’t matter in the ways of the world now, does it. The fact that this deal is designed to destroy Israel, both from within and without, also matters little to anybody because the world never desired and even plotted to prevent Israel from ever becoming a successful venture and the fact that, while threatened every day from well before its founding with annihilation, Israel managed to become a success.


Jason Greenblatt and the president’s son-in-law and Middle East envoy, Jared Kushner, have been assigned the unenviable plan to tour the Arab world, or at least the pertinent countries, and then head to Israel to meet with the central players where they will find the real reasons for no peace ever being established, or at least we hope they will. First off, they meet with the Israeli Prime Minister, Benyamin Netanyahu, who is actually inconsequential, and then on to the President of the Palestinian Authority (PA), currently Mahmoud Abbas, who is simply the current person carrying on the legacy as it was assigned to Yasser Arafat. That is the dirty little secret which, should the President’s envoys be prescient enough, these men must pry from the unsettling result of their talks. They will find both men speaking of reaching a mutual and lasting peace and their willingness to make sacrifices for peace. There will be a slight difference in their attitudes which is key to the dirty little secret. One of these gentlemen will demand certain concessions and definitions as the requirement for even beginning any negotiations. The demands will appear innocent and inconsequential, but when studied through the lense of the past they represent a set of serious compromises to any hope of a settlement. Nabil Abu Rudeineh, a high representative for the PA, demanded a “clear vision” from the United States on resuming peace talks with Israel and that Abbas “wants clarity” on the two-state solution. The clear vision they are demanding is exactly the same as before, namely, that President Donald Trump and all of his Administration are on board with forcing Israel to make concessions. The clarity they desire on the Two State solution is that their definition will be the sole definition and that the United States is truly with the PA in forcing the Israelis to capitulate. What need be understood is that Mahmoud Abbas is but the spike at the end of the bludgeon, and that behind Abbas is the entire Sunni Arab world who accepted the premise for backing the Palestinian cause as defined by Yasser Arafat. The plan is excessively simply and plainly stated that the plan was to establish a beachhead from which to demand more concessions until Israel was left so weak that the Arab world’s combined forces behind Saudi Arabia and Egypt, along with the now defunct Syria and Lebanon, could and would easily overpower and destroy the Jewish state and then cleanse the lands of the infernal Jews. The plan has been explicitly stated (see videos below) that Israel can be a binational state with Arab rule or the entirety of the area can be granted to the Arabs or Israel can remain a democracy as long as the Arab (Palestinians) be permitted to resettle within Israel with full citizenship, all five million or so of them, making them almost the majority needing just a small percentage of the Arab Israelis to assist their taking full political control. Simply stated, Israel can remain Israel as long as the nation is run by the Arabs and Muslims and the Jews know their place as Dhimmis. The reality is every plan acceptable to the Arabs, represented by the PA, is if there is no Jewish state remaining as a result. This is the initial piece of the puzzle which together makes up the entirety of the dirty little secret.




The plan has been established that the destruction of Israel is the exact and complete end of the desired peace the Arabs seek. They are not seeking all of their aims in the initial peace, they simply want their beachhead from which they will make future demands and through stages destroy Israel. Whatever the PA accepts is not what they actually desire as the finality. There is never to be a finality as long as Israel continues to exists. This has been exactly the desire of the Arab world, the Europeans, much of the United States government. The rest of the world has simply agreed with this historic and simply demonically genocidal demand by the Western and Muslim Worlds as it mattered less than nothing to them as long as they were permitted trade with Israel. Well, the Western World trades with Israel as well as everybody else who desire the advances, technology and other discoveries and inventions which the Israeli develop, so sure, trade is fine as it advances everyone. The Muslim world does not trade with Israel as their revulsion can only be supported if they stick to the belief that Israel does not exist and all the lands remain under Islamic control. To the Muslim world, particularly the Arab Muslims, Israel is nothing more than a wayward province which has temporarily revolted and will require taming and being brought back into the fold and under Islamic rule as no lands once under Islamic rule in perpetuity. The situation is similar to that which exists between Mainland China and Taiwan except Israel stands under greater threat than Taiwan as Israel has no water barrier to make invasion difficult. What is unfortunate is that the Western world is willing to sacrifice the reestablishment of the ancient peoples and their homelands which gave the West and Christianity their foundations which might just be worth a short paragraph itself.


