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January 8, 2019

The Opposing Powers Regarding Syria and Israel


There is going to be one of the strangest alignments when Syria becomes an even greater blood-bath. The problems will spill over into Iraq, mostly in the northern regions, and Russia is going to be dependent and thus in a strange alignment with Israel in order to slow and eventually repulse the Iranian attempts at hegemony. The other force which will be adding in no small manner will be Turkey as they attempt to sweep the Kurds off the map in northern Syria and may make a fatal mistake and take their fight with the Kurds into Iraq. The Kurdish forces in Iraq are the same forces that largely were responsible for the defeat of the Islamic State. Their major mistake was not declaring their independence immediately after the highly favorable call for the establishment of Kurdistan back with the September of 2017 referendum. The main problem the Kurds will face is their lack of adequate air forces, but on the ground they proved to be formidable fighters. Yes, we know that Turkish President Erdogan promised President Trump he would only fight the Islamic State and related terrorists. The problem is Erdogan defines all Kurds, even the infants, as dangerous terrorist forces. President Trump is fully aware that despite Turkey presumably being a NATO ally, they are no friend of the United States and that Erdogan sees himself as the great new leader who will be the initiator of the new Ottoman Empire and has designs on Aleppo in Syria and Mosul in Iraq. Hopefully Erdogan realizes that for him to take Mosul he will first be required to fight through the Kurdish forces in the North and then be required to take Mosul from Iraqi forces who are backed by Iranian forced from the IRGC. These are some of the elite forces from the IRGC which are holding Mosul.


Meanwhile, the Iranian regime is facing some turbulence on the home front as a plurality of the people desire returning to Western styled Democratic governance. The Iranian economy was not as sturdy and thriving as the Europeans and others claimed it was and the American sanctions are doing their intended effect and doing so well. The slacking wages, rising unemployment, farmers facing under-valued crop prices, and retirees joining the farmers in massive demonstrations in Tehran and Mashhad (Iran’s second largest city) have shaken many a Middle East expert. There is a pair of videos plus many pictures of the demonstrations, the noisy demonstrations. These are simply the latest round of demonstrations. They are following a general worker strike, at least two of them one of which even the taxi drivers joined bringing the capital city and others to a virtual standstill. Before that was a student’s demonstration, it drew support from many workers, including salesmen and many middle-aged men who were witnessed in this set of protests. Basically, the Iranian people want to end the Islamic revolution and instead have an economic revolution which empowers them to improve their lives.


Meanwhile, Iran is still making attempts, largely successful, to be the proxy rulers in Iraq and in Lebanon. In Iraq they are simply using the mostly, if not totally, Shiite government as their sock-puppet having it execute their desires which was largely behind the attacks on the Kurds which were carried out largely by militias and IRGC forces. In Lebanon, the Iranian control is far more basic. Nasrallah runs Hezballah, Hezballah basically is the Lebanese government and largely controls its military and Nasrallah takes his orders from the Mullahs of Iran. Iran also holds sway over Gaza with Islamic Jihad, their original agents in Gaza, and Hamas recently coming on-board and receiving additional rocket motors and the plans for machining additional motors providing them with enhanced range which they now threaten Haifa, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv plus all the places inbetween. The latest threats have come from the mouth of Islamic Jihad leader Ziyad Nakhalah who has been threatening that a new war is coming against Israel and this war will be unlike the failures of the past as this time Israel is going to be attacked from the north and south at the same time. One might even conclude by the way he spoke that he was including the Quds Force, a special group from the IRGC specifically trained to take Jerusalem and fight against Israel, attacking over the Golan Heights. One can be assured that during his visit to Tehran and meeting the leadership of the Iranian tyranny, he received guarantees that they would instruct Hezballah to support whatever may be coming from Gaza. He made references to the existence of numerous infiltration tunnels which Israel has yet to find and how the attackers from the North (Lebanon) would swamp the Israeli forces in the north by coming out behind them, between them and possibly within their formations and surprising the IDF and defeating them handily while taking numerous Israeli cities at the same time. Perhaps we should thank him for the warnings.


