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May 3, 2018

Attempting to Clarify Israel and the Misconceptions


Why not have us start with the biggest misconception, the desire of Israel to form Greater Israel. This is an accusation which most using it know that it is their really big lie. Greater Israel was the Israeli Empire of Kings David and Solomon (see map below). Their empire reached the Euphrates River at its northern point and the Nile, so to speak, to its southern edge. What one has to remember is that whenever your border met the border of Egypt in ancient times, that was considered as bordering the Nile because between the Egyptian border and the Nile were a few small settlements, and a select group of cities which grew around the defensive fortifications along the used paths of travel to central Egypt, the Nile. So the border of Egypt was basically the border of the Nile River as there was nothing of real substance between the border and the Nile River. So, the story of a Greater Israel is a historical reference to the hundred years largely during the reign of King Solomon and the second half of the rule of King David after he unified the Twelve Tribes and then set out on conquest. King Solomon completed the conquest reaching the Euphrates River fulfilling prophesy and retained a steady and peaceful border with Egypt. The Empire of a Greater Israel was an aid to the Egyptian Empire as it presented a safe border where there was agreement and little possibility of any aggressive actions. Neither Egypt nor Israel desired to go to war with the other as they were of relatively even ability and both would lose in such a struggle. There is no desire for modern Israel to extend her border any further than the boundaries defined by the San Remo Conference, the Mandate System and related treaties as well as Article 80 of the United Nations Charter making the Mandates enforceable by the United Nations. The United Nations is bound by its charter to enforce the promises made under the Mandates which set the eastern border of the Jewish State to be the Jordan River and had absolutely no mention of any Arab entity west of the Jordan River, Palestinian or otherwise. The Mandate set an Arab state east of the Jordan River which initially was named Transjordan and later simply Jordan. Despite all the various resolutions voted upon semi-recognizing an Arab Palestinian state out of what was promised to the Jewish State or the intentional harm allowed by President Obama in the Security Council on the Israel damning UNSC Resolution 2334 under Chapter Six authority which does not permit military force or other coercive force such as embargoes for enforcement, the United Nations under the charter, which overrules all else, must enforce as the eastern border of Israel to be the Jordan River. That is an absolute which any International Court would have to respect and use as the law on the matter. This is why the Arab world has never taken Israel into the International Courts at The Hague as they know any such judgement would further enforce the Jordan River border for Israel. After that has been settled, as if Israel were to sign a treaty giving the land away, which she has yet to commit, the sole means for such an Arab state to be formed, such as Hamastan in Gaza, otherwise Israel’s eastern border remains the Jordan River and beyond that there is no desire for reestablishing the borders reached by King Solomon in modern times.


Greater Israel the Kingdoms of Kings David and Solomon Between 1050 and 930 BCE

Greater Israel the Kingdoms of Kings David and Solomon Between 1050 and 930 BCE


Another slander spread about Israel is the Apartheid accusation that the Jews have rights that non-Jews are denied, specifically the Arab Palestinians. There exist a very limited number of rights which are reserved for solely the Jewish People, but they would not rise to the level of Apartheid. The most obvious is the “Right of Return” for the Jewish People. This was something that the world agreed was understandable and the means by which the Jewish State would operate and be founded upon. Any person whose heritage by birth, or recognized conversion, is Jewish, is permitted to return to the ancient Jewish homelands and become a citizen. This was considered a basic and inherent right under which the Jewish State would operate and as the Jewish State, it would be ridiculous to claim others would have such a right. Jewish citizens upon reaching military age are required to serve in the IDF or perform National Service and this is not required of others with one exception; further the Druze or Circassian Peoples of Israel declared they too would follow conscription and serve exactly as the Jews are required and this was voluntary and decided as a community. Arabs, Christians, Bhai and other religions and peoples residing in Israel are not required to serve in the IDF though they may choose to serve voluntarily. There is a current discussion for expanding military service requirement to the Hassidic Jews. This has not been a right in which Jews are solely privileged to perform, as others are not banging down the doors demanding not to be excluded from inscription. These are the exceptions and beyond these, there is complete equality in Israel. Jews, Arabs, Christians and all other non-Jews have the rights to vote, live in any open community (there are exclusive communities such as religious, Arab, Bhai, Kibbutzim and a selection of similar types), work in any occupation, same healthcare system, join political parties, equality before the law, and everything else just as in any other democracy in the world. The Arab Palestinians do not have these rights because they are not Israelis, they live in their areas under their own governance headed by Fatah and the Palestinian Authority. The Arab Palestinians have not voted in over a decade because Mahmoud Abbas knows he would lose and that would likely lead to his being dragged before an Arab court and he prefers being President so he cancels the elections every time the time approaches. Israel cannot force them to hold elections any more than Israel could force North Korea to hold open and fair elections. The limitations on Arab Palestinians exist due to the fact that they are a foreign entity and are not Israeli citizens and the only citizenship they had before the Palestinian Authority was the older Arab Palestinian likely hold Jordanian citizenship and the rest are the offspring one or two generations removed from being Jordanian citizens.