The greatest contribution to Western civilization and Christianity by the Israelites, the Jewish People, was, of course, the Ten Commandments (see below). But there was far more as the basis for Judeo-Christian ethics was born from the Old Testament and the writings of the Judges, Prophets and Kings. There were the wise and sagely guidance and admonitions found within Proverbs and Psalms. There was the limitations on a ruler, a king, or any other governing entity formed written in Deuteronomy 17:14-17. The influences of Judaism were largely spiritual but were not limited to simply spiritual. They also were one of the main formers of the centrality of the individual in a society and that every society is the sum of its individuals. Every individual has their effect upon the society just as the society will affect each individual. For this reason, we have the concept that one is their brother’s keeper and that the society is thus responsible for its members. These are simply the very basics from which the whole concept of nobility of the individual and the sanctity of life are derived. This, in turn, leads to the concept that government serves the people and should retain only those powers which are required to maintain order and provide public safety. These were the concepts which led to the Magna Carta, the Declaration of Independence and finally the Bill of Rights. The rest can be researched with a little effort, just be forewarned that the subject is used to defame traditional Judaism and the concepts in Torah and the documents which followed.


Ten Commandments Arranged in Hebrew Reading from Right to Left with English Translations Underneath the Hebrew

Ten Commandments
Arranged in Hebrew
Reading from Right to Left
with English Translations
Underneath the Hebrew


The coming months on into years for as long as the Trump Presidency continues, the path will be familiar to those who have watched and understood. There will be demands from the PA for Israel to make the noble and needful sacrifices for peace. They define peace exactly as did the Quran. Peace means Islamic rule over all. This ‘all’ spoken of by the Quran means the entirety of existence where humanity resides. The ‘all’ the PA means only starts with all of Israel and then will melt into the Quranic meaning of all. The sacrifice the PA actually demands is that the Jews of Israel admit that they are inferior and require Muslims to care for them, as they are incapable of acting in a means which would care for their real needs. They also demand the Jews realize that their real needs are to believe in the Quran and convert to Islam. The reasoning is simple and straight-forward. The PA is simply another face of the idea and belief in Islamic superiority and rightful hegemony over all things. Israel is a challenge to the rightness of the Quran as Israel has stolen Islamic lands which cannot be permitted to stand. This is why the PA demands Israel surrender as Islam demands that all surrender to Allah. This has been the story of the entirety from 1948 forward. The Arab nations all invaded Israel on the morning of her independence on May 15, 1948 with the intent of erasing all of Israel and her non-Islamic population. They failed in removing Israel but did take the areas of Gaza, Judea and Samaria. Then, once again, in 1967, the Arabs invaded and this time they lost and lost big. By the end of six days, the war was over and Israel had gained the Golan Heights, Sinai Peninsula, Gaza, Judea and Samaria. Once more in 1973, the Egyptians attempted to destroy Israel with assistance from Syria as Jordan sat this one out. They lost once again and if Israel had not been prevented by the combined threats from much of the world, led by the Soviet Union and the United States, she would have taken Damascus and Cairo, but instead retreated as demanded to the initial lines of the conflict. Since then the tactics were altered and the PA was eventually born in order to make peace between Israel and the Arab world. The terms of that peace remains the same as the previous demands from the Arab world, the destruction of Israel and the subjugation of the Jewish People under Islam. The terms of all we are going to hear will resemble exactly those we have heard from the PA and the Arab world for quite some time. Their demands will remain the same, their words will remain the same, their accusations will remain the same and nothing will ever change because the Islamic demand that the world bend to their rule and their inevitable dominion and superiority has never altered one iota. So, simply put on Led Zeppelin and listen to your favorite tracks, but the most pertinent one for this writing remain The Song Remain the Same (below).




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July 31, 2017

Our Worlds Are in a Mess and Clashing


Part I


Link to Part II


The Western World is seemingly in a death spiral while the Eastern Worlds are struggling with ideas the West cast off at the end of colonialism and Israel is caught in the middle. The Eastern World and Developing World are easily assessed as they are at the beginning point the West has already progressed past. Africa, central and much of southern, are still living largely off resources and selling such on the world market and subsistence farming with small amounts of true agricultural farming. The greatest of harms has been done to Africa as they have received massive shipments of food in the forms of wheat and other crops which would have been more productive had they grown the crops themselves. As their economy was basically agrarian, shipping them food was starving their economy thus making investments impossible as there was no venture capital with which to develop further. Basically, the Western World, whether through neglect, ignorance or an actual attempt to impede development, took away the one industry which Africa was suited to utilize for their own development. This left them with their farmers starving having to farm for their own families’ existence instead of farming to feed their own cities and thus form a solid backbone from which their economies could base growth. This has left Africa as a vastly underdeveloped continent surviving by selling off their natural resources instead of developing their own infrastructure to ready themselves to introduce industrial economic development. So while they sell their ore, their gems, their precious metals and every other item they can mine or find, they are actually stealing their own future to pay for the society today and that is a recipe for ruin.


