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February 21, 2018

A New World is Coming


And this new world will start by throwing out the old. That will be their initial mistake and what will follow are the same follies which we thought behind humanity. These youthful and exuberant individuals who make up the Nuevo-Left will throw out everything from before because they are the beginning and whatever came before was from the old and to be discarded. Unfortunately, we can use one item from the old to predict the future with these wunderkind at the head, and it comes from the pen of George Santayana who wrote, “Progress, far from consisting in change, depends on retentiveness. When change is absolute there remains no being to improve and no direction is set for possible improvement: and when experience is not retained, as among savages, infancy is perpetual. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” The last sentence has spawned a plethora of similar phrases all imparting the same wisdom and cautionary warning. But this too is from the past, from the first decades of the last century, so obviously it is old thought and thus rendered worthless. The United States Constitution, it is written on parchment, obviously far too old to be useful in this new age. The Bible too is from back in the Stone Age or close to it, according to new-think, thus it must be discarded as just a collection of useless adages. The Nuevo-Left is far too aware and advanced in thought to require such lessons as they are fashioning a whole new age, a new world where the fallacies of the past will be corrected. We can hardly wait for their new reality and can only wonder what they will have in mind for fossils such as ourselves.


This rant came as a response from a number of articles but we were put beyond the cusp and into committing our screed to post was, “Banned! High School Students Drop National Anthem,” which was just the last straw. The line which most closely resembled the reasoning was not so much the fact that there were “offensive words” and a reference to, “the hireling and slave,” but that the Star Spangled Banner, the American National Anthem, was written, and let us quote, “This song was written in 1814. That was written 204 years ago. Imagine all the traditions and laws that have changed.” Imagine that, two-hundred and four whole years ago, like even before television and the Internet. It is just so, you know, old. How could something that old have any relevance today. And while we are dating stuff, you know that thing, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, like those things are even older, written in the 17’s, the century before the National Anthem, so like useless, right? Whatever we do we should immediately publish a modern worded Bible and try and pass it off as like really new and kewl before they order them all destroyed for being from before paper and pencil. This New Age Nuevo-Left probably would immediately reject anything written in stone, so guess the Ten Commandments are out, even if the original copy chiseled by Moses could be found. This Nuevo-Left are set upon making a clean start and making this new civilization in their imagined perfect image. This should be absolutely wonderful.


Let’s see if we can make some hunch driven guesses as to the new rules, the Nuevo-Left will place on society. The first thing we should realize is that these of the Nuevo-Left are of that age and outlook that they know absolutely everything and have so much more knowledge than their adult cohabitants on planet Earth. The Nuevo-Left have looked at the world they are about to inherit and all they see is a mess which is obviously the result of the ancient ideas and laws under which it has been forced to operate. They are ready and willing to impart their great wisdom and correct all the errors of the past. All that is required for the world to become perfect is for all of us to surrender our free will and allow the Nuevo-Left, who, by the way, have a good number of adults who feel the same as them, to impose their will by any and all means available to them. And we need to fully understand, it is all about the feelings. You ask about thinking, well, that only comes in play when feelings fail, and how can good feelings which take everybody and their real needs into consideration ever fail? After all, look where thinking has gotten the world. The world could be improved so much if only feelings were the driving force as feelings are what it is all about. Those of the Nuevo-Left claim that the problems in the world today are caused by a few simply concepts, capitalism and the quest for monetary gains, the laws are rooted in the past and the results of every mistake of history, the system is unfair and leaves so many without while a small minority have most of the wealth. The way things are cements most people to live in the same social strata as they are born to, there is still way too much racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, ableism, xenophobia and the divisions that keep people apart, especially again racism plus other problems caused by nationalism, religion and other things such as identity politics.


Then there is one huge problem which has to be solved before things can ever get better, the unenlightened cannot be left in control. Who are the unenlightened? The unenlightened are those who disagree with our new leadership under the Nuevo-Left who are the truly enlightened and honestly know what is best for our society and have all the solutions if only they were to be given the opportunity to repair our world. There is a solution for the poor unenlightened, those who are stuck in the old world and just cannot let go of their unproductive identities, their refusal to let go of politics, of religion, of nationality or of any of the plethora of things which made up the old and broken world. The Nuevo-Left will help these poor unfortunates who have identity difficulties or are stuck with old-thought; they have an education program which will disabuse them of their old-thought and educate them making them accepting of the new-think of the Nuevo-Left.


