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February 8, 2017

The Coming Destructions of the $15 Minimum Wage


There are a number of Democrat run and owned cities which feel they have found the solution to poverty caused by those working merely for the paltry $7.25 per hour; the new dawning of the $15 per hour minimum wage. These cities see no problem with doubling their minimum wage and believe that the businesses, such as burger and other fast food restaurants and retail shops will have no choice as they will be unable to move from the city. They have missed another alternative that those unable to move beyond the city limits will face, total disappearance as they find it impossible to sell their merchandise at the inflated price required to pay their remaining help the overly inflated salaries. Where the minimum acceptable wage is already around $10 per hour the increase will still cause hardships for the retailers and manufacturers. Their higher priced goods will cause financial distress for those residing within the city limits without the means to get to the suburbs where the prices will actually be lower. Even the real estate will lose value as it becomes more difficult to rent their retail and manufacturing spaces and the cities slowly fall into disrepair as the people find they have little if any choice but to leave the city. With what jobs currently exist being initially cut just to remain viable, the economic base for these cities will be cut from under them. The loss of jobs will lead to decreased business which will again lead to more job loss in a slow death spiral. These cities will slowly turn into husks collapsing under their bureaucratic foolishness. They are signing their death warrant in their misguided attempt to right a nonexistent wrong.


When I first entered the job market the minimum wage was all of $1.25 per hour; yet nowhere in the entire area around the city where I resided could one find a job at that wage. The minimum wage by 1975 had risen to the unbelievable heights of $2.00 per hour and even that was not high enough to affect work in my home city. The reason was simple, nobody would accept such a wage nor could any employer find workers even for digging ditches at such a wage. My first job was washing dishes at a diner which paid more than $1.50 and was among the lowest paying of jobs. As it turned out I was a poor dishwasher and was fired within the first few weeks. From there I found work stocking shelves at a chain shoe store which paid even more and eventually became a commissioned sales person where minimum wage never became a consideration. Still, even friends who took construction work actually digging ditches or, as I did one summer, building railroad tie walls in a new community development were paid well above minimum wage. I know that across the nation there were many places where the minimum wage was the guideline for minimum wages of employment but that was always a starting salary. Anybody working at a minimum wage who was still making the minimum wage within six months or a year was usually soon to be seeking a different line of work as they were not up to par. Minimum wage was a test salary which was offered largely as one learned how to work at their chosen job and once they proved proficiency their salary would rise above that minimum rate. This fact was one of the truths I found wherever I moved was that any employee worth their salt made minimum wage only for the shortest of periods and once they proved their worth they received a more decent wage. Are there those who make minimum wage to start and will continue making that level no matter how hard they work? Yes, but these are a very small minority and few of them are raising a family on their salary. Those who only make minimum wage for extended periods of time will not benefit from a $15 per hour minimum wage as those will be the first people who will be let go. Often those making minimum wage for prolonged periods of time often are kept on the payroll not because they are price efficient but because their employers realize they are doing the best they are able and they remain employed more for spiritual or social reasons than economic ones.


History of the National Federal Wage Rate


The reality is the world is a hard and cruel place with little sentiment, though fortunately there is more sentiment just not in the workplace. In the workplace every salaried individual must fulfill a simple parameter; they must make more money for their employer than their employer pays them. Businesses are not for generosity or charity, even those in the business of charity as even they must show a profit for every employee. Their secret is the majority of their employees are largely volunteers and thus can easily take in more than they cost. Businesses need to make a profit or they serve no purpose and would soon go out of business without a profit margin. Let us take an example of a business which makes exactly the money as it pays out in salaries. How long would the owner and his family survive if this was the case? Owners only receive a salary from profits after all expenses are paid and thus employees must make more than they cost or the owner has no reason to remain open. Further, what is the owner to do when the rent for the store space comes due, the water and electric bills, the gas bill, taxes on the property and on sales, and how do they pay for the insurances for their employees such as medical (Obamacare does not come cheaply to the average business) and unemployment and payroll taxes etc. And then there are the other incidentals an employer has such as the Christmas party and cupcakes for employee birthdays and of course meals for their own family. If it is a large company then there may be stockholders who also demand profits otherwise they will take their investment capital elsewhere.