The area known as MENA (Middle East and North Africa) is not in much better shape economically. Their economies are based on oil and drugs depending on the country. The few which are not able or willing to rely on either of those resources are living off base level industry, tourism, the good graces of an oil rich sponsor or some combination thereof. Egypt is such an example, as are many of the North African nations, has meager industrial base, a natural tourist industry with the Pyramids of Giza and other ancient wonders and a small oil market which also provides sufficient energy for the country to operate. Egypt could develop an industrial fishing economy and does receive funds from passage of commerce through the Suez Canal but still relies largely on the United States and Saudi Arabia to keep her solvent. The rest of the North African nations are at some level of poverty or worse, in complete melt-down as is Libya where tribal forces compete for the right to claim they rule the country when in reality it is nothing more than tribal influences vying for land and terrorist training areas taking advantage of the lack of governmental military force to prevent such. Along the entirety of the border with Central Africa there is a low level warfare going on with the most notable area being split between the war by proxy the Sudan is waging against the separative South Sudan and the regions being torn apart by terrorist violence by Boko Haram centered upon Nigeria where a little over a week ago at least twelve people were killed following two suicide blasts in the Maiduguri area of northeastern Nigeria and at the start of this month Boko Haram militants killed nine and abducted dozens more in southern Niger where attackers rode camels into the village of Ngalewa, about fifty kilometers north of the border with Nigeria. Such violence goes all but unreported in Western news as if this area of extreme and brutal violence is not important when the nations fighting these struggles cannot develop properly in such an atmosphere. This zone is known euphemistically as the African Transition Zone (pictured below). This zone also is the demarcation line between the Islamic World and that of Christian and African Traditional Religion. This is a war which deserves recognition beyond that of the Coptic Christians though they are an important segment of this struggle of non-Islamic faiths which are bordering the Islamic World.


African Transition Zone

African Transition Zone


The Middle East has its share of difficulties starting with the focal point of Syria. Syria, along with Yemen, defines the main struggle in the area, Sunni Islam against Shiite Islam. This battle has raged off and on since the death of Muhammad and is once again coming to the foreground. The main impetus behind Shiite Islam is Iran which currently includes much of southern Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. This area can be referred to as the Shiite Crescent (pictured below) and connects the Indian Ocean with the Mediterranean Sea granting an overland route which circumvents the Suez Canal. Such is important as should Iran take full control of Yemen they will control both choke points, the Straights of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf, the main oil route from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, and the Bab el Mandeb which controls the exit from the Red Sea through the Gulf of Aden into the Indian Ocean which also cuts off the Suez Canal and the Israeli southern port of Eilat. Blocking these two choke points is what makes a land route to the Mediterranean Sea so important. Saudi Arabia could benefit from an oil pipeline across her width to the Red Sea but they would need to build a port capable of handling tankers or they could use the Israeli ports which have such capabilities if only they recognized that such an entity existed. The Saudi Port of Jeddah would also suffice but such would be susceptible to Egyptian control of the Suez Canal where using Israel would likely cost recognition and Saudi pressure to end the Arab-Israeli conflict and end the Arab Palestinian war to eliminate Israel through all means usable. For the meantime, Saudi Arabia is more than happy to keep the pressures on Israel preventing her from developing even faster. All the while, we have the heart of the Islamic World across MENA which saw itself go from the leaders in the world to the losers in the world with the Industrial Revolution in the Western World. What is most interesting is the Islamic World refuses to believe that they fell behind and hold the West as responsible for their lost primacy and have sworn to bring the Western World down, and are making great headway as the West does little or actually aid the Islamic World in this endeavor.


Strait of Hormuz and Bab-el-Mandeb Strait

Strait of Hormuz and Bab-el-Mandeb Strait


The Far East has one eight-ton gorilla and some interesting, in a warped way, other actors. The main force emerging from the Far East is China. What is mostly ignored is right behind China we have India. India is simply working quietly in harmony with all around her with the exception of Pakistan (border with Islam) and a conflict over border claims around the region of Doklam, where Chinese and Indian forces remain locked in a stand-off sparked by a road construction project in a disputed border area shared with Bhutan. This is an old rivalry going back long before modern history with these two being the central powers in this region for much of human history. What will make this more interesting is that India is expected to surpass China as the most populous nation sometime this century. Also in this area is our favorite nut-job, North Korea’s Kim Jong-un who, as we have reported over the past two weeks, is developing missiles and well on his way to ICBM’s capable of striking anywhere on the planet and the nuclear warheads to place atop these missiles. North Korea is a menace which China appears unwilling or unable of reining in which could lead to open warfare if one side blinks at the wrong time or is caught winking when they should have been eyes front. Any misreading by either side, and especially the mentally less than stable Kim Jong-un, could result in a nuclear war whose expanse will be determined by that which the North Korean dictator can reach with his missiles. North Korea is suspected of working with Iran which means that Kim Jong-un could have a fleet of ballistic missile carrying freighters ready to launch at coastal cities leaving them mere minutes if not seconds to react before being struck by a nuclear warhead. And, of course, both South Korea and Japan, two of North Korea’s main enemies after the United States, are both within striking distance already and are obviously nervous.


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