This is all on top of our article from January 6, 2019, titled Iran on the Offensive, in which we discussed the intent by Iran to send warships into the North Atlantic Ocean, very likely close to the United States’ eastern seaboard. What is their intent? Well, it could be to attack the United States at the same time as they unleash their terror forces against Israel and who knows what other surprises the Iranians might have in store for the world. We know that they have worked on making EMP devices which are not nuclear in nature with a fair degree of success. We have always concluded that they must have numerous nuclear weapons by this point in time as they have been working on this since the 1990’s and this would provide Iran with an EMP device capable of potentially threatening much of the North American electrical grid. The problem is attempting to predict what a group of aged Mullahs with grandiose dreams that their forces are invincible and that Allah will double the effect of their efforts and that they are the ones who will rule the world. But there are any numbers of items which make the rulers of the Iranian theocracy even more dangerous at these times.


First and foremost is the unrest at home, knowing that they no longer have the protection of an American President who believes much the same as do they. They are completely aware that President Trump would love nothing more than to assist their overthrow by their own people with minimal if any American assistance beyond providing the weapons required to the right people. Should the people take to the streets en-mass as happened in 2009, President Trump will be siding with the people of Iran, and not its leadership and the enforcement terror system upon which they rely to be a constant check threatening the people. Further, they know that President Trump has turned the inhibiting of Iran curbing their meddling beyond their borders to those in the Arab world along with Russia who have the most to lose should Iran complete their Shiite Crescent and all but engulf Saudi Arabia and gain control of the Straight of Hormuz where much of the Arab oil passes and the Bab al-Mandab (see map below) choking off the Red Sea making the Suez Canal useless and destroying a large part of the Egyptian economy. Using these two choke points, Iran can cut off virtually all oil shipments from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to the rest of the world, mostly Europe, and with the straight at the southern exit for the Red Sea, they prevent 90% of the shipping between Europe and Asia with the sole other route using the Black Sea and then overland. Of course, neither of these causes too much consternation for the United States, as she is virtually energy independent and can ship to Europe from the East Coast and Asia from their west coast and still have the Panama Canal to go between the two great oceans. Still, closing such strategic waterways would be the quickest means of provoking a war which Iran would likely lose.


Strait of Hormuz and Bab-el-Mandeb Strait

Strait of Hormuz and Bab-el-Mandeb Strait


They are aware that their best chance is a knockout first strike decapitating the United States and then economically crippling her. The first is accomplished with a number of nuclear tipped missiles targeting both Washington D.C. as well as New York and then launching a few long-range rockets set to detonate nuclear warheads designed for low yield and a massive EMP Pulse approximately three-hundred miles above Kansas City and allow the destruction of much of the electronics across North America and the short-circuiting of the majority of the large power transformers destroying the electronic grid to such an extent that it may take as long as fifty years to fully repair and in the meantime at least three-quarters of the United States and rest of the effected regions populations will die. Before these people suffer death by any of any various means, they can be satisfied knowing that absolutely nothing of Tehran will remain and those who sent these terrible horrors onto their shores will have been hunted down and killed, possibly too quickly for many, but dead just the same. The United States Navy and other military assets around the world are more than sufficient to end this war with an American victory over Iran. The horrors come from the suffering these conflicts will bring on to so many lives. Still, there is some dark recess in the minds of the ruling Mullahs in Iran who honestly believe that by bringing such horrors unto the world that they are simply preparing the way for the Mahdi and their promised Caliphate where they will rule the world or end up with their perpetual virgins in whatever afterlife they dream over. For so many of us in the developed world the concept of conquering the world died off quite a while back and was completely destroyed by World Wars I and II. What we find incomprehensible is that there are people on the Earth today who still see themselves or those who follow them ruling the world imposing their singular religion upon every person living on the planet and if they refuse putting them to the sword, a nice way of saying kill them, even if it means sawing their heads off with a small knife and taking five to ten minutes to complete the task. The religion which the majority of those with these delusions is Islam; either Sunni or Shiite, but Islam. And, yes, there are those such as the Iranian Mullahs, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the Saudi Royals as well as the leaders of Wahhabi Islam, numerous different schools of Sunni and Shiite Islam and a number of dictatorial powers many of which see themselves as ruling over the final result of Communism which will prove triumphant in the end, or so they believe. There are probably a collection of other crazies who actually see themselves ruling the world, as for us, we would be glad for a small patch of the lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea ruled by Israel.


