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October 25, 2017

Jewish Leftists and Israel


The first thing we must delineate is the definition of Leftist as versus left or liberals. The Leftists are a political entity of their own made up of many different factions. Some propose violent solutions such as a href= target=blank>AntiFa while some are Communists and still others are Fascists. The Jewish Leftists believe they are following the ancient Jewish directive of Tikkun Olam (Hebrew: תיקון עולם‎ literally translates as “repair of the world”) and making the world a better place by repairing the ills of their society. Most of their efforts are often in the areas of human rights and the rights of minorities. What they miss in their efforts is that a Jew performs Tikkun Olam when they improve their own selves first and make themselves into better people. They are to first seek inward improvements and a closer following of Torah and performing of mitzvahs (Hebrew מִצְוָה‎, meaning “commandment”), before diving into the external world. The problem is the same as with all too many people crusading to save the world from its evils where they find it far less personally challenging or disruptive to go seeking splinters in other people’s or group’s eyes than to address the log sticking out from their eye. If all the good-intending people of the world would expend their energies improving their own self, making their lives an example for others, then we would likely have made far better and more productive progress in making the world more gracious.


The Leftist Jews once adored Israel and touted its many virtues. They proudly extolled the medical marvels that came from Israel, the advances in food production in such areas as irrigation techniques and hybrid plants including cherry tomatoes and crops which grow with less water or permit the use of a mix of seawater and fresh that withstand the salt and other contaminants. Then there are the high tech fields and the advances in hardware and especially software and applications, a sort of repetition there. There have been numerous Apps for cell phones and other digital devices produced in Israel plus security software where Israel is a world leader as well as much of the development of cellphones and the systems which support them. These developments and others were oft the center of conversation between Leftist Jews and anybody who would listen even to the point of preaching to the choir. But somewhere in the last twenty years, things have changed and Israel has become an embarrassment for the Jewish Leftists. Israel committed a horrible crime, as they became a success. Israel has gone from the little nation challenged by giant foes in lands that were vast by comparison to the nation which can withstand anything threatening them and now are cast as the eight-hundred pound gorilla in the Middle East. Truth be told, Israel is probably more vulnerable presently than she has been since her founding in 1948 and those threats are only increasing in magnitude.


The modern Jewish Leftist now believes that Israel is a beast which must be contained and restricted within a cage plus declawed with having her fangs dulled if not pulled completely. Israel has committed the sin of actually defending herself and liberating the area which Jordan had illegally occupied and, despite being rebuffed by every nation except Pakistan and Britain, attempted to annex these Israeli lands into Jordan. Israel also liberated lands held illegally by Egypt, namely Gaza which Israel surrendered control to the Palestinian Authority (PA), the reconfigured Palestinian Liberation Organization terror group (PLO) made anew such that there could be an entity presumably free from any terrorist activities with which the world could deal to find a peace between the Arabs and Israelis. Hamas took over these lands in a coup where much blood was spilled in an Arab on Arab brief but bloody war. With Hamas now in control of Gaza ruling as the governing authority largely since the coup, one might refer to Gaza as Hamastan, a terror nation bent on the immediate destruction of Israel followed by the complete eradication of every Jew on Earth. The new Jewish Leftists believe that Israel has mistreated Hamas by starting wars where far more Gazan civilians died than did Israeli civilians and this imbalance points to the conceived fact that there must be something wrong that Israel committed as the stronger power. Yes, you read that correctly. The Jewish Leftist, like some other leftists, believes the stronger nation must suffer similar casualties otherwise; they must have misused their advantages in military strength and unfairly caused casualties on the other side. This belief leads to demands for investigations to find which commanders gave the orders to murder so many innocents.