Big Brother is Watching


All that remains to do is to hand over complete and total control to the youth with all the answers, the youth of the Nuevo-Left. They have all the answers to every problem. They know how to end wars, make militaries illegal enforced by the United Nations, right? How do we end poverty, redistribution of wealth with equal pay for any and all work. How do we end racism, reeducation until those stuck in hate learn acceptance. Actually, reeducation ends up being the solution to a whole litany of problems. If this sounds familiar like it was tried again and again throughout history, out with the old, in with the new and anything from reeducation to simply elimination of those who are part of the old. We have seen it in books such as Brave New World and 1984 which ends with the line that says it all, “I love Big Brother.” We have seen it in recent history with the Soviet Union and the Stalinist purges or in Communist China with Mao’s Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution and the ensuing Great Leap Forward. But this idea is not new as we saw this in the Roman Empire where those the Romans desired to destroy, they dispersed and enslaved as they did the Carthaginians and the Judeans (Jews). For the record, it did not quite work with the Judeans as they managed to retain their identity. Other examples of the new attempting to drive out the old claiming to have the solution to everything include the Nazis and their concept of the superior race, the Inquisition where they were to purify the world by imposing the only perfect religion, the Caliphate which spread from the Arabian Peninsula and continues to this day following the Quranic demand to spread Islam until all have surrendered to Allah and numerous other attempts at world conquest placing the governance, leadership and supremacy of the conquerors over those defined as the others. There is a concept in the Western and developed worlds that world conquest is an impossibility and that the world may eventually meld with time and agree to a new world order which oversees all but their belief is not universal and there are numerous centers of power in the world who still believe that they are destined to conquer the world and be its masters. Only the future will tell whether or not world conquest is possible and if such does come to fruition, then will it be by force of will, force of an idea, force of weaponry or some force completely unforeseen by our current knowledge. The one thing we can tell the Nuevo-Left, their ideas of a utopia if only they are given complete control of the governance, power, and enforcement will fail either because they were fortunately never given the opportunity or because they were able to take control of the United States and Europe, unified them under their sole governance. The only way the Earth will ever come under a singular rule will be voluntarily and very likely after humanity has spread to inhabit the cosmos and not before. But expect the Nuevo-Left to continue their revolutionary tactics expecting that the society will see the wisdom of their ideas and beg them to take control as they will not be given this power willingly and should they take it by other means they can expect to face great amounts of resistance. Let’s all hope that any changes come peaceably and through the will of the people and not by any other means for the sake of all the people.


Beyond the Cusp


September 8, 2016

Why I Accept Most Inequality


Inequality is part of existence and no matter how hard those who believe all inequality must be eradicated, inequality is a part of the human existence. Accepting inequality does not mean that you accept all inequality as there are certain areas where inequality must not be tolerated. The foremost of these is justice and treatment under the law and in access to services and other areas where inequality is an anathema. We must have equal application of the law, equal access to legal defense when charged with a crime and equality in all applications of the powers of government. But even in this there are limits which we must address and decide whether these areas of unequal treatment are acceptable. We can easily give an example where even the most adamant proselyte of equality likely will confess to their acceptance of an inequality. The tax code and such support programs such as food stamps, unemployment insurance payments and welfare payments are all areas where society has agreed to not only allow inequality but to strictly enforce and apply these inequalities in perpetuity. There will be candidates running for office in the United States this fall who will base much of their campaign on the application of inequalities in how the government treats members of the American public. They will favor supportive programs which apply largely to their electorate and against any supportive programs which are not applicable to their electorate. An obvious example would be any candidate running for office in the areas around Washington D.C. will support increased wages for Federal Government employees while somebody running for office in central Nebraska or central Montana would call for limiting or even freezing government workers’ salaries. Somebody running in an area where there are a majority of union employees would favor pro-union legislation and programs and probably also the raising of the minimum wage to $15.00/hr. as many union salary scales are figured using the minimum wage as a scaling point.


Inequality is a fact of life and the sooner people understand that, equality in all things can never be accomplished. What one should not accept is inequality which is unnatural or selective in manners other than those inequalities which are a result of natural abilities or differing efforts or difficulties of task. Obviously the greeters at the neighborhood box store and a brain surgeon will not receive equal income. Though the greeter interacts with and potentially can make a positive influence on more people; if you or a friend or relative needed brain surgery, the greeter would not likely have the necessary expertise. The brain surgeon invested a large part of their life and developed a specific and vital skill which may only have an effect on a smaller number of lives. The inequality of skill levels and number of people mastering the skills of the brain surgeon is a much smaller and more elite group of people. Of course there will always be the equality in all things who will make the claim that had the greeter had similar opportunities and training they too could have become the brain surgeon. Where that could be accurate, there would be no means of discerning the reality because, believe it or not, life itself is not equal; but if we are lucky, it is fair.