Beyond the Cusp


May 18, 2018

Turkey Attacks Israel on World Diplomatic Stage, Again


Turkey is pulling what should be named the Mavi Marmara Maneuver once again. Allow us to give a quick refresher on the Mavi Marmara Affair. The Mavi Marmara was the lead ship in what began as just another break the Israeli Naval blockade on Hamas in Gaza. This one was organized by Turkey in cooperation with the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, actually a terrorist group. The entire convoy was carrying relief in the form of past dated medicines and unusable foodstuffs. When the relief was delivered to Gaza, Hamas gave it the treatment it deserved and simply burned everything. The Mavi Marmara was the only ship which attempted to dock at Gaza and was intercepted by Israeli forces who boarded her armed with paintball guns shooting pepper spray. The Israeli forces were set upon by the IHH terrorists armed with clubs, baseball bats, iron rods, knives, machetes and other weapons. They were forced to defend themselves with sidearms and nine terrorists were killed and an undisclosed number of injured Israelis. Some of the Israelis had to be pulled from the Mediterranean as they had been thrown overboard after being beaten and one had to be rescued from the ship’s hold where he was to be abducted. The Mavi Marmara was received in Turkey with a heroes welcome on her return (see image below). Turkey screamed bloody murder, literally, and pulled their ambassador and threw the Israeli ambassador and embassy personnel who were Israeli out of Turkey. They then had the audacity to demanded million of dollars in reparations for the families of the dead terrorists and an official apology. Israel caved to the Turkish treachery.


Mavi Marmara Received Heroes Welcome Upon Return to Turkey

Mavi Marmara Received Heroes Welcome Upon Return to Turkey


Israel desired to have good relations with Turkey so much that they paid the twenty-one-million dollar ransom demanded by Erdogan presumably to be given to the families of those killed or injured resulting from the IHH terrorists setting upon the IDF which boarded the Mavi Marmara to enforce a legal blockade of the Hamas terrorists in Gaza. Many advised Prime Minister Netanyahu to stand up against Turkey’s President Erdogan and refuse to pay the ransom for relations. The Security Cabinet, on the Prime Minister’s suggestion, agreed that relations with Turkey were worth the twenty-one-million dollars. It now turns out they were probably wrong. The problem is not so much Turkey’s people who treat vacationing Israelis well as they rake in the money. Turkey has some form of appeal to our fellow Israelis that we as Olim apparently do not understand. Since many of the Israeli vacationers are younger people, perhaps it is an ageism thing. Whatever it is, we would advise perhaps Greece if one must go abroad for vacation, otherwise Israel has everything from nice sandy beaches to desert sand to the sandy shores of the Dead Sea and; well, OK, we see the problem, sand. But many go to the shores of the Black Sea in Turkey, so it may not be the sand. Time to visit the Greek Islands instead of Turkey as they once again sent the Israeli Ambassador packing and pulled the Turkish Ambassador to Israel back to Turkey for new directions. While the Israeli Ambassador was departing Turkey, he was subjected to an undo security check as if he were a suspected terrorist. He was required to be patted-down, remove his shoes, carry-on baggage ransacked and other indignities all intended to embarrass Israel and make Erdogan appear to be powerful and able to disgrace Israel at will. We have included this video from Al-Jazeera which we are sure has some angle, especially in its coverage of Gaza and the history over the Mavi Marmara. The supposed tenth terrorist who presumably died did so after return to Turkey so for that we must take Turkey’s word for this.