When Hamas and Islamic Jihad launch rockets or use tunnels to attack into Israel and it results in yet another Hamas and Islamic Jihad against Israel war, there comes the inevitable charge that Israel is using disproportional force as the fighting results in more Gazan civilian deaths than Israeli civilian deaths. There are any number of mitigating reasons of which the most urgent which are ignored are obvious to those who bother to try to find the reality. The largest reason is despite having sufficient tunnel and bunker space to place all the Gazan people underground and in relative safety, Hamas (and we will use Hamas to infer Islamic Jihad and their other allies) refuses to permit any of the civilians outside a select group who have sufficient wealth to purchase their own and family safety. Instead, they force the population to crowd into areas where Hamas is launching rockets or where Hamas is planning to encounter and fight the IDF. Hamas does this with the intent of causing civilian casualties. What is even more frightening, Hamas has been seen to entice children, using their youthful curiosity, to stand near their rocket launchers when they are launching rockets into Israel with the intent of their being struck when Israel returns fire to destroy the launchers. Additionally, Hamas, and friends, do not exactly wear uniforms and the major difference between a Hamas terrorist combatant and a civilian male Gazan of approximately the same age is, at most, a few grenades, an AK47 or similar assault rifle, possibly a sidearm or possibly operating a rocket launcher or mortar. When one of these combatants is killed, then his weaponry is removed and then they are pictured by the media and counted as a civilian. Additionally, when Israel calls people, drops leaflets, and performs other warning actions that they will be attacking a certain building or location, Hamas will call for people, mostly women and children, and have them stand on the roof of the building or surround the rocket-launching vehicle so that Israel will not attack and this works much of the time. It fails on occasion when Israel is using artillery or missiles and intelligence does not show the civilians who are still at the location despite the warnings from Israel. Too often it is later found from survivors that Hamas ordered the people to remain in a targeted building in order to cause casualties which they can show the media and claim Israel has intentionally murdered these people. There have been cases when Hamas rockets have misfired and struck within Gaza such as when the al-Shifa Hospital and Shati Refugee Camp were struck by Hamas fired missiles. This was proven by Israeli radar trajectory tracking systems which followed the track of four rockets launched (see pictures below) from a Katyusha multiple rocket launcher aimed at Ashkelon where one of the rockets was tracked. These misfires are shown to the media claiming that they were launched attacks from Israel. In Gaza, Hamas actually use civilians as human shields which too often results in civilian casualties. The simple truth is the Hamas does everything they can to maximize civilian casualties as well as using their own dead combatants to be stripped of weapons and also added to the civilian count.


Radar Trajectory of barrage launched from within Gaza depicting strike points including the short round strike on the Shifa Hospital which Israel blamed by Hamas and Media accepted Hamas talking point unchecked

Radar Trajectory of barrage launched from within Gaza depicting strike points including the short round strike on the Shifa Hospital which Israel blamed by Hamas and Media accepted Hamas talking point unchecked


Israel works in the opposite direction from Hamas et. al. Israel requires new structures, be they apartments, homes, malls, office buildings or anything else, to have shelters capable of providing protection to the maximum expected count of occupants. These shelters also need to be within a certain distance to permit the people to reach them within a safe period of time which should be less than the flight time of any rocket or missile fired at them. Israel shelters their civilians while the IDF are the ones standing in the open seeking shelter only after they have marshaled all civilians into shelters. Israel has developed the means to intercept as many rockets, missiles, artillery and mortars such as the Iron Dome (see picture below). Israel invests millions of shekels if not billions or even trillions of shekels into producing a multi-level anti-missile interception systems including but not limited to the Arrow II, Arrow III, David’s Sling and the new Magic Wand, and these are the ones which we know exist and who knows what else Israeli scientists have designed and built that they have not made public. Israel protects her civilians placing the IDF between the civilians and the danger while Hamas place their civilians between their combatants and the danger. That is the real reason that there are far less Israeli civilians killed than civilians who are an unintended consequence of Israeli actions to defend Israelis when attacked by Hamas.