Scales of Life in the Balance

Scales of Life in the Balance


Equality is one of the important qualities we should use as the basis in how we treat one another. We should not accept biased treatment in our societies, from our judicial system, by law enforcement, in service in public areas such as restaurants, in residential opportunities and numerous places all of which have some relation to interpersonal interactions or opportunities. Even when a society achieves equality in all of these areas, there will still be inequalities for which any solution would require the force of government and would in and of themselves be a form of unequal treatment. Where equal pay for equal work can be a sticky area, equal pay for all people is not actually equality, it’s communism. The problem with full equality for all incomes is that many people will choose the easiest work rather than work harder at a more difficult profession and not receive greater remuneration. What would be the reason to work at some taxing job requiring great exertion of physical energy or years of training and constant continuing education to learn the most recent developments or techniques rather than seek easier employment such as the greeter’s job we spoke of earlier? Granted there are those driven few who seek the challenge but there would be far too many capable people who would not work to their fullest if there were to be no opportunity for additional remuneration. Enforcing universal equal pay would result in losing one of the main incentives which drives many to achieve greater achievement. Without inequality in pay scales there would be little incentive to attempt to advance or perform at a higher level than your fellow employees. Across the board equal pay no matter the level, difficulty or dedication of an employee in their choice and enthusiasm and commitment is the quickest path to across the board disinterested and lazy employees who have little drive or will to exceed or even succeed.


Most of the inequality we find in our day to day world has a direct relation to effort, level of education, difficulty of vocation or physical requirements. The one inequality we most often hear people complain over are the huge salaries paid to professional athletes. Every time the same point needs to be driven home. The discussion usually starts off asking if the top salespeople working on commission making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year selling top products such as real estate, high end jewelry or other high end items deserve what they earn. The answer is always a definitive affirmative. Then we ask about the top medical physicians who perform the most difficult procedures such as heart surgery deserve their high paychecks? Again we hear the answer stating of course. We then mention CEOs and the other heads of industry. Then we point out that all these people have one thing in common, they are in the top five to ten percent in what they do and so are professional athletes. People at the top of their professions, and especially in the top of high money making professions such as sports, make the large salaries in proportion to the money flowing in their line of work. Are ticket prices ridiculous, yes but on the other side the average person can have a better than front row seat with slow motion replay and professional commentary watching the same game or event on television. Pay for view being one of the most expensive television viewing protocols still is often no greater than one hundred dollars and if you have a party with nine friends then it costs only ten dollars each and you get a front seat and reasonably priced refreshments with a wider range of foods from which to choose, and you’re watching it with your closest friends, what could be better.


Equality is something which is a target which we aim to satisfy as best as we are able. Will we ever attain complete equality in those areas where it serves society? Very likely not but that allows for improvement which gives us a reason to try that much harder. We need to fall short from time to time such that we have reason to improve and find new and better means to achieve equality. The one caution we need to remember is that equality in all things should never be the goal. Equality in measure to difficulty, level of performance, importance to society and other considerations will always provide inequality in payments to individuals who satisfy the most demanding needs of the society. Sometimes the inequalities may not be apparent to all people but as long as there is a segment of society willing to put out the money, there will be those who will find the means to satisfy those demands. The good side is that as long as there are these opportunities which offer unequal pay scales, there are opportunities for anybody to find such a niche and make some of those higher paychecks for yourself. Most of us will not take the high risk route and settle for a more equal salary which is guaranteed steady and less risky, which is our choice to make. Sometimes we can make inequality work for us but the one thing we need watch is that we deal with greater equality with the people whose paths we cross. As long as we deal with care and equality we can expect similar treatment ourselves and if we have quality friends and business associates, then we can consider ourselves fortunate and thank Hashem for such goodness in our lives. As a last note, we are all equal before Hashem and Hashem alone judges our goodness.


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May 15, 2013

How Jews Living in West Bank Affect the Palestinians

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We hear so much noise about the areas known historically as Judea, Samaria and Benyamin which were recently retagged as the West Bank in order to make them sound less Jewish. We hear about the need for the Palestinian Authority to be granted full autonomy of an independent nation with complete control over this West Bank as well as Gaza. Part of the problem with this presentation is that the Palestinians have two completely separate, mutually exclusive, actively competitive, viciously antagonistic governing agents with Hamas controlling and ruling over Gaza while the Palestinian Authority Fatah organization controlling and ruling over Area A the West Bank. Hamas is led by Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh while the Palestinian Authority leader is President Mahmoud Abbas. Since the two factions split after the Hamas violent coup which placed them in control of Gaza in June 2007, all efforts to reunite the two groups have utterly failed. Part of the problem is that Hamas is based in Islamic religious governance while the Palestinian Authority is aligned with Fatah which is secular socialist governance and such philosophies are very much similar to oil and water, they do not mix well. The power struggle between these two groups drips with the avarice and hatreds such that the resultant atmosphere is not conducive to healthy economic policies therefore depressing economic growth potentials due to crippling corruption. The situation has resulted in totally failed governance in almost every category which has become completely reliant on foreign generosity lurching from one financial catastrophe to the next. Such poor governance constantly leads to the need to plead to the world for emergency funding. This has resulted in high unemployment for the Palestinian Arab people living under the direct controlling rule of either Hamas or the Palestinian Authority in either Gaza or Area A in the West Bank. Yet there is one group who has 100% employment as the Palestinian Authority places every Palestinian terrorist or criminal who has been sentenced to prison in Israel, whether they are members in the PLO, Fatah, Hamas, or any other terror related group, where they receive some of the highest salaries which are directly proportional to the number of Israelis they were able to maim and murder. This would almost be the guaranteed condition over the entire areas of Gaza and the West Bank should the entirety of these areas be placed under solely Palestinian governance.


