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September 10, 2014

President Obama Steps Up Proposing Too Little Too Late

President Obama will be giving the plan that he is proposing to address the situation with ISIS and the threat it poses to the heart of the Middle East. Where I have no actual copy of the speech or even of an early draft of the speech, I feel I might be able to predict much of the plan President Obama will present. He will continue to do anything within his power to continue to avoid using American military force if at all possible. His plan will call for nations in the Middle East to step up and take the responsibility for the dangers threatening them as ISIS gains more followers and additional strength. President Obama will offer to assist any efforts by the nations who step up and take actions by providing them with air power which will continue until the first United States aircraft is shot from the skies and its pilot becomes the next subject of a brutal beheading video. The President will avoid any mention of coordinating with Syrian dictator Bashir al-Assad or with the Iranian leadership or military commanders though he will not deny providing their troops with air support. The initial five to ten minutes of the President’s speech will fill every listener with hope and feel assured that the President is about to promise definitive actions to directly challenge and in turn defeat ISIS both in Iraq and Syria. Unfortunately, the speech will take another twenty or more minutes where President Obama will fill in and flush out the steps and other moves the United States is working to bring to utilize force against IS. The more he describes his plans the more evidence will be forthcoming that there is no actual immediate plan to defeat or even blunt ISIS from continuing gathering strength and possibly gaining even more territories. The President will make clear that he is working with other nations who will gather the forces which will, in time, begin to oppose ISIS and eventually wear them down and reduce their power and ability to afflict people’s lives. The one missing element will be United States boots on the ground directly engaging ISIS and working to defeat the menace they pose.

What may not be included in the President’s speech but I fear will be mentioned as part of the steps that the President sees as potentially helpful in ending the menace of ISIS or Islamist extremists will be the need for a settlement between Israel and the Palestinians and Israel making the necessary sacrifices which will allow for the formation of a Palestinian State standing side by side with Israel in peace and mutual security. This has been the President’s pipe dream which he claims would end all the problems throughout the Middle East and North Africa. President Obama has seldom missed an opportunity to lay the blame on Israel and the lack of progress towards establishing a Palestinian State and this speech will likely be yet another opportunity for President Obama to demand the immediate establishment of a the Palestinian State. There is a distinctive possibility that President Obama will quote his close friend, Turkish President Erdogan, and quote his advice which laid the blame for ISIS and the rest of the troubles in the Middle East on Israel and the overthrow of the government in Egypt of President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood replacing it with a government with former General and commander of the Egyptian military President SISI. There will be mention of the recent conflict between Hamas and Israel and their current negotiations where again the President will point to the need for compromise and equal and fair treatment which is conducive to peace and respect for both sides calling on Israel to bring an end of the Israeli blockade of Gaza as necessary for a future of calm. The President will call on Saudi Arabia to step forward and claim their reticence and refusal to take military actions as something that is unhelpful and one of the causes of the difficulties which led to IS. The President will call on the European members of NATO to pull together and take the bold steps to fight ISIS and work towards minimizing their effects with an aim to make their threat be made more manageable. The President will claim that it will take years of efforts by all those he has claimed need to address the situation and reduce the effects of ISIS until they are reduced in effects making their threat manageable and no threat to the United States and Europe. That will be the main theme; a reduction in the threats posed by ISIS making them something which has been reduced to a manageable level of threat. Exactly what a manageable threat potential means, but that will be the result that President Obama will be seeking and the solution he will lay out tonight. May Heaven help the world to survive long enough for the next resident of the White House to return some valid and believable foreign policy where the United States takes the lead that has been the stabilizing force in a world which would otherwise turn to insane threats unseen in most of our lifetimes. Sometimes I fear the world will explode before the next White House resident takes office and that thought scares me and should scare any rational person. Another frightful item will be the speech given by President Obama, well, at least the rest of his speech after the promising platitudes he will regale us with for the first five to ten minutes, the part of the speech before he reveals all the steps he is unprepared to make.

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September 4, 2014

Europeans Youths Leading Western Return

Probably the least covered story due to Media’s preconceived notions blinding them from seeing a trend which is in its early stages as well as their willful blindness to anything religious are signs of a resurgence of morality and returns to religious belief in G0d even if the rejection of organized religious institutions had been retained. This has been evidenced recently with Jewish youths coming to protect the Synagogues from the assaults by anti-Israel rioting demonstrators who had overwhelmed the marginal force put up by police to prevent these demonstrations from turning violent and break containment in order to attack Jewish stores and Synagogues. Similar evidence has been seen at retreats with religious themes and counter demonstrations countering anti-Christian demonstrators. This silent revolution of sorts is a predictable reaction to the attacks on Judeo-Christian society which have been on the rise throughout the West, particularly in Europe. This prediction came up over a decade ago in discussions with friends on what could be expected to occur in Europe and the West in response to the growth, increased presence, and escalated forcefulness of Islam as the numbers of Islam grew and their actions became more aggressive as their numbers grew as a percentage of populations. This return to religious belief was predictable as a reaction of the youth against their parents’ desertion of religion over the past number of decades and a result of seeking answers in a different direction than the one taken by their parents. But what future might this portend?