Iron Dome Launch to Intercept Rockets Originating from Gaza which is Under Hamas Governance and Held Responsible for all Rockets by Israel Regardless of Who Actually Launches Rockets

Iron Dome Launch to Intercept Rockets Originating from Gaza
which is Under Hamas Governance and Held Responsible for all
Rockets by Israel Regardless of Who Actually Launches Rockets


Then there is the simple fact that disproportional use of force is a new and previously unheard of measure of warfare. Further, of all the recent and current zones where there is active combat or has had combat, the use of the measure of proportional or disproportional force as a measure has solely been applied to Israel. The ratio of military fatalities when compared to civilian fatalities changed drastically between World War I and World War II (see graph below). The United States had far greater than a ten-to-one kill ratio in Viet Nam when counting combatants. The United States has had almost unimaginable numbers of enemy civilian casualties compared to those suffered by the United States. In every war, there has been very few where the casualties, civilian or military, were proportional and the intent of any military for military combatant deaths is to cause the maximum while taking the minimal numbers. Simply stated, in war a disproportional ratio is what is the intent by both sides. The difference in the Israeli wars with Hamas is due to the intent of each side in their military strategies. Hamas aims to maximize civilian casualties on Israel as they target civilian targets while largely ignoring military targets while Israel intends to target Hamas combatants and uses the IDF to protect the Israeli civilians. Further, while Israel does everything in their power to limit civilian casualties on both sides, Hamas attempts to maximize the civilian death and casualty counts on both the Israelis and their own population. Hamas actually desires that large numbers of their population be killed or injured such that they can have as many pictures as possible to plaster over the front pages and lead news stories around the world. That is their operational strategy, have their own population injured and killed as widely as possible in order to accuse Israel of disproportional force while Israel goes beyond what any other military in the world does to minimize civilian casualties in Gaza as well as protect Israeli civilians. Quoting an investigative report into the IDF performance in the 2014 Gaza War found in this article, we quote, “Each of our own armies is of course committed to protecting civilian life during combat. But none of us is aware of any army that takes such extensive measures as did the IDF last summer to protect the lives of the civilian population in such circumstances.” So much for the claims that Israel has intentionally targeted civilians and the other accusations of disproportionality, an aim of every military in the world when entering combat that they will take few losses while causing maximum losses on their enemy forces.


World War II Surpassed World War I Civilian Deaths Against Military Deaths

World War II Surpassed World War I
Civilian Deaths Against Military Deaths


Then there are claims that Israel has attacked the democratic base of their governance. This claim is brought by Israelis as well as many groups from outside Israel. All of these groups have one item in common, they are far leftist groups. Their claim is that Prime Minister Netanyahu has to be fixing the elections to continue to win elections after election. There are a number of problems with these claims. First, one is that Benyamin Netanyahu has continuously led the Likud Party by decisively winning internal party elections time after time. Most of the other parties also have had the same people in the highest positions over the same period. The parties which have changed leadership are more often those which did not perform well or reach the level of representation in the Knesset that their membership anticipated. This is what has led to these leaders being replaced; Likud has done well so they have continued with what has worked. It is use of the formula of, if it is not broke, don’t fix it. Likud has been successful and thus they have been the party to choose the Prime Minister which has been their successful leader, Prime Minister Netanyahu. What these groups and politicians mean when attacking Israel as not being democratic and having murdered the previously great Israeli democratic history is actually very simply, they mean that their favored parties on the left have not taken power. Israel had leftist socialist governance until 1977 election of Menachem Begin. This ended three decades of Labor Party rule. Since then the left has won some elections but have mostly been placed in the opposition. Unfortunately, the far left have two easily identified political principles, the first is that they have a natural right to run the world and every nations in it and the second is that if they should lose elections then the only possible reason is that democracy has failed and broken down thus the reason for conservative governance can only happen by killing democracy. For further proof of this, one need simply look at the commotion gripping the United States and the anger generated by BREXIT across Europe. The election of Donald Trump, election of Bibi Netanyahu, and BREXIT are the recent proof that the world as we know it is going to explode and die and democracy must be in decline as only by cheating can nationalism or conservatism become the majority. Israeli political mood is religious, nationalist and capitalist with a touch of conservatism which means that everything the far left find putrid; nationalism, capitalism, religion and conservatism; are the items which appear to be driving the Israeli population and this must mean that it is impossible for democracy to operate as the left cannot appear to win elections. Trust, Israeli democracy is alive and well and quite active which becomes evident even to the most casual observer.