When investigations cannot find any such person, these Jewish Leftists scream cover-up. Even when the United Nations investigates one of these alleged criminal battles, in particular Jenin, they found the Arab claims of mass numbers murdered to be false. The most interesting fact about Jenin is that the report from Secretary General Kofi Anon has been erased from the United Nations site or hidden away such that every link, including the one in the first paragraph of this UN Report, sent people to a “This Page Cannot be Found” error message. Another claim was that the town, city of Jenin had been completely destroyed and this was made largely by the media seeking to place Israel in a bad light. The media used graphic pictures (see below) taken from one particular end of the refugee camp where the battle ensued, and took similar shots which give the appearance that much of the city may have been damaged greatly. The truth is in the second picture, an aerial view (see second picture) which details the damage from the entirety of the city of Jenin to the actual area of the camp to the actual battlefield where there was the appearance of great carnage. The reality is the complete destruction of Jenin, as reported in the media with horrific pictures, was actually the leveling of an area by local tank fire, not aerial blanket style bombing as intimated, of merely one hundred meter sided square of the refugee camp. Many of the civilians caught there were used as bait often tied up in their homes so the IDF troops were required to enter to free them and then the house was detonated by the terrorists. This practice also added to the destruction.


Jenin Typical Media Image Shot From One End of Destruction To the Farthest End Making for Devastated Landscape

Jenin Typical Media Image Shot From One End of Destruction
To the Farthest End Making for Devastated Landscape



Jenin Battle Map and the Truth

Jenin Battle Map and the Truth


The Jewish Leftists do not care about the truth when the stories told by propagandists are so much more horrifying. Many belong or contribute to a litany of NGO’s which fight the fight against the “Israel Lobby” or “Jewish Lobby” which is credited with doing such evil in the name of Israel. AIPAC (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee) is widely regarded as the most powerful foreign-policy lobby in Washington D.C. and is painted as the most nefarious and underhanded group of lobbyists. Just about every negative stereotype imaginable is used against AIPAC. Our favorite claim is that AIPAC hides their true mission of support for Israel behind the screen of protecting those targeted or injured by anti-Semitism. AIPAC’s own name, The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, speaks for itself right up front. Their mission is to retain as strong a link of friendship and similar goals between the United States and Israel. Note the order of the names, they place American first with Israel a close second. They have an ally in the ZOA (Zionist Organization of America) who fight against all anti-Semitism including the defamation of Israel. Against these two groups there is a litany of NGO’s fighting against Israel and these are a list of some of these groups run by Jews, there are some we might not know of or have omitted by accident, we would not want to upset these Jews against Israel groups. >JVP (Jewish Voice for Peace) will lead our group of names followed by J-Street whose name is a spoof of the location of AIPAC and other lobbying groups along K Street in Washington D.C. around the Dupont Circle area. If Not Now is another group which has drank the Israeli Occupation Kool-Aid along with a broken sense of history and the truth having an obvious ignorance when it comes to the San Remo Conference which codified the Balfour Declaration and was then incorporated into the Treaty of Sèvres making Israel a fact decided long before World War II or even the rise of the Nazis to power. There are many more groups which include New Israel Fund which acts as a clearing house sending funds from donations on to other NGO’s many of which are virulently anti-Israel and/or anti-Zionist plus the top groups listed by the ADL as being against Israel which included Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (ANSWER), American Muslims for Palestine, CODEPINK: Women for Peace, Friends of Sabeel-North America, If Americans Knew/Council for the National Interest, Jewish Voice for Peace (mentioned above), Muslim Public Affairs Council, Neturei Karta (a Haredi Orthodox sect which believes that Israel must await the coming of the Messiah to establish itself), Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation.