These are the most basic of reasons that the $15 per hour minimum wage is going to bust many of the cities employing it. There are probably a select few cities such as San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Chicago and a maybe others where the minimum employable wage, not the minimum wage but for that location it acts as the minimum wage, is already over $15 per hour. These cities could make the empty statement that they are raising their minimum wage to $15 per hour knowing that virtually every employer, especially their main employers, already are paying $16, $17, $18 or even more just to find worthy candidates to fill their positions. The problem with their taking their minimum wage above the national average is it places an upward pressure on smaller and less affluent cities to follow suit when their economic situations cannot support such a wage scale. It is all well a good for the major cities where there are no shortages of employable people compared to the job base to make offers to raise their minimum wage to less than the going rate as they and their employers will not suffer. But as this is not about their minimum wage, it is about making a case to raise the Federal minimum wage to $15 per hour, which the Democrat Party has been pushing, which would have disastrous results especially for rural neighborhoods and farm laborers. Small towns would find the higher prices near impossible for families to meet and employers would run their businesses as lean as humanly possible possibly leaving numerous former employees unemployed. These communities would soon be faced with taking their economies off the grid, so to speak. They would most likely turn to a barter system which is untaxable and makes things relative and neutralizes the minimum wage as what is the worth of bushels of wheat in exchange for a new roof on the barn? Soon these communities would drive out any competitors who could not accept bartered goods such as the chain stores which run only on dollars and cents. No, the $15 per hour minimum wage argument is mostly being pushed in Democrat controlled major cities such as Seattle, where their Federal Court Judge heard a case and has attempted to nullify President Trump’s immigration vetting delay from terror ridden nations. These cities already have virtual minimum wages well above that $15 per hour and thus are only going to hurt small Mom and Pop stores and other smaller enterprises or workplaces with low profit margins such as miniature golf courses, etc. The whole reason behind the minimum wage argument is to give false hope to young employees who see such a higher minimum wage as their salvations not realizing that it will only bring about a bout of inflation until the new minimum wage will be equal in buying power to the present minimum wage and will only result in the American worker becoming more expensive and thus chase more jobs overseas. This is a bad argument and can only harm America, but what do the politicians care if they can garner a few extra votes in November?


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January 24, 2017

Are There Any Zionists in the Prime Minister’s Cabinet?


The shock after Naftali Bennett boldly proclaimed that the Jewish Home Party he heads was going to go forward with the proposed annexation of Maaleh Adumim, a city of 40,000 residents just east of Jerusalem, unless Prime Minister gave him personal assurances and a detailed plan for the annexation of Judea and Samaria and security progress going forward; was that he once again fell for merely making a plea to Bibi to stroke him with kind words and warm promises which will freeze to death in the hard realities of world politics and expediency. If Minister of the Knesset Bennett received such a plan, could he at least inform the members of his party of such a plan or is the plan so secret that the Prime Minister made him promise not to say a word or even hint at the grand and wondrous plan which he must have had laid out for him as the Security Cabinet voted unanimously to delay discussion on any law annexing Maaleh Adumim. Not a single dissenting vote was cast and the agreement was to push any further discussion until some point after Prime Minister meets with President Trump some time in February. That is February allowing a month of opportunity to pass by and these opportunities will never be regained. I actually know people in the Jewish Home Party and when I asked them what they knew it turned out they knew exactly what I know or less. None had heard of any grand plan to annex any part of Judea and Samaria. Everyone from any political party and my fellow Zionists and the members of the two Synagogues I attend daily all have not heard of any grand plan and many had heard that Bibi was still stuck with pushing the Two State Solution.