Israel is simply despised because its existence makes so many beliefs people have held for close to two thousand years, namely that the Jews were finished and ready to collapse into extinction any day now. With Israel, we now have Jews with an Army and no longer the easy people to push around and blame for everything. Just because Israel exists and Jews are armed and protecting themselves has not quite sunk in, so the world is still blaming the Jews for everything, just now they are blaming the Jewish nation, Israel. Israel understands this as our history was a record of being conquered by empire after empire until the prophesy was finally realized, miraculously just as predicted by our prophets and written in the Old Testament, the Jewish Bible. With the reestablishment of Israel and the start of the ingathering has many people very nervous as they are not quite sure what this means. They fear it might mean the coming of the Messiach will be very soon and nobody believes we are ready for such an event. Others just resent Jews having their own nation and power. Then there is the fact that the land was one under Islamic rule and is in the heart of the base of Islamic power, thus it must revert to Islamic rule and the Jews need to know their place as dhimmis. Then Israel just makes a convenient target as the Jewish nation amongst all the other nations, many of which are of similar backgrounds. The real problem for Israel is it is the only nation with such an identity, a Jewish identity. That makes Israel the lone nation amongst nations which makes her a target. How has Israel responded? We attempt to assist nations in need, we invent technology, medical procedures, new items and all kinds of things which make life better around the world. There is one other item we in Israel have given the world which we like to tell of, we invented the cherry tomato.


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March 4, 2012

The Israeli Supreme Court and the Arab Test

A small storm brewed over the swearing in ceremony of the new Israeli Supreme Court President, Judge Asher Grunis, when at the conclusion of the ceremony one of the Supreme Court Justices refused to sing the Israeli National Anthem, Hatikvah. The judge in question is the sole Arab justice in the Israeli Supreme Court, Judge Salim Jubran. This sparked sharp reactions both calling for Judge Salim Jubran’s head to the other extreme insisting it was within his rights under freedom of speech. Israel does not have an actual constitution and uses a core set referred to as the basic laws as a theoretical framework for governance. This means that in Israel free speech is not codified within the law but has been an accepted right by the majority of the people and government, though there have been occasional debates on exactly how far free speech should be allowed before something is truly out of bounds. The refusal of a Supreme Court Judge to participate in the singing of the Israeli National Anthem sparked exactly this debate.


What was somewhat peculiar about this particular case was the divide between those who supported the right of Judge Jubran and those calling for his resignation did not follow any particular political lines. Where there were the expected nationalist and some religious politicians who called for censure or demanded resignation, one also found others from these same camps joining with the voices of the liberal camp in vociferously protecting the right for him to not sing the National Anthem. One point which was central to the argument is the fact that Hatikvah is, in part, themed about the hope of the Jewish people to return to their homeland after a lengthy exile. While this is expressed, no part of Hatikvah suggests in any way, shape, or form to belittle or restrict any others from sharing in the freedoms and rights of an Israeli citizen. Hatikvah is an expression of hope and rejoicing in the coming of the promised return which the sages have always held would come and had been the central hope of prayers over the centuries spent in the Diaspora. The song specifically mentions Zion and Jerusalem as being the promised lands where the Jews were returning to practice their Judaism as had been the Jewish heritage before the Roman conquest and scattering of the Jews.


What was of particular note in this entire affair was the complete lack of coverage by the mainstream press outside of Israel. This was peculiar as usually anything which stirs even the slightest controversy, especially if it is between the Jews and the Arabs, is immediately spread across the front pages of the news in Europe and the United States and it drives complete hours and often days of debate over what the significance of the controversy could have on the “Peace Process”. Yet, here we have a debate over the rights of an Arab to conscientiously decline to sing Hatikvah, the Israeli National Anthem, as part of an official event where the person in question is a member of the Israeli Supreme court. What could be a better set of circumstances than to have an Arab who is a sitting Justice of the Israeli Supreme court in a discourse over whether or not he has the right to refuse to sing the county’s National Anthem when it is part of an official function of the Supreme Court. I have my theories on why this was not covered throughout the world and instead completely and utterly ignored by the mainstream press. To cover this story one would be forced to admit and even emphasize that the Israeli Supreme Court has as one of its Justices an Arab Judge sitting on the bench. To give such coverage to an Arab Supreme Court Justice on the Israeli Supreme Court might become a significant story in a completely separate way, namely that the Arab Israelis truly do have the same rights and privileges as a Jewish Israeli even to the point of serving on the Israeli Supreme Court. A story such as this would put to lie to all the previous stories which were slanted in order to give the impression that Israel was an apartheid state which refused to give their Arab citizens equal rights and treatment under the law. The entire apartheid myth would come crashing down and the truth would have been exposed had this story reached the general public, and when it comes to Israel the press cannot allow the truth to get in the way of their continuous damnation of the Jewish State. Maybe this case of the rights being upheld for an Arab Justice who sits on the Israeli Supreme Court not being covered is not so mysterious after all.


