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November 15, 2020

Election Voting 2020 and Beyond

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Election 2020 has collected all votes and in chosen states there are going to be recounts, canvassing and audits. So, what are the differences between these different terms. The recount is the easiest to define once, whether or not it will include canvassing the ballots ahead of the recount. A straight recount should produce results extremely close to the original counts as all that is performed is recounting the same ballots. Canvassing involves differing levels of ballot proofing such as checking the signature against the rolls, checking the name and address against the rolls and may include other forms of ballot verifications and a means of removing those ballots which do not meet the state standards. The most invasive form of election check is the audit. The strictest audit assigns an observer from each camp teamed with a ballot counting worker where only the ballots approved by all three are passed for counting and the rest either discarded or set aside for further review. Trump supporters would be best served to call for audits, or minimally canvassing, but not mere recounts. The odds are that nothing will result in changing the election results for President and Vice President.

Recent elections, especially the 2000, 2016 and 2020 elections and their contested results are glaring proof that some limits need be put in place as guidelines for a solid foundation from which the individual states can work. As examples, please accept a few which we imagined. First and foremost, all votes must be received by election day but no sooner than a set number, say six to ten, weeks ahead of election day. Further, absentee ballots must be requested in person or in writing. Absentee ballots must be returned in person or legally witnessed such that a picture identification can be included with their ballot and their name on the rolls adjusted to show they had voted early. These and other ideas all aimed at ensuring the total of the votes is a valid representation of the votes cast. Voting in the United States should be secure, accurate and have the full trust and faith of the American people, or at least the ones who did vote.

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November 6, 2020

Where the Election Stands

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The only certain results are the Republicans will continue to hold a majority, though shaky, on the Senate while gaining seats which will prove to be insufficient to break the Democrat hold on the House of Representatives. We could simply leave it at that and ignore the elephant in the room, the Presidency. The one thing which will eventually prove inevitable, some states will end up in court and at least one will reach the Supreme Court. Any decision that would be forthcoming from the Supreme Court will take some undefined amount of time, likely anywhere from two or three weeks to two or more months. This might be caused by multiple cases appearing before the Supreme Court. We can rely on the left to insist that the Justice Amy Comey Barrett recuse herself due to being installed onto the Supreme Court in the midst of the election and thus should be ineligible to adjudicate any election case brought before the court. Should she agree to recuse herself, the most likely results will be more four-four wimpy non-decisions. Any reasonable person can expect in such instances that Chief Justice Roberts will side with the left as he has already proven on the major case from before the election.

Here is the surprising way to further decide who has been taking liberties with election law or even playing hanky-panky. The side demanding the loudest for Justice Barrett recusal are the ones who should be most suspect. Their insisting for her recusal actually might prove counter-productive. There is a laudable quality held by Justice Barrett making her almost the perfect adjudicator, she can remove herself and her emotions and personal positions from any legal consideration allowing her to decide simply upon the law itself and its most plain understanding. Her decisions will prove to be both liberal and conservative as such considerations are not included within her decision processes. It will be Justice Barrett’s strict constructionist views upon which one may rely thus those on any other side would likely be leading the charge to recuse Justice Barrett. These assumptions may prove unnecessary as we very likely will have a definitive winner in the Presidential race within the week. The current state has it such that should former Vice President Biden win any of the undecided states, other than Alaska which will go Trump, he will clear the 270-threshold winning the election for President. On the other hand, for President Trump to gain a second term he needs run the table which might prove to be insurmountable. More to follow, hopefully.

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