Their impressions were that Bibi was so invested and so many of his advisors are afraid that if they attempt to annex any part of Judea and Samaria that Mahmoud Abbas might pack up and drop the entire mess into our hands while Hamas and Islamic Jihad, aided by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), attempt to also take control of Judea and Samaria. The best of their knowledge was that despite the massive shift and change in Washington D.C., the political elite in Israel still are fearful that they will be barred from visiting European nations or traveling places for vacation should they take definitive steps to annex any part of Judea and Samaria. They fear that they will no longer be able to shop in Paris, party along the French and Italian Riviera, attend conferences of inter-religious relations in Rome, ride the world’s tallest ferris wheel in London while visiting with the Queen, be able to ski the Swiss Alps, attend those elite cocktail and wine parties along rive gauche, those penthouse shindigs in Hollywood and Los Angeles and San Fran as well as the all-important New York, be able to talk before the General Assembly each fall at the opening ceremonies, be thrown out of the United Nations along with all the other organizations or simply no longer be amongst the beautiful people of our elitist world full of snobbish, secretive anti-Semites who deny Israel the rights granted under International Law because the Jews should not have their own nations as they are supposed to serve their betters around the globe and be thrown from the nation blamed for any ills absolving the leadership or any responsibility. The fact that Jews defend their own lands allowing them to act as if they are the equals of other nations thus making their own laws and running their own society actually offends these elites. They are the pretty people who have friends who are Jewish thus cannot be anti-Semites. They do not mention that their Jewish friends are polite Jews who know their place and act as they are expected and would never support Israel annexing Judea and Samaria. These good Jews do not support the Netanyahu government as he is so reactionary, right wing, conservative and possibly Zionist. They will lower themselves to allow some of these Israeli politicians and the elite of Israel society to visit and attend their parties as long as Israel behaves as they believe it should. Are these the people who are now influencing Israeli political decisions along with those loving Europeans who are joining BDS Movement one after the other but still will allow those certain Israelis to enter their country to visit as long as they behave properly and not do anything too offensive such as annex any parts of Judea, Samaria or Jerusalem. Somebody forgot to tell them that Israel already annexed East Jerusalem, so that bridge was crossed and will not be uncrossed despite European and other efforts to undo the annexation and award East Jerusalem to the Arab Palestinian terrorists despite knowing what will result. One can only believe that it is their desire to remove the Jews from their holy sites and make large areas of Jerusalem back into war zones. This reasoning also explains the UNESCO ruling that the Temple Mount and Kotel are Islamic with no history or relevance to Judaism or Christianity. It is the entirety of Judeo-Christian ethos and history which is under assault by the Western secular socialist elites who are embarrassed with their roots and historic past and are willing to tear down Western civilization and side with the barbarians promoting the most base cruelties which pervade Islamo-Facist Extremism.


Eretz Yisroel the Israel Solution to Problems is One State Solution with Citizenship for Anybody Who Desires Living in Peace with Equal Rights Responsibilities and Worshiping as One Pleases

Eretz Yisroel the Israel Solution to Problems is One State Solution with Citizenship for Anybody Who Desires Living in Peace with Equal Rights Responsibilities and Worshiping as One Pleases


What is disheartening about this Security Cabinet vote is it once again has proven the this “most right wing government in Israeli history,” as John Kerry and President Obama often referred to the Netanyahu headed coalitions as was a favorite description used by the mainstream media, has once again proven that it is the most craven government with the backbone of a jellyfish and just as toxic with its stinging rebuke of the very Zionism they claim to uphold. Rather than actually represent the religious Zionists which they are often accused of doing, this government led by Netanyahu has again stabbed the religious Zionists in their heart and their back by claiming the time is not right for any definitive actions such as annexing even the smallest of areas as it will inflame the world. Look around at the cities and areas across Europe rushing to boycott Israeli goods and perhaps you will realize the world is already inflamed with Israel even existing, they cannot be made any more inflamed and there is actually nothing to lose. As long as we are to be hated and the world will attempt to destroy us when we show weakness and fear, why not try boldness and firm reliance on our rights to the lands Hashem promised us, the Promised Lands, remember them? If we are going to go down in flames while being accused of being imperialist colonizers, can we at least act like one? These are our lands by every agreement made since we conquered these lands before London and Paris were more than small towns with dirt streets.


