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September 13, 2012

A Question for America

The voters of the United States were sent a message yesterday loud and clear from the two countries their government has given the most assistance for change in the recent transformations in the Middle East, Egypt and Libya. This message has since been picked up and repeated with mobs rioting at US missions in Tunisia, Sudan and Morocco. In all these countries the United States suffered an attack tantamount to a declaration of war by all the rules for civilized nations. The American Embassy in Cairo, Egypt and the American Consulate in Benghazi, Libya were attacked and in the latter assault the American Ambassador and three American Department of State Employees were murdered, possibly with some assistance given by those their Libyan assigned guards. The lesson was simple, there are some people who hold a hatred so deep that no amount of kindness, friendship or assistance will ever reach deep into their spirit and soften their hearts. There are those in the world who simply want to kill everybody who is not like them in every way. This is a lesson which is difficult to grasp in the multicultural West but one that had better be learned and quickly before more such sacrifices are made by placing people in places where those who wish us harm are entrusted with our safekeeping. It can only be hoped that the Military, the State Department, especially the State Department, and everyone else in a position to exercise influence or power over our operations in any country where such hatreds have been displayed time and again that we need to trust only in our own forces to provide security for our people who serve there in the name of the country. To do any less would be an act of irresponsible madness.

There was also a message which has been made here at BTC in the past and must be stated again; the upcoming election has to be about foreign relations and the place of the United States in the world. The next occupant of the White House will be taking the oath of office facing threats from many spots in the world unlike anything the United States has ever experienced and we are going to have to act responsibly with great determination while all the time keeping a guard in place ready to do all that may be necessary to guard the American people and interests against numerous assaults from various fronts often simultaneously. Yes, the campaign for President is about the economy and about jobs and a myriad other domestic problems and situations which are as dire as they appear. The thing is that even if every single domestic problem is repaired tomorrow, it does us no good if a day later we are attacked in multiple cities causing untold and unprecedented damage to our infrastructure, people, and economy. We have been warned that al-Qaeda is more anxious than ever to have another great victory over the Great Satan. In Iran every Friday they chant “Down with America! Down with Israel!” The order of that chant is not by accident. Sure Iran has a deep burning desire to attack and destroy Israel. We need to remember that they have an even deeper and hotter hatred fueling a virtually unstoppable desire to destroy the United States and the United States is at the top of their list even ahead of Israel. One must concede that this latest violence stretching across the Middle East has said nothing about Israel; every ounce of the hatred is solely being displayed against the United States, the Great Satan. Israel is simply the Little Satan while the United States is the Great Satan and they know that if they are able to attack the United States and cripple America that their drive to wipe out Israel will have become almost a given. They wish to destroy the United States as they have been taught that the United States is the force that corrupts their children, the United States is pushing its hegemonic influence taking over the entire world, the United States is the root and supporter of nearly every single evil and is at war with Islam, and worst of all, the United States is the lifeline and support which allows Israel to resist their great forces of Jihad. The United States is the lynchpin that holds everything they loathe and all that stands between them and the world domination that Allah has promised them. So, go on believing that all these forces of Jihad want to do is destroy Israel and ignore the machinations of the forces of darkness in the world at your own peril.

Neither of the main party candidates for President have stellar records when it comes to foreign policies. Mitt Romney’s closest thing to a foreign policy resume is the Salt Lake City Olympics, pretty lame. President Obama’s resume is thicker and includes everything he had accomplished and everything he has fumbled in the first three and a half years in office. It is up to the American people to decide which of these men would be the stronger representative as President and most likely to defend the United States against all comers, and they will soon be coming. It is also up to the American voting public to decide what this election is all about. Is it just about jobs, the economy, the stock market, green industries and investments, and the rest of the domestic agenda or is it about America’s place in the world and whether the United States will stand for our freedoms and making them universally available to all people who desire to be free? Are the American people going to go to the polls in November looking no further than their own pocketbooks, bank accounts, and wish list being filled at the mall or are they going to vote while considering the growing threats and violence which are plaguing much of the world and threatening to only get more violent and all encompassing. Will the Americans vote looking inward or outward, the fate of much of the world may reflect their choices, reflect your choices? It’s just a thought or two that some might want to include in their formula when deciding the next President and the next Congress as it may have ramifications beyond your wildest fears. Just a thought.

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