These actions are all in the past, some of it recent. So what should Israel do about this insult from Erdogan, and that is what this is, Erdogan coming to the support of his Hamas friends and making a scene upon the world stage. Erdogan is seeking aggrandizement to make himself appear as the leader of the Arab and Muslim world and the reestablished Caliph of the Ottoman Empire. Erdogan often speaks of reestablishing the Ottoman rule over the Middle East initially, and then North Africa followed by the world, the routine by numerous Arab and Iranian leaders is well recognized and overplayed. The Mullah are doing it in Iran using their former glory as the Persians, Kaddafi did it in Libya, Nasser did it in Egypt, Arafat and Abbas have played it looking like fools as they did and the Saudis claim it as they hold the Two Holy Cities (we will have to wait and see what Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (Arabic: سلمان بن عبد العزیز آل سعود‎) will proclaim if anything as initially he appears to be taking an untride route for the future of Saudi Arabia. But the subject now is Turkey and its President for Life Recep Tayyip Erdogan. This would be the right time to knock this pretender to the Caliph of the Ottoman Empire down a notch and possibly change the picture of current affairs in the Middle East.


Turkey’s Erdogan is feeling like a big man in the world currently with his slaughtering of Kurds in northern Syria and taking his first steps to reestablish the Ottoman Empire. You do not need to take our word on this, take his quotes from an article by Jihad Watch. Israel need first make a clean break with Turkey by pulling all staff out of Turkey and leaving the embassy an empty shell of a building. This should be performed quickly and with stealth. A nation which can remove tons of actual information out of Tehran and bring it to Israel and allow the United States to view all and do that in one night can surely take out all Israelis working in the embassy in one night. Israel should advise all Israelis who work in Turkey that Israel will no longer be able to defend them nor protect them as relations have been terminated. When Turkey then retaliates, Israel should be prepared to terminate any Turkish airlines from service within Israel, close all Turkish consulates (unless that was Erdogan’s move) and expel all other services which are purely of Turkish origins. There will be those who will claim that this hurts Israelis financially, and this might be true but sometimes people get hurt when nations fight. But all of this is minor strategy. The final strategy could be almost devastating for Turkey, though it would require some assistance which we believe might be given willingly.


Prime Minister Netanyahu should dispatch somebody he can trust and who would be well received in Washington. The Prime Minister should not do this himself but instead allow another to take a risk, all be it with President Trump. This envoy would be empowered to state the Prime Minister supports the idea but only if help can be depended upon, as for Israel doing this alone would be a stretch. Should President Trump agree that this is the right time and the best way to protect people facing a genocidal maniac out to murder them, then this could be the time to recognize a new and deserving nation, Kurdistan. This Kurdish nation would be inclusive of all the Kurdish people and span parts of northern and northeastern Syria, northern Iraq, southeastern Turkey, and if this is to be the boldest move ever, a small part of northwestern Iran. The Kurds are a people under threat in all these areas. Turkey under the direction of Erdogan has used pogroms against the Kurds of Turkey, is currently sweeping norther Syria killing men, women and children in the Kurdish cities and towns and who knows how far he plans on going as he has mentioned his desire to add Aleppo and Mosul to his extending of Greater Turkey (see map below). Iranian backed Iraqi troops have pushed the Kurds and continue to do so in northern Iraq and the Kurds in Iran are not treated well and definitely are less equal than others. Establishing the nation the British were supposed to have made after World War I would be something whose time has definitely come. We have called for a Kurdistan before and it is almost a pet idea here. Another democratically ruled state with the liberties and freedoms that come with such a state would be a great addition in the Middle East. Stopping Erdogan’s genocide of the Kurds would also be a plus as the world does not need another Armenian styled tragedy as occurred from 1915 through 1917 in what would today be Armenia and northern Turkey. The Kurds can be saved and with the United States and Israel recognizing the new nation and providing any necessary assistance, the Kurdish People are likely to accept the invitation to this party.