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February 13, 2012

They Call This a Peace Process?

The nonfunctional process existing between Israel and the Arab World continues in its usual agonizing spiral of never-ending demands and denials emanating from Mahmoud Abbas. Though it is usually stated as the Palestinian Israeli Peace Process, in reality everyone recognizes that the Palestinians are simply the political ploy the Arab World uses in their never ending quest to destroy Israel. The titular head of the Palestinians has refused a number of things which should disqualify anything he is associated with from receiving any recognition from the United States and the rest of the Western World, especially if they actually mean they support democracy, human rights and freedom. But he once again stated that at no time will there ever be a reason which would allow him to recognize Israel as a Jewish State. So, let us look at this latest twist of reasoning from Mahmoud Abbas that we can include in the ever-lengthening list of his previous best of demands and denials.


Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas stated once again this past Sunday that the PA will not meet Israel’s demand that it recognize Israel as the Jewish State. His reasoning was that to do so would negate any standing for the million and a half Palestinian Arabs living in Israel and no refugee would be allowed to come back to Israel, in keeping with the Palestinian Authority demand that Israel allow millions of Arab refugees to return to their old homes in Israeli cities as part of a future agreement, as reported by <a href= target=blank>Kol Yisrael radio by Arutz Sheva.</a> Breaking this down into its component parts and further examination reveals what he is really saying. His first claim that the Arabs in Israel would lose their standing in Israel is relating the old canard that Israel is a racist country where only Jews are allowed to vote, drive cars, hold jobs, run for political office, and a virtual cornucopia of other advantages all of which are presumably denied to the non-Jewish citizens of Israel, particularly the Arab Israelis. This is believed by many in the Palestinian Refugee Camps throughout much of the Arab World as this is exactly the treatment they receive from their Arab brothers. There is a dirty little secret; there are no Arab refugee camps in Israel. The <a href= target=blank>Palestinian Refugee Camps</a> are found in Gaza, the West Bank, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria. All of the Arabs who live within the Green Line plus some of those living within the Jerusalem Metropolitan Area have Israeli identification cards as Israeli citizens. All Israeli citizens, Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Bahai, Arab, European, Oriental, African, absolutely every Israeli citizen have the same rights. They all have the right to vote, run for office, hold political office, work for the government, work for any employer, drive, and every other right. They are all treated equally before the law and as citizens.  So, this innuendo by Mahmoud Abbas is meant to demean and slur Israel feeding those who do the same in near constant demonstrations throughout the world and also to further their feeling of hopelessness for any rights for the Palestinian Refugees. It is to the benefit of Mahmoud Abbas and his co-terrorists to have the Palestinian Refugees believe that their sole path to any rights is through the destruction of Israel. This is only true due to the fact that they will never be given equal rights by their Arab Brothers who are also their jailors and oppressors, but that is forbidden to say as many truths in this confrontation seem to be.


The other part of Mahmoud Abbas complaint is actually not a lie, just a shielded truth. The reason recognizing Israel as a Jewish State negates the Palestinian Refugees ‘Right of Return’ is that the whole idea behind this concept is to flood Israel with so many Arab refugees that simply by numbers it will no longer be the Jewish State. Once the Arabs have a majority of the vote, Mahmoud Abbas believes that they will vote in an Arab government that will take the rights from the Jews and return them to the Dhimmi class they are meant to be by Islamist societies. Should Israel be recognized as the Jewish State, then relegating the Jews to virtual non-citizen status under the protection and subject to the generosity of the Muslims for their existence becomes a moot point. What people have not been told is that Israel has made offers for a peace agreement which included a partial Right of Return for some of the refugees to inside Israel. The latest offer including such an offer was proposed by former <a href= target-blank>Prime Minister Ehud Olmert</a> along with 97% of the West Bank and was simply refused without even the courtesy of a counter offer by Mahmoud Abbas. Mahmoud Abbas has made clear on numerous occasions in every backhanded way possible that the only solution that is acceptable is the complete and total surrender to the Arabs of the State of Israel. This was one of the reasons that readmitting Hamas, Islamic Jihad and any other terrorist groups from Gaza into the PLO is completely acceptable. As Abbas has intimated numerous times, any treaty with Israel if it does not result in the destruction of Israel as the Jewish State must then reserve the right of the Palestinians to continued resistance through all means available. Translated into plain English, any treaty with Israel must either end the existence of Israel or allow the war to continue until Israel is annihilated. Who would have a problem making that agreement?


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