This return to religious foundations will reinstate the possibility for a return to civil and social assistance to address societal safety nets which potentially could have the people insist that government be driven from being the sole domain of government and instead be returned to groups of individuals who would eventually form new churches and organized religious establishments free from the current systems which have driven the flight from religion in the current adult populations. Where this will ultimately lead is difficult to predict as the youths returning to religion are doing so in an age where an association of like believing people can span a large area geographically and remain tightly connected through electronic media and social networks. Their networks could also work as a means to establish a loosely coordinated international set of religious groupings which might control larger grouping numbers, virtual congregations and larger religious institutions, which would rival or supercede any traditional religious institutions, possibly approaching or exceeding the population of the Catholic Church or any of the Protestant Synods etc. This could lead to a religious revolution and potentially leading to a unification of the Christian religious institutions into a unified church where these new religious cyber-institutions through their growth and interactions could resolve differences which today set the individual religious institutions against each other preventing their combining their congregations and efforts thus leaving them in opposition instead of building and merging bringing more unity. These new religious networks would provide just such a unifying of the separate religious factions which might even produce a unified version of the Bible which incorporated all of the similarities and managed to mediate the differences between the existing numerous translations of the original writings. Such a result would strengthen the unity and permit a merging of the separate faiths thus increasing religious unity and forming a unified belief system allowing for increased strength through unified belief structures and definitions of principles. This may be the power that resolves some of the difficulties currently facing modern society and allows for an answer to some of the threats and challenges facing our current nations and communities. This could be just the solution which will reinvigorate our moral core in our societies which will return a special meaning which appears to be so lacking in so many places and interactions in our society. This could bring a rebirth of compassion, understanding and a morality which allows for a closer relationship between the otherwise disparate societies and civilizations at different places technologically, financially and seemingly spiritually bring people across the globe closer as they will have developed a mutually accepted core definition for the meanings and values in life, and with these shared values they will have developed a unified language through which they can exchange and share through their shared faiths and human values, things which today work more to separate too many of us and our societies. Perhaps the future really is going to be bright and promising.


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August 18, 2014

The Great Tragedy Ignored by the Whole World

The situation in Iraq resulting from the Islamists of ISIS and their reign of terror and inhumanity across the swaths they have brutally spewed their own twisted idea of Islamic purity is desperate and getting more desperate day by day. We refuse to give them their claimed Caliphate recognition as these are barbarous heathens without even a shred of humanity or compassion and are worthy only of contempt. Any description I might feebly attempt to describe their barbarity and the horrific treatment with which they have tormented the Christians, Yezidis and everybody else who fail their purity tests proving they practice their exact idea of Sunni Islam would not do their victims torture and torment justice. Perhaps the video below or linked here can provide some degree of clarity which is beyond description.



What I can express is the disgust and anger which decent people will feel should they actually become informed of the horrors being perpetrated in Iraq and Syria by ISIS over the lack of action or concern by the rest of the world, especially the United Nations and the supposedly advanced and civilized Western nations. Some credit might be granted to President Obama and the United States airmen who are finally coordinating with the Kurdish Peshmerga Militias who have established and are assisting the Christians, Yezidis and others who were stranded among the Shingal Mountains. Instead the European Union and the United Nations are almost singularly transfixed on the Hamas Israel conflict and their desire to execute Israel for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Perhaps these righteously holier than thou purveyors of all that is holy might want to investigate the horrendous crimes in Iraq and Syria by ISIS as well as Bashir al-Assad and the Syrian military.


It is not as if there are no authorities reporting to the United Nations and any international leaders who might care to investigate about the atrocities taking place in Iraq in particular. There are the reports from the Special Representative of the UN’s Secretary-General on Sexual Violence (SRSG) in Conflict Zainab Hawa Bangura along with Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Iraq Nickolay Mladenov who have reported, “We are gravely concerned by continued reports of acts of violence, including sexual violence against women and teenage girls and boys belonging to Iraqi minorities. Atrocious accounts of abduction and detention of Yazidi, Christian, as well as Turkomen and Shabak women, girls and boys, and reports of savage rapes, are reaching us in an alarming manner.” Their reports also document that possibly as many as one-thousand-five-hundred Yazidis and Christians have very likely been forced into sexual slavery. Other reports, as seen in the video, tell of young girls who were rape victims committing suicide jumping from the cliffs as they were unable to live with their shamed and damaged lives.


The horrors inflicted on these girls were done intending to make them unsuitable for marriage within their society and to shame them and their families. ISIS aims to destroy every fiber of society in order to destroy their capabilities to resist allowing them to rebuild from the ruins a society in the image they believe is demanded of them by their religious beliefs. The challenge for those residing under any area that falls under ISIS control is unachievable as the legions that populate ISIS define Islam in a manner which serves their actions and which may not concur with even other Sunni Muslims thus making it impossible for those they challenge to prove their faithfulness to answer or, in some cases, even understand their challenges, let alone answer them in an acceptable manner. The question which must be asked is will any actions be taken to bring by the so-called civilized world with all their high and mighty indignation over Israeli actions in defending their people actually apply any of that righteous indignation to focus on this real and continuing disaster caused by ISIS. Unfortunately, the answer is likely to be no, nothing will be done to address the horrors resulting from ISIS and the purification of the lands they have occupied because every ounce of their energies and indignations is reserved for Israel and forcing her surrender to the outrageous demands of the Hamas terror masters.


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