Greater Turkey

Greater Turkey


One of the main reasons that the Kurds did not declare their independence after their survey in September of last year (2017), was because the United States State Department advised that they would get no assistance from the United States. We have a feeling that President Trump was not even advised of this opportunity for the establishing of Kurdistan or was poorly advised that it would be a terror state by State Department functionaries (also called the Deep State). Would such a nation be greeted in its region. Well, the answer is yes if an invasion by Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Bashir al-Assad in Syria all simultaneously but with no coordination between Turkey with the remainder who would be directed by Iran. Once the initial invading forces were neutralized and their advance halted, from that point forward we believe the Kurds would insist on protecting their own nation if given the tools. They would require the arming with heavy weapons of their entire military, which would be built from scratch. They would require air support until their own pilots were cleared to fly modern fighter jets. Once trained, judging from their experience against the Islamic State, the Kurdish militias were responsible for much of the defeat of the Islamic State which they accomplished largely on their own with only minimal assistance beyond air cover. The only condition which should be placed on Kurdistan is that anyone residing within their borders be permitted to remain providing they are supportive and not prone to terrorist activities. Founding the nation of Kurdistan would blunt Erdogan’s hopes to establish a Greater Turkey, which he would call the Second Ottoman Empire (the man has delusions), would establish a base to blunt violence, which is currently plaguing northern Syria, southern Turkey and northern Iraq, three hot spots on the globe. It would end Turkey’s current invasion of Syria and his likely planned invasion of Iraq. Ending Erdogan’s hallucinatory dreams of reestablishing the Ottoman Empire would also stave off a war between Turkey and Iran, one in which Turkey could invoke Article 5 of the NATO Treaty and drag the United States into the conflict. Apparently, the United States would likely be dragged into any conflict between Turkey and Iran, so as long as one will be dragged into a conflict, why not one which ends much of the violence and not takes it up a few notches and tempts a world war. Establish Kurdistan and it ends the possibility of a Turkey-Iran War when the two expansionist nations both want the same area, Mosul to be exact. Give Mosul to the Kurds as it used to be theirs before Saddam Hussein used chemical weapons to eviscerate the Kurdish population so his military could simple walk in without facing resistance. One more reason to protect the Kurds is by giving them their rightful country. The final reason it has to be a great idea is because the State Department hates the idea of recognizing Kurdistan because it would be the right thing to do, they always stand against the right thing as Israel can testify. The State Department advised President Truman to refuse recognition of Israel and to refuse to permit them into the United Nations and has been fully behind every harebrained idea which had derogatory effects upon Israel, our example is Gaza Disengagement which brought Hamas to our borders with their own nation of a sorts. Finally, establishing Kurdistan would really upset Turkish President Erdogan and do so to such an extent as to possibly have him burst a few blood vessels.


One last point which just came to our attention, and for some reason, we are absolutely positive that Erdogan had something to do with arranging this, though it is a feeling without definitive proof. What has occurred is that the UAE government, which led the investigation, seized the shipment of electronic equipment comprised of CSP 180/300 capacitors from Turkey to Iran in July 2017. Making matters worse, the Turkish company bought these capacitors from Celem Power Capacitors manufactured in Jerusalem, Israel leading the United Nations Secretariat to ask Israel to investigate the matter. A Celem company spokesperson responded to queries stating, “We will prove that we sold it to Turkey, to an orderly company. We don’t sell to enemy countries. Most of our sales are to Europe and the US, but Turkey is not an enemy state and there is no reason not to trade with it. In any event, if the shipment actually arrived in Iran, the Turkish buyer cheated us.” To us this appears as an attempt by Tukey to get these obviously Israeli capacitors into Iran thus implicating Israel after having erased any trace of their participation in the routing, which to us reeks of Erdogan manipulation of companies, people and facts.