Should anybody desire to find a more optimistic and promising atmosphere where the overwhelming majority of the people are employed and making significantly higher salaries resulting in a higher standard of living, one need not leave the West Bank, one simply needs to visit the areas where modern governance encourages economic ventures and the size and scope of government is limited. These areas are not under either Hamas or the Palestinian Authority. The Palestinians living in these areas are largely employed with comparatively no unemployment when compared to the Palestinians living in Area A. The major difference in the condition for these Palestinians is they live among Israeli settlers. Much of the world decries the supposed conditions under which Palestinians are forced to live in areas where they share the lands with the Israeli settler who are mostly Jewish. There are so numerous different origins of the Israelis living in Samaria and Judea that any attempt to stereotype them as just religious Jews is not only pointless but in complete denial of reality. The Jews who have chosen to live in what the world refers to as the West Bank consist of religious and secular Jews, Israeli Arabs both Christian and Muslim, Secular Jews, Zionist Jews, Jews seeking a more relaxed atmosphere in which to live, farmers, people working locally as well as many whose work is in Tel Aviv who commute, IDF soldiers, physicians, nurses, computer programmers, entrepreneurs, and people from every walk of life one can find. There is a major Israeli University in Ariel called, oddly enough, Ariel University.


But what is most interesting is the completely impossible situation under which the Jews and Palestinian Arabs face living close to each other with all the serious relationship problems which are the constant fare in the mainstream media coverage of the Jewish settlers living beyond the Green Line. For the best example of how all of this has an effect, all one need do is visit Ariel University, Barkan Industrial Park, Shahak Industrial Park, and the other industrial parks, farms, vineyards, wineries, business parks, and other businesses and witness a bit of the truth about the Israeli controlled areas of Judea and Samaria. What becomes evident very quickly is that there is no distinction between Jews, Muslims, Christians and those of other religions, Jews and Arabs, Asian ancestry and European ancestry, or religious and secular. Approximately half of the employees along with their supervisors and management in both large and small industrial enterprises are West Bank Arabs employed there right next to West Bank Jews. The same goes for students and professors to a great extent at Ariel University. Throughout the main settlement areas of the West Bank the Jews and Palestinian Arabs live and work together in harmony without any trouble, violence, oppressions or any of the myriad of misconceptions that spring from a media more interested in forcing the issue of the oppressor Jews dispossessing the unfortunate Arab victims of Jewish hegemony. The fact that the Palestinian Arabs who live and work among the Jewish settlers in Judea and Samaria have a much higher standard of living is a little secret of which the mainstream media refuses to inform the world. The fact that the rule is cooperation and an improved life for those Palestinians fortunate to reside in the developed mixed Jewish and Arab areas and that the terrorism and violence are the exception must be suppressed as there exists an entire industry based upon the Jewish oppressions of the Arabs. The problem is people living and working in harmony just does not sell newspapers or newscasts anywhere near as well as explosions and violence. The real truth is that the standard of living for the Palestinian Arabs throughout Gaza and the West Bank was among the fastest growing GDP of anywhere in the world from 1973 through 1992. Then, starting in 1993 when Yasser Arafat returned and the very same Palestinians were placed in a semi-autonomous self-ruled areas under the Palestinian Authority the GDP and standard of living reversed and has continued to drop ever since. The wonderful and hopeful truth which the media insists does not exist is that where Palestinian Arabs live together in relative harmony and mutual tolerance with Jews in Area C of the West Bank, sharing the advantages of the rule of law and entrepreneurial opportunity live better lives than their Palestinian brothers living in Area A and Gaza where the leadership is under the Palestinian Authority or Hamas which consist of dictatorial regimes. If people throughout the world truly wish the best of possibilities for the Palestinian people, perhaps they would be better able to decide where to place their efforts after taking an actual investigation of the separate Areas in the West Bank and Gaza and ask the Palestinians who reside within and amongst the Jews in Area C and those living in Palestinian autonomous areas of Area A and Gaza and then decide which group lives a more productive and preferred life. Finding the truth would definitely be an eye-opening experience which would likely deliver a viewpoint not covered by the mainstream media and actually actively hidden by the mainstream media.


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