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August 29, 2012

Much Ado About Nothing Unexpected

Well, I do not know if you have heard, but the Republican Party at their windswept convention have voted for Mitt Romney to be their actually declared candidate against President Barack Obama in this November election. No surprise there, was there. I guess this means we have finally seen the last of that phrase which has been driving me absolutely loony for the last many months, Mitt Romney, the presumptive candidate for the Republican Party. I hope this event came as much of a surprise for you as it was for me, which is somewhere down there around none. The biggest complaint I have heard from commentators has been the complete lack of confetti, balloons, and other signs of reverie. My opinion is it is about time the childish rah-rah cheerleader and homecoming style celebratory goofiness may have finally been relegated to the good-old-days where such silliness was cute and fun. With the problems the United States is facing and the serious nature of the choice the American people will make, which may very well define the future of the United States and all that entails and that will result from the coming election, perhaps it is best that the lightheartedness has been put aside for some future time when it will once again become appropriate.

I, for one, am glad that there was a more subdued response where the many delegates who represented presumably adults who voted in the many and various primaries actually treated the solemn and serious execution of their duties with the respect it deserves. I suspect that I will be among a small minority in this opinion as many would rather say not having the customary balloons, confetti, noise-makers, kazoos, and other raucous stupidity will be interpreted as a lack of enthusiasm. Which would you rather have leading the United States going forward, somebody who was serious and thoughtful and did not bother with traditions of reverie or somebody who treats their nomination to represent one of the major political parties as their candidate for the most important office currently in the world as if he was just elected homecoming king. I would not be the least bit upset if this marks the beginning of these conventions taking a more serious and businesslike approach to the nominations and elections. Yes, I know that there will still be the catchy tunes and phrases run in ads ad infinitum as such tactics have been proven to be effective and I unfortunately have to agree with the idea that nobody ever went broke by underestimating the immaturity of the American public. Needless to say, many of the little quips which stood in place of seriousness from many of the state delegations’ chosen speaker were further proof of playing to the lowest intellects among us. This is something I relegate to the personality of those who would go to any extreme in order to attend a convention.

All that is left now is for a train of Republican Party members who are being honored or featured for reasons that, for some, escape the rational of any reasoning person, to stand before a captive audience that would likely cheer anything trotted out to the podium to have their fifteen minutes of fame, and many will attempt to stretch that time limit and overstate and overstay their welcome. There will likely be some actual work done such as approving the planks and rejecting others building a platform which will forever be completely ignored but treated as if it held actual importance when the other party takes pot shots and attacks it. There will also likely be rules voted upon which were likely made the old fashion way, in a semi-dark room full of cigar smoke hidden out of the sight of the vast majority of regular folk. None of this is a symptom that is part of just the Republican Party as it happens in the Democrat Party as well as the Constitution Party, Libertarian Party, Green Party, and every other political group. Then comes the great finale where we will likely see the balloons, confetti, noisemakers and the rest of the silliness we fortunately escaped today. Some things in life are just plain and simple unavoidable, but one can always hold out hope that the adults have taken hold of the reins of power, if only.

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