Beyond the Cusp


August 30, 2017

As North Korean Missiles Fly Tillerson Lies


We made a poor calculation, or so it seems. We had predicted, “somewhere between Thanksgiving and Christmas Kim Jong-un will announce he has had it with the American double-dealing and perversity and lies and return to firing missiles.” Apparently, Kim Jong-un did not even wait for Labor Day as on Saturday North Korea launched a set of short-range ballistic missiles and on Tuesday fired another missile, this time over the Islands of Japan. The series of missile firing came just days after U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson welcomed North Korea’s recent “restraint” suggested talks with Pyongyang may be possible “in the near future,” (Watch video below). Tillerson stated in response to the North Korean provocations that the missiles were a “provocative act” adding that the United States would continue to search for a peaceful solution. This is where we question whether or not Secretary of State Tillerson may be going off the rails concerning Kim Jong-un and North Korea as compared to his stances on Israel, Kurdistan and the Arab World’s general offensive along with Iran and Turkey against the world, specifically the Western World.



Secretary Tillerson, it has been noted in conjecture, has been the driving force driving the Administration’s suspicions and commentary against the Kurdish intentions to vote for a referendum to declare their independence from Iraq and form their formerly promised state of Kurdistan before the British reneged on their promise. The Secretary of State has also been a consistent thorn in the side of relations with Israel. The problems with Israel do not rise to the level that the relations with the Kurds have reached, but Israel has her independence already. Still, having Secretary of State Tillerson constantly promoting policies which reflect the Arabist views of the world in general and the views of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, or potentially Mecca and more appropriately, Medina, is wearing thin as it flies in the face of policies which would be to the advantage of the United States specifically and the free world generally.


We understand that the apparent assignment for the State Department is to play Devil’s advocate and oppose what would be right and best for the United States. This was evidenced when they sent a communist group to assist in writing the United Nations Charter and gave the Soviets advantages at every corner. It was further established with their strong advice to President Truman not to recognize Israeli independence, good thing he ignored their advice. Now they are advising the United States deny nationhood to the strongest and closest ally existing in the war on the Islamic State, the only group to have large success in driving the Islamic State from northern Syria, the peoples whom the United States has been arming and Israel has given tactical assistance yet the State Department claims they are unworthy of statehood as that would detract from Iraqi sovereignty and weaken Iran. We seem to remember some commentary about knocking Iran down a peg or two and rewriting parts of the deal with Iran over nuclear research into nuclear weaponry and the processing of uranium by President Trump. Apparently, Secretary Tillerson is concerned about what effect a Kurdish State might have on Iraq and Iran and very likely the Islamic State and Syrian dictator Bashir al-Assad.


These steps come in addition to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson making some antagonizing noise over Israeli “settlements” referring to legally built communities and cities according to the Oslo Accords stipulations while ignoring illegal building by the European Union along with the Arabs in Area C against every stipulation concerning this region by the Oslo Accords. It has become apparent that Secretary of State Tillerson and his State Department have decided once again to adopt the Arab revisionism of the Oslo Accords in which Israel has no right to Jerusalem, Akko, Ashdod, Ashkelon, Tiberius, Eilat, Beersheba and Tel Aviv. This had been the interpretation of the final settlement according to Yasser Arafat and has been adopted by Mahmoud Abbas and the PA and apparently also adopted by Secretary Tillerson in spirit if not in its entirety. Such sophomoric, treacherous and toxic advice can only embolden Abbas and the Arabs to avoid direct negotiations and in its stead demand concessions from Israel which Secretary Tillerson and the State Department will very likely pressure Israel to concede, as they always have, regardless of the position of President Trump or his Middle East envoy Jared Kushner and President Trump’s International Negotiator Jason Greenblatt which appears to be more open ended. While President Trump’s team has stated clearly an Administration position of no preconditions, preconceptions, or premonitions of the design of a solution, the State Department with a few worthy exceptions appears to be backing the continued failings of the “two-state-solution” directly in opposition to all other, including their own, efforts.