Many of these groups have large, if not predominant, Jewish membership and funding. There have been editorials which have claimed that the majority of American Jews either have negative feelings politically or ambivalent feelings politically about the direction Israel, both the society and the government, are headed. The Pew Research Group did an excellent article with graphs and other visuals depicting the differences between American Jews and Israeli Jews and what each find most important and what are the greatest challenges they perceive. The distance between the two groups and their perception of Israel are quite astonishing. Having resided in Israel for approaching half a decade, we can speak that we have found a large difference between the English speaking Jews we meet and the Jews we knew back in the United States. The Jews in Israel are equally upset with the lack of effort to accomplish what they desire each with their own government. Israelis are becoming more conservative and are very satisfied that President Trump won over Hillary Clinton and are relieved that Barack Obama is gone. American Jews have a completely the opposite view, they are gob-smacked that Hillary Clinton lost and that was the most traumatic event in their lives and they miss President Obama. Moment Magazine has an exhaustive article titled “The Growing Gap Between Israel And American Jews” which has interviews on the subject with interviews by Sarah Breger, Marilyn Cooper, George E. Johnson, Sala Levin and Ellen Wexler of the following individuals Elliott Abrams, Michael Barnett, Ethan Bronner, Steven M. Cohen, Alan Cooperman, Jonathan Dekel-Chen, Hasia Diner, Seth Farber, Yaron Gamburg, Susie Gelman, Lisa Goldman, Daniel Gordis, Yossi Klein Halevi, Samuel Heilman, Martin Kramer, Michael A. Meyer, Aaron David Miller, Marilyn Safir, Jonathan Sarna, Julie Schonfeld, Ofira Seliktar, Anita Shapira, Abraham D. Sofaer, Jay M. Stanton, Dov Waxman, Dov Zakheim and Neta Ziv. It is that growing gap which grows more definitive and stark as you look towards the youth.


That does not bode well and will bring about an intensely horrifying unintended consequence, growing anti-Semitism. Some of those who will fuel the fires of this coming anti-Semitism will be many of the disenchanted young Jews who see their religion as the problem with things that went wrong actually due to politics. What they will see is that many of the Jews from the older generation were too hooked into the political system and they will demand the opposite approach, that Jews avoid politics entirely. As one Jew turns against the other, non-Jews will wonder why it would be wrong to blame Jews when the Jews do such themselves. They will see the Jewish community filled with infighting. This will make the Jews appear weak and no longer organized making them vulnerable. If political and economic problems should arise in the United States, the old canards of the Jew controlled politics, lawyers, judges, banking, media, entertainment, music and you name it with a special problem with Jews as professors in academia. The backlash and run to blame the Jews will finally arrive in the United States and gain traction. This renewed hate for the Jews blaming them for the problems will not be from the right as we have always been told to fear. This time it will come from the leftists including some Jews who became so disenchanted that they no longer think of themselves as Jewish. They will learn eventually that once a Jew, always a Jew for up to three or even four generations. This will result in checking registers of deaths, births and other legal papers of grand parents and great grand parents seeking proof they were Jews and once found, then the entire family is considered contaminated and will be hunted down. This is what happened in Nazi Germany and there were a number of people, of families who had no idea that they were Jewish by genealogy. Read the comments on the Internet and realize that the anti-Semitism has been slowly rising and that movement is gaining speed. To the Jews who will be desperate for a place to which to run when the threats grow close, where are you going to go? Here is a little hint, Europeans will close their doors, the Muslim world will close their doors and about the only nation who will greet you with open arms will be Israel. Please, before coming to Israel, please try and free yourself from the political history which you will carry whether you know it or not. Effort to alter your political urgings will be required if Israel herself is to survive. Many Jews desire Israel to be the Lite America Brand but do not realize that a multicultural society would be the death of Israel and the only thing which keeps Israel strong is an underlying Judaism. Many will claim that they do not really identify as being a Jew despite living in Israel. That is next to impossible for anyone with even a smattering of Jewish knowledge. The one promise that Hashem gave us was that the land would bloom only for us, and that has been the case. Israel often to us feels as if the land itself loves the Jewish People and the majority of them love the land back as well as their guardian, Hashem. The IDF is but his right arm but once you come to Israel you will believe in miracles as they will be happening all around you and to, or should we say for, you as well.


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