If we are to be hated, let it be for the right reason, let it be for religious by following Torah and inhabiting the lands, let it be for being Zionists and developing the lands, let it be that we stand proud and claim we are home to stay and are not the sniveling cowards hiding from every mean-spirited word or accusation. As trying to acquiesce to every demand and making every sacrifice demanded of us has led us to this juncture where we face looming isolation with our industries boycotted and demands for our extinction following one after the other, how about throwing out the playbook that we have been using for the past twenty or thirty years and try a different playbook. Here is an idea, let us use Torah as our guide on how to make friends and influence people. It tells us to walk boldly and confident in our lands and to guard the gifts that Hashem gave us with all our might. We are told to be proud and lead the world by example and not to hunker down until the time is right, the time will never be more right than it is right now. This is the right time. The new United States Administration, their new President, Donald Trump, and everything that they have done and shown has been a green light for Israel to end the sabotage which was laid upon our necks with the intended result to be the death of our state and the subjugation or murder of every Jews living in the world. What does our esteemed leadership think would happen to every Jew in Europe if there were no Israel today? If your picture is of a wonderful blooming of Jewish society accepted throughout Europe and the world if only we had never demanded and taken back our ancestral homeland, then you are sorely mistaken. If not for Israel the Europeans would be torn between forcing us from one town to the next always in a panic with a packed suitcase always by the door or simply herding us again to finish what was started by the Inquisitions, the Purifications and the Reformations all of which cast the Jew as the bane of society and a contaminant to be exterminated as vermin. That option no longer exists because at the first hint of such the Jews would flee to Israel and simply make Israel stronger. That is why their target is Israel; they cannot exterminate the Jews as long as they have a place of safe refuge. Do not perform this evil for those who would cast us into pits and bury us alive just to hear the muffled screams fade into silence and then rejoice. Annex all of Judea and Samaria now, cast the Palestinian Authority, Fatah, and every last terror related individual from within our shores and begin to give the Arabs who have been victims of the terror masters we allow to curse their daily lives a chance to experience life and not death. Let our being a light unto the nations start by being the beacon we must be for our own people. Act now and we are willing to bet that the nations of the world will sit up and take notice and will condemn us and make every threat available to them because they will be filled with fear and will attempt to push us back into that shrinking border they have envisioned for our eventual elimination. Once they realize they have lost that fight, then they will start to find some way of existing with the eventuality that Israel, her people and their leadership mean to remain a full member and equal amongst states in this world and that we are no longer those Jews who flee when a car backfired or a truck hits a large pothole because we are fearful of any loud noise. We must make the loud noise if we are to remain a viable and respected member amongst the nations. Read Torah and the rest of our Bible and it becomes obvious, the only times we were allowed to reside here in peace was when we were strong and the nations feared to anger us. When we were weak of will they conquered and enslaved and even attempted to exterminate us. Choose life. Choose strength. Choose to be the true saviors of Eretz Yisroel and make the full map of Israel that pictured above, anything less is a capitulation to anti-Semitism and agreement with the argument that Israel is a false state with no rights to exist. Either we have the rights to every millimeter of land west of the Jordan River or we have no right to any of the lands west of the Jordan River, there is no compromise. Acquiescing to allow another division of our lands is tantamount to agreeing that any claim to any lands are subject to the acceptance by our enemies and we are so afraid of our enemies who are so many and so strong that we will cower and take whatever morsel we are permitted by those enemies. Believe us when we inform you that our enemies do not plan on allowing us any land whatsoever. If we are to have any lands here in our ancestral homelands, then we will have to stand up for ourselves and proudly proclaim, “Am Yisroel Chai,” and with that ringing in our ears as well as those of our enemies, we must then proceed to claim what is rightfully ours. Weakness is how Jordanian-occupied Jewish lands became Arab lands for a new Arab State simply because when we offered to return the occupied lands to Jordan we signaled we were not interested in reclaiming our own land and that by inference we would not stand and defend any of our land, make us and the world realize that was then and this is now and now we are claiming every inch of our holy and precious lands and the world can go spit in the ocean if this unsettles them.


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November 25, 2013

Iran Deal Made to Avoid Need for Military Intervention

A deal was agreed to between Iran and the P5+1 (five permanent members of the Security Council which are United States, Russia, China, Britain and France plus one other nation, Germany) which has been heralded in headlines as “Iran and Western Powers Reach Nuclear Deal” despite the fact that Russia and China were also a part of these negotiations. Why should the headlines be any more accurate than the following reports which claim that a great achievement has been reached which will end the threat of Iran becoming a nuclear armed state and thus removes any need for military actions in order to prevent Iran from developing and building nuclear weapons. The agreement supposedly consists of Iranian promises not to retain any additional stores of enriched uranium above their current levels though they have the right to continue spinning away to their hearts content twenty-four/seven. Theoretically the Iranians are supposed to transfer any enriched uranium beyond their current stored levels to a third party nation which nobody seems able to name. There is no current quantity noted under which the Iranians are supposed to keep their stores. Further, the Iranians do not have to turn off, dismantle, or otherwise negate the use of their 18,000 plus centrifuges of which a good number (some reports put it as high as 500) are second generation centrifuges which are able to enrich three and a half percent enriched uranium into ninety percent plus weapons grade uranium in a matter of a couple of weeks. There is no mention of any limit on adding even more centrifuges which some sources claim they were in the process of installing during the period they were negotiating. These sources report that the Iranians have already installed at least another thousand centrifuges of which all are second generation which gives them a potential breakout using their three and a half percent enriched uranium in a matter of two weeks, three at the worst. The entire deal also rests with assurances from the Iranians that they will subject their nuclear sites to regular inspections by international inspectors, which means the IAEA, and they even said they would allow surprise inspections. Well, if they promised to allow any and all forms of inspections, what could go wrong there? One certainty is that very few in Israel are satisfied or even hopeful about the success of this “Bad Deal” preventing Iran from turning nuclear at their merest whim. So, with all the conflicting stories and disparate reactions and supportive statements coming from one side and denunciation from another and Iran’s presumed moderate President Rouhani claiming on Twitter, “A positive agreement, made possible through the tireless efforts of the negotiating teams – this opens new horizons for us,” what exactly did this deal deliver and what will most likely be the ramifications going forward?