Secretary Tillerson also came out expressly against Kurdish independence. One would be following logic and good sense if they were to conclude from previous indications such as the United States arming of the Kurds in Syria and in warning off Turkey’s Erdoğan, who had started a general campaign militarily against the Kurds in Syria and Iraq, thus protecting Kurdish interests, that the Administration would back the concept of a new country named Kurdistan where the Kurds could fulfil their destiny free of tyrannical and counter productive interference from Baghdad. We would and have gone further in suggesting a greater Kurdistan which would span across northeastern Syria, northern Iraq and northwestern Iran and for allowing Kurds from outside the area, from Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran in particular, to return to their newly reestablished homelands free from outside influences or policies. The Kurds were another indigenous group which had been promised a return to their homelands and a freely established state after World War I and the divisions of the great empires of Austro-Hungary, German (which had included Poland within its borders) and Ottoman. One might be led to believe that Turkey would desire such a nation as a place they could force their Kurdish minority to emigrate and end their fears of Kurdish revolt but Erdoğan envisions a greater Turkey which would envelop the Kurdish regions and then the Kurds would be facing a similar fate than that of the Armenians under Ottoman rule. One can only wonder where Secretary Tillerson stands on the ideas of a greater Turkey or a hegemonic Iran which would include much of Iraq plus all of Syria and Lebanon (see concept map below). Greater Turkey would include areas of Syria and Iraq which the Kurds desire for their homelands and extend slightly beyond before they would run into Iranian Shiite opposition but would include Sunni areas of Iraq. Hegemonic Iran would incorporate much of Iraq and Syria plus all, if not beyond, Lebanon, Oman, Yemen, Djibouti and Qatar thus surrounding Saudi Arabia and Jordan who would be thrust together potentially being forced into having relations with Israel. The greater question would be how far along the coast of the Horn of Africa Iran might spread and whether or not Jordan would invite Saudi Arabian protection as part of the Gulf Cooperation Council (included in map).


Greater Turkey and Hegemonic Iran In Faceoff to Control Middle East

Greater Turkey and Hegemonic Iran
In Faceoff to Control Middle East


Our guess of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson reacting to such a map as depicted would be outrage that Israel would take control of the lands actually promised her by the San Remo Conference, the Treaty of Sèvres, the Treaty of Lausanne, the Mandate System, the Conventions of the League of Nations and Article 80 of the United Nations Charter making these treaties and the entirety of their implications, promises, stipulations and implications all enforced by the United Nations. He would likely view at such a point as this that Israel rightfully belonged to Saudi Arabia as the British Mandate of Jordan had been included under Saudi protective rule, why not the remaining 22% of the British Mandate. He would question, with the support of the deep state of the State Department, the protestations expressed by the Israelis and would ignore the religious implications and what would verily happen should Israeli citizens ever come under Muslim or Arab rule. Secretary Tillerson would likely read some missive from the Saudi Royals which would be presented as their guarantee of protection for the Jews of Israel as they are People of the Book (أهل الكتاب) and as such a protected class of Dhimmis. He would infer that Dhimmis meant honored guests and a protected group as stated and would ignore the horrid rumors about the Jews being Kāfir (كافر) and thus could be subjected to the choice of convert to Islam or die without ever compromising their Dhimmitude.


Allow us to end with a beseechment to the leading advisors and their coordination impairment and the confusion, embarrassment and detriment they have caused. Please, President Trump and especially Chief of Staff John F. Kelly, Four Star Marine General (ret), clean up the imbroglio which is the President’s Cabinet. First and foremost, determine who amongst them are capable of supporting a single set of ideas and ideals and are willing to cooperate, then be rid of the rest. Next, sit them all down and play for them the main points President Trump promised to accomplish while campaigning. Then ask who would not be capable of not only supporting but actively engaging all their energies to accomplish whatever tasks they may receive to get these things accomplished. Those who appear even the slightest to delay and especially those who cough, hem and haw, be done with them and receive not their counsel. Lastly, ask each Secretary to submit plans to, first, restructure their department, second, cut their department staffing by a minimum of fifty percent, and lastly, to dissolve their department entirely and advising where critical actions could be best served. Then meet with the President and go through these plans and decide which departments need to implement which plan. Just as a starter, may we suggest you get rid of Educations Department, Homeland Security Department; half or more of the law enforcement bureaus starting with BTFE, and have the State Department reduce its staff by fifty percent, at least twice. Advice for President Trump, ignore much of the noise which erupts regularly from the State Department, as often doing the opposite of what they advise is the best move.


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