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November 10, 2020

Trump Election Challenge or Trump Circus

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President Donald Trump has announced his intentions to make legal challenges of election results in a number of states in conjunction with more Trump rallies to stress the fact. Meanwhile, (presumed) President-elect Biden will proceed to form his COVID-19 Task Force, which we fear will be headed by Dr. Anthony Fauci, as well as other transitional committees. All the while, the mainstream media demands that President Trump prepare to make a peaceful transfer of power to the Biden administration just like has been the standards of previous administrations. One can only presume they are not referring to the way his administration has been received and the ill will which was obvious by the complete lack of coordination from the Obama administration and then incoming Trump team. Has the world entered Bizarro World or is it just us? We simply have to wonder as things just become even further from any sane concept of reality. Perhaps Joseph Stalin was correct when he stated, “It’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes.”

We could go on about the coming challenges and be disingenuous but perhaps there are some other items we found interesting. We remember the media coverage after the 2016 election and the results giving Trump the White House. The mainstream media bemoaned Hillary losing and denigrated President Trump the first three and a half years of his term. After the near constant assailing of President Trump, his followers and any media or other popular people who admitted to supporting President Trump; now, the very same people who attacked President Trump near constantly during his time in office demand that Trump supporters just sit down, shut-up and accept their defeat with the same generosity and civility they had shown after Hillary lost. This demand is actually for Trump supporters to do what the Hillary supporters never did, accept losing the election. Trump supporters are being threatened with job loss, eviction from any leased property and even incarceration for reeducation forcing compliance with their new normal. Just for the record, there are two terms which are misleading and bring us to near boiling point, they are “New Normal,” and “Intersectionality.” Perhaps a quick look at these terms which not all are familiar would be a decent means to end this article. But first allow us to request that all parties in the United States, all our friends will simply remain calm and allow those directly affected to find resolutions and hopefully more truths and will finalize the election leading to a greater acceptance of President-elect Biden for as long as he lasts, then we can discuss a President Harris administration where we would suspect her first choice for a new Vice President would be Bernie Sanders.

New Normal is a term used by those on the left to define a society under their control where a single group of elites choose the governing bodies due to their self-proclaimed superiority over the unwashed masses. This is accomplished by using their near monopolistic control over the media and social media.

Intersectionality is a leftist concept by which any people supporting any one of the approved causes will work with all those supporting the other approved causes in order to make the individual causes appear to be more generally supported and accepted. There does exist some less desirable consequences. The worst is if one supports any single cause not included under Intersectionality, they are blackballed and chased from the community of concerned and enlightened beings. Those included within the Intersectionality community are good people who think in a correct and approved manner. One example which all might understand is should one support Israel, the Jewish state, they are basically excommunicated from acceptable society. We found a solution to all the antipathy the Intersectionality community heaps upon Israel, we moved to Israel where such positions are a small minority and nowhere near as vocal and we are no longer amongst those left outside in the weather.

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November 9, 2020

Republican Leadership Facing Vital Decisions

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Trump and his team will fight on while, with time, the lack of Republican support will at some point abandon Trump’s efforts. Go along to get along will return as the Republican mantra. President Trump will fight on for a while as fewer and fewer supporters continue on. President Trump’s supporters will likely continue on with a percentage demanding that he, “never give up, never surrender.” In the end nothing effective is done due to delay of time allowing the ballots to be destroyed as Republicans wring their hands debating their first move.

Now on to the reality we face. The President elect is Joseph Biden with Kamala Harris as his number two. Our main trepidation concerning the new administration revolves around how long before President Biden steps down or is removed from office by any means, normal or atypical, and we inaugurate Kamala Harris as the first black, female President. Currently, we stand with the House of Representatives remaining in Democrat control, though by a slighter margin, and the Senate will remain undecided until the run-off elections are held the first week of January. The Senate races are vitally important as it could provide President Biden and those guiding his administration with both houses of Congress or the Republicans might barely hold on to the Senate forming a block to the most radical ideas of the far left. There exists a third way where, in order to go along to get along, sufficient Republicans in the Senate support all of the Democrat bills and programs in the hope of receiving favors in the future. The Republicans have been hoping for a future which thus far has never materialized.

Reality is that President Trump will almost certainly be leaving office as President Biden will be sworn in late in January. Trump will leave willingly and graciously providing President elect Biden with everything he requests or might need to know. President Trump should also make sure to inform Kamala Harris and their teams all the information given to the President elect. Oh, also, the 2024 race started November 4, 2020, so both parties better get moving and the media sharpening their pencils in order to back their chosen side. Will we see a Trump-Biden or a Harris-Trump race; we cannot know form sure. Were we to pick it would be a Harris-Trump Jr race.

There will be one last and important struggle coming form the heart and soul of the Republican Party between the Trump loyalists and the Republican Party elites who had lost their control. Watch for the Bush-Romney centrists to quietly push for Nikki Haley or similar political insider to the fore to, at the very least, put lipstick on their political piggish list of necessary growth of big government. All stops will be pulled out by the Old Guard of the Republican Party in order to bury Trump as if he were merely a bad dream. Should they succeed, the Republicans will not see the White House for decades or until the Old Guard is replaced. What would be interesting would be if Donald Trump ran as a third party, the Libertarian, Constitution or a new party leading eventually to a realignment of the political field. Whatever the future holds, we hope it will remain interesting and may the fur fly.

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December 9, 2019

A Quick Look Around the World

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Even reading just a few articles this morning, we see that things have not drifted too far during our absence. Despite this static appearance, we realize it may take some time to get back in gear. Apparently, Turkey still wants to destroy the Kurds and the world is mostly just shrugging. We stand with what we have always stated, we support the establishment of the nation of Kurdistan. Of course, the world would never take such an honorable and wise move.


Our Idea for a Proposed Kurdistan

Our Idea for a Proposed Kurdistan


Apparently, Israel is still heading to the next election, which we fully support. As has oft been attributed to numerous people who worked and wrote around the times of the American Revolution, “The government which governs best governs least.” Without any currently empowered Knesset, we need not fear new rules and regulations, just a government finally working with relative efficiency. If that appears to be cynical, we plead guilty as charged.


The American Presidential carnival, provided for our perusal by the Democrat Party, has slimmed in numbers but not in coming amusement. We look forward to gaffs, but their positions of higher taxes and less freedoms are going to be a hard sell. All that will be needed is some honest reporting, who are we kidding, or other politicians simply revealing the reality they are peddling.


On another front, the United States is still as divided as ever with a sizeable number of Americans so opposed to Trump that they will never forgive him for winning the election. Israel is also divided in such a condition that electing a new government appears impossible. This is further indemnified by a number of parties and candidates running under the claim that they simply are not Bibi Netanyahu. These coming elections in the two nations will bear watching and writing our commentary as they proceed.


Well, we may as well be honest and admit that typing and publishing is posing to be a greater challenge than expected, or just as difficult as suspected. We will eventually either return to posting somewhat rambling articles or, and more likely, we will learn brevity and staying on subject. Until our next venture into parking in computer chairs and making new posts, hopefully with a good dose of foresight, we hope this small taste of our returning to our abnormal sense, we hope we can make this trip together.


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