The first step in understanding the results of the deal made with Iran is to understand what were the aims and objectives of United States President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry. The aims and objectives were made evident last week after Secretary of State Kerry met with the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia and with Prime Minister Netanyahu in Israel before heading on to the deliberations with Iran in Geneva, Switzerland. During these meetings Secretary Kerry spelled out exactly what he wished for these two nations’ leaders to hear so as to assuage any concerns and suspicions they may have held over the deliberation with Iran and to calm them assuring them that there was little or no difference between their expectations and view concerning the Iranian nuclear program and that of the American Administration. This worked exactly as planned for as long as the plan remained undisturbed, which was very briefly. As has always seemed to be the case, the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry, and this case was no different. Just as the news was breaking last week that an Iran deal was on the cusp of becoming fact, the French and the British informed the Saudis and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu of the real contents of the agreement and those contents bore little resemblance to the story line fed them by Secretary Kerry. Needless to say, both lied to parties took the sobering news rather poorly as far as their trust in the current leadership of the United States is concerned. Immediately after informing the other interested parties about the betrayal they were facing at the hands of President Obama and Secretary Kerry, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius promptly vetoed the agreement ending that session and making this week’s set of negotiations necessary before the American surrender could be consummated. One can only assume what the Saudi Royals feel about this whole affair but Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has not been anywhere near as silent as the Saudis in expressing his disgust and disdain for the entire situation and the horrid deal that resulted. President Obama had long ago decided that the main objective he held that was a necessary and required result for the talks with Iran had nothing to do with Iran and their nuclear program and had everything to do with avoiding any military option no matter the consequences and poisoning relations with the remaining allies of the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia. The Saudis were already on their way out the door from relying on the United States for honesty or any true support and the Israelis had their share of skeptics though Prime Minister Netanyahu had attempted to try and talk a supportive line despite all evidence to the contrary.


President Obama got the deal he needed and can now retire the tired lie that the military option was still on the table despite the truth, as we had stated here last spring, that the military option may have been on the table but it would never ever be picked up off the table and implemented. Now President Obama can finally bury the military option because as far as he is concerned there is no way possible that Iran can attain nuclear weapons that can be blamed on him. He has done as promised and reached a deal where the representatives of the Iranian Mullocracy would never lie and deceive the President of the United States, the Great Satan’s infidel leader, and develop nuclear weapons anyways. The entire charade was not ever about stopping the Iranian nuclear weapons drive but was about receiving a piece of paper he could wave and claim he had a piece of paper and on that paper was the signature of the Foreign Ministers of Britain, France, Germany, Russia, China and Germany as well as that of Secretary of State Kerry and President Obama himself has talked with the moderate President of Iran, Mr. Rouhani who has personally assure him that Iran will stand by every word in their agreement. Of course President Obama has never heard of the concept of “Taqiyyah” which is the Islamic concept that it is proper and required that a Muslim, especially when dealing with the infidel, to lie and deceive in order to advance the position or advantage for the Islamic cause, this especially applies to treaties and agreements with infidel states.  But all of this matters little to President Obama, the holder of a Nobel Peace Prize and now, with Secretary of State Kerry, very possibly a contender for the next Nobel Peace Prize, and wouldn’t he be deserving of such.


The fact that all of this eerily resembles a piece of history that is not yet even a single century past should not be lost by those who remember history just because they like to know when they are feeling a severe case of Deja-vu and also believe it is wise to know when to proverbially duck for cover. The similarities should be easily recognized by even those who abhor history once the facts from both cases are presented. The historical reference concerns the Treaty of Munich of 1938 where after all was written, signed and the ink almost dried, Prime Minister of Britain Neville Chamberlain triumphantly stepped from the plane and up to the microphones waving a piece of paper in his hand over his head and stated to the world’s supposed relief, “My good friends, this is the second time there has come back from Germany to Downing Street peace with honour. I believe it is peace for our time. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Now I recommend you go home, and sleep quietly in your beds.” Winston Churchill had a response for Prime Minister Chamberlain when he retorted when he spoke in the House of Commons stating, “England has been offered a choice between war and shame. She has chosen shame, and will get war.” I am afraid that we are witnessing much the same today and in more ways than this damning treaty that assures Iran will be bristling with nuclear weapons within three to five years and be capable of launching an EMP attack upon the United States within the next ten to eighteen month, and they have been practicing launching a medium ballistic missile with approximately a 2,000 mile range into low orbit trajectory and exploding it at its apex which is the preferred altitude to explode a low yield high gamma ray energy burst EMP nuclear device off of cargo ships using the Caspian Sea to keep these tests concealed and difficult to closely monitor.


But such is purely conjecture and there are other signs that this is Munich redux. During the Munich agreements the treaty worked out between the French and British with the Germans and Italians concerned two items. The first is the less remembered part where there were modifications made to the limitations placed on Germany and the size of its military both armies, air force, naval and generally which is very similar in nature to this present deal made with Iran where we presumably limited their nuclear uranium stores, did nothing about their coming plutonium production, and set up inspections which the Iranians have agreed to allow before and still managed to delay or prevent any meaningful inspections routines to be established. The other half of the Munich deal was to allow the Germans to annex a significant foothold in Northern Czechoslovakia called the Sudeten Lands simply because there existed a large number of German speaking residents who had emigrated there over the years. Secretary of State Kerry on his last visit to Israel, in addition to lying about the deal being pursued with the Iranians, threatened Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Israeli people stating during his appearance on Israel Channel 2 television, “The alternative to getting back to the talks is the potential of chaos,” Kerry said. “Does Israel want a third intifada?” Kerry further stated, “I believe that if we do not resolve the issues between Palestinians and Israelis, if we do not find a way to find peace, there will be an increasing isolation of Israel, there will be an increasing campaign of the de-legitimization of Israel that has been taking place on an international basis. If we do not resolve the question of settlements, and who lives where and what rights they have; if we don’t end the presence of Israeli soldiers perpetually in the West Bank, then there will be an increasing feeling that if you cannot get peace with a leadership that is committed to non-violence, we may wind up with a leadership that is committed to violence.” This was Secretary Kerry’s simple demand in this, Israel must cave to every conceivable Palestinian demand even if that results in Israel pulling all of the Israelis living beyond the Green Line and in East Jerusalem from their homes and neighborhoods and turning everything over to the Palestinian Authority. The simple fact that when Israel released Gaza to the Palestinian Authority, Hamas took control and has since rained thousands upon thousands of rockets into Israel. Should either Hamas or Fatah do the same thing using the Judean Hills and East Jerusalem as their launching zones they will be enabled to strike the most heavily populated areas within Israel placing over nine million people within the range of even the simplest Katyusha rockets. Czechoslovakia fell within months after releasing the northern lands to Germany and neither Britain nor France came to their aid as they were bound to do by treaty. How long will Israel hold out and what will be the cost in lives on both sides if another Arab Israeli war is the result of Israel surrendering Judea and Samaria, the so-called “West Bank” into Arab hands once again leaving a nine mile wide Israel at her center just tempting the combined Arab armies to once again try to drive the Jews into the Sea. History is an awful thing when the world has to repeat the same disasters over and over. The Greek City States laughed and ridiculed King Leonidas when he warned of a half a million man Persian army coming from the east to conquer the Greek city states. He held them at Thermopile for three days before his small band of warriors were wiped out. The Alamo was a front guard sent to stop Santa Anna by a few who saw what was coming. The rest of the Texas Militias remained behind not believing that Santa Ana was coming so soon. They held the Alamo long enough for the rest of the forces to prepare but they too paid the ultimate price. Czechoslovakia paid the price at the beginning of World War II, let us pray Israel does not pay such a price leading to another